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    BLACK-ON-WHITE: (Black) Roanoke man charged with murder of (White man) in shooting at convenience store
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire WHITE VICTIM A 20-year-old Roanoke man is accused of murder in a Wednesday night shooting that left another man dead in a city convenience store, according to the Roanoke Police Department. The gunfire happened about 9 p.m. at the A&A Cash Market at the corner of Moorman Avenue and Seventh Street Northwest. Store owner Ayeda Sati said the man killed was an employee.

“We are just so upset and so sad,” she said Thursday. “We are grieving for his family. It’s hard for them. It’s hard for us. We need prayers.” Sati, whose family has owned the neighborhood store since 2018, said investigators had shared little information and the motive for the shooting remained unknown to her family.

A police spokeswoman said no information about a possible motive could be released Thursday. The investigation is ongoing. The man accused in the slaying, Jamerius Crennell, was apprehended shortly after the gunfire, authorities said. A patrol officer who had been passing by the store parked across the street after noticing someone going into the shop.

Officials said they couldn’t disclose Thursday what prompted the officer to stop. But, seconds later, they said the officer heard gunshots inside the store and saw someone flee outside on foot. The person was caught, and the police reported finding a gun as well as an undisclosed amount of money on him.

The victim of the shooting died at the scene. His identity will be released once his family has been notified. Crennell, who is listed as being held in jail without bond, has been charged with second-degree murder. He has a court appearance scheduled for Nov. 3, according to an online docket.

OBITUARY for VICTIM Basil Hubble, age 31 - (gunmemorial)

[NNN forum thread posted by VoiceofReason:]  WM, 31 Roanoke. VA convenience store store fatally shot by negro
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    BLACK-ON-WHITE: No bond for (black) suspect in murder of (White) Creighton director of baseball operations
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire WHITE VICTIM OMAHA, Neb. — A judge ordered no bond Friday for Ladell Thornton, suspected in Thursday shooting death of Christopher Gradoville. Gradoville was killed outside a rental property near 62nd and Pratt as Gradoville arrived to complete some maintenance at the house. He had recently remodeled the home, and Thornton had rented it from an agency.

"All murder cases are sad but this one is particularly, it's sickening. It's devastating. There aren't words to describe. It's unimaginable," said Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine. The 43-year-old Thornton is charged with first degree murder and weapons charges in the case, as well as being a prohibited person. Thornton has more than 300 entries on his criminal record.

"Prohibitive means you possessed or had a firearm and you shouldn't have one in the first place because you are a convicted felon," Kleine said. Gradoville suffered mulitple gunshot wounds. Kleine said at least a dozen shots were fired by the gunman.

Prosecutors offered no motive for the shooting during Thornton's court appearance Friday afternoon. "It appears he was simply gunned down," Kleine said. "All he was doing was his job, doing some maintenance work at the house."

Gradoville was volunteer director of operations for the Creighton University baseball program and was a catcher for the program from 2004-2007. Watch here for more on Gradoville. Prosecutors asked the judge to not give Thornton a bond, stating he has 316 entries on his criminal record. They said Omaha police responded to the home on Pratt Street after getting a call for shots fired. Officers found Gradoville on the ground suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. They said Thornton, the renter of the home came outside and made "incriminating statements."

The public defender's office asked for a bond saying Thornton is "a lifelong resident of Douglas County, a father of six children and self-employed barber." The judge said, due to the nature of the accusations, he ordered Thornton held without bond.

At the time of the shooting, Thornton was out on bond for a different case. He's charged with strangulation and terroristic threats against his ex-girlfriend from a June incident. According to court documents, the woman said when she refused Thornton's sexual advances, "he grabbed her by her wrists and threw her to the ground. Thornton then back mounted the victim and palced his hands around her neck and began choking her to the point that she lost the ability to breath freely. The victim stated Thornton was yelling, "B**^^*you know who I am? I'm gonna kill you B**^*^. The victim stated she genuinely believed that she was about to die. "

"We had asked for a bond review on that case. We thought the bond was too low and the judge agreed with us to put another 75,000 on top of that," Kleine said. Thornton was able to post $15,000 of the $150,000 bond. Thornton's preliminary hearing in the murder case is set for Nov. 19.

OBITUARY for VICTIM Christopher Gradoville, age 37 - (gunmemorial)

[NNN forum thread posted by voiceofreason:]  No motive WM, 37 shot to death while doing maintenance Omaha property rented to the criminal negro
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    The heartless cold-blooded black killer knew his White elderly victim - would do some yard work for him

BLACK-ON-WHITE: Bullard man gets life in prison for murder during robbery
🔥Hell Fire black suspect 🔥Hell Fire WHITE VICTIM TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - A Bullard man will start a life sentence in prison after pleading guilty in the death of a 77-year-old man. Brentavian Keshawn Henderson, 25, pleaded guilty to charges of murder and aggravated robbery Monday in Judge Kerry Russell’s court. Henderson accepted a 40-year sentence on the second charge, which will run after the life sentence.

Henderson was arrested in Feb. 2019 after Roy Bowins was found dead in a shed on his property. Henderson had killed Bowins while stealing a car and two televisions from his home. Henderson was indicted on a capital murder charge. Russell accepted the agreement for Henderson to plead to the lesser charge.

Because the charges are stacked, it will be at least 50 years before Henderson is eligible for parole.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Henderson and two others stole Bowins’ TVs
and traded them for crack cocaine then rented his vehicle to a prostitute for $5 around Nov. 13 of that year. The two others charged in connection with Bowins’ death, Krystal Dixon, 28, and Tationna Mosley, 22, both of Tyler, were arrested and charged with murder.

Community on edge after Bullard man beaten, killed in his home

Affidavit: Bullard murder suspect said ‘God is not going to forgive me’

Family of Bullard murder victim speaks out
BULLARD, TX (KLTV) - The family of 77-year-old Roy Bowins, a man who was beaten and killed in his Bullard home, is speaking out about his murder and telling the community what he meant to them. Bowins' stepdaughter Kimberly Rogers said the three things that mattered the most to him were his family, his relationship with God, and golf.

He also had a special obsession with maintaining his yard. “I pull around the corner and Roy’s sitting in the yard bent over, like sitting in the grass and he’s doing something. I ask my mom, I go, ‘what is he doing out there?’ She says, ‘he has scissors and he’s cutting the grass blades so they’re all even,’" she said. Rogers describes Roy and her mom Margaret as each other’s companions. But it didn’t always seem that way.

“At first they seemed kind of opposite, but they do say opposites attract," she said. They took care of each other and had an unbreakable bond, she said. They even had a special nickname for each other. “They called each other Shugs or Shutters," she said.

Rogers said her mom suffers from dementia and is taking Bowin’s passing the hardest. “We don’t actually know how much she’s processed from it. I believe she’s heartbroken," she said.

The family said Bowin’s wife was at home during the time of the murder. They believe she was asleep. They said they are grateful she was not harmed.


    (Black) African-american professional footballer killed by a black African migrant 'buck' named 'BUK' from South Sudan in black Africa
Sudanese Warriors A 22-year-old man was arrested early Sunday morning in connection with the shooting death of Utah football player Aaron Lowe. The Salt Lake City Police Department said it arrested Buk M. Buk in Draper, Utah, early Sunday. Buk has been charged with aggravated murder, attempted murder and felony discharge of a firearm.

Lowe, 21, was shot and killed at a house party in Salt Lake City just after midnight on Sept. 26, just hours after the Utes beat Washington State. "In a time of need, we turned to our community," Salt Lake City police chief Mike Brown said in a statement. "We asked people to come forward and to share the information they had. Because of those tips and the unrelenting pursuit of justice from our homicide detectives, we have arrested the person accused of murdering Aaron Lowe. So many lives have been impacted from this senseless shooting."

Buk is also accused of shooting a 20-year-old woman who has not been identified by police and remains in the hospital in critical condition.

Buk's ugly mugshot appears in a May 28, 2019 news article about this AFRICAN SAVAGE
TAYLORSVILLE, Utah, May 28, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — More details have been released after a domestic violence call late Monday night turned into a fracas, with several members of a Taylorsville family allegedly turning on arriving officers. A probable cause statement issued Tuesday morning by the Third District Court of Salt Lake County said Deng Mawut Buk, 19, is facing charges of assault on a peace officer, a class A misdemeanor, and assault, a class B misdemeanor. Deng Mawut Buk was transported to Salt Lake County Jail with his bail set at $3,020. His brother, Buk Mawut Buk, 22, is facing two charges of assault on a peace officer, a class A misdemeanor. He was transported to Salt Lake County Jail with his bail set at $10,000.

The probable cause statement said the call reporting the domestic violence situation was received just after 11 p.m. When officers made contact at the residence, on S. Whitewood Drive, they were confronted by family members. “Upon officer arrival, the defendant (Deng Mawut Buk) was sitting in the front yard while the victim was inside the residence,” the statement said. “Officers were attempting to interview the defendant regarding his involvement in the dispute, and it was learned that he struck the victim, who is his younger (juvenile) brother in a dispute over cellphones and earphones.”

During the interview, the defendant became angry and tried to walk away from officers, the statement said. “Officers attempted to stop him, and he attempted to punch the interviewing officer,” the statement said. “The defendant was subsequently Tased after squaring up to officers and balling his fists with clear intentions to fight. The first Tasing was effective and the defendant fell to the ground.” Officers attempted to detain the defendant, and he attempted to get up and continue fighting officers, the statement said.

“The defendant was Tased once more and he fell to the ground in the grass,” the statement went on. “Officers once again attempted to gain control of the defendant’s hands, as he had pinned them underneath his body. A drive stun was utilized on the defendant’s upper back to gain compliance, and it was successful. The defendant refused to speak with officers regarding the domestic incident.” Buk Mawut Buk became involved when Deng Mawut Buk was Tased, the statement said. The probable cause statement for Buk Mawut Buk said: “The defendant (Buk Mawut Buk) exited the residence and accused officers of shooting his brother. The defendant (Buk Mawut Buk) rushed towards officers who were fighting with the suspect (Deng Mawut Buk).”

Buk Mawut Buk struck two police officers in the face with closed fists and was subsequently also Tased. Buk Mawut Buk was still combative with officers and was sprayed with OC, or pepper spray. Buk Mawut Buk was successfully taken into custody for assaulting two police officers. In addition to Buk Mawut Buk and Deng Mawut Buk, two minors who are members of the same family were taken to juvenile detention.

BUK Surname - Most prevalent in South Sudan


Round em up - ship em out!   -----   SEND THEM ALL BACK!

The Dinka are the primary ethnic group inhabiting several parts of Sudan
Sudanese Warriors

    (Black) Trejuan Johnson found guilty on all counts in 2020 shooting into Canton home
black suspect CANTON – A Stark County jury found Trejuan Johnson guilty of murder and numerous other charges for the shooting death of (UNARMED) 19-month-old toddler Ace Lucas. Johnson, 24, of Canton, and two other men targeted the Lucas family's Clarendon Avenue SW home on July 22, 2020, unloading 23 shots as two adults and five children slept. Ace Lucas was struck three times while on the couch. His twin, ArCel, was wounded by a single bullet and survived.

Trial underway for Canton man accused of killing 1-year-old boy

Feds arrest suspect in toddler Ace Lucas' shooting death, seek others

    (Black lesbian) Woman convicted in toddler's murder sentenced to at least 2 decades in prison
black suspect PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The woman charged in the 2017 death of a 2-year-old boy in Philadelphia's West Oak Lane section has been sentenced to 23 to 47 years in prison.

According to District Attorney Larry Krasner, Jedayah Nesmith had previously pleaded guilty to Third Degree Murder, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Abuse of Corpse, and related charges in connection with the death.

According to investigators, in February 2017, the child's mother asked Nesmith, with whom she was romantically involved, to take temporary custody of the child due to a change in the mother's work schedule.

The mother kept in contact with Nesmith, who claimed multiple times that the child was living with her mother in the Poconos. Authorities discovered the child's body on March 22, 2017 after Nesmith arranged to pay her ex-boyfriend $1,000 to dispose of the body. The man discovered the body in the apartment and called police, officials said.

The Philadelphia Medical Examiner's Office determined that the child likely died from numerous physical injuries to the head and body, in addition to starvation and dehydration. Antifreeze was also found in the child's system.

    (Black) Woman faces murder charge for shooting cousin on Indiana Toll Road, police say
black suspect GARY — A woman faces a murder charge after fatally shooting her cousin while driving on the Indiana Toll Road, police said. The shooting took the life of 27-year-old Kevin Pruitt, of Chicago

On Tuesday afternoon Illinois State Police and the Gary Police Department contacted Indiana State Police to investigate a homicide that happened in an unknown area on the Indiana Toll Road, said Indiana State Police Sgt. Glen Fifield. Gary police initially were called to Methodist Hospitals Northlake campus where a male gunshot victim had been driven to the emergency room.

As officers continued their investigation, they found out that the shooting happened while Pruitt was sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle driven by his cousin. Police said 26-year-old Ayana Rashawnda Jamerson, of Gary, drove the victim to the hospital, in addition to another individual who was also in the vehicle. Jamerson gave police inconsistent versions of what happened and also provided several different names of her identity, Fifield said.

It was then discovered that Jamerson had shot her cousin following an argument, police alleged. Pruitt was airlifted from Gary to a hospital in Chicago, where he later died.

    2 black East Texan PIMPS accused of WHORING CHILDREN for sex
SUSPECT-NAME TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - A Tyler man and Jacksonville man are two named in a child sex trafficking ring indicted by a federal grand jury. Malcolm Kadeem Roberts, 25, of Tyler, and Desnique Herndon, 25, of Jacksonville, are named in the six-count indictment. According to the text of the indictment, both men “recruited, enticed, harbored, transported, provided, obtained, advertised” or benefited financially from children engaging in a commercial sex act. The recently unsealed indictment says five of the victims were under the age of 18 and one was under the age of 14. The indictment lists three other defendants. Roberts and Herndon were indicted on July 21. They are set for a pretrial conference on Feb. 3.

  New headlines from 'The Bobster' this afternoon - 3 October 2021
The Bobster
Early morning NYC TNB shootings leave one dead, three others injured

NYC homeless-shelter operator stashed pals on payroll, created lucrative spin-offs: records

George Floyd memorial statue vandalized in NYC

Man Shot 10 Times In Deadly West Philadelphia Shooting, Police Say

Double Shooting Leaves Man Dead, Woman Injured In Kensington: Police

30-Year-Old Wounded In Port Richmond Shooting, Philadelphia Police Say


Texas National Guard 'gearing up' on border as migrant caravan approaches
invasion invasion invasion invasion Texas Gov. Greg Abbott released a video Saturday of Texas National Guard "gearing up" at the U.S. southern border in response to a large migrant caravan approaching the U.S. southern border.

"Texas National Guard is gearing up at the border for increased caravans attempting to cross the border caused by Biden’s open border policy," Abbott tweeted. "They are working with the Texas Dept. of Public Safety to seal surge locations at the border & arrest trespassers."

Abbott made a similar tweet Sept. 28, writing, "Texas National Guard surge transports tactical vehicles to the border. The @TexasGuard continues to surge equipment & personnel to the Texas border to provide more support to address Biden's ongoing crisis. Texas is securing the border."

Abbot's move comes as a massive migrant caravan makes its way toward the U.S. southern border. In October, the Texas National Guard is doubling the number at the border by stationing approximately 2,500 troops.

    Pagan idol to satanic 'saint' black criminal thug George Floyd 'annointed' by iconoclast in NYC
The nearby pagan idols of OTHER 'BLACK MARTYRS' Lewis and Breonna Taylor, the 26-year-old black woman who was shot and killed by Louisville, Ky. police in last year, were not touched.


    $2 million raised for Marine who scorned (INCOMPETANT AND/OR TRAITOROUS) superiors over Afghan withdrawal
Over 27,000 donors have contributed $2 million for the decorated U.S. Marine who criticized his commanders for mishandling troop withdrawal in Afghanistan.

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller took to Facebook Live in August to condemn his superiors for embarrassing the country in a number of videos that quickly circulated the internet. Scheller was later detained and placed in solitary confinement at Camp Lejeune for his actions.

Scheller's parents, Stu and Cathy Scheller, spoke to "Fox News Primetime" Friday to voice their concerns about their son's well-being. According to Stu Scheller, they have been told by the Marine Corps that Lt. Col. Scheller could face "a long prison term."

**********       2 October 2021       **********


BLACK-ON-WHITE: Video: Man knocked off bicycle in string of Brooklyn sucker-punch attacks by black evil-hearted worthless urban animals
🔥Hell Fire cowardly nigger animals 🔥Hell Fire elderly victims SHEEPSHEAD BAY, Brooklyn — Shocking video released by the NYPD shows a Brooklyn cyclist sucker punched in the head and falling to the ground. Police said it’s just one in a series of similar attacks Tuesday. According to police, the same unidentified teenage attacker is believed to be behind at least three sucker-punch assaults in the Sheepshead Bay area on Tuesday, between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Police believe the same suspect is behind at least 3 similar sucker-punch attacks in the area. The first attack occurred around 4:20 p.m. as an 81-year-old manwas walking on East 27th Street, near Avenue X, officials said.

The suspect approached the man and asked where the B44 bus stop was, but as the victim began to give directions, the suspect punched him in the face and then fled, authorities said. The older man sustained bruising to the face but refused medical attention.

About 20 minutes later, just a few blocks away at Avenue U and East 29th Street, police believe the same assailant struck again, this time with his friends. Authorities said a 64-year-old man was walking on the sidewalk when a group of individuals approached him and punched him in the face, unprovoked. He suffered bruising to the face and was treated on the scene by EMS.

A few hours later, around 8 p.m., a 76-year-old woman was walking on Avenue Y, near Brown Street, when the same unidentified teen approached her and asked a question, officials said. As she began to answer, the suspect punched her in the face before running off, according to police. She, like the other victims, sustained bruising to the face and was treated by EMS on the scene.

[NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:]  Man knocked off bike in string of sucker-punch attacks by the treenigger, video shows
Forum member


    Robeson County deputies arrest (black) 16-, 19-year-olds in deadly August shooting; one still wanted
black suspect ROBESON COUNTY, N.C. (WBTW) — Robeson County deputies arrested a 16-year-old and a 19-year-old in a deadly shooting in August on N. Alford Road in St. Pauls, according to the sheriff’s office.

Fredrick D. Hall, 19, and a 16-year-old were arrested and charged with first-degree murder, felony conspiracy, and discharging a weapon into an occupied/moving vehicle, according to deputies.

Gary Alford, 19, of Lumber Bridge, is also charged with first-degree murder, felony conspiracy, and discharging a weapon into an occupied/moving vehicle. Alford is still wanted by deputies.

Hall was taken to the Robeson County Detention Center without bond on the first-degree murder charge and a $500,000 bond on the remaining charges, according to deputies. The juvenile is held in the Cumberland Regional Juvenile Detention Center.

Deputies were called at about 11:39 p.m. Aug. 26 to the 800 block of N. Alford Road, where they found Demarko Locklear, 20, of St. Pauls, with a gunshot wound, according to the sheriff’s office. He was taken to New Hanover Medical Center where he died.

    (Black) Man (on psych-meds) in custody after wife found dead in home
black suspect victim name SAGINAW TOWNSHIP, Michigan (WNEM) -- After hours of searching, investigators tracked down a local man wanted for questioning in the death of his wife. Saginaw Township Police were called to a home on Lamplighter Drive near Hospital and McCarty Wednesday afternoon. Upon arrival, they found 49-year-old Shantina Davenport-Mitchell dead inside.

Investigators quickly launched a search to find the woman’s husband, Lonnie Mitchell Jr. Mitchell is now in jail awaiting formal charges. "I never thought that he would do something like this," said Dasia Parker, Mitchell’s daughter.

Police are seeking murder charges against Mitchell for his wife’s death. She was found dead in the couple's Saginaw Township home Wednesday. Parker said she just spoke with her on Monday. "Shantina just started telling how like he been like not himself lately and she don't want him back in the house and stuff like that," Parker said.

Parker said the pair had a troubled marriage. She also said her dad was taking medication. "I'm not going to say he's crazy but like he takes medication just to be right in the head. Like I don't know, it's like I'm shocked but then I'm not," Parker said.

Shortly after Davenport-Mitchell was found, authorities named her husband as a person of interest. Detectives got a tip Mitchell was at a home in Flint. That is where he was taken into custody in the early hours of Thursday morning.

"He came out peacefully with no problem or anything like that. Came out and was brought back here to the police department, was interviewed by detectives, and then once the interview was completed, the detectives felt that they had enough probable cause to make the arrest for murder in this case," Saginaw Township Police Chief Donald Pussehl said.

Mitchell is lodged in the Saginaw County Jail. The investigation is ongoing with formal criminal charges pending.

Saginaw Township man charged with murder in wife’s fatal shooting

    Two (blacks) Arrested, One Still Wanted For Ladarius Clardy Murder
black suspect black suspect Two people have been arrested and a second person is wanted for the murder of footballer Ladarius Clardy, and Sheriff Chip Simmons says he was not the intended target. Amos Dehontiguan Snowden Jr. and his brother Da’Quavion Snowden, Jr. are both charged with first degree principal to murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Authorities are still searching for Kobie Lashun Jenkins, Jr. on charges include first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. “I will tell you that it appears they thought they were attacking, cowardly attacking, someone else,” Simmons said. The sheriff said it is very likely that there will be more arrests in the case at the investigation continues.

“This was an intentional attack, an intentional attempt to kill,” he said. “The only way I can truly describe them is that they are killers…the motive is they through they were shooting someone else. It’s as simple as that.” Clardy, a former standout Pine Forest High School quarterback, was shot and found dead in a vehicle crash. His vehicle was found with over 50 bullet holes in a ravine at Hollywood Avenue and Fairfield Drive about 1 a.m. on July 1.

Anyone with information on Jenkins’ whereabouts is asked to call the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office at (850) 436-9620, Crime Stoppers at (850) 433-STOP, or 911. The arrests were announce during an Escambia County Sheriff’s Office press conference Thursday night.

* "Dehontiguan" & "Da’Quavion" * Stupid Negro Names

[NNN forum thread posted by Europroud:]  2 feral apes with stupid names nabbed for murder, apehunt on for 3rd
Forum member

    His fambly and court-pointed psycho-doctor say "that nigga is crazy" but da Judge say he be comptant enuf for de trial

Was (black) Metairie man sane when he allegedly killed his mother? Attorney asks court to determine
black suspect & dead mammy After a Jefferson Parish court ruled that a Metairie man is mentally competent to stand trial for the murder of his mother, his attorney asked that experts determine whether he was sane at the time the killing occurred, according to court records.

In statements made to investigators after being arrested, Darius Sims 23, appeared to believe that his mother was trying to have him killed, according to a motion filed Monday in 24th Judicial District Court by his attorney Gregory Thompson, who said Sims was suffering from psychosis.

Sims is charged with second-degree murder. He is accused of shooting his mother, Jeanette Collins, 61, in the chest on the night of Feb. 24, 2020, while he and other family members were traveling in a vehicle in the 1300 block of Dickory Avenue in Elmwood, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

Sims ran from the scene and authorities said stole a car from a couple in the 2700 block of Edenborn Avenue in Metairie hours later before leading police on a high-speed chase across the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.

He has pleaded not guilty to the murder and other charges, including first-degree robbery, obstruction of justice and being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

    (Black) Suspect sought in Thursday Huntsville apartment homicide
black suspect Huntsville police have identified a man they are seeking in connection with a fatal Thursday shooting.

Police say Deonte Shavon Shelton, 27, has murder and robbery warrants following a shooting incident at 4116 Newson Rd. on Thursday at 12:17 p.m. Shelton is accused of shooting and killing the victim, Tyron Williams, 54, following a verbal altercation between the two at Winter Park Apartments. Investigators say they believe the incident was drug-related, and both Shelton and Williams were living at the complex.

Late Thursday afternoon, investigators served a search warrant on an apartment where Shelton is known to live. The leaseholder, Teonna Breonshea Ray, 22, was arrested and booked into the Madison County Jail around 7:45 p.m. for possession of marijuana, drug trafficking - opium, possession of drug paraphernalia and two drug possession charges. Ray bonded out of the jail shortly after midnight with a $23,800 bond. Anyone with information about Shelton’s whereabouts or about William’s murder is asked to contact investigators at (256) 722-7100.

    Grand Jury Charges 2 (blacks) Charges Related To Birmingham Homicide
black suspect BIRMINGHAM – A Jefferson County grand jury indicted two people with homicide-related charges on March 4, 2021. Jatavius Jamar Foster, 32, and Iesa Collins, 36, were charged with body abuse and arson, while Collins was also charged with murder.

The couple are accused of killing Terrence Jerome Hardy, 39, and then attempting to burn his body to cover up the crime. Hardy was found dead in his apartment in Wood Station Place on March 4. The indictments were filed on Friday September 24 and made public on Thursday September 30.

Foster was arrested later in March and remains in Jefferson County Jail on $ 75,000 bail. Collins remains behind bars on $ 175,000 bail. Hardy was found dead in his apartment on March 4.

Birmingham police officers and fire and rescue workers responded shortly after 9:30 p.m. on the night of the murder to a report of an apartment fire in block 100 of the apartment complex where Hardy lived. After the fire was extinguished, firefighters found Hardy unconscious inside the apartment. Investigators say he was shot before being set on fire. No trial date has been set and no motive has been given for the murder.

    (Black son-of-satan) Harvey pastor arrested, booked with rape, sexual abuse of girl: JPSO
SUSPECT-NAME A pastor from Harvey has been arrested and accused of raping and inappropriately touching a girl over the course of four years, authorities said. Dolhman Brown, 58, was booked Sept. 24 with first-degree rape and sexual battery, said Capt. Jason Rivarde, a Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office spokesperson.

Brown, who is being held at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna, appeared via video conference Wednesday for a bond hearing in Jefferson Parish Magistrate Court. The victim and her family are known to Brown, according to Jefferson Parish Assistant District Attorney Aimee St. Cyr. The abuse allegedly began in 2016 when the girl was about 9 years old.

Brown is accused of inappropriately touching the victim through her clothing on several occasions. But he later began directly touching her genitals, according to authorities.

A'isha: Mohammed's Nine-Year Old Wife

    (Black) Man identified as suspect in Bourbon Street stabbing, NOPD says
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim New Orleans police have identified a suspect in the Bourbon Street stabbing that hospitalized one victim. Errol Toney, 31, is wanted for an aggravated battery by cutting incident.

At approximately 8:17 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 22, Toney got into an argument with a 25-year-old man at the intersection of Bourbon and St. Louis streets in the French Quarter, the NOPD reports.

Toney pulled out a weapon and stabbed the man, police said. Toney then fled, authorities said. An ambulance took the victim to the hospital. The crime was reported to police at 8:24 p.m. Anyone with information about Toney can contact NOPD Eighth District detectives at 504-658-6080 or call Crimestoppers anonymously at 504-822-1111 or 1-877-903-STOP.

    HISPANIC Suspects in Yakima drive-by caught at Mexico border held on $500K bail
wounded victim wounded victim Two men accused of wounding two teenage gang members in a drive-by shooting in downtown Yakima are being held on $500,000 bail each.

Efren, 33, and Isidro Acevedo, 26, were returned to Yakima from San Diego on Wednesday by Yakima police gang unit detectives and a Homeland Security Investigations agent. The pair, wanted for a Sept. 14 shooting that left two teenage gang members wounded, were arrested by U.S. Border Patrol agents Sept. 19 when they reentered the country from Mexico, according to Yakima police.

They are charged with first-degree assault, drive-by shooting and unlawful firearms possession in connection with a drive-by shooting on North Sixth Street. Deputy Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney Heather Thorn said the bail should remain in place for concerns of public safety and the fact that both men, who are cousins, went to Mexico after the shooting.

Police say the incident began when someone fired on Efren Acevedo’s home in the 900 block of East Chestnut Avenue shortly before noon Sept. 14. The Acevedos then pursued the car in their own vehicle, police said, firing multiple shots at it on North Sixth Street near East Lincoln Avenue. Two teenagers, whom police said were gang members, were wounded and taken to Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The Acevedos also have gang ties, Yakima police said.


  New headlines from 'The Bobster' this morning - 2 October 2021
The Bobster
16-year-old girl shot in the head by stray bullet in Brooklyn

NYC TNB - Too young to die: 21 kids killed in NYC street violence so far this year

NYC man found shot to death in lobby of his apartment building

Nine FDNY firefighters suspended over racist messages and memes about George Floyd​

Bucks County Contractor, Jeffrey Lukens, Facing Indecent Assault Charges For Allegedly Inappropriately Touching Minor

Philly's Homicide Count Hit 353 last year... - Philadelphia Has Gone To Hell In A Handbasket​

    QUEER FAGGOT Roman Catholic Sodomite Priest admits stealing $30K from parish for beach house, "dates" with men
DOWNINGTON, Pa. (AP) — A Roman Catholic priest has admitted he stole $30,000 from his Pennsylvania parish, money he spent on a beach house on the New Jersey shore and men with whom he had disgusting HOMO-sexual relationships.

Monsignor Joseph McLoone, 58, pleaded guilty Thursday to misdemeanor theft charges and was sentenced to five years of probation, the first nine months of which he will complete under house arrest. He also will have to perform community service.

McLoone initially was accused of stealing nearly $100,000 from the St. Joseph parish in Downington, but he eventually reached a plea deal with Chester County prosecutors. He has been on administrative leave since his resignation from St. Joseph in 2018.

Prosecutors said McLoone diverted funds into secret accounts and misappropriated fees charged to parishioners while also doubling the amount he collected as a stipend for each Mass, wedding and funeral. They said he used the money to pad his salary and for a beach house in Ocean City, New Jersey, as well as for men he was dating.

McLoone disclosed the theft to church officials when questions were raised about payments he made during a routine audit in late 2017. That led to an investigation by the archdiocese, and authorities began their probe about a year later.

Ken Gavin, an archdiocese spokesperson, said its leaders “are grateful for the resolution in this matter along with the closure and healing it brings.” He also noted that the required canonical investigation of McLoone — which had been on hold while the legal process played out — would now begin.

Former Downingtown pastor charged with theft of parish finances - Posted August 22, 2019

**********       1 October 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: 66-year-old (White) man dies after Wichita shooting by (black)
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire WHITE VICTIM WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - The family of a 66-year-old man says he has died after he was shot in southeast Wichita last week. At around 6:20 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 23, Wichita police responded to a shooting in the 900 block of South Mission. Upon arrival, officers found the victim and a 37-year-old man with gunshot wounds and a 5-year-old boy who was grazed by a bullet on his back shoulder.

The victim was transported to the hospital where he later died, according to his family. The 37-year-old man was taken to a nearby hospital for non-life-threatening injuries and the 5-year-old boy was treated on the scene.

An investigation revealed 18-year-old Teviaun Sebastian, of Wichita, went to the home on Mission and asked for the 37-year-old man. When the man came to the door, Sebastian reportedly fired multiple rounds at the man and grazed the boy on the front porch as well. Sebastian then ran on foot to the south and shot the victim who was standing outside.

Several shots struck a neighboring house of the 37-year-old and several witnesses were outside at the time of the shooting who were not injured. Officers located Sebastian on foot in the 1000 block of South Woodlawn armed with two handguns. Police say Sebastian put down both guns and was arrested without further incident.

Sedgwick County booking records show Sebastian is held on one count of second-degree murder, two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, four counts of aggravated assault and one count of criminal damage to property. His bond is set at $1 million. The investigation is ongoing and the findings will be presented to the Sedgwick County District Attorney's Office. Editor's note: The victim's family requested his name be withheld.

OBITUARY for VICTIM Greg Leon Cummings, age 66 - (gunmemorial)

Gregory Leon Cummings | 2021 | Obituary

Shooting in southeast Wichita leaves two in critical condition, child grazed by bullet

[NNN forum thread posted by voiceofreason:]  Wichita , KS WM, 66 fatally shot by errant bullet fired by negro neighboring house
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    "and he shot him down like a dog"

BLACK-ON-WHITE: (interracial) Corpus Christi couple arrested in alleged homicide
🔥Hell Fire Terry Stafford and Mercedes Martinez 🔥Hell Fire WHITE VICTIM A man and a woman have been arrested in connection with a Corpus Christi murder, officials say. Terry Stafford, 29, and Mercedes Martinez, 22, were taken into custody after Corpus Christi Police pursued the suspects in North- Central Texas.

Stafford is accused of shooting 44-year-old James Wesley Lucas Jr. Martinez has an outstanding warrant for failure to report a felony and hindering apprehension.

The couple were apprehended for allegedly shooting Lucas at a local Stripes in the 4100 block of Ayers and Horne Rd. on Sept. 20. According to police, the shooting happened just before 5 p.m.

Officers found Lucas with a gunshot wound. He was transported to a local hospital where he later died. Investigators say the couple will later be extradited to Nueces at a later time.

This case is still under investigation according to investigators. If you have any information about this case, please call Corpus Christi Police Robbery and Homicide Dectivites at 361-886-2840.

Corpus Christi Police Department - TWO WANTED FUGITIVES ARRESTED

Parents of man murdered at Corpus Christi gas station speak out

[NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:]  Parents of man murdered at Corpus Christi gas station speak out
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    (Black) Man convicted for murder of black basketballer with white wife - files appeal
black suspect MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) - A man found guilty of what police say was the first murder in Montpelier in almost 100 years is appealing his conviction to the Vermont Supreme Court.

Jayveon Caballero was found guilty by a jury in November 2019 of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Markus Austin in January 2017. At the time, police said it was the first murder in Montpelier since the 1920s. Caballero is now serving a sentence of 25 years to life in prison.

Prosecutors say the shooting came after the two men got into a fight outside a Barre bar.

Former pro basketballer was 1st murder in 100 years for town - and it involved two Black African-mericans

    'I think my son is dead' | 10-year-old killed, (black) father arrested Waco police say
black suspect WACO, Texas — Ten-year-old James Rashad Lewis died of his injuries Wednesday night after Waco police were called to the 2400 block of Washington Ave. According to a news release, his father Bronchae Lewis, called police around 10:50 p.m. and told dispatchers he thought his son was dead.

When police arrived, they were met at the door by a man, they identified as Lewis, 36, who refused to let them inside. The officers had to force their way in, according to police. Once inside, police said Lewis began fighting the officers. Lewis and the officers suffered minor injuries from broken glass. They were treated and released from the hospital.

Police found the boy with what they described as severe and life-threatening injuries. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police did not release his cause of death. James was a student at Dean Highland Elementary. Friday, Waco ISD Superintendent Dr. Susan Kincannon released a statement about his death.

“Our staff will tell you that James was a joyful and happy young man. It’s hard to comprehend the loss of a 10-year-old under any circumstances, but in this case, it’s particularly bewildering," Kincannon stated. "This has deeply affected everyone at Dean Highland Elementary, and all of Waco ISD is mourning his death.” The father has been arrested and charged with resisting arrest, attempting to take an officer’s weapon, and capital murder. He has since been booked into the McLennan County Jail.

Man arrested for capital murder after 10-year-old son's death in Waco

[NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:]  'I think my son is dead' | 10-year-old killed, (black) father arrested Waco police say
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    Dogs maul (AFRICAN migrant aspring) home-invading criminal thief intruder found dead by Coweta homeowner
black suspect 2 good dogs chicken thief COWETA COUNTY, Ga. - Investigators say a possible intruder at home in Coweta County was mauled to death by the homeowner’s dogs. They say the resident returned home Friday morning and discovered a dead man on his front porch.

An autopsy confirmed the cause of death as a dog attack. Investigators say the evidence indicates the man was inside where the dogs were located at some point but died outside the home. Investigators say the homeowner doesn’t know the man or why he would be in his home.

The man has been identified as Alex Binyam Abraha, 21, of Atlanta. Deputies say he had active warrants for his arrest in Fulton County. No charges are expected against the home owner. Authorities had seized the dogs as part of the investigation. It has not yet been determined what happens next for them.

Abraha Surname - Most prevalent in Eritrea

Where is Eritrea? [It cohabits with Ethiopia next door to Sudan and Djibouti]


[NNN forum post by Voice of Reason]  Dogs maul jigro intruder found deaf by Coweta, GA homeowner
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    Columbus Police looking for suspect wanted in connection to multiple instances of public indecency
black suspook COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – The Columbus Police Department is asking for the public’s help in locating a man wanted on Public Indecency charges. According to police, Demarcus Tyrell Mann, age 26, has several outstanding warrants for Public Indecency.

Mann is 5’11” tall and weighs 175 pounds. Police say anyone who comes across Mann should not approach him, and instead contact police or 911. Anyone with information about Mann should contact Detective B. Siter at 706-225-4278 or email at Siter.Brittney@columbusga.org.

[NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:]  Columbus Police looking for (black) suspect wanted in connection to multiple instances of public indecency

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    This black family did NOT become 'Negro Rich" from a failed bias lawsuit - Police officer was not racially biased in defending himself against the black attacking him with a KNIFE - can't all make out like some other black families that have become millionaires because an armed criminal relative resisted arrest

Suit Dismissed in South Bend Officer's Shooting of Black Man
White Officer and dead black criminal chicken thief SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — A federal judge has dismissed a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of a Black man who was fatally shot by a white South Bend police officer in a killing that snarled then-Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign.

family of Eric Logan, 54, sued the city of South Bend and former police Sgt. Ryan O’Neill over the June 2019 shooting that happened when O’Neill said Logan refused his orders to drop a knife while the officer was investigating a report of a person breaking into cars.

Federal Judge Damon Leichty wrote in a ruling dated Wednesday that O’Neill acted reasonably when Logan moved toward him with a knife raised over his head.

“Some may choose to second-guess Sergeant O’Neill’s split-second decision that night, but faced with an imminent threat to his safety, he acted reasonably under the law based on all the information available to him in that moment,” Leichty wrote.

Brian Coffman, an attorney representing the Logan family, told the South Bend Tribune that an appeal of the ruling was being considered.

Officer Who Shot and Killed Eric Logan Will Not be Charged...

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit brought by family of Eric Logan, man killed by South Bend officer

[link to New Nation News - Bias Lawsuits]

How many black families have become millionaires because a relative was shot by police? - (besides 'Saint' George Floyd?)

    HISPANIC Man accused of shooting service dog, killing White owner
victim name Yessica Police are looking for a man accused of shooting a service dog before killing the animal’s owner last week in Southeast Albuquerque.

Xavier Marquez, 22, is charged with an open count of murder, shooting at an occupied dwelling and extreme cruelty to animals in a Sept. 22 incident that left 34-year-old Shawn Lynch brain-dead and injured Lynch’s dog, Yessica.

Lynch was hospitalized and pronounced dead Monday. His service dog, Yessica, was shot in the leg and underwent surgery. An arrest warrant was issued for Marquez on Tuesday. According to a criminal complaint filed in Metropolitan Court:

Officers responded around 4 p.m. to the 400 block of Kentucky SE after multiple people called 911 to report a man had been shot and was lying in the street. Police found Lynch with a gunshot wound to the head and Yessica wounded nearby. Multiple casings littered the street and a bullet had gone through the wall of a nearby home and was embedded in a woman’s mattress as she slept. Witnesses told police the shooter was a neighbor who changed clothes before fleeing on a moped. Marquez was arrested Aug. 20 after he drove his car, on fire, into a shoe store parking lot, and allegedly punched and bit an off-duty police sergeant.

Loco Hispanic Suspect shoots (White) man and (unarmed) dog who were out for a walk
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Authorities are searching for the suspect they believe shot and killed a man last week while he was walking his dog. The dog was also shot that day. According to the criminal complaint, it reports 22-year-old Xavier Marquez killed Shawn Lynch in the middle of the day last week.

Witnesses tell investigators, Lynch and his dog Yessica, were walking down Kentucky Street on the Southeast side of town when the dog may have barked at Marquez who was sitting in his truck. The witness said Marquez got out and started yelling at Lynch and Yessica. Marquez then reportedly pulled at a 9mm handgun and shot Yessica point-blank. The complaint then said Lynch was furious and started cursing at Marquez and that’s when he reportedly turned the gun on Lynch shooting him in the head.


[NNN forum post by guest Dartagnan]  Mexi-man Shoots Service Dog of Man Who Looked at Him, Then Kills Dog Owner!


  12,000 Haitian illegal alien migrants in southern Mexico is but ‘tip of the iceberg,’ activist says
invasion invasion invasion invasion EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) – Dozens of Haitian migrants mill about the streets. Others gather in the town square, waiting for leads on when they’ll be able to leave the city. The images on social media coming out of Tapachula, Mexico, reflect the anxiety of men, women and children who have nowhere to go in a town that doesn’t want them, says human rights activist Luis Garcia Villagran. “We have 11,000 to 12,000 Haitians who are stuck in Tapachula, and I say stuck because they are not being given the opportunity to seek refuge in Mexico nor being allowed to proceed to the United States,” said Garcia, the director of the Center for Human Dignity, an advocacy nonprofit in southern Mexico. [NNN forum post by Arheel's Uncle]  12,000 Haitian migrants in southern Mexico is but ‘tip of the iceberg,’ activist says
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  New headlines from 'The Bobster' this morning - 1 October 2021
The Bobster

62-year-old woman slashed by stranger in NYC subway station

Archdiocese of Newark could pay in ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick sex abuse case: judge

Cops seek brute who suckered-punched man leaving Yankee Stadium in August

Man busted for animal cruelty released, returned to attack landlord

15-Year-Old Shot Multiple Times In North Philadelphia, Police Say

11-Year-Old, Man Injured In Southwest Philadelphia Double Shooting, Police Say

Philly's Homicide Count Hit 353 last year... - Philadelphia Has Gone To Hell In A Handbasket - 3 children shot

2 Men Injured After Fight Over Parking Space May Have Led To Shooting In North Philadelphia: Police

Philly's Homicide Count Hit 353 last year... - Philadelphia Has Gone To Hell In A Handbasket - violent night

Robber targets seven elderly men in the Bronx, cops say

Teen, 16, with long rap sheet shot dead in the Bronx: cops

    PERVERTED Northwestern professor accused of murder asked if he could use knife during HOMO-"sex", man claims
A twisted Northwestern University professor accused of murdering his boyfriend in 2017 pulled a knife on a man he met on Grindr a year earlier while asking if he could pretend to stab him as they had sex, according to court testimony.

Jeremy Zaloun, testifying Thursday before a Cook County judge in the first-degree murder trial of former professor Wyndham Lathem, said he denied the frightening request by the renowned microbiologist and told him he wanted to leave, the Chicago Tribune reported.

"He told me I would leave when he said I could," the 46-year-old military vet told jurors. "I watched him basically turn from Fred Flintstone to Freddy Krueger in about 30 seconds." Zaloun later reported the incident in August 2017 as Lathem, 47, was named as a suspect in the stabbing death of his boyfriend, Trenton Cornell-Duranleau, 26, whose body was found stabbed more than 70 times in Lathem’s condo on July 27, 2017, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

    ANOTHER HATE HOAX: Black Woman in Atlanta Accused of Pretending to be White Male Member of the Ku Klux Klan, Threatening Black Neighbors
Another day, another hate hoax.

Douglas County, Atlanta – A 30-year-old woman this week was charged with 8 counts of making terroristic threats in the Brookmont subdivision of Douglasville.

For nearly a year, Terresha Lucas left threatening, racially charged notes in black people’s mailboxes on Manning Drive.

Lucas, a black woman, pretended to be a white male member of the Ku Klux Klan and described herself as 6 feet tall with a long red beard.

“Residents on Manning Drive began receiving the notes last December from a person who claimed to be a white male member of the Ku Klux Klan, who threatened to burn down their homes and kill them, according to detectives with the Douglasville Police Department.” the police said.

“Instead, their investigation led them to Terresha Lucas, a 30-year-old African-American female, who was charged with eight counts of making terroristic threats this month. Accused of writing and placing the notes in her neighbors’ boxes, Lucas allegedly described herself as a six-feet-tall white male with a long, red beard who did not live in the neighborhood.” they added.

It was all a hoax.

Lucas is expected to turn herself in and faces up to 8 months in jail.

[link to New Nation News - HATE CRIMES AND HATE HOAXES

[NNN forum thread posted by Dano637:]  When there isn't enough hate crime to go around, make up your own.
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  "Blood on his hands" Biden sued by Air Force officers who compare vaccine rule to death sentence
President Biden's vaccine mandate is being challenged in a lawsuit filed by four active-duty US Air Force officers, a Secret Service agent, a Border Patrol agent, and four other federal employees or contractors. The lawsuit claimed that "convicted serial killers who have been sentenced to death receive more respect" than citizens who are required to take vaccines.

  Gov. Newsom mandates vaccines for all eligible Calif. students in first-of-its-kind order
California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a mandate Friday requiring all eligible public-school students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to attend in-person classes — the first statewide order of its kind in the nation, according to a report.

Children in kindergarten through sixth grades would then be phased in after the vaccine is fully federally approved for the younger age group, according to the newspaper.

When the order goes into effect, unvaccinated students won’t be allowed to attend in-person classes but can enroll in online school, attend independent-study programs or be homeschooled.

Workers face mounting pressure to get vaccinated — or get fired

  What we know about Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, the Marine officer in the brig after publicly criticizing his commanders
blood on hands benedict biden 1st negro sec-def Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, the Marine infantry officer and former battalion commander who made headlines last month for criticizing his chain of command in public is now in the brig and accused of four offenses under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Scheller is accused of the following offenses under the UCMJ: Article 88: Contempt toward officials, Article 90: Willfully disobeying a superior commissioned officer, Article 92: Failure to obey an order, and Article 133: Conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman, a Marine Corps spokesperson told Task & Purpose.

However, it’s not yet certain whether Scheller will face a court-martial. The Marine will go through an Article 32 hearing, which will determine whether there is enough evidence to warrant a court-martial. But no matter what the hearing finds, Scheller has already made a name for himself through his viral videos. Publicly criticizing senior leadership while still in uniform the way Scheller did was a move so bold that even members of other branches of the military are talking about it.

  Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 1 Oct 2021

U utterly stupid puke (called "people"): all the covid vaxxes are for is SUICIDE, u brainless scum

For once, union (postal workers) does good for members, OPPOSING vaxx mandates

EHere's 12 important Q's and A's for u to consider for vaxx, suckers, ho ho ho

AMA document expose' showing policy to LIE to patients about covid deaths, etc....

Criminal agency (CDC) pushing mass-murder, genocide, deletes records of thousands of vaxx deaths

[NNN forum post by Apollonian]  Some recent posts by Apollonian
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    Pastors’ Point of View (PPOV) no. 182. Prophecy Update. Europe Rising. Drs. Andy Woods & Jim McGowan
Pastors’ Point of View (PPOV) no. 182. Drs. Andy Woods & Jim McGowan. 10-01-21. Prophecy Update.
Covered: Europe Rising, Religion of the New World Order, Domestic Totalitarianism, International Totalitarianism, Virtue Signaling.

**********       30 September 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Black Man handed 30-year sentence for killing White teen over Xbox
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire WHITE VICTIM CROWN POINT — A judge rejected a defense attorney's arguments Wednesday that a 19-year-old man deserved leniency because he was a product of the system and gave him a 30-year sentence for killing a teenager over an Xbox. Garry L. Higgins IV, of Gary, received the maximum sentence under his plea agreement.

Lake Criminal Court Judge Natalie Bokota said she understood Higgins lived in a "system of disorder and insecurity" for much of his childhood, but billions of people around the world suffer every day but don't victimize other people. "It was not that the system created the disruption, but that the system was trying to intervene with a young person making poor choices," Bokota said.

The judge sentenced Higgins to 30 years, with two suspended in favor of probation. Higgins may petition the court in the final year of his sentence to join a Lake County's Community Transition Court, which helps incarcerated people reintegrate into society, she said. Higgins pleaded guilty in July to attempted robbery resulting in serious bodily injury, a level 2 felony, in connection with the June 12, 2019, shooting death of 16-year-old Johnny Peluyera in the 5000 block of Maryland Street in Gary.

Higgins admitted in his plea agreement he used the OfferUp app to arrange to meet Peluyera at that location to purchase Peluyera's Xbox. Higgins, Higgins' friend Dezman C. Dukes and Peluyera went to a power outlet at a nearby residence, but a resident came out and the teens moved away.

At that point, "a silver handgun with a black handle" was brandished and fired at Peluyera, who walked back to his father's car and died in his father's arms. Peluyera's mother, Kelly Arroyo, said her son was her "light at the end of the day."

Johnny Peluyera's father, who is also Johnny Peluyera, said the day he lost his son replays over and over in his mind. --------------------------------------------------

Higgins' first contact with the juvenile system occurred at age 13, and he eventually racked up a total of five juvenile cases that resulted in seven adjudications, attorneys said. In one of those cases, Higgins was sentenced to prison time. He's accused of being involved in a burglary days after his release from prison.

Prosecutor: Defendant 'deceitful, defiant' Lake County Deputy Prosecutor Patrick Grindlay said Higgins had more than 50 reports filed against him by jail staff for his behavior and deserved a maximum sentence. The reports showed Higgins to be "violent, deceitful, manipulative and defiant," he said.

Higgins attempted to rob Peluyera for money, property or "perhaps just kicks," Grindlay said. "Here we have a truly innocent victim," the deputy prosecutor said. "He was simply trying to sell a video game system."

Higgins repeatedly failed at probation or violated probation terms as a juvenile, which showed he was not likely to respond to short-term imprisonment or probation, Grindlay said. "He presents a substantial danger to the community," he said. "Nothing short of incarceration will thwart future danger."

Here are links to other news headlines about suspect "Garry L Higgins IV"
[With headline mugshots - most articles at nwi.com which demands payment to view]


    Not only was this negress a drug-crazed killer but her (probably unwed) mother commited "CULTURAL APPROPRIATION"
in naming her after a White woman

(Black female named after White woman) Susan B. Anthony Davis (allegedly) Blacked Out On Meth, Alcohol Before Fatally Stabbing Angela Huntington
black suspect victim name MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minneapolis woman accused of fatally stabbing another woman in a St. Paul apartment last month allegedly told police she had blacked out due to methamphetamine and alcohol use before the killing.

Susan B. Anthony Davis, 36, is charged with two counts of second-degree murder in the death of 55-year-old Angela Huntington, according to Ramsey County court documents. A criminal complaint states Huntington’s mother and sister found her dead in her apartment Aug. 30 after Huntington failed to show up to take her mother to a dentist appointment. She had been dead “for some time” when they found her.

Officers found blood in multiple spots at the scene, and a medical examiner said a wound on Huntington’s neck was suspicious. A few days later, police spoke to a man who said he’d seen Huntington at a bar on West Seventh Street the night before she was found dead.

Investigators reviewed surveillance video, which allegedly showed a woman later identified as Davis and her father leave the bar in a vehicle with Huntington and an unknown man. The complaint states they were heading in the direction of Huntington’s apartment. When investigators put out photos of Davis and the others at the bar, a police sergeant recognized Davis and her father. The sergeant alleged Davis stabbed a person at Concordia University the afternoon of Aug. 30, hours after Huntington was found dead, and that she and her father left the school together.

A knife blade was recovered from Concordia, and according to the complaint, DNA from both the Concordia stabbing victim and Huntington were found on it. Police arrested Davis and her father Tuesday. Davis admitted to meeting Huntington and the unknown man at the bar. The complaint states she told investigators they all went to get cigarettes, and then Huntington and the man went into Huntington’s apartment.

A short time later, she told investigators, she went into the apartment, but later left. She said the unknown man was the last person with Huntington. Investigators accused her of stabbing Huntington, and told her about the DNA evidence from the knife. The complaint states she admitted to drinking and using methamphetamine and had blacked out.

Investigators again accused her of stabbing Huntington, and asked what she was thinking. “No, she – she seemed like a nice person,” Davis allegedly said. “She, she wanted to like – like she had a death wish. I definitely – I don’t know why she had it. Definitely, she was begging.”

Davis then said Huntington kept asking her for a joint, and that “made her lose it,” according to the complaint. Davis’ father denied any involvement in the killing, and Davis confirmed his denial. According to the complaint, Davis is also charged with threats of violence in Dakota County for allegedly pointing a gun at a family in a park. She is also charged with second-degree assault for the stabbing at Concordia.

    (Black) Salisbury Man Arrested For Holding Deputy At Gunpoint
black suspect SALISBURY, N.C. — Authorities have apprehended a man who they say pulled a gun on a Rowan County sheriff’s deputy, then head-butted her before running off from a fast-food restaurant and prompting a search.

News outlets reported a sheriff’s deputy was going to a drive-thru line early on Wednesday when workers asked her to check on two men who appeared to be passed out in a car in the line, according to a news release. The deputy and a Salisbury police officer dispatched to the scene spoke to one of the men, who kept putting his left hand under his leg despite commands to keep his hands where they could be seen, authorities said.

The man jumped out of the car, shoved the weapon into the deputy’s vest and hit her chin with his head before running off, the news release said. Aided by a N.C. State Highway Patrol helicopter, deputies and police located 18-year-old Dayshun Lamont Davis at a home and arrested him without incident.

Davis is being held on a $500,000 bond on multiple charges, including assault with a deadly weapon on a government official. It’s not known if he has an attorney.

  "New headlines from 'The Bobster' - 30 September 2021
The Bobster

"Shake, shake, shake... shake, shake, shake, shake that niglet"

Teen facing attempted murder charges after brutal Bronx high school stabbing

EMan randomly punches woman in NYC subway station during evening rush

Gunman arrested in shooting was wearing bulletproof vest, police sources say

WATCH: Woman Dragged Several Feet During Violent Carjacking In Kensington

Man Wanted For Homicide Apprehended After Barricade Situation In Hunting Park, Police Say

Parents, teachers demand answers after NYC school trashes ‘progressive’ student mural

Career criminal busted for trying to sexually assault two Hasidic girls in NYC

16-year-old boy chased, fatally shot on NYC street

NYC to overhaul teaching of black history in schools

13-Year-Old Shot During Gunfight In North Philadelphia Traffic, Police Say

Philly's Homicide Count Hit 353 last year... - Philadelphia Has Gone To Hell In A Handbasket

    (Alleged) Ex-Nazi Concentration Camp Secretary, now 96-yr-old female ('teenager' in early 1940's) Caught After Fleeing Murder Trial
JapaneseNaziGirlBand. A 96-year-old woman who worked as a secretary in a Nazi concentration camp has been apprehended after attempting to flee from justice. The woman, identified in German media as Irmgard Furchner, was due to stand trial Thursday on charges of aiding and abetting the murder of more than 11,000 prisoners at Stutthof concentration camp. She was 18 when she worked as a secretary for the camp’s SS commander in the 1940s, and she was expected to claim that she wasn’t aware of the atrocities.

However, before the trial could begin, the woman went missing. German media reported that she was spotted leaving her Hamburg home in a taxi Thursday morning and made a beeline for a subway station. Frederike Milhoffer, a spokesperson for Itzehoe state court, said the 96-year-old “didn’t want to come” to court so decided to go “on the run.”

He said that authorities were aware that Furchner was reluctant to go to court but they didn’t expect her to flee because of her age and condition. The 96-year-old is being tried in a juvenile court because of how young she was when the alleged crimes took place in the early 1940s...

(alleged) Former Nazi death camp secretary, Irmgard Furchner ,96, ‘on the run’ on day of trial

Nazi secretary who ‘didn’t know about Holocaust’ dies, aged 106

'Nazi Grandma,' 88, Convicted of Holocaust Denial in Germany

**********       29 September 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: (black) Woman, man charged with murder after (White)woman found dead in Winston-Salem home
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire WHITE VICTIM WHITE VICTIM WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A man and woman are charged in the death of a Winston-Salem woman. Michele Ruth Lowder, 45, was found dead Monday in her home in the 200 block of Tipperary Lane. Police were called to check on her when she didn’t report to work.

Investigators found that Lowder’s car had been stolen from her home. Winston-Salem SWAT found the car with Tyree Lashauna Mosby, 18, in it. He was caught after getting out of the car and running from the officers, police said. Investigators learned Mosby was on the run from Pennsylvania, where he is wanted for attempted murder. Further investigation led authorities Alexis Olacia Knox, 19, who was at a hotel. Police said Knox was identified as an acquaintance of Mosby and cooperated with investigators.

Forsyth County District Attorney, Jim O’Neill, charged Mosby and Knox with murder, kidnapping and burglary. Anyone with any information about Lowder’s death is asked to call the Winston-Salem Police Department at 336-773-7700, Crime Stoppers at 336-727-2800, or En Espanol 336-728-3904.

OBITUARY for VICTIM Michele Ruth Lowder

Neighbor, cousin remember Winston-Salem homicide victim. Two (black) teens have been charged in her death

[NNN forum thread posted by voiceofreason:]  Winston-Salem, NC WF, 45 found dead in her home: colored boy, girl charged murder, kidnapping and burglary
Forum member


    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Person of interest sought in killing of 30-year-old man in Oak Lawn shooting
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire WHITE VICTIM Updated at 9:15 a.m. Sept. 28: Revised to include additional images from police of the person of interest.

A 30-year-old man was shot and killed last week in Oak Lawn after another man approached him and demanded money, police said.

Dallas police were dispatched to the 3900 block of North Hall Street around 3 a.m. on Sept. 20 where they found the man lying on the sidewalk outside an apartment building with a gunshot wound.

Police identified the man as 30-year-old Justin Wayne Thompson. The suspect fled before police arrived. Po

lice on Friday released video of a man they described as a person of interest in the killing. He could be seen walking briskly down the sidewalk while looking over his shoulder. Anybody with information about who the man might be should call Detective Scott Sayers at 214-671-3647 or scott.sayers@dallascityhall.com.

Vigil held to remember man killed in Oak Lawn robbery attempt

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    (Black) Suspect charged with capital murder in horrific dragging death of woman carjacked in north Houston
black suspect Police say Marcus Wayne Brock, 55, dragged 41-year-old Jessica Garza to her death Tuesday while trying to escape after a robbery. A man with a long criminal history has been charged in the dragging death of a woman who was carjacked Tuesday, according to Houston police.

They say Marcus Wayne Brock, 55, is charged with capital murder. Investigators at the scene said Brock carjacked 41-year-old Jessica Garza while trying to escape after robbing an auto parts store in the 600 block of Uvalde Road.

When employees tried to stop him, Brock ran across the street to a church where Garza had gone to pick up a family member, HPD said. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said Tuesday that Brock jumped in the victim's car and drove off, but Garza was caught in the seatbelt.

She was dragged four or five blocks, and the suspect struck half a dozen other vehicles before he stopped, HCSO said. "He struck numerous cars and objects and the vehicle came to rest, at which time he exited the vehicle and ran," HPD Capt. Belinda Null said.

"Unfortunately, she was deceased due to the accident and the fact that she was unable to get herself out of the vehicle due to the seat belt." Police said Garza died at the scene. Brock was arrested at the scene. Court records show he has a long rap sheet dating back to 1985 with charges ranging from drug possession to burglary. Woman dragged, killed in carjacking in north Houston identified

    (Black) Rayshaun Moore sentenced to 32 years for Bangor murder
black suspect BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - A judge has sentenced 36-year-old Rayshaun Moore to 32 years behind bars Wednesday for a murder in Bangor last year. Rayshaun Moore got into an altercation with 25-year-old Demetrius Snow outside a Bangor nightclub last year.

Snow died from his stab wounds. During Wednesday’s sentencing hearing, Snow’s three sisters and mother gave emotional testimony ranging from asking the judge for the maximum 48-year-sentence, to offering forgiveness. “The hardest thing I have to do is forgive you,” said Stephanie Snow, his sister.

“Rayshaun, what you did to my brother will not and never be right. You took a precious soul from this world. You have hurt his family and the people that loved him. Not only had you taken his life, not only have you damaged ours, but you have ruined yours and will have to live with what you’ve done for the rest of your life,” said Trinidy Snow, his sister. “I’m going to miss the phone calls just to hear my son say, mom I love you. Rayshaun, was it really worth it? I want you to know that you have taken away a brother, an uncle, a son, and a nephew from our family,” said Sherri Snow, his mom.

Before the judge issued the sentence, Moore played a video from his 15-year-old son asking the court for leniency. Moore also apologized to the family.

“I am truly remorseful of my part in that night in question. I would like to apologize. I am very sorry,” said Moore. Ultimately, the judge decided on 32 years in prison, believing the murder was not premeditated but also factoring in Moore’s previous record of multiple assaults.

“Our recommendation is a bit higher than the judge. We felt that there was some element of premeditation. I respect it. It’s the court that finally makes that decision,” said Lisa Bogue, Assistant Attorney General. “Pleased that the judge ultimately did not go with the 48 years that the state was asking for. 32 years, although it is not what we were hoping for, we believe it’s a fair sentence in this case,” said Hunter Tzovarres, defense attorney for Rayshaun Moore.

    Not all that long ago - crazy, violent unsocialized people were locked up in facilities...

(Black) Woman Attacks Subway Rider Who Tried To Sit Next To Her
black suspect black suspect black suspect NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police are searching for the suspect behind a subway assault in Brooklyn. It happened last Thursday morning on a Manhattan-bound N train. Police said the suspect refused to let another woman sit in an open seat next to her.

When the 29-year-old victim tried to sit down, the suspect allegedly punched her several times in the face and head. Both women got off the train at the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station. The victim was treated for bruising and swelling to her face and jaw pain.

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    (Black) Man wanted in connection with 9 different ATM robberies in west Houston
black suspect chicken thief HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Police need your help finding a man they say is behind at least nine aggravated robberies at ATMs in west Houston. The robberies date back to December 2020. In the most recent case, which unfolded on Aug. 3 at around 11:35 p.m., police say a woman was taking out cash from an ATM in the 11600 block of Westheimer Road.

She said a man suddenly appeared with a gun and asked for her money. Police say the woman drove off and left the man standing in front of the ATM with her account information still accessible. The suspect got away with $400, according to investigators. All of the robberies happened at ATMs along Westheimer Road in west Houston, just past the Beltway.

At one point, according to police, the suspect hit two different ATMs on the same day. Investigators believe the suspect lives in the area. He's being described as a Black man in his late 20s who's about 6 feet tall. Investigators say he has a darker complexion with a slim build and has short dreadlocks with gold or brown tips. Anyone with information on any of the nine robberies is urged to contact Houston police.

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Video shows moment NYC teen was killed by his friend during shootout

Attacker punches elderly can collector on LES street: video

NYPD lieutenant who works in Equity and Inclusion department suspended after sexual misconduct claims

Battle over NYC school mural turns into street graffiti war

Video Captures Wilmington Police Officer Slamming Man’s Head Against Cashier’s Barrier During Arrest

    HISPANIC CRIME: Merced pizzeria shooting now homicide after victim dies from injury
wounded victim wounded victim A 38-year-old man is dead and two others suffered gunshot wounds after shot rang out Monday night during a fight at a Mountain Mike’s Pizza in Merced. The suspect in the case has been identified as Adrian Diego Calderon, 21. Calderon is a validated gang member, according to police.

Merced police have not released a possible motive for the shooting, which erupted after a fight between two groups of people, police said in a news release. Officers responded to several shots fired calls at the 1348 W. Olive Ave. restaurant just after 7:30 p.m., according to Sgt. Chris Russell.

Police confirmed there were three gunshot victims, one of whom later died. His identity has not been released, pending notification of family or next of kin. The other two injuries aren’t believed to be life threatening, according to police. Calderon was detained at the scene by one of the victims. Police say he fired numerous rounds inside the pizzeria after the fight broke out.

According to the Merced County Superior Court’s database, Calderon had an active warrant for his arrest. The $5,000 bench warrant was issued August 17 by Judge David Foster for failure to appear in court on a misdemeanor battery charge. Calderon he was treated for injuries he received during the incident and later booked into the Merced County Jail on suspicion of a single count of murder and two counts of attempted murder.

Police say no one outside of the two groups involved in the fight were injured. Police said the restaurant was packed because viewers were watching the Las Vegas Raiders play the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football.


  Hispanic (MEXICAN-surnamed) Ariz. Mom Allegedly Shoots Dead Her 2-Year-Old Daughter 2 Weeks After Child's Father Called for Help
wounded victim Two weeks before an Arizona mom shot her two children, killing her 2-year-old daughter, police were summoned by the woman's husband who feared for the safety of his family.

Police who went to the Phoenix residence on Sept. 14 did not initially find the woman or children at home, and it was unclear from reports why the man had alerted officers about his concern. Reached later by phone, the woman told police that she and her kids were fine.

But when officers returned to the home on Monday, it was because 24-year-old Esther Callejas had called her husband and another family member to say that she had just killed her two kids, Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Ann Justus confirms to PEOPLE. "She did admit to shooting her children," Justus says.

Callejas Surname - Most prevalent in MEXICO


  MUSLIM JIHAD TERROR: Ex-NYC Uber driver on trial for allegedly trying to join Taliban and 'kill Americans'
A former New York City Uber driver planned to travel to Afghanistan to join the Taliban and "kill Americans" before he was arrested at John F Kennedy airport in 2019, prosecutors alleged during the opening statements of his trial Wednesday. Delowar Mohammed Hossain, 36, faces terrorism charges over his alleged plot to join the extremist group that prosecutors say he spent a year planning, according to The Washington Post.

"He wasn’t just any other traveler — he was on a mission to Afghanistan to join the Taliban and kill Americans and he was on his way," Assistant U.S. Attorney Ben Schrier said on the first day of the trial in Manhattan. Hossain’s attorney, however, contends he was just a "wannabe playboy" who decided to leave his wife and family to fly to Thailand to meet girls.

Schrier said Hossain planned to go from Thailand to Afghanistan and he had already bought supplies to survive in the country. Hossain read al-Qaeda literature that gave instructions on bomb-making and jihad and only decided against bombing a New York City military installation because he didn’t think he could kill enough people, Schrier alleged, the Post reported. He added that prosecutors have a recording of him saying he wanted to kill Americans.

He also allegedly told undercover informants that he was trying to throw off investigators by frequenting bars and strip clubs, which wouldn’t be allowed for a strict Muslim and encouraged the informants to "get dirty" with forbidden Muslim behavior themselves to fool law enforcement.

But his defense attorney, Andrew Dalack, called Hossain a "hypocritical" Muslim with a "wild imagination," claiming his suitcase was packed with stylish clothes, perfumes, lotions for wooing women in Thailand. Dalack added that Hossain asked the informants to help him get condoms and hair gel for the trip, which he said wasn't the "ingredients for a radical Islamist jihad."



    Tennessee parents say some books make students 'feel discomfort' because they're White. They say a new law backs them up
She says her group has ballooned in size since April, from less than 20 parents meeting at her house to more than 3,000 connecting on Facebook. The chapter has grabbed headlines for belligerent protests at school board meetings.

They have attacked a high school LGBTQ pride float -- one tweet wondered if students passing out pride literature were doing "recruitment." And another meeting featured a tirade by a Moms For Liberty member against a children's book about the lives of seahorses, which she said was too sexual. But the group's main concern is how American history is taught in school, particularly to younger kids.

In a multi-page complaint to the state department of education filed this summer, Moms For Liberty says the Williamson County Schools curriculum violates state law because it includes "anti-American, anti-White and anti-Mexican teaching."

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    (Black-on-White) Dayton officer shot in head last week given recognition during police memorial
black suspect victim name A Dayton police officer who was shot in the side of his head last week received handshakes and praise from fellow officers and speakers Monday afternoon during the annual Montgomery County Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony.

Officer Thadeu Holloway attended the event which honors the 40 officers county-wide who have died in the line of duty. Along with honoring those officer’s sacrifices, those in attendance also took time to speak with Holloway.

“Haven’t we just witnessed in these last days the transformation of tragedy into triumph?” Keynote speaker Dr. Col. Kathy Platoni asked during her speech. “This, Officer Holloway, is what valor, courage and true heroism look like.”

The officers and those in attendance gave Holloway a round of applause and many took time after the ceremony to greet him and wish him well. Holloway was shot in the side of the head on Sept. 21 in the 600 block of Ingram Street as he was investigating a fraud complaint.

“The officer fell to the ground and immediately returned fire with five rounds, striking the suspect multiple times. Despite his injuries, the officer was able to effectively request assistance for himself and the wounded suspect,” Interim Director and Chief Matt Carper said. “The officer also provided for the safety of witnesses and bystanders by directing them to a place of safety.”

Carper said Holloway showed “remarkable” calmness and professionalism in the moments following the shooting, even refusing to leave as the first backup arrived wanting to wait for more units to ensure the public was safe. The alleged shooter, 39-year-old Antwyane Lowe, is charged with counts of felonious assault and other charges and is currently incarcerated in the Montgomery County Jail. Holloway was taken to Miami Valley Hospital following the shooting and was released from the hospital Thursday.

$1 million bond set for black man accused of shooting Dayton officer in head

Dayton Police provide update on officer-involved shooting

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    If a person is shot twice in the face might it require plastic surgery to have an open casket funeral?

(Black) Arrested for Fayetteville Arkansas murder
black suspect FAYETTEVILLE — Police say a suspect has been arrested in the June 24, 2020, shooting death of Federico McDaniel.

Tequan Smith was arrested Monday in connection with capital murder for McDaniel’s death, according to information from the Fayetteville Police Department. Smith is being held in the St. Francis County Jail in Forrest City on other charges, including a different capital murder charge. Deputies at the jail on Monday served Smith with a warrant for capital murder issued by Washington County Prosecuting Attorney Matt Durrett.

According to information from police, officers were called to 296 N. Platinum Drive on June 24, 2020, on a report of a man dead at that location. The man was identified as McDaniel and his death was determined to be a homicide. Court records indicate McDaniel, 30, of Greenland, was shot twice in the face during an attempted robbery.

Smith, 25, has a last known address of Hughes in St. Francis County, according to information from the St. Francis County Jail, which he was booked into on Aug. 8 in connection with capital murder, conspiracy to commit capital murder, aggravated assault, theft of property, escape and endangering the welfare of a minor. He is being held with no bond set. Fayetteville police said the investigation is ongoing.

    (Black) Suspect wanted for capital murder in Midland taken into custody
black suspect wounded victim A Midland man was into custody Tuesday by New Mexico State Police after a warrant was issued for capital murder related to a shooting that occurred Monday in Midland.

The Midland police reported Tuesday that a warrant had been issued for Kionne Gevaughn Lewis, 29, for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and capital murder. Lewis was wanted for his role in a shooting that took place Monday afternoon in the 3400 block of North Midland Drive.

Midland police reported that they responded to that area of northwest Midland, where they discovered a female, identified as 28-year-old Travae Jackson, deceased with multiple gunshot wounds inside her apartment. MPD also reported that an adult male also sustained a gunshot wound and was transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The Midland Police Department Crimes Against Persons detectives and Crime Scene Unit were notified and responded to the scene. During the course of the investigation, Lewis was positively identified as the person who killed Jackson and shot the adult male.


(Black) Aaron Jenkins Charged With Attempted Murder In Shooting Of CPD Officer In South Shore
black suspect SEPTEMBER 27, 2021 CHICAGO (CBS) — A Calumet City man has been charged with attempted murder in the shooting of a Chicago police officer over the weekend in the South Shore neighborhood. Aaron Jenkins, 26, is charged with two felony counts of attempted first-degree murder, and one felony count of aggravated battery.

Police said Jenkins was identified as the man who shot at two police officers Friday night while they were responding to a shooting near 72nd Place and Jeffery Boulevard, wounding a 30-year-old officer. Police said that officer and her partner were just a block away around 10:50 p.m. Friday, when there was a confrontation in a building where two people had just gotten home with a pizza.

An 18-year-old man was shot and killed, A 15-year-old boy was also shot, and was in fair condition at Comer Children’s hospital. Police said when an officer arrived on scene, she got out of her squad car, and felt pain in her leg. She realized she’d been shot, and drove herself to University of Chicago Medical Center. “I’m taking myself to the hospital. I’m taking myself. U of C!” the officer told a dispatcher over her police radio.

Sources said she received staples and stitches, later expressing gratitude to her fellow officers. “I just want to say thank you to everybody that responded, and I’ll be back soon,” she said over the police radio. Jenkins and one other person were arrested at the scene. Jenkins was due to appear in bond court Monday afternoon.

The wounded officer’s name hasn’t publicly been released, but police said she’s 30 years old, and has been on the job two years. She’s the 12th CPD officer shot this year, and the 46th shot at. She is recovering at home, and Police Supt. David Brown said, even after being shot herself, the officer expressed concern that she was not able to help one of the victims. “One of the things she conveyed to me is that she didn’t get a chance to apply a tourniquet to one of the wounded men out there. She said, ‘I got out of the car, and I was shot. I was trying to stop the bleeding for one of the victims that was shot.’ It’s just extraordinary commitment, extraordinary police work,” Brown said. Police said the officers involved in the shooting did not fire their weapons.

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    Police release video of (Black) suspect, vehicle connected to Cambridge road rage stabbing
black suspect wounded victim CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — The Cambridge Police Department has released surveillance video in the hopes of identifying and finding the suspect connected to an apparent road rage stabbing. Cambridge police said they responded to a reported stabbing outside of the Best Buy at the CambridgeSide shopping mall on CambridgeSide Place at about 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

The victim, a 34-year-old man, was taken to an area hospital with a stab wound to his stomach. Police said the victim was conscious and alert before he was transported to the hospital. On Monday, Cambridge police said the victim had undergone surgery to treat his non-life-threatening injuries.

The victim told police that an unknown man started to honk at him from behind Saturday night. The man then got out of his vehicle and approached the victim. The victim then got out of his vehicle and an argument ensued, which led to a physical altercation. According to police, the victim stated that he attempted to defend himself from the attack and recalled the suspect punching him in the face, as well as stabbing him once to the right side of his stomach.

The suspect is described as a thin, Black man in his 20s with a beard who appears to have several tattoos on his left arm and possibly on his neck. According to police, the suspect left the scene in a blue Chrysler PT Cruiser with a sunroof and an unknown license plate.

Cambridge police shared surveillance video Monday night that depicts the suspect's initial altercation with the victim, as well as the PT Cruiser driving away after the stabbing. Anyone with information about the stabbing or the road rage incident is asked to call the Cambridge Police Department at 617-349-3300. Anonymous tips can be sent via the CPD MyPD mobile app or by texting "TIP650" and the message to 847411.

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    Video of Six Flags America Fright Fest chaos, violence prompts Prince George's County police probe
black suspect BOWIE, Md. - Chaos and violence erupted at Six Flags America in Prince George's County Saturday night causing the annual Fright Fest to shut down early. PGPD have confirmed they are working to identify suspects and victims. Videos shared on social media show teenagers assaulting each other in multiple different fights.

Another video shows parked cars with smashed out windows with young people jumping on and vandalizing the vehicles. Prince George's County police said Sunday that no arrests were made. Videos show officers on scene trying to intervene in the brawls.

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Video of Six Flags America Fright Fest chaos, violence by negro monkeys prompts Prince George's County police probe
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    NYPD releases video of suspects in elevator execution of Queens man
black suspect black suspect Cops released surveillance footage of the duo suspected of fatally shooting a man in the elevator of a Queens apartment building over the weekend. Bassiana Lawrence, 27, was executed in the lift at 331 Beach 32 St. in Far Rockaway at about 4:30 p.m. Sunday, according to cops and sources.

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    (Black rapist) Bill Cosby feels (black rapist) R. Kelly ‘got railroaded’ at sex-trafficking trial

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Nigga will steal yo stuff

Homeless sex offender (from Ethiopia, Africa) busted in attempted rape on NYC train: cops
SUSPECT-NAME Cops busted a homeless sex offender in connection to an attempted rape on a Manhattan subway train last month, authorities said. Sinke Zewge, 39, was arrested around noon Monday — about eight weeks after he allegedly approached the 40-year-old victim on a northbound C train, pulling into the last stop at 168th Street in Washington Heights Aug. 3, police said.

He demanded money from the victim before he slammed her into the train car seats and strangled her until she temporarily lost consciousness in the 9:45 p.m. attack, cops said. He then placed his hands inside her bra and attempted to rape her, police said.

When the train arrived at the station, the sicko allegedly dragged the woman onto the platform before taking off. Zewge was charged with attempted rape, robbery, assault, unlawful imprisonment and criminal obstruction of breathing, cops said.

He is listed as a Level 2 sex offender in connection to the June 2010 attempted rape of a 22-year-old woman, records show.

He was convicted in 2011 and released on parole in 2017, according to state correction records. Zewge’s post-release supervision is set to end in June of 2022.

Zewge Surname - Most prevalent in Ethiopia


Round em up - ship em out!   -----   SEND THEM ALL BACK!

  Mayor of Arizona border town says he is declaring ‘state of emergency’ over illegal immigration
invasion invasion invasion invasion A mayor in an Arizona border town has revealed he's declared a "state of emergency" for his area due to surge in migrants at the US-Mexico border in recent weeks.

Mayor Chris Riggs of Gila Bend said he was forced to make the declaration after federal officials revealed busses of people would be dropped into his town of fewer than 2,000 residents for a few days until they could be placed.

" Border Patrol let us know that they were going to be dropping migrants that had been detained for 72 hours in our town, which we really didn't understand because we have nothing here," Mr Riggs said. "We have no charity organisations that can help, no nongovernmental organisations that a lot of the larger cities and towns do have to assist these people."

The town is located halfway between Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico, and Phoenix, Arizona, making it a stopway point for migrants.

When speaking to Fox News on Tuesday, Mr Riggs said he's pleaded with the Biden administration to send federal assistance to the town to help with the increased immigrants, but he's received no response.

  Texas Border Patrol agents discover stash houses packed with nearly 100 illegal immigrants
Border Patrol agents in Texas discovered two stash houses just a stone’s throw from the U.S.-Mexico border packed with nearly 100 illegal immigrants.

Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents and other law enforcement agencies discovered the first stash house at a home on Ligarde Street Thursday afternoon. The individuals were from Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said.

The second discovery came the following evening. Border Patrol agents received a tip about several illegal immigrants being housed at a home on Philadelphia Street – about five miles northwest of the first stash house.

Agents discovered more than 40 illegal immigrants inside the house. Those individuals had come from Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico.

  Arizona border flares up as new illegal immigration hot spot
invasion invasion invasion invasion It’s not just Haitians, and it’s not just Texas where the border seems out of control. Some 3,400 migrants — most of them Brazilian, Venezuelan or Cuban — were mired in Border Patrol holding facilities in Yuma, Arizona, over the weekend, according to the sheriff, who said he has never seen such unruliness.

Video shows long streams of migrants walking around the border wall and surrendering to authorities. Most of them figure they will be caught and released, and many of them are right.

“It’s getting a lot worse,” said Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot. “I’ve never seen it this bad with Border Patrol having to hold so many, and dealing with the issues we’re dealing with now because the administration won’t enforce the law.”

Agents have been pulled off the line to shift to caretaking duties. Sheriff Wilmot said he can drive a 20-mile stretch of the border and see only a handful of agents because “everybody else is busy processing” the thousands of migrants in custody.

That leaves the border open to migrants who want to slip through unnoticed and to smugglers carrying a surging amount of drugs such as fentanyl, the sheriff said.

On Sept. 22 alone, the Border Patrol in Yuma apprehended 1,000 people. The number on a typical day is 600 to 700. A year ago, at the end of the Trump era, it was 25 to 35 a day, the sheriff said. [more at link above]

    Court says city can ban Confederate flag in veterans parade
A Georgia city did not violate the constitutional rights of a Sons of Confederate Veterans group when it banned the Confederate battle flag from its annual parade honoring veterans of American wars, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.

Richard Leake and Michael Dean sued Alpharetta, an Atlanta suburb, in August 2019 after city officials said the Sons of Confederate Veterans could participate in the annual Old Soldiers Day Parade but could not display the battle flag. The federal civil rights lawsuit accused the city of violating the group's right to free speech under the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

Confederate Veteran Reunion, 1908

Confederate Veterans Reunion, Talladega County, Alabama, 1909

Confederate Reunion, 1916

    Sexually confused (American Communist Liberties Union) (ACLU) apologizes for changing RBG quote to delete ‘woman’ and ‘she’

  Florida deputy dies after being shot by former Marine
SUSPECT Officer down A Florida sheriff’s deputy died Sunday – two days after he was shot twice by a former Marine he had pulled over, authorities said.

Nassau Deputy Joshua Moyers, 29, was shot in the face and back Friday morning and doctors had announced they didn’t expect him to survive his injuries. An extensive manhunt continued Monday for alleged gunman, Patrick McDowell, who is still on the loose and considered dangerous.


  13 reasons why you should not allow your child to get the Covid-19 Vaccine

Army Flight Surgeon Urges Pentagon To Ground Pilots Who Took COVID Injection

Medical experts warn: Coronavirus boosters kill more lives than they save

NOT MAKING HEADLINES: AZ Audit Could Not Find the Identity of 86,391 Voters
– They Don’t Appear to Exist and 73.8% Are Democrat or No Party Affiliation

Kentucky Rep Thomas Massie Calls Out AIPAC For 'Foreign Interference' In Our Elections

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    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Woke Justice: Blacks Allowed To Murder Whites Now?
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire WHITE VICTIM WHITE VICTIM When O.J. Simpson was acquitted for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald "Ron" Goldman, White Americans responded with stunned disbelief. According to an NBC poll taken in 2004, 87 percent believed Simpson was guilty of the crimes.

Was the outcome an anomaly? Was it a rare miscarriage of justice? Have there been other Black-on-White homicide cases in which the accused were granted near immunity because they are descendants of sub-Saharan Africans?

[article continues at VDARE.com]


    BLACK-ON-WHITE: (Interracial) Suspects charged in McMinn County quadruple homicide, no bond set
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire  VICTIM  VICTIM  VICTIM SEPTEMBER 25, 2021 Police said that a shooting broke out in the Riceville area Saturday afternoon that left four dead, with a 10-month-old child involved. The child is safely with CPS.

RICEVILLE, Tenn. — A shooting broke in McMinn County on Saturday and the McMinn County Sheriff's Office said that four people died as a result. He also said a 10-month-old child was taken by suspects involved in the shooting.

Sheriff Joe Guy said that officers responded to calls about the shooting at around 9 a.m. on County Road 60, west of the Riceville community. When deputies arrived, they said they found two witnesses who had escaped the shooting and directed them to a home.

There, deputies found one man and three women dead from gunshot wounds. They identified the victims as Trevon Hall, 36, Skylar Hawn, 24, Jesse Dupree, 40, and Brandi Harris, 39. The sheriff said that looked like there were originally six people at the home, and that a male suspect and female suspect arrived there after 8 a.m. He identified the suspects as Curtis D. Smith, a 38-year-old man from Etowah and Jazzmine J. Hall, a 27-year-old woman from Athens.

He said it looked like there was a dispute between Hall and the male victim over a 10-month-old child. The sheriff said they are the child's parents. He said that at some point, the dispute turned violent and four people were shot.

One witness escaped, police said. Another pretended to be injured and survived the shooting, according to a release from police. The suspects took the child and left, police say. The McMinn County Sheriff's Office said that both suspects in the shooting were taken into custody. Officials said they were found in a home just inside Polk County during a SWAT operation.

They also said that the 10-month-old child was safely found and given to the custody of the Department of Children's Services. The Polk County Sheriff's Office helped find them, officials said.

Both Jazzmine Hall and Curtis Smith have been charged with four counts of premeditated, felony murders and attempted first degree murder. No bond has been set for the two suspects. "This has been a challenging day for our community, and our prayers continue to be with the families of the victims of this terrible incident," said Sheriff Guy. Tennessee shooting leaves 4 dead; kidnapped baby safe, 2 suspects arrested

OBITUARY for VICTIM Brandi Harris, age 39, white female

OBITUARY for VICTIM Skylar Hawn, age 24, white female

OBITUARY for VICTIM Jesse Dupree, age 40, male forename

OBITUARY for VICTIM Trevon Hall, age 36, black male

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Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    (Black) Buffalo man facing 'overwhelming' evidence admits 2020 Tonawanda killing
black suspect A Buffalo man whose attorney said he faced "overwhelming" evidence against him pleaded guilty on Friday to second-degree murder in a 2020 slaying in the Town of Tonawanda. Clarence H. Simmons, 34, admitted killing Arielle Johnson, 22, on March 19, 2020, in an apartment on Parkedge Avenue.

Johnson died of blunt force and sharp force trauma, Assistant Erie County District Attorney Ashley Morgan said in court. Simmons and Johnson knew each other, prosecutors said. Defense attorney Robert Cutting said his client would likely be "unsuccessful" at trial and it was in Simmons' best interest to plead guilty to the charge.

As part of the plea agreement, Simmons – who was indicted last year – will face a sentence of between 15 years to life and 18 years to life. State Supreme Court Justice M. William Boller is scheduled to sentence Simmons on Oct. 29.

[Race of victim not reported]

    Police charge man (with CERTIFIED NEGRO NAME) with murder, identify victim after gunfight at apartment complex
black suspect ROCK HILL, SC Police charged a man with murder Sunday after another man was killed in an exchange of gunfire during a domestic dispute Saturday night in Rock Hill. Rayquan Jamal Steele, 27, is charged with murder, according to arrest warrants obtained by The Herald.

Rock Hill Police say Steele fatally shot Yorel Milton, 22, at an apartment complex on Celanese Road around 10 p.m. Saturday, York County Coroner Sabrina Gast said. The arrest warrant says Milton was shot “multiple times.” Steele went to an apartment where his ex-girlfriend and Milton were, police said in the arrest warrants. A (PROBABLY ILLEGITIMATE) child that belongs to Steele and the ex-girlfriend, also was there.

Steele left the apartment after first threatening the woman and Milton with the minor child present, the warrants state. Steele then came back with a 10 mm handgun and shot Milton, according to the arrest warrant. Steele was wounded after he and Milton shot at each other, Rock Hill police said in a written statement.

Steele was found injured at the scene, officials said. He was treated for his gunshot wounds and then charged Sunday with murder, second-degree domestic violence for threats against the woman with the child present, and possession of a weapon during a violent crime, according to the warrants. The Herald is not naming the woman, who was a victim of domestic violence.

Steele faces 30 years to life in prison if convicted of murder, South Carolina law states. The domestic violence charge carries up to three years in prison for a conviction, and the weapon charge carries up to five years. Steele remains in the York County jail without bail after bond was denied in an initial appearance in Rock Hill Municipal Court, records show.

    Police seek public's help identifying black person of interest in rape investigation
SUSPECT-NAME ATLANTA (CBS46) — Have you seen this man? The Atlanta Police Department's Special Victims Unit is looking for a person of interest believed to have ties to a reported rape.

Police are actively investigating the incident which took place on Sept. 18 at Butler Park.

SVU is asking for the public's help in identifying this man. If anyone can recognize this person please contact Investigator Stoddard at 404-546-2521 or rcstoddard@atlantaga.gov

[NNN forum post by voice of reason]  Atlanta PD seek public's help identifying negro of interest in rape investigation
Forum poster

    (Black) R&B superstar R. "Cornrows" Kelly convicted in sex trafficking trial
SUSPECT-NAME NEW YORK (AP) — R. Kelly, the R&B superstar known for his (messing around with under-age girls) was convicted Monday in a sex trafficking trial after decades of avoiding criminal responsibility for numerous allegations of misconduct with young women and children.

A jury of seven men and five women found Kelly, 54, guilty of all nine counts, including racketeering, on their second day of deliberations. Kelly wore a face mask below black-rimmed glasses, remaining motionless with eyes downcast, as the verdict was read in federal court in Brooklyn.

Prosecutors alleged that the entourage of managers and aides who helped Kelly meet girls — and keep them obedient and quiet — amounted to (whoremongering) a criminal enterprise. Two people have been charged with Kelly in a separate federal case pending in Chicago.

He faces the possibility of decades in prison for crimes including violating the Mann Act, an anti- sex trafficking law that prohibits taking anyone across state lines “for any immoral purpose.” Sentencing is scheduled for May 4.

    21-year-old 'Mud man'sentenced to life in prison for 2017 New Year’s murder
mud suspect CYPRESS – A 21-year-old Cypress man was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of capital murder, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced Monday.

Officials said Christopher Rodriguez was 16 years old when he and another suspect, Faith Deleon, lured two 18-year-olds to a Cypress theater parking lot on New Year’s Day in 2017 by saying they wanted to buy a small amount of marijuana.

According to reports, Daniel Gerding and Colyn Timmons met the duo at the Studio Movie Grill in the 8500 block of State Highway 6. Rodriguez and Deleon got into Gerding’s Toyota Camry and demanded money, officials said. Then, according to reports, Rodriguez shot Gerding twice in the back and when Timmons tried to get out of the car, Rodriguez shot him in the face.

Deleon and Rodriguez fled in their pickup truck and were arrested after an investigation by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Gerding died and Timmons survived.

  "The Bobster" reports on crime-ridden New York and Philly - NEW posts dd mon 2021
The Bobster
New York City - Racial Demographics - BLACK 13% + Spanic 25% + Asian 11% = 49%

Philadelphia (PA) - Racial Demographics - BLACK 42% + Spanic 12% + Asian 6% = 60%

Prisoner escapes from custody at Bellevue Hospital in NYC: cops

Man dies after being shot seven times in elevator at NYC apartment building

Boy, 15, charged with killing 17-year-old in NYC weeks after gun bust

Murder Rate Skyrockets in Chester, PA where 73.99% of the population is African American

  Here are some more headlines from "The Bobster" - Monday afternoon
The Bobster

MTA manager caught dodging tolls with illegally obscured license plate

BLACK Man arrested in hit-and-run that killed ˜Gone Girl actress Lisa Banes

Ex-NJ sheriff’s officer indicted for recording sexual assaults of women

Woman accused of telling couple to ‘stay in their hood’ in NYC dog park confrontation

    South Korea's President Moon says it's time to consider a ban on eating dog meat
suspect name suspect name Dog meat sellers have insisted on the right to their occupation, saying their livelihoods are at risk.

There are ten Black Lives Matter activists in New York are calling out the city’s leadership over what they believe are racist COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

Since mid-August, the city has required anyone 12 and over to show proof they’ve had at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose for indoor dining, gyms, museums, theatres, and a host of other indoor activities. However, Black residents are lagging behind the overall populations in vaccinations, and some say the rules are disproportionately affecting Black New Yorkers.

More than 70% of Black Americans between 18 and 44 in New York City have not gotten the vaccine, a statistic repeated by activist Chivona Newsome at the restaurant protest of Carmine’s Italian Restaurant.

Hawk Newsome, a Black activist and the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Greater New York chapter, organized a protest outside of the Manhattan restaurant where a hostess claimed three Black women from Texas attacked her after she asked for them to show proof of vaccination.

Newsome and his sister, Chivona, organized a protest outside the restaurant earlier this week where Hawk accused the city of using vaccine requirements to cover for its “racist ways” and “discrimination.”

[NNN forum thread posted by Area-52:] 
Forum member

    California to mail every voter a ballot in future elections
(So the dead voters will not be inconvenienced by having to show up in person at the polling station to confirm their identity)

  There are ten references to 'conspiracy' in the King James Bible

Apollonian Here are some recent internet news and commentary links posted by Apollonian
who is a blogger and Guest Columnist on the New Nation News Forum who has been described
as a "combat-scholar/theologian, part-time exorcist & Christian patriot"

Catching up on some recent posts by Apollonian......

Here is a sample of some of the topics he is following....

Recent posts by Apollonian in Forum: Conspiracies, Cover-ups, False-flags...

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  Tierny REAL News Network Updates - Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....
  • PRESIDENT TRUMP: "This is an invasion. Our country is being turned into a migrant camp. We are going to TAKE. BACK. OUR. COUNTRY. FROM. THESE. LUNATICS."

    Biden confirmed that 30,000 illegal aliens were kept under this Texas bridge & more are coming. They are releasing them into cities all over America.
  • Norway, Sweden & Denmark have removed all restrictions and re-classified Covid as "no more dangerous than the ordinary flu."
  • Haitian migrants are discarding their ID cards at the US border because many of them were already given refugee status in other safe countries. They don't want to live in other countries. They want to live in America. I don't blame them but we can NOT support the world.
  • Michael Savage: "Democrats have been looting the nation for over a year. They had paid hooligans in the streets, most notably in Portland and in Seattle. They paid these hooligans: the Antifa barbarians, the BLM criminals. They're criminal organizations. They were paid for — lock, stock and barrel — behind the scenes. It's a war on America's middle class. It most visibly was seen with the tearing down of statues by Antifa and BLM and now they’re tearing the nation itself down where the enemy without has become the enemy within.”

**********       26 September 2021       **********

Front Page for 26 Sep 2021 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: One WM person fatally shot by black at north Houston motel during ‘business transaction’
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire WHITE VICTIM HOUSTON – One person was found with a gunshot wound to the head at a north Houston motel Wednesday, police said. Officers said the victim was found at the Monte Carlo Inn located off the North Freeway near Greens Road.

According to investigators, the victim and another person met up at the motel for what police call a “business transaction.” At some point, police said the other person involved pulled out a gun, shot the victim and ran way. Investigators said they found trace amounts of drugs in the room.

September 15, 2021 - Houston police have released surveillance video of a suspect wanted in the fatal shooting of a man that occurred at 12500 North Freeway (North Interstate Highway 45) about 4 a.m. today (September 15). The male suspect is described only as a black male wearing a black hoodie and a face mask. He fled the scene in a white, 4-door sedan, believed to be a 2020 Chevrolet Malibu. Surveillance video of the suspect can be viewed at the HPD YouTube Channel at https://youtu.be/aCO7dox-tLA. The victim, Coal Stevens, 22, was pronounced dead at the scene. HPD Homicide Division Officer J. Brown reported: Mr. Stevens was at an inn at the above address when the suspect arrived to conduct a business transaction. During their interaction, the suspect produced a pistol, demanded money, and then fired one time, striking Stevens. The suspect then fled northbound on the North Freeway service road, traveling towards Rankin Road.

OBITUARY for VICTIM Coal Stevens, age 22 - (gunmemorial)

[NNN forum thread posted by Voice-of-Reason:]  WM, 22 fatally shot at north Houston motel during ‘business transaction’ with the negro Forum member

Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    Another LATE LATE term abortion

2 children thrown from bridge, 1 dead; (black) mother arrested in Louisiana
black suspect Shreveport police have charged the children's mother, 32-year-old Ureka Black, with a count of second-degree murder and a charge of attempted second-degree murder. SHREVEPORT, La. — Police believe two children were thrown from a bridge Friday into northwest Louisiana's Cross Lake, where one of the children was pulled from the water dead and one survived but had life-threatening injuries.

The children's mother, 32-year-old Ureka Black,, was taken in custody, reports said. Shreveport police have charged Black, with a count of second-degree murder and a charge of attempted second-degree murder.

Police arrested Black in connection with the case after state troopers stopped a minivan with Texas license plates near the Texas state line, Shreveport Police Sgt. Angie Wilhite told reporters in a video posted by KSLA-TV. Wilhite said police got the first call about a child in the water shortly before 11 a.m. Friday.

Police did not release the ages, sexes or names of the children. “We do believe at this point that the children were thrown from a bridge,” Wilhite said. “We do not know which one.” She also said the crime did not appear to be a random act of violence.

KTBS-TV said the Friday morning call brought numerous law enforcement agencies to a neighborhood on the lake near Interstate 220. She was arrested Friday afternoon in Waskom, Texas. She remained in custody in Texas Friday night awaiting extradition to Caddo Parish.

Louisiana mother throws two children from bridge, killing infant
[NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:]  2 children thrown from bridge, 1 dead; (bad BLACK) mother arrested in Louisiana
Forum member

  "The Bobster" reports on crime-ridden New York and Philly
The Bobster
New York City - Racial Demographics - BLACK 13% + Spanic 25% + Asian 11% = 49%

Philadelphia (PA) - Racial Demographics - BLACK 42% + Spanic 12% + Asian 6% = 60%

"The Bobster" reports on crime-ridden New York and Philly - NEW posts dd mon 2021

Manhattan teacher posted nearly naked snap online, flirted with students, kept working

This hate-filled NYC homeless man is bane of the neighborhood

NYC Council aide says she was harassed, Corey Johnson did nothing

‘Very disturbing’ acts of racism, discrimination at Connecticut school

NYC TNB - 2 killed and 1 injured in overnight NYC shootings

    2-year-old black girl will not become 1st Trans POTUS of color

Stepfather arrested in toddler's disappearance, police fear the 'unimaginable'
black suspect black suspect Baton Rouge officers arrested the stepfather of a missing 2-year-old girl in the child’s disappearance and authorities say they fear the toddler is dead.

Nevaeh Allen
was reported missing Friday after her older siblings arrived home after school and noticed the door to their apartment open, and the toddler gone, Louisiana State Police said at the time. Her stepfather, Phillip Gardner, told authorities that he took a nap at about 1 p.m. and that was the last time he saw Neveah.

Gardner has been charged with unlawful disposal of remains and obstruction of justice, Baton Rouge police said Sunday. Baton Rouge Police Department Sgt. L’Jean McKneely, Jr., said that authorities are currently searching for Neveah’s body, according to NBC affiliate WVLA. “Evidence and interviews points to the unimaginable,” McKneely said. “The baby may be dead.”

  "The Bobster" reports on crime-ridden New York and Philly
The Bobster
"The Bobster" - NEW posts Sunday afternoon

Woman accused of telling couple to ‘stay in their hood’ in NYC dog park confrontation

Utah football player who wore fallen teammate’s number fatally shot at party

Wild video shows stool-wielding hero chase off NYC jewel thieves

    (Black) Sacramento Man Suspected Of Shooting At Other Driver In Sutter County Road Rage Incident
black suspect SUTTER COUNTY, CA (CBS13) — A Sacramento man has been arrested for allegedly shooting at another driver during a road rage incident near Yuba City late Sunday night. The Yuba City Sheriff’s Office says, just before 11:30 p.m., dispatchers got a report about shots fired along the 110 block of Reed Road. The caller reported that her son had been followed home from a gas station and was shot at.

Around 4 p.m. the next day, dispatchers say they got a call from 37-year-old Sacramento resident Theotis Leshun Thornton. He reported that he had been in a road rage incident the night before. Detectives had Thornton come to the sheriff’s office to talk with detectives. However, at some point during the interview, Thornton revealed that he had shot at the other driver – claiming it was in self-defense.

Thornton was soon arrested and is now facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon. He’s being held on $50,000 bail.

 BIDEN HAS IMPORTED THOUSANDS of these likely lunatic MUSLIMS (from Afghanistan)

MUSLIM (with PAKISTANI name) Accused Of Threatening To Shoot Up Woodland Mosque Has History Of Violent Threats
WOODLAND (CBS13) — A man was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill everyone inside a Woodland mosque. The suspect, identified as 23-year-old Abdul Khalid, appeared in court Wednesday and faces criminal threat charges.

We’ve learned this is not the first time Khalid has made threats at the mosque. He’s been accused of causing fights in the past. “Mr. Khalid has thrown bottles and engaged in a fight with other mosque members, so there’s a history here,” a judge said in court.

According to probation four years ago, Khalid was allegedly armed with a knife and threatened to kill mosque members. He’s now facing three felony criminal threats charges, accused of sending messages Monday on social media about committing a mass shooting and threatening to kill everyone inside the Woodland Muslim Mosque and Islamic Center.

Investigators say Khalid claimed to be in possession of a gun and ammunition. “Kind of something extreme to be going on where we live,” said Robert Guerrero. Guerrero’s family’s home is near the mosque.

“Innocent people getting hurt is never a good thing. Sounds like a hate crime,” he said. But as of now, Khalid hasn’t been charged with a hate crime. Below is a statement from Jonathan Raven, Yolo County Chief Deputy District Attorney:

“Currently, Mr. Khalid is not charged with a hate crime or hate crime enhancement. To file a hate crime, we must believe that we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a substantial motivating factor in the crime was a bias against a particular religion. It’s always possible that further investigation could change things.” Raved added that a representative from the mosque told his office they don’t believe the crime was bias-motivated.

“I was actually not even trying to come out once I found out about it,” said Angel Magallon. Now with Khalid’s arrest, Magallon—who lives right across the street from the mosque—feels a sense of relief knowing the threats of violence didn’t escalate. “I’m glad that Woodland PD got a hold of him before he came and did his act,” he said.

KHALID Surname - Most prevalent in PAKISTAN
- Highest density in SUDAN
Khalid is an Arabic word (خالد) which means 'immortal person'.




    HISPANIC Ceres man arrested in Facebook Marketplace rental scam. Police looking for more victims
A Ceres man was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of stealing thousands of dollars from people in Turlock and surrounding areas in a rental property scam on Facebook Marketplace. Turlock Police in June took two reports with similar circumstances involving Spanish-speaking victims who found rental properties on Facebook Marketplace and then lost about $2,000 each due to fraud.

The victims met with the listed contact person, later identified as 37-year-old Miguel Perez. They gave him cash deposits and first month’s rent. Afterward, they were unable to locate or contact Perez to gain access to the listed properties they thought they were going to move into, according to Turlock Police. Sgt. Mike Parmley said Perez had posted exterior photos of homes in Turlock that he did not own.

Turlock Police Detective Frank Navarro was assigned to the case and discovered that Perez is also the suspect for additional similar fraud cases in San Joaquin and Monterey counties.


    Four Women Arrested In Sutter County After Alleged Mail Theft Caught On Video
mud suspect Evidence found during the search led to the arrest of Julie Keovilayphone, 32, Sierra Valenzuela, 33, and Vicki Keovilayphone, 39, and Delilah McCall, 45. All four suspects are from Yuba City.
Laotian immigration to the United States started shortly after the Vietnam War.
Refugees began arriving in the U.S. after a Communist government came to power in Laos in 1975.

There have been and are a lot of CRIMINALS among the South-East-Asian 'refugee' communities that were welcomed like BIDEN's Afghani Muslim 'sleepers. The U.S. has always welcomed non-White, non-English-speaking, non-Christian refugees from foreign turmoil after WWII.

**********       25 September 2021       **********


(Black) Second suspect arrested on capital murder charge in Robinson burning death
black suspect The Robinson Police Department has made a second arrest on a capital murder charge for the death of a Robinson man who was set on fire in an incident that also injured two others. Police on Wednesday arrested Jason Lee Lloyd, 36, of Waco, in the Aug. 12 fire that led to the death of Cargin Madison, 25, two weeks later.

Jason Lloyd is the brother Willie Joy Lloyd, of Waco, who was already behind bars on attempted capital murder charges in the case. Willie Lloyd, 39, is Madison’s ex-boyfriend and was accused of breaking into Madison’s home in the 100 block of Brentwood Drive, pouring gasoline on the bed and setting Madison on fire.

According to previous reports, the living room couch was also set on fire. The blaze sent Madison and the other male burn victim to a burn unit in Dallas, sent a woman to a local hospital for smoke inhalation and killed a dog, police reported at the time. There is no additional information on the status of the other burn victim’s condition.

According to an arrest affidavit, the woman told police several areas of the home were set on fire. Willie Lloyd was arrested within a day of the fire with the assistance of U.S. Marshals, who tracked him to Teague. He was arrested on three counts of attempted capital murder.

Robinson Police Chief Rich Andreucci has said he has requested that the McLennan County District Attorney upgrade a charge to capital murder. Further investigation revealed Willie Lloyd had not been alone during the night of the incident, according to the affidavit. Police learned that he had borrowed a vehicle from a friend and brought along his brother, Jason Lloyd, in the pickup truck, the affidavit says.

Willie Lloyd told investigators he had been with his brother the whole time during the night of the incident, the affidavit says. Investigators concluded the brothers were together at the time of the fire and that they had borrowed a vehicle to avoid suspicion, according to the affidavit. By viewing a photo array, a responding officer identified Jason Lloyd as the man he saw walking away from the scene the night of the fire. According to the affidavit, investigators do not believe the fire was a one-person job because of the multiple ignition points in the home.

Sleeping Man Is Burned Alive When Ex Douses Bed With Gasoline & Lights it on Fire
A second man was arrested in Texas on Wednesday in connection with last month’s fire that killed his brother’s ex-boyfriend, who was reportedly burned alive as he slept in bed.

[link to New Nation News - Burned Alive!]

According to the Waco Tribune, Robinson police apprehended Willie Lloyd, 39, a day after the August 12 fire that ultimately killed his former boyfriend, Cargin Madison, 25 (pictured). However, Lloyd’s brother, Jason Lloyd, 36, was only recently arrested on a capital murder charge after an investigation uncovered that Willie Lloyd did not go to Madison’s home alone.

Willie Lloyd reportedly borrowed a friend’s pickup truck and went to Madison’s home. Police believe Jason Lloyd was with his brother at the time of the fire, which not only left Madison mortally injured, but resulted in another man being hospitalized for burns and killed a dog. A woman who was upstairs was also hospitalized for smoke inhalation, according to the Waco Tribune.

Madison died on August 23, nearly two weeks after Willie Lloyd broke into his home, poured gasoline on the bed he was sleeping on, and lit it on fire. Authorities said a living room couch was also lit on fire during the August 12 ordeal.

    Fourth (a black)arrested in sex trafficking (PIMPING & WHORING) case
SUSPECT-NAME Another Ada resident, Darrius Jamal Ferguson, 23, has been arrested, allegedly as part of a sex trafficking ring. Previously arrested in the case was Ada resident and former Chicago Monkey footballer Qumain Black, 28; Christopher McCleary, 24; and Adam Anderson, 20, of Ada.

According to a federal court document, all are charged “by superseding indictment with conspiracy to commit sex trafficking through force, fraud and coercion.” McCleary is also charged with possession of firearm while under felony indictment.

According to federal court documents, Black, Anderson, McCleary and Ferguson, “... along with others known and unknown, recruited, enticed, harbored, transported, provided, obtained or maintained several young women for the purpose of commercial sex.” Federal authorities report that the defendants used three adult females to engage in commercial sex acts, operating out of hotel rooms, mostly in the Dallas, Texas, area, but also in Oklahoma City.

The adult victims allege the men acted as pimps, arranging for the women to exchange sex for money, and posted advertisements online at sites such as seeking.com. Federal authorities were alerted to the crimes by Ada police after the mother of one of the women who lives in Ada contacted police when she hadn’t heard from her daughter in a few days time. During interviews with the women, they told authorities they were subject to threats and abuse.

Another arrest in sex trafficking case - Mar 30, 2021

    (Black) Nigga Thief stole FDNY gear, radio
black suspect chicken thief A slippery thief slithered into a Bronx firehouse and made off with an FDNY bunker coat and department radio, police said. The NYPD on Saturday released surveillance video and photos of the Sept. 12 theft at the Melrose Avenue firehouse of Engine Co. 71/Ladder Co. 55 shortly after 5 p.m.

The burglary suspect — approximately 30 to 40 years old with a medium build and black hair — brazenly entered the firehouse through an open gate, police said. The wanted man was last wearing a black T-shirt, black pants, black sneakers, white face mask under his chin and seen holding the FDNY coat and radio, cops said.

[NNN forum post by The Bobster]  Nigga will steal yo stuff
Forum poster

    Now is this truly a 'nigger hating N-word'?
or is this another case of a pitiful negro malcontent begging for SYMPATHY

for his poor PERSECUTED race - BLACK VICTIMHOOD is a mental disorder that deserves
a very LATIN medical classification "psycho-niger credens persequitur et victima"

- but all of the psychologists and psychiatrists have gone PRO-QUEER and A-WOKE-end
and can't diagnose the ATTENTION-STARVED WORTHLESS sad sack negroes.

Black man arrested for ‘N-word’ graffiti, swastikas at Emory University

Nword nigger faking anti-black hate crimes HATE HOAX The Georgia university repeatedly avoided questions about Roy Lee Gordon’s race Emory University’s Police Department on Wednesday arrested the man accused of writing racial slurs and swastikas at its autism center in early August.

Roy Lee Gordon Jr. (pictured) is charged with second-degree burglary, Emory officials said in a news release that indicated Gordon is also the same person who allegedly wrote the “N-word” and drew swastikas at the Emory Autism Center last month. He is a former employee of the university. A police mugshot published by the Atlanta Journal Constitution shows that Gordon is black. This is the first time his race has been revealed publicly.

Although Emory officials have known the man accused of the racial vandalism is black since early August, they have not informed the campus community of his race, which may have put a different interpretation of the incident on it. Asked for a mugshot and information on what Gordon is accused of stealing, and what his possible motivation was for allegedly committing these acts, Emory spokesperson Gana Ahn told The College Fix on Thursday that, “Unfortunately, we are unable to share any additional details beyond what is in the statement.”

“Emory is unable to share personnel information and can’t speculate his intentions,” Ahn said via email. On Wednesday, the university continued to maintain that it condemns “acts of racism and antisemitism,” however did not mention the race of the suspect in its September 22 news release.

Emory did not want to reveal suspect’s race
The College Fix has filed multiple public records requests with the university and several police agencies over the last month to obtain more information about Roy Lee Gordon, Jr., but Emory police and local law enforcement has repeatedly declined to answer questions or provide information.

The arrest warrant for Gordon was issued August 20. The vast majority of arrest warrants include a suspect’s race, but officials refused to provide The College Fix a copy of this public document. Because of this, The College Fix first raised the possibility that the incident was indeed a hate-crime hoax on August 25. Emory spokesperson Lauren Diamond told The Fix last month that the school had “nothing to add” besides the minimal details in the original news release announcing the identification of Gordon and that he had previously worked part-time at the Georgia university.

Gordon allegedly left swastikas, broke doors The police report, obtained by The College Fix, provides more details of what happened nearly two months ago on August 9.

Translate English to Latin
PSYCHONEUROTIC SYNDROME OF niger credens persequitur et victima

[link to New Nation News - HATE CRIMES AND HATE HOAXES

[NNN forum thread posted by Dano637:]  Another fake hate crime by an "N-WORD" Negro Forum poster

    18-year-old ASIAN (Hong Kong name) charged with shooting relative, trying to kill another in Banning
suspect name
An 18-year-old probationer accused of shooting a family member and trying to kill another during a domestic squabble in Banning was charged today with attempted murder and other offenses.

Alex Signavong was arrested Saturday following the attack at a residence in the 1300 block of North Almond Way, near East Theodore Street. Along with attempted murder, Signavong is charged with two counts of assault with a firearm and one count each of being a convicted felon in possession of a gun and illegal possession of machine gun parts, with sentence-enhancing gun and great bodily injury allegations.

He was arraigned before Riverside County Superior Court Judge Timothy Hollenhorst, who scheduled a felony settlement conference for Sept. 24 at the Banning Justice Center and ordered him held in lieu of $1 million bail at the nearby Smith Correctional Facility. According to Banning police, about 11 p.m. Friday, Signavong was involved in an unspecified verbal altercation with several relatives that escalated into a physical confrontation.

The defendant allegedly pulled a 9mm semiautomatic handgun and opened fire, wounding a 54-year-old woman, identified in court documents by the initials "P.V.," as well as targeting a man, identified only as "R.V.," who was not struck by the gunfire. Patrol officers converged on the location minutes later and detained the defendant without incident. The woman was taken to San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital in Banning. She's expected to fully recover.

No one else was injured. "Detectives and officers were able to locate the firearm believed to have been used in the crime and several other items, including parts to convert the weapon into a fully automatic weapon,'' according to a police statement.

Signavong and witnesses were questioned for several hours before he was formally arrested and taken to jail. According to court documents, the defendant has a prior drug-related conviction from earlier this year.

Signavong Surname - Most prevalent in HONG KONG
- Highest density in HONG KONG


  There are ten references to 'conspiracy' in the King James Bible

Apollonian Here are some recent internet news and commentary links posted by Apollonian
who is a blogger and Guest Columnist on the New Nation News Forum who has been described
as a "combat-scholar/theologian, part-time exorcist & Christian patriot"

Catching up on some recent posts by Apollonian......

Here is a sample of some of the topics he is following....

NEW posts for 24-25 Sep 2021 - posted by Guest Columnist Apollonian

Editor note: as 'Apo' is a prolific poster - the link above should give the topic 'headlines' and most links
- but you may have to register for the NNN forum to follow his exclusive 'controversial' uncensored content.


**********       24 September 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Thousand Oaks man found guilty of shooting and killing his (white) wife during argument
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire WHITE VICTIM A Thousand Oaks man was found guilty of murdering his wife during an argument at their home earlier this year, officials announced Thursday. A jury found Tim Gautier, 56, of Thousand Oaks, guilty of first-degree murder in his wife’s death, the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office said in a news release. He faces a maximum possible sentence of 50 years to life in prison.

On the morning of Jan. 11, Gautier and his wife had gotten into an argument in their home at an apartment complex in the 2300 block of Fountain Crest Lane. “Gautier turned the argument physical,” the District Attorney’s Office said.

The husband pulled out a gun and fired two shots from across the living room, striking his wife who was standing facing out of their open front door, officials said. He was arrested within minutes of the shooting.

Officers found his wife, 57-year-old Gina Gautier, inside her apartment suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. She was taken to a hospital, where she died of her injuries. Authorities later discovered a surveillance camera inside the residence that captured the sounds of the killing, and of Gautier verbally abusing his wife in the week leading up to the shooting, according to the DA. Gautier is scheduled to be sentenced on Nov. 9 at Ventura County Superior Court.

Who Was Gina Gautier? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Shot & Killed, Husband Suspect, Investigation

[NNN forum thread posted by voioceofreason:]  Thousand Oaks, CA negro found guilty of shooting and killing his coalburning wife during argument
Forum member

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS


(Black) Davonte Barnes Charged In Mass Shooting Outside NW Miami-Dade Banquet Hall
black suspect black suspect MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami-Dade police have made their first arrest in the mass shooting outside a northwest Miami-Dade banquet hall over the Memorial Day weekend. Davonte Barnes, 22, faces three counts of first-degree murder and 20 counts of attempted murder. If convicted, he faces the death penalty.

Barnes was arrested Thursday night. Miami-Dade police said he confessed to meeting with the suspects before the shooting and being a look out while it took place outside the El Mula Banquet Hall at 7630 Northwest 186th Street. In court on Fridday, Barnes told a Judge. “I need to get a lawyer. I have not worked in 2 or 3 months.”

He will face an arraignment within in 21 days. He was given an Assistant Public Defender and denied bond. Rodney Thomas, the father of Ka’Dedra Thomas, whose 26-year-old daughter was shot three times and who has still not beeen able to regain the use of her arms after a bullet struck her shoulder blade said he’s grateful that the first arrest has been made.

He told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench, “I am happy and I am grateful to the police department and the detectives who have personally put in the work and caught this guy. They will catch the rest of them. I would like for a conviction. I would like for justice for my daughter and for everyone who is not loved.” “Three counts of first-degree murder and 20 counts for attempted first-degree murder,” he said about the charges against Barnes. “I think it is right whether you pulled the trigger or not. You were involved in it and there have to be consequences.”

“I would like a conviction, I want justice for my daughter and everyone that was involved,” he added. Desmond Owens, 26, Clayton Dillard III, 26, and Shaniqua Peterson, 32, were killed and nearly two dozen others were hurt in the May 30th mass shooting, which happened outside the hall where a crowd had gathered for a (negro) rap show.

CBS4 also heard from the devastated father of Clayton Dillard III. he had this to say about the latest arrest and he expressed his anger towards the gunmen, “You killed my son. You took away my heart. Imagine if this happened or you all.” “My son was there. He was the best son in my life.” Clayton Dillard has been outspoken ever since the shooting happened nearly 4 months ago.

Miami-Dade said the shooting was a coordinated attack that involved two vehicles and at least five gunmen. Surveillance video of a white SUV shows three masked gunmen getting out of the vehicle before opening fire on the crowd gathered outside. They are then seen running back to the SUV and speeding away. The stolen SUV was found later in a canal.

Police don’t have as much information about the second vehicle, described as a black car with at least two people inside. “This is a despicable act of gun violence. A cowardly act,” said Miami-Dade Police Director Freddy Ramirez said at the time. Police said they believed the mass shooting was targeted and likely connected to an ongoing rivalry between two groups.

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    (Black) Philly man charged in fatal stabbing of man with (black forename) in Jersy
black suspect Authorities have charged a Philadelphia man in connection with a fatal stabbing on Thursday morning in Gloucester County. Franklin Township Police responded to a residence on the 1000 block of Fries Mill Road in Franklinville around 7:30 a.m. for a stabbing reported via 911 call.

They found the victim, Dwaynne Mickles, 42, of Franklinville, dead with stab wounds to his neck and abdomen, according to police. Jahaan Sheridan, 33, was taken into custody and admitted to stabbing Mickles, investigators said in an affidavit of probable cause.

Sheridan and the victim were acquaintances. He was charged with first-degree murder and weapons offenses and placed in Salem County Correctional Facility pending a detention hearing.

Franklin Police and the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office are handling the investigation. A motive for the killing has not been revealed.

Another man at the scene, Brandon J. Harvey, 39, of Franklinville, was arrested on weapons charges after a search of his vehicle conducted as part of the homicide investigation turned up a handgun. Harvey, who has a prior conviction for drug distribution, admitted putting the gun in his vehicle, according to his affidavit of probable cause.

He was charged with second-degree possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes and second-degree certain persons not to have weapons, based on his prior conviction. Harvey was jailed pending a detention hearing. He is not charged in connection with the homicide.


(Black) White Sulphur Springs (coneheaded) man is behind bars after allegedly stabbing two people
SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim wounded victim WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV (WVNS) — A White Sulphur Springs man is behind bars after allegedly stabbing two people.

According to a press release from Greenbrier County Sheriff Bruce Sloan, on Wednesday September 22, 2021, the White Sulphur Springs Police Department and Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call for a reported stabbing on Hamilton Addition Road, near White Sulphur Springs.

According to the release, Chester Brandon III of White Sulphur Springs used a Samurai sword and allegedly stabbed Shawn Martin and Brenda Brooks. Both Martin and Brooks were taken to medical facilities to be treated for their injuries.

Brandon was charged with two counts of malicious wounding. He is currently being held in Southern Regional Jail on a $10,000 bond.

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    BLACK Man arrested on suspicion of trying to strangle woman at Millbrae motel
black suspect DeAngelo Dove is accused of threatening to kill woman while violently choking her on Thursday morning.

    BLACK Hispanic Arturo Santiago Pena-Almanza Jr. killed 2-year-old boy for rubbing feces on him
IRVING, Texas - A North Texas man is facing capital murder charges after police said he killed the toddler he was supposed to be caring for. Tuesday morning, Irving officers got a call about an unconscious child in the 300 block of Brown Dr. They found 2-year-old Jeremiah Degrate Rios’ body in the home.

Investigators determined his death was not an accident, so they arrested the man who had been caring for him, 23-year-old Arturo Santiago Pena-Almanza Jr. Pena-Almanza was originally charged with abandoning or endangering a child. The charge was upgraded to capital murder after police questioned him.

He admitted he hit the Jeremiah several times because the toddler had wiped feces on him, police said. Police have not yet released information about how Pena-Almanza was related to the boy or where his mother was during the incident. Pena-Almanza is being held in the Dallas County jail.

  "The Bobster" reports on crime-ridden New York and Philly
The Bobster
New York City - Racial Demographics - BLACK 13% + Spanic 25% + Asian 11% = 49%

Philadelphia (PA) - Racial Demographics - BLACK 42% + Spanic 12% + Asian 6% = 60%

"The Bobster" reports on crime-ridden New York and Philly - NEW posts 24 Sep 2021

Gang member on probation busted for allegedly shooting man on Citi Bike

DOE sues to overturn decision clearing employee of sex abuse allegations

Disturbing new video from Rochester shows man die during arrest

Two more arrested in connection to gang-related slaying of Bronx teen


    Migrant horde cleared from under Del Rio bridge as Two-bit Buffoon Biden administration slams own agents
invasion invasion invasion invasion The camp underneath the Del Rio International Bridge along the southern border is now completely clear less than a week after 15,000 black Haitian migrants were camped there waiting for processing.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced the news on Friday during the White House’s daily press briefing, insisting the massive influx was “the result of an unprecedented movement.”

“As of this morning, there are no longer any migrants in the camp underneath the Del Rio International Bridge,” he said.


Since Sept. 9, Border Patrol officials in Del Rio encountered nearly 30,000 migrants, many of whom hailed from Haiti, Mayorkas said, with the highest number at one time being around 15,000.

Border Patrol pics were 'misconstrued' as whipping, photographer says

    (Alleged) Asian 'suspect' that shot 15, 1 fatal, at Kroger store in Tennessee

"It's a UK Thang"

UK Thang: 5 Quick Facts You 'Need' To Know
suspect name victim name Uk Thang has been identified as the shooter who shot and killed 15 people, one of whom was fatal, in a Kroger grocery store in Collierville, Tennessee.

The Collierville Police Chief, Dale Lane, confirmed in a press conference that the shooter had shot 15 victims, some of whom were in serious condition. Thang was 29 years old and shot himself at the scene; He was found in the back of the shop. Police declined to give his name at a press conference, but then released it to the news media, according to the Daily Memphian.

Authorities described the frantic safety scramble that erupted in Kroger when gunfire broke out in the deli of the grocery store not far from Memphis. “We removed people from freezers and cupboards and hid in pallets,” Lane said at a press conference on September 24th. The "Sagittarius name" (?) is also spelled as "UK Thang".

“It breaks my heart to have to stand in front of you today,” Lane said at an earlier press conference, calling the mass shooting “the most terrible event in the history of Collierville.”

There were also scenes of heroism in the midst of the tragedy. Many cited the heroism of longtime Kroger associate Brignetta Dickerson, who helped keep others safe.

The chief confirmed that the woman who died was named Olivia King. King was a mother of three who was known for her religious devotion and sweet personality. Ten victims were Kroger employees and five were customers. Several people are still in very serious condition, said the boss.

Speaking at a press conference, he said, “I ask you to keep Olivia King’s family in your prayers. The number shot is now up to 15, but luckily our prayers were answered and they all held out overnight. I do not give his name in this forum and give him this reputation. “

Uk Thang: 5 Fast Facts You "Need to Know"

Thang Surname - Most prevalent in VIETNAM
- Highest density in CAMBODIA


Round em up - ship em out!   -----   SEND THEM ALL BACK!

    California to remove the word ‘alien’ from state laws
California will strike the word “alien” from its state laws, getting rid of what Gov. Gavin Newsom called “an offensive term for a human being” that has “fueled a divisive and hurtful narrative.”

Newsom on Friday signed a law that removes the word from various sections of the California state code. California passed laws in 2015 and 2016 that removed the word from the state’s labor and education code.

But the law Newsom signed on Friday finishes the job by removing the word from all state laws. The word will be replaced with terms like “noncitizen” or “immigrant.”






  Live updates: 'Those people will pay' - Biden vows action for border patrol agents' treatment of Haitian migrants

and the Triumph of the NON-white Colored MASSES

Back in 2015, Joe Biden also welcomed the demographic decimation of white people. “By 2017, those of 'us' of European stock will be an absolute minority in the United States of America,” Biden said at a State Department luncheon, adding, that that’s “not a bad thing, that’s a good thing” because it means the country is becoming more diverse.

Washington Post Celebrates Decline of White Americans As “Fabulous News”

Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin Celebrates Demographic Decline of White Americans as “Fabulous News”

Jewess Celebrates Demographic Decline of White Americans as “Fabulous News”

Not racist at all Wash Post Jennifer Rubin says decline of whites in the USA is "Fabulous news"

**********       23 September 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: (Black) man charged with murder after (white) woman found dead in High Point home
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire WHITE VICTIM SEPTEMBER 23, 2021 - HIGH POINT, N.C. — A woman is dead after being assaulted at a High Point home Wednesday. High Point police say around 10:55 p.m., officers responded to a home on the 700 block of Gaines Avenue in reference to a reported assault with a deadly weapon.

Upon arriving, officers found Linda Jean Huntley, 26, dead inside the home. Investigations led officers to a suspect and vehicle description, "which was immediately broadcast to surrounding law enforcement agencies," police say. A short time later, Thomasville Police Department located the vehicle involved with the suspect in close proximity.

The suspect, Michael Anthony Dingle, 29, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, possession of a firearm by a felon, and five counts of malicious conduct by a prisoner. Dingle is being held at the Guilford County Detention Center under no bond.

It is believed that Dingle and Huntley were involved in a (fornicating interracial sexual) "domestic" relationship before this incident, police say. "Anyone with information about violent crime or illegal activity is asked to contact Crime Stoppers of High Point at 336-889-4000," a news release said.

There is a FACEBOOK page for a Linda Huntley (It appears that she may have had a mixed-race child).

(There is a black woman on Facebook that was friends with the victim)

High Point woman killed; police charge man they believe was her boyfriend

Man charged with first-degree murder in death of High Point woman, 26, police say

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Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS


BLACK-ON-WHITE: Video captures brutal BLACK PACK ATTACK along Hollywood Walk of Fame
BLACK SUSPECT BLACK SUSPECT BLACK SUSPECT BLACK SUSPECT LOS ANGELES - Shocking cell phone video captures a brutal attack along the Hollywood Walk of Fame over the weekend. The Los Angeles Police Department responded to a call of an attack around 10 p.m. on Saturday, September 18. According to Los Angeles Police Department, about five males and a female were involved in the attack.

LAPD was told the victim was a tourist and approached another person that he was preaching the wrong thing, prompting a heated argument between the victim and the person who was allegedly preaching in public. Following the argument, a PACK of "people" jumped in and started attacking the victim, who was Caucasian.

The attack is being investigated as an assault with a deadly weapon hate crime, the LAPD told FOX 11. White victim The suspected attackers ran off from the scene.

As of Monday night, no arrests have been announced in the incident. Residents in the area told FOX 11 that random attacks are becoming more common in the Hollywood area.

"I saw someone get shot while walking my dog one time," said Hollywood resident Sam Welder. "I mean right now, it's obviously peaceful but later in the evening things start to change." Anyone with information on Monday's attack was asked to call the LAPD.

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    Murder charge against (Black NIGERIAN) Virginia Tech footballer sent to grand jury (for murder of fake female date)
black suspect A grand jury will hear the case against a suspended Virginia Tech football player arrested this summer and charged with second-degree murder, a Montgomery County District court judge ruled Thursday.

Isimemen David “Isi” Etute, 18, a former star at Cox High School in Virginia Beach, was preparing for his first season at Virginia Tech when he was arrested June 2 and charged in the death of Jerry Paul Smith. Etute was suspended from the football team per athletic department guidelines.

In June, Etute was released on a $75,000 secured bond about a week after his arrest and since then, has been under house arrest and electronic monitoring.

Three Blacksburg police detectives appeared as witnesses at Etute’s preliminary hearing Thursday, providing more details about his May 31 meeting with Smith, the Roanoke Times reported. Among the new details: Etute went to Smith’s apartment with two unidentified friends, but Etute went inside alone for the sole purpose of determining if Smith was a man or a woman.

Detective Ryan Hite testified that Etute told police that he had Smith, whom he knew as “Angie,” bend over a bed “so he could feel around and determine if this was a male or female.” Then, Etute used the light on his phone to illuminate Smith’s face in the dark apartment. When Etute saw facial hair, “he said he just started hitting him,” Hite said, according to the Roanoke newspaper.

During cross-examination Thursday, defense attorney Jimmy Turk asked Hite if he had seen a knife between the mattress and box springs of Smith’s bed on the side adjacent to where Smith’s body was found, the Times reported. Hite replied he had only seen the knife in other officers’ photos of the scene.

According to police statements, Etute was matched up with someone named “Angie” on Tinder and met for a sexual encounter April 10. Etute returned to Smith’s Blacksburg apartment May 31. Etute reportedly told police he beat the victim and “stomped” on him. He left the apartment with the victim on the floor and didn’t call the police.

According to the autopsy, all the bones in Smith’s face were broken, his teeth were missing and he had multiple cranial fractures.

Etute Surname - Most prevalent in NIGERIA


    (Black) Woodbridge man charged in July rape, abduction, police searching for more victims
SUSPECT-NAME WOODBRIDGE, Va. (7News) — A 38-year-old Woodbridge man was charged with rape and abduction after detectives got a positive match on a latent print recovered from a July 21 crime scene. With the help of evidence and a composite sketch, police identified 38-year-old Patrick Michael Chaloupka was arrested at his home Thursday. Chaloupka is being held at Fairfax County Adult Detention Center without bond.

“The meticulous work from our Cyber and Forensics Division detectives can be the difference in these significant cases. Their phenomenal efforts often go unseen in the headlines but always prove to be pivotal in the courtroom. In this case, it brought a dangerous offender into custody," said Fairfax County Police Maj. Ed O’Carroll.

"I want to thank our dedicated detectives from our Sex Crimes Squad who never gave up on this case. We’d also extend our sincere appreciation to the Prince William County Police Department, a Forensic Artist specialist with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office who drafted this near-identical composite sketch of our offender, and the examiners at the Northern Virginia Regional Information System who were instrumental in assisting in the case," O'Carroll continued.

Police believe this suspect may have other victims. They want anyone who may have had contact with him to call their Major Crimes Bureau at 703-246-7800, option 3.

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    ("Predatory" Black) Indianapolis serial rape suspect faces judge, bond set at $500k
SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME SEPTEMBER 20, 2021 Police believe Darrell Goodlow could potentially be linked to at least a half dozen rape cases involving eight victims beginning Aug. 1, 2020 through Sept. 8, 2021.

INDIANAPOLIS — NOTE: 13News is blurring the image of Darrell Goodlow as police have not released his mugshot. Investigators said in the event there are other possible victims that might come forward, they might need to use his mugshot to identify him. The suspect in a series of rapes in Indianapolis from 2020 and 2021 faced a judge Sept. 23. Darrell Goodlow, 37, was ordered to be held on $500,000 bond and had an initial trial date set for January.

Officers used a fingerprint and DNA to identify Goodlow as a suspect, according to court documents. Police believe Goodlow could potentially be linked to at least a half dozen rape cases involving eight victims beginning Aug. 1, 2020 through Sept. 8, 2021. The victims range in age from 58 to 78.

In a news conference Sept. 21, police said Goodlow is facing 57 charges including rape, burglary, kidnapping, strangulation, and killing a domestic animal. In several of the cases, Goodlow allegedly threatened to kill the victims and in one case, court documents show the suspect killed a family's dog. According to court documents, the suspect also tried to portray himself as an IPL worker to gain entry to some of the women's homes.

In each of the cases, officers were able to collect evidence and DNA as the suspect had spent hours in the homes of the victims. It was in the Sept. 8 incident that investigators found a fingerprint on a fan that was moved by the suspect. That print led police to Goodlow. Police then collected a DNA sample from Goodlow, and it matched the suspect in the eight sexual assaults, according to court documents.

Police said the suspects reporting the rapes and providing the information they did helped police catch the suspect. "We acknowledge the bravery and courage of each of the victims in these incidents," said Lawrence Police Chief David Hofmann.

IMPD Deputy Chief Craig McCartt said his department hopes the arrest and charges will allow victims to focus on healing. Almost all of the reported rapes took place on the east side of Indianapolis, with one of the cases happening on the north side. The east side attacks were within a couple miles of where Goodlow lives.

“There is really only one way to describe the alleged actions of the defendant and that is predatory. He planned these attacks and picked out his victims whom he terrorized repeatedly,” said Paul Keenan, FBI Indianapolis Special Agent in Charge. “Because of the courage of the victims who came forward they will prevent other women from becoming victims.” Police are not releasing his mugshot in the event there are other possible victims that might come forward, and it would need to be used to identify him. Goodlow was also arrested in 2017 for a rape, but charges were never filed.

[NNN forum post by Voice of Reason
8 Indianapolis women ages 60 to 78 raped in a year by mandingo posing as utility worker, tree trimmer
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  "The Bobster" reports on crime-ridden New York and Philly
The Bobster
New York City - Racial Demographics - BLACK 13% + Spanic 25% + Asian 11% = 49%

Philadelphia (PA) - Racial Demographics - BLACK 42% + Spanic 12% + Asian 6% = 60%

"The Bobster" reports on crime-ridden New York and Philly - NEW posts 23 Sep 2021 -->

  Christians, religious minorities in MUSLIM Afghanistan now face greater danger under Taliban rule
The highly criticized United States withdrawal from Afghanistan leaves local Christians and many other religious minority groups fearful following the Taliban takeover of the country.

Before the Taliban took control over Afghanistan, the country ranked second on an annual report of countries where Christians face the most extreme persecution released by Open Doors.



  Wisconsin: MUSLIM Afghan evacuees accused of sex acts with a minor and spousal abuse
SEPTEMBER 23, 2021 Afghan refugees at Fort McCoy face federal charges for alleged sex acts with minor and spousal abuse Two evacuees from Afghanistan will face federal charges for crimes allegedly committed at Fort McCoy.

Bahrullah Noori, 20, is charged with attempting to engage in a sexual act with a minor through the use of force. The victim was not yet 16 years old, according to an indictment. Mohammad Haroon Imaad, 32, is charged with assaulting his spouse by strangling and suffocating her. The indictment alleges that the assault occurred on September 7, 2021.

Both men made initial appearances in Madison on September 16 and are being detained at the Dane County Jail. Noori and Imaad are scheduled for arraignment Thursday, September 23.

If convicted, Noori faces a mandatory minimum penalty of 30 years and a maximum of life in federal prison on the charges alleging use of force, and a maximum penalty of 15 years on the other two charges. Imaad faces a maximum penalty of 10 years. These cases are not related, according to a Justice Department news release, which added:

The charges against them are the result of investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Fort McCoy Police Department. Assistant U.S. Attorney Taylor Kraus is handling the Noori prosecution and Assistant U.S. Attorney Zachary Corey is handling the Imaad prosecution.



  MUSLIM Turkey builds a wall to keep out Muslim terrorist Afghan refugees
The U.N. has said that as many as 500,000 more Afghans could flee their country this year alone, but resettlement pledges show many wealthy nations have little appetite to welcome the MUSLIM refugees in large numbers.



    The media ignore black murder victims because they don't want to highlight black perpetrators
(might discourage some brainwashed young white girls from 'dating' a darkie)

    FRAMED Chauvin appeals his conviction for the death of black thug George Floyd from overdose of illegal drugs


    Soros-backed prosecutor's office 'failed' in convicted sex predator's sentencing, judge says/b>
"I want justice for my daughter. I want to fight for her every day," said the mother while fighting back tears. The suspect, who plead guilty in May 2021 to multiple years of severe sexual abuse against two young girls, was sentenced on Sept. 20 to 17 years behind bars. The victim’s family tells FOX they were originally told to expect the suspect would serve potentially up to 30 years behind bars.

Oscar Roberto Zaldivar, 53, is currently in custody at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center.

Conservative activists in Northern Virginia have already launched a recall effort against the lead attorney Steve Descano. Those activists accuse Descano of pushing for being too soft on crime.

    A century after arson decimated its Chinatown, San Jose to apologize for past racism and injustices

    New York governor threatens to replace unvaccinated health care workers with foreigners

  There are ten references to 'conspiracy' in the King James Bible

Apollonian Here are some recent internet news and commentary links posted by Apollonian
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as a "combat-scholar/theologian, part-time exorcist & Christian patriot"

Catching up on some recent posts by Apollonian......

Here is a sample of some of the topics he is following....

NEW posts for 23 Sep 2021 - posted by Guest Columnist Apollonian

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  Hunter Biden wanted $2 million to unfreeze Libyan assets in 2015: Report

  When and why did Drudge go to the Dark Side?

Why Drudge Report went to the dark side - November 15, 2019

Why has Drudge gone Left all of a sudden? - Posted on October 28, 2019

Seriously, WHAT Happened to Matt Drudge?

Call Off The Manhunt: Matt Drudge Not Missing, Just Lost - December 9, 2019

  Tierny REAL News Network Updates - Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....
  • ..people want to talk about the 2020 voter fraud."

    "Literally [America is] going to a Communist country. Between the press and the voting...and now the border. The press, the voting, and the border, all bad. And that's no country."

    "Jails are being opened up all over the world and they are sending prisoners & criminals to our border. The majority are being shipped to Virginia, Minnesota and other places. Nobody knows where they are going. We have no idea who they are. By the way, I think we won Minnesota."

    "When I was in office - we had the lowest numbers in human trafficking & drug trafficking. Now, not only do you see all these people coming but the largest fentanyl shipments are coming in now. Right in to the heartland of America."
  • The Presidential Election of 2020 was Rigged! When the information becomes public, people will see that it wasn’t even close.
  • Now BLM is going to start rioting, burning and looting over the vaccine - just as audits come out.
  • It's only been two weeks and the 3rd world refugees are already raping children in Wisconsin. America will turn into the UK & Sweden. The new rape capital of the Western world. Exciting!

**********       22 September 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: ‘One of our very best’ | Fallen Houston police officer Bill Jeffrey remembered as ‘a great man’
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire WHITE VICTIM Senior Officer Bill Jeffrey SEPTEMBER 20, 2021 HOUSTON — We’ve learned more about the Houston police officer who died in the line of duty Monday morning, and about the second officer who was critically wounded.

HPD Senior Officer Bill Jeffrey and Sgt. Michael Vance were shot while serving a narcotics-related arrest warrant with the Major Offenders Fugitive Squad in the 5300 block of Aeropark.

William ‘Bill’ Jeffrey

Senior Officer Bill Jeffrey, 54, was shot multiple times and pronounced dead at Memorial Hermann Hospital, according to Finner. Jeffrey joined HPD in 1990 and served more than three decades.

He and his wife Suzanne, who retired from HPD in December 2020, have one child and were building their dream home, Finner said. “Mayor, the City of Houston lost the very best. The very best,” she told Turner. Finner agreed, saying he’d known Jeffrey his entire career.

"He's a great man, a great family man," Finner said. "Every police officer is special. Every first responder is special. But, like his wife said, he’s one of our very best." The mayor, police chief and a large group of law enforcement officers gathered to pray with Jeffrey’s family inside the hospital.

A few hours after the shooting, a procession escorted the fallen officer to the Harris County Medical Examiner's Office. Fellow officers lined up to salute as Jeffrey’s flag-draped casket was removed from the hearse. Finner said HPD and the City of Houston will be celebrating and honoring Jeffrey throughout the week. All of our first responders are special. Officer William “Bill” Jeffrey was the best of the best. He left a legacy with HPD that will never be forgotten. We ask for prayers for his wife, daughter and entire family. Also, please pray for Sgt Michael Vance and his family. It is with heavy hearts that we confirm the death of Senior Police Officer William "Bill" Jeffrey. — Troy Finner (@TroyFinner) September 20, 2021

Sgt. Michael Wiley Vance

Sgt. Michael Vance, who was working undercover, was shot after Ledet's girlfriend opened the door of their apartment, Finner said. Vance is expected to survive, according to Chief Finner. Sgt. Vance, a married father of two, joined HPD in 1997.

Vance and Jeffrey were with the Major Offenders Division, made up of experienced, highly-skilled officers from multiple law enforcement agencies. The criminals they target often have a history of violence.

“It's another reminder that police work is inherently dangerous,” Turner said. The mayor and police chief asked for prayers for both families and for HPD. “I want the whole city to step up and just pray. Pray for the family. Pray for our police department,” Finner said.

Who is Deon Ledet? Man accused of killing HPD Officer William 'Bill' Jeffrey
HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- We're learning that the man who authorities say shot two Houston police officers, one of them fatally, as they served a felony warrant is no stranger to the law. Deon Ledet, 30, died when police fired back at him Monday morning. Ledet was being served a narcotics arrest warrant at his apartment complex in northeast Harris County.

[NNN forum thread posted by Voice of Reason:]  2 Houston cops shot: the WM, 54 fatally while serving warrant on the negro
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    BLACK-ON-WHITE: LAPD seeks help finding suspect who allegedly ran over, severely injured pedestrian while fleeing downtown L.A. in stolen truck
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire WHITE VICTIM Police are searching for a man suspected of running over and injuring a pedestrian while fleeing downtown Los Angeles with a stolen vehicle earlier this year, officials said Tuesday. The hit-and-run collision happened around 8:35 p.m. Feb. 20, after a man stole a 2001 Toyota Tundra from the area of Seventh and Figueroa streets and was driving away from the scene, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. The pickup truck ran over the pedestrian, who was was crossing the street at the intersection.

The driver kept going, not stopping to render aid to the badly injured woman, LAPD officials said. He later ditched the truck a short distance away in the area of Bixel and Ingraham streets. Paramedics responded to the scene of the collision and took the woman to a hospital, where she was admitted with severe injuries.

She has since been discharged from the hospital, but still faces a long road to recovery, police said. LAPD shared photos of the victim in her hospital bed, where she was lying with a broken arm and visible injuries to her face. Using DNA evidence left in the truck, detectives identified the driver as 30-year-old Tajon Wright Freeman, according to LAPD.

Police said DNA evidence also tied Freeman to a felony vandalism case reported in the West Los Angeles area. Freeman now faces charges of grand theft auto, felony hit-and-run and felony vandalism, authorities said. On Aug. 20, two felony warrants were issued for his arrest.

But detectives have not been able to find Freeman. LAPD put out a bulletin with photos of the suspect Tuesday, in hopes that members of the public will lead police to his whereabouts.

They warned that Freeman is considered to be armed and dangerous. “Do not approach him if seen,” LAPD said. Police described Freeman as as being 5 feet, 11 inches tall, weighing about 150 pounds with tattoos on his chest, arms and neck. Police said the suspect is homeless and is known to frequent MacArthur Park and the Metro Redline system.

[NNN forum thread posted by voiceofreason:]  Niggers And Cars Don't Mix
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    Police arrest (Black) suspect connected to murder after chase with Border Patrol
black suspect WHY, Ariz. — Police have arrested one person in connection to the investigation of a man who was shot and killed on Aug. 7, the Phoenix Police Department said. On Wednesday, officers arrested 24-year-old Simeon Busano on one count of first-degree murder and one count of robbery as police believe he is the main suspect.

The victim, a 30-year-old man, was able to describe to officers what happened before he died from his injuries, police said. The victim said he was attacked and robbed by two men wearing masks who then shot him near the intersection of north 9th Street and east Grovers Avenue on Aug. 7. Witnesses also told officers the suspects left in a silver Kia Soul and that one of them was wearing a black book bag, the department said.

Busano, who was identified as one of the suspects, led Border Patrol on a chase in Why, Arizona nearly two weeks after the shooting, police said. Busano drove a Kia Soul until its tires deflated. He then was apprehended by officers as he tried to continue running on foot. Officers said they found the black book bag described by witnesses on Busano, the department said. The book back had a handgun, a cell phone, a small scale and two black gloves inside.

Police said Busano eventually confessed to the shooting during interrogations. Officers have not said whether they have a lead on the second suspect from the shooting.

[NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:]  BLACK Suspect arrested after man shot in car during north Phoenix robbery
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    (Black) Man Nabbed For Stabbing Of CT Postal Worker, Police Say
black suspect A Connecticut man has been arrested for allegedly stabbing a US postal worker. The attack took place around 1:45 p.m., Monday, Sept. 20, in Hartford in the area of 78 West Morning St., near the Bloomfield line, police said.

According to Lt. Aaron Boisvert, of the Hartford Police, when officers arrived on the scene, they found the victim, a male in his 50s, who was transported to an area hospital for treatment. While canvassing the area, a suspect, identified as Malique Jackson, age 21, of Hartford, was located by a West Hartford K-9 Officer, who responded to assist, Boisvert said.

As a result of the investigation, probable cause was established and Jackson was arrested. Police said Tuesday, Sept. 21, they still don’t know the motive for the stabbing.

Jackson was charged with: Assault, Carrying a dangerous weapon and Breach of peace.

[NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:]  BLACK Man Nabbed For Stabbing Of CT Postal Worker, Police Say
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    "AFFIRMATIVE ACTION has led to the ill-considered hiring of black men to coach young high school girls"
Like using a wolf to herd your sheep

(Black) Miami-Dade high school coach who was accused of raping 16-year-old girl bonds out of jail
SUSPECT-NAME MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A man who worked as a security guard and an assistant football coach for Miami-Dade County Public Schools was arrested Monday on a charge of sexual battery on a minor by an adult. He was released on bond on Tuesday. Dominic Alganon Johnson, 36, was taken into custody at Miami Carol City Senior High School in Miami Gardens. A county schools spokeswoman said Johnson has been employed by the district for 11 years, most recently at Carol City High, and that they have already taken steps to terminate him.

According to his arrest report, Johnson texted the 16-year-old victim on Sunday and told her that he had a gift for her at his home. Police said the teen went to Johnson’s house, and while there asked if she could use the restroom. The victim told police that while she was washing her hands in the bathroom, Johnson came inside and began to rub her buttocks over her clothing with his hands.

According to the arrest report, Johnson then “placed his hands inside the front of his pants and began to move in a back and forth motion.” Police said Johnson told the teen he was going to get a condom and the victim told him, “no,” and tried to leave the bathroom.

According to authorities, Johnson told the teen to be quiet, and then went to get the condom and raped her. Police said Johnson denied the accusations against him.

He posted a $25,000 bond Tuesday and has been released from jail. He was ordered by a judge to stay away from the victim.

[NNN forum post by voiceofreason]  Miami-Dade high school coach, Jigro Johnson, rapes 16-year-old girl
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    SPD arrest black man after violent assault of woman in downtown Spokane
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim SPOKANE, Wash. -- Spokane Police say they have arrested a man and charged him with a First Degree Assault for viciously attacking a woman on Jefferson and 2nd street in Spokane on Tuesday.

The suspect, 24-year-old Martay Ellis, was arrested shortly after the assault occurred. On Tuesday afternoon, officers responded to reports of a woman who was assaulted on W 2nd Ave and S Jefferson St. When they arrived they saw that the woman was lying on the ground, severely beaten and unconscious.

Medical crews provided support until the woman was transported to the hospital to be treated for her injuries. Officers spoke with several witnesses and obtained security footage to understand the incident in greater detail. The Spokane Police Department Technical Assistance Response Unit, officers specially trained in the processing and recovery of digital evidence, responded and helped retrieve needed data.

Video footage showed "a particularly despicable" which included the suspect forcefully kicking and stomping on the woman's head, despite her lying motionless on the ground. SPD immediately began working to find the suspect. Later that afternoon, SPD located Ellis and took him into custody without incident. He was booked into Spokane County Jail and charged with First Degree Assault, a class A felony.

Ellis is a 5-time convicted felon with priors that include felony assault and robbery. The victim of the assault remains in the hospital in critical condition. SPD addressed the violent nature of the crime in a press release saying, "this incident was particularly shocking due the brutality and it occurring in broad daylight downtown. Violence of this nature has no place in our community. SPD will dedicate the necessary time and resources to arrest violent offenders. SPD is thankful to witnesses who both provided valuable information, and attempted to chase the suspect as he fled. The safety of our community depends on an involved and caring citizenry."

[NNN forum thread posted by voiceofreason:]  Woman critical after her head stomped in Spokane, WA by a chimp
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Should be deported to Monkey Island
Monkey Island

    (Black) Suspected serial rapist made costly social media mistake that led to his arrest, Houston police say
SUSPECT-NAME Morris Holton III -- also known as “Carlos" -- faces multiple charges of aggravated sexual assault, aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery.

HOUSTON — Houston police released disturbing details Tuesday about the investigation that led them to suspected serial rapist Morris Mack Holton III. He's charged in four cases, but investigators believe there could be more victims, according to Detective J.E. Garza with HPD’s Special Victims Division.

In court documents, Holton is described as a violent, sadistic predator who has attacked at least three women and an underage girl since he was released from prison earlier this year. Holton was arrested on June 4 by Fort Bend deputies, DPS and US Marshals after leaving a meeting with his parole officer. Garza said they were surprised to find the underage girl, a reported runaway, inside his black Cadillac.

Holton, 36, is charged with sexual assault of a child, child trafficking, three counts of aggravated sexual assault, two counts of aggravated robbery and one count of aggravated kidnapping.

[NNN forum post by Arheel's Uncle:]  BLACK: Houston police arrest suspected serial rapist; urge other possible victims to come forward
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  The Bobster reports on crime-ridden New York and Philly
The Bobster
New York City - Racial Demographics - BLACK 13% + Spanic 25% + Asian 11% = 49%

Philadelphia (PA) - Racial Demographics - BLACK 42% + Spanic 12% + Asian 6% = 60%

"Shake, shake, shake... shake, shake, shake, shake that niglet" Death of 1-month-old boy in New York City home ruled homicide

Man with gun in fanny pack, two others wanted for NYC robbery spree

Fanny pack bandits
The gun-toting suspect is seen in surveillance footage with the fanny pack across his chest. He is about 30 years old with a medium complexion and heavy build, shown wearing a red and white jacket with a NASA logo on the left breast and light-colored blue jeans.

Another suspect is described as about 20 years old, with a light complexion and slim build, last seen wearing a black du-rag and a black hoodie.

The third man is around 30 years old, with a dark complexion and medium build, with black hair in dreadlocks.

Hispanic Murder suspect released under NY’s parole reform law, re-arrested hours later

Joseph Rivera is now back in jail on a murder charge in connection to a deadly hatchet attack in July, but he was released just hours before being re-arrested, as part of a new state law.

The parolee was identified as a possible suspect in Majors’ grisly murder later that month and was picked up by cops on July 21 for alleged violations of his parole conditions.

Man who fired at NYPD cop wife, other officers charged with attempted murder
SUSPECT The enraged man who opened fire at his off-duty NYPD cop wife and other officers, sparking a gunfight last week in Queens, has been charged with attempted murder, prosecutors said.

Marco Mosquera, 43, was indicted by a Queens grand jury and arraigned in Supreme Court on attempted murder, kidnapping and other charges for allegedly using his wife’s two service weapons to fire at her and officers on Sept. 14, the Queens District Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

The cop — who works at the 101st Precinct — called authorities around 9 a.m. Sept. 14 when her irate husband began “breaking everything in the house” at 130th Street and 133rd Avenue in Wakefield and grabbed her guns, according to audio of the 911 call.

“Put my f–king guns down, dummy. Please send the cops,” the woman told the dispatcher as the husband yelled in the background, “You cheated on me,” according to the 911 call obtained by The Post. The woman told her crazed husband that his actions would make the situation worse, according to prosecutors.

Carmine’s releases new footage of attack on staff amid BLM protests targeting eatery.

Black Lives Matter protesters marched on famed New York diner Carmine’s late Monday — as the owner released new footage of the wild attack on his staff that he insisted had nothing to do with racism. “Cancel Carmine’s!” chanted the large group, many wearing “Black Lives Matter New York” T-shirts, as they descended on the famed Upper West Side eatery late Monday.

Woman sexually assaulted in NYC park, nephew comes to the rescue
Cops released surveillance footage of the (negroid) suspect, who is described as about 6 feet 2 and 150 pounds with a dark complexion, thin build and short, close-cut dark hair. He was last seen wearing a gray du-rag, dark shirt, pants and sneakers, police said.

Democrats wants to let non-citizens vote in NYC
A far-left Democratic pol wants to give non-US citizens the right to vote in New York City — and if you don’t like it, he says, you can move.

The bill by Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez(D-Washington Heights) seeks to supersede state law and give green card and work visa holders the right to vote in local elections.

“This is not about a favor, this is about taxation without representation,” Rodriguez — who came to the Big Apple from the Dominican Republican at age 18 and has been a staunch supporter of expanded "rights" for illegal immigrants — claimed during Monday’s hearing on the measure.

Female Teachers Accused Of Having Sex With Male Students NJ high school arts teacher Christine Knudsen (with chest tattoos) accused of sexually assaulting student

(Negroid) Man gropes woman working at Upper East Side ice cream shop

Camden Men, Paul Rodgers & Kamau Bradshaw, Charged For Allegedly Robbing 2 South Jersey Gas Stations


Haitian migrants seeking asylum receive help in Arizona
invasion invasion invasion invasion Some of the 15,000 Haitian migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border are getting help from an aid shelter in Tucson.

The number of Haitian migrants camping under a bridge at the Texas-Mexico border waiting to seek asylum has slowly decreased as some have returned to Mexico, been deported in planes, or been allowed to stay in the U.S and continue their immigration proceedings.

Tucson’s Casa Alitas, an aid shelter for migrants, began to receive Haitian families after they were processed by agents.

“I know that they are being directed to sponsors in Tucson [to] families willing to take them in,” said Anna Ducote, head coordinator at Salvavisión, a non-profit that aids and supports asylum seekers in Tucson and Sasabe, Sonora, Mexico.

Ducote said they have not helped any Haitian migrant families at their Sonoran help center, but they do work closely with Casa Alitas and the International Rescue Committee, which usually receives and houses families seeking asylum in Phoenix.

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  There are ten references to 'conspiracy' in the King James Bible

Apollonian Here are some recent internet news and commentary links posted by Apollonian
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Soon under Basket case Benedict Biden & company.....

Press 1 for Undocumented Worker voting Democrat-socialist
Press 2 for Haitian refugee immigration legal help
Press 3 for Afghanistan refugee free government hand-outs
Press 4 for Muslim tourist finding materials for IED or IUD
Press 5 for Chinese spy that speaks Mandarin
Press 6 for LGBTQ refugee from Muslim Sharia Law
Press 7 for TRANSGENDERED 'person' needing emergency hormone injection
Press 8 for Ex-NFL player applying for job as coach for HS girls basketball
Press 9 for Neo-nazi White Supremacist wishing to report to reeducation camp

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planet of the apes

The arsenal of Democracy - Superhero Guardians of the Free World! From the Halls of Montezuma Mexican Aztec human sacrifice to the Shores of Kabul, Afghanistan - braving scary "ISIS-klm('Kill-em sect)" to export thousands of not too deep cover Muslim Jihadists getting a free airlift to the HEARTLAND OF THE 'GREAT SATAN' thanks to brother in the faith Biden who submitted to Allah through the mentoring of Obama....

Ref: Joe Biden's use of (Muslim phrase) 'Inshallah' to mock Trump raises eyebrows
"The use of one of the most ubiquitous phrases in Arabic by gaffe-prone Biden, 77, a Roman Catholic, raised eyebrows in the Mideast and migrant communities, with many debating the contextual meaning of the phrase."

so get it while you can.... before it's CANCELLED by the intolerant ANTI-FREESPEECH, ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI-WHITE, ANTI-GOD,
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sheeple with masks Psycho-crazed-queer-blm-crowd

Well, you probably already have a good idea how 'UNITED WE STOOD' and DIVERSIFIED we fell

bible Amos 5:13 Therefore the prudent shall keep silence in that time; for it is an evil time.

    Thousands of Haitian migrants at southern border are being released into US: report






Many Haitian migrants in Texas border town of Del Rio being released into U.S.: AP
invasion invasion invasion invasion BLACK HAITIANS Del Rio, Texas — Many Haitian migrants camped in a small Texas border town are being released in the United States, two U.S. officials said, undercutting the Biden administration's (LYING) public statements that the thousands in the camp faced immediate expulsion.

Haitians have been freed on a "very, very large scale" in recent days, according to one U.S. official who put the figure in the thousands. The official, with direct knowledge of operations, was not authorized to discuss the matter Tuesday and thus spoke on condition of anonymity.

Many have been released with notices to appear at an immigration office within 60 days, an outcome that requires less processing time from Border Patrol agents than ordering an appearance in immigration court and points to the speed at which authorities are moving, the official said.

    Angry scenes at Haiti airport as deported migrants arrive
African Angry scenes broke out at Haiti's main airport after migrants were deported to the country from the US. On Tuesday, migrants at the airport in Port-au-Prince rushed back towards the plane they had arrived on, while others threw shoes at the jet.

Last weekend, the US started flying out migrants from a Texas border town which has seen an influx in recent weeks. About 13,000 would-be immigrants have gathered under a bridge connecting Del Rio in Texas to Ciudad Acuña in Mexico.

Chaos unfolded at Toussaint Louverture airport as one man attempted to re-board the aircraft. The plane's crew rushed to close the jet's doors in time, Reuters news agency reports. Video footage taken a the airport shows people scrambling for their personal belongings after their bags were dumped out of the plane.

There are reports that some migrants were not told they would be returning to Haiti. According to a statement from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), there were two separate incidents at the airport on Tuesday. A source told NBC News that the pilots on board one of the flights was assaulted on arrival in Haiti and three US immigration officers were also injured.

    While THOUSANDS of Black criminal illegal aliens from HAITI
When America Was Female

A handful of Black Americans are leaving the U.S. to return to Mother AFRICA in Ghana

African African African Accra, Ghana — In 2019, Ghana's president invited African descendants in the diaspora to mark the "Year of Return," commemorating 400 years since the first Africans arrived in the colony now known as Virginia on a slave ship. The invite prompted record tourism to Ghana, and an increase in Americans who applied for visas to stay.

    Black "snapped," killed 4, then left bodies in field
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM ST. PAUL, Minn. -- An Arizona man who allegedly told his father he “snapped and shot a couple of people" was charged Tuesday with murder, about a week after four bodies were found in an abandoned SUV in western Wisconsin, according to a criminal complaint.

Antoine Suggs, 38, of Scottsdale, Arizona, faces four counts of second-degree intentional murder, without premeditation. Suggs turned himself in to Gilbert, Arizona, police last week after investigators announced he was wanted for questioning. Prosecutors said he remains jailed in Arizona, awaiting extradition to Minnesota.

Suggs' father, 56-year-old Darren McWright, who also goes by the last name Osborne, has been charged in Wisconsin with four counts of hiding a corpse. The Minnesota complaint against Suggs does not name McWright as Suggs' father, but comparing the details with the charges out of Wisconsin shows the two men are father and son. The Ramsey County Attorney's Office says it is reviewing the case against McWright.

The bodies of Matthew Pettus, 26, his half-sister Jasmine Sturm, 30, and Sturm’s boyfriend, 35-year-old Loyace Foreman III, all of St. Paul; and 30-year-old Nitosha Flug-Presley, of Stillwater, Minnesota, a close friend of Sturm, were found by a farmer in a cornfield on Sept. 12 just outside of the Town of Sheridan in Dunn County, Wisconsin, roughly 60 miles (97 kilometers) east of St. Paul.

Authorities said all four had gunshot wounds to the head. Nitosha Flug-Presley, who was in the front passenger seat, had been shot in the mouth, Pettus had two gunshot wounds to the back of his head, Foreman had a gunshot wound to the face and another gunshot wound to the top of the head, and Sturm had a gunshot wound to the left cheek, the complaint said.

    Plea Deal for fatal shooting in Dalton, Georgia
black suspect DALTON, Georgia (WDEF) – There was no doubt that Devon Raphael Wheeler fired the gun that killed Rashad Goldston. But just how guilty was he? Wheeler entered a guilty plea on Friday to Voluntary Manslaughter and Aggravated Assault, instead of murder. Prosecutors admitted the circumstances may have made it hard to convince a jury he was guilty of a murder charge.

In started back in April with a fight outside The Oyster Pub & Grill at the Outlet Mall in Dalton. Wheeler and another man “took it outside.” Wheeler punched Andy Johnson once, almost knocking him out. Then again as others tried to help him up.

That’s when Johnson’s cousin entered the story. Rashad Goldston pulled his vehicle up to the scene to get his cousin out of there. But he pulled a gun and brandished it at Wheeler and the crowd.

But Wheeler pulled a gun of his own, so Goldston tried to drive away. Prosecutors say Wheeler went after him and fired several shots at him. One of those shots went into the vehicle and hit Goldston in the back. The vehicle wrecked and Goldston died.

Wheeler fled the scene but was captured and arrested two days later in Marietta. The legal question was whether he acted in self defense, since Goldston produced a weapon first. Prosecutors believe “While Wheeler was clearly the primary aggressor, and neither his assault on Johnson nor his shooting of Goldston were justified, Goldston’s actions did escalate the confrontation leading to his own death. ” They thought a jury might see it differently.

So they plead the charges to Voluntary Manslaughter, Aggravated Assault, Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Crime and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon. Wheeler has prior convictions in Hamilton county for cocaine possession and theft. Under the deal, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the manslaughter and 30 years of probation for the rest.

    (Black) Virginia Soul Singer Fatally Shot; Son Charged With Murder
black suspect black suspect SEPTEMBER 20, 2021 A Virginia woman known for her powerful singing voice was found fatally shot outside her home early Friday in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, and her own son is charged in her murder. Latoya Acreewas found in the driveway of her home on Pondoley Drive, the county sheriff’s office said. She was 41 and sang in the band True Soul, which performs in the D.C. area and beyond.

“She was really, really happy,” her bandmate Caesar Roy said Monday. “Seemed like things were just turning around for her, and this happened.” True Soul had been preparing for a show this Saturday to raise awareness about domestic violence. Now they’ll dedicate their performance to her memory.

Acree’s son, 21-year-old Elijah D. Smith, was taken into custody and charged with second-degree murder. They found Acree in the driveway with a gunshot wound to her upper body. Medics tried unsuccessfully to save her life.

Smith was identified as a suspect and found at a hotel in nearby Four Mile Fork. A preliminary investigation revealed “there was a domestic argument that occurred before the shooting between the mother and son,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement. No additional information was immediately released.

Roy said he had just seen Acree hours earlier and couldn’t believe the news. "Obviously God had a better plan, a bigger plan, for her to sing in,” he said.

Smith was held without bond at the Rappahannock Regional Jail. He had recently been released from jail on bond, awaiting trial on an assault and battery charge. That charge was not domestic in nature, the sheriff’s office said.

    HISPANIC Man convicted of killing tow truck driver over $300 fee
victim name SEPTEMBER 21, 2021 Paul Dakan, 36, died after he was shot in the head at a Denver impound lot in 2019.

DENVER — A Denver jury on Friday convicted a man of first-degree murder for killing a man to avoid paying a $300 fee after his car was impounded, the Denver District Attorney's office announced.

The verdict came down late Friday after about eight hours of deliberations and also included a guilty verdict on an additional charge of second-degree murder against Victor Arenas-Foote.

Paul Dakan, 36, was killed in the morning hours of Dec. 15, 2019, while working in the impound lot of Elite Towing and Recovery near East 48th Avenue and Washington Street.

Arenas-Foote was accused of shooting Dakan in the head and leaving with his car that had been impounded. Dakan was taken to the hospital but ultimately died from his injuries that same day.

About 20 minutes after the shooting, deputies in Adams County located Arenas-Foote's vehicle near Northglenn Drive and Grant Street. They also recovered a .38 caliber semi-automatic handgun. Arenas-Foote is set to be sentenced on Nov. 12.



    Teacher being 'lynched' by black supremacist antiwhite mob
because she did not erase the names of two 'frustrated' black students from BLACKboard!
Accused grovels before woke mob - begs not to be condemned to life as jobless, homeless racist

South Carolina teacher criticizes 'hurt feelings' of non-white students, they demand his removal
Dozens of theater students at Coastal Carolina University are protested attending classes and are calling for a professor’s removal from the school over "racially insensitive" comments.

"Non-white students' names were written on a board and categorized by their specific race," theater student Kelis Herriot said of the incident at the university, explaining the lack of context concerned other students when they saw the names on the board, according to WPDE.

"We are calling for his suspension and a case to be brought against him for removal from the institution," Herriott said.
Both Earnest and Finque have apologized....

  Tierny REAL News Network Updates - Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....

[QUOTE from Tierney's Real News email Newsletter]

"Hi all - Lots of exciting news to report. The great awakening is in full force. Peg"

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Teenigga pleads guilty to second-degree murder in death of young (White) Barnard College co-ed Tessa Majors
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire WHITE VICTIM SEPTEMBER 21, 2021 One of the teenagers accused of killing Barnard College student Tessa Majors in 2019 pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and first-degree robbery, CBS New York reports. Luchiano Lewis, now 16, faced a judge Tuesday and was charged as an adult.

Majors, 18, was killed in New York City's Morningside Park on December 11 after she was stabbed to death during an attempted robbery. Prosecutors accused three teens of participating in the robbery that led to her death.

In a statement he read in court Tuesday, Lewis said that using a knife during the mugging was "not part of our plan," CBS New York reported. He said he saw classmate Rashaun Weaver kick her in the back and yell, "Give me your money!" before both fell to the ground, where they fought before he saw a witness and told the boys to leave.

He also said he didn't know she had been stabbed by Weaver until he saw feathers come out of her jacket, and didn't know she had died until he saw news reports the following day, according to CBS New York.

Weaver has pleaded not guilty to the charges. His attorney spoke after Lewis' hearing to remind onlookers of the boys' young age at the time of Majors' death. "This was not a premeditated murder, as we heard inside," the attorney said, according to CBS New York. "This is a 14- and a 13-year-old boy and we should all remember that."

Yes, remember that these two killers had already reached their maximum intelligence of perhaps 90% of a normal human being. Remember that these two young negroids almost certainly never knew their biological father. Remember that they had been conditioned to not participate in public education because of peer pressure and brainwashing and had already decided that to STEAL and to KILL was the only way they could 'make a living'.


A third ('black') teen involved in the shooting was sentenced last year after pleading guilty to robbery in the first degree. In a statement to CBS New York after the hearing, Majors' family said it had been made aware of the second guilty plea. "We remain resolute in our belief that all parties who bear responsibility for Tess's senseless death will be held accountable, and we are deeply grateful to the many people who continue to pursue that goal," the family said.


**********       20 September 2021       **********

    (Black) Armed murder suspect taken into custody after brief struggle
black suspect STAMFORD — A man wanted on a murder charge was taken into custody after a brief struggle between him, a city police officer and an MTA agent, according to police. City police had been on the lookout for Ernest Rosario, 20, of Harlem, N.Y., since an arrest warrant on a murder charge stemming from a December 2020 shooting was granted by a judge earlier this month.

Stamford Police Capt. Richard Conklin said Rosario was identified as the key suspect in the slaying of 49-year-old Jeffrey Vanech, a Stamford resident who was fatally shot multiple times as he sat inside his vehicle at the corner of Henry Street and Cedar Street on Dec. 7 last year after a “lengthy and complicated investigation.”

Conklin said patrol officer Timothy Speer observed an individual fitting Rosario’s description “acting suspiciously” in the area of the Stamford Train Station.

Conklin said Speer approached the man and asked him for identification. At first, Conklin said the man provided Speer with what was later confirmed as fake ID, but when Speer attempted to detain him, the man allegedly began trying to swallow what appeared to be crack cocaine that he had in his possession. As a result, the two briefly wrestled until a nearby MTA officer came to Speer’s aid, Conklin said.

The man, who was later identified as Rosario, was in possession of a loaded 9-mm handgun with an illegal high-capacity magazine and a “large amount” of crack cocaine at the time, Conklin said. “It was a very dangerous situation where you had a murder suspect with a loaded weapon,” Conklin said. “This was an excellent arrest by Officer Speer, who was out there by himself. This is a good example of proactive police work.”

Rosario was charged with murder, as well as charges of carrying a firearm without a permit, possession of a high-capacity magazine, interfering with police, possession of narcotics, possession of narcotics with intent to sell and operating a drug factory for the Thursday incident.

OBITUARY FOR (WHITE) VICTIM - Jeffrey Vanech - 1971 - 2020
Jeffrey Alexander Vanech, 49, a lifetime resident of Stamford passed away on December 7th, 2020. Jeffrey was born on February 11, 1971, in Stamford, CT, to Patricia Ann Strazza Vanech and the late Alexander "Sandy" Vanech.

Jeff Vanech. A brother, uncle, son, and friend. Jeff had the biggest heart, eagerly willing to help anyone in need with a fervency that would make your head spin. Not only did he get the job done, but he took great pride in his work. As much as he loved to crack jokes, he equally loved to be the butt of it as well.


    Feds: Trial of alleged Four Corner Hustlers chief Labar Spann to reveal ‘world of murder, extortion’
black suspect Federal prosecutors warned jurors they’d soon learn about “the world of murder, extortion and drug dealing” on Chicago’s West Side as the lengthy racketeering trial of an alleged street gang leader kicked off in earnest Monday. However, a defense attorney for purported Four Corner Hustlers chief Labar “Bro Man” Spann said it’s also a world where people “will say anything and do anything to save their own hides … they will lie, cheat and steal to cut a deal.”

And, he said, “lying about Labar Spann is part of that game.”

“You’ll find that Labar Spann is not guilty of racketeering,” defense attorney Matthew McQuaid told the jury during opening statements. “He is not the member of any enterprise.”

A short time later, prosecutors called their first witness in a long-awaited trial expected to last months at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse. It comes four years after a sweeping racketeering indictment connected Spann to six murders, including the June 2003 slaying of Latin Kings boss Rudy “Kato” Rangel. His death inspired the tribute titled “A ‘Yo Kato” by rapper DMX.

    Stamford murder case will go to jury trial: 'These testimonies line up,' judge says
black suspect STAMFORD — The case against a 21-year-old Stamford man accused of murder will go to a jury trial, after a judge found probable cause Monday morning. “A lot of these testimonies line up with one another,” said Judge Gary White, after two days of witnesses being called to the stand.

The state’s key witness testified Monday, placing two men at the scene of the crime. She told prosecutors that she picked up two friends — Isaias Delacruz and Jonathan Montero-Delossantos — on a night in September and drove them to a location near RPM Raceway. Her female friend, who testified last Thursday, was also inside the car, sitting in the passenger seat.

Delacruz faces charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder and carrying a pistol without a permit. Montero-Delossantos, who goes by the nickname “John Gotti,”after the famed New York City mobster, was also charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder. His attorney waived his client’s right to a hearing of probable cause.

    (Man killed, woman, child wounded in Wilson shooting
black suspect WILSON, N.C. — A man was killed late Sunday, and a woman and a child were wounded in a shooting in Wilson, police said. Officers responded to a Family Dollar store on Hines Street shortly before 11 p.m. regarding a report of people in a car outside who had been wounded.

Raekwon Shonte Rodgers, 24, and Kiara Janay Faison, 26, both of Wilson, were taken to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, where Rodgers died. Faison was treated at the hospital and released. A 3-year-old child in the car suffered a graze wound from a bullet and was treated at Wilson Medical Center.

Investigators determined the shooting occurred in the 700 block of Lane Street and that Christopher Dale Pender Jr. was the gunman. No details have been released regarding a motive in the shooting or what evidence connects Pender to the crime. Pender, 28, of Wilson, was charged with first-degree murder, two counts of attempted first-degree murder, two counts of discharging a weapon into an occupied vehicle and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury. He was being held without bond in the Wilson County jail.

    (Black) Opelika dad charged with murder after 2-month-old dies from head trauma
black suspect OPELIKA, Ala. (WTVM) - An Opelika father is being charged with murder after his 2-month-old child died from head trauma. On September 17, the Opelika Police Department held a press conference in regards to the murder of a 2-month-old child. They stated that on Tuesday, September 14, at approximately 11:40 a.m., Opelika police responded to East Alabama Medical Center in reference to a dead child.

Upon arrival, officers discovered that the 2-month-old child was brought into the emergency room by her father at 11 a.m. that day. Medical staff tried to save the child, but were unable to revive her. Detectives began a death investigation which resulted in the child’s father becoming a suspect.

On September 16, 19-year-old Demarcus Smith was arrested and charged with murder. Lee County Coroner Bill Harris identified the 2-month-old victim as Maliyah Stormi Smith. Demarcus Smith is currently being held at the Lee County Detention Facility.

    (Black) Woman accused of assaulting 11-year-old on Jefferson Co. school bus
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - Authorities say a Jefferson County mom boarded a school bus and got into an altercation with an 11-year-old. Nannatt Waldrop is charged with 3rd degree assault, trespassing on a school bus and disorderly conduct.

The incident happened around 7:18 a.m. on Tuesday in the 1800 block of Martinique Drive in Center Point. Authorities say Waldrop confronted the student whom she suspected of bullying her child.

Dr. Walter Gonsoulin, Superintendent of Jefferson County Schools, released the following statement: “We are aware of the video circulating on social media of a fight that occurred on one of our school buses Tuesday morning. I want to be very clear: this type of behavior is unacceptable and it will not be tolerated.

While we are reviewing the specifics about what led up to this situation, adults who are not school employees are not allowed on school buses. We reported the adult individual who boarded the bus to authorities, and she has since been arrested and is facing criminal charges. While this is now a law enforcement matter, let me just say what I saw on that video deeply disturbs me. At no point is any type of violence acceptable, especially violence against students. We have been and will continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement.”

    A (black) suspect has been arrested in Florida for the Kidnapping of 18-year-old Hispanic-latina woman
SUSPECT-NAME According to the Mobile Police department Morris Linson Jr., 34, was identified as a suspect. Morris was located and interviewed by Mobile Police Department detectives in Escambia County, FL.

Morris Linson Jr. was arrested for Kidnapping 2nd Degree and taken to the Escambia County Jail pending extradition. According to Mobile Police Department additional charges may be added at a later date as the investigation continues.
Mobile Chief of Staff James Barber says the disappearance of missing 18-year-old Raina Tapia from a local bar this morning is being investigated as a possible kidnapping. Officers with the Mobile Police Department were dispatched to a missing person report at 7790 Tanner Road, Troubadours Country Saloon. Through the course of the investigation, detectives determined the victim was taken from the location by an unknown male at approximately 3:30 a.m.

Raina Tapia was found later in the morning on the University of South Alabama campus and is currently in the hospital. When found Raina told police she does not remember what happened. We are told that the police are currently interviewing several witnesses in this case and investigating whether the teen was raped or assaulted.

(Black) Man faces kidnapping charges in case of missing (Latina) teen

[NNN forum post by voiceofreason] 
WF, 18 kidnapped leaving Mobile, AL bar by a negro
Forum poster

    raping a 76-year-old woman - old enough to be his Grandmother

(Black) Man sentenced to 25 years for raping elderly woman at McDonough senior home
SUSPECT-NAME MCDONOUGH, Ga. - A McDonough man has been sentenced to 25 years in prison and probation after pleading guilty to raping a 76-year-old woman at a Henry County senior living facility.

Travale Farris, 29, pleaded guilty on Thursday to rape, aggravated sexual battery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, burglary, exploitation, intimidation of an elder person, and three counts of criminal attempt to commit a felony.

Officials say the charges stem from Feb. 5, when Farris was seen on a Ring doorbell camera trying to open apartment doors at the Heritage at McDonough Senior Living Center. He was able to get into one of the apartments and raped the 76-year-old woman living there. Farris was arrested in March after investigators were able to get a match on DNA left at the scene.

"This was a horrific crime and we are grateful to bring justice for this survivor," Henry County District Attorney Darius Pattillo said. "We wanted to ensure that Mr. Farris cannot harm any more of our county’s elderly population. Under this sentence, there is no possibility of parole and he must serve every day of that 25 years and continue to be supervised by officers for the rest of his life."

Along with the prison sentence, Farris will spend the rest of his life on probation, must register as a sex offender, and can not have any contact with the victims or the senior living center.

[Duck search for images of 76 year old women]

[NNN forum post by voiceofreason]  $7,500 reward offered for arrest of negro in sexual assault at McDonough, GA senior home
Forum poster

Israeli flag   Video shows Border Patrol agent on horseback scattering Haitian migrants and shouting profanity
black Haitians invasion invasion A US Border Patrol agent on horseback yelled "this is why your country's shit" at Haitian migrants attempting to get back to a migrant camp in Texas, according to a video reported by Al Jazeera on Monday.

In the video, a group of Haitian migrants — identified by reporter John Holman as a family — huddles together as the unidentified Border Patrol agent points back across the Rio Grande river.

The agent then points at a man carrying bags in the back of the group standing behind a woman and shouts "Hey, you use your women? This is why your country's shit. Because you use your women for this."

Round em up - ship em out!   -----   SEND THEM ALL BACK!

    (Black Manhattan Demo 'Kingfish') busted for opening his car door into the path of cyclist — sending the man flying — before allegedly fleeing... '

SUSPECT-NAME KINGFISH wounded victim The boss of the Manhattan Democratic Party was busted for opening his car door into the path of cyclist — sending the man flying — before allegedly fleeing, The Post has learned.

Keith Wright, 66, chair of the New York County Democratic Committee, was on Fifth Avenue near West 139th Street when he flung open the driver’s door of his black BMW at 9:19 p.m. Aug. 26, causing the rider to smash into the door, according to a criminal complaint.

The bicyclist tumbled to the ground and sustained “bruising to his ankle and substantial pain,” the court document states.

After a brief exchange with the victim, Wright allegedly sped off without providing his name — but the bicyclist was able to take down his license plate number.

Cops tracked down Wright, who spent more than two decades in Albany as a state assemblyman representing Harlem. Detective Lamount Deaderick called him on Sept. 8 and questioned him about the incident over the phone, according to the complaint.

[NNN forum thread posted by The Bobster:]  Black boss of the Manhattan Democratic Party - BUSTED
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    St. Louis couple who waved guns at Black Lives Matter protestors could face suspension of law licenses

**********       19 September 2021       **********

Front Page for 19 September 2021 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

    'HATE CRIME ENHANCEMENT' - They hate to work :)

(COWARDLY BLACK THIEVES) arrested for string of robberies targeting Asian women in the SF Bay Area
(too lazy to find honest work) - (too PROUD to work fo de white man). These just be 'hunter-gatherers' dey hunt fo easy pickins - small old Chinee wimmens - that don' carry guns and don' put up no fight - 120 pound Chinee womins using canes and walkers... and dey be carryin' lots o cash cause they don't believe in banks!"

black suspect asian victims SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — San Jose police arrested three suspects in connection to dozens of robberies throughout the Bay Area that targeted victims of Asian descent, authorities said. San Jose police concluded the year-long, multi-jurisdictional investigation Thursday. The SJPD worked with Hayward police and initiated the apprehension on Sept. 7.

On Sept. 8, two suspects, identified as 24-year-old Anthony Robinson and 23-year-old Derje Blanks, were located and arrested in San Jose. Police said during apprehension efforts, Robinson fled in a car, ran a red light and crash into another car — injuring a two-year-old child and her father.

Robinson and Banks were booked in the Santa Clara County Jail for more than 70 counts of felony robbery. On Sept. 16, a third suspect, identified as 27-year-old Cameron Moody, was located and arrested in Union City. Two loaded firearms were recovered, one of them a ghost gun.

Moody was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail for multiple felony robbery charges. Police said the three suspects worked together to commit dozens of robberies throughout the Bay Area, primarily in San Jose.

Authorities also said Asian women were frequently targeted and injured during the robberies. During many of the incidents in cities like San Jose, San Pablo, Hayward, East Palo Alto, Newark, San Leandro, Fremont, Campbell, Dublin, and Milpitas, the Santa Clara County District Attorney said the suspects wrestled some victims to the ground during the robberies. The DA added hate crime enhancements to the incidents.

  The Bobster reports on crime-ridden New York and Philly
The Bobster
BLACK FEMALE (affirmative action) Police officeress hitches helmet-less dirt bike ride despite NYPD clampdown

Sheboon tourists beat up Upper West Side hostess over vaccine proof The accusation came as new details emerged about what exactly triggered Thursday’s fight — and a Black Lives (Fecal) Matter activist vowed to protest outside the eatery this week. "An de po' baby said she be called a nigga' - dem be lynchin' wo'ds - an I be DISRESPECTED!"

Troubled teen (with negro name) sets NYC apartment on fire, jumps to death from roofJamel Martinez, 18, started a fire in his 10th floor apartment at the NYCHA’s East River Houses on E 105th Street around 4:40 p.m. before jumping off the roof to his death, police sources told The Post.

2 Teens Injured In West Philadelphia Shooting, Vehicles, Apartment, Struck By Gunfire, Police Say

New York City - Racial Demographics - BLACK 13% + Spanic 25% + Asian 11% = 49%

Philadelphia (PA) - Racial Demographics - BLACK 42% + Spanic 12% + Asian 6% = 60%

    Jurors find HISPANIC man guilty of double homicide in University Place
A man has been convicted of second-degree murder and first-degree murder for the deaths of two men shot in 2018 in the front seat of a car in University Place.

Alex Lopez Leon, 24, was convicted Friday by a jury in Pierce County Superior Court. His sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 15. Typical prison sentences for cases such as this range from about 36 to 51 years.

Lopez Leon is one of two men tried in the case. Javier Valenzuela Felix was with Lopez Leon during the shootings and previously pleaded guilty to the killings. In August 2019, he was sentenced to 30 years, 6 months in prison.

Lopez Leon was charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the May 14, 2018 shooting deaths of 22-year-old Wilberth Lopez Alcala and 19-year-old Adrian Valencia Cuevas. Lopez Leon and Valenzuela Felix sat behind them in a white Dodge Charger after leaving a barbecue.


    Police seek two HISPANIC Philadelphia men on murder charges in Pat’s Steaks killing
wounded victim Philadelphia police on Sunday said arrest warrants had been issued for two city men wanted on murder charges in connection with the death of a 28-year-old New York soccer fan early Thursday at Pat’s King of Steaks in South Philadelphia.

They said identified the two as Osvaldo “Willie” Pedrazza, 34, of the 2600 block of East Norris Street, and Victor Pedrazza, 32, of the 1200 Block of South Percy Street, are wanted on charges of murder, attempt to commit murder, criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault and other offenses.

The charges stem from an argument early Thursday over post-match cheesesteaks that escalated into a brawl and left Isidro Cortes of Queens, N.Y., dead, and his another man injured near the iconic Pat’s King of Steaks in South Philadelphia

“It was just mayhem,” said Pat’s owner Frank Olivieri after viewing security footage of the deadly confrontation. “I’m never going to get this vision out of my mind that I watched on the videotape.”

The trio got into an argument with four men wearing the yellow jerseys of Club América. The Union lost to the Mexico City team in Chester on Wednesday in the Concacaf Champions League semifinal, and police said the victims had attended the game before stopping for cheesesteaks.

The four Club América fans then beat the three men, bludgeoning one to death with hands, fists, and a metal trash can lid, police said. Cortes, who lived in the Corona neighborhood, worked as an accounts payable associate at Omnicom Health Group in Jersey City, according to his LinkedIn. He had taken classes at Baruch College and Borough of Manhattan Community College, where he was part of an accounting club.


Pedrazza Surname - Most prevalent in ARGENTINA

    HISPANIC Miguel Enrique Salguero-Olivares: Man Charged in Faith Hedgepeth’s Murder
Miguel Enrique Salguero-Olivares is a 28-year-old Durham man who has been charged in the 2012 murder of University of North Carolina student Faith Hedgepeth in Chapel Hill. Salguero-Olivares was charged with first-degree murder on September 16, 2021. The 19-year-old UNC student was killed in her off-campus apartment on September 7, 2012. Her roommate found her body and called 911 to report there was “blood everywhere,” according to investigators.

Hedgepeth was beaten and raped, according to autopsy results released in 2014. A handwritten note reading “I’m not stupid. B****. Jealous,” was found scrawled on a fast-food bag on Hedgepeth’s bed, according to documents, video and photos released by investigators in hopes of developing new leads in the case in 2014.


  Those crooked anti-american, anti-white, commie tools want to pay ILLEGAL ALIENS to DISPLACE White Working American-Born Citizens

Senate parliamentarian deals blow to Dems’ immigration push
invasion invasion invasion invasion WASHINGTON — Democrats can’t use their $3.5 trillion package bolstering social and climate programs to give millions of ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL INVADER "migrants" a chance to become citizens, the Senate’s parliamentarian said late Sunday, a crushing blow to what was the party’s clearest pathway in years to attaining that long-sought goal.

The decision by Elizabeth MacDonough, the Senate’s nonpartisan interpreter of its often enigmatic rules, is a damaging and disheartening setback for President Joe Biden, congressional Democrats and their allies in the pro-immigration and progressive communities. It badly damages Democrats’ hopes of unilaterally enacting — over Republican opposition — changes letting several categories of immigrants gain permanent residence and possibly citizenship.



The suspect is black - you must admit.... so the brother is innocent..... you must acquit!

California (commie) court overturns murder convictions, cites racism
A potential juror was inappropriately questioned about her Black Lives Matter support, appeals court says A California appeals court on Friday overturned the convictions of three Black men over a double slaying, saying prosecutors dismissed a Black woman from the jury pool for racial reasons.

The prosecutor in the Contra Costa County case inappropriately questioned the 25-year-old woman’s support of the Black Lives Matter movement and dismissed her for reasons that “were plainly tied to race,” said a unanimous ruling by a division of the First Appellate District of California that was reported by the Bay Area News Group.

The ruling overturns the 2016 convictions of Sheldon Silas, 33; Reginald Whitley, 40, and Lamar Michaels, 34. The three are serving life in prison without possibility of parole for the shooting deaths of (black) Christopher Zinn, 24, and his girlfriend, Brieanna Dow, 21. Their bodies were found in unincorporated Antioch in 2012. Prosecutors said the killings were gang-related retaliation because Zinn was believed to have stolen guns from the group.

  General Milley Accused Of Treason For Warning China Of US Military Plans, Staging Coup Against Trump
Tim Pool Tim Pool - 1.26M subscribers

General Milley Accused Of Treason For Warning China Of US Military Plans, Staging Coup Against Trump. In a secret meeting Mark Milley 'looked into the eyes' of officers and told them to swear an oath to him not to obey Trump's orders unless Milley was involved.

At a time when China is pressing Taiwan and US allies Milley warned them that no US action was pending and if it was they would be informed. Effectively assuring China free reign in the pacific without fear of US involvement or reprisal.

This by the definition of the DoD was a military coup. High ranking officers vowing not to obey an order from the commander in chief.

Pelosi had previously sent a letter demanding that military leaders defy Trump in the event he gave lawful military orders and was accused of staging a military coup herself.

Tucker Carlson: Maybe Gen. Milley Should Be Fired For Blowing Up A Bunch Of Kids And Lying About It?
Soviet Monkey General FNC's Tucker Carlson teed off on Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the joint chiefs, over the drone strike that U.S. officials now admit killed ten innocent people in Afghanistan last month.

He characterized Milley as the poster boy for "the same kind of 'Intelligence' that led us to believe that German-educated Saudis would never fly airplanes into the World Trade Center."

"If you fire Mark Milley for killing a bunch of kids unintentionally and then lying about it, maybe the accountability chain will start," he said. "Maybe they don’t want to fire whoever left hundreds of American citizens behind in Afghanistan and lied about that."

'We want justice,' say the family of 10 civilians killed in a US airstrike that officials now say was 'a mistake'

Woke Generals Must Be Purged to Save Nation
Revelations from a new book, Peril, by Bob Woodward and Rob Costa, reveal just how deep the spiritual rot in the military goes. In the days after the January 6 protest, General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, promised, in the event of a war, to give aid and comfort to China. According to the Washington Post, after the Capitol protest, Milley sent secret communiques to the head of the People’s Liberation Army, promising that “If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise.”

Silly General Milley Is a Woke Joke

[RSS copy] Woke traitor Milley needs to be investigated--court martialed, suckers by Apollonian - NNN Guest Columnist
Nutjob 'Smiley' Milley Apollonian [stationgossip] "General Mark Milley should face an investigation, without delay, concerning the allegations contained in a new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa.

And if the claims turn out to be true, Milley should be removed from his post as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff immediately, and perhaps face more stringent sanctions for going behind the president’s back to the Chinese military during the waning days of Donald Trump’s presidency."

Trump: ‘Nutjob’ Milley never told me of calls to Chinese general
Nutjob 'Smiley' Milley

  Was "NASTY" Nancy Pelosi one of the key conspirators behind the 'alleged'
(banana republic style) MILITARY COUP against PRESIDENT TRUMP?

NASTY Nancy Pelosi NASTY Nancy Pelosi NASTY Nancy Pelosi NASTY Nancy Pelosi Banana Republic

Pelosi Tried to Foment a Military Coup Against Trump ...

Gen. Milley Initiated Coup Against Trump Under Orders From ... (the wicked witch of the swamp)
swamp witch wicked witch wicked witch swamp witch swamp witch

Pelosi Tried to Foment a Military Coup Against Trump

Nancy Pelosi Tried To Orchestrate A Military Coup Against ...

Pelosi Tried to Foment a Military Coup Against Trump

Proof Of Treason: Deep State General Staged a Coup Against ..

Speaker Pelosi Declares a Coup Against President Trump ...

  Tierny REAL News Network Updates - Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....
  • Murder and all forms of crime are “through the roof” in New York, and their focus is on “Trump,” despite numerous other political investigations that went nowhere. They are spending tens of millions of dollars with a vast army of Trump Haters. This has been going on for years and the people of our Country are not going to take it anymore!"
  • In just a few years, Communist China went from owning just a handful of seaports around the world to being one of the globe's biggest Port Owners. It now controls some 100 ports in over 60 countries, on virtually every continent.

    Ask yourself why is Communist China and her puppet masters buying up ocean-front property on such a scale? Ask yourself why Communist China wants to control the Panama Canal, Venezuela, Cuba and the Arctic? What is its plan for using the land and ports? Think.

    China sends planes into Communist Venezuela under the guise of "helping" with the virus and threatened the US to stay away. They've been quietly seeding military personnel in Venezuela for years and building military bases in the Bahamas.

    China already regularly floods our country with fentanyl, heroin, poisoned food, poisoned vape cartridges, fake IDs, defective medical supplies & one flu virus after the other. Death by a thousand cuts.

    That close, the Communists could easily invade our country by land, sea or air, and use a biological weapon, sarin gas or a bomb on a huge public gathering and kill tens of thousands.

**********       18 September 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: BLACK felon charged in murder of (White woman) Rebecca Rannow
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire WHITE VICTIM RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A man is now charged for the murder of a beloved bartender in Racine. Police say 39-year-old Montreal Greer shot and killed Rebecca Rannow in her home on Aug. 13.

He faces charges of first degree intentional homicide, possession of a firearm by a felon and two counts misdemeanor bail jumping. According to a criminal complaint, police linked Greer to the homicide using evidence recovered at the scene and surveillance video.

They also say he stole the victim's PlayStation and resold it. Greer is behind bars on a $1 million cash bond. He is due back in court for a preliminary hearing on Sept. 29.

(Black) Man arrested in connection with Becky Rannow's death
Rannow, a former director of a daycare who became a beloved bartender in Racine, was found dead in her home on the 1600 block of Edgewood Avenue on Aug. 13. She had been shot multiple times. She was 41.

Montreal D. Greer, 40, of the 1000 block of Yout Street, has been arrested in connection to the case. Greer was arrested on Sept. 3 for charges unrelated to Rannow’s death. Greer has been incarcerated a number of times in the past 22 years.

OBITUARY for Rebecca "Becky" Lynn Rannow - July 12, 1980 - August 13, 2021 - Racine, WI

[NNN forum thread posted by voiceofreason:] 
WF, 41 shot multiple times in her Racine, WI home for a PlayStation by the negro
Forum member


  The Bobster reports on crime-ridden New York and Philly

The Bobster Man who kicked woman down NYC subway escalator arrested

Handcuffed Rikers inmate steals bus full of prisoners, crashes it in latest disturbing incident

6-Year-Old Girl Hit Multiple Times By Stray Bullets While Inside Parked Car Outside Food Market In Chester
[Murder Rate Skyrockets in Chester, PA where 73.99% of the population is African American]

(PERUVIAN) Freddy Pando Charged With Murdering Ex-Girlfriend During Argument Over Previous Domestic Violence Case, DA Says

[BLACK] Man pistol-whips woman during heated NYC fight

New York City - Racial Demographics - BLACK 13% + Spanic 25% + Asian 11% = 49%

Philadelphia (PA) - Racial Demographics - BLACK 42% + Spanic 12% + Asian 6% = 60%

Man arrested for REfacing Albany BLM GRAFFITI with ‘KKK’ COUNTER-ACRONYM

Sheboon tourists beat up Upper West Side hostess over vaccine proof

Thousands of parasitic nigger illegal immigrants wait for asylum under Texas bridge

Cops arrest suspect who poured possible gasoline on occupied NYPD van

[Bearded black] NYC man arrested for killing ex-girlfriend after baby shower
black suspect

    "Rock Star" Ted Nugent, Centreville man spar over Black Lives Matter comment during rally
CENTREVILLE, Mich. — Rock star Ted Nugent made controversial comments about Black Lives Matter (mo den crackas) that stirred up the crowd of nearly hundred people who attended Friday's political rally in Centreville. Nugent appeared in downtown Centreville as part of the Jack Coleman Presents Ted & Shemane Nugent Constitution Tour, featuring various Michigan Republican candidates for elected office. Nugent provoked a reaction when he brought up Black Lives Matter during his speech.

“Aren’t there any BLM punks who want to come up and harass me?” Nugent told a crowd of supporters Friday. Moments later, Jalen Brown, a (black forenamed, brown) Centreville resident, approached the stage and addressed Nugent. “What’s wrong with Black Lives Matter?” Brown asked Nugent.

Nugent replied, "Black Lives don't give a s--- about Black lives, they're standing by while Blacks are slaughter each other." Nugent went onto to call Black Lives MatterBlack Lives Matter a terrorist organization. Brown said the comment set him off.

"As soon as he said Black Lives MatterBlack Lives Matter was a terrorist organization, I took that personally,” Brown said, Brown took the microphone and then addressed the crowd, chanting Black Lives Matter"Black lives matter too." He told the crowd the Black Lives MatterBlack Lives Matter (bowel) movement was here to remind the country how Black people were mistreated throughout history.

"We're not here by choice." Brown said. One man in the crowd yelled, "We didn't bring you." Several dozen people began to chant "USA" and "All Lives Matter" and verbally berated Brown as he left the stage area.

The Centreville Village Council President Brandy Eckert apologized for how Brown was treated by some village residents, "The actions don’t represent the views of the village," Eckert said. Organizers said the Constitution Day event in downtown Centreville was a family friendly event to celebrate the signing of the U.S. Constitution. During his remarks, Nugent said Michigan joined New York, New Jersey, California and Illinois as "the most rotten, obnoxious, embarrassing states in the nation."

"We are not the Great Lakes state anymore, we are an embarrassment," Nugent said. The rocker also called Gov. Gretchen Whitmer a tyrant during his afternoon speech. Nugent has previously called Whitmer a tyrant several times previously.

Nugent also encouraged the crowd to demand accountability from elected officials in Washington D.C. and across the state. "We need to raise hell and demand constitutional accountability from elected employees," he said.

[NNN forum thread posted by voiceofreason:]  Ted Nugent, Jigro Jalen spar over Black Lives Fecal Matter comment during Centreville, MI rally
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‘Our Borders Are Not Open’: U.S. Ramping Up Deportations To End Haitian Migrant Crisis

black illegal criminal Haitian Invasion CRUCIAL QUOTE:
"The Biden Administration has reiterated that our borders are not open, and people should not make the dangerous journey," DHS said in a statement.

Haitian migrants still make up just a small fraction of the overall number of arrests along the border. According to Border Patrol statistics, fewer than 4% of the arrests in August were among Haitians.

Biden: A Puppet of the Radical Left

Joe Biden "China's Puppet" BUMPER STICKER - Biden cabal rigged election


hand puppet Biden hand puppet Biden

  Under Biden, the greatest military strategist since Napoleon,
the once "late great" U.S.A. will sink so far south as to BUMP BRAZIL
off the map as being the biggest THIRD WORLD COUNTRY IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE!


Better watch out, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City will soon be doing a
dance of death to outdo your Samba in the scenic Rio de Janeiro slums.

slums of Brazil

    Less than half of Blacks are covid-vacinated: blame the 'Tuskegee' SYPHILIS study?
Cub Reporter Not sure if was communist propaganda but there is a 'myth' that the 'government' used blacks as 'guinea pigs' to study why their 'private parts' fell off due to terminal syphilis. (sorry, just trying to be amusing.. :)

Anyway here is the 'wiki' on it

Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Tuskegee Syphilis Study The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male (informally referred to as the Tuskegee Experiment or Tuskegee Syphilis Study) was an ethically abusive study conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the United States Public Health Service (PHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on a group of nearly 400 African Americans with syphilis.

The purpose of the study was to observe the effects of the disease when untreated, though by the end of the study it was entirely treatable. The men were not informed of the nature of the experiment, and more than 100 died as a result.

So this was not an "ethnic cleansing"... - this 'study' has been transformed in Black Victim Mythology as comparable to what holocaust promoters allege happened to 'six million' jews during 'bad Hitler's third Reich. The common impression in the minds of the brainwashed negroes is that the TUSKEGEE EXPERIMENT was something like the alleged 'sadistic' Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele performed on Jewish concentration-extermination camp experiments...

HOWEVER according to 'wiki' only some 100+ died as a result - and this was not due to being INJECTED WITH SYPHILIS but merely due to 'medical neglect' of the untreated 'control group' of blacks that had acquired terminal deadly Syphilis due to a promiscuous career of fornication of whatever was handy (as is documented in the database of New Nation News).

Now we know that the rabid FAR-LEFT COMMUNIST DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST CAREER POLITICIANS and their FAKE NEWS PROPAGANDIST CO-CONSPIRATORS... that were pushing the LESBIAN MARXIST "BLACK LIVES MATTER" (more than you funky white cracker KKK racists)



(oh mercy me, jus hab to take a breath... a breath that was DENIED to drug-overdosed ex-porn-star low-life thug from Texas that liked to terrorize black women... But all of these 'fellow followers' of the marxist-globalist-sexual-deviant self-styled social justice warriors and wanabe neighborhood organizers like their African Muslim Bisexual Dope-smoking First Half-breed HOLY 'clean' well-spoken OBAMination...

do not give a rat's ass about 'BLACK LIVES' Rat's Ass Black man's feet in morgue

because despite their apparent prolific reproductive rates - the BLACK population in the U.S.A. has frozen around 13% despite the recent influx of the WRETCHED REFUSE from Muslim SOMALIA, the recent MASS INVASION of black Haitians, etc.

The Black (African-American) Race is currently DEDICATED to MURDER-SUICIDE on a GRAND SCALE!


Chicago: 75% of Murdered Are Black, 71% of Murderers Are Black

and the high percentage of BLACK ABORTION

Abortions reach highest percentage among Black women since 2000 ======================================================================
Black Abortion Statistics - Right to Life of Michigan

CDC: 117,626 Black Children Killed by Abortion in One Year ...

BlackGenocide.org | Abortion and the Black Community

Since Roe, abortion has killed more black babies than the ...

AND, it's so hypocritical the heart-bleeding empathetic I-feel-your-pain 'democrats' as dramatized by that lying dog-faced pony soldier 'General' Benedict Biden...

yes, a few of those that were not brainwashed by the Public School reeducation centers

may be aware that Abraham Lincoln (spit) was an ABOLITIONIST REPUBLICAN

that commendably wanted to send all of the expropriated black 'undocumented workers'

back to their native god-given Motherland of AFRICA - supporting the American Colonization Society

In the tragic War of Northern Aggression - at least a half a million young white men died - close to 1.5 million were casualties...

Dead Union Soldiers

The Civil War was America's bloodiest conflict. The unprecedented violence of battles such as Shiloh, Antietam, Stones River, and Gettysburg shocked citizens and international observers alike. Nearly as many men died in captivity during the Civil War as were killed in the whole of the Vietnam War. Hundreds of thousands died of disease. Roughly 2% of the population, an estimated 620,000 men, lost their lives in the line of duty. Taken as a percentage of today's population, the toll would have risen as high as 6 million souls.

And from the end of that war until the 'CIVIL RIGHTS INSURRECTION' of the 'Hippy' 1960's.... it was the good old Democrat party that did their best to keep the negroes 'separate but equal' - it wasn't until Bolshevik FDR became Comrade POTUS and nurtured a festering infiltration of loyal-to-Stalin communists in the Donkey Party...

the negroes had done better than might have been expected in creating black communities (similar to Jewish ghettos) where many started businesses and it was expected the a man would get married and support his wife and children due in great part to the influence of the Black Christian Church.

It wasn't until the Communists controlling the Democrat party started using the blacks for their 'Pet Proletariat' and brainwashed them with the lies that gave birth to the lesbian-marxist bowel movement of 'BLM'.

The Democrats dangled their stolen 'welfare' to seduce the young black women to become independent of the worthless, jobless, criminal, drug addicted illiterate black men that would prefer to aspire to become a cash-flashing pimp, drug-dealer, rapper, professional athlete, community organizer or neo-hunter-gatherer - living off the land, foreigner-owned 'Quicky Marts', little old ladies, in between RACE RIOTS where it was accepted to LOOT and BURN.

You see, the SLAVES WORKED, working is something SLAVES do. It is SLAVE-LIKE, DEMEANING to take a job, and take ORDERS from bosses. The white employers were like the SLAVE MASTERS.

picking cotton So the lost African race - depressed by the hopelessness of becoming one of the Respected, Wealthy, Powerful Blacks... are committing racial suicide and being REPLACED by cheap, hard-working, Hispanic ILLEGAL 'migrants' that the demon-crats and OPEN-BORDERS BIDEN have let flood into once great America. Bussed and flown to every state and the heartland where they will be supported by the taxes of the once majority - working American Citizens.


Between 2010 and 2019, the Latino share of the total U.S. population increased from 16% to 18%. Latinos accounted for about half (52%) of all U.S. population growth over this period. They are the country’s second largest racial or ethnic group, behind white non-Hispanics. U.S. Hispanic population surpassed 60 million in 2019, but growth has slowed.

Well, we are running out of young people that will work - they have been brainwashed into expecting to 'tax the rich' and get everything for free. But the traditional RINO republicans that represent those that need cheap labor to do dirty jobs.... "JOBS THAT AMERICANS WILL NOT DO"

So, let the blacks kill themselves off with gang warfare and abortion.... they are too UPPITY and slack off and if they get fired then they will blame it on WHITE RACISM - MAYBE THEY WILL COME BACK TO THE WORKPLACE AND SHOOT THE PLACE UP.

So, there we are fellow post-Americans - many of us were encouraged and hopeful that AMERICA WOULD BE GREAT AGAIN... but the damned democrat-rino techno-fascist new world globalist powers that be


**********       17 September 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Erie man charged with homicide in fatal shooting of estranged wife in Crawford County
BLACK SUSPECT Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM CONNEAUT LAKE — Pennsylvania State Police investigators have charged an Erie man with homicide after accusing him of fatally shooting his estranged wife at a residence in Crawford County on Tuesday.

Authorities wrote in case documents that Daryl S. Gillespie, 27, admitted to shooting the victim, identified by state police as 23-year-old Christina Ruhl-Farnsworth, twice with a .22-caliber revolver during a confrontation inside a residence in the 12000 block of Route 618 in Sadsbury Township.

Investigators said the shooting happened sometime Tuesday morning.

Ruhl-Farnsworth was found dead inside the Route 618 residence, which is located southwest of Conneaut Lake Park, after officers with the Conneaut Lake Regional Police Department were called there on Tuesday at about 2:20 p.m., according to information in search warrants filed in the case. A friend of the victim's father said he went to check on Ruhl-Farnsworth and found her in the residence, according to the search warrants.

Conneaut Lake officers said they found a deceased female in a bedroom of the residence with an apparent gunshot wound to the head, state police wrote in the search warrants.

Crawford County Coroner Scott Schell said he pronounced Ruhl-Farnsworth dead at the scene. An autopsy was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon in Erie County, he said.

The victim's father told state police that he was renting the Route 618 residence and that Ruhl-Farnsworth lived with him. He said Ruhl-Farnsworth is married to Gillespie, and he described the couple's relationship as unstable "due to Gillespie's control and jealousy," investigators wrote in one of the search warrants.

State police investigators contacted Gillespie and he agreed to travel to state police Troop E headquarters in Lawrence Park Township for an interview, according to information in one of the search warrants.

Investigators wrote that Gillespie admitted to shooting Ruhl-Farnsworth at the Route 618 residence before traveling back to Erie.

OBITUARY for VICTIM Christina Ruhl-Farnsworth, age 23

[NNN forum thread posted by voiceofreason:]  Erie, PA jigro charged with homicide in fatal shooting of estranged mudshark in Crawford County
Forum member

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    New York City - shootings overnight

Chicago - shootings overnight

23 shot — 4 fatally — overnight in Chicago. Wounded include 2 teens and man shot near Grant Park.

Philadelphia shootings overnight

Suspect fires shots at Philadelphia officers after double shooting leaves teen dead: Officials

    Florida Rapper SpotemGottem Survives Miami Drive-By Shooting
rapper Rising Jacksonville, Florida, rapper SpotemGottem was shot in his hip while driving on a highway in Miami early Friday morning, September 17th.

SpotemGottem — real name Nehemiah Lamar Harden — was driving a Dodge Charger on I-95 when the car was hit with gunfire, leaving 22 bullet holes on the driver’s side, according to a statement provided by Alejandro Camacho of the Florida Highway Patrol.
Another man, sitting in the backseat of the car, sustained gunshot wounds to both legs. Both Harden and the other man were taken to the hospital and are in stable condition.

  Hispanic Santa Maria man pleads guilty to manslaughter in 805 Tacos shooting death
Sep. 18—A Santa Maria man on Friday pleaded guilty to a manslaughter charge in connection to the shooting death of a 33-year-old man in front of 805 Tacos in 2019.

Juan Carlos Hernandez, 31, appeared in person before Judge Patricia Kelly in Santa Maria and entered a plea of guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the Oct. 6, 2019, shooting that killed Jose Alberto Medina.

Phoenix police arrest HISPANIC man accused of killing tow truck driver
A man accused of shooting a tow truck driver near 35th Avenue and Buckeye Road was arrested Friday, according to the Phoenix Police Department. Police identified the man as 29-year-old Luis Mauricio Delgadillo Garcia, who was arrested and accused of first-degree murder and use of weapons and explosives, among other charges.

Evanni Corona, 31, was found on Sept. 1 inside a tow truck with a gunshot wound. Corona was taken in critical condition to a hospital where he later died.

  Tierny REAL News Network Updates - Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....
  • Billboards that say Biden is “Making the Taliban Great Again" are popping up all over Pennsylvania.
    It was confirmed that Biden did NOT kill the terrorists behind the suicide bombing who were responsible for murdering 13 US soldiers - Biden killed an innocent family of 10 who had helped America - based on intelligence received from the Taliban!

    The US military confirmed that Biden's drone strike in Kabul killed 10 - including 7 children between 2 and 10 years old.

    BLOOD ON (Biden's) HANDS!
  • The Communist Mayor of San Francisco was seen dancing & partying "without a mask" with Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder, Alicia Garza. Meanwhile your children are being forced to wear masks to go to school.

    So, does BLM believe they are entitled to NOT wear a mask - but you should - because their lives matter? Come on, people. What will it take for America to wake up and smell the scam!

  • The September 18th "rally" is another false flag to use to frame Trump supporters. Do NOT go. - Tierny

    Round em up - ship em out!   -----   SEND THEM ALL BACK!

    Official: U.S. to expel Haitians from border, fly to Haiti/
Smedley Butler Details are yet to be finalized but will likely involve five to eight flights a day, according to an official.

DEL RIO, Texas (AP) — The Biden administration plans the widescale expulsion of Haitian migrants from a small Texas border city by putting them on flights to Haiti starting Sunday, an official said Friday, representing a swift and dramatic response to thousands who suddenly crossed the border from Mexico and gathered under and around a bridge.

Details are yet to be finalized but will likely involve five to eight flights a day, according to the official with direct knowledge of the plans who was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. San Antonio, the nearest major city, may be among the departure cities.

"WRETCHED REFUSE" Trash piles were 10 feet (3.1 meters) wide, and at least two women have given birth, including one who tested positive for COVID-19 after being taken to a hospital.

Val Verde County Sheriff Frank Joe Martinez estimated the crowd at 13,700 and said more Haitians were traveling through Mexico by bus.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican and frequent critic of President Joe Biden, said federal officials told him migrants under the bridge would be moved by the Defense Department to Arizona, California, and elsewhere on the Texas border.

**********       16 September 2021       **********



U.S. holds thousands of BLACK Haitian migrants under bridge in South Texas after mass border crossing
African African African DEL RIO, Texas — Thousands of black Haitian migrants who have crossed the Rio Grande since Tuesday are sleeping outdoors under a border bridge in South Texas, creating a 'humanitarian emergency and a logistical challenge' U.S. agents describe as unprecedented.

Authorities in Del Rio say more than 8,000* migrants have arrived at the impromptu camp, and they are expecting more in the coming days. The sudden influx has presented the Biden administration with a new border emergency at a time when illegal crossings have reached a 20-year high and Department of Homeland Security officials are straining to accommodate and resettle more than 60,000 Afghan evacuees.

The migrants arriving to Del Rio appear to be part of a larger wave of Haitians heading northward, many of whom arrived in Brazil and other South American nations after the 2010 earthquake. They are on the move again, embarking on a grueling, dangerous journey to the United States with smuggling organizations managing the trip, according to border authorities and refugee groups.

The Bloody Haitian Revolution - Whites (women, children) savagely slaughtered

Round em up - ship em out!   -----   SEND THEM ALL BACK!

10,000 migrants being held under bridge in Texas Thu Sep 16, 2021 10:50 PM EDT <--- 2,000 more estimated illegal aliens THIS EVENING

than at Sep. 16, 2021 at 11:24 am - about 12 hours previously - that is an increase of 2,000 criminal illegal aliens in 12 hours...
projected to 4,000 wetbacks a day --> projected to 1.5 MILLION in a year.

    UK DAILY MAIL EXCLUSIVE!: (BLACK) Father and son suspects 'who shot dead four friends
in a Wisconsin cornfield' were 'family friends' of one of the victims:
cornfield Dad, 56, is arrested as 'armed and dangerous' son remains 'on the run'
  • Suspects in slaying of four close friends, found in an abandoned vehicle in Sheridan, Wisconsin on Sunday afternoon are father and son, source confirmed
  • Natasha Flug-Presley, 30, Jasmine Sturm, 30, Matthew Pettus, 26, and Loyace Foreman III, 35 were found shot dead after a night at a bar in downtown St. Paul
  • Darren McWright , 56, was arrested Wednesday night - his son, Antoine Suggs, 38, remains on the loose and is believed to be in the Minneapolis St. Paul (George Floyd ghetto) area
  • Damone Presley, 50, the father of victim Nitosha Flug-Presley, told Dailymail.com that he knows suspect McWright personally

  • Witnesses: Suspect in slayings of 4 met victim at bar
    BLACK SUSPECT A man has been arrested and another suspect is wanted in the killing of four people in western Wisconsin, authorities said Thursday. They are accused of killing two men and two women, who authorities found inside an abandoned SUV in a cornfield.

    [Pictured: Victims Jasmine Sturm (left) and Matthew Pettus (right) were half-siblings, and worked together at Shamrocks Irish bar and grill in St. Paul. (next) Victim Loyace Foreman III was Sturm's boyfriend, while Nitosha Lee Flug-Presley (far right) was a friend of Sturm.]

    The four victims, all from Minnesota, were identified as Matthew Isiah Pettus, 26; Loyace Foreman III, 35; and Jasmine Christine Sturm, 30, all from St. Paul; as well as Nitosha Lee Flug-Presley, 30, of Stillwater.

    The suspect in custody was identified as Darren Lee McWright (Osborne), 56, of St. Paul. The suspect wanted by police is Antoine Darnique Suggs, 38, of St. Paul, according to the Dunn County Sheriff's Office. They believe he could be in the Twin Cities area and is considered armed and dangerous, per CBS Minnesota.

    Suspect arrested after 4 people found dead inside SUV in Wisconsin cornfield
    MENOMONIE, Wis. (AP) — One of two men suspected in the shooting deaths of four people found in an abandoned SUV in Wisconsin was spotted meeting with one of the victims the night before at a Minnesota bar, authorities said Thursday.

    Darren Lee McWright, 56, from St. Paul, Minnesota, who also uses the alias last name of Osborne, was arrested on a warrant from Dunn County, Wisconsin and is being held in the Ramsey County Jail. A warrant is out for the other suspect, Antoine Darnique Suggs, 38, who is believed to be in the Twin Cities area.

    A complaint filed Thursday against McWright, who’s charged in Dunn County with four counts of hiding a corpse, said witnesses told police they saw Suggs late Saturday evening in the White Squirrel Bar in St. Paul with Nitosha Lee Flug-Presley, 30, of Stillwater. One witness noticed the pair at the bar, the complaint said, while a second witness saw Flug-Presley buy a shot of tequila and hand it to Suggs.

    The complaint said Flug-Presley’s aunt stated that her niece had a “thing” with Suggs and he would fly in from Arizona to see her. Public records show that Suggs had been living recently in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he’s listed as the manager and owner of Darnque Apparel.

    A farmer discovered the bodies of Flug-Presley and three others Sunday in his Dunn County cornfield, about 60 miles (97 kilometers) to the east. All four had suffered gunshot wounds, authorities said.

    The other victims were Flug-Presley’s longtime friend, Jasmine Christine Sturm, 30, of St. Paul; Sturm’s brother, Matthew Isiah Pettus, 26, of St. Paul; and Sturm’s boyfriend, Loyace Foreman III, 35, of St. Paul. Police have not stated a motive for the killings.

    Authorities were able to connect the suspects and victims through surveillance videos and witnesses.

    Investigators said street camera footage outside the White Squirrel showed a dark SUV at about 2:08 a.m. Sunday. The passenger side is open and the footage shows Sturm run into the vehicle. Another witness said she saw Flug-Presley, Sturm and Pettus get into a black SUV in the early morning hours, according to the complaint.

    All four victims were shot once in the head, ("EXECUTION STYLE") according to the complaint. Flug-Presley was found in the front passenger seat of the 2008 Mercedes Benz GL and the other three victims were in the backseat.

    Surveillance video at the Bridgestop convenience store near Sheridan Town Hall in Wheeler, Wisconsin showed the Mercedes pulling up to a gas pump just after noon on Sunday. A minute later, a black Nissan Rouge is seen pulling up to another pump. Police traced the Nissan Rouge to the mother of Darren Suggs, who told authorities that his brother, Antoine Suggs, uses the vehicle when he’s in town.

    Darren Suggs told police that McWright is his biological father (illegitimate sperm-donor) and confirmed through a still photo that he was one of the suspects at the Bridgestop.

    "She says one of the most difficult parts about this tragedy is explaining to a two-year-old that she will never see her father (Matthew Pettus) again." Mathew Pettus, his sister Jasmine Sturm, a baby

        (Black) Man pistol-whips woman during heated NYC fight
    SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim A man pistol-whipped a woman in the Bronx on Thursday, causing the gun to fire during the attack and a bullet strike a nearby car, police said.

    The duo were involved in a verbal dispute before the fight turned physical near Reservoir Place and Reservoir Oval Walk in Norwood just before noon, cops said.

    The 33-year-old woman who was pistol-whipped sustained a cut to her head and was hospitalized in stable condition, authorities said.

    The single round that was fired from the man’s gun struck an unoccupied Lexus sedan that was parked nearby, cops said.

    It was unclear what sparked the fracas. Police said the suspect fled the scene in a grey Acura ILX sedan. He remained on the loose as of early Friday.

      Murder suspect arrested 9 years after North Carolina college student Faith Hedgepeth killing
    Miguel Enrique Salguero-Olivares, 28, was arrested on Thursday after his DNA matched some at the scene
    Salguero-Olivares’ DNA matched some collected through semen found at the crime scene

      Israeli flag   QUEER FAGGOT NEWS: Colorado's Jewish Sodomite Governor marries longtime butt-buddy partner in first HOMO-sex mock marriage for a sitting fornicating governor
    Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, the first openly sexually deviant homophile lgbt QUEER man elected governor in the United States, has married his longtime partner in pederasty in the first same-sex marriage for a sitting governor.

    Polis and Marlon Reis, who have been intimately together for 18 years and were engaged in December, pretended to wed in a small neo-traditional Jewish ceremony Wednesday, the governor's office said.
    Bible   “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: ”

      MUSLIM Iraqi 'Refugee' meant to be deported in 2016 sentenced to 45 years in prison for attempted murder of (White American) Colorado officer
    Officer Cem Duzel SEPTEMBER 17, 2021 A Colorado jury sentenced a man convicted of shooting a Colorado Springs police officer and leaving him brain-damaged in 2018 to 45 years in prison on Thursday, according to reports.

    Officer Cem Duzel was responding to a shots fired call in the city's Knob Hill neighborhood in August 2018 when he ran into Karrar Al Khammasi who shot him in the head, according to FOX 21 in Colorado Springs. Al Khammasi had just been kicked out of an Uber by a female driver who said he was harassing her.

    Al Khammasi is an Iraqi refugee who was supposed to be deported in 2016 for a felony trespassing conviction but he was allowed to stay because of a change in the law, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.

    He was convicted of first-degree attempted murder in June. He was also convicted of assault on a police officer, menacing and illegal possession of a weapon, according to FOX 21.

    Karrar Al Khammasi was sentenced to 45 years in prison on Thursday for the attempted murder of Colorado Springs Officer Cem Duzel. "This case really speaks to the dangers that law enforcement encounter every single day," District Attorney Michael Allen said Thursday. "And it's not in the streets of New York City or Los Angeles; it's even right here in Colorado Springs."

    Duzel went through months of rehabilitation after the shooting and was forced to retire from the force because of his injury. He has still not fully recovered. In 2019, he received the department’s highest honor: the Medal of Valor.

    "This guy is a hero, he stopped a threat that night, he stopped the potential of other individuals being hurt or killed by his courageous contact with an armed suspect," Howard Black, a 4th Judicial District spokesperson said, according to FOX 21.

    Duzel and his family thanked everyone for the support during his recovery over the last three years on Thursday. The former officer is now planning a summer wedding with his fiancée.

    "Today was a closure," his father, Mumtaz Duzel, said, according to the Gazette. "As a father, was it enough? Probably not, to be honest, but justice was served today."



      ISIS 'bride' should be treated 'as a terrorist'
    (A former British counterterrorism official has warned that the British woman who joined ISIS as a teenager should be treated as a terrorist should she return home.

    Shamima Begum, 22, left the U.K. in 2015 to join the Islamic State in Syria. At the age of 15, she married a man who was later convicted of terrorism offenses.

    Since then, she has repeatedly pleaded to return to the U.K.

    However, Richard Walton, who served as head of Counterterrorism at the Metropolitan Police between 2011 and 2016, said Thursday that Begum should see no leniency and should be treated "like the terrorist she is."



      Drone strike kills top ISIS leader wanted for 2017 ambush of Green Berets



        The first wave of (WRETCHED REFUSE) Afghan 'refugees' will invade most every state
    mud suspect Around 37,000 Afghan? refugees? will arrive in every US state except four in the coming weeks.

    "SPREAD THE WEALTH" - (or spread out the misery)

    Hawaii, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming won't host refugees in the first wave or arrivals.

    How many more waves will break like a tsunami on the Americans made 'hostage' in their own Homeland - afraid to go out.

    California and Texas will accept the biggest numbers of refugees, the Associated Press reported.


    WHEN THE UNWASHED ILLITERATE HORDES FROM THE PRE-INDUSTRIAL THIRD WORLD ARE CAMPING ON YOUR LAWN.... or the Bolshevik Biden Department of Housing and Urban Development issues an EXECUTIVE ORDER that all citizens must take in at least a half dozen Afghan or Wetback refugees...



    then there couldn't be more than about 370 of the satanic scum that will use their free welfare from Biden's Democratic Socialist Better America to buy stuff at Home Depot to make IMPROVISED EXPLOSIVE DEVICES (IEDs)

    Remember this is only based on the 'FIRST WAVE' - a few more humanitarian waves and there could be over a thousand EVIL SLEEPER MUSLIM JIHADISTS.... making us stronger through their DIVERSITY!

    What is the estimated population of potential 'Afghan' 'Refugees'?
    "ONLY" 40,030,584" - (over forty million) - And how many would vote Democratic?

        HISPANIC EX-FOOTBALLER turned Professional Politician aka 'Prostitute'
    A Professional Politician (is an aspiring Swamp creature, for rent, like a 'Call Girl')

    NASTY,  MEAN-spirited,  'Trump-a-phobic'  House RINO
    who voted to impeach Trump won’t run again

    One of the 10 TRAITOROUS RINO House Republicans who like sheep,
    like trained circus monkeys, malignantly voted to impeach (alleged) 'former' President Donald Trump for the 'TRUMPED UP - FALSE DEFAMATORY FALSE FLAG CONSPIRATORIAL SATANIC DEMOCRAT 'BIG LIE'

    regarding the non-existant imaginary BS role in inciting the Jan. 6 (Pelosi-inspired pseudo) 'insurrection' at the Capitol that was NOT AN INSURRECTION BUT A DEVIL-INSPIRED KANGAROO KOURT KABUKI DRAMA.... announced Thursday night he will not seek reelection in Ohio next year.

    U.S. Rep. Anthony 'SPEEDY' Gonzalez, a former NFL (Negro Football League) jock with a once-bright political future, cited his two young children for his decision and noted “the chaotic political environment that currently infects our country.”

    AND YOU ARE A 'TYPHOID MARY' - A SUPER-SPREADER of the vitriolic lies infecting the once sacred ground of the 'Public Square'
    A healthy democracy depends on people of conviction working hard to advance their ideas in the public square—respectfully and peacefully, but vigorously and without apologies.

    He is the first Latino to misrepresent HIMSELF AS AN HONEST ASPIRING SERVANT to the deluded Citizens of Ohio in Congress.
    The metaphor "LIKE RATS LEAVING A SINKING SHIP" comes to mind.... rats rats ass

      Tierny REAL News Network Updates - Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....
    • Remember that Mohamed Noor & Derek Chauvin are BOTH Minnesota cops who were tried and convicted on the same charge - 3rd degree murder.

      Noor shot an innocent unarmed woman, Justine Damond, wearing her pajamas, in the chest & she died.

      Chauvin held down an out-of-control career criminal, felon and drug addict, George Floyd, who was resisting arrest & high, and he died of an overdose. Noor was sentenced to 12.5 years. Chauvin was sentenced to 22.5 years. Now, they just overturned Noor's conviction and he'll get out after four years. TOTAL SET UP by the Communists in Minnesota.
    • Why was Gavin Newsom so angry after his rigged recall election if he won? Because he knows the numbers are a BIG FAT LIE. He also knows that there is more Californians who hate him and will continue to resist and not comply. With the exception of the cesspool of LA, Oakland, & San Francisco. MOST of of the state overwhelmingly recalled him. He didn't win.

      THE NUMBERS THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA and his corrupted election boards posted minutes after election were so radical that they exposed themselves again. THE VOTES FOR HIM ARE AS JUST AS BELIEVABLE AS JOE BIDEN GETTING MOST EVER.

      Rigged elections do have consequences. MILLIONS OF MODERATE DEMOCRATS who's lives he destroyed also voted YES TO RECALL. The stealing of the recall was so Obvious I in braud daylight that people around world witnessed it again.

    • Pelosi is putting up fence again around the Capitol for ANOTHER fake insurrection they have planned on Saturday, September 18th. STAY AWAY FROM DC. ANOTHER SET UP just like January 6th.

      The Bobster reports on crime-ridden New York and Philly

    The Bobster (Ghana-surnamed Black) ‘Fyre Festival of pizza’ scammer banned from organizing NYC events  African The organizer of the “Fyre Festival of Pizza” — who burned attendees by charging $75 for tiny slices of pie — has been banned from organizing festivals in New York and must pay over $300,000 in restitution, according to officials.

    Ishmael Osekre was accused of scamming thousands of people into buying tickets for 2016’s New York City African Food Festival and 2017’s New York City Pizza and Burger Festivals — and then never delivering on the promised entertainment and grub, the New York Attorney General’s Office said Thursday.

    Osekre Surname - Most prevalent in GHANA
    - Highest density in GHANA


    Lawsuit: Defrocked Cardinal McCarrick Abused New Jersey Man In 1980s
    defrocked Cardinal Theodore McCarrick HOMO-sexually abused a young man in the 1980s.

    New York City - Racial Demographics - BLACK 13% + Spanic 25% + Asian 11% = 49%

    Philadelphia (PA) - Racial Demographics - BLACK 42% + Spanic 12% + Asian 6% = 60%

      "Breaking" Mass Media News Headlines - in "Retro Drudge" format
    Well, Good Morning! - Again, somewhat delayed in posting breaking headlines from the NNN forum
    but I will try to catch up - which is like building sand castles on a beach and getting distracted
    by a Kracken...


    'Benedict' Milley Leads The Chinese Insurrection
    "In retrospect, Treason and betrayal were hovering around every corner of the Trump Administration."
    (No, not Miley Cyrus)
    [posted by Apollonian]

    Houston restaurant worker assaulted after following group of coons who didn't pay their bill
    chicken thief The suspects are accused of eating $74 worth of food inside the Denny's restaurant before leaving without paying.
    [posted by voiceofreason]

    Shawnee, OK Sambo Assistant Athletic Director Arrested, Accused Of Child Homo Sex Crimes
    SUSPECT According to court documents, Arthur reached out to a former student via (lgbtqx) Grindr, around the time of senior graduation. The victim alleges Arthur picked him up from his home and the two engaged in oral 'sex'. [posted by voiceofreason]/


    **********       15 September 2021       **********


    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Former Minneapolis police officer's murder conviction reversed in deadly shooting of Australian woman
    BLACK SUSPECT BLACK SUSPECT Somalis WHITE VICTIM The Minnesota Supreme Court on Wednesday reversed the third-degree murder conviction of a former Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot an Australian woman in 2017, saying the charge doesn't fit the circumstances in this case. Mohamed Noor was convicted of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the death of Justine Ruszczyk Damond, a dual U.S.-Australian citizen who called 911 to report a possible sexual assault behind her home.

    Noor was sentenced to 12 1/2 years on the murder count but was not sentenced for manslaughter.

    The ruling means his murder conviction is overturned and the case will now go back to the district court, where he will be sentenced on the manslaughter count. He has already served more than 28 months of his murder sentence. If sentenced to the presumptive four years for manslaughter, he could be eligible for supervised release around the end of this year.

    In the ruling, the Supreme Court said that for a third-degree murder charge, also known as "depraved-mind murder," the person's mental state must show a "generalized indifference to human life, which cannot exist when the defendant's conduct is directed with particularity at the person who is killed."

    The justices said that the only reasonable inference that can be drawn in Noor's case is that his conduct was directed with particularity at Damond, "and the evidence is therefore insufficient to sustain his conviction ... for depraved-mind murder."

    Noor was acquitted of second-degree murder in his trial.

    The ruling in Noor's case was also closely watched for its possible impact on three other former Minneapolis officers awaiting trial in thug Floyd's death. Prosecutors had wanted to add charges of aiding and abetting third-degree murder against them, but that's unlikely to happen now. The trio are due to go on trial in March on charges of aiding and abetting both second-degree murder and manslaughter.


      Black who murdered White man's death sentence in 1999 Oklahoma murder 'should be commuted'
    say many leftist Hollywood celebrities, bleeding heart 'black martyr' cultists, the black convict

    black suspect Julius Jones, who is Black, has been on death row for nearly two decades

    for the murder of Paul Howell, a white insurance executive, who was shot in his parents’ driveway as he, his sister and his two young daughters were returning from getting ice cream on a July night in 1999. Howell was also run over as the shooter fled the scene.

    “I was there when my brother was murdered,” his sister Megan Howell Tobey told the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board during Monday’s commutation hearing. “I know beyond a doubt that Julius Jones murdered my brother.”


        (Black) Phoenix mom reportedly used medication to kill two children
    black suspect PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – The Phoenix Police Department said Wednesday that it has arrested the mother of two young children who were found dead in their home last week. Sgt. Andy Williams says Retta Cruse, 35, has been booked on suspicion of first-degree murder.

    Police say the bodies of 9-year-old Aleyah and her younger sister, 4-year-old Royal Mcintyre, were found last Wednesday evening. Cruse was taken to the hospital "suffering from what are believed to be multiple self-inflicted stab wounds," Williams said that night.

    "The girls were found on one bed, facing each other, with their arms around each other as though they had been placed into this position," police wrote in the probable cause for arrest statement. "There were no obvious injuries to either girl." Investigators believe Cruse "used prescription medications and over the counter medications to sedate and overdose the children. There were visual signs from the victims indicative of an overdose." Detectives say a prescription pill was found near the girls' mouths. They also say there was a prescription pill bottle of oxycodone in the room. Investigators are waiting for toxicology results.

        Reward offered for ‘armed and dangerous (Black) man’ accused of shooting into car in July
    SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim ST. PAULS, N.C. (WBTW) — A reward is being offered as Robeson County authorities continue to look for an “armed and dangerous man” accused of shooting into an occupied car in July in St. Pauls.

    Daquan McNair, 26, whose last known address is on E. Armfield Street in St. Pauls, allegedly shot into the vehicle at the BP gas station, also known as the Happy Mart, in St. Pauls. It happened on July 25. Another man charged in the shooting, Waltay Jackson, 19, turned himself in to authorities in August. WaltayJackson.jpg

    St. Pauls Crime Stoppers is offering the reward, according to a post on the St. Pauls police Facebook page. Anyone with information is asked to 910-865-7477. In order to collect the reward, the information must be called into this number, police said.

    2 Robeson County men accused of shooting into car at gas station in July wanted on new charges – Florence, South Carolina
    (4 weeks ago)

        (Black) Houston murder defendant arrested in Montgomery County armed robbery case
    black suspect chicken thief A man charged with murder in Harris County was apprehended last week in south Montgomery County for allegedly committing armed robbery in a case that also led to the arrest of three others and the recovery of drugs, firearms and several thousand dollars in cash.

    Richard Farrell Nolan Jr., 22, of Houston, is being charged with aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony, according to Montgomery County Jail records. As of Tuesday evening, Nolan was being held at the Montgomery County Jail in Conroe.

    At about 2:15 p.m. Sept. 8, Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a robbery in progress involving two men with handguns entering an apartment at the Camden Spring Apartments at 301 Pruitt in Spring, according to the agency.

    After a pursuit on foot, deputies checking the area detained Nolan, who matched a description yielded from surveillance camera footage reviewed by the officers. The second male was not found, according to the sheriff’s office.

    Nolan’s murder charge stems from an April 13, 2019 incident where he and two other men allegedly pulled a man from the shower at a house in northwest Houston’s Acres Homes subdivision. Nolan and one of the other two men shot the man dead in the living room in front of his nephew, according to a Houston Chronicle story from the time.

      The Bobster reports on crime-ridden New York and Philly
    The Bobster
    Death of (black) 4-year-old boy in Brooklyn home ruled homicide: cops The death of a 4-year-old boy in his Brooklyn home over the weekend has been ruled a homicide — the city’s third child abuse-related death in a week, authorities said early Wednesday.

    Student slashed in face at Bronx high school

    Virginia high school teacher says making kids behave in class is ‘white supremacy’ A Virginia high school teacher is under fire for calling efforts to make kids behave in class “the definition of white supremacy.”

    Violent Crime In Philadelphia Leveling Off, Arrests On Rise, City Leaders Say

    Nxivm slave master Allison Mack heads to federal prison 2 weeks early

    Christopher Columbus Statue At Penn’s Landing Staying Put Following Lawsuit Settlement

    Police: 1-Year-Old Girl Administered Naloxone After Falling Unresponsive Inside North Philadelphia Dunkin’

    New York City - Racial Demographics - BLACK 13% + Spanic 25% + Asian 11% = 49%

    Philadelphia (PA) - Racial Demographics - BLACK 42% + Spanic 12% + Asian 6% = 60%



    Illegal alien Border migrants refuse to wear masks or social distance
    invasion invasion invasion invasion Illegal immigrants refuse to social distance or wear masks and can’t be kept in quarantine even if they do contract the coronavirus, the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general said in a report Wednesday that undercuts many of the Biden administration’s claims.

    The audit said the policies established by Customs and Border Protection to handle the surge of migrant families is “not effective” because it relies on communities that don’t have the power to impose a quarantine even if an individual does test positive.

    And the Biden administration is making less use of a pandemic border expulsion tool, which has led to “increased risk for CBP personnel, migrants in custody and local communities” from the virus, the inspector general said.

    U.S. authorities along the southern border stopped migrants 209,000 times in August


    Mongol invasion of Europe

    The Golden Horde and the Mongol Mission to Conquer Europe

    How Poles and Hungarians Turned Back the Mongol Horde and Saved Europe

        HISPANIC Texas Man Attacked Couple, Killed a Lawyer
    (allegedly) Because Victims Voted for Biden and Mocked Trump

    A Texas man was arrested earlier this week for allegedly murdering a woman and shooting her husband because the couple voted for President Joe Biden and mocked ex-President Donald Trump.

    Joseph Angel Alvarez, 38, stands accused of murder and aggravated assault over the fatal attack on the night of Nov. 14, 2020, that left 50-year-old Georgette G. Kaufmann dead and her husband, 47-year-old Daniel L. Kaufmann, wounded after being shot at five times.

    According to a complaint obtained by local CBS affiliate KBDC, the couple appears to have been targeted, in part, due to visible support for the 2020 Democratic Party nominee; the Kaufmanns had a pro-Biden “flag and a doll of Trump hanging” in their front yard.

        'Essentially child pornography': Ohio mayor asks school board to resign over racy writing assignments


    Virginia Tech professor apologizes for being White, straight cisgendered female


    Bans on chokeholds for federal officers latest in nationwide push to hold police to a 'higher standard'
     (CNN)The Justice Department announcement Tuesday that federal law enforcement officers will be banned from using neck restraints during arrests and using no-knock entries while executing warrants except in rare cases is part of an ongoing focus on police accountability at local, state and federal levels.


    'WRETCHED REFUSE' AND MUSIM TERRORIST (Got-Aways) that sneer at Biden's 'Better Border'

    Border Patrol find 2 year-old, 3-month-old siblings abandoned in Rio Grande
    Border Patrol agents on Tuesday rescued two small children abandoned along the Rio Grande River, including a 3-month-old in an infant carrier – the latest instance of child abandonment at the southern border.

    In a statement, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said the 2-year-old girl and 3-month-old boy, both Honduran nationals, are siblings and were found abandoned along the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass.

    ‘Got-Aways’ at the Border - Why the mass migration crisis is more severe than official reporting suggests


    If they had crossed the broken border they would have become child prostitutes.

    (lucky for them that they were discarded rather than become child sex slaves)

    We all know that Biden loves little children....

        Florida Police Praise 'Brave' K-9 Officers Who Took Bullets Meant for Deputies During Carjacking
    black suspect wounded victim Ax K9 wounded victim Endo K9 Two Florida K-9 officers are being praised for their "brave" service after taking bullets that were meant for deputies during a carjacking that ended in a shootout, according to police.

    Police later tracked down the stolen vehicle, but the suspect — a man identified as 21-year-old Shedrick Singleton Jr. — allegedly fled the vehicle, running into a wooded area to hide...

    Officials state that after being located by law enforcement overhead and tracked down by Deputy A.J. Davis and K-9 Ax after 2 a.m., Singleton appeared from the bushes and allegedly opened fire, shooting Ax in the face. Singleton then continued into the woods, police claim.

    After the VSO SWAT team, drone operators, and additional law enforcement arrived at the scene, gunfire was allegedly exchanged between police and Singleton before the suspect was taken down with multiple gunshot wounds, according to the Sheriff's Office. K-9 Endo sustained injuries during the shootout, police said.

    "K-9 Endo was shot during the exchange and rushed from the scene for treatment as additional units moved in to treat Singleton's wounds," the release stated.

      Dark Demonic 'Anonymous' ('legedly) leaks gigabytes of data from alt-right web host Epik
     Hacktivist collective Anonymous claims to have obtained gigabytes of data from Epik, which provides domain name, hosting, and DNS services for a variety of clients.
    These include the Texas GOP, Gab, Parler, and 8chan, among other right-wing sites. The stolen data has been released as a torrent. The hacktivist collective says that the data set, which is over 180GB in size, contains a "decade's worth of data from the company."

    Anonymous says the data set is "all that's needed to trace actual ownership and management of the fascist side of the Internet that has eluded researchers, activists, and, well, just about everybody." If this information is correct, Epik's customers' data and identities could now fall into the hands of activists, researchers, and just about anyone curious enough to take a peek.

    Epik is a domain registrar and web services provider known to serve right-wing clients, some of which have been turned down by more mainstream Techno-FASCIST and fellow-traveling IT providers

    What is a "Torrent" of data?

    Hackers steal 'decade's worth of data' from far-right webhost Epik - report

    EAnonymous says it will release massive trove of secrets from far-right web host

    Anonymous claims to have stolen "a decade's worth of data" from Epik, a webhost favored by the far-right

    Anonymous Claims to Have Stolen Huge Trove of Data From Epik, the Right-Wing’s Favorite Web Host

    Traitor Biden backs his top SIX-SIX-SIX STAR GENERAL 'SMILEY' MILLEY!

      Trump: ‘Nutjob’ Milley never told me of calls to Chinese general
    Nutjob 'Smiley' Milley Nutjob 'Smiley' Milley “The only reason Biden will not fire or court-martial Milley,” the former president concluded, “is because he doesn’t want him spilling the dirty secrets on Biden’s deadly disaster in Afghanistan.”

    President Biden stood behind America’s top-ranking military officer Wednesday, telling reporters that he had “great confidence in General Milley” while press secretary Jen Psaki said the president had “complete confidence in Milley’s “leadership, his patriotism and his fidelity to our Constitution.”

    Trump picks Gen. Mark Milley as next top military adviser - By The Associated Press December 8, 2018

      Man defecates in supermarket freezer before (black) woman gets it on her hands
    as she reaches for a bag of pizza rolls

    **********       14 September 2021       **********

    BLACK killer WHITE VICTIMs TWIGGS COUNTY, Ga. -- Twiggs County authorities are releasing new details about the suspect in custody for the murders of a couple in Twiggs County over the weekend.

    Investigators found a vehicle on Vinson Avenue in Macon on Monday around 3 p.m. that matched information on a vehicle seen near the victims' home the morning of Friday, September 10. The investigators made contact with the vehicle owner -- Rowland -- and noticed that he matched the description of the suspect seen in surveillance footage from the victims' back porch.

    They detained Rowland and secured search warrants for his home and vehicle. Investigators said a search turned up evidence that linked Rowland to the murders. The couple -- 70-year-old Fred White and 65-year-old Peggy White -- were found dead near their home the morning of Saturday, September 11.

    Twiggs County Sheriff Darren Mitchum said in a press conference on Monday that investigators believed the murders to be an intentional, isolated incident with the aim of burglarizing the Whites' home. Mitchum said the suspect took money and guns. The Twiggs County Sheriff's Office said Charles Rowland was booked into the Twiggs County Jail on Monday for:
    Malice murder (two counts)
    Felony murder (two counts)
    Aggravated assault (two counts)

    Authorities said Rowland will also be charged with two counts of kidnapping, two counts of false imprisonment, theft by taking (felony), and criminal trespass. More charges may be forthcoming.

    OBITUARY for ELDERLY WHITE COUPLE 'Our whole community is heartbroken': Family, friends mourn loss of Twiggs County couple
    WHITE VICTIMs Fred and Peggy married in 1972 and lived in Twiggs County for more than 20 years. They have two children, five grandkids, and three great-grandkids.
    Family friend Danielle Cheshire says the two were well-known and loved by many.

    “Some of the best people you'll ever meet in your life. They would literally, and I mean this, they would literally give you the shirt off their back if you asked for it,” said Cheshire.

    According to the White family, the couple owned Fred White Construction on Pam Court in Macon. They say it’s a successful business that opened 30 years ago.

    The family says the couple attended Bridges of Hope and Restoration Church in Macon. Their hobbies included hunting and fishing.

    MORE: (black) Macon 'man' arrested for double homicide in Twiggs County

    [NNN forum thread posted by voiceofreason:]  White couple, 70 & 65 shot to death during burglary in their Twiggs Co, GA home by negro
    Forum member


    Bible   Deliver me, O LORD, from the evil man: preserve me from the violent man;”

        BLACK-ON-WHITE: One Dead, One Wounded, (black) Charged in Covington Shootings
    BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM wounded victim A man is dead and a woman is wounded after a shooting on Sunday morning in Covington. Now an 18-year old 'man' is charged with murder.

    It happened just before 11 a.m. Sunday on the 3100 block of Rosina Ave. in Latonia. Covington Police were dispatched to the scene of a reported shooting and found a man and woman suffering from gunshot wounds.

    Michael Bishop, 29, was shot several times in the chest, police said. He died at the scene. Alisha Haywood, 33, was shot in the leg and transported to University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Police said that she is in critical condition but is expected to survive.

    The suspect was identified as Keyshawn McCoy, 18, of Covington, who was located a short time after the shooting and transported to Covington Police Headquarters. McCoy was later booked at the Kenton County Detention Center and charged with murder and first degree assault. He was scheduled to be arraigned on Monday morning.

    OBITUARY for VICTIM Michael Bishop, age 29 - (gunmemorial)

    [NNN forum thread posted by voiceofreason:]  Covington, KY WM. 29 dead + WF, 33 critical after being shot by the colored boy
    Forum member


        BLACK-ON-WHITE: (white) female Grand Forks Shooting Victim Identified, Charges Upgraded to Murder
    Black suspect has an AFRICAN name - is he a Muslim Somali migrant from George Floyd Land?

    BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM GRAND FORKS, N.D. (KVRR) — The victim of a weekend shooting in Grand Forks is identified as charges against the suspect are upgraded to murder.

    Police say 26-year-old Ahmed Abdullahi shot and killed 28-year-old Megan Gustafson during an argument. They responded to a 911 call about a suspicious person in the 1300 block of 8th Avenue North around 1:30 Sunday morning.

    Police say Abdullahi was arguing with Gustafson inside a house when they heard a gunshot. She fled the house, fell to the ground and was later pronounced dead at Altru Hospital. Investigators believe they "knew" each other.
    If convicted, Abdullahi faces up to life in prison.

    OBITUARY for VICTIM Megan Gustafson, age 28 - (gunmemorial)

    Abdullahi Surname - Most prevalent in Nigeria - Highest density in SOMALIA


    Round em up - ship em out!   -----   SEND THEM ALL BACK!

    [NNN forum thread posted by voiceofreason:] 
    Grand Forks, ND kwops believe de white wimman knew de jigro dat shot her deaf during argument in love nest
    Forum member

    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

        What if Megan's Swedish great-grandfather never migrated to America?

    The victim in the above story was a white female of Swedish descent
    - many Swedes migrated to this area in the 1800's.

    Swedish Immigration to Minnesota
    Over a quarter of a million Swedes came to Minnesota between 1850 and 1930. Swedish migrants?

    Megan was born in 1993 (what 'generation' is that?)

    How Long is a Human Generation?

    The median year of the greatest Swedish migration to American is 1890.
    Megan's ancestors may have arrived in Minnesota a hundred years before she was born.
    So that's about three generations.

    What would Megan's great-grandfather have felt about his great-granddaughter being murdered by a BLACK MUSLIM MAN FROM AFRICA?

    Would he have decided to return to Sweden?

    In that alternate reality - his great-granddaughter might be raped and murdered
    by a swarthy black-bearded MUSLIM migrant from Afghanistan released by Biden without vetting.

    How many Africans in Sweden?
    As of 2018, there are 219,914 people in Sweden who were born in Africa.

    How many rapes and murders of Swedes by Muslim and/or Black African migrants?

    Eight out of 10 ‘stranger’ rapes in Sweden are carried out by migrants, with more than half of all rape convictions to foreigners, study reveals

      The Bobster reports on crime-ridden New York and Philly

    The Bobster 2 vulgar black-named women arrested for cursing, yelling at kids on JetBlue flight
    Two Connecticut woman were arrested after they flipped out on two young kids who bothered them on a JetBlue flight into the Constitution State on Sunday, police said.

    Kaylene Thalia Valentin, 21, and Desiree Elizabeth Goffe, 23, allegedly spewed vulgarities at a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old who tapped and kicked their seats on the flight into Bradley International Airport, state troopers said in an arrest report.

    “Goffe and Valentin responded inappropriately by directly yelling and cursing at the children, causing the passengers on the plane to be nervous and the kids and parents to be scared,” the report stated. “Goffe and Valentin cursed and used vulgar words towards the children and parents, and multiple passengers approached responding Troopers once they deplaned.”

    Violent motorcycle gang carjacks NYC BMW driver
    monkey on motorcycle monkey on motorcycle monkey on motorcycle It would be a pretty safe bet that the 'suspooks' are part of a rat pack of worthless fatherless societally superfluous urban monkeys.

    (AFRO-sporting, short 5'4" (a midget?), dark) Attacker stabs man, tries to grab backpack in Bronx subway fight: cops
    black stabber black midget black midget ...the suspect displayed a knife and stabbed the victim in the chest and stomach.

    The victim was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital, initially in critical condition, but he has since stabilized.
    The assailant is described as about 5 feet 4 with a dark complexion and short black afro, last seen wearing a black leather jacket, a black T-shirt and black pants.

    Now the short dark suspect bears a STRIKING resemblance to a famous African-merican
    midget (dwarf, 'little-person') by the name of Tony Cox - perhaps this is an off-spring of some
    very 'brief' affair during his notoriety :)

    NYPD hunts man accused of fatally shooting pregnant ex-girlfriend after her baby shower
    black suspect
    Police on Tuesday released a photograph of a man wanted for allegedly shooting and killing a pregnant woman in Harlem over the weekend.

    Justin Soriano, 40, shot Shanice Young, 31, at West 128th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard around 1 a.m. Sunday, hours after her baby shower wrapped up, cops said.

    Soriano, the victim’s former boyfriend, was chasing around her current boyfriend with a gun before he targeted her, shooting her in the head, according to police.

    Young was taken to Harlem Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Her unborn baby didn’t survive, cops said.

    BLACK Attacker allegedly swipes man’s bag, pummels him in Bronx subway station
    nword suspect The victim suffered facial fractures and was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital in stable condition.

    The 'suspect' is described as having a dark complexion, and is about 6 feet tall and 30 years old, weighing 200 pounds, with a thin build, full beard and braided hair.

    New York City - Racial Demographics - BLACK 13% + Spanic 25% + Asian 11% = 49%

    Philadelphia (PA) - Racial Demographics - BLACK 42% + Spanic 12% + Asian 6% = 60%

        Study: ERs in New England hospital system restrain Black kids more than White kids
    African Sept. 13 (UPI) -- Black children and teens were 80% more likely than their White peers to be physically restrained in a New England hospital system's emergency rooms due to behavioral concerns, according to a study published Monday by JAMA Pediatrics. Over an eight-year period, Black patients accounted for nearly 40% of young patients for whom restraints were used in the ER at the hospital system, the data showed.

    In comparison, White patients made up just under 38% and Hispanic patients accounted for 19%. Sixty-two percent of the national population is White, while 17% is Hispanic and 13% is Black, according to the U.S. census.

    [NNN forum thread posted by Dano637:]  Is anyone surprised? Forum poster

      "Breaking" Mass Media News Headlines - in "Retro Drudge" format
    Transgender professor ordered reinstated with tenure at university in Oklahoma by federal court

    Miss Ireland 2021: First black winner 'proud' of crown
    You may have heard about the "BLACK IRISH"....

    Schools facing critical race theory battles are diversifying rapidly, analysis finds

    The CDC Just Made an Orwellian Change to the Definition of ‘Vaccine’ and ‘Vaccination’

    (BLACK) George Floyd protester who fired at Minneapolis cops acquitted



    Trump accuses Gen Mark Milley of TREASON after book claims America's top military officer secretly told his Chinese counterpart he would warn him if US was about to go to war with China

    Former President Trump on Tuesday said the United States' top military officer was guilty of treason if he went behind his back and promised to warn China of an impending attack.

    He was responding to bombshell revelations in a new book claiming that Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, twice called his Chinese counterpart last year over concerns that then President Trump was ready to go to war.

    'If it is actually true - which is hard to believe that he would have called China, and done these things and was willing to advise them of an attack or in advance of an attack - that's treason,' said Trump during an interview with Sean Spicer on Newsmax TV.

    Excerpts from 'Peril,' by journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, were published on Tuesday suggesting Milley feared Trump would launch a war in the wake of November's election defeat to Joe Biden.

    Milley sought to assure Gen. Li Zuocheng of the People's Liberation Army that the U.S. was not about to launch strikes in the calls.

    In one call he said he would use backchannels to alert his counterpart if an attack were imminent.

    The deadlines triggered a wave of condemnation from Republicans who demanded Milley's resignation and accusations of treason.

    An angry Trump dismissed the claims and said Milley was trying to distract from his own role in Afghanistan.

    'I think he's trying to just get out of his incompetent withdrawal out of Afghanistan, the worst, the dumbest thing that anybody's seen ... probably the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to our country,' he said.

    Trump says Milley committed ‘TREASON’ if he talked to Chinese military

    Trump, top Republicans call for Gen. Mark Milley’s ouster over China report

    **********       13 September 2021       **********

        BLACK-ON-WHITE: NWORD mugger snatches purse and Bible from 77-year-old (white) woman in NYC
    BLACK SUSPECT A callous mugger violently snatched a purse and Bible from a 77-year-old woman on a Queens sidewalk on Sunday, police said. The thief hit the woman in the face and stole her possessions on 36th Avenue near 21st Street in Astoria at about noon, cops said.

    Surveillance video of the robbery shows the man aggressively tugging at the woman’s bag until he rips it free. The woman suffered cuts to her hands and was evaluated on scene by EMS, but refused additional medical attention, police said.

    The suspect ran off after the mugging, heading eastbound on 35th Avenue, cops said. He was still on the loose as of late Monday.

        (Black) Missouri man (named 'MASTER') arrested after Secaucus police locate loaded handgun
    BAD, BAD COP! black suspect A Missouri man was arrested by the Secaucus Police Department’s Anti-Crime Unit after a loaded handgun was found in his vehicle, authorities said. Members of the anti-crime unit were in the area of the Extended Stay Hotel at 1 Meadowlands Parkway on Friday at 5:58 p.m. when they observed a vehicle with fictitious license plates in the parking lot, Police Chief Dennis Miller said.

    While speaking with the driver, detectives saw a handgun in the driver’s side door pocket of the vehicle, within the driver’s immediate reach. 'Master' Jules Summerville, 27, was arrested for possession a loaded Sig Sauer 9mm handgun, Miller said. Police found that there one round in the chamber and a 14-round magazine, which is illegal in New Jersey. Police also seized a .40 caliber high-capacity magazine for a different handgun, along with additional handgun ammunition.

    “This gun arrest gives credence to how a proactive approach to policing will continue to impede illegal firearms possession,” Miller said. “The Secaucus Police Department will continue to focus its efforts and commit resources to thwart criminal activity at our problematic hotels.” Summerville, was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, two counts of possession of a high capacity magazine and unlawful possession of handgun ammunition, Miller said. He was taken to Hudson County jail.

    [Now if this was an honest law-abiding White Citizen
    then his Constitutional Rights were violated by a dictatorial Police State]

    Second Amendment A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,
    the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

    * "MASTER" * Stupid Negro Names
    (sounds black SUPREMACIST to me :)

    But, as the Beloved Constitution of the late 'United States' has been 'CANCELLED'
    by a slimy pack of 'deep state' politicians, banksters and evil globalists
    and the alleged descendents of the antebellum 'slaves' have became the arrogant 'masters'...

    ...all the historical fallout from the bloody and tragic INSURECTION by a cabal of Northern Abolishionists
    led by DICTATOR ABRAHAM LINCOLN in the War of Northern Aggresion.

    Note: Queer and ruthless Dictator Lincoln issued executive orders that raped the Constitution including suspending the Citizens Right of Habeus Corpus, he, like other radical communists, expropriated the private property of thousands of Confederate Citizens by 'freeing the slaves'.

    So it has been a long road downhill from Lincoln and others influenced by dark powers - Woodrow Wilson to 'Comrade FDR' Roosevelt to Johnson to Bush to Clinton to the other Bush to the mixed-race African Obama and finally to BENEDICT BIDEN....

    "The 'SLAVES' have become the 'MASTERS'!" - NNN Editor

        (white)Aunt, (black) uncle of 15-year-old charged with his death in Baltimore
    black suspect BALTIMORE — The aunt and uncle of a 15-year-old boy have been arrested and charged in connection to his death earlier this year. Hezekiah Pettiford died at a hospital on January 28. Doctors were suspicious that Pettiford had been abused when he showed up at the hospital, two days earlier.

    On March 17, the Medical Examiner ruled his death a homicide by blunt force trauma. A investigation led police to 32 year-old Stefanie Colon and 44 year-old Dion Ball Sr.

    Police released no details on what may have led to the killing. Both were arrested September 10 on murder charges.
    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

        (Black) Man charged with murder in fatal December shooting in East Garfield Park
    black suspect black suspect Rayvon Lofton, 19, is charged in the Dec. 22 slaying of 20-year-old Jim Courtney-Clarks, police said. In June, Jerryyon Stevens also had been charged with murder in the case. He’s accused of driving two gunmen to the shooting scene. A man is accused of fatally shooting another man last December in East Garfield Park.

    Rayvon Lofton, 19, is the second man charged with murder in the Dec. 22 slaying of 20-year-old Jim Courtney-Clarks, Chicago police said. Courtney-Clarks was in the 700 block of North Ridgeway Avenue about 12:45 p.m. that day when he was shot in the chest, police said. He died at Stroger Hospital. Lofton was arrested Sept. 9 in the Loop after allegedly being identified as one of the attackers, police said.

    He was denied ball during his initial court hearing Saturday, records show. His next court date was set for Sept. 20. In June, another man also was charged in the case. Jerryyon Stevens is accused of driving a stolen Honda to the scene of the shooting. There, according to prosecutors, two members of the Traveling Vice Lords got out of the Honda and opened fire at Courtney-Clarks and another man as they walked on the sidewalk.

    Stevens, 21, was once featured in a Chicago Magazine profile when he was a teenager. He faces a count of first-degree murd1er for the apparent gang-related attack on Courtney-Clarks. Investigators used surveillance camera footage and cellphone records to track Stevens and the two gunmen. Stevens’ face and distinctive clothing was recorded by a camera at a convenience store where Stevens met up with the gunmen before the shooting, DeBoni said at a court hearing in June.

    Stevens was also identified by a Chicago police officer who viewed the surveillance footage and recognized him, DeBoni said. Stevens was the subject of a lengthy 2016 profile story in Chicago Magazine that detailed his dreams and the hardships he faced growing up on the West Side. He was working at a family business and for a moving company to support his young daughter before his arrest, an assistant public defender said at that June hearing.

        (Black) 'celebrity' ex-signer 'R. Kelly' sexually abused Aaliyah when she only was 13 or 14
    SUSPECT-NAME R. Kelly sexually abused late singer Aaliyah when she was in her early teens, an accuser testified in Brooklyn court on Monday. The accuser, a backup dancer for Kelly referred to as “Angela,” said she walked in on the disgraced pop star giving oral sex to Aaliyah in 1992 or 1993 – when Aaliyah would’ve been 13 or 14, Vulture reported.

    Angela said she and another girl went toward Kelly’s bedroom in the back of a tour bus with the goal of performing a prank and cracked open the door. “I saw Robert and Aaliyah in a sexual situation,” Angela said, according to Vulture. “It appeared he has his head in between her legs and was giving her oral sex.”

        (Black) Hartsville, SC negro lied about assault, racial slur by officer after being robbed in drug deal
    black suspect HARTSVILLE, S.C. (WBTW) — A man is accused of lying about a Hartsville officer assaulting him with a shotgun and calling him a racial slur because he wanted money after being robbed in a drug deal, according to a report and warrant obtained by News13. Joseph Latrell Lewis McFadden, of Hartsville, was arrested Saturday and charged with felony filing a false police report after an investigation by Internal Affairs determined he made up the story.

    On Aug. 17, McFadden filed a report and an Internal Affairs complaint accusing an officer of misconduct in office, assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, and pointing a firearm at a person, according to the warrant. The investigations checked security footage at the date, time, and location of the accusation by McFadden and footage showed the incident never happened. McFadden accused the officer of knocking him to the ground and pointing a shotgun at his head while calling him a racial slur.

    After the investigation, McFadden allegedly admitted he lied during a follow-up interview. Police said McFadden was trying to buy marijuana from an unknown person on Aug. 17 and was robbed at gunpoint. McFadden said his money, jewelry and hoverboard were stolen. McFadden admitted there was never any Hartsville Police Department officer involved in criminal activity against him.

    McFadden said he made the allegations against the officer because “he had lost his money and jewelry and needed a way to basically reimburse himself for the value of the loss.” McFadden was released from W. Glenn Campbell Detention Center on a $10,000 personal recognizance bond.

    * "Joseph Latrell Lewis McFadden" * Presumptuous pretentious 'uppity' Stupid Negro Names

    Well so much for whatever 'baby-momma' done named dis color'd chi'l..... was she living too close to a gaggle of illegal Mexicans so as get this idea for a promising boy?

    Why is it that so many Mexicans need FOUR NAMES?
    - Are too many named 'Jesus', Jorge, Juan, José, Javier, Joaquin to sort them out????
    Naming customs of Hispanic America

    [NNN forum post by voiceofreason]  Hartsville, SC negro lied about assault, racial slur by officer after being robbed in drug deal
    Forum poster

        (UNKNOWN 'aspiring') NYC rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie arrested in London before festival performance
    black suspect Bronx-born rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie was forced to cancel his appearance at a UK festival Saturday after he was arrested by police in London for an incident that allegedly occurred two years ago.

    Its not clear what the hip hop star was accused of, but he confirmed that he was taken into custody when he took to Instagram to apologize to his fans for the canceled appearance.

    [NNN forum post by The Bobster]  NYC rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie arrested in London before festival performance
    Forum poster


        New York City - shootings overnight

    Chicago - shootings overnight

    At least 64 people were shot, 7 of them fatally, in weekend gun violence in Chicago. 9 juveniles were among the wounded

    Philadelphia shootings overnight

    Gunfire kills 3 in Philadelphia; 12 others shot, stabbed

        QUEER FAGGOT TRANSGENDERED "Militia leader "mastermind" of 2017 Minnesota mosque bombing, gets 53 years
    ST. PAUL, Minn. — The leader of an Illinois anti-government militia group who authorities say masterminded the 2017 bombing of a Minnesota mosque was sentenced Monday to 53 years in prison on several civil rights and hate crimes for the attack, which left a community terrified.

    "Emily Claire" Hari, (a TRANSGENDERED 'wasman') who was previously known as Michael Hari and recently said she?-it is transgender, faced a mandatory minimum of 30 years in prison for the attack on Dar al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington. Defense attorneys asked for the minimum, but prosecutors sought a life sentence, saying Hari hasn't taken responsibility for the attack. Victims also asked for a life sentence for Hari.

    Impeach traitorous criminal incompetent falsely elected Benedict Biden

    REPORT: Interpreters Still in Afghanistan Are ‘Gone,’ Already ‘Being Executed’;
    Afghan War Vet Scolds Blinken in Heated Exchange for Deceiving Nation; Biden Offers Welfare, Quick U.S. Citizenship To Unvetted Afghans

    Biden droned the wrong guy, innocent aid worker killed in Kabul strike: NYT

    Family of U.S. Hostage Held by Taliban Calls for Envoy's Firing
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The family of Mark Frerichs on Monday urged U.S. 'President' Joe Biden to fire his chief Afghanistan peace negotiator, charging that the envoy has done little to win the release of the last American believed to be held hostage by the Taliban.

    Rep. Brian Mast Shows 13 Killed In Kabul: Families Deserve To Know "If The Intelligence Was Manipulated"

    White House (puppeteers) livestream cuts Biden mid-sentence as he goes off script

        Capitol Police bracing for 'Justice for J6' rally in support of Jan. 6 alleged rioters

        NFL playing Black national anthem is ‘segregation,’ Bill Maher says: ‘We should have one’ anthem - not a BLACK one and a (non-black) one

      Tierny REAL News Network Updates - Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....

    Apple is warning users to update their devices as soon as possible after it fixed a major spyware flaw.

    The company has released emergency software updates in iOS 14.8 after learning of a vulnerability
    that let hackers break into Apple devices without users even clicking a link, the New York Times reports.

    "Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited," the company said on its website Monday.

      Why is carrying around an Apple iPhone with you everywhere
    not really much different from WEARING AN ANKLE MONITOR
    and not altogether too disimular to having an RFID CHIP IMPLANTED
    under your skin?

    Ankle Monitor

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