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    (Black) Convicted Serial Killer Facing New Charges in Strangling Death of New Jersey Teen
black suspect victim victim name A New Jersey serial killer already serving 160 years in prison for the 2016 murders of three women is now accused of killing a fourth person, PEOPLE learns. A statement from the Essex County Prosecutors' Office confirms Khalil A. Wheeler-Weaver, 24, was formally charged on Thursday with murdering 15-year-old Mawa Doumbia. (from MALI)

According to the statement, Doumbia had been reported missing in late 2016 โ€” the same year that Wheeler-Weaver lured Sarah Butler, 20, Robin West, 19, and Joanne Brown, 33, to their brutal deaths using various online dating apps.

The three women were kidnapped, raped, and tortured by Wheeler-Weaver, jurors concluded in 2019, finding him guilty of all three murders as well as the attempted murder of a fourth woman, who managed to escape the serial killer's clutches in 2016.

Years later, that woman testified against Wheeler-Weaver during his criminal trial. According to investigators, the last time Doumbia was seen alive was on Oct. 7, 2016, as she was leaving her family's Newark home.


suspect suspect suspect In the eight child-porn cases that came before her court, former D.C. District Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson heard horrifying details of โ€œsadomasochisticโ€ torture of young kids โ€” including โ€œinfants and toddlersโ€ โ€” yet challenged the disturbing evidence presented by prosecutors and disregarded their prison recommendations to give the lightest possible punishments in each case, according to transcripts of sentencing hearings obtained by the Post.

    BLACK LITTLE-GIRL RAPIST nabbed for assault after lax sentence from Biden't Aunt Jemima Ketanji Brown Jackson

suspect suspect suspect suspect Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson doled out a lenient sentence to a child rapist for violating probation โ€” and he allegedly struck again during the time when prosecutors wanted him locked up, The Post has learned.

The Biden nomineeโ€™s handling of sex offender Leo Weekesโ€™ case emerged in a tranche of court filings and transcripts sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee Friday โ€” just days before the panel is set to vote on whether to report her nomination to the full Senate.

While Republicans have previously highlighted Jacksonโ€™s practice of giving the lightest possible punishments in child pornography cases, the Weekes case throws into question her treatment of rapists, as well.

โ€œThis case is yet another example of information coming to light after the nomination hearing concluded because of the Democratsโ€™ rushed vetting process,โ€ a Republican Judiciary Committee aide told The Post Saturday. In 2010, Weekes was convicted in DC Superior Court of raping his 13-year-old niece four years earlier. He was sentenced to 16 months in jail and four years of supervised probation and was required to register as a sex offender for the next decade, according to records obtained by The Post.

[NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
Forum poster

    (Black) Bronx teen arrested in Brooklyn murder
black suspect A Bronx teenager was charged with murder Friday in connection with a January Brooklyn shooting. Kendu Skeen, 18, of Wakefield was arrested for killing Ahmad Perkins, 45, in a broad daylight attack in front of a Crown Heights apartment building on Jan. 31, police said.

Skeen allegedly shot Perkins in the head. He was charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon, according to the NYPD.

2019: Kendu Skeen, 15, Missing!

Now just a few years ago, Kendu Skeen graduated (from the 6th grade?)
now he will have a harder time being promoted into the black socialist supremacist ruling class...


(Black) Hopkins man guilty in conspiracy to sell drugs online that resulted in 11 fatal overdoses, including U professor
black suspect A jury has found a Hopkins man guilty on 17 counts related to a conspiracy to sell illegal drugs online that resulted in the overdose deaths of 11 people, including a University of Minnesota professor, in 2016.

Over the past week and a half, prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney's Office have described to a jury how 31-year-old Aaron Broussard started a business from his studio apartment buying chemicals from a lab in China and selling them disguised as plant food. In 2016, at least 16 people overdosed on a mixture containing 99% pure fentanyl, believing they were taking a knock-off of Adderall called F-4A, leading to their deaths or serious injuries.

"Aaron Broussard was a black-market drug dealer," said Andrew Luger, Minnesota's newly sworn-in U.S. Attorney. "Concerned only with his profits, Broussard sold illegal, dangerous drugs over the internet. The defendant's deadly fentanyl killed eleven young, healthy, and vibrant victims, and caused serious bodily harm to at least four others. Even after Broussard found out his customers were overdosing, he callously continued to ship out deadly drugs."

The jury deliberated for less than one full day before convicting Broussard on all charges, including conspiracy and multiple counts of distribution of fentanyl resulting in bodily injury or death.

"The evidence is overwhelming," Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Hollenhorst told the jury during closing arguments in St. Paul's federal courthouse Wednesday. The prosecutor showed the jury photographs of the victims, which included Jason Beddow, a 41-year-old agricultural economist found dead in his office at the University of Minnesota on April 14, 2016.
Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    (Black) Portland rioter who threw Molotov cocktails at police sentenced to 10 years in prison
suspect An Indiana man has been sentenced to ten years in prison for participating in a riot in Portland, Oregon in 2020 during which he threw Molotov cocktails at police officers.

Malik Muhammed pleaded guilty this week to 14 felony charges related to the Portland rioting and will have to pay $200,000 in restitution along with serving 10 years in prison, according to a statement from Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt.

โ€œOn September 5, 2020, Muhammed constructed multiple Molotov cocktails. He then brought those explosive devices, along with baseball bats, to a planned protest event that evening at the East Portland Police Precinct Building,โ€ Schmidtโ€™s statement said. โ€œDuring the event, Muhammed handed out the bats and threw multiple explosive devices in the direction of police officers. One of those devices landed short and caused a fiery explosion which engulfed a fellow protester in flames, causing severe injuries to that personโ€™s legs.โ€

Muhammed took part in three more violent protests and threw a lit Molotov cocktail at Portland police officers on two of the occasions including one incident where the โ€œexplosive device caused a fiery explosion which narrowly missed multiple officers and caught the clothing of one of the officers on fire.โ€

An update on this infamous 2020 scene from Portland in which a Molotov cocktail set this protester's feet on fire: Tonight, prosecutors say Malik Muhammed is getting 10 years in prison, accused of throwing that Molotov and others at police.pic.twitter.com/hLZgN1jD3y

โ€” Mike Baker (@ByMikeBaker) March 30, 2022 In another one of the incidents, Muhammed used a baton to smash windows at several different locations in downtown Portland and was observed by police officers attempting to hide a loaded firearm. Muhammedโ€™s charges include assault in the second degree, rioting, attempted murder 2, criminal mischief, unlawful possession of a destructive device, and unlawful possession of a firearm.

    BRAINWASHED americans have been able to discuss and even argue about sports without getting violent.
Most of professional sports have been taken over by black african descendents.
Black african descendents excel at certain sports because of their racial differences.
Many amereicans have been brainwashed into worshipping black bodies of black sports demi-gods.

This prior brainwashing fed into the unholy worship of black bodies after the FLOYD RIOTS.
Black athletes have become a commodity that many universities compete for.
Black athletes have a Black Priviledge that lets them get away with many rudenesses and even rape.

Here is a story about a woman that was raped by a black sports hero.

(Black) Browns' Deshaun Watson trade triggers past for sexual assault victims. I am one of them | Opinion
SUSPECT-NAME Note: This article includes a woman's description of a sexual assault. This may be difficult for some readers.

A decision by Dee and Jimmy Haslam has revived memories from nearly 47 years ago that I thought were safely locked away.

Since the Browns co-owners met with and traded for quarterback Deshaun Watson, I am among the sexual assault victims in Northeast Ohio and around the country who have had their past trauma triggered.

I have already written about the Browns being the epitome of hypocrisy for their pursuit of Watson. Even though Watson has been accused of sexual misconduct or sexual assault during massage appointments by 22 women who filed civil lawsuits, the Browns made Watson the face of their franchise with a record-shattering $230 million guaranteed contract.

    (Black) BLACK BASKETBALLER "Keyontae Johnson" accused of RAPE
SUSPECT-NAME Editorโ€™s note: This story contains accounts of sexual assault. If you or someone you know is a survivor of sexual assault, contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 or at https://www.rainn.org

Per Legacy-Cole, Gainesville Police have been investigating Keyontae Johnson for a month. The police listened to a phone call between Johnson and his accuser in which Johnson acknowledged having unprotected sex with her after she was intoxicated. He also said he had asked for her consent during the encounter, which reportedly occurred on February 26.

The accuser says she remembers laying down in Johnsonโ€™s apartment with him on top of her and Johnson asking her when she was most recently tested for STDs.

About a half hour later, Johnsonโ€™s accuser reportedly walked to the parking lot and began vomiting in the bushes and speaking incoherently. She was unable to stand on her own.

Johnsonโ€™s accuser told police that she woke up early the next morning and felt like she had intercourse. She contacted police on February 28 after undergoing a sexual assault exam.

Johnson and the accuser are classified as friends within the court records and had intercourse previously as recently as August. Since then, Johnson asked multiple times to have sex with her again, but the accuser declined and made it clear that she did not want to have an encounter with Johnson again.


invasion invasion invasion invasion

Vulnerable Democrats warn Biden about reopening asylum
Biden needs "asylum" - in a lunatic hostel...

When you are BLIND-DRUNK driving into 3 WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICAN University students on track team

wounded victim wounded victim Virginia police arrested a man suspected of driving into three members of the Milligan University track and field team, killing one on Thursday night.

Jose Hernandez Mancia, 26, allegedly struck and killed Milligan University sophomore Eli Cramer as the team practiced for an upcoming meet. He fled from the crash site in a red Toyota Scion, according to WDBJ.

Authorities took Mancia into custody after he crashed into a median on Route 199 near Williamsburg, Va. Mancia was charged with drunk driving, involuntary manslaughter, felony hit-and-run, reckless driving, and several other charges.

The school confirmed Cramer died from his injuries at Williamsburg Sentara Hospital. Cramer, 20, studied Business Administration and was a two-time All-American runner at Milligan University, a private Christian school located near Johnson City, Tenn.

โ€œWords cannot express the grief that flowed across this campus and throughout the Milligan family around the world when we heard the news that one of our own, sophomore Eli Cramer, had been killed,โ€ Milligan President Dr. Bill Greer said in a press conference. Milligan graduate student Alex Mortimer, 21, and senior Eli Baldy, 21, were injured in the crash.

Baldy was released from the hospital with a leg and foot injury. Mortimer suffered life-threatening injuries, according to the university. Mortimer, a Kentucky native, underwent two surgeries and was diagnosed with a broken fibula and dislocated shoulder. He also sustained bruised lungs and a possible concussion, according to Dr. Lee Harrison, Milligan Universityโ€™s Vice President for Marketing and Enrollment.


  DARK HISPANIC Gerardo Gutierrez Tennis coach accused of sexually assaulting 3 PRETEEN Bronx girls
An after-school tennis coach has been accused of sexually assaulting multiple young girls in the Bronx โ€” and the cops are asking the public what they know about the alleged sexual predator.

Gerardo Gutierrez was arrested Feb. 15 on a half-dozen underage sex abuse charges, but those charges swelled to 73 counts after a grand jury indicted the 30-year-old the next month, according to cops and court records.

Gutierrez, who was a coach with the New York Junior Tennis League afterschool program, allegedly sexually abused at least three girls under age 12 inside PS 100X between November 2019 and July 2021, according to police.

The Bronx District Attorneyโ€™s Office later accused the Bronx man of predatory sexual assault against a child in the more than six-dozen-count indictment that was handed up in mid-March, court records show.

  Illegal criminal alien invaders busted at the PRE-BIDEN BORDER with 76 invaders crammed inside truck
invasion invasion invasion invasion invasion

invasion invasion

  Illegal alien Child invaders sleep on US streets as border braces for fresh migrant wave
invasion invasion invasion invasion CHILD SEX TRAFFICKERS AND CHILD PIMPS SUPPORT Democrat Satanic Socialist OPEN BORDERS



- Contributions not Tax-deductible]

invasion invasion invasion invasion invasion invasion

invasion TAPACHULA, Mexico โ€” Some 500 migrants from Central America, Venezuela and elsewhere fought with Mexican police, National Guard and immigration officers in southern Mexico Friday in one of the first such marches this year.

The migrants described the march as a traditional annual protest related to Holy Week, and those at the front carried a white cross, as others have done in previous years.

However, this year the protest came two weeks early and some participants said they would go far beyond the usual short march and try to reach the U.S. border.

In a clash with National Guard officers and immigration agents, the migrants used the cross they were carrying as a battering ram to break through the Guard lines, shattering the wooden cross.

The officers, who had riot shields, batons and what appeared to be an irritant spray, detained some marchers. The two sides exchanged blows and many migrants left behind knapsacks in the melee.

Some managed to break through and disappear down dirt roads and paths, but many of the rest of the marchers took refuge in a church just a few miles outside of Tapachula.

    3 HISPANIC men sentenced in federal labor trafficking case in Southern Georgia ONE OF WHICH WAS A SATANIC WORSHIPPER OF Santa Muerte, or Saint Death.
Three of the Georgia men involved in running an international smuggling ring were sentenced to federal prison in the Southern District of Georgia.

They pleaded guilty to charges of forced labor and conspiracy. The cases resulted from the sprawling "Operation Blooming Onion" investigation into the abuse and exploitation of temporary agricultural workers through the H-2A visa program.

Javier Sanchez Mendoza Jr., 24, of Jesup pleaded guilty to conspiracy to engage in forced labor and was sentenced to 360 months in prison. Aurelio Medina, 42, of Brunswick, pleaded guilty to forced labor and was sentenced to 64 months in prison. Yordon Velazquez Victoria, 45, also of Brunswick, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and was sentenced to 15 months.

Sanchez admitted that he had recruited about 500 Central American workers to obtain H-2A visas and illegally charged them fees between August 2018 and November 2019. When the workers arrived he withheld their identification papers, threatened them, and forced them to work for low pay or no wages at all.

One woman, who had come as part of a work crew from Mexico, testified during the sentencing hearing that Sanchez brought her to live with him, threatening, intimidating and raping her. Barry L. Paschal, spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney's office said Sanchez took her documents and even had her sign papers that she believed meant they were married.

Later, Paschal said, Sanchez was arrested after chasing her and two other workers with a knife. After he got out of jail on bond, he found the woman, kidnapped her at knife point and brought her back.

Law enforcement found her in Sanchez's mobile home in Jesup, where they also discovered a shrine to Santa Muerte, or Saint Death. The shrine was decorated with the woman's hair and blood, and law enforcement say that Sanchez intended to murder the woman.

Tres acusados, una testigo y rituales a la Santa Muerte: asรญ develaron una red de trรกfico de inmigrantes

Velazquez grew up in Cuba, served in the Cuban military and was jailed on suspicion that he would defect to the U.S. He did, in fact, defect, spending 14 days at sea before arriving at Miami Beach.

Both Medina and Sanchez are Mexican citizens and are subject to deportation after they finish their prison sentences.

    These are the Jesuit priests in Dallas who have been on the list of credibly accused
An investigation by The Dallas Morning News reveals that accusations against priests dating back to the 1960s were ignored and predatory priests were relocated to conceal allegations.

These 14 priests were stationed at Jesuit College Preparatory School in Dallas. The Society of Jesus, a Catholic order, has determined they were credibly accused of sexually abusing children at some point in their careers.

To reconcile with their past, U.S. dioceses and religious orders in recent years have investigated accused priests in their ranks and published their names.

The Central and Southern Province of the Jesuit order, which includes Dallas, released their first list in December 2018.

But the lists do not specify where the priests were working when the alleged abuse occurred.

When leadership knew and how they responded to initial accusations are under scrutiny as a result of a lawsuit brought by vnine Dallas-area men who said they were molested while attending Jesuit College Prep. The lawsuit was settled Wednesday.

An investigation by The Dallas Morning News reveals that accusations against priests dating back to the 1960s were ignored and predatory priests were relocated to conceal allegations.

The Rev. Philip Postell, Jesuit College Preparatory School president from 1992 to 2011,...

Former Provincial Ronald Mercier oversaw schools including Dallas College Prep in Dallas in 2018 when the list was initially published. โ€œOne consistent theme has emerged -- the need for transparency through publishing this list of Jesuits with credible accusations of abuse of a minor, painful as it may be,โ€ he said.

The Jesuits have made changes in recent years to their process for investigating priests. But the determination for who belongs on those lists still rests with one person, whoever is serving as the regionโ€™s provincial.

The Jesuits by Jack T Chick
The Jesuits... like so many things in this world, they are not what they appear to be.

    President says first lady Jill Biden was Obamaโ€™s VP in latest gaffe

    Solomon Islands Says It Will Not Allow China Military Base
suspect name News of China's security pact with Solomon Islands generates suspicion, offence and backtrack. Sort of reminds me of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere - Wikipedia The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (Japanese: ๅคงๆฑไบœๅ…ฑๆ „ๅœ, Hepburn: Dai Tลa Kyลeiken), or the GEACPS,[1] was an imperialist concept which was developed in the Empire of Japan and propagated to Asian populations which were occupied by it from 1931 to 1945.

It extended across the Asia-Pacific and promoted the cultural and economic unity of East Asians, Southeast Asians, South Asians and Oceanians. It also declared the intention to create a self-sufficient bloc of Asian nations which would be led by the Japanese and be free from the rule of Western powers. The idea was first announced on 1 August 1940 in a radio address delivered by Foreign Minister Yลsuke Matsuoka.

    White Banner

๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 02 April 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

    3rd (BLACK) person arrested in (White Hispanic) Texas deputy's fatal shooting
black suspect black suspect victim name HOUSTON -- Authorities in Texas say a 17-year-old boy has been arrested on a capital murder warrant in the fatal shooting of an off-duty deputy sheriff on the northern outskirts of Houston. The teenager was arrested Friday for the shooting death of Deputy Darren Almendarez, according to the Harris County Sheriffโ€™s Office.

KTRK-TV reported that the 17-year-old did not reply to questions as he was taken into the Harris County jail. Almendarez was shopping for groceries with his wife on Thursday night for a cookout the next day for his sister's birthday celebration, when he interrupted three people apparently trying to steal the catalytic converter from his vehicle, according to Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

Almandarez told his wife to leave the area. As he approached the vehicle, the three people began shooting at him and he returned gunfire, Gonzalez said. Almandarez was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The other two suspects, Joshua Stewart, 23, and Fredarius Clark, 19, were wounded. They were arrested on capital murder charges at the hospital where they later sought treatment.

UPDATE: Third suspect arrested in Texas deputy's murder; Gov. Abbot calls for death penalty
A third suspect has been arrested in connection to the fatal Thursday shooting of Texas Deputy Darren Almendarez, who is being remembered as "a remarkable man," according to authorities. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez initially announced the arrests of Joshua Stewart, 23, and Fredarius Clark, 19, on Friday evening. He later announced the arrest of a 17-year-old male suspect. All three suspects face capital murder charges.

Gonzalez described Almendarez, 51, as "a remarkable man and public servant" in a Friday tweet." A third suspect has been arrested in connection to the fatal Thursday shooting of Texas Deputy Darren Almendarez, who is being remembered as "a remarkable man," according to authorities. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez initially announced the arrests of Joshua Stewart, 23, and Fredarius Clark, 19, on Friday evening. He later announced the arrest of a 17-year-old male suspect. All three suspects face capital murder charges.

Gonzalez described Almendarez, 51, as "a remarkable man and public servant" in a Friday tweet." Almendarez was out buying groceries with his wife for his sister's birthday party. While exiting Joe V's Smart Shop, he apparently spotted the three suspects "attempting to steal his truck's catalytic converter," Gonzalez tweeted.

The suspects had backed their Nissan up to Almendarez's truck, and the off-duty deputy then spotted two of the suspects beneath his vehicle. Almendarez told his wife to go somewhere safe and approached the suspect vehicle, which by then had three people inside, authorities said. Suspsects allegedly fired at the Almendarez as he approached the vehicle, and Almendarez was struck multiple times. The deputy managed to return fire and shot at least two suspects, who then fled the parking lot. Authorities transported Almendarez to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

[NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
Forum poster

2 SORRY LOOKING NEGROS: "Hispanic Texas Deputy" Dies in Shootout With 3 CONFIRMED BLACK Suspected Catalytic Converter Thieves

    (Black) Kansas father charged with murder in infant daughterโ€™s death after child struck with object, police say
black suspect TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW/Gray News) - A Kansas man was charged with first-degree murder in the death of his 6-month-old daughter. WIBW reports Shawnee County District Attorney Mike Kagay filed criminal charges against Trayโ€™vonne Daโ€™Mont Jones-McNeal, 21, after the death of the child on Wednesday.

Medics responded to a home in Topeka and found 6-month-old Brielle Jones not breathing. Police said the child was taken to the hospital after suffering blunt-force trauma, but she later died. Police records note Brielle had been hit by a blunt force object.

Kagay said Jones-McNeal was identified as the childโ€™s father and arrested at the scene. Jones-McNeal is facing multiple charges including murder, child abuse and battery.

Records indicate Jones-McNeal is being held in the Shawnee County Jail on a $1 million bond.

    There's been an ARMED BLACK 'INSURRECTION' in Chicago since late 1960's

9 (Black) alleged Chicago gang members added to indictment against (black) Army soldiers in gun trafficking case - (link fixed)
suspect suspect (CNN)US Attorney General Merrick Garland announced a 21-count superseding indictment against three US Army soldiers charged last year with gun trafficking, expanding it to include nine more people alleged to be gang members in Chicago.

The new indictment stems from an investigation into a Chicago shooting last year that left one person dead and seven people wounded, Garland said at a news conference Friday. "Further investigation by our agents and law enforcement partners uncovered an alleged gun trafficking conspiracy involving over 90 guns and 12 defendants," Garland said. "Many of these guns have been linked to shootings in the Chicago area, in which multiple people have been injured and several killed."

The nine additional people included in the latest indictment are allegedly members of the (Black) Gangster Disciples street gang in the Pocket Town neighborhood in the south of Chicago, according to the indictment.

The BLACK "GANGSTER DISCIPLES" paramilitary terrorist 'gang' is an INTERNATIONAL criminal pack.


Symbolism/colors: The predominant symbol of this gang is the six-pointed Star of David.
(They don't look Jewish :).

The Gangster Disciples also use the upward crossed pitchforks ("rakes" or "pitchforks") and a heart.






invasion invasion invasion invasion invasion invasion

  • Kevin McCarthy Says Biden to Blame for 'Calamity' at Southern Border after Title 42 Repeal
  • Minority Leader McCarthy predicts 'lawless surge of illegal border crossings' after Biden lifts Title 42
  • Biden administration terminates Title 42, Trump-era pandemic restriction that expelled asylum seekers from border
  • Manchin calls Biden lifting Title 42 border policy 'frightening decision'
  • Biden to end Title 42, Arizona bracing for the fallout
  • Manchin calls Biden lifting Title 42 border policy 'frightening decision'

  •   Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (02 April 2022)
    The Bobster

    Stabbing at Upper East Side school leaves two injuredโ€‹
    in Federally Enforced racially integrated public school


    Dark Crime: MEXICAN-named Bronx teen arrested in Brooklyn murderโ€‹
    Noel Rosado,19, was taken into custody on Friday afternoon. Heโ€™s charged with murder, manslaughter, robbery, gang assault and assault, police said.

    Chronic absenteeism in (minority-majority) NYC public schools hits alarming 40%โ€‹


    White couple says black Africanfertility doc mixed up embryos AGAIN1
    A Manhattan fertility specialist who infamously mixed up embryos from white and black families two decades ago put a Massachusetts couple through a similar horror, they claim in a lawsuit.

    Embryologist Michael Obasaju and doctors at New York Fertility Institute denied the woman was pregnant with a strangerโ€™s baby, and has refused to tell them what happened to their own embryos, the couple charged.

    The โ€œnon-stop nightmareโ€ made the woman โ€œan unwilling and unknowing surrogate for an unknown couple,โ€ while leaving the pair โ€œterrified that their embryo(s) was transferred to yet another couple at NYFI, and their child is being raised by strangers,โ€ the husband and wife allege in a Manhattan Federal Court filing.

    The state Health Department is now investigating New York Fertility Institute and โ€œviews these most recent allegations โ€ฆ with the utmost concern,โ€ a DOH spokesman said.

    In 1998, Obasaju mistakenly mixed up embryos from two different families, resulting in a Staten Island woman who gave birth to โ€œtwinsโ€ โ€” one white and one black.

    The headline-making case spawned multiple legal battles as the white Staten Island birth couple, Donna and Richard Fasano, fought to keep both baby boys, to the horror of the black babyโ€™s biological parents, Deborah and Robert Rogers, of New Jersey, who eventually won sole custody of their son.

    Told of the new accusation, an emotional Donna Fasano told The Post, โ€œAll I can say is my heart goes outโ€ to the couple.

    The Massachusetts couple โ€” identified in court papers only as Jane and John Doe โ€” said they didnโ€™t know of the earlier botched case when they chose NYFI to get pregnant with their fourth child.

    Jane Doe underwent three painful egg retrievals in 2020 and 2021, and had two failed embryo transfers before a third, successful effort in July.

    Obasaju Surname - Most prevalent in NIGERIA - Highest density in NIGERIA

    Dangers of entrusting your White sperm and human eggs to some migrant from NIGERIA
    with some kind of AFRICAN DEGREE in FERTILITY

    ANTI-WHITE RACIST BLACK FEMALE 'Doctor' calls whites โ€˜birthing people,โ€™ but blacks and Hispanics โ€˜momsโ€™โ€‹
    A top city health official and 'progressive' crusader ignited a firestorm when she used different terms for white and minority mothers.

    Dr. Michelle Morse, the [AFIRMATIVE ACTION] chief medical officer at the Department of Health, touted a new โ€œbirth equityโ€ initiative to provide more midwives and doulas to moms in a series of tweets โ€” selectively using the woke term โ€œbirthing peopleโ€ instead of pregnant women.

    โ€œThe urgency of this moment is clear. Mortality rates of birthing people are too high, and babies born to Black and Puerto Rican mothers in this city are three times more likely to die in their first year of life than babies born to non-Hispanic White birthing people,โ€ she said in the March 23 tweet.

    Critics immediately jumped on Morse, who is black, for using the head-scratching term โ€” saying she was โ€œcancelingโ€ women and differentiating mothers by race.

    โ€œWhite Mothers are called โ€˜birthing peopleโ€™ and black and Puerto Rican Mothers are called Mothers? Your license to practice medicine should be revoked,โ€ tweeted Kimberly Morin.

    DARK CRIME: โ€˜Good son, good boyโ€™: Black 12-year-old fatally shot in Brooklyn IDโ€™d as Kade Lewin


    BLACK-ON-WHITE?: Video shows 72-year-old female tourist welcomed to NYC with unprovoked shoveโ€‹
    A 72-year-old Maryland woman was shoved to the ground Friday in an apparently unprovoked attack.

    Cyndi Gradwell had just arrived in the city with her two daughters when she was pushed by a man walking alongside her on Ninth Avenue, cops say.

    Surveillance video of the incident shows Gradwell walking north between 35th and 36th streets, trailing a pink rolling suitcase behind her.

    She walks around a man in a large white coat, who turns toward her. The manโ€™s hands are blocked from the cameraโ€™s view, but he walks toward her and she tumbles to the ground.

    Gradwell was taken to Bellevue Hospital with a broken tooth, cuts to her chin and mouth and a swollen left eye, police said.

    Police said theyโ€™d arrested a Kelvin Windield for the attack. Windield has a slew of priors, including an assault arrest for an unprovoked attack at Penn Station in 2019.v


    California corporate diversity law ruled unconstitutional

    LOS ANGELES โ€” A Los Angeles judge ruled Friday that Californiaโ€™s landmark law mandating that corporations diversify their boards with members from certain racial, ethnic or LGBT groups is unconstitutional.

    The brief ruling granted summary judgment to Judicial Watch, a conservative legal group that sought a permanent injunction against the measure that was signed into law last year. The ruling didn't explain the judge's reasoning.

    The measure requires corporate boards of publicly traded companies with a main executive office in California to have a member from an "underrepresented community," including LGBT, Black, Latino, Asian, Native American or Pacific Islander.

    The lawsuit argued that violated the stateโ€™s constitutional equal protection clause.

    The decision "declared unconstitutional one of the most blatant and significant attacks in the modern era on constitutional prohibitions against discrimination," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement.

    The law requires corporations to include at least one member of an underrepresented community on their boards of directors by Dec. 31 of last year, either by adding a seat or filling a vacant one. By Dec. 31 of this year, each corporation must include a minimum number of such members based on the total size of the board.

    A "Diversity on Boards" report issued in March by the secretary of state found that about 300 out of some 700 corporations had complied. However, half of the corporations didn't file the required disclosure statement.


    U.S Defense Department commits $300 million in military hardware, weapons to Ukraine


    President (General) Eisenhower's warning about the "MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX"

    Founding Father - George Washington's Farwell Address On THE PERIL OF FOREIGN ENTANGLEMENTS....


    vs. "Make America Great Again"

    (and any chance of making America White again?)

      Tierney's REAL News Network
    [Quote Peggy Tierney]"

    Now there is a "TRANSGENDER FLAG" which Biden's regime is flying high - will we all be required to kneel to that in addition to the "RAINBOW FLAG"?

    Satan's new Transvestite "F" Flag in the news....

        White Banner

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 01 April 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******


    3 BLACK Fort Campbell soldiers charged in illegal gun pipeline to Black Chicago Gangsters
    suspect suspect suspect NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) โ€” Three Fort Campbell soldiers have been charged with conspiracy and other offenses relating to the illegal purchase and transfer of dozens of firearms to the streets of Chicago.

    According to acting U.S. Attorney Mary Jane Stewart for the Middle District of Tennessee, the three soldiers include 21-year-old Demarcus Adams, 22-year-old Jarius Brunson, and 22-year-old Brandon Miller, who were all members of the U.S. Army and stationed at Fort Campbell. The three were arrested Tuesday morning by agents with ATF and the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division.

    Miller is currently being held on federal charges in the Warren County Jail in Kentucky. According to court documents obtained by News 2, prosecutors mentioned that Miller is currently going through military proceedings for a sexual assault he is accused of committing in their motion for detention.

    A criminal complaint charged each soldier with transferring a firearm to an out-of-state resident, making false statements during the purchase of a firearm, engaging in the business without a firearms license, wire fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy to commit Title 18 offenses.

    According to the criminal complaint, the investigation began on March 26 when Chicago police responded to a mass shooting. One person was pronounced dead at the scene.

    During the investigation, officials found multiple firearms at the scene, five of which had been recently purchased by Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealers in Clarksville. The investigation identified Adams, Brunson, and Miller as the majority purchasers of these firearms.

    The investigation found that the three purchased 91 firearms between Clarksville and other parts of Kentucky. The majority of those firearms had been purchased over the last five months. The criminal complaint alleged that after the firearms were purchased, Miller provided them to individuals he was associated with in Chicago.

    On April 28, 2021, a federal search warrant was executed at the home of Miller and Adams in Clarksville, where 49 empty firearms cases were recovered. Many of these empty cases were matched to firearms recovered by the Chicago Police Department at the scene of recent shootings and homicides.

    One soldier commented: "One thing I noticed here and which I donโ€™t like is the fact that the English donโ€™t draw any color line.
    The English must be pretty ignorant. I canโ€™t see how a white girl could associate with a negro."[5]

        34 Memes That Prove Joe Biden is More Court Jester than President

    Biden Crime Family Biden Crime Family Biden Crime Family Biden Crime Family Biden Crime Family Biden Crime Family China boy Biden chicken Biden

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    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 31 March 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

        (Black littlle-girl-kidnap-rape-killer) delaying his trial - says he'll be his own lawyer - (link fixed)
    black suspect victim name victim name SCOTT COUNTY, IOWA, Iowa โ€” The man accused of kidnapping and killing 10-year-old Breasia Terrell in 2020 will not get a new lawyer after a Scott County judge denied his second request on Friday.

    Back in January, Henry Dinkins, 49, a registered sex offender with a history of violent and reckless behavior, claimed his current attorney Miguel Puentes hasn't been communicating with or visiting him in jail. In a letter to Judge Henry Latham, Dinkins said he hadn't seen his attorney "but one time for 5 to 8 minutes top."

    Latham denied the request on Feb. 10, according to court records. In another letter to Latham, Dinkins, again, asked for a new attorney. He also said he would rather represent himself.

    "I did hear you mention the seriousness of my allegations, that's why I asked for a different attorney to file those motion[s] that are critical to my changes," Dinkins wrote. "I can have the best attorney in the world but that doesn't mean he or she is willing to put in the work on my case." This all led to Friday's hearing, where Scott County Attorney Mike Walton accused Dinkins of trying to manipulate the schedule and delay the trial.

    July 10, 2020: Breasia was last seen late Thursday, July 9, or in the early hours of Friday, July 10, 2020, in the 2700 block of East 53rd Street. VICTIM had been visiting Henry Dinkins with her brother. She was reported missing and the Davenport Police Department searched Credit Island. Dinkins was taken into custody.

    Prosecutors say Dinkins took the girl from a Davenport apartment complex in July 2020, fatally shot her and hid her body in rural eastern Iowa. Breasia was the half-sister of Dinkinsโ€™ son, and investigators have said both children were staying the night with him at the apartment where he was living with a girlfriend.
    Helpful hint: don't let your little girl spend the night with a black registered sex offender.

        (Black) Mom who blamed toddler's death on road rage arrested
    black suspect DALLAS -- A Texas woman who said her 3-year-old son was killed in a road-rage shooting has been arrested on a child endangerment charge, police said Thursday.

    Lacravivonne Monique Washington, 26, kept a handgun in her sport utility vehicle where it was accessible to her children, ages 2-4, who were unrestrained, according to a Dallas police affidavit.

    The investigation began Monday when Washington brought her son Jalexus Washington to Medical City of Dallas hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. The child died, and the mother told police that he had been shot by an unknown person in a road-rage shooting.

    Investigators found no evidence of a road-rage shooting at the location the mother specified. But they did find a handgun in the glove compartment of Washingtonโ€™s vehicle, which had no child restraints, the affidavit said.

    In a follow-up interview, Washington told police that her children were climbing back and forth from the back seat to the front when she heard two gunshots and found her son wounded, according to the affidavit.

    An autopsy revealed that the boy had powder burns around his wound. That indicated that he had been shot at very close range and ruled out a road-rage shooting, the affidavit stated.

        (Black) Woman charged with abusing 3-year-old daughter at North Bergen motel ordered held in jail
    suspect victim An accused child abuser who police say eluded capture while her 3-year-old daughter lie in critical condition in a New York hospital has been ordered detained at through her prosecution. Shaqwana Baker, 21, will spend the foreseeable future at Hudson County jail, Hudson County Superior Court Judge Paul DePascale ruled Thursday after a virtual detention hearing. The New York woman was arrested on March 9 in New York.

    Bakerโ€™s boyfriend, Edward Smith, 29, are both charged with second-degree aggravated assault and two counts of second-degree endangering the welfare of a child related to injuries suffered by Bakerโ€™s daughter at the North Bergen motel where they were staying. Smith, who was arrested Feb. 24, is also being held at the jail. During the stateโ€™s argument, Baker shouted out โ€œThatโ€™s a lie!โ€ When told by the judge it wasnโ€™t her turn to speak, Baker responded โ€œI donโ€™t care because everything she said is a lie.โ€ Again told by DePascale to refrain from interrupting, Baker responded โ€œWhatever.โ€

    The state argued that it has evidence that Baker was aided by Smith and others in remaining a fugitive from lawsuit enforcement. Authorities said that on Jan. 23, the New York City Police Department was notified by NYU Langone Hospital that Baker brought her 3-year-old daughter to the facility with life-threatening injuries. The child was later transported to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Bellevue Hospital, where she continues to receive treatment.

    According to the state, when the girl was brought to the hospital she was not expected to survive, and she suffered a permanent brain injury and may never walk again. Thursday it was revealed at the hearing that the girl is being treated at a rehabilitation center and still has not regained the ability to speak or walk, and part of her skull was removed to reduce the pressure on her brain. An investigation by the NYPD and HCPO Special Victims Unit determined the 3-year-old girl physically abused and injured while staying at a North Bergen motel with Baker and Smith sometime between Jan. 9 and Jan. 22. Her injuries are expected to be permanent and life-altering.

        Police seeking n-word assailant who allegedly used anti-faggot slur in NYC subway attack
    suspect Police are seeking a suspect in an assault on a New York City subway train that is being investigated as a hate crime after the assailant allegedly used an anti-gay slur. The New York Police Department recently released video and images of the attack, which it said occurred March 19 on an uptown A train in Manhattan.

    The assailant approached the 22-year-old male victim on the train as it approached the 190th Street subway station at around 2:22 p.m., police said. "The unidentified individual sat across from the victim and stated 'I wish I had my pepper spray' before spitting at him," the NYPD said in a statement.

    "The perpetrator then ripped hair from the victim's head and stated 'I'm sick of all you f---,'" police said.

        CHP gave DRUNKEN FOREIGNER, Nipun Ajmani, a ride after he failed a sobriety test as a passenger. A short time later he allegedly crashed car, killing friend
    mud suspect [OAKLAND โ€” At around 2:20 a.m. on March 12, an El Cerrito man named Nipun Ajmani allegedly crashed a Honda on the MacArthur Maze into a stalled BMW, killing his 36-year-old passenger. But according to police, a short time before the crash, Ajmani, 42, had been stopped at a DUI checkpoint, not as a driver but as a passenger. After determining Ajmani was drunk, police gave him a ride to Berkeley, but a short time later Ajmani ended up behind the wheel, according to the California Highway Patrol.

    Now, Ajmani has been charged with murder and being held in Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on a no-bail hold. The bizarre sequence of events, laid out in a probable cause statement written by police, starts at the DUI checkpoint, in Oakland, where Ajmani was a passenger.

    Police said they detained the driver of the car Ajmani was riding in and asked Ajmani if he was sober enough to drive. They had him blow in a breathalyzer test, and after reading the results โ€” which registered Ajmaniโ€™s blood-alcohol level at twice the legal limit โ€” gave him a ride to his business in Berkeley. After being dropped off, on the 1000 block of University Avenue in Berkeley, Ajmani and 36-year-old Zeeshan Khan allegedly got into the Honda and headed to the freeway. A few minutes later, the Honda crashed, killing Khan on impact and injuring Ajmani enough that he required hospitalization, according to court records.

    Forename: Nipun - Most prevalent in SRI LANKA

    Surname: Ajmani - Most prevalent in INDIA


    Nipun Ajmani - Hendon Mob Poker Database

        Defrocked CATHOLIC SODOMITE ALTAR BOY-BUGGERER priest, 84, gets house arrest for lying to FBI
    PHILADELPHIA (AP) โ€” An 84-year-old defrocked priest was sentenced to five years of probation for lying to the FBI about whether he knew a former altar boy and his family.

    Robert Brennan, of Perryville, Maryland, was ordered to spend the first two years on house arrest. Under a plea agreement, he admitted he lied to the FBI when agents visited his home in 2019 as part of a broader federal probe of priest abuse in Pennsylvania.

    Brennan had been named in more than 20 abuse complaints during his long church career, and Philadelphia prosecutors charged him in 2013 with raping former altar boy Sean McIlmail in 1998. However, those charges were dropped when the 26-year-old McIlmail died of a drug overdose before trial.

    His family instead filed a civil lawsuit against the Archdiocese after his death, and settled for an undisclosed amount.

    When federal investigators examined the issue, and visited Brennan, he said he did not know McIlmail despite pictures of them together.

    Priest with ties to Satan charged with lying to FBI

      Tierney's REAL News (3/31/22)
    [Quote Peggy Tierney]"

    The FEC has finally fined Hillary for using the fake dossier to try to take down President Trump. So, in other words, the fake Russia Russia scandal was election fraud - and now it's on the record. This will not only help with his RICO case against her and the DNC and her lawyers, but will also help with his defamation case against every body in the fake news who pretended it was real and used it to try to destroy his reputation and steal the White House!

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    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 30 March 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

        (Black AFRICAN from NIGERIA) Allegedly Terrorized Girlfriend, Her Son for Days Before Violent Incident That Landed Him in Jail - (link fixed)
    African victim Authorities in Utah have arrested a 34-year-old man who allegedly started stabbing his girlfriend in the face and chest as police cars were arriving outside their home. Online court records accessed by PEOPLE indicate that on Tuesday, Charles Oshodi was formally charged with aggravated kidnapping, child kidnapping, aggravated assault, domestic violence in the presence of a child, possession of a weapon by a restricted person, assault on a police officer, and aggravated assault โ€” all felonies.

    Through court records, PEOPLE also confirms Oshodi, who was first arrested on March 20, is further charged with misdemeanor reckless endangerment and spitting at an officer. Citing the charging documents, KSL.com reports that Oshodi held his girlfriend and her son captive for several days inside the Sandy residence they share.

    During those days, he allegedly "terrorized the victim and threatened to kill her multiple times," according to KSL.com. Investigators also allege that Oshodi strangled the victim and threatened her with a box cutter, holding it to her throat as he drove down the highway at over 100 mph.

    It is alleged in the charging documents that, as police responding to a 911 hang-up call arrived at their home, Oshodi began stabbing his girlfriend. Officers, who heard a woman's screams, entered the home, reports KSL.com, first finding a 9-year-old boy and then Oshodi and the victim โ€” both covered in blood.

    The victim's son was the one who called 911, but hung up for reasons unknown. The charging documents allege Oshodi barricaded the front door with a chair, and, for four hours, threatened to hurt the victim with a knife. At times, KSL.com reports from the charging documents, he "jumped towards her saying he was 'just going to do it.'"


        (Obeese Black) slashed face of police detective in police headquarters - was shot dead by officer in self-defense
    SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME victim The Fresno Police Department identified the suspect who was shot and killed by a detective after breaking into his office and allegedly assaulting him on Tuesday as Joseph Roy, a 24-year-old man who was in court just that morning on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury.

    Roy allegedly used a "sharp object" and slashed at the detective, who then used his service weapon to shoot and kill Roy.

    The 24-year-old had pleaded guilty to assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury in a separate case and was set to be sentenced on Tuesday morning, but the hearing was delayed until April 12, a spokesperson for the district attorney's office said. In that case, Roy attacked a man with a "blunt object" on June 17, 2021, according to the charging document.

    After the hearing at the Fresno County Courthouse on Tuesday morning, Roy made his way to the Fresno Police Department's annex headquarters about a block away and broke in shortly before noon, according to police. "During the assault, Mr. Roy Grabbed some sort of a sharp object and began stabbing and slashing the side of the detectiveโ€™s head and neck with it," Lieutenant Bill Dooley said Wednesday.

    "Our detective grabbed his service weapon, fired, and ended the assault."

        (Black) Man who bragged about NYC Chanel heist faces up to 40 years in prison
    black suspect chicken thief A Brooklyn man could face up to 40 years behind bars after he was found guilty in a Chanel store robbery of over $200,000 in stolen luxury items in SoHo.

    In February 2021, Eric Spencer, 30, and three other suspects reportedly entered a Chanel store and ripped handbags from store security cables. When Spencer was approached by an armed store security guard, he reached into his waistband to give the impression he had a gun, prompting store personnel to back off, according to a statement released by the United States District Attorney's office on Tuesday.

    Spencer later took to social media days after the robbery boasting about his crime and even said he "could open a small boutique" based on the number of bags stolen. He even sent text messages confirming his crime.

    NYC suspect shoves 73-year-old man to ground in attempted robbery, police say

        (Black) Dog Leaves Unusual FECAL POOP Stain on BLACK Miami Man's Shirt, Helping Police Connect Him to Alleged Armed Robbery
    black suspect chicken thief William Carroll, 62, was arrested after allegedly robbing a woman at knifepoint when she bent down to clean up after her dog Monday, police say. A Miami man was arrested for armed robbery Tuesday after an unusual stain appeared to link him to the alleged crime.

    According to a Miami-Dade Police arrest report, a woman walking her dog in Miami's Edgewater neighborhood bent over to pick up her dog's poop in a stairway near her home when a man armed with a knife attacked her, NBC 6 South Florida reports. William Carroll, 62, of West Little River, was arrested and charged with armed robbery and battery.

    While she was cleaning up after her dog, Carroll allegedly approached the woman from behind, threw her against a wall and grabbed her neck, Local 10 reports. As a nearby witness screamed for help, the man tried to remove the woman's watch and bracelets, WFTL reports.

    He allegedly ran off with her book bag that contained her wallet and credit cards, screaming "Shut up!" to the witness, police said. Shortly after the incident, an officer spotted Carroll, who appeared out of breath, NBC 6 reports.

    The victim's credit cards, a knife and her bookbag were on the ground nearby, say police. But something else allegedly tipped off authorities: a poop stain on the man's shirt, police say.

        (Black) monkey pees on snacks at gas station after credit card gets declined: video
    suspect A man redefined โ€œurinal cakeโ€ when he peed on a rack of snacks at a Detroit gas station over a declined credit card, revolting video shows. Cops in Detroit posted footage on social media of the suspect relieving himself on a snack rack at a gas station early Sunday after a credit card was declined. The shocked clerk then starting filming the ensuing mayhem as the man literally took aim as he left the Amoco.

    The censored clip shows the suspect standing by the door while urinating on the snacks as two other friends cheer him on and smile for the recording clerk. โ€œWe gonna do the Macarena,โ€ the urinating man said at one point, referring to the 1993 smash hit song.

    The suspect then asks the clerk if the gas station was part of a Detroit program called Project Greenlight in which cops monitor cameras at city businesses. Detroit police later confirmed that it was offering a $750 reward for information leading to the urinating man and his two accomplices.

    Should be deported to Monkey Island
    Monkey Island

        Former Youth Pastor Goes on Trial in Murder of Boy, 16, Whose Dismembered Remains Were Found Behind Dumpster
    Fred Paul Laster went missing in Florida in 1994, but a DNA link didn't connect authorities to suspect Ronnie Leon Hyde, 65, until 2016.

    Knives, a stained mattress and photos of a headless torso were displayed for jurors Tuesday as the trial began for a former Florida youth pastor charged with the murder and dismemberment of a 16-year-old boy 28 years ago.

    Authorities didn't bring charges in the death of Fred Paul Laster until 2017, after DNA samples in the cold case allegedly pointed them to Ronnie Leon Hyde, 65, a former counselor and Hyde family friend, who has pleaded not guilty.

    In a Jacksonville courtroom, Hyde's attorney Ann Finnell told jurors that while Hyde suffered from mental illness and they would see photographs of Hyde's Jacksonville Beach home that "rival anything you've seen on the TV show Hoarders," there was no evidence of the teen's blood or hair in the residence where prosecutors allege that Laster was killed, reports First Coast News.

    But prosecutor Alan Mizrahi said Hyde "violently murdered" the victim, and was almost caught in the act of disposing the body behind a Lake City dumpster, where Laster's severed torso was discovered in 1994, along with a flannel shirt bearing Hyde's DNA, according to News4Jax.

    When the victim's body was found on June 5, 1994, by the dumpster behind a BP gas station, "the head had been cut off, the hands had been cut off, both legs had been cut off, so it was just the torso of the body," testified Brian Retz, who was then a detective for the Columbia County Sheriff's Office, according to the TV news station.

    Laster's family told investigators that Hyde had picked him up that same week, and they never saw Laster again, the outlet reports. Information presented to jurors on Tuesday also alleged that Hyde had been a foster parent to the teen, even declaring him on his taxes as a dependent.

    According to an arrest warrant obtained by PEOPLE, a woman walking her dog had spotted the torso behind the dumpster at the gas station off Interstate 10. Investigators later found blood-smeared items including the flannel shirt, plastic bags, two knives and a mattress topper with what appeared to be hair, bone and tissue.

    The torso was sent to the Jacksonville Medical Examiner's Office and was found to be that of a male younger than 25. Subsequent examinations further narrowed the victim's age, but a positive identification wouldn't come until years later.

        Beer heiress running for Democratic Senate nomination was queen of whites-only pageant: report An heiress to the Anheuser-Busch brewery fortune who is running for the Democratic nomination to the US Senate from Missouri was crowed queen of a whites-only beauty pageant in the 1970s.

    1968 - August 17 - The first Miss Black America pageant takes place

      Tierney's REAL News (3/30/22)
    [Quote Peggy Tierney]"

    There is so much going on all at once that I literally can't keep up. Today's newsletter presents just some of the stories I am following or quotes views that I agree with based on my research. If you want to know more - please research the source I've referenced!

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    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 29 March 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

        BLACK-ON-WHITE: At Floyd Brown murder trial, cops testify how shots just missed them in Rockford motel raid before McHenry County deputy was slain
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name Moments before a McHenry County sheriffโ€™s deputy was shot to death outside a Rockford motel, police said, blasts of gunfire barely missed three other officers trying to arrest the gunman inside the motel.

    Officers testified Tuesday about their narrow escape at the trial of Floyd E. Brown, charged with murder in the death of Deputy Jacob Keltner in 2019. A guest at the motel also described how he saw a man limping to his car and driving off just after the shooting, before the witness discovered Keltner lying shot in the parking lot.

    A search of a laptop Brown and his girlfriend bought showed searches online for โ€œcop get ambushedโ€ and โ€œkilling cops,โ€ prosecutors wrote in court documents. In a series of videos Brown made on his cellphone a month before the shooting, prosecutors alleged, he said he hated police.

    โ€œIf you donโ€™t know me by now, you will before long,โ€ he said. โ€œThese (expletive) police want to make me famous, but Iโ€™m gonna make they ass famous.โ€ The trial, which began Monday, is expected to last three to four weeks.

    Grisly details emerge in Jacob Keltner shooting, on first day of Floyd Brown murder trial

    At Floyd Brown murder trial, cops testify how shots just missed them in Rockford motel raid before McHenry County deputy was slain

    Federal trial begins for man charged with shooting and killing McHenry County sheriffโ€™s deputy

    Trial for suspect in McHenry County deputy's killing set to begin Monday in federal court

    2019: Illinois Man Pleads Not Guilty in Deputyโ€™s Fatal Shooting



        BLACK-ON-WHITE: Black Breyiana Brown was a drug dealer and a killer, one who didn't hesitate before ending the life of a bright but troubled white teenager over a petty debt.
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name To her defense attorney, Breyiana Brown is a 21-year-old college student with no criminal record and a supportive family.

    To police and prosecutors, Brown is a drug dealer and a killer, one who didn't hesitate before ending the life of a bright but troubled Denham Springs teenager over a petty debt. Michelle Verasmende, a 2015 graduate of Denham Springs High School, was found lying on the ground near a dumpster in the parking lot of the Mark VII apartments in New Orleans East on the evening of July 13. She had been shot four times.

    Homicide Detective Debra Normand said she soon got a key break in the case. A confidante of Verasmendeโ€™s โ€” who is not named in court records โ€” told the detective she had received text messages from the victim before she was killed.

    In the text messages, Normand said, Verasmende told the other person that she had been trading jewelry for drugs, but the jewelry was stolen. Verasmende confessed that she then had stolen drugs from a woman she called โ€œBeeโ€ and her brother.

    โ€œShe expressed how she felt that Bee was going to kill her, and she wanted to let the (friend) know that if something happened to her, that is why,โ€ Normand said.

    Verasmendeโ€™s confidante provided Normand with a telephone number and Instagram account name for โ€œBee.โ€ The detective said she quickly discovered that โ€œBeeโ€ was Brown, a connection she confirmed when the unnamed acquaintance picked Brownโ€™s photo out of a lineup.

    2016: WHITE Teenage shooting victim foresaw her death in text message, detective says

    2016: BLACK Woman charged in July New Orleans East slaying of 19-year-old WHITE Woman

    2018: Black Woman convicted of manslaughter (of White woman) in drug-related 2016 killing in N.O. East

    2018: 30-year prison sentence for BLACK New Orleans woman convicted in deadly shooting of WHITE woman in 2016

    2020: STATE OF LOUISIANA, v. BREYIANA BROWN - Court of Appeal of Louisiana, Fourth Circuit

    Female victim in Algiers double-killing had recently won release from prison based on landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling

    Obituary: Michelle Diana Arnold-Verasmende - JUNE 1, 1997 โ€“ JULY 13, 2016
    [NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
    Forum poster

    Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

        (Black) Father arrested for allegedly killing sonโ€™s murder suspect on way to New Orleans court
    black suspect A New Orleans man has been charged with the drive-by shooting of a man who allegedly killed his son and step-daughter. Bokio B. Johnson is accused of killing Hollis Carter and wounding his mother as he was driving to a court appearance Wednesday, New Orleans police said. Mr Carter allegedly confessed to the 2021 double homicide of step-siblings Caleb Johnson, 18, and Breyiana Brown, 25.

    New Orleans police said they arrested Mr Johnson after executing a search warrant at his home. โ€œAfter interview, Johnson was determined to be the perpetrator in this incident and was placed under arrest,โ€ a statement from New Orleans police said. Mr Johnson was booked Friday at the Orleans Parish Justice Center on charges of second-degree murder, which carries an automatic life sentence, and attempted second-degree murder - the same charges that Mr Carter had faced.

    Police said a gunman in a black Ford F-150 fired eight bullets into his sedan. After Mr Carter was shot and killed, his attorney John Fuller said the shooting on Chef Menteur Highway was a case of โ€œstreet justiceโ€. โ€œStreet justice has resulted in an assurance that there would never be any closure in this case,โ€ Mr Fuller said.

    Mr Fuller said the shootings had deprived his client of the chance to clear his name. He claimed that Mr Carter had confessed to the March 2021 double homicide at the Cypress Run apartments in New Orleansโ€™ Algiers section, because he was afraid of the true killer. โ€œHe doesnโ€™t deserve to have his obituary tainted by what were basically false charges,โ€ Mr Fuller told NOLA.com

    โ€œHe was a good kid. He was working at a restaurant. He was abiding by all of the restriction required by a defendant whoโ€™s out on bond. He was loved by his family. This is tragic.โ€

    Double murder suspect shot dead on way to court in case of โ€˜street justiceโ€™โ€‹

    Obituary: Michelle Diana Arnold-Verasmende - JUNE 1, 1997 โ€“ JULY 13, 2016
    [Apparently a White woman - who killed her?]

    [She was killed by a black female - Breyiana Brown]

    Gunmemorial: Michelle Diana Arnold-Verasmende, age 19

    A man at the scene Wednesday said he saw the victim and shooter in the parking lot before shots were fired. He said the woman was on the ground, holding up her arms -- "begging for her life -- when he heard gunshots.

    STATE OF LOUISIANA Vs. BREYIANA BROWN Defendant, Breyiana Brown, appeals her conviction and sentence for manslaughter, complaining of the non-unanimous jury verdict and excessive sentence.

    On July 13, 2016, Defendant shot the victim, Michelle Verasmende, numerous times in an apartment parking lot in New Orleans over a dispute involving drugs and jewelry.1The suspects were seen driving the victimโ€™s vehicle away from the scene. Shortly thereafter, the vehicle was dumped and burned.

    After Defendant was developed and identified as a suspect, she was stopped for questioning, which resulted in an arrest for possession of marijuana. In addition, the police recovered a bag containing eighteen individually wrapped bags of cocaine. After a search of Defendantโ€™s residence, police recovered marijuana and a stolen firearm, which was matched to the bullets recovered from the scene. [NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
    Forum poster

    [It's a very complicated story but BF victim of BM was 'suspect' in previous murder of WF] [WF: Michelle Diana Arnold-Verasmende was murdered by BF:Breyiana Brown] (Black-on-White)

        (Black rape beast) Army Soldier Arrested for Allegedly Raping Louisiana State University Student in Her Dorm Room - (link fixed)
    SUSPECT-NAME A 22-year-old soldier from Arkansas has been arrested by authorities in Louisiana, where he's accused of raping a college student.

    Desmond Saine was taken into custody Thursday on one count of third-degree rape by officers from the Louisiana State University Police Department, PEOPLE confirms through online records.

    The alleged rape occurred on March 13 on LSU's campus in Baton Rouge โ€” in the victim's dorm room, reports KATV, citing Saine's arrest report.

    Saine was arrested at a training base at Fort Polk in Vernon Parish, according to online arrest logs. The victim told authorities she had been drinking heavily while attending an off-campus party, KATV reports. She said she met Saine at the party, and that the two exchanged social media information.

    After the party, Saine allegedly contacted the victim, asking if they could hang out, according to the warrant, KATV reports. He allegedly went to her dorm room, and at some point, asked the victim if he could kiss her. According to the police report, she rejected the kiss, reports KATV. She then alleged that Saine removed her clothes and raped her.

        (Black) Gangbanger who got light sentence after crippling black NYPD detective is busted after yet another car chase: sources
    SUSPECT-NAME victim A gangbanger who got a light sentence for dragging and crippling an NYPD detective in 2017 has been busted for again leading cops on a chase in a stolen car, police sources said.

    Justin Murrell, 20 โ€” who was free on bail after a May 2021 car chase in Brooklyn โ€” led Port Authority cops on yet another chase in a stolen vehicle at John F. Kennedy Airport on Feb. 16, the sources said.

    Port Authority police found the stolen car a few days later, linked Murrell to it through surveillance video, and tied him to a string of car thefts at LaGuardia and Kennedy airports. They arrested him Monday as he walked out of a Brooklyn courthouse, sources said.

    Heโ€™s already been released on his own recognizance, court records show, after he was charged with criminal possession of stolen property and other offenses.

    The JFK car chase and the May 2021 case are strikingly similar to the fateful 2017 pursuit that forever changed Detective Dalsh Veveโ€™s life, leaving him paralyzed and unable to speak.

    DALSH VEVE - NYPD โ€ข Date of Incident: June 3, 2017

    2018: Black Teen, accused of dragging black NYPD cop from LI, acquitted of attempted murder

        Black Freak with ORANGE DREADS Caught on camera: Suspect smashes taxi window, steals iPhone and cash
    black suspect black suspect NEW YORK - Police are looking for a suspect accused of breaking into a taxi cab Thursday morning in Manhattan. The NYPD released video of the suspect, seen wearing an orange wig and carrying part of a cinder block.

    Video shows her smashing the driver's side window, then reaching inside the vehicle. Authorities say the driver had parked his car on West 37th Street between Ninth and 10th avenues and left to use the restroom.

    Police say the suspect got away with an iPhone 8 and $40 in cash.

      Convicted BLACK MUSLIM terrorist sentenced for selling methamphetamine
    SANTA ANA, Calif. โ€” A convicted terrorist from Southern California was sentenced to more than 15 1/2 years in prison for selling drugs to an undercover FBI agent, prosecutors said.

    Ahmed Binyamin Alasiri, 45, of Garden Grove was sentenced Monday after pleading guilty last fall to distributing methamphetamine, the U.S. attorneyโ€™s office said.

    Alasiri also received a concurrent two-year sentence for violating the terms of his supervised release from federal prison.

    Alasiri sold 1.7 kilograms (3.8 pounds) of methamphetamine to an undercover agent in three transactions in 2020, a year after he was released from federal prison, prosecutors said.

    In 2007, Alasiri, who was then known as Kevin Lamar James, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to levy war against the United States government through terrorism. His co-conspirators staged armed robberies of gas stations โ€œto raise money for attacks Alasiri planned on U.S. military operations and Israeli and Jewish facilities in Southern California,โ€ the U.S. attorneyโ€™s office said in a statement. He served 16 years in federal prison before being released in 2019.

    TMuslim who plotted jihad massacres in California gets 15 years prison for selling meth while on supervised release

    Muslim who plotted jihad massacres in California gets 15 years prison for selling meth while on supervised release
    Were Alasiriโ€™s meth sales also part of his jihad against the U.S.? Jihadists have used drugs to fund their efforts for years. Years ago, in his study of the Taliban, journalist Ahmed Rashid reported: โ€œAbdul Rashid, the head of the Talibanโ€™s anti-drugs control force in Kandahar, spelt out the nature of his unique job. He is authorized to impose a strict ban on the growing of hashish, โ€˜because it is consumed by Afghans and Muslims.โ€™

    But, Rashid tells me without a hint of sarcasm, โ€˜Opium is permissible because it is consumed by kafirs [unbelievers] in the West and not by Muslims or Afghans.โ€™ This seems to have been a common view among the Taliban. Another Taliban named Khaled asked, โ€˜Who cares if heroin is wreaking havoc in the West? It doesnโ€™t matter; they arenโ€™t Muslims.โ€™โ€

    Convicted O.C. terrorist gets 15 more years in Federal prison for selling meth

    California: Convicted Muslim Terrorist on Supervised Release Indicted for Selling Pounds of Meth



      Political Islam in Kafir Politics - (link fixed)
    Both the US Congress and Senate are looking at laws that will make Islamophobia a crime. This will replace our standards of slander with the standards of Islam. Our slander is about telling a lie about someone and is a misdemeanor.

    Islamic slander is not based on facts but based on dislike. If you talk about Islam using facts and a Muslim does not like it, then that is slander and is punishable as a felony, up to and including death.

    Effectively this destroys our freedom of speech. This is a disaster. We need to make this clear to our political leaders.



      Tierney's REAL News (3/29/22)
    [Quote Peggy Tierney]"

    Please read the in-depth reports I've written on many subjects.

    (links are at bottom of daily reports)

    For my in-depth report on George Floyd.
    For my in-depth report on the truth about the Wuhan virus.
    On Castro, Guevara & Communist Cuba.
    On Biden, Romney, Kerry & Ukraine/China collusion.
    On Hyperinflation.
    On the Koch Brothers Libertarians.
    On Drag Queen Story Hour.
    On the fall of Fox News.
    On Communism in America.
    On birthright citizenship & anchor babies.
    On the Parkland Massacre.
    On the truth about Slavery in the Americas.
    On the Vegas Massacre.
    On Marijuana Legalization.
    On the Coup against Nixon.
    On evidence of Election Fraud.
    On Avenatti, bin Talal & Trump.

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    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 28 March 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******


    Was this one of the criminal illegal aliens the "No-Borders" Biden administration welcomed in?????

    Prosecutor: Drunken Hispanic Driver who killed 4 homeless people was drunk
    SALEM, Ore. -- The man who allegedly drove into a homeless encampment in Salem, Oregon, killing four people, had roughly double the legal limit of alcohol in his blood, prosecutors said Monday.

    Enrique Rodriguez Jr., 24, is charged with four counts of first-degree manslaughter, second-degree assault, reckless driving and driving while under the influence of intoxicants.

    The 2 a.m. Sunday crash left a scene of chaos, with people trapped under the car. Two people died at the scene and two died at the hospital, police said. After the dead and injured were taken away, flattened tents, an overturned shopping cart and a deeply scarred tree marked the scene. Mourners left bouquets of flowers at the base of the tree.

    โ€œMy friends are dead and I donโ€™t know what to say," Mike Wade, who came to the camp on Sunday after hearing about the crash, told the Salem Statesman Journal newspaper.

    Authorities identified those killed as Jowand Beck, 24; Luke Kagey, 21; Joe Posada III, 54; and Rochelle Zamacona, 29.

    Derrick Hart, 43, and Savannah Miller, 18, were seriously injured, police said.

    Drunk Spanic Driver crashes into Oregon homeless camp, killing four and injuring two


      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (28 March 2022)
    The Bobster

    Dark Crime: Black NYC Mayor Eric Adams shares clip of gunpoint robbery of mom, baby as he defends new anti-gun units


    Afro 'celebrities': Chris Rock and Will Smithโ€™s beef started long before Oscars 2022 outburstโ€‹
    Bad blood between Chris Rock and Will Smith flowed long before the โ€œKing Richardโ€ star took a swing at the 2022 Oscars.

    In 2016, the stand-up comic hosted the Academy Awards, where both Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, were the butts of some pointed barbs.

    Rock made fun of Pinkett Smithโ€™s public avowal to boycott the show after another year of all-white acting nominees.

    Afro 'celebrities': Will Smiff Bitch-Slaps Chris Rock Onstage At Oscars Over Jada Pinkett Smith Joke


    Black investigator sues NYS finance department over โ€˜toxicโ€™ environment


    Dark Crime: Elderly man beaten during attempted robbery by negro thug caught on camera in NYC
    SUSPECT-NAME A 73-year-old man was shoved to the sidewalk and repeatedly kicked while he was down during a caught-on-camera attempted robbery in Midtown Manhattan on Sunday morning, NYPD said.

    The elderly victim was first targeted by a male suspect while buying lottery tickets inside of a convenience store on Eighth Avenue near 40th Street around 10:50 a.m., police said.

    The still-at-large brute, who sources said is known to police, approached the victim and tried to grab his wallet, cops said. But the elderly man managed to hold onto his property.

    GLEEFUL BLACK VANDAL arrested on hate crimes for allegedly smashing NYC church windowsโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME A man accused of smashing in the windows of a Queens church with a huge stick has been busted on hate crime charges, police revealed Sunday. Tonnie Smith, 32, was taken into custody over the attack on the Community Church of Christ in Jamaica earlier this month.

    The Queens man was charged with criminal mischief as a hate crime and aggravated harassment as a hate crime, cops said.

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ Mar 2022

    Economist explains how/why West, including especially Jew S A, is being crushed by all the developments, inflation, and the idiot "sanctions" which will hurt Jew S A much more than Russkies.
    [Bond Sell-Off Continues as West Loses Grip on Power]

    Ho ho ho, Mark Dice gets up before Oceanside, Ca., city council and tells them what he (pretending to be gay commie), and others, are out to do--to propagandize the minds of the kidsoes--in order to create the "worker's paradise," etc.
    GREEN HAIRED MARXIST PEDOPHILE "Gender" Studies Professor Openly Admits Democrats' Endgame For American Children

    Economist explains how "sanctions" by Jew S A on Russkies will hurt Jew S A far worse (which is actually the plan by globalists to destroy Jew S A, economy, and dollar currency, suckers). Note creepy Joe just does whatever globalists tell him.
    A Global Liquidity Crisis with Massive Food Shortages Is Coming Warns Jim Rickards

    Bill Gates Interview Calling For Rich Nations To โ€˜Move to 100% Synthetic Beefโ€™ to Fight Climate Change Resurfaces As Food Prices Soarโ€‹

    Creepy Joe is demented, traitorous scum, mouthpiece/puppet for globalist filth working for world empire/dictatorship--that's what Ukraine problem is all about, all deliberately done by globalist puke to destroy USA, Constitution, etc.
    White House forced into cleanup mode after Biden says this (personally declares WWIII on Putin)

    Here's account fm Icelander taken, along w. wife, as slave by Turk pirates in 1627--was freed as messenger, wife ransomed, re-united after 10 yrs
    Enslaved Icelander Describes Horror of Ottoman Slave Market (1627) // Diary of ร“lafur Egilsson

    WATCH: WEFโ€™s Klaus Schwab Wants Everyone Microchipped in Next 10 Years As The Great Reset Moves Forwardโ€‹

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ Mar 2022

    The Pfizer Vaccine Only Has 1,291 Side Effects!โ€‹
    A judge forced the FDA to release Pfizer's clinical data and it's worse than you can possibly imagineโ€‹

    Biden's Sanctions Backfire: He Admits We're All Now Headed for a Very Frightening Placeโ€‹
    President Joe Bidenโ€™s sanctions against Russia will likely come at a high price โ€” not just for Russians, but for Americans, too, as even he now admits that food shortages loom in our near future. Bengal-famine-of-1943

    MSM confirms Hunterโ€™s role in securing millions for (biological terrorist weapons) research in Ukraineโ€‹

    Investigation proves Hunter Biden FUNDED the illegal biolabs in Ukraineโ€‹
    And his daddy Joe 'CORNPOP' Biden is getting hysterical about 'WAR CRIMES'

    WATCH: Creepy Joe Biden Strikes Again, Asks little Ukrainian Refugee girlโ€˜Who Do You Owe Those Beautiful Eyes To?โ€™โ€‹after hugging the little girl"Have Biden's handlers promised him 43 virgins?

    California makes history with first openly TRANSVESTITE (wasman) judge, 58, to be appointed to bench in the Golden Sodomite State: The former disability rights lawyer 'transitioned' less than four years agoโ€‹

    Zelensky โ€“ Who is Pulling his Strings?โ€‹

    BREAKING: Hunter Biden Laptop Found To Have HIGHLY Sensitive DoD Data.. Possibly The Most Damaging Discovery Yetโ€‹

    Gas rationing, food vouchers and hunger are now being normalized for the war phase of the plandemicโ€‹

      Tierney's REAL News (3/28/22)
    [Quote Peggy Tierney]"

    I'm going to keep today's newsletter short and ask you to read or listen to a few articles that encapsulate some stories that are NOT being reported by the fake news.

    First - note that Jack Maxey, the man who started War Room with Steve Bannon, and has a copy of Hunter Biden's laptop, has found that Hunter Biden's laptop contains โ€œa large number of Department of Defense encryption codes to allow access to national security data.โ€

    Hunter doesnโ€™t work for the government. So if that's true, who gave these to him? What were they used for? Do our enemies have them?

      General Biden orders more U.S. troops head to Europe
    General Bloodthirsty Biden "Big Boss Biden" DENIES he has ordered a 'hit' on 'Godfather' Putin

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    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 27 March 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

    Front Page for 27 Mar 2022 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

        (Black) NY lieutenant governor the focus of federal campaign fraud probe: Report
    black suspect black suspect chicken thief Federal investigators have issued subpoenas to former campaign advisers of New York Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin and the state Senate, trying to determine whether he had a hand in funneling fraudulent donations to his failed comptroller bid, according to reports.

    The subpoenas come four months after the federal indictment of Manhattan real estate developer Gerald Migdol, Benjaminโ€™s longtime associate, who is accused of funneling fraudulent contributions to Benjaminโ€™s 2021 campaign for New York City comptroller in an attempt to qualify for the cityโ€™s matching funds program, which doles out $8 from public money for every $1 raised privately, the New York Daily News reported.

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (27 March 2022)
    The Bobster

    BLACK Wilmington Man Charged With Multiple Felonies In Connection To Dover Homicide
    SUSPECT-NAME DOVER, Del. (CBS) โ€” Delaware State Police have arrested an 18-year-old Wilmington man in connection to a homicide that took place in Dover last week. Marcus Bailey is being charged with first degree murder, robbery first degree, carrying a concealed deadly weapon, and other related charges for allegedly killing a 33-year-old man in the Capitol Park section of Dover.

    Police say on March 24 around 3:50 p.m., troopers responded to Senator Avenue for a report of a shooting. Officials say Bailey entered the backseat of the victimโ€™s car while the 33-year-old was in the driverโ€™s seat.

    Bailey, police say, engaged in conversation with the 33-year-old man and demanded his vehicle. But at some point, the 33-year-old man was shot by Bailey in the upper torso, according to a release.

    Wilson Ventura-Cruz Charged With First-Degree Murder In Fatal Reading Shooting
    Wilson Ventura-Cruz READING, Pa. (CBS) โ€” Reading police have arrested a suspect in a shooting that killed a man on Friday. Wilson Ventura-Cruz, 18, has been taken into custody and charged with first degree murder and related charges.

    Police say the shooting occurred on the 1400 block of Schuylkill Avenue just after 5 p.m. on Friday. Officials found a 19-year-old man dead on the scene.

    Police say they were directed toward a vehicle that Ventura-Cruz was driving leaving the scene of the shooting. Officers were able to locate and stop Ventura Cruz in the area of the 700 block of Schuylkill Avenue. He was then taken into custody.
    Gang of NYC robbers hitting local Bronx businesses at gunpoint: policeโ€‹


    BLACK Suspects in brutal Brooklyn slaying caught on cameraโ€‹


    Staten Island family says they were stiffed by famous dog breeder
    An internet-famous dog trainer and breeder with hundreds of thousands of followers on social media is nothing more than a thieving mutt, a client told The Post.

    BRAZILIAN? Augusto Deoliveira, who bills himself as โ€œThe Dog Daddy,โ€ allegedly took a $1,000 deposit on a German Shepherd from Staten Islander Michael To โ€“ but never ponied up the pooch.

    Deoliveira, who was previously based in Massachusetts and South Carolina, claims to have garnered 2 billion TikTok views. A video of him walking a pack of German Shepherds off-leash went viral several years ago and he gained fame as a kind of dog whisperer who could calm agitated pups.

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 27 Mar 2022

    Tucker Carlson: We May Run Out of Food Soon Thanks To Biden Policiesโ€‹

    West will โ€˜pay a priceโ€™ for Russia clampdown โ€“ ex-army chiefโ€‹

    Hunter Biden DID help secure millions in funding for US contractor in Ukraine specializing in deadly pathogen research, laptop emails revealโ€‹

    Think poison vaxxes to kill excess morons among the puke ("the people") are the end?--now there's vaxxes which will "infect" the un-vaxxed, suckers

    Utah Lawmakers Override Governorโ€™s Veto, Pass Bill Banning Men From Competing in Womenโ€™s Sportsโ€‹

    Come Again? Joe Biden Tells US Troops Theyโ€™re Going To Ukraine โ€“ WH Deniesโ€‹

    Simply EVIL: States are taking away children from parents to collect moneyโ€‹

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 27 Mar 2022

    'Very few, if any' Americans require a FOURTH COVID-19 vaccine - even as Pfizer and Moderna push for more shots, Johns Hopkins expert says: Daily infections down 10% in past week and deaths fall 25%โ€‹

    Bidenโ€™s โ€œRussian sanctionsโ€ are wrecking the western economyโ€‹


    Who Is Behind the Ukrainian Propaganda Machineโ€‹

    Who the F does this arrogant, jumped up, cocaine-fuelled little Emperor Zelensky think he is? This is the result of western sycophants treating him as if heโ€™s a godโ€‹

    Ukraine is now a War of Attrition and Russia Holds all the Cardsโ€‹

    Joe Biden Admits โ€˜Sanctions Never Deterโ€™ After Announcing More Sanctionsโ€‹

    Biden Admits Food Shortages Are 'Gonna Be Real' Due to His Policiesโ€‹

    Depleted Uranium: NATOโ€™s War Against Yugoslavia Created Ecological Catastrophe, Poisoned Europeโ€‹ During the bombing of FR Yugoslavia, NATO also poisoned Europe, Dr Danica Grujiฤiฤ‡ told the Russian news agency RIA Novosti.โ€‹

    'Black Lives Matter' Accused of 'Clear Violation of IRS Rules,' Charity Status Reportedly at Riskโ€‹

    It All Comes Together: Hunter, Burisma, Kolomoisky, Zelensky and the โ€œChildren Burned Alive in Donetskโ€โ€‹

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    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 26 March 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

        (Black ex-rapper) Kidd Creole's murder trial opens with self-defense claim
    black suspect NEW YORK (AP) โ€” The trial of rapper Kidd Creole has begun in New York City with his lawyer telling a jury it was self-defense when the hip-hop pioneer stabbed a homeless man to death in 2017.

    The artist, a founding member of Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, is charged with murder and went on trial Friday in a Manhattan criminal court.

    Prosecutors said the rapper, whose real name is Nathaniel Glover, stabbed John Jolly twice in the chest with a steak knife after becoming enraged because he thought Jolly was gay and hitting on him. The stabbing happened as Glover was walking to his maintenance job in midtown Manhattan shortly before midnight on Aug. 1, 2017, and Jolly asked him โ€œWhat's up?โ€ authorities said.

    [NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
    Forum poster

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (26 March 2022)
    The Bobster

    Brooklyn charter school counselors had sex chats daily, even with students: suitโ€‹


    BLACK with Indian surname Charged With Third Degree Murder After Claiming His Gun Went Off By Accident In Drexel Hill Shooting
    SUSPECT-NAME DREXEL HILL, Pa. (CBS) โ€” A man from Delaware County has been arrested in connection to a deadly shooting in Drexel Hill near Bonner-Prendergast High School. Lloyd Amarsingh, of Darby, turned himself in on Friday night after he allegedly shot and killed 56-year-old Jimmy Hunt of Havertown.

    Amarsingh, 28, is being charged with third degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, and possessing an instrument of crime. He turned himself into police with his lawyer by his side.

    Dark Crime: 9-Year-Old Girl Shot, Killed In Trenton: Officialsโ€‹



    Beau Biden Foundation rakes in millions, spends fraction on kid programs

    The Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children raked in $3.9 million in 2020, but spent only a fraction of that on its purported mission to help kids, The Post has learned.

    The Delaware-based charity, which was started in honor of President Bidenโ€™s late son, got an infusion of $1.8 million from the Biden Foundation before that group shut down in 2020, according to the charitiesโ€™ latest tax filings. The Biden Foundation was started by Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, to champion โ€œprogress and prosperity for American families.โ€

    The Beau Biden charity also took in $225,000 from entities tied to a top political donor and bundler to President Biden.

    Despite the $2 million-plus windfall, the organization put only $544,961 in 2020 toward its stated purpose of protecting children from abuse, according to tax filings.

    Bidenโ€™s troubled 'bagman' son, Hunter, served on the board of the Beau Biden charity in 2020 during the time The Post revealed the discovery of his infamous laptop, a device plastered with a sticker from the foundation. Bidenโ€™s daughter, Ashley, and Beauโ€™s widow, Hallie Biden, were also on the board.

    [NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
    Forum poster

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 26 Mar 2022

    Fauci Finally Admits Natural Immunityโ€‹

    Come Again? Joe Biden Tells US Troops Theyโ€™re Going To Ukraine โ€“ WH Deniesโ€‹
    Does POTUS know something we don't or is he just losing his mind?

    The Oligarchโ€™s Dementia Minions Will Destroy The World (Pelosi and Biden and company)

    Schools K-12 Adopting Race-Based Discipline Policiesโ€‹

    Poll: Two Thirds of Americans Think Hunter Biden Laptop Story โ€œImportantโ€โ€‹

    The Biggest Lies (So Far) Surrounding Russia And Ukraineโ€‹

    As many of my readers already know I am not the biggest fan of Vladimir Putin, and for good reason.

    War Crimes? The Invasion Of Ukraine vs. The Invasion Of Iraq

    Russia Is Losing The War?

    Russia Is Isolated?

    US Sanctions On Russian Oil Are Causing High Gas Prices And Putin Is To Blame?

    Food And Retail Inflation Are Caused By Russia?

    There Are No Nazis In Ukraine?

    There Are No US Funded Bio Labs In Ukraine?

    The Truth Mattersโ€ฆ

    Gutfeld: People are terrified of facts

    "Here's more good commentary fm Gutfeld/FOX on serious philosophic issues. See, at the very rock-bottom, for first premises, science and logic are founded upon ASSUMPTIONS (which cannot be proven--because there's no prior premise for it), either OBJECTIVITY (Aristotle) or not, usually subjectivism or just plain-out mysticism. Science and logic absolutely require objectivity, suckers." - Apollonian

    If the colored affirmative action judge does not know what a woman is - does that mean she's TRANS?
    [woman? of color to be affirmative actioned on to the once respected Supreme Court]
    [Aunt Jemima for the Supreme Court!!!] - NNN Editor

      Tierney's REAL News Network
    [Quote Peggy Tierney]"

    The coup plotters are running out of schemes to scare us so now they're focusing on the mysterious QAnon - and trying to frame it as ISIS. There is NO such thing! So stupid! Ignore all this garbage about QAnon. The fake news is truly the enemy of free thinking people!

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    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 25 March 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (25 March 2022)
    The Bobster

    Dark Crime: BLACK Mugger slaps woman, grabs phone in latest NYC subway attackโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME chicken thief A mugger repeatedly slapped a woman in the face and snatched her phone in a Lower Manhattan train station this week, authorities said. V The 26-year-old victim had just gotten off a southbound No. 5 train at the Bowling Green station around 4:30 a.m. Monday and was taking an escalator leading to the mezzanine when a man suddenly slapped her multiple times, cops said late Thursday.

    He then grabbed her iPhoneXR, cops said.

    Dark Crime: NYC ex-con hid gun in teddy bear after shooting at off-duty cop: prosecutorsโ€‹
    The ex-con who allegedly opened fire at an off-duty cop after an Upper Manhattan crash this week later stashed the gun inside a teddy bear in a childโ€™s crib, according to federal prosecutors.

    The male officer was driving to work around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday โ€” crossing the Macombs Dam Bridge from the Bronx into Manhattan โ€” when Jamar Baker, 26, slammed his Ford SUV into the copโ€™s private vehicle multiple times, according to federal prosecutors in Manhattan.

    Baker then pulled his car up next to the copโ€™s car, spat at him and hurled an unspecified slur, according to a criminal complaint.

    As both motorists kept driving, Baker allegedly fired a gun at the officer, striking the front bumper and tire of his car at West 155th Street and Edgecombe Avenue, the complaint said.

    Negro-named Kenyatta Johnson Could Become Second City Councilmember To Be Convicted Of Federal Crime In 2022โ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME PHILADELPHIA (CBS) โ€” The federal corruption trial of Philadelphia city councilmember Kenyatta Johnson resumed Friday morning. Johnsonโ€™s wife, Dawn Chavous, is also indicted in the case.

    The prosecution is arguing councilman Johnsonโ€™s seat was sold in a bribery scheme. They claim Chavous was given a consultant job for Universal Companies in exchange for Johnsonโ€™s vote on key projects.



    Cowardly, craven and cruel sub-human black attacks on domestic pet animal
    17-Year-Old, 12-Year-Old Surrender In Connection To Vicious Dog Attack Of Family Cat โ€˜Buddyโ€™ In Frankford, PSPCA Saysโ€‹

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (25 March 2022)
    The Bobster

    NJ boy, 12, ODโ€™ed on fentanyl after being forced to clean uncleโ€™s drug lab: prosecutors
    SUSPECT-NAME A 12-year-old boy died of a fentanyl overdose last month after his uncle allegedly forced him to clean his home drug lab in New Jersey without wearing any gloves, prosecutors said.

    Troy Nokes, 35, was busted Thursday and hit with 28 charges in connection to the Feb. 1 death of his nephew, including manslaughter, employing a juvenile in a drug distribution scheme and endangering the welfare of a child, according to Camden County prosecutors.

    The 12-year-old died eight days after he was found unresponsive on his school bus in Gloucester Township, authorities said.

    An autopsy determined that the boy died of a fentanyl overdose. Ingesting just 0.002 grams of fentanyl results in โ€œcertain death,โ€ according to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics.

    Nokesโ€™ co-defendant Joanna Johnson was charged with tampering with evidence and protecting the alleged killer from police.

    Resistance is rising to woke collegesโ€™ race and sex discrimination
    People used to talk about โ€œresistanceโ€ to President Donald Trump. Thatโ€™s old hat. Now itโ€™s resistance to the woke.

    And weโ€™re seeing more and more of that resistance. University of Michigan economics professor Mark J. Perry is working with numerous folks across the nation to file equal-opportunity complaints with the federal Department of Education when colleges and universities discriminate on the basis of race and sex.

    HISPANIC PANTY PERVERT Arrested After Rowan University Student Finds Suspect In Bedroom Stealing Underwear In Glassboro, Police Sayโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME GLASSBORO, N.J. (CBS) โ€” A bizarre burglary case in South Jersey. Police have arrested a suspect who they say is stealing womenโ€™s underwear. Eyewitness News has exclusive video of the suspect at the scene of one of the crimes.

    Eyewitness News spoke off-camera with the roommate of one of the victims. She says the victim is shaken up after coming face-to-face with the burglary suspect inside her bedroom but is glad to hear the suspect is now off the streets. Police arrived and found Jorge L. Navaheredia hiding in a kitchen cabinet under the sink. He was taken into custody, and police say they observed several female undergarments in the cabinet where he was found.

    Dark Crime: CBS3 Mysteries: Mass Shooting Near Olney Transportation Center Last Year Was Ordered Hit, But Gunman Remains On Run


    TRANSVESTITE-LGBT-QUEER Serial killer, 83, indicted on murder charges in dismembered body caseโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME An 83-year-old serial killer charged with dumping her gal palโ€™s dismembered body on a Brooklyn street was indicted on murder charges Thursday, prosecutors said.

    Harvey Marcelin, a 'transgender' WASman, was already jailed on a charge of concealing a human corpse after cops nabbed IT getting rid of the remains on surveillance video โ€” and later found the victimโ€™s head in IT's apartment.

    Now, itโ€™s facing a murder charge. โ€œLast week my office charged Harvey Marcelin with allegedly concealing the severed head of a woman in her home and discarding the victimโ€™s torso in a bag on the street,โ€ Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said in a statement.

    Marcelin has twice been convicted of killing ex-girlfriends, spending more than 50 years in state prison for the slayings, records show. She was sentenced to 20-years-to-life for the shooting death of a live-in girlfriend in 1963 and remained behind bars until being paroled in 1984.

    In 1986, she was convicted of manslaughter for killing another ex-girlfriend, stuffing her body in a bag and dumping the remains on the sidewalk near Central Park.


    MUSLIM FOREIGNER from Egypt brutally killed Muslim Iraqi worker at Florida mosque; suspect shot by deputies
    A maintenance worker at a Florida mosque was killed in a brutal attack Thursday morning while trying to defend the synagogue from a man who believed it was his home, authorities said. The incident unfolded around 8:45 a.m. at the Husseini Islamic Center in Sanford after deputies received a 911 call about a body on the facility's back porch, Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma said at a news conference.

    A woman who worked at the mosque called authorities after finding a pair of pants by the front door and upturned furniture inside the center. The sheriff said a back window had been shattered with a propane tank. Lemma initially said the victim, 59, was employed at the mosque as a maintenance worker and was training the suspect, Ahmed Raslan, 38, to replace him.

    In an early Thursday news conference, he added the victim was an Iraqi immigrant and was going to return to Iraq because his father recently died. But at a later news conference, Lemma said it does not appear that Raslan was connected to the mosque. According to the sheriff, Raslan allegedly believed he was Julius Caesar's descendant and that the property belonged to Caesar. He thought the mosque was โ€œhis home,โ€ Lemma said.

    Raslanโ€™s โ€œintent was to defend that even at the cost of murder,โ€ according to the sheriff, who added the suspect either picked the mosque at random or thought God had directed him there. After breaking in, the victim and Raslan got into an altercation, officials said. Raslan allegedly grabbed a shovel and beat the victim to death, according to the sheriff. He then dragged the victim to the back porch and hosed him down with water in an attempt to remove evidence, Lemma told reporters.

    Raslan is alleged to have removed the victim's shirt and pants, and then fled the scene in the victim's Chrysler minivan as workers and children were arriving. The mosque also houses a day care or school, the sheriff said. The van was tracked down more than 100 miles away in the parking lot of a Sam's Club in Vero Beach. Indian River County Sheriff Eric Flowers said at a separate news conference that deputies conducted a traffic stop and Raslan exited the vehicle acting erratically and speaking a foreign language.

    As deputies shouted commands, Raslan allegedly reached into his pocket and "came out like he had a gun, with finger guns." They continued to shout commands at the man. When Raslan attempted to get back inside the van, deputies shot him. The suspect underwent surgery at the hospital and is expected to survive, a spokesperson for the Indian River County Sheriff's Office said Friday.

    Lemma said they plan on charging Raslan, who is from Egypt, with first-degree murder.



        Demonic infiltration of public libraries target kids
    โ€˜Queer Bibleโ€™ LGBTQ promotion in Public Library hearing Thursday night at City Hallโ€‹

    One of the books in the displays that has drawn criticism is a collection of essays edited by Jack Guinness called โ€œThe Queer Bible.โ€

    Another is โ€œAs a Woman: What I Learned about Power, Sex, and the Patriarchy after I Transitionedโ€ by Paula Stone Williams. The description on Amazon says that the book is a memoir of a transgender pastorโ€™s transition from male to female.

    The books were displayed prominently on a table in the Ridgeland Public Library. Citizens with children who had seen the display contacted McGee about the overt political nature.

    Other titles include โ€œOutlove: A Queer Christian Survival Storyโ€ by Julie Rodgers, โ€œthe Name I Call Myselfโ€ by Hasan Namir and โ€œPeople of Pride: 25 Great LGBTQ Americansโ€ by Chase Clemesha.

    SATAN pushes LGBTQ agenda

    SATANIC agenda now in the open: Demonic LGBT drag queen reads story time books to children at Michelle Obama library in California

    [NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
    Forum poster

        Republican Rep. Found Guilty of Lying About Taking Campaign Cash from Foreign Billionaire
    that was buds with "I did not have sex with the chubby jewish itern" CLINTON

    After about two hours of deliberations, a federal grand jury in Los Angeles on Thursday found Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-Neb.) guilty of three felonies for lying to and concealing information from the FBI regarding illegal contributions by a foreign national to his 2016 reelection campaign, the U.S. Attorneyโ€™s Office for the Central District of California announced.

    โ€œAfter learning of illegal contributions to his campaign, the congressman repeatedly chose to conceal the violations of federal law to protect his job, his reputation and his close associates,โ€ said U.S. Attorney Tracy L. Wilkison. โ€œThe lies in this case threatened the integrity of the American electoral system and were designed to prevent investigators from learning the true source of campaign funds.โ€

    Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire Gilbert Chagoury illegally donated $30,000 through โ€œstraw donorsโ€ at a Fortenberry campaign fundraiser in California in 2016, according to the attorneyโ€™s office. One of these was a Washington, D.C., businessman named Toufic Baaklini. In 2019, after admitting to illegally paying $180,000 in total to four candidates in U.S. elections, Chagoury paid a $1.8 million fine.

        If you really want to know about UKRAINE then visit NATO - (link fixed)

    In reading numerous posts, two stands out

    NATO denied the BioLabs existence. (see this post) - (link fixed)

    Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 at the height of the organ thefts & organ trafficking issues, yet omits that part, (see this post) - (link fixed)

    [NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
    Forum poster

        White Banner

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 24 March 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

        Trooper named 'NIGRO' shoots WHITE driver dead - NO RIOTS YET

    Bodycam video captures trooper (named "NIGRO") fatally shooting WHITE driver in Buffalo after high-speed chase

    James Huber Dramatic bodycam video captured the moment a New York state trooper fatally shot a Pennsylvania motorist in downtown Buffalo after a lengthy chase at speeds of more than 100 mph, according to a report. Trooper Anthony Nigro IV shot and killed James Huber, 38, of North East, Pa., in the area of East Eagle and Washington streets on Feb. 12, the Buffalo News reported.

    The deadly incident occurred after troopers tried to stop Huber, who was driving erratically on I-90 and then on I-190. Cary Arnold, a Pennsylvania woman who had a daughter with Huber 18 years ago, has told the Buffalo News she believes he may have been heading for the Peace Bridge rally in support of truckers protesting Canadaโ€™s COVID-19 vaccine mandates when the chase began.

    A GoFundMe drive for Huberโ€™s burial says that Huber โ€œhas kids who now have to bury their dad and live life without a father.โ€

    James Huber Funeral and burial cost - (gofundme) "My daughters father, James Matthew Huber passed away unexpectedly the morning of 2/12/2022. He was shot and killed by the Buffalo police and we are trying to raise some money to bury him and at this point also hire a lawyer. The police body cam video was released and you can clearly see that this did not need to happen. Please help donate & share!! Keep sharing until we can reach our goal & so we can get justice for him and his family. "

        BLACK-ON-WHITE: DRUNKEN BLACK FEMALE KILLED TWO WHITE Pennsylvania state troopers and a WHITE HISPANIC pedestrian - IMAGE OF WHITE HISPANIC VICTIM provided by family
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name victim name Jayana Tanae Webb is a DUI suspect accused of killing two Pennsylvania state troopers and a pedestrian in a Philadelphia highway crash. Just months before the deadly crash, Webb tweeted from her @Tanae_jay Twitter account that sheโ€™s โ€œthe best drunk driver ever.โ€ The 21-year-old Webb is facing several charges, including murder, after her March 22, 2022 arrest, police said.

    The crash killed Pennsylvania State Police Troopers Martin Mack III and Branden Sisca, authorities said. Reyes Rivera Oliveras, a pedestrian who was being helped by the troopers, was also killed in the crash. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Webb crashed her SUV into Mack, Sisca and Oliveras on Interstate 95 about 1 a.m. on Monday, March 21, 2022.

    The other victim, Reyes Rivera Oliveras, was from Allentown.

    [NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
    Forum poster


        (Black) GA man with missing motherโ€™s body in his car jumps in lake to get away from cops, police say
    black suspect A Monroe County man is being charged with the murder of his childโ€™s mother, according to the Monroe County Sheriffโ€™s Office. Deputies say 21-year-old Toriyahna Proctor was reported missing Wednesday morning.

    Proctor had last been heard from the night before while she was riding in a black Chevrolet Malibu with her illegitimate childโ€™s biological father, 22-year-old Jadarius Watts. A few hours later, just before 12 p.m., deputies located the black Chevrolet Malibu in the parking lot of the Holly Grove Boat Ramp with Watts sitting in the front seat.

    While deputies were patting Watts down, he ran off and jumped into Lake Juliette. He was unable to swim and deputies rescued him and placed him in handcuffs.

        (Black) Woman Charged With Murder After Boyfriend Killed In Robbery: Police
    black suspect A woman has been charged with first-degree murder after her boyfriend was killed during a robbery in Chicago, according to police. Akiya Sims, 20, was arrested in Indianapolis on Monday in connection with the death ofher boyfriend Ohleyer Jones, 19, according to Fox 32.

    Sims was then transferred to Chicago where she was charged with Jones' murder. She appeared in a bond court on Wednesday where she was ordered to be held without bail. Prior to Sims' arrest, Deon Evans, 19, had been charged as one of the gunmen who shot at Jones while the latter sat inside the car with Sims in the 900 block of South Normal Avenue, Fox 32 reported.

    Prosecutors said Evans had arranged with a friend to have Sims and Jones come over to their home and have Sims walk out the back with Jones' gold chain. But when Jones and Sims drove to the home, another friend warned them about the plan and told them to leave, according to the network.

    When Jones drove away, prosecutors said he stopped at Normal Avenue where a white SUV pulled up and Evans and another person allegedly fired several shots at his vehicle. Several bullets struck Jones and he was ultimately taken to Christ Medical Center in a critical condition and died of his injuries.

    Sims, who has a(n illigitimate) child with Evans, allegedly got into the white SUV. She suffered a bullet wound to her leg during the shooting, prosecutors said.

        (Black) Man accused of shooting at police in uptown Charlotte released on bond
    A man was taken into custody after shooting at officers in uptown Charlotte early Saturday morning, according to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. CMPD said it was attempting to break up several fights in a parking lot on North Brevard Street when a suspect retrieved a rifle and fired at police.

    The suspect, Tyler Drew, 27, was tackled by an officer and taken into custody. No one was shot and no officers fired their weapon, but several rounds struck nearby buildings and cars, according to authorities.

    A man who lives in the area witnessed the shooting and captured video of the aftermath. He didnโ€™t want to be identified for fear of retaliation. โ€œWe went outside and it was complete chaos, cops were coming from everywhere,โ€ he told Channel 9.

    Police said they responded to reports about an assault at a nightclub on North Caldwell Street at around 1:30 a.m. While investigating the assault call, several other fights started in a parking lot on North Brevard Street, CMPD said.

    Then, Drew allegedly came back with an assault rifle and fired on police.

    In a release, the North Carolina Fraternal Order of Police said it is โ€œdisgusted that a convicted felon is out of jail less than 24 hours after directly shooting at CMPD officers.โ€ It says Mecklenburg Countyโ€™s justice system is failing.

        2 BLACK Chicago teens facing charges after trying to steal 60-year-old man's phone
    black suspect chicken thief Victim was able to flag down police and suspects were quickly arrested Two Chicago teen-negros are facing charges after allegedly attempting to steal a 60-year-old man's cellphone.

    Police say the victim was walking around 11:30 a.m. in the South Loop neighborhood when Fred Wolfe, 18, got out of a car and tried to take the man's phone from his hand. A struggle took place and Wolfe was unable to take the phone. The suspect then got back into the waiting car, which police said was being driven by 19-year-old Armonie Lewis.

    As the man was flagging down nearby officers, the suspect's car drove by again, police said. The man was able to identify the car and its occupants as the pair who tried to rob him, FOX 32 Chicago reports. Officers were able to stop the vehicle and arrested the teens.

    Wolfe and Lewis face one felony count of attempted robbery. Lewis also faces a misdemeanor charge for driving without a license and a citation for operating an uninsured motor vehicle.

        CHINESE New Jersey man convicted of US visa scheme for Chinese government employees
    suspect name suspect name suspect name A New Jersey man has been convicted of fraudulently obtaining U.S. visas for employees of the Chinese government, the Justice Department announced this week. Zhongsan Liu, 59, of Fort Lee, helped fraudulently obtain J-1 research scholar visas for Chinese government employees, according to court documents and evidence present at trial.

    The visas helped these employees unlawfully work in the United States for the Peopleโ€™s Republic of China (PRC) without notifying the U.S. government.

    Prosecutors said Liu ran his operation out of an office of the China Association for the International Exchange of Personnel (CAIEP) โ€“ a PRC government agency โ€“ in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The CAIEP also engaged in recruiting U.S. scientists, academics, engineers, and other experts to work in and for the benefit of the PRC, prosecutors said. The J-1 research scholar program allows foreign nationals to come to the United States for the purpose of conducting research at a corporate research facility, museum, library, university, or other research institution.

    Prosecutors said Liu helped multiple people obtain a J-1 research scholar visa under false pretenses, playing intermediary between them and universities while concealing the true nature of their presence in the U.S. Liu is convicted of one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States and to commit visa fraud, which carries a maximum sentence of five years. His sentencing is scheduled for July 11.

    The (TREASONOUS) Benedict Biden administration said last month it would be ending the DOJโ€™s "China Initiative" program that was aimed at preventing spying by the Chinese Communist Party.

    The China Initiative was started in 2018 under the Trump administration to protect U.S. national security against Chinese spying on U.S. intellectual property and in academic and research settings.

        'Ethnic Bomb' To Kill - Whites Only Tied To N Korea - 10-13-2003
    A top North Korean scientist, working on a race-based bomb, has vanished. Was he taken by Western intelligence operatives or did the Chinese nab him?

    Has Dr. Ri Chae Woo, North Korea,s world-ranking expert working on a "whites-only" racial/genetic bomb, been snatched in a combined CIA, MI6 and Australian secret service operation? Or has Ri been grabbed by the Chinese Secret Intelligence Service"so that the communist government can discover just how far Kim Jong II, North Korea,s unpredictable dictator, has advanced his threat to launch the ethnic bomb upon the world?

    Japanese biological experiments on American prisoners of war

    [NNN forum post by Sniffy] 
    Forum poster

    The idea of a genetic bomb to kill bomb to kill N*ggers was researched in South Africa by project leader Wouter Basson.

    This was taken up later in North Korea by Dr. Ri Chae Woo; but with a different slant. Dr. Ri and his team of 250 geneticists were working on a weapon to exterminate the earthโ€™s white population. This work done at the Sogram-ri Institute is concurrent with Dr. Fauciโ€™s illegal gain-of-function experiments. The director of the institute, Madame Dr. Yi Yong Su has a close relationship with Kim Jong-un.

    'Ethnic Bomb' To Kill - Whites Only Tied To N Korea - 10-13-2003

    Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad
    In 1999, he (Ri Chae Woo) was appointed to work at Sogram-ri's Institute 398. NSA satellite images routinely passed to Mossad showed the compound was a half-mile square ..

        Trump sues Hillary Clinton, DNC over โ€˜unthinkableโ€™ Russia โ€˜plotโ€™ in 2016 election

    Former President Donald Trump on Thursday filed a federal lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, accusing them of โ€œan unthinkable plotโ€ to tie him to Russian interference in the 2016 election.

    The complaint, filed in the Southern District of Florida, also accuses others in the Clinton campaign and DNC of shielding the former secretary of state from the plot.

    โ€œIn the run-up to the 2016 Presidential election, Hillary Clinton and her cohorts orchestrated an unthinkable plot โ€” one that shocks the conscience and is an affront to this nationโ€™s democracy,โ€ the lawsuit says.

    โ€œActing in concert, the defendants maliciously conspired to weave a false narrative that their Republican opponent, Donald J. Trump, was colluding with a hostile foreign sovereignty,โ€ it says. โ€œThe actions taken in furtherance of their scheme โ€” falsifying evidence, deceiving law enforcement, and exploiting access to highly-sensitive data sources โ€” are so outrageous, subversive and incendiary that even the Watergate [scandal] pale in comparison.โ€

    Trump claims in the suit that the conspiracy โ€œwas conceived, coordinated and carried out by top-level officials at the Clinton campaign and the DNC โ€” including โ€˜the candidateโ€™ herself.โ€

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 24 Mar 2022


    Latest info, commentary on creepy Joe, demented, senile, brain-dead pervert and criminal, now Pres.
    Bidens' money trail to Russia, China, and Ukraine exposed

    How much is (worthless) Joe Biden worth?

    Frontline Doctor: Millions Will Get AIDS From COVID Vax By The Fallโ€‹

    Carlson/FOX checks in for commentary on story BIDEN's BLACK FEMALE SUPREME COURT 'WOMAN'????

    'Do You Agree... That Babies Are Racist?': Ted Cruz Questions Jackson About 'Antiracist Baby' Book

    Smart Money Already Knows the War in Ukraine is Lostโ€‹ Russia is winning the war and much of that to the contrary is disinformation being churned out by the Ukrainian government and US State Department, though they are being charitable in how they put it.

    They May Want to Take a Step Back and Reevaluate: Israel Is Arming Neo-Nazi Group in Ukraineโ€‹

    Biden Says the Quiet Part Out Loud: โ€œThereโ€™s Going to be a New World Order Out There and Weโ€™ve Gotta Lead Itโ€ (VIDEO)

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 24 Mar 2022

    Ukrainian refugees are refusing free COVID jabs from German govโ€™tโ€‹

    Americans Face More Pain as Ukraine War Poised to 'Blow US Food Costs Sky High'โ€‹

    Ron Paul: The Fed is โ€œDead Seriousโ€ About Cashless Society, Abolishing Private Transactionsโ€‹


    Nancy Pelosi Just Used The Power Of Insider Trading To Rake In A MASSIVE Payday With Call Options On This Heavily Regulated Company

    Bidenโ€™s โ€œRussian Sanctionsโ€ Are Wrecking the Western Economyโ€‹

    Americans Face More Pain as Ukraine War Poised to 'Blow US Food Costs Sky High'โ€‹

    Whilst youโ€™ve been distracted by Russia-Ukraine, the UK Government quietly published data confirming the Triple Vaccinated are just weeks away from developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndromeโ€‹

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 24 Mar 2022

    Flashback: โ€œFatโ€ Man Biden Challenged to Push-Up Contest Called Out Hunter Ukraine Pay-to-Playโ€‹

    Hunterโ€™s Laptop Is The Key To The NWO โ€“ Watchโ€‹

    Germanyโ€™s foreign minister has demanded that America take in more refugees in the face of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

    โ€œGas Stations Will Run Dryโ€: Catastrophic Scenario For Diesel Emerging According To Worldโ€™s Biggest Energy Tradersโ€‹

    The Future Is Here: Dystopian Movies Fit for a Dystopian Worldโ€‹

    Putin on Ukraine and the West: Key takeaways from latest speechโ€‹

    The US Is the Major Instigator of the Ukraine Conflict. The Historical Factsโ€‹

      Tierney's REAL News Network
    [Quote Peggy Tierney]"

    What's really happening in Ukraine?
    The media & politicians are finally starting to tell the truth about what's going on in Ukraine and about the rivalry between Communist China & the CIA-backed New World Order. Much of what I'm hearing is affirming my reporting for the past month. Here are quotes from several people on all sides - that I think you need to hear - that are not being widely reported. In no particular order.

        White Banner

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 23 March 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

        (Black) Markeith Loyd sentenced to death for 2017 murder of (Black female) Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton - (link fixed)
    black suspect black suspect black suspect black suspect black suspect victim name A judge on Thursday sentenced a Florida man to death for fatally shooting an Orlando police officer while he was on the run for killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend. Jurors in November found Markeith Loyd, 46, guilty in the January 2017 death of Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton, and unanimously recommended a death sentence during a hearing in December. Circuit Judge Leticia Marques announced her decision during a brief hearing on Thursday morning.

    Loyd is already serving a life sentence for killing Sade Dixon, his former girlfriend, a month before Clayton was killed. Loyd was on the run for killing Dixon when a shopper at a Walmart spotted him on January 9, 2017. Prosecutors said the shopper notified Clayton, who was also at the store, and she attempted to stop him. Clayton, 42, was killed during a shootout with Loyd outside the store. An autopsy showed that Clayton was struck four times and the fatal shot hit her neck, apparently as she lay on her back on the ground.

    County Deputy Norman Lewis was also fatally struck by a vehicle during the 9-day manhunt for Loyd. Sheriff John Mina, who was in the courtroom Thursday, praised the judge's sentence.

    "Very pleased that Judge Marques sentenced cop killer Loyd to death," Mina wrote on Twitter. "He has caused so much suffering to the families of Lt. Debra Clayton, Sade Dixon, and DFC Norm Lewis." When Loyd was arrested in 2017, Mina, who was then the Orlando police chief, said Loyd initially tried to escape out the back of the house through a sliding glass door, but came out through the front door and dropped the firearms on the ground. One of the guns had a 100-round capacity, Mina said. At the time, Mina said that police used Lt. Clayton's handcuffs to arrest Loyd.

    "Although nothing can undo the heartache created by the defendant's heinous actions, we hope that this brings solace to our community, knowing a dangerous murderer will face the highest penalty provided by the law," Orlando police Chief Orlando Rolรณn said in a statement. During the trial, prosecutors said the fatal shot was fired as Loyd stood over Clayton in the parking lot. She was shot four times.

    She was a sergeant at the time of the shooting, but was promoted posthumously.

    Black Florida man sentenced to death for killing black female police officer

    [NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
    Forum poster

      Two (dos) Hispanic Arizona men get prison time after cops find nearly 300 pounds of meth, other drugs worth over $1M
    Police recovered 230 pounds of meth, 25 pounds of cocaine, and 25 pounds heroin. Two Arizona men were sentenced to years in prison after police discovered hundreds of pounds of illicit drugs worth over $1 million inside their home, authorities said Tuesday.

    Cipriano Arturo Rojas-Armenta, 44, and Diego Bernal-Robles, 29, were arrested in September 2020 following a months-long police investigation that ended when authorities recovered 230 pounds of methamphetamine, 25 pounds of cocaine, and 25 pounds heroin inside their Tucson home, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) said in a news release.


    [last comment posted under the article posted on FOX NEWS] - "mario714 - 2 hours ago

    "These animals need to be put down in the most painful way possible. I can only imagine the number of lives ruined just from those drugs alone and all they received 3 and 5 years? That's justice..what a joke and let me guess they are here "legally"? I don't see any charges for that, they probably received money from the current administration to stay in some 5-star hotel. (edited) " Reply 38 'likes'

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (23 March 2022)
    The Bobster

    Democrats oppose Kathy Hochulโ€™s bail-reform rollback, leader saysโ€‹
    Gov. Kathy Hochulโ€™s plan to roll back New Yorkโ€™s controversial bail-reform law hit a major roadblock Wednesday when the leader of the state Senate said Democratic lawmakers were โ€œabsolutelyโ€ opposed to the idea.

    โ€œI think the general sense is that nobody in our conference is wanting to go backwards,โ€ Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D-Yonkers) told reporters in Albany. โ€œAbsolutely not.โ€

    New troubling details emerge in death of 8-year-old autistic black Bronx boyโ€‹


    DARK CRIME: Stranger attempts to kidnap 13-year-old girl in NYC, cops say
    A stranger tried to kidnap a 13-year-old girl as she walked to her Brooklyn home in broad daylight over the weekend, cops said Wednesday. The teen was walking west on Pitkin Avenue near Ashford Street in Cypress Hills around 2:20 p.m. Sunday โ€” pushing a laundry cart โ€” when a dark SUV began following her, authorities said.

    BLACK RAPE: NEGRO-NAMED Suspect wanted for attempted murder during Harlem attack on woman arrested: copsโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME A brute who attacked a woman on a Harlem block last week and badly beat her as he tried to rape her between cars was arrested Wednesday, police said.

    Rasheen Davis, 39, was nabbed in connection with the Friday night attack on a 43-year-old woman on West 123rd Street between Lenox Avenue and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, police said.

    Heโ€™s facing charges of attempted murder, attempted rape, robbery and sex abuse, cops said. The victim was clinging to life after the incident.

    Home Depot hammered for shaming employees for their โ€˜white privilegeโ€™


    DARK CRIME: Woman slashed outside Target after refusing to give up money: cops
    SUSPECT-NAME A man slashed a woman outside of a Target in Tennessee after she refused to give him money, police said. Bradley Ferguson, 29, approached the victim outside the store in Madison on Monday and demanded she give up her cash. Police said he then pulled a pocketknife and started swinging when she failed to comply, WKRN reported.

    The woman put up her hand to protect herself, but was cut on her palm and ring finger, according to a warrant obtained by the station.

    BLACK RAPE: Walmart shoppers tackle man who allegedly tried to rape woman: videoโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME Dramatic video caught the moment Walmart shoppers in Miami rushed in to grab a man who allegedly tried to rape a woman after he lifted her dress and tore off her underwear.

    The frightening incident took place about 9:30 p.m. Sunday inside the Miami-Dade store on Northwest 79th Street, where the man approached the victim from behind, NBC Miami reported. The suspect, identified as Bredan Harvey, 28, of Miami Gardens, pulled up the womanโ€™s dress, grabbed her private parts and ripped off her underwear after he shoved her to the floor, police said.

    But other shoppers rushed to the womanโ€™s aid after she began screaming.

    BLACK Florida man arrested for drugs after getting trapped in porta-potty
    SUSPECT-NAME His crappy night only got worse. A Florida man was left screaming after getting trapped in a porta-potty โ€” then was promptly busted for drug possession by the cops who bailed him out.

    Bystanders called Naples police after hearing James Gousse, 34, shouting for help Sunday night while stuck in the mobile latrine. An arriving deputy heard Gousseโ€™s yells and spotted his foot protruding from the porta pottyโ€™s door. The officer successfully dislodged Gousse and told him to sit down nearby.

    Niggers And Cars Don't Mix: Shovel-nosed negro-named driver who ran over a man while doing donuts in Soho in custody: copsโ€‹
    The teen driver who smashed into another vehicle in Brooklyn while fleeing cops โ€” killing his 18-year-old female passenger โ€” has been charged with vehicular manslaughter, police said Monday. Ackeem Chambers, also 18, was trying to get away from cops at the intersection of Eastern Parkway and Rogers Avenue in Crown Heights around 2 a.m. Sunday when he slammed his 2015 Hyundai Sonata into a 2007 Toyota Solara, gravely injuring Jada Rollins, who sat in the back seat, cops said. Both Rollins and Chambers were taken to the Kings County Hospital Center, where Rollins was pronounced dead.

    BLACK Driver who ran over a man while doing donuts in Soho in custody: cops
    SUSPECT-NAME The driver accused of running over a man while doing donuts over the weekend during an illegal event in Soho surrendered to police Wednesday, cops said.

    Tyler Greer, 22, was charged with assault, leaving the scene of an accident and reckless driving for the incident on Saturday night, police said.

    Christopher Brito, 23, was struck by the vehicle as it made the dangerous moves near a group of bystanders and had to undergo multiple surgeries, his mother said.

    BLACK RAPE: Reading Man Arrested After Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Teenage Girl Twice On Way To School
    SUSPECT-NAME READING, Pa. (CBS) โ€” A man is behind bars in Reading after allegedly sexually assaulting a teenager on her way to school. The suspect is Sean Samuels.

    Police say he abducted the girl last Wednesday morning. Samuels then allegedly took the girl to a different place and sexually assaulted her twice. Officers say they used Samuelsโ€™ fingerprints to connect him to the crime.

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (23 March 2022)
    The Bobster

    BLACK LUNATIC NW*RD DEMON accused of fatally shoving Asian woman Michelle Go unfit to stand trial, court official saysโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME The homeless man who admitted to fatally shoving Michelle Go into an oncoming train at the Times Square subway station is mentally unfit to stand trial, a court official said Tuesday.

    The official said in Manhattan Supreme Court that psychiatrists at Bellevue Hospital made the determination about Martial Simon after a medical evaluation.

    Simon, 61, has been held at Bellevue in Manhattan since his arrest on murder charges in Goโ€™s Jan. 9 death. He did not appear in court on Tuesday.

    Prosecutors allege that Simon walked up behind Go around 9:40 a.m. while she waited to board an R train at the station and randomly pushed her into the path of an oncoming train.

    Simon, who served two stints in state prison for robbery and attempted robbery, has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and has cycled in and out of mental hospitals for more than 20 years, according to family members.

    Should be deported to Monkey Island
    Monkey Island


    Brazen PACK OF NEGRO thieves kick worker at NYC spa, make off with $3K worth of merchโ€‹


    Video shows baby-faced pack of monkey-face fatherless feral negro attackers beat teen in Brooklyn train stationโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME Shocking video captures the moment a crew of baby-faced attackers beat a 14-year-old boy in a Brooklyn train station earlier this month.

    The clip โ€“ released by police late Tuesday โ€“ shows several suspects cornering the teen on the mezzanine of the Van Siclen Avenue train station in East New York just before 4 p.m. March 14 and repeatedly kicking and punching him in the head and body.

    One member of the group approached him and asked if he knew someone else, cops said. Before the victim could reply, the crew started pummeling him, authorities said. The teen โ€” who did not know his attackers โ€” suffered swelling and bruising, and sought his own medical attention, cops said.

    Hispani-looking female Straphanger slashes woman in the face for eating on Brooklyn train: cops
    An irate straphanger slashed a woman whom she had confronted for eating on a Brooklyn train last week, cops said. The 33-year-old victim was eating on a moving southbound D train around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday when another woman approached her and asked her to stop, according to police. When she didnโ€™t comply, the suspect pulled out a knife and slashed her on both sides of her face, cops said.

    BLACK FEMALE Self-proclaimed โ€˜best drunk driver everโ€™ accused of killing 2 WHITE state troopers, pedestrian in Philly DWI crashโ€‹


    South Dakota hotel staff quit in protest after owner bans wagon burners
    South Dakota hotel staff quit in protest after owner bans Native Americans

    A South Dakota hotel owner said she was banning all Native Americans after a shooting in one of the rooms โ€” sparking such outrage that her entire bar staff quit in protest, according to reports.

    โ€œWe will no longer allow any Native American[s] on [the] property,โ€ Grand Gateway Hotel owner Connie Uhre wrote on Facebook, according to screenshots shared by outraged Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender.

    โ€œNatives killing Natives,โ€ she wrote, although the victim of the shooting at her hotel Saturday remained alive, albeit with life-threatening injuries, according to police.

    Uhre also told staffers in an email that she โ€œreally does not want to allow Natives on the property,โ€ South Dakota Public Broadcasting reported.

    โ€œThe problem is we do not know the nice ones from the bad Natives โ€ฆ so we just have to say no to them!!โ€ she wrote, according to the widely shared thread that SDPB said it had verified.

        Biden's Black Female "Supremes" Bid Ketanji Brown Jackson says she canโ€™t provide definition of โ€˜womanโ€™: โ€˜Iโ€™m not a biologistโ€™

        Gas Prices: Los Angeles Hits Record $6 Gallon, Other Cities Expect Spikes

    "BUILD BACKWARDS BETTER!" - Why the 'mascot' of the Democrats is the Donkey (jackass) :)

      Prominent Haitian Vodou priestess dies, and country mourns
    voodoo voodoo

        White Banner

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 22 March 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

        BLACK-ON-WHITE: BLACK FEMALE Driver Charged With Murder, DUI In South Philly I-95 Crash That Killed 2 White Pennsylvania State Police Troopers, Pedestrian
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name PHILADELPHIA - Authorities have announced charges against a woman they say was driving under the influence when she struck and killed three people, including two Pennsylvania state police troopers, Monday morning.

    Jayana Tanae Webb, 21, has been charged with third-degree murder, homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence, DUI, and related charges in connection with the crash that occurred shortly before 1 a.m. in the southbound lanes of I-95.

    Investigators say Webb was behind the wheel of an SUV when she struck Trooper Martin Mack, Trooper Branden Sisca, and 28-year-old Reyes Rivera Oliveras on the left side of the highway.

    Webb was walked out of the Pennsylvania State Police Troop K barracks in Philadelphia Tuesday afternoon wearing handcuffs that belonged to the fallen troopers.

    Troopers Mack and Sisca had responded to a call for a person walking on the left side of the southbound lanes and had made contact with the man on the roadway. The troopers were taking the man into custody and walking him back to their state police SUV.

    As all three men were walking back to the police vehicle, authorities say Webb was traveling at a high rate of speed in the left lane and struck all three men, the patrol vehicle, and the barrier between the north and southbound lanes. The impact of the crash knocked both troopers into the northbound lanes and ripped both driverโ€™s side doors off of their SUV.

    Webbโ€™s vehicle later came to a stop on the right shoulder of the southbound lanes and she remained at the scene prior to being taken into custody.

    Police dispatch called for backup after the officers stopped responding. Backup arrived as bystanders were attempting to perform life-saving measures on the troopers. Both Trooper Mack and Trooper Sisca were later pronounced dead at the scene.

    A law enforcement source tells FOX 29's Steve Keeley that state police had conducted a traffic stop involving the striking vehicle shortly before the crash. They say that stop was cut short because troopers were responding to reports of pedestrian walking on I-95.

    Authorities had announced Monday morning that they were conducting a โ€˜DUI-relatedโ€™ investigation. Law enforcement sources told FOX 29 that a 21-year-old driver had a blood alcohol content more than twice the legal limit.

    Officials say Trooper Mack, 33, joined the force in 2014 while Sisca, 29, only recently graduated from the academy and had enlisted in February of 2021. Sisca was also a Fire Chief of Trappe Fire Company in Montgomery County.

    Webb, of Eagleville, faces a total of 18 charges in connection with the crash.

    [NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
    Forum poster


        (Black) Man convicted of Canton deadly drive-by shooting gets 71 years in prison
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire STARK COUNTY, Ohio (WOIO) - A man found guilty of all charges in connection with the fatal drive-by shooting of a 65-year-old woman was sentenced to 71 years to life in prison Monday morning.

    The trial for Terrel Lipkins, began on March 15 in front of Stark County Common Pleas Judge Frank Forchione and the jury reached a verdict on March 17.

    Canton police said Jenny Norris was shot and killed while standing outside her home in the 100 block of Belden Ave. S.E. around 8:30 p.m. on Aug. 7, 2021.

    Canton Police Captain Dave Davis said it was unclear if it was Norris who was targeted or someone else, but it is clear to police that the occupants of the vehicle had a target. A second man charged in the case, Javier Blood, was acquitted of all charges last month.

    OBITUARY for VICTIM Jenny B Cowgill Norris, age 65


        Biden has forced many minorities over the edge - EPIDEMIC OF GAS SIPHONING!!!!

    chicken thief chicken thief As Gas Siphoning Crimes Surge, Poison Control Issues Warning to Thieves

    Residents Claim Thieves Are Siphoning Gas From Their Cars

    The crime of gas siphoning skyrockets alongside price hikes

    Authorities: Thieves using new ways to siphon gas out of tanks

    Sheriff Eddie Scott talks about how to protect yourself from gas siphoning

    Everett Police warn of thieves drilling into gas tanks, siphoning fuel

    Soaring gas prices brings on gas theft

    Town of Wallkill officials report 1st case of gas siphoning in decades

    Police in New Hampshire report more cases of people siphoning gas, oil

    TThieves steal more than 1,000 gallons of fuel using a trap door, gas station says

    Fuel thieves siphon gas from Winnipeg car-sharing vehicle

    Record $4 gas siphoning small businesses' profits

        3rd BLACK man guilty in murders of black Bedford dad, daughter
    black suspects victim name CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A third man has now been convicted in connection with the brutal murders of a Bedford dad and his 14-year-old daughter. Demarcus Sheeley pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter on Friday, March 18.

    Sheeley will be sentenced by Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Kelly Ann Gallagher on March 24. The bodies of Paul and Paris Bradley were found in a burning car near the 14000 block of Savannah Avenue in East Cleveland in October 2018.

    East Cleveland police officers said the teenager was tortured in front of her father before they were both killed. Ronald Newberry and Kodii Gibson were convicted` after separate jury trials.

    Newberryโ€™s trial began on March 3rd in front of Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Kelly Ann Gallagher and the jury reached a verdict late on March 16th. A sentencing date has not yet been scheduled. No formal sentencing date has been scheduled for Gibson yet.

        2 BLACK Akron men plead guilty in connection with murder of 6-year-old girl
    black suspect black suspect SUMMIT COUNTY, Ohio (WOIO) - Two Akron man have pleaded guilty for their role in the murder of a six-year-old girl in 2020. Marviya Jones was in a car near Copley Road and Orlando Avenue on Sept. 10, 2020 around 1:15 p.m. when she was shot. The little girl died from her injuries on Sept. 22, 2020.

    Akron police said Marqualle Clinkscales and Corey Jemison were shooting at each other from separate vehicles and Jones was inside Jemisonโ€™s car. Five other children were also inside the car with Jones. One child suffered a graze wound.

    Jemison pleaded guilty last Friday to murder and Summit County Common Pleas Judge Tammy Oโ€™Brien sentenced him to 16 years to life in prison. On Monday, Clinkscales pleaded guilty to murder and Summit County Common Pleas Judge Tammy Oโ€™Brien sentenced him to 16 years to life in prison.

    Clinkscales was also designated as a violent offender.

        BLACK charged with MURDER OF man with Syrian surname at Highland Park store
    black suspect HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. โ€“ A murder charge has been issued in connection with the shooting death of a West Bloomfield man at a Highland Park store. Paul Clifton McColor, 53, of Detroit, has been charged in the fatal shooting of Saad Hanna Halabo, 53, of West Bloomfield, according to authorities.

    Officials said McColor walked into a check cashing store in the 13930 block of Woodward Avenue at 4:16 p.m. Friday (March 18). McColor and Halabo got into an argument, and McColor fired a handgun, fatally injuring Halabo, police said.

    McColor fled the scene before officers arrived. Authorities said they found Halabo with a gunshot wound to his face. He was pronounced dead.

    Michigan State Police investigated the shooting and took McColor into custody Saturday. He was arraigned on charges of felony murder, larceny, felon in possession of a firearm and two felony firearm violations.

    Citizenship status of Syrian victim not reported.

        Investigators arrest BLACK man wanted for fatal shooting at N. Charleston gas station
    black suspect NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Officials with the North Charleston Police Department have announced the arrest of a 30-year-old man wanted for a fatal shooting at a gas station. Authorities arrested Hilliard Turner Jr. who has been charged with murder and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

    His arrest stems from an incident that happened on Jan. 8 when officers responded to the Cheap Way gas station on 3615 Dorchester Rd. for someone who had been shot. Officers found the victim, who was suffering from gunshot wounds, and was pronounced deceased by EMS crews. Police say during an investigation, it was determined that Hilliard took part in the murder and warrants were drawn.

    On Monday, he was located by authorities driving near Citadel Mall.

        Deputies arrest BLACK suspect accused of shooting man in the face
    black suspect CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - Investigators have arrested a man accused of shooting another man in the face in Charleston County. The Charleston County Sheriffโ€™s Office arrested 21-year-old Patrick McDuawn Platt Jr. on Thursday. Platt has been charged with attempted murder and possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime.

    His charges stem from an incident that happened in January on Lincoln Avenue and West Stall Street in Lincolnville where deputies responded to a shooting in which the victim had suffered serious injuries, and the suspect was believed to have fled in a vehicle. Video and pictures from the scene at the time showed crime scene tape around a parking lot at a business in the area.

    On the afternoon of Jan. 5, 2021, deputies responded to Lincoln Avenue and found the victim with a gunshot wound to the face. Arrest affidavits state that the victim had suffered a gunshot wound to the upper jaw area and was transported to Trident Medical Center. According to investigators, surveillance footage of the incident showed a grey 2016 or newer Ford Focus was the suspectโ€™s vehicle, and it was discovered Platt had a vehicle registered to him matching the description.

    In addition, the sheriffโ€™s office said Platt also matched the description of the suspect that was provided to a detective by the victim. Deputies say a search warrant conducted on the suspectโ€™s cell phone showed that the suspect was at the location at the time of the shooting.

    A detective reported that Platt told him that he was nowhere near the incident location since he was at his job, however the detective said when he called Plattโ€™s place of employment, they said he was not working at the time of the incident.

        Officers arrest BLACK for attempted murder in connection to February shooting in Goose Creek - (link fixed)
    black suspect GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCSC) - Authorities say a 19-year-old man is facing charges in connection to a February shooting in Goose Creek. Daeyon Ladson was arrested Saturday and charged with attempted murder and criminal conspiracy. A warrant states officers with the Goose Creek Police Department responded to the Waters at St. James apartments on Feb. 1 in reference to a shooting.

    Officers say they located a victim who had been shot in the thigh. Officers discovered multiple shell casings outside of one of the apartment buildings. The victim was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. On Saturday, officers say Ladson was arrested after his father was arrested during a traffic stop and Ladson came to drive his vehicle to prevent it from being towed.

    After running a check to make sure Ladson was a valid driver, officers say they were told of the active warrants and Ladson was taken into custody. Ladson was being held in the Berkeley County Detention Center.

        Police video shows BLACK Starbucks robbery suspect fire gun at North Olmsted officer
    black suspect NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio (WOIO) - The man who allegedly robbed a Starbucks at gunpoint Monday morning and then shot at North Olmsted police officers has been identified as 30-year-old Dominque Hullum, of Cleveland, North Olmsted police said. According to North Olmsted police, Hullum walked into the Starbucks in the 27100 block of Lorain Road around 8 a.m., pointed a gun at employees and customers and demanded cash from the registers. When officers arrived, Hullum fled on foot, police said.

    While Hullum was running away, police said he encountered a North Olmsted police officer at Dover Center Road and Brookpark Extension and fired several shots at the officer. โ€œOne of our cars was hit by gunfire, it took a round to the hood of the car and the drivers side window was shattered,โ€ said North Olmsted Police Sgt. Dan Barrett. โ€œOur officer jumped out of the car and returned fire once he started taking fire from the suspect.โ€ Hullum then allegedly jumped into a car and traveled north on Dover Center Road, police said.

    Several minutes later, Hullum allegedly stopped behind a home on Kingston Circle. Once stopped, North Olmsted police said he again fired at officers and officers again returned fire. One officer was treated for minor injuries and released, but police were relieved that no one else was hurt.

    โ€œThe guy had no regard for safety, for anyone, heโ€™s firing on officers so that tells you his mental state, he could care less,โ€ Sgt. Barrett said. Hullum was treated for injuries at a local hospital. He is charged with aggravated robbery and North Olmsted police said additional charges are possible.

        (Black) Suspect convicted of raping 3 women in Cleveland sentenced to at least 41 years in prison
    SUSPECT-NAME CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A 28-year-old Highland Hills man was sentenced Tuesday morning by Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Joan Synenberg after being convicted of raping a total of three women in a two-year period. The judge sentenced Christian Burks to a base prison term of 41 years. One of Burksโ€™ victims who remained anonymous spoke out in court before he was hauled off to prison.

    โ€œI donโ€™t know what twisted things happened to you that caused you to think you could take residence over someone elseโ€™s body... that you can lock a woman in the back seat of your car and decide her fate... I am not an object to be used at your disposal. I am a person, I have a name... goals, passion, a career,โ€ said said. Burks was initially indicted in April 2021. Cuyahoga County prosecutors said the attacks happened from December 2018 through December 2020 in Cleveland and in several cases the victims thought Burks was their Uber driver.

    โ€œChristian Burks is a serial sexual predator,โ€ said Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael C. Oโ€™Malley, โ€œHe will be held accountable for his actions.โ€ Burks pleaded guilty to four counts of rape, three counts of kidnapping, one count of abduction, theft and aggravated theft.

        (Black) NYC monkey man accused of attacking woman with feces back in jail after latest arrest
    suspect suspect The man accused of smearing feces on a New York City subway rider and released from custody is back behind bars after allegedly throwing a dumbbell through the window of a storage facility in Harlem.

    Frank Abrokwa, 37, was jailed after an arraignment Monday connected to an incident where he allegedly shattered a glass window with a dumbbell at the Treasure Island Storage Facility in Harlem on Friday night.

    "I want my refund. Iโ€™m leaving Monday that is why I broke the glass," Abrokwa told an employee of the storage facility as the staffer cleaned up the broken glass, the New York Post reported.

    CRITICISED FOR BEING SOFT CHILD-PORNOGRAPHY CRIMINALS - like all leftish judges - favor suspect
    suspect Itโ€™s still unclear how much support from GOP senators Jackson will get
    โ€”she can still be confirmed even if none of them vote for herโ€”as no Republicans have so far said theyโ€™ll support her confirmation.

    Hey, can't we get a token Protestant on the 'Supreme' Court?
    is it still stuffed with only non-jewish JEWS and non-Catholic CATHOLICS?

    Demographics of the Supreme Court of the United States The demographics of the Supreme Court of the United States encompass the gender, ethnicity, and religious, geographic, and economic backgrounds of the 115 people who have been appointed and confirmed as justices to the Supreme Court. Some of these characteristics have been raised as an issue since the Court was established in 1789. For its first 180 years, justices were almost always white male Protestants of Anglo or Northwestern European descent.[1]

    The Constitution imposes no citizenship requirement on federal judges.

        (Black) https://www.cleveland19.com/2022/03/21/fugitive-accused-sex-crime-against-minor-wanted-by-ohio-task-force/
    SUSPECT-NAME CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Authorities are continuing to search for a fugitive who is accused of a sex crime against a minor. Kenneth Thomas, 31, is wanted for gross sexual imposition of a juvenile, according to the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force.

    The task force said a reward is available for information leading to Thomasโ€™s capture. Thomas was last known to live in Cleveland or Akron, the task force said. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-866-4WANTED (1-866-492-6833).

      Hispanic Felipe Vazquez convicted of killing Lincoln, Nebraska, Hispanic police officer
    Luis โ€œMarioโ€ Herrera was wearing plain clothes and was without a bulletproof vest. He was there, in part, as a translator. He was struck in the torso and underwent several surgeries before dying on Sept. 7, 2020.


      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (22 March 2022)
    The Bobster

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: BLACK FEMALE Driver Charged With Murder, DUI In South Philly I-95 Crash That Killed 2 White Pennsylvania State Police Troopers, Pedestrian
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name PHILADELPHIA - Authorities have announced charges against a woman they say was driving under the influence when she struck and killed three people, including two Pennsylvania state police troopers, Monday morning.

    Jayana Tanae Webb, 21, has been charged with third-degree murder, homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence, DUI, and related charges in connection with the crash that occurred shortly before 1 a.m. in the southbound lanes of I-95.

    Investigators say Webb was behind the wheel of an SUV when she struck Trooper Martin Mack, Trooper Branden Sisca, and 28-year-old Reyes Rivera Oliveras on the left side of the highway.

    At least 4 shot on grounds of NYCHA projects overnight: copsโ€‹


    Sole survivor of MS-13 massacre belonged to ruthless gang: lawyerโ€‹


    Two teens busted with firearm in Bronx high school: NYPD


      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (22 March 2022)
    The Bobster

    Three injured in separate shootings across NYCโ€‹


    Black Bronx mom, boyfriend charged with murder of her 8-year-old autistic boyโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME A Bronx mother and her boyfriend were charged on Monday with the murder of her 8-year-old son over nine months after the autistic boy died at a hospital, police said. The charges come less than a week after little Joseph Barneyโ€™s death was ruled a homicide, as a result of battered child syndrome. The mom, Sharay Barney, 29, and her 33-year-old boyfriend Michael Ransom, were also charged with manslaughter and aggravated Manslaughter, cops said.

    Video shows preschoolers chanting they want Joe Biden out during classโ€‹


    Dark Crime: Duo follows (APPEARS TO BE WHITE VICTIM) into NYC building, robs him of $100K, cops sayโ€‹


    15-Year-Old Arrested For Opening Fire On Car Full Of Teen Girls On Temple Universityโ€™s Campus, 2 Other Shootings: Policeโ€‹


    Did the perverted sexual fantasies of Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb lead him to VETO a bill that would prevent TRANSVESTITES into school girls locker-rooms, showers and bathrooms?

        Evan Neumann: US Capitol riot suspect gets asylum in Belarus

    A California man suspected of taking part in the US Capitol riots last year has been granted asylum in Belarus. Evan Neumann fled the US after being charged in connection with the riots. The 48-year-old first settled in Ukraine, before reaching Belarus where he asked for asylum - claiming he faced "political persecution" in the US.

    A Belarusian official said he had been allowed to remain "indefinitely" after being "tailed" by authorities in Ukraine. Mr Neumann told Belarusian state-owned news agency Belta he had "mixed feelings". "I am glad Belarus took care of me. I am upset to find myself in a situation where I have problems in my own country."

    In July last year, Mr Neumann was charged on six different counts, including violent entry and assaulting police officers. He was accused of punching two police officers and using a metal barrier as a "battering ram" against police during the riots at the US Capitol building on 6 January 2021. But, according to Mr Neumann, he had already sold his house and travelled across Europe to Ukraine. After worrying the Ukrainian authorities were watching him, Mr Neumann says he crossed the border into Belarus on foot in August. Belarus does not have an extradition treaty with the US.

    In November, Mr Neumann gave an interview to Belarusian state TV and rejected the charges against him. "I do not believe that I have committed any crime," he said. "One of the accusations was very upsetting. It is alleged that I hit a police officer. That is baseless." He said he was asking for "government protection" from Belarus because of the "political persecution" he faced in the US, including the FBI questioning his family and using a photo of him on its most-wanted list.

    A video released by Belta on Tuesday showed an immigration official handing Mr Neumann a document confirming his refugee status. "Now you are completely under the protection of the Republic of Belarus," the official says. Mr Neumann is among more than 650 people who have been charged for their actions on 6 January, when supporters of then-US President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol to protest against the result of the 2020 election.

    Belarus, led by authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko, has faced multiple US sanctions over alleged human rights abuses and its support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Mr Neumann told state TV he planned to stay in the Belarusian city of Brest. "I have started a life here," he said.

        Chicago Cop Served Food Containing Hair and Dirt at Wendy's: Police The female officer involved had reportedly started eating her food when she discovered the hair and dirt.

    An internal email quoted by the news source states that a lieutenant on the scene told police officers the manager of the fast food outlet "gave [the sergeant] attitude" and "would not take her complaint seriously. All the manager would do is offer her a refund."

    The report also notes that the officer "became ill" as a result of the incident and "began to throw up several times." However, she declined medical attention at the scene.

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 22 Mar 2022

    The US Is the Major Instigator of the Ukraine Conflict. The Historical Factsโ€‹

    Here's latest info on Hunter Biden, creepy Joe's utterly corrupt son profiteering on corrupt daddio

    The UN Is Warning That We Are Heading Into The Worst Global Food Crisis Since World War 2โ€‹

    Is Zelensky Trying To Get Us All Killed?โ€‹ Up until Russiaโ€™s criminal war against Ukraine February 24, few Americans understood Americaโ€™s tortured history with Ukraine, much less its president was Volodymyr Zelensky. Now Zelenskyโ€™ is touted thruout U.S. and NATO countries as the new Churchill for his courageous stand against Russian aggression, refusing any thought for his personal safety.

    But while the onus for any criminal war is on the country that starts it, reckless conduct of the attacked both before and during the war must be considered in understanding the conflict. On that score President Zelensky is a failure.

    He was president only 21 months before the war began. During that time he lobbied for Ukraine to join NATO, which gave the lie to his claim of seeking a better relationship with Russia. He also continued Ukraineโ€™s relentless shelling of the breakaway Russian speaking provinces of Luhansk and Donetsk in the Donbass. Over 13,000 dead there refutes any Zelensky claim to being a leader for peace.

    What he should have done to improve relations with Russia; indeed, avoid war, was renounce any intention to join NATO, and implement the 2015 Minsk II Accords, which would have granted the provinces semi autonomy while keeping them under Ukraine sovereignty.

    Were those reckless actions rookie mistakes, or was Zelensky simply unfit to ever function on the world stage?

    Ukraine, Fascism and Imbecilityโ€‹

    Warning: Global Deep State May Be Planning Assassination of President Biden When He Travels To Europe Next Weekโ€‹

      ๐Ÿ”ฅ Tierney's REAL News (3/22/22)๐Ÿ”ฅ
    [Quote Peggy Tierney]"

    The media & politicians are finally starting to tell the truth about what's going on in Ukraine and about the rivalry between Communist China & the CIA-backed New World Order. Much of what I'm hearing is affirming my reporting for the past month. Here are quotes from several people on all sides - that I think you need to hear - that are not being widely reported. In no particular order.

    JOURNALIST LARA LOGAN: โ€œI donโ€™t buy it for a second, and Iโ€™ll be honest with you. I really think that thereโ€™s so much misinformation. Weโ€™ve never really seen anything like it. I mean, Iโ€™ve been covering wars now for 35 years. And thereโ€™s so much more going on in Ukraine that nobody is talking about.โ€

    "The Ukrainian Nazi group, Azov Battalion, which is funded by the United States and NATO, has been leaving a trail of death and destruction in eastern Ukraine for years. This is why Crimea wanted to belong to Russia. Ukraine used to be a headquarters for the SS. I mean, you can find pictures of them online holding up the NATO flag and the swastika. And at the same time, their own emblem contains the black sun of the occult, which was a Nazi SS emblem.โ€

        God Gave Them Up (Rom. 1:22-28)

    22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

    23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

    24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

    25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

    26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

    27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

    28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

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    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 21 March 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

        (Black killer serial rapist) pleads guilty in 2 slayings, string of rapes in Texas
    Will be afforded all the respect and rights of a human American Citizen .

    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire black suspect ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name victim name FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) โ€” A man who pleaded guilty to killing two women and committing a string of rapes in Texas has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, prosecutors said.

    Reginald Kimbro,28, pleaded guilty Friday in Fort Worth to two counts of capital murder in the deaths of two women who were raped and strangled. Kimbro was sentenced in each case to life in prison without the possibility of parole. He also pleaded guilty Friday to raping four other women, the Tarrant County district attorney's office said.

    His jury trial had been set to start Tuesday.

    โ€œHe used his personality and charm to attract women or drugged them when that did not work,โ€ Assistant Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney Allenna Bangs said in a news release.

    One of Kimbro's victims, Molly Jane Matheson, 22, was killed on April 9, 2017, and her body was found the next day at her Fort Worth home, prosecutors said.

    Kimbro, who'd previously dated Matheson when they both attended the University of Arkansas, was linked to the slaying through evidence including DNA and cellphone records, prosecutors said.

    Prosecutors said that as police were investigating Kimbro, he raped and strangled 36-year-old Megan Getrum, a stranger to him, on April 14, 2017, as she hiked through a nature preserve near her home in the Dallas suburb of Plano. Getrum's body was found days later in a Dallas-area lake.

    Kimbro also pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting three women in Collin County, located just north of Dallas, and a woman in South Texasโ€™ Cameron County. Kimbro received sentences of 20 years for each rape in Collin County and life in prison for the Cameron County case.

    BLACK Killer of 2 WHITE North Texas women, who police say was serial rapist, gets 2 life sentences

    BLACK Serial Rapist Who Killed AT LEAST TWO WHITE Plano, Fort Worth Women Is Sentenced To Life In Prison
    In 2012, a woman in Plano accused Kimbro of throwing her to the ground and sexually assaulting her as he choked her. Police said he then ordered her to get into the trunk of his car.

    She reported the incident to authorities, but Plano police didnโ€™t file any charges against Kimbro at the time.

    BLACK Man sentenced in slayings of 2 women, string of rapes in Texas

    WICKED, EVIL, BLACK Serial-Killing Rapist Who Got Caught After Leaving His Filthy Underwear at Murder Scene Pleads Guilty to Avoid the Death Penalty Trial he should have faced

      Dangers of interracial dating


    Molly Jane Matheson, 22, had briefly dated Kimbro when the two were students at the University of Arkansas, according to the complaint filed by the Tarrant County District Attorneyโ€™s Office. She was found beaten and strangled to death on April 10, 2017, when her concerned mother went to check on her after she failed to show up for work.
    Investigators later determined that Kimbro had washed Mathesonโ€™s body and her clothes to erase all traces of himself from her apartment. However, he left behind his underwear, which provided detectives with a DNA sample they could match at the scene.

        Three (worthless black societal parasites) charged with murdering news crewโ€™s security guard in San Francisco Bay-area - (link fixed)
    black suspect victim name Three men have been charged with fatally shooting a security guard as he provided protection for a news crew working in the San Francisco Bay-area.

    The group of suspects are facing counts of murder, attempted robbery and assault with a semiautomatic weapon in connection with the November slaying of Kevin Nishita, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy Oโ€™Malley said in a statement. They were identified on Thursday as Laron Gilbert, Hershel Hale and Shadihia Mitchell.

    Oโ€™Malley said that while both Hale and Mitchell have been arrested, Gilbert remained at large as of Friday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong added that one of the suspects was taken into custody on Wednesday and another was already in the San Francisco county jail on unrelated charges. [Corrected link by Arheel's Uncle:] 
    Forum poster

        (Black) Tennessee man gets life in prison for murder of former NBA star Lorenzen Wright
    black suspect victim name MEMPHIS, Tenn. โ€” A jury on Monday convicted a Tennessee man in the slaying of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright, whose bullet-riddled body was found in a field nearly 12 years ago in his hometown of Memphis.

    The 12-person jury deliberated for about two hours before it found Billy Ray Turner guilty of first-degree murder, attempted murder and conspiracy in the death of Wright, a 6-foot, 11-inch center who played 13 seasons in the NBA before he retired after the 2008-2009 season. Shelby County Criminal Court Judge Lee Coffee sentenced Turner, 51, to life in prison for the murder conviction. He will be sentenced for the other charges at a later date.

    Coffee called Wright โ€œa sacred sonโ€ of Memphis and told his mother, Deborah Marion, that the trial might not bring her closure but to โ€œcelebrate the goodโ€ about her son.

    The slaying is one of the most highly publicized murder cases in Memphis history. Wrightโ€™s decomposing body was found riddled with bullet wounds in a swampy field in east Memphis on July 28, 2010. The 34-year-old father of six had been missing for days before his body was discovered.

        (Crazy Black) Man shot by deputy for resisting arrest - failure to drop dealy vampire-killer stake
    wounded victim COLUMBIA, S.C. - Authorities have said deputies were responding to a domestic violence call when 34-year-old Irvin D. Moorer Charley advanced upon them with a wooden stake outside a Columbia home Saturday, and an attempt to use a stun gun failed to stop him from charging at an officer.

    Richland County Coroner Naida Rutherford said deputies tried to use a stun gun but it did not stick to Moorer Charleyโ€™s skin. Lott said that immediately after that, Moorer Charley charged Hentz, who shot him four times.

    An incident report filed by an officer who arrived after the shooting says that a person who called 911 said Moorer Charley was assaulting her mother and that he had a knife.

    (images for crazy black men)

        New York's Yonkers Police slam YouTube for censorship after site removes anti-Asian attack video
    Tammel Esco wounded victim Video showed attack in which a New York Asian-American woman was punched over 125 times in the head by BLACK SAVAGE BEAST who called her 'Asian b----': police

      115 CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADER rants packed into 18-wheeler discovered in Texas
    invasion invasion invasion invasion Border patrol agents in Texas stopped three 18-wheelers to apprehend nearly 200 undocumented immigrants sardined inside โ€” including 115 who were packed into one compartment, authorities said. The 115 immigrants, including three unaccompanied children, were discovered hiding in the tractor-trailer Thursday evening in Laredo, Border Patrol said.

    Authorities said they spotted the suspicious vehicle and tried to pull it over by turning on their patrol signs, but the truck kept going. Agents eventually stopped the driver near mile marker 10, authorities said. A search revealed immigrants from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala hiding inside.

      AN ACT OF WAR!!!!
    Suspected Mexico cartel member aims AK-47 at Texas DPS helicopter patrolling near border
    The Mexican military responded and a deadly shootout occurred, killing five suspected cartel members, authorities said

        White couple charged with hate [THOUGHT] crime in alleged murder of Black man at California gas station
    Prosecutors in California say a man and a woman accused of shooting and stabbing to death a Black Navy veteran at a gas station on March 15 committed a hate crime.

    Police say Justin Peoples, 30, was shot once and stabbed multiple times at a Chevron gas station in Tracy, California, shortly after 9 p.m. Christine Garner, 42, and Jeremy Jones, 49, were arrested and charged with murder the next morning. Images released by the San Joaquin County prosecutor's office show what appear to be "white supremacist" tattoos on Jones' body.

    Garner's Facebook page indicates she and Jones are "in a relationship." A third person, Christopher Dimenco, 58, was charged with accessory to murder for allegedly helping Garner and Jones "avoid or escape" arrest.

    Anti-white media assumes GUILT due to alleged 'EVIDENCE' of alleged "white supremacist" tattoos"
    if the (alleged victim) had black supremacist tattoos could one assume that the alleged thought crime was justified self defense and then we could dismiss the speedy trial by ones peers where the assumption was 'innocent' until proven guilty by a speedp trial of ones peers... yes, who needs a trial when the media calls it a 'hate' (thought) crime based on the 'obvious' evidence of 'racist' tattoos - remember the only qualified witness would needs be a licensed tattoo master!!!

        Pandora Papers Reveal Offshore Holdings of Ukrainian President and his Inner Circle
    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky rode to power on pledges to clean up the Eastern European country, but the Pandora Papers reveal he and his close circle were the beneficiaries of a network of offshore companies, including some that owned expensive London property.

    Volodymyr Zelensky, a comedian with no political experience or governance expertise.

    Why Unqualified People Get Selected, Hired and Promoted

    Why Do The Least Qualified People Get Promoted Into Management?

    Top 8 Animals Elected to Office in the United States

    Is The Biden Administration Incompetent Or Just Plain Stupid


    [NNN forum thread posted by sniffy:] 
    Forum member

        NYC lawyer went native in Suriname โ€” but wasnโ€™t fully embraced by Black African slave runaway descendents tribe - By Isabel Vincent jigaboo Although John "Mambo" Lenoir โ€œmarriedโ€ a local woman and had three children with her, not all locals were happy to him 'contributing' to the gene pool.
    Dangers of interracial dating

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    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 20 March 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

        Video shows BLACK attacker don gloves before brutally beating a woman in Harlem, cops say
    jigabook jigaboo A 43-year-old woman is clinging to life after she was brutally beaten by a creep who tried to rape her in Harlem, police said Sunday.

    Video released by the NYPD shows the suspect donning latex gloves just before the 11:30 p.m. attack Friday on West 123rd Street between Lenox Avenue and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, according to police.

    โ€œHe was walking right behind her when you see him putting the gloves on in the video,โ€ a police source said. โ€œHe pounced on her right after that.โ€ The attacker repeatedly kicked the woman in the head and body โ€“ and even โ€œcurb stompedโ€ her โ€“ while trying to rape her between two parked cars, the source said. He then fled.

    The victim sustained severe head trauma and was transported to NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem in critical condition. Authorities are considering the crime an attempted murder, police said. The individual is described as a male in his 40s, 5โ€™8โ€ณ, with a dark complexion and a stocky build. He was last seen wearing a dark green baseball hat, a black face mask, a white hooded sweatshirt with colorful designs and red lettering on the front, black pants, black shoes and blue rubber gloves, cops said.

    [NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
    Forum poster

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (20 March 2022)
    The Bobster

    Dark Crime: At least one dead, 24 hurt including kids in mass shooting at Arkansas car show: copsโ€‹


    Dark Crime: Woman sought for questioning in fatal shooting near NYC Dunkinโ€™โ€‹


    Hispanic: MS-13โ€™s โ€˜Little Devilโ€™ to stand NY trial in brutal 2017 slayingsโ€‹
    A female MS-13 gang member known as โ€œLittle Devilโ€ will face trial Monday on charges she helped lure five young men into a savage 2017 ambush that left four of them dead. Leniz Escobar, nicknamed โ€œDiablita,โ€ is charged with coaxing the unsuspecting victims โ€” Michael Lopez, Justin Llivicura, Jorge Tigre and Jefferson Villalobos โ€” into a wooded area in Central Islip, where they were beaten and hacked to death by MS-13 gangsters. Their mangled bodies were discovered near a soccer field in a Central Islip park on April 12, 2017. A fifth victim escaped the massacre.

    Dark Crime: NYC thieves captured on video taking bulletproof vests meant for Ukraine


    CUNY student petitions to cancel Emmett Till opera written by white female playwrightโ€‹


    Dark Crime: Police Searching For 2 Suspects Accused Of Armed Carjacking In Collingdale, Delaware County


    Alleged NYC toddler attacker was freed after previous unprovoked assault on a childโ€‹
    Christopher Elder victim Unhinged toddler attacker Christopher Elder was free to hurt another child after prosecutors did not ask for bail โ€” or pursue more serious changes โ€” after his brutal alleged assault on a 9-year-old girl months earlier.

    Elder, who left a 3-year-old Queens girl bloodied on March 11 when he kicked the wagon she was riding in and sent her tumbling out, was charged with only misdemeanors and violations in similar unprovoked attacks on three people in December.

    The 31-year-old has been arrested eight times, police said. He also has a history of psychiatric problems, according to a relative.

    He is accused of setting upon Raquel Esquivel and her daughter on Dec. 11 as they walked along Kissena Boulevard in the middle of the afternoon, allegedly punching the girl in the forehead, according to a criminal complaint. He then went on to punch a 66-year-old man, cops said.

    Esquivel told The Post that as Elder started yelling at them and charged at her daughter with a glass bottle in his hand, she frantically tried to shield the girl.

    โ€œThatโ€™s when he launched โ€ฆ and he just began to hit me. He punched me in my face, my back. He hit my daughter on her face as well, on the forehead,โ€ she said. โ€œWe just dropped to the floor. I donโ€™t know at what point we fell, I donโ€™t know if I lost consciousness, but we fell and he just continued to hit us.โ€

    Should be deported to Monkey Island
    Monkey Island

      Recent news-link posts from Arheel's Uncle - (20 Mar 2022)
    Arheel's Uncle

    [BLACKS] Phoenix police make arrest in officersโ€™ early morning Sunday shooting


    [BLACK] Phoenix police investigate shooting that left 1 officer hospitalized, another injured


    Glendale Police identify suspect, victim in fatal shooting over the weekendโ€‹


    BLACKS: 4 suspects detained for Glendale jewelry store robbery


    [BLACK] DNA used to identify a sexual assault suspect in multiple Phoenix cold cases


    [BLACK WEIRDO] Tempe Police identify suspect, victim in fatal shooting last week


        "It kills me. Mark Zuckerberg's a lizard."

    Mark Zuckerberg confirms that he is not, in fact, a shape-shifting lizard person

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 20 Mar 2022

    Here it is folks--lets the stupid goyim know that they're being watched by super-kike who will get them if they dare step out of line, by golly

    Former Director of National Intelligence: FBI Committed Serious Crimes While Investigating Trumpโ€‹

    90% of UK Covid Deaths Occur in the Fully Vaccinatedโ€‹

    The US Dollar is in Great Peril โ€“ Bidenโ€™s Actions Are Destroying It โ€“ The World Is De-Dollarizing โ€“ Will Have Major Implications for All Americansโ€‹

    MSM PROPAGANDA SHEEPLE : Survey finds that more than one-third of Americans are willing to risk nuclear war with Russia over Ukraine

    Saudis consider using yuan over dollar in oil sales; move could signal collapse of petrodollar and the American economyโ€‹

    โ€œThese Storms Will Contribute to Russiaโ€™s Gloryโ€: Putin Holds Giant Rally in Packed Moscow Stadiumโ€‹

    CDC Quietly Slashes Covid-19 Death Tally, Reduces Child Fatalities By 24%โ€‹

    Here's worthwhile hist. background info for Ukraine vs. Russia

    Here, economic analyst explains why/how Jew S A is soooooo screwed, doomed, suckers, dealing fm position of gross weakness, bluff, self-deception, self-destruction

      Tierney's REAL News (3/20/22)
    [Quote Peggy Tierney]

    "So, what's really going on in Ukraine? It's complicated. My research shows that almost NOTHING you are hearing on the TV news is accurate. I've watched dozens of videos and listened to testimony from dozens of people who actually live there and I've listened to assessments from all sides. This is what I think:

    IMHO, the Western media and politicians are feeding us a narrative that is FAKE - and they have many reasons to do that. Some good. Many bad.

    Remember that Ukraine was once part of Russia. Remember that Putin is in Ukraine to rid it of the brutal and genocidal NAZI Azov forces, which were trained by the CIA to overthrow Putin, and have murdered 14,000 Ukrainian Russians in Ukraine since 2014 - and have literally threatened to attack Russia with nuclear weapons or bio-weapons from Ukraine. I've seen the evidence. So, Putin has a VALID REASON to get rid of them in Ukraine - which is right next door to Russia."

    (much more at link above)

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    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 19 March 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (19 March 2022)
    The Bobster

    HISPANIC MTA conductor arrested for using fake placard for free parkingโ€‹
    An MTA conductor was arrested Friday for allegedly putting a fake EMT placard on his vehicle so he could park for free, police said.
    Harry Gomez, 38, was nabbed just before 2:30 p.m. in front of 100 Church Street. A 311 call led to his arrest, cops said. He was off duty at the time.

    Shock at return of NYC teacher who sucked manโ€™s nipple in Zoom classโ€‹
    A Manhattan Spanish teacher yanked from the classroom after investigators found she sucked on a manโ€™s nipple during a Zoom class returned to the same school this month โ€“ stunning students who had witnessed the lewd display.

    โ€œItโ€™s weird. Itโ€™s wrong,โ€ a junior told The Post. โ€œIt was so embarrassing for her to come back.โ€

    The city Department of Educationโ€™s handling of the incident โ€“ one of the most bizarre during the pandemic โ€“ showed insensitivity and a failure to communicate with students and parents.

    The DOE removed teacher Amanda K. Fletcher from Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, and Engineering amid the COVID-19 shutdown in October 2020 after investigators found she โ€œengaged in an inappropriate sex actโ€ while remotely instructing her class.

    Dark Crime: Nigga will steal yo stuff: Wild video shows thieves snatch Louis Vuitton bags at Westchester mallโ€‹


    Disney World apologizes for schoolโ€™s โ€˜racistโ€™ Indianettes performanceโ€‹
    Walt Disney World has reportedly denounced a routine by a high school drill team that was accused of โ€œracismโ€ and borrowing from Native American stereotypes during a recent performance there.

    Video shot March 15 of the Port Neches-Groves High School Indianettes from Texas shows the all-women squad dressed in purple with white fringe as they march and dance โ€” seemingly borrowing from Native culture โ€” while also chanting, โ€œScalp โ€™em, Indians, scalp โ€™em.โ€

    Disney Parks updating Jungle Cruise ride after racism claimsโ€‹
    references to indigenous societies as headhunting โ€œsavagesโ€ have been called into question by visitors over the years.

    Invasion: Teenage Boy Riding Bike Gunned Down In Drive-By Shooting In Fairhill, Police Sayโ€‹
    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) โ€” Gun violence claimed another young life in Philadelphia. Officers are trying to piece together what led up to a drive-by shooting that killed a teenager in Fairhill. Police identified the victim as 17-year-old Javeth Reynoso. Heโ€™s the eighth juvenile homicide of the year in Philly. The deadly shooting was captured on camera. Authorities also say the 17-year-old victim was found with a gun on him and he didnโ€™t live in the neighborhood.

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 19 Mar 2022

    The Westโ€™s Russia Sanctions Could Lead to Many Unpredictable and Unpleasant Outcomesโ€‹

    Russia Isnโ€™t Nearly as Isolated as Washington Wants You to Believeโ€‹

    Fox News, Ukraine and the Onset of the New World Order

    US has already started war with Russia: Former CIA officer
    Here's some cogent commentary fm FOX/Carlson (and guest) over what is NOW happening in (literal) war w. Russkies stupid Jew S A is engaging, fostering, pushing.

    Candace Owens: โ€œPresident Zelensky is a very bad character who is working with globalists against the interests of his own peopleโ€ฆโ€โ€‹

    American public education is now a โ€œgay pornโ€ advocacy hub that grooms children for LGBTQ and pedophiliaโ€‹

    Russia looking to ban all exports of wheat, barley, rye, other crops until second half of 2022, worsening global food scarcityโ€‹

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 19 Mar 2022

    Billions of Dollars in Ukraine Have Gone Missing Yet US Politicians Send Off Billions Moreโ€‹

    Did He Say The Quiet Part Out Loud? WHO Chief Says โ€œSome Countries Are Giving Boosters To Kill Childrenโ€โ€‹

    VAERS Data Reveals The CDC Knew In January 2021 That Vaccines Were Unsafe, But Said NOTHINGโ€‹

    Wheat, corn, and sunflower oil have already hit record high prices. Here is what happens if Russia decides to weaponize them.

    DHS to label people โ€œextremistsโ€ if they go against the โ€œofficialโ€ narrative on almost anythingโ€‹

    Carlson/FOX News comment on the way politicians want to ignore horrific economic conditions, as if by ignoring, it doesn't exist

    Commentary by FOX/Watters on state of (lost, stolen) "freedom of speech" in Jew S A

      How can a MUSLIM be changed with a "HATE-CRIME" for attacking MUSLIMS? - perhaps a denominational disagreement? (Sunni vs Shia?)

    MUSLIM Man (named 'Mohammad') arrested for 'possible hate-motivated'? attack at Canadian mosque, police say
    A 24-year-old man has been arrested following "a possible hate-motivated crime" at a mosque in Canada Saturday morning, authorities said.

    Peel Regional Police responded to reports of an assault at the Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Centre in the city of Mississauga at around 7:00 a.m., according to a press release.

    The man identified by police as Mohammad Moiz Omar had walked into the mosque brandishing a hatchet and discharging bear spray at mosque members, some of which received minor injuries as a result of the bear spray, police said.

    When sprayed into a person's face, bear spray can cause temporary loss of sight, nasal congestion, and difficulty breathing.

    "Our congregants were subject to a violent attack" during Faj, or dawn prayer, the Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Centre said in a statement.

    "Before he could inflict harm on any worshippers, several congregants bravely were able to stop him in his tracks," the statement reads. "Our community will never be broken and we refuse to be intimidated."

    Investigators say they are "considering all possible motivations, including hate-motivation for the incident" as charges against Omar are pending.

    "At this stage of the investigation, it appears to be an isolated incident," police said.

    Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau described the attack as "incredibly disturbing" in a tweet Saturday afternoon.

    Hey, hey, not unheard of - "Hatchet-Wielding Muslim Immigrant Arrested At Christmas Market"
    A 38-year-old Muslim immigrant was arrested at a Christmas market in Witzenhausen, Germanyโ€ฆ for threatening people with a hatchet, while screaming, โ€œAllahu Akbar!โ€

    New York Man Who Attacked Police With Hatchet Was Muslim Convert
    "...he spoke against the โ€œChristianized Negroโ€ for becoming adherents of the religion โ€œhis slave master gave him.โ€



    Black robed fag-o-phile deviant JUDGES wear LGBTQ underwear...

    ARE ALL MEDIA DISINFORMATION ZOMBIES PRACTISING QUEER-FAGGOT-SODOMITES? or do they need to pretend to be to keep their jobs?

        Yale University should hold (brain-washed Golem) students who disrupted free speech panel accountable: expert

      Youโ€™ve Been LIED To About Why Ukraine War Began - by long-haired guy with British accent
    How did a US-backed, far rightโ€“led revolution in Ukraine help bring us to the situation we find ourselves in today with regard to the Russian invasion?

      Tierney's REAL News (3/19/22)

    Did you know that Hunter Biden is linked to two Chinese state oil companies looking to buy stakes in a Russian energy firm that has been sanctioned over Vladimir Putinโ€™s invasion of Ukraine? Yep.

    Paying attention yet?

    "Hunter Biden is linked to two Chinese state oil companies looking to buy stakes in a Russian energy firm that has been sanctioned over Vladimir Putinโ€™s invasion of Ukraine.

    Sinopec and China National Petroleum Corporation are in discussions with Beijing to invest in Russian gas giant Gazprom. Biden has done business with both Chinese firms, which hope to take advantage of deep discounts in the companyโ€™s shares in order to shore up their energy and commodity stockpiles. Biden held an indirect investment in Sinopec.

    Biden is connected to Sinopec through BHR Partners, a private equity firm he cofounded in 2013. BHR bought a $1.7 billion stake in Sinopec Marketing in 2015. Biden at one point owned a 10 percent stake in BHR Partners through his wholly owned firm, Skaneateles, LLC. (more at link, above)

    Biden is literally taking money from our enemies to enrich his family in OTHER countries and destroy America. So are much of Congress & the Deep State - they are ALL invested in America to fail.

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    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 18 March 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

        Hero bus driver quickly redirects to police station after 4 people were shot by MURDEROUS BLACK on her bus
    black suspect FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. โ€” A Broward County Transit driver has been hailed as a hero for her quick actions after a man started shooting on her bus Thursday afternoon, killing two people and injuring two others.

    The suspect in the shooting just outside the Fort Lauderdale police station was identified on Friday as Jamal Meyers, according to Fort Lauderdale police.

    Meyers, 34, faces two premeditated murder charges and two attempted murder charges, according to the court documents. He also faces charges of possession of a weapon or ammunition by a convicted felon and probation violation. Heโ€™s scheduled to face a judge Friday morning.

    Meyers is considered a serious habitual felon and has had numerous encounters with the legal system since 2003, according to a Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

    His first encounter with the legal system was when he was 15 years old and charged with disrupting a school function. He also has strong-armed robbery and grand theft arrests in his teen years.

    Meyers was last sent to prison on Aug. 9, 2021, after being found guilty of 10 crimes between 2017 and 2019. Half of those convictions were for burglary. Each conviction carried a three-year sentence, though he was able to serve them concurrently. In the end, he served only five months in state prison because he was given credit for spending over 800 days in jail while his criminal cases played out on court. On Jan. 8, he was released and placed on probation until 2025.


        (Black) HORROR SLAYING Dad โ€˜whips his son, 5, to death with a cellphone charger because he didnโ€™t like what the boy was watching on TVโ€™
    black suspect victim name A DAD is facing murder charges after he allegedly told cops he whipped his son to death because he didn't approve of the TV show the boy was watching.

    Gerald Oglesby, 33, has been charged in the murder of his son, General Semaโ€™j Oglesby, 5.

    The child was found dead at approximately 1:30am on March 16, according to reports.

    Gerald admitted to beating the child to police, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, stating he whipped the five-year-old repeatedly with an electrical cord. Then, he dealt General a blow to the stomach that proved to be fatal.

    During the first whippings, Gerald allegedly caused the boy's chin to split open and bleed.

    The police report states that the man then gave General a shower before continuing to beat him with the electrical cord. Then, with a slipper over his hand, he punched the boy in the abdomen.

    โ€œGerald explained as soon as he struck (the child) in the abdomen, he knew he struck him too hard,โ€ police wrote in the arrest report.

    The boy, who was having trouble walking at that point, then laid down on the couch and vomited. Eventually, his breathing stopped.

      Moore County deputies arrest HISPANIC man accused of smuggling illegal immigrants
    MOORE COUNTY, Texas (KFDA) - After a brief police chase, law enforcement in Moore County arrested a man accused of smuggling illegal immigrants. A Moore County deputy tried to stop a car on U.S. Highway 287 near Cactus for a traffic violation on Saturday, March 5. The car stopped in Cactus near Ashton Avenue. As the deputy approached the car, officials say the car drove off.

    The Cactus Police Department and Texas Department of Public Safety joined in the chase until it came to a stop on U.S. Highway 287 near Farm-to-Market 119. Law enforcement found six people inside the car, including the driver who was identified as Alejandro D Godinez Arevalo. Officials say they learned the other people in the car were illegal immigrants being smuggled by Arevalo.

    The immigrants were picked up at a safe house in El Paso and were being taken to Kansas City, Kansas. Deputies say the immigrants paid money in exchange for being transported. Law enforcement arrested Arevalo and placed him in the Moore County Jail for charges of smuggling of a person and evading arrest.

    Since deputies did not have federal jurisdiction, the immigrants were released from the scene. However, deputies say they learned the immigrants had not eaten in several days, so they purchased food and water for them at no cost to the Moore County taxpayers.


        MUD Man sentenced to life in prison for 2020 murder in Potter County
    mud suspect POTTER COUNTY, Texas (KFDA) - The jury has sentenced a man to life in prison for murder after shooting a man on March 2020 in Potter County. According to the release, on March 17, after a 4-day trial, a jury convicted, Lopphay Gum Pratommarath, for the murder of Husin Bi that occurred on March 12, 2020 in Potter County. During March, 2020 officers got a tip regarding a homicide which took place at 927 Columbine on an illegal gaming establishment.

    Once there, officers located blood outside the home and entered finding more blood evidence and signs that the house had been cleaned up. CSI was called to the house and recovered several items of evidence. Official found no victim.

    During the same afternoon, Potter County officials responded to a car fire and a body was located bound in the trunk. A few days later, a witness called Special Crimesโ€™ Detectives and left a message stating that they were present during the shooting. According to their statement, there was an argument that lead up to the shooting over some money that had been stolen and the victim was shot in the head.

    The witness also provided photographs they had taken of the victim after heโ€™d been dragged into the kitchen by Pratommarath. Three other witnesses were located that were present during the shooting and confirmed that two individuals had confronted Husin Bi about him possibly stealing money that belonged to them; the defendant, Lopphay Gum Pratommarath was present. During the argument Pratommarath pulled out a revolver and shot the victim one time in the head.

    The defendant then drug the body from the room to the kitchen. The body was found that afternoon in the trunk of the defendantโ€™s car badly burnt. DNA recovered from the scene showed Biโ€™s blood being found and his and the Pratommarathโ€™s DNA on items that appeared consistent with the moving of the body and the cleaning of the house.

    DNA tests were also done to confirm that the burnt body found in the trunk of the defendantโ€™s car was Husin Bi. The 47th District Attorneyโ€™s Office showed that the defendant had a previous felony conviction for Burglary of Habitation. After listening to all of the evidence a Potter County jury found Lopphay Gum Pratommarath guilty of First Degree Murder and after 26 minutes of deliberation assessed a punishment of Life in prison.

    3 People Arrested After Violent Crime Incident This Month - MAR 25, 2020
    Friday, March 20, the APD Proactive Criminal Enforcement Unit located and arrested 38-year-old Benito Ruiz, and 35-year-old Evelyn Gonzales in connection to the crime and charged with Aggravated Robbery. On Tuesday, March 24, APD, with help from the US Marshalโ€™s Office and New Mexico State Police located and arrested Lopphay Gum Pratommarath for his role in the incident. mud suspect

    Bi Surname - Most prevalent in China, Pakistan, India, Vietnam.....


      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (17 March 2022)
    The Bobster

    Brooklyn resident with pro-Russian flag punched, attacker charged with hate crimeโ€‹


    HISPANIC Man arrested after punching 92-year-old woman in unprovoked NYC attackโ€‹
    A Staten Island man was arrested for sucker-punching a 92-year-old woman in an unprovoked attack on Manhattanโ€™s Upper West Side Thursday afternoon, sources said.
    Enrique Loeza, 35, allegedly punched the victim in the back of the head as she read a menu in the window of a restaurant on Columbus Avenue near West 70th Street at about 3:30 p.m., law enforcement sources said.

    (Hispanic Venezuelan) Nigel Escalona Off-duty corrections officer smears feces in tenantโ€™s apartment: copsโ€‹


        (A butt-crack psycho black beast) punched a 67-year-old woman 125 times & stomped on her head in Yonkers, NY after calling her an "Asian bโ€”."
    She suffered brain bleeding & facial fractures. Tammel Esco has been charged with attempted murder & assault w/hate crime enhancements.#StopAsianHate

    Tammel Esco victim Andy Ngรด ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ @MrAndyNgo ยท Mar 15 Replying to @MrAndyNgo Tammel Esco, a violent career criminal, is accused of brutally punching an elderly Asian woman in Yonkers, New York over 120 times & stomping on her face. He allegedly made a reference to her race. Heโ€™s charged with hate crime-enhanced attempted murder.
    [NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
    Forum poster

        (Black) Woman accused of identity theft, using stolen debit card
    black suspect chicken thief Police have released clear pictures of a woman wanted for using a stolen debit card to steal thousands of dollars.

    The woman is wearing a mask, but the picture shows her face. Police say the woman used a Deer Park womanโ€™s personal information and requested a duplicate Chase debit card.

    As the car was being delivered, the woman intercepted it, and then used it to steal $12,000 from two Chase banks, one in Deer Park, and the other in Bay Shore. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS.

    [NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
    Forum poster

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 18 Mar 2022

    More commentary throughout Jews-media which ADMITS the lies they told about the scandalous info on Hunter Biden which they said (then) was Russkie dis-info. Next, they must admit the election was stolen (a), and (b) that Jan 6 "insurrection" was false-flag (more lies by Jews-media).

    The NYT Now Admits the Biden Laptop โ€” Falsely Called โ€œRussian Disinformationโ€ โ€” is Authenticโ€‹

    Live Updates: Pentagon Rejects Zelenskyโ€™s โ€˜Close The Skyโ€™ Request โ€” Bookmark For New Developments!โ€‹

    Oregonโ€™s Top Childrenโ€™s Hospital Teaches Young Boys To โ€œTuckโ€ Their Genitals & Directs Kids To Sex-Toy/Porn Shopโ€‹

    Zelensky Tells German Parliament Theyโ€™re to Blame For Another Holocaust in Ukraineโ€‹


    COUNTDOWN to collapse of the petrodollarโ€ฆ Americaโ€™s dollar dominance is coming to a sudden, catastrophic endโ€ฆ total CHAOS will followโ€‹

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 18 Mar 2022

    Latest commentary, fm FOX/Carlson (and guest), on the original Hunter story on his lap-top full of incriminating info, etc.

    FOX/Ingraham commentary on the bright idea of sending MiGs to Ukraine against Russkies

    Russia, China, India, Saudi, Iran, Venezuela Join By African, South American And Asian Countries Breaking Away From Petrodollar Dominated Financial Systemโ€‹

    Doctors Speak Out As โ€˜Millions of Vaccinated Peopleโ€™ Are Now Suffering From Excruciating, Unexplained Illnessesโ€‹

    Wheat, corn, and sunflower oil have already hit record high prices. Here is what happens if Russia decides to weaponize them.

    COVID vaccines killed 61,000 Americans last year, CDC data revealโ€‹

    Attorney presents evidence to Congress that COVID-19 vaccines are one of the greatest frauds in historyโ€‹

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 18 Mar 2022

    Fauci, Clinging To Power, Screams โ€˜Weโ€™re Not Done With This Yet.. We Need More Jabs!โ€™โ€‹

    10 biggest COVID mistakes โ€“ Americans deserve an apology from the medical expertsโ€‹
    The American people, and children in particular, deserve an apologyโ€‹

    Celebrated BLACK FEMALE FRAUDSTER FAKE BLM-Style Activist Caught Up in the Worst Fraud Accusation We've Seen Yetโ€‹ black suspect chicken thief Monica Cannon-Grant, Bostonโ€™s leading race-baiting โ€œsocial justiceโ€ activist, is facing federal fraud charges after being indicted for defrauding donors out of millions.

    Cannon-Grant and her husband Clark Grant were indicted on March 15 and hit with 18 counts of using donations to her nonprofit activist organization Violence in Boston to fund her lavish lifestyle, the Boston Globe reported.

    Prosecutors say that instead of using the donations to aid โ€œvictimsโ€ of discrimination, Cannon-Grant used the money for high-end hotel reservations, travel expenses, lavish meals at expensive restaurants, food deliveries, nail salon services and other personal expenses, all while hiding the expenditures from her organizationโ€™s staffers, auditors and bookkeepers.

    Cannon-Grant and her husband are even accused of taking $100,000 in unemployment benefits they were not entitled to collect.

    Left-wing media itching for war with Russia, demonstrating how fake news is totally controlled by weapons industryโ€‹

    Zelensky Doesnโ€™t Want Peace in Ukraineโ€‹

    USA TODAY : Biological Man is Trans-Woman of the Year!!! (Amazing Progress)โ€‹

        Rob Braxman reports that DuckDuckGo censors search results

    The free speech search engine that never was
    The right wing flocked to DuckDuckGoโ€™s supposedly unbiased search results. Then it betrayed them.

    The DuckDuckGo Users Furious at Its Response to the War in Ukraine

    Live - DuckDuckGo Shenanigans, Phone Carrier Tricks, BraX2 Phone, Q&A

    Startpage Privacy Protection
    by Startpage, the world's most private search engine
    Websites visited daily can track and target you with ads in order to profit from your online activity.

    Startpage - Private Search Engine. No Tracking. No Search History.

    Duckduckgo Is Compromised - DDG Is Manipulating Results - Switch To Alternative Brave Search Now!

        LIBELOUSLLY LABELED White supremacists return for second 'banner drop' over Highway 101
    The banners had wording that the (Jewish) so-called Anti-Defamation League describes as (nazi-bad).
    Ventura County Sheriff's Capt. Eduardo Malagon said Sunday the department received several calls starting about 11 a.m. Saturday about the group.

    But no deputies were sent to the location because none of the reports were of a criminal nature and there were no safety concerns, he said.

    [And many Americans recall that the CONSTITUTION of the United States guaranteed "FREEDOM OF SPEECH"]

      Alabama mom accused of shooting heroin while giving birth
    Amanda Malpas, 34, admitted to using drugs throughout her pregnancy, investigators said.
    An Alabama woman who continued to use hard drugs while pregnant admitted to using heroin while in labor just before the infant died, authorities said. Responding paramedics found the needle still in her arm, authorities said. Malpas and the baby girl, who was struggling to breathe, were rushed to a hospital. The infant died a short time later.
    Editor note: Don't do drugs.

      Tierney's REAL News (Fri 18 Mar 22)>
    [Quote Peggy Tierney]

    Hi all,

    The fake news has had quite a revealing week. One story after the other has come out to further prove that they tell us a boat load of lies - until theyโ€™re either forced to tell the truth - or itโ€™s too late and doesn't matter any more. Remember THAT as you listen to the garbage weโ€™re being fed about the โ€œwarโ€ in Ukraine right now. It is being debunked day by day. The fake news is truly the enemy of the people!

    Here are a few MAJOR truths that came out this week!

        White Banner

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 17 March 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

        BLACK-ON-WHITE: Jury convicts BLACK Canton drive-by shooting suspect, Terrel J. Lipkins
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name CANTON โ€“ A Canton man was convicted of murder and other charges tied to a fatal drive-by shooting weeks after a second suspect was acquitted. A jury found Terrel J. Lipkins, 23, of Canton, guilty Thursday following his trial in Stark County Common Pleas Court.

    Jenny Norris, 65, was gunned down on Aug. 7 as she stood outside her Canton home on Belden Avenue SE talking to neighbors. Canton police and the U.S. Marshals Service later arrested two suspects. The first, Javier Blood, was acquitted on all charges last month at trial.

    Lipkins was the driver and was seen on video shown during the trial toting around a gun similar to the one seen during the shooting. The case was heard by Judge Frank Forchione.

    Reaction to Terrel J. Lipkins' trial verdicts Lipkin's attorney, Aaron Kovalchik, declined to comment due to a possible appeal filing. Chief Criminal Prosecutor Dennis Barr declined to comment until after Lipkin's sentencing hearing, scheduled for Monday at 11 a.m.

    Lipkins faces a minimum prison term of 15 years to life on the murder charge. He also was convicted of felonious assault and gun-related charges that could bring additional prison time.

    OBITUARY for VICTIM Jenny B Norris - November 13, 1955 ~ August 7, 2021 (age 65)


        (Black) US Navy sailor, 26, 'shot and killed fellow seaman he caught having sex with his adulterous unfaithful wife after he walked in on them at the couple's Virginia Beach home': Asked cops 'what am I doing wrong?' as he was led away
    black suspect black suspect victim name A sailor in the US Navy is alleged to have shot dead his wife's lover after he caught the two of them having sex in the couple's marital bed at their home in Virginia.

    Tyler Lamar Jenkins, 26, was charged with second-degree murder in Friday's fatal shooting of Timothy Paul Talley III, 28 in Virginia Beach. His wife, who has not been named, was left unharmed.

    She told police that she 'feared for her life' when Jenkins came into the bedroom where she was 'engaged in a sexual act' with her lover, who was an aviation machinist's mate in the Navy.

    It led to her husband firing at Talley almost immediately, court documents as seen by the Virginian-Pilot state. Talley, who is originally from California was hit three times in the 'domestic related shooting death' just before 10pm, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

    [NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
    Forum poster

      Hispanic Texas rancher Gilberto Morales sentenced to 38 years for smuggling drugs, illegal immigrants & cartel members through compound
    A Cuban rancher living in Texas was sentenced to more than 38 years in prison for working with a Mexican drug cartel and trafficking between one-half to one ton of marijuana each week for more than a year, officials have said.

    Gilberto Morales, 57, was ordered to spend 460 months behind bars, give up his property โ€“ including the 160-acre ranch where he ran his operation โ€“ and hand over more than $520,000 for trafficking drugs and smuggling undocumented immigrants, including alleged cartel members, through his property in Fort Hancock, Texas, the U.S. Department of Justice said.


      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (17 March 2022)
    The Bobster

    Dark Crime - U.S.A. Victim wants โ€˜justiceโ€™ after disturbing Harlem dirt bike attack that left father injuredโ€‹


    Disturbing video shows gang of dirt bikers beat down motorist and his son in Harlemโ€‹


    Dark Crime - U.S.A. Crime headlines from major Afro-demographic cities
    Two men killed in separate NYC stabbingsโ€‹


    INVASION! News - Mex/migrant crime & commentary:
    Parolee charged in unprovoked slashing at NYC subway stationโ€‹


    Dark Crime - U.S.A.
    Boy, 16, unintended target, hurt in Brooklyn shooting: videoโ€‹

    NEWS related to Nationalism and racial/cultural conflicts
    Yale law students disrupt bipartisan free speech panel, trigger police escortโ€‹

    Now that Joe Bidenโ€™s president, the Times finally admits: Hunterโ€™s laptop is real


    Dark Crime - U.S.A. Homeowner Shoots, Kills Man He Saw Breaking Into His Car In West Philadelphia: Policeโ€‹


      Were the U.S. bombings of German civilians during. WWII - considered "War Crimes"? Dresden

      Were the indiscriminate U.S. bombing of Japanese civilians during WWII considered "War Crimes"?

        White Banner

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ Thu 16 Mar 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

        (Black) Boston man pleads guilty in slaying of food delivery driver
    "The cold bloodedness of this crime is shocking."
    black suspect victim name BOSTON (AP) โ€” One of three people charged in connection with the fatal shooting of a Boston food delivery driver has pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter.

    Tyler Sales, 26, also pleaded guilty on Tuesday to possession of a firearm and armed assault with an intent to rob in the October 2018 death of Raymond Holloway-Creighton, according to the office of Suffolk District Attorney Kevin Hayden.

    Sales was sentenced to up to 25 years in prison, a term he will start serving once he has completed a current period of incarceration expected to end in September 2023.

    Holloway-Creighton, 26, was delivering for DoorDash and Grubhub on his motorized scooter in the early morning hours of Oct. 5, 2018, prosecutors said.

    Sales and his alleged accomplices had been out on their motorized scooters looking for other scooters to steal, prosecutors said. Sales pulled up behind the victim at about 3:30 a.m. and shot him once in the back, authorities said.

    โ€œThe cold bloodedness of this crime is shocking,โ€ Hayden said in a statement. โ€œThe victim, a hard worker and new father, was trying to provide for his family and his life was cut short simply out of desire to steal his scooter.โ€

    The other defendants face trial on April 6.

    Man accused of fatally shooting GrubHub driver pleads guilty

    OBITUARY: Raymond Holloway-Creighton May 14, 1992 ~ October 5, 2018 (age 26)

        New details emerge in Chinatown murder of Asian female Christina Yuna Lee as BLACK SLUG killer indicted - (link fixed)
    black suspect black suspect black suspect victim name The homeless 'man' accused of butchering 35-year-old Christina Yuna Lee in her Chinatown apartment claimed he was โ€œtrying to help the lady,โ€ it was revealed Wednesday โ€” as he was indicted in the brutal slaying.

    Assamad Nash, 25, was notably absent in Manhattan Supreme Court Wednesday morning as prosecutors served an indictment charging him with murder, burglary and sexually motivated burglary in the heinous Feb. 13 crime.

    โ€œIt is my understanding the defendant has refusedโ€ to come to court, Justice Laura Ward said about Nash, who has been locked up on Rikerโ€™s Island since Feb. 14.

    Nash, a homeless man with past robberies and petit crimes on his rap sheet, allegedly followed Lee, a Korean American creative producer, into her home and stabbed her to death with a knife believed to have come from her own kitchen.

    The vile act sent shockwaves through the city amid a surge in violence targeting New Yorkers of Asian descent.

    New court documents reveal how Nash allegedly claimed to police officers he was a victim, too, after they busted into Leeโ€™s apartment at 111 Chrystie Street and found him hiding under the bed.

        (White) Man who fatally shot (lunatic terrorist black) Jamaican immigrant 'friend' in rural Pennsylvania won't face charges, DA says
    BLACK SUSPECT FRANKLIN, Pa. โ€” The fatal shooting of a Jamaican immigrant last year in rural Pennsylvania, whose killing was described by his family as a "modern-day lynching," was ruled a justifiable homicide Tuesday and no charges will be filed against the shooter.

    Authorities investigating the fatal shooting of Peter Bernardo Spencer, 29, at a rural camp on the early morning of Dec. 12 said an armed confrontation between two friends led to the firing of multiple bullets that killed Spencer.

    The announcement ended a monthslong probe in which Spencerโ€™s family and others urged investigators to determine whether the killing was racially motivated. Spencer was Black and the shooter is white. His family faulted the Pennsylvania State Police and the Venango County coroner over the investigation.

    But on Tuesday, Venango County District Attorney D. Shawn White said there was no evidence of racial bias on the part of the suspect, identified by authorities as a 25-year-old man from Mercer, Pennsylvania.

    White also said the report found no evidence that Spencer, who was living in Pittsburgh, was lured to the camp or that he was killed during a hunting incident.

    "This is my call. I believe it's the right one," White said. "I appreciate law enforcement. I believe they've done their due diligence."

    According to the investigation, the shooting suspect and witnesses described how Spencer had earlier fired numerous gunshots from an AK-47 into the air; how he had called himself "a god" while demanding others to gather more firewood at the camp; and how he had pointed the rifle at two witnesses while taking their vehicles' keys and ordering them to the ground. Investigators said alcohol, marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms were present at the camp.

    The man who shot Spencer told state troopers that Spencer pointed the assault rifle in his face and made a statement that he would "shoot up the place" before the man said he drew his 9 mm pistol and fired it at Spencer, investigators said Tuesday.

    White said that after reviewing all of the evidence, he determined the shooting to be justified by way of self-defense or defense of others in accordance with Pennsylvania's "castle doctrine," and no criminal charges would be filed against the shooter.

    .................... Witnesses told investigators the group spent the day off-roading before returning to the camp, where they drank and where three of them smoked marijuana and used psychedelic mushrooms.

    Investigators wrote in the report that, prior to the Dec. 12 shooting, Spencer and his fiancรฉe were under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives regarding the illegal acquisition and disposition of those firearms and others.

    Spencer was born in Kingston, Jamaica and immigrated to the United States in 2013 to live with family in Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. He and his fiancรฉe, Carmela King, were expecting a baby in June and he intended to open a restaurant with his mother serving Jamaican food
    Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

        Notorious for having sex with WF Kim Kardashian

    (Notorious black celebrity?) Kanye West banned from Instagram after violating hate speech and bullying policies
    "Ye", the artist formerly known as Kanye West, has been temporarily put on an Instagram time-out after apparently violating the companyโ€™s policies.

    Content from his account, @kanyewest, has been deleted for violating policies on hate speech, bullying and harassment, a Meta spokesperson confirmed Wednesday night.

    Earlier in the day, the musician reportedly posted a photo of comedian Trevor Noah and captioned it with racial slurs. TODAY has not seen the original posts โ€” which have since been deleted โ€” though several media outlets have screenshots.

    Noah had discussed the ongoing fallout surrounding Yeโ€™s divorce from reality star Kim Kardashian in a segment on โ€œThe Daily Showโ€ on Tuesday night. In it, Noah encouraged fans to not make jokes about the situation.

    "These recent events can be traced back to Westโ€™s announcement that he was running for president. Many people online have expressed concern for his mental health, as West has spoken openly in the past about his bipolar disorder... " - Sept 2020


    Black half-jewish leftish faggot hate hoaxter Jussie Smollett freed from jail pending appeal, court orders
    Cook County Circuit Judge James Linn excoriated Smollett at sentencing last Thursday and said he fabricated the hate crime to gain attention.

    โ€œYouโ€™re just a charlatan pretending to be a victim of a hate crime,โ€ Linn said at sentencing.

        Hate crime charge for (white) teen recorded whipping (black) classmate
    after black was 'assaulted with COTTON BALLS' - (link fixed)
    Authorities in Louisiana charged a white high schooler with a hate crime after he was recorded throwing cotton balls at a Black student and then hitting him with his belt.

    HOUMA, La. -- A white high-schooler has been charged with a hate crime after being caught on video throwing cotton balls at a Black student and whipping him with his belt, authorities said Wednesday.

    The 15-year-old freshman at Vandebilt Catholic High School in Houma was arrested Tuesday on battery and hate crime charges after authorities reviewed a recording showing what happened inside the cafeteria on March 9.

    The video shows the white student walking up behind a Black student sitting in the crowded lunchroom. He throws a handful of cotton balls at him, and then whips him repeatedly with his belt until the Black student stands and pushes him, news outlets reported.

        ANTI-WHITE RADICAL RACIST-feminist-communist-queer dictatorship of cancelled America

    [It was the colored cleaning ladies, cooks and nannies that really defeated the NAZIs]

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 16 Mar 2022

    These 6 Republicans Voted Against Ousting Fauciโ€‹

    Saudis seriously considering now selling their oil in Chinese Yuan (getting away fm "petro-dollar")--this will be disaster for Jew S A economy, suckers

    Greg Mannarino gives epic commentary on Fed's (today) raise (.25%) in int. rates in face of horrendous inflation (they admit it's at least 7.9%--really about 15%). Fed's a joke, suckers--they hate the people, working and middle-classes, stupid morons--they're going to keep inflating, in an election-year, don't forget.

    Dave Quintieri, pretty much agrees w. Greg,

    The Fedโ€™s Feckless Inflation Fightโ€‹

    Top globalist satanist (yes, he was born k*ke--what did u expect?) explains his satanist, queer-loving philosophy, how it will treat humanity, etc.

    African Reporter Calls Out WHโ€™s Strategy in Ukraine: โ€˜You Are Pushing These Guys to Commit Suicideโ€™

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 16 Mar 2022

    YouTube Flags Tulsi Gabbardโ€™s Criticism of โ€œWar Machineโ€ as โ€œOffensiveโ€ Contentโ€‹

    Squires: 'Media laundering' keeps the public misinformed and advances the left's dangerous plansโ€‹

    Digital Tyranny: Beware of the Governmentโ€™s Push for a Digital Currencyโ€‹

    The plot thickens: Hunter Biden investment firm funded Ukraine biolabs

    "The Five" commentary on k1ke Pres. of Ukraine, Zelensky's, speech to Jew S A Congress

    BLACK FEMALE BLM activist who raised $1M, named โ€˜Bostonian of the year,โ€™ is indicted for fraud and the details are jaw-droppingโ€‹

    Squires: 'Media laundering' keeps the public misinformed and advances the left's dangerous plans

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 16 Mar 2022

    Fort Bragg lost over 80 soldiers from โ€œsuddenโ€ and โ€œunexplainedโ€ causes, and stopped reporting on the deaths after June 2021

    Fauci says the GOP will target him if they get control of Congress: 'It's Benghazi hearings all over again'โ€‹

    FOX/Carlson reports on Zelensky's speech to US Congress, wanting jets to shoot-down Russkies, etc.

    BLACK FEMALE BLM Leader and Bostonโ€™s Woman of the Year is Arrested, Indicted on Federal Charges for Squandering $1 Million in Donations on Hotels, a New Home and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. (VIDEO

    Globalist, traitor, Fauci organization, colluded w. Chicoms who own Forbes (magazine) to fire reporter who exposed Fauci

    The war in Ukraine is going to trigger the biggest global food crisis that any of us have ever seen beforeโ€‹

    โ€˜Fauci Unmaskedโ€™: Daily Wire Releases New Docuseriesโ€‹

    10 Signs The War In Ukraine Is Part Of The Great Resetโ€‹

      Tierney's REAL News (3/16/22) [Quoting Peggy Tierney] "I put this historical perspective together to help people understand what's going on in Ukraine and the NEW WORLD ORDER - in a ten minute read. I'm not saying it's all 100% correct - but it's a great start - so if you have insights or corrections please send me an email or message. I'm learning as I go - just like you! Thanks!

    How did WW1 actually start? The story goes that the leader of Austria-Hungary was assassinated by a terrorist out of Serbia. But like today, there's MORE to the story. First, let's look at a few maps - these are the things they don't teach kids in school any more.

    This is what Europe looked like in 100 AD - the Roman Empire and everything else....."

    Tomorrow - I will explain how the New World Order and Communist China are battling, right now, for control of the US dollar, the world's energy and gold, the world's resources & rare earth minerals and the world's ports and trade routes - and the removal of borders and national sovereignty in every country on earth. They are both using every means at their disposal to be victorious. It's a game they've played for centuries. "[end quote]

        White Banner


    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 15 March 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

        (Black) Suspected NYC, DC homeless killer ID'd as 30-year-old man in shooting spree
    black suspect The suspected killer accused of targeting homeless men in Washington D.C., and New York City was identified Tuesday, hours after he was arrested amid a manhunt by multiple law enforcement agencies.

    Gerald Brevard III, 30lk, a D.C. resident, was taken into custody in Washington around 2:30 a.m. after the Metropolitan Police Department received an anonymous tip that provided a possible identity of the suspect, Chief Robert Contee III said.

    "Based on all the evidence we've pulled together in this case, the video evidence, the images that we've seen, I am very confident that this is the person," he said Tuesday.

    Brevard is charged with first-degree murder while armed for the shooting and stabbing death of 54-year-old Morgan Holmes, assault with intent to kill and assault with a dangerous weapon. More charges for his alleged crimes in New York are anticipated.

    He could also face federal charges, officials said.

    After receiving the tip, investigators said Brevard posted an image on social media that appeared to show him in Washington D.C., Contee said. Authorities unsuccessfully tried locating him and an image of him at an ATM was released Monday evening during a joint news conference with New York City officials in which they urges the homeless in both cities to seek shelter.

    Surveillance video obtained by Fox DC showed Brevard being arrested at a gas station by agents with the Washington Field Division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). "I knew that if he was in D.C. with that image, he would be found," Mayor Muriel Bowser said.

    Authorities noted that Brevard was arrested in the early morning hours, around the same time when the victims were shot. He has not offered a motive for the crimes, Contee said and investigators believe the shootings and killings were committed randomly. Between both cities, five homeless people were shot, including two who died.

    Race of victim(s) with NOT-negro name(s) not reported

    [NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
    Forum poster

        Hero McDonaldโ€™s stab victim cheers arrest of (Black) suspect: โ€˜He has to payโ€™
    SUSPECT-NAME victim The suspect in the brutal stabbing of an East Harlem McDonaldโ€™s worker surrendered to cops this week โ€” as the hero victim spoke out about the harrowing attack Tuesday.

    Angel Miguel Salazar cheered the news that Ezekiel Dunn-Jennings, who was charged with attempted murder, assault and weapons possession after surrendering to authorities Monday, had finally been nabbed.

    โ€œI feel good that he turned himself in,โ€ Salazar, 23, told the Post Tuesday in a phone interview from his hospital bed. โ€œHe has to pay for what he did.โ€

    Dunn-Jennings, 28 โ€” who lives less than three blocks from the fast-food joint where he allegedly stabbed Salazar on Wednesday โ€” turned himself in at Brooklynโ€™s 75th Precinct around 9 p.m. Monday and requested a lawyer, police said.

    Dunn-Jennings claimed he acted in self-defense as he was walked out of the 25th Precinct late Tuesday morning.

    โ€œWhat yโ€™all see in Burger King โ€” they showed what happened on TV โ€” but they never showed what happened to me,โ€ he said, misidentifying the eatery where the crime took place.

    โ€œI was hit in the head,โ€ he added. โ€œI was attacked first.โ€

    โ€œIโ€™m sorry what happened to that man,โ€ he replied when asked if he regretted his alleged actions. โ€œHe was a handsome man. I didnโ€™t mean to hurt him.โ€

    Salazar intervened when he saw Dunn-Jennings arguing with other workers inside the eatery on Third Avenue near East 117th Street around 12:40 a.m. Wednesday, cops said.

    Dunn-Jennings had attempted to use a plastic cleaning pole to ward off the suspect and shield his two female co-workers when he was ambushed, store manager Jennifer Bisla Rodriguez told The Post last week.

    Salazar was stabbed in the face, back and arm during the frenzied attack โ€” and needed to be placed in a medically induced coma.
    โ€œAnd I would do it again, I would do it again because in my country [the Dominican Republic], we donโ€™t do that. When a man hits a woman, we jump in.โ€

        Two men injured in latest BLACK attacks on NYC subway trains, cops say
    SUSPECT-NAME victim victim Two men were attacked on subway trains in the Big Apple on Tuesday morning โ€” one struck with a glass bottle and the other slashed on the hand and arm, cops said.

    A 25-year-old man was riding an A train at 104th Street and Liberty Avenue in Ozone Park at 7 a.m. when a man who appeared to be in his 30s walloped him over the head with the bottle, police said.

    The victim was taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center with a cut on his head.

        (Small, frail, elderly) Asian Woman Stomped on, Punched More than 125 Times After (NWORD) Assailant Uses Racial Slur
    nigger beats little asian lady victim A 67-year-old New York woman was severely injured and hospitalized Friday after being punched in the face and head more than 125 times during a hate crime, police say.

    According to the Yonkers Police Department, the unidentified woman of Asian descent was returning home when she encountered the suspect in front of her building.

    After the man allegedly called the woman an "Asian b----" she ignored him and walked into the entrance of her building. The man managed to make his way into the building, where surveillance video shows him begin to attack the victim.

    "Ignoring his comment, the victim entered the vestibule of the building and was attempting to open the second door to enter the lobby when, without warning, the suspect approached from behind and punched her in the head, knocking her to the floor; he then stood over her and proceeded to punch her in the head and face more than 125 times with alternating fist strikes before foot-stomping her seven times and spitting on her," added police in a news release.

    Police say as a result of the apparent hate crime the victim suffered "multiple contusions and lacerations to her head and face, facial bone fractures, and bleeding on the brain." She remains hospitalized and is in stable condition, police added.

    An Older Asian Woman Was Punched More Than 125 Times And Stomped On In A Violent Racist Attack
    According to investigators, the man, who police identified as Yonkers resident Tammel Esco, called the 67-year-old woman an โ€œAsian bitchโ€ as she walked past him toward her building.

    As she entered the lobby, the assailant knocked her to the ground with a punch to the head from behind, then punched her more than 125 times with alternating fists, stomped on her, and spit on her.

      Hispanic Jesus Edrai Cardiel Samaniego is facing a felony deadly conduct charge and a misdemeanor unlawful carrying weapons charge,

        BUMBLING BIDEN'S POLICE STATE JAILS NOT-WHITE "Proud Boy" in Miami for monkey show trial in DC

    The press and public were barred from the Tuesday morning detention hearing in US District Court in Miami, but BuzzFeed and other outlets reported that his bail was denied. His lawyers did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

    Government-controlled press prejudices public with assertion of his pre-trial 'guilt'

        (3 SUICIDAL NWO NATO) EU leaders arrive in Kiev for meeting with Ukrainian Crisis-Actor Commedian Zelensky


    and this could be triggered by any NON-PUTIN government including Muslim Jihadi terrorists...

    US Army Bases Outside the USA

    Ukraine war: (Suicidal) European leaders (tempt FATE, PUTIN, risk train ride THROUGH THE REAL BULLETS, REAL BOMBS, LIVE (as seen on TV) KIEV WAR to meet Zelensky


    Did the U.S. once promise not to expand NATO? Does that play into the Ukraine crisis?

      What did some FOUNDING FATHER of the United States say about FOREIGN ENTANGLEMENTS?

    The John Birch Society on American Nationalist Sovereignty


    NATO is a UN-subservient alliance that threatens U.S. national sovereignty. It is imperative that Congress follow the advice of the Founding Fathers and withdraw the U.S. from this entangling alliance.<

    URGENT: The Deep State is using Russiaโ€™s invasion of Ukraine to empower and expand NATO, along with other international organizations like the United Nations.

    NATO is a UN-subservient alliance that threatens U.S. national sovereignty. It is imperative that Congress follow the advice of the Founding Fathers and withdraw the U.S. from this entangling alliance.

    Globalists in the U.S. government are using the Russian invasion of Ukraine to further entangle the U.S. in European affairs. For example, President Joe Biden ordered 3,000 U.S. troops to Poland, Germany, and Romania on February 2, 2022, demonstrating the United Statesโ€™ โ€œcommitment to NATO Article 5,โ€ Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told reporters. By early March, nearly 12,000 troops had been sent to Europe, while another 10,000 to 12,000 were placed on โ€œheightened alertโ€ for deployment. Meanwhile, the U.S. is sending arms to Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. Furthermore, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that NATO is considering permanent troop deployments to the Baltic region.

    In addition to sending more U.S. troops to Eastern Europe, troops from Floridaโ€™s National Guard were in Ukraine. The Washington Examiner reported:

    Floridaโ€™s Army National Guardโ€™s 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team has been executing a train-and-advise mission to develop the Ukrainian Armed Forcesโ€™ Combat Training Center-Yavoriv since 2015, and their work remains ongoing despite the threat from Russia. The 7th Army Training Command oversees the Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine.

    On February 12, the Pentagon ordered those troops to leave Ukraine. Despite this, the entire incident illustrates how entangled the U.S. has already gotten in Ukraineโ€™s foreign and defense policies.

    Nevertheless, these troop deployments to Eastern Europe and U.S. presence in Ukraine greatly increase the potential for creating a pretext to drag the U.S. into yet another undeclared and unconstitutional war overseas.

    At the heart of the conflict is the Deep State and Biden administrationโ€™s desire to further expand the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) eastward, extending membership to Ukraine โ€” a country that borders Russia and was previously a Soviet socialist republic that comprised part of the U.S.S.R. from 1919 to 1991.

    However, rather expanding NATO, the U.S. should withdraw from it. The U.S. currently contributes about 22 percent of the NATO budget โ€” the largest share of any NATO country, meaning that U.S. taxpayers foot a large chunk of the bill for Europeโ€™s defense.


    (If he is the SECOND.... WHO or WHAT is the adulterous FIRST!!!! :)

    Doug Emhoff tests positive for COVID-19, VP 'CACKLER' Harris still negative

    The HEADLINE is that COVID-19 IS NOT AN STD"





    Kamala Harrisโ€™ husband tests positive for COVID after she spent day with Biden Former President Barack Obama, 60, disclosed Sunday that he tested positive. Several House Democrats who attended a Philadelphia conference last week also tested positive.

    A Mississippi assistant principal was terminated after reading the children's book 'I Need A New Butt!' to second graders

      SUNY Brockport set to honor BLACK convicted cop killer at event for 'Black resistance' and 'political prisoners'
    Jalil Muntaqim, formerly known as Anthony Bottom, helped kill two NYPD officers in 1971.
    The initial calendar post describes Muntaqim as a "teen activist for the NAACP" who joined the Black Panther Party at 18. It does not mention that he joined the militant Black power group the Black Liberation Army or that he was convicted in two murders.

        Idaho lawmakers pass 6-week abortion ban styled after Texas law
    ritual child sacrifice to idol abortionist preborn A bill that seeks to prevent most abortions from occurring in Idaho has just passed in the state legislature and is heading to the governor's desk.

    The bill is the first in the country to be modeled after the recent law passed in Texas that bans abortions after six weeks, before many women know they're pregnant.

    Idaho's bill prohibits abortions after six weeks and allows the father, grandparents, siblings, uncles or aunts of the fetus to sue a medical provider who performs the procedure.

    Family members can sue for a minimum of $20,000 within four years of an abortion. While a rapist wouldn't be allowed to sue, their family members could.

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (15 March 2022)
    The Bobster

    "It takes a village" - Afro-american family values - Death of 8-year-old autistic black boy in the Bronx ruled a homicide, cops sayโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME The death of an 8-year-old autistic boy rushed to a Bronx hospital last year has been ruled a homicide, cops said Tuesday. Joseph Barneyโ€™s mother brought him from their Williamsbridge home to Montefiore Medical Center June 1 in an Uber, cops and sources said.

    Brown vs. White - Federally enforced school race mixing - Two teens injured, one critically, in stabbing outside NYC schoolโ€‹


    DARK CRIME: Serial shooter who allegedly killed two homeless men is also homeless, family revealsโ€‹
    black suspect The serial shooter targeting homeless men in the Big Apple and Washington, DC is also homeless, family revealed Tuesday, as officials announced charges in three of the cases.

    Gerald Brevard III, 30, was taken into custody early Tuesday in the capital and charged with first-degree murder in the March 9 shooting and stabbing death of 54-year-old homeless man Morgan Holmes, the Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department Robert Contee told reporters Tuesday. Brevard was also hit with two other charges โ€” assault with the intent to kill and assault with a dangerous weapon โ€” in connection with two other incidents targeting vagrants earlier in the month, Contee said.

    Crime headlines from major Afro-demographic cities: Three injured in separate shootings across NYCโ€‹


    Dark Crime - U.S.A. Crime headlines from major Afro-demographic cities
    Three injured in separate shootings across NYCโ€‹


    INVASION! News - Mex/migrant crime:
    Horrifying video shows woman shot dead after stabbing cop serving eviction noticeโ€‹


    Dark Crime - U.S.A. Brown vs. White - Federally enforced school integration
    Substitute teacher in Texas left with bloody face after student throws chair at his head: videoโ€‹

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