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  Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (27 Feb 2022)
The Bobster

Horrific video shows LIRR rider fatally shot in aisle of train
black suspect Horrific video shows the moment a man fatally guns down a Long Island Rail Road rider in the aisle of a vacant Ronkonkoma train, shooting him in the back of the head before running out onto the platform.

The disturbing clip opens with the gunman casually strolling behind 20-year-old Yusef Staine, the unsuspecting victim who had apparently been traveling with the shooter before shots rang out at about 1:45 a.m. on Feb. 16.

The video then shows the moment the unidentified shooter pulls a gun from his pants, unseen by Staine, and shoots the West Babylon resident in the back of the head.

Columbia top shrink suspended for calling a dark-skin model a โ€˜freak of natureโ€™โ€‹
black suspect Columbia University suspended its top shrink Wednesday after he suggested a black (female) modelโ€™s dark skin could make her a โ€œfreak of nature.โ€ Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, head of the schoolโ€™s psychiatry department, retweeted a photo of South Sudanese-American model Nyakim Gatwech and wrote, โ€œWhether a work of art or freak of nature sheโ€™s a beautiful sight to behold.โ€


NIGRO Duo ransacks NYC bodega, throws monitor at worker in bid for cigarettes: video

Two thieves ransacked a Lower Manhattan bodega โ€” even throwing a computer monitor at a worker, wild new footage shows.

The BLACK "American-AFRICAN" duo barged into the shop on John Street near Broadway around 11:25 p.m. on Feb. 16 โ€” joined by a woman who stayed close to the door, according to cops and a clip released late Wednesday.

The pair demanded merchandise from a 28-year-old male worker and refused to pay, cops said.


Three former Minneapolis cops 'lynched' to appease the BLACK tribal mob - AND HOPING TO PREVENT A RACE RIOT


Fox Anchor Learns What โ€˜Jigaboo' Means On Air SUSPECT-NAME Kueng, who is black, knelt on Floydโ€™s back; Lane, who is white, restrained his legs; and Thao, who is Hmong American, stopped 'concerned citizens' from intervening as Floyd, 46, struggled to breathe and begged for his life.

Montgomery County Cemeteries Defaced With Swastikas Following Russiaโ€™s (alleged) Invasion Of Ukraineโ€‹


DREADFUL (BLACK american-AFRICAN SuSPOOK) Stabbed Person, Intentionally Ran Over Another At Edgewater Park Wawa: Police/b>


Black man with NEGRO name shot dead in NEW YORK CITY'S colored 'Harlem'


  Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (27 Feb 2022) part 2
The Bobster

Itโ€™s political party time with world leaders for George Sorosโ€™ sonโ€‹
Some observers have a hard time seeing beyond Sorosโ€™ party boy image. He was spotted in July imbibing $345 bottles of Herradura Extra Aรฑejo tequila along with gal pals at Tinyโ€™s Catina in Prospect Heights. He reportedly left a $700 tip. And in 2016, the 22,000-square-foot Hamptons rental house where he hosted pals, models and NBA players was dubbed โ€œCamp Soros.โ€

Lincoln University Latest HBCU Targeted By Bomb Threatโ€‹
HBCU HBCU "HISTORICALLY BLACK COLORED UNIVERSITY" - could be another FAKE HATE CRIME by some brainwashed black living in imaginary pre-civil-war-between-the-states.... ANTE-BELLUM is fancy-pantsy word for before the damned war between-the-previously-peaceful states...

Asian artist attacked on opening night of NYC show โ€” near where Christina Yuna Lee was killedโ€‹


ALLEDGED White Supremacy Symbols Spray-Painted On Black-Owned South Philadelphia Deliโ€™s ATMโ€‹

Woman NAMED ROTHSCHILD bludgeoned with hammer, robbed in NYC train stationโ€‹
"ROTHSCHILD is a 'jewish' name - with the highest density in ISRAEL" Rothschild was taken to Weill Cornell Medical Center in critical condition with a fractured skull and bleeding to her brain, according to cops and sources.

HISPANIC NYC man Israel Flores, who attempted suicide charged with killing girlfriend, cops sayโ€‹
Macho man allegedly attacked Denise Caamano, 24, with a box cutter early Thursday inside a bedroom in the apartment on Arthur Avenue and East 180th Street in Crotona. He then turned the weapon on himself, cops said. Cops responded around 7 a.m. and found both Caamano and Flores with slash wounds to the throat. Caamano was pronounced dead on scene,

  Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 27 Feb 2022

Kudlow, former Trump advisor (still may be), explains the SWIFT (payments) system, how Russia uses its oil resources to advantage to finance his military adventures, etc.

Damage in Ukraine by Russkie invaders surprisingly light, Ukrainian resistance still strong, communications intact

German insurance data reveals COVID vaccine adverse events are 10 times higher than govโ€˜t reportsโ€‹

Zelensky found a billion dollars and a villa in Miami

Kudlow, former Trump advisor (still may be), explains the SWIFT (payments) system, how Russia uses its oil resources to advantage to finance his military adventures, etc.

Khazaria 2.0? The Planned Jewish Migration Out of Israel โ€“ to Ukraineโ€‹

Tulsi Gabbard Rips Into โ€˜Power Eliteโ€™, the โ€˜Biden-Clinton-Neocon-Neolib Foreign Policyโ€™ at CPACโ€‹

  Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 27 Feb 2022 - part 2

Putin Speech: Russia Had โ€˜No Other Optionโ€™ But To Launch Ukraine Invasion Because West โ€˜Deceivedโ€™ Us About NATO Expansionโ€‹

The Plandemic Is Imploding And The Rats Who Committed Crimes Against Humanity Are Panickingโ€‹

Here's military situation as of today, this morn., in Ukraine, fm FOX News/Watters and Baier

Igor Strelkovโ€™s Summary of the First Day of Operations, Published a Few Hours Agoโ€‹/b>

Dystopia disguised as democracy: All the ways in which freedom is an illusionโ€‹

Horowitz: The Israeli data that nukes the Pfizer vaccine: What did Pfizer know and when did they know it?โ€‹

Dr. Robert Malone Responds To Shocking โ€˜Scientific Fraudโ€™ After CDC Found To Be Withholding COVID Dataโ€‹

  Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 27 Feb 2022 - part 3

EXCLUSIVE: Ukranian president demands a full refund of the millions in bribes to the Bidensโ€‹

Russia Launches TOTAL War on Fake Country of Ukraine, All Airports Bombed, Tanks Rolling to Kiev by ANDREW ANGLIN
"That short haired bitch from the EU and that gay faggot from NATO just gave a speech about their deathly sanctions."

Putin has done everything he said he was going to do, exactly as he said he was going to do it, and he said he doesnโ€™t care about sanctions.

Iโ€™ll say again: the sanctions are going to hurt the West worse than Russia, in real terms. Russians are ready to deal with a bit of austerity. The West is not.

Furthermore โ€“ Russia is literally fighting an existential battle for its existence. The West is doing what? Why are they defending the Ukraine? Itโ€™s not โ€œbecause democracy.โ€ And it certainly has nothing to do with Western interests.

They are saying theyโ€™re doing this effectively for the purpose of charity.

So which is easier for a population to suffer for?

Defending its existence, or doing ostensible charity for a nation they canโ€™t find on a map โ€“ and if they can find it on a map, know this is actually about empowering Jewish oligarch billionaires and attempting to overthrow the Russian government in order to build a New World Order global government?

Putin can explain โ€œwe have to suffer economically because they were going to put missiles in the Ukraine that could reach Moscow.โ€

What is Biden going to say?

He already said it: โ€œwe have to suffer to defend our values globally.โ€

When Joe Normie is pumping $15 a gallon gasoline, is he going to be thinking โ€œthis is the cost of Ukrainian democracyโ€?

Or is he going to be saying โ€œyo bitch, this shit is whackโ€?

I just turned on Fox & Friends, which is the same thing as CNN at this point, and they literally have an Israeli Jew on named Shlomo talking about the horror, horror โ€“ the horror. But even Shlomo admitted that Russia is only targeting the military. He says that Putin did everything he said he was going to do, exactly how he said he was going to do it.

Heโ€™s saying heโ€™s trying to get all of the Jews out of the country by working with the Israeli government. Fox is literally no different than CNN in their coverage of this. Iโ€™m starting to wonder if Tucker Carlson is even going to be allowed on this evening.

He has already said that the government of the Ukraine is a revolutionary government established by a US State Department coup. Fox just brought up the fact that Putin is trying to โ€œde-Nazifyโ€ even though the country is run by Jews and filled with Jews. It is confusing if youโ€™re not a Daily Stormer reader.

But itโ€™s not that confusing really. Israel funds and arms neo-Nazis to kill Russians. Now Shlomo is requesting donations to help the Jews.

They are also talking about how Zelensky should flee. As Iโ€™ve said, Iโ€™m certain he already has. These Jews man โ€“ they sure do a lot of fleeing. Speaking of false flags and crisis actors, Ukraine appears to be posting fake video of their military damaging Russian equipment. I mean, I guess there are Americans and American equipment there.

So itโ€™s possible theyโ€™re doing something, I guess. But all of these people are acting like the Ukraine has some chance to fight back this onslaught, and itโ€™s just goofy. The US isnโ€™t going to send troops. NATO isnโ€™t going to send troops.

The airports are already all gone, so it is just a matter of rolling in. All accurate reports say that huge numbers of Ukrainian military are taking Putin up on his offer and going home. The fictional country of Ukraine no longer exists.
<----<โญ๏ธŽ>----> (more at link)
Russia Launches TOTAL War on Fake Country of Ukraine, All Airports Bombed, Tanks Rolling to Kiev - by Andrew Anglin

Studies show how mask mandates, lockdowns and COVID vaccines have failed to deliverโ€‹

Latest development on Russiaโ€™s attack on Ukraine and reports from Kiev: Tanks roll in from Belarus, airports and sea ports seized by Russian troops, military targets obliterated with precision missile strikesโ€‹

Compared to flu shots, covid โ€œvaccinesโ€ are 11,361% more likely to cause a strokeโ€‹

    Fence around U.S. Capitol going back up ahead of Comrade BRANDON BIDEN'S State of the (SOVIET) Union

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๐Ÿ‘† *******        25 February 2022        *******

    Sorry, a bit behind schedule posting today.
[setting up a new email account and setting up a new VPN
"Hope to 'catch up' :)

๐Ÿ‘† *******        24 February 2022        *******

    (Black female Ghoulish Thingee) Sister Of Lincoln University Student Charged With Killing Jawine Evans In Campus Stabbing
black suspect black suspect CHESTER COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) โ€” Authorities have made an arrest in the deadly dorm room stabbing at Lincoln University. The Chester County District Attorney said 39-year-old Nydira Smith, of Philadelphia, is charged with killing 21-year-old student Jawine Evans.

Evans and two other students were stabbed during a fight inside the dorm last week. Smith is the sister of a Lincoln University student, who was also involved in the fight.

According to the district attorneyโ€™s office, Smith is charged with murder, aggravated assault, and other related offenses. Authorities said the incident was caught on video, showing Smith โ€œplunging a knife into Evansโ€™ neck, after which Evans staggers backward with a traumatic arterial bleed from his neck.โ€

Authorities said there were six additional students in danger of being stabbed. Investigators found security footage of Smithโ€™s car arriving at campus shortly before the incident happened. They later found the vehicle at Smithโ€™s Ardleigh Street residence in Philadelphia. When officers got a search warrant on Feb. 17, they found bloody clothing, proof Smith sought treatment for a hand laceration, and a set of knives with one missing. The next day, investigators found blood inside her car.

Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan said Thursday she believes this was a premeditated murder, saying the defendant drove an hour and half with a knife to join the fight.

[NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
Forum poster

  Here's where the BIDEN REGIME has infiltrated THOUSANDS OF UNKNOWN UNVETTED ALLEGED Afghan "evacuees"

More than one-third of the 67,380 Afghans processed at U.S. military sites following their evacuation from Afghanistan have been resettled in Texas, California and Virginia, while the rest have joined over 200 communities in 46 other states and the District of Columbia, government figures obtained by CBS News show.

The Biden administration over the weekend relocated all evacuees from temporary housing facilities it set up at military sites, completing the initial stage of a massive effort to resettle Afghans who assisted American forces or were otherwise determined to be in danger in Afghanistan, which was reconquered by the Taliban last summer.

Texas, California and Virginia had received 10,494, 8,301 and 5,171 evacuated Afghans as of February 22, respectively, according to the internal State Department statistics, which have not been previously reported. The three states have robust refugee resettlement infrastructures, as well as large Afghan American communities.

  Hispanic Texas man Jose Gomez III accused of attacking Asian family over racist coronavirus fears pleads guilty to hate-crime [thought-crime] charges


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Potter County Sheriffโ€™s Office is searching for a man wanted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Officials identified the man as 32-year-old Andres Eutimio Sanchez. He is described as five-feet-ten-inches tall, weighs 160 pounds and has brown eyes and black hair. Those with information on his location are asked to call Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 806-374-4400.


    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton: Trying to change little boys into little 'TRANS' girls is depraved satanic CHILD ABUSE
Sex-change operations such as [horrific mutilations - cutting off breasts and penises] and puberty blockers prescribed to kids is โ€œchild abuseโ€ under Texas law. These procedures are monstrous and tragic. โ€œIโ€™ll do everything I can to protect against those who take advantage of and harm young (sexually confused) Texans.
Pro-deviant-unnatural-'sex' BIDEN'S PRO-LGBTQ 'CLOSET' White House condemns Texas anti-trans directive that calls brainwashing kids into genital mutilation 'child abuse'

    TV's GOOD MORNING AMERICA's colored LESBIAN Robin Roberts says her LESBIAN SEX partner, (blonde) Amber Laign, has breast cancer
โ€œFor this cause God gave them up unto vile affections:
for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:โ€
Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    Thousands urge Congress to condemn imprisonment of Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski who addressed trucker protest SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME "He was denied water for what he said was about a day and a half, nearly two days," said Pawlowski's son, Nathaniel Pawlowski.

"He was placed in what he described as like a dog kennel, but it was like a cage, sort of like what you have in a police van; those really thin, small cages with very little air circulation. So he was placed in one of those for hours on end twice."

Nathaniel Pawlowski told Fox News Digital that in addition to being denied running water, his father was repeatedly strip-searched for contraband and had his Bible taken away, claims that were backed up by Pawlowski's lawyer, Sarah Miller.

  Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (24 Feb 2022)
The Bobster

DARK Duo shoots man in broad daylight at NYC basketball courtโ€‹

Pleasantville Strip Club Shut Down Following Teenโ€™s Death: โ€˜All Could Have Been Avoidedโ€™โ€‹

20-Year-Old Cherry Hill Baseball Coach Thomas Bianco Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Childโ€‹
SUSPECT-NAME CHERRY HILL, N.J. (CBS) โ€” A Cherry Hill baseball coach is behind bars after he was accused of sexually assaulting a child. Camden County prosecutors say 20-year-old Thomas Bianco was charged Wednesday. Authorities say Bianco assaulted a 12-year-old child on several occasions.

BLACK NYC Mayor Eric Adams should not need to defend hiring ministers with ANTI-LGBTQ-deviant pasts

EGYPTIAN MIGRANT sexually touched shopper at supermarket, may have victimized others: copsโ€‹
SUSPECT-NAME Creeper alert, aisle three!
A New Jersey man was busted for rubbing his groin against the backside of a woman at a supermarket, police said Wednesday.

Ehab E. Nassif, 59, was charged with fourth-degree criminal sexual contact after a fellow shopper said he followed her around a Lidl supermarket on US Route 9 South in Howell on Feb. 12. An investigation revealed Nassif โ€” who was wearing a black mask, gloves and a blue baseball hat at the time โ€” pretended to look at products on a shelf near the woman as he approached her, Howell Township police said in a statement. โ€œAs the victim reached for an item on the shelf, the subject then purposely rubbed his groin on her buttocks,โ€ department officials said.


HISPANIC Brothers Charged In Last Monthโ€™s Massive Bensalem Golden Corral Brawlโ€‹ BENSALEM, Pa. (CBS) โ€” Authorities have announced the first charges in connection with a buffet brawl at a Bensalem Golden Corral. Around 40 people were caught on camera throwing punches and furniture during the fight last month. It happened after a customer allegedly became enraged when the buffet ran out of steak. On Wednesday, authorities charged Alexis Rios, of Trenton, New Jersey, and Hector Rios Rodrigues with disorderly conduct.

Philadelphia Police Searching For Missing BLACK MAMMY, 3-Year-Old Son Last Seen In Kensingtonโ€‹

Philadelphiaโ€™s Police Union Sues Over Ban On Low-Level Traffic Stops: โ€˜Stupidity At Its Bestโ€™โ€‹

Brave Hispanic NYC boy recalls โ€˜scaryโ€™ 20-minute ride with NEGRO car thief

  Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 24 Feb 2022

Amazonโ€™s Woke Lord Of The Rings Is The Death Rattle Of Social Justice Contentโ€‹

Idiot, out-of-touch, "globalist" Americans out in front, waging "woke" culture war against world w. few allies, only France, Canada, few others

Putin's move on Donetsk, Lugansk is illegal but falls short of new 'invasion' - Responsible Statecraft

๐Ÿ‘† *******        23 February 2022        *******

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Florida jury convicts BLACK serial killer Robert Hayes of three slayings
๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire A Florida jury has found serial killer Robert Hayes guilty of slaying three women while he was majoring in criminal justice at college, prosecutors said. Hayes, 39, was convicted by a Volusia County jury Tuesday of first-degree premediated murder for gunning down three women in late 2005 and 2006 as he attended Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida prosecutors said.

Hayes was found guilty of killing Laquetta Gunther, 45, Julie Green, 35, and Iwana Patton, 35, with a .40-caliber handgun he bought from a local store. State Attorney R.J. Larizza said prosecutors intend to seek the death penalty against the former college cheerleader and band member who had a darker side unknown to his friends.

Hayes is also accused of strangling a fourth woman, Rachel Bey, 32, whose nude body was found in Palm Beach County in March 2016. All four women worked as prostitutes, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reported. Hayes was arrested in 2019 after DNA found on his cigarette was linked to Bey. Investigators then tied him to the three earlier slayings using ballistics and DNA evidence. An expert testified at Hayesโ€™ trial that the chances the recovered DNA wasnโ€™t from the college graduate was 1 in 3 septillion, prosecutors said.

Hayes is also charged with first-degree murder in Beyโ€™s slaying. Prosecutor intend to seek the death penalty in that case as well. A jury will take up Hayesโ€™ penalty phase in the three slayings on Monday. If jurors donโ€™t unanimously decide he should be sentenced to death, a judge will send him to prison for life without parole, the News-Journal reported.

Florida serial killings suspect Robert Hayes indicted in 3 deaths; survivor comes forward to police, attorney says

Robert Hayes: 5 Fast Facts

Murder victims,  from  left: Rachel Bey, and Iwana Patton,

Murder victims,  from  left, Laquetta Gunther, Stacey Gage and Julie Green.


    SUSPECTED BLACK-ON-WHITE: FERAL killer "Teenager" surrenders to police in killing of White female food delivery worker
๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name victim Baltimore City Police say a 16-year-old turned himself in to police just after 12:30 a.m. on February 23, 2022, in connection with the killing of Cheryl McCormack.

She was killed in northeast Baltimore just after 2 a.m. Monday, January 24. McCormack was shot and killed after refusing to give items to people attempting to rob her last month.

At the time, McCormack was with a friend and working for an app-based food delivery service when their car ran out of gas in the 3900 block of White Avenue on their way to drop off an order.

While walking back to a gas station to get fuel for the vehicle, McCormackโ€™s friend was approached by two people. One suspect had a gun and both suspects attempted to rob him, then demanded he return to the car with them. Upon arriving, the suspects demanded McCormack exit the vehicle and give them her valuables. When she refused to hand over items, the suspects shot her and fled.

Survivor of deadly food delivery shooting speaks out
Cheryl McCormack was a 51-year-old wife and mother of three children. She was killed in northeast Baltimore just after 2 a.m. Monday, January 24.

The witness, who wants to remain anonymous, says he was the DoorDash driver that night. He says his best friend McCormack was riding with him. "She always rode with me when she could, to help look out for addresses," he said.

"[That's when the suspect] put the gun in my back and said, 'Let's go.' We got down to the car; he said, 'Who's in the car?' They opened the car door, told her, 'Give me the phone, give me your pocketbook.' [McCormack] said, 'No, I'm not giving you anything,' and he shot her right in the head," said the survivor.

The killer shot McCormack but left him alive. He says the suspects ran away.

The survivor said he called police, then his friend, McCormack's husband. The survivor said: "[The suspects] had hoodies up, you know, so their face was shielded. It's incredible that someone will take a life over a T-Mobile phone that's worth not even $50."

black demon black demon

    (Black female) Skyway woman charged with murder in shooting death of sleeping boyfriend
black suspect A 20-year-old Skyway woman has been charged with premeditated first-degree murder domestic violence, accused of fatally shooting her boyfriend in the head as he slept, according to King County prosecutors.

Tiariyan Marr was booked into the King County Jail on Feb. 17, a week after she called 911 and reported she had shot her on-again, off-again (sex partner) 'boyfriend', Aaron Hopkins, 23, charging papers say. She remains jailed in lieu of $500,000 bail.

Court records do not yet indicate which attorney is representing her. Marr is to be arraigned March 7 at the Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent.

According to prosecutors, Marr does not appear to have a significant criminal history. She has, however, been involuntarily committed several times in the past year and reportedly assaulted a nurse at one of the hospitals, Senior Deputy Prosecutor Jason Brookhyser wrote in charging papers.

โ€œHer aggression towards the other women in Hopkinsโ€™ life, including allegedly slashing tires and harassment over social media, escalated during the 6 months preceding Hopkinsโ€™ murder,โ€ Brookhyser wrote. โ€œWhile the State acknowledges that it appears the defendant has suffered prior violence at the hands of the victim, the defendantโ€™s own report of how she committed this murder raises significant concerns about her propensity for violence towards others in the community.โ€

After Marr called 911 on Feb. 10, King County sheriffโ€™s deputies responded to her third-floor unit at the Creston Point Apartments, in the 13400 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Way South, and found Hopkins lying face down on a bed, the charges say. He was pronounced dead at the scene. A 9 mm handgun was found on a kitchen counter.

Sheriffโ€™s detectives interviewed Marr for seven hours, and she told them her relationship with Hopkins began in 2019 and they have an 18-month-old child together, according to charging papers. Detectives say Marr reported several past incidents of physical violence at Hopkinsโ€™ hands, some of which required Marr to seek medical treatment.

During the investigation, detectives learned Marr picked Hopkins up from work on Feb. 1 and drove him to another girlfriendโ€™s Federal Way apartment, where he retrieved his belongings and announced he would be staying with Marr, the charges say. Detectives say Marr told them Hopkins assaulted her on Feb. 8 and 9, according to the charges.

Detectives say Marr claimed Hopkins pointed a gun at her face and threatened to kill her on Feb. 10 if she told anyone about what had happened during the previous days, then went to bed, placing his gun on the floor beside him, the charges say.

โ€œMarr admitted that between 30-60 minutes later, while Hopkins was lying face down in bed and appeared to be sleeping, she shot Hopkins multiple times in the head with his gun,โ€ a detective wrote in charging papers.

Detectives interviewed Hopkinsโ€™ other girlfriend, who is now pregnant with his child, and she told them all four tires on her car were slashed in October, the charges say. The woman told detectives she recognized Marr as the culprit from still photos taken from her apartment complexโ€™s video-surveillance system. She also told detectives Marr had challenged her to a fight in June, but she did not respond to Marrโ€™s messages, according to the charges.

VINELINK - OFFENDER DATABASE has confirmed that the race of the suspect is BLACK
TIARIYAN ANEKSI MARR: Custody Record Age:20 Gender:Female Race:Black

Tiariyan Marr & Aaron Hopkins's Baby Registry
Tiariyan Marr & Aaron Hopkins created a baby registry at Target. Find a baby shower gift from their baby shower registries below.


Race of victim(s) with NOT-negro name(s) not reported

  Arizona border patrol agent shoots and kills ILLEGAL CRIMINAL Mexican ALIEN TRESPASSING INVADER on US side of the old PRE-BIDEN US-MEX border
invasion invasion invasion invasion There have been 643,630 (ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIEN INVADERS) encountered at the southern border in the first four months of USURPER BRANDON BIDEN year 2022, a 126% increase over the same time frame in fiscal year 2021.

A Border Patrol official estimated that 220,000 (ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIEN INVADERS) have evaded authorities while crossing the border since October.



  Give me your radical, communists and anarchists Your homeless masses yearning for free rent, food stamps, affirmative action The wretched refuse of your overcrowded disease ridden slums Send these, your criminals, your child rapists, your aspiring gangsters, your sexual deviants - to me - just as long as they are not White

  Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (23 Feb 2022)
The Bobster

Philadelphiaโ€™s Police Union Sues Over Ban On Low-Level Traffic Stops: โ€˜Stupidity At Its Bestโ€™โ€‹

BLACK FEMALE WITH UNNATURAL CURLY HAIR (wig) (affirmative action) Bronx judge who replaced lenient jurist freed 2 accused teen shooters pending trial

(SCARY FAT-ASS BLACK-Hispanic Puerto-Rican) Arrested for fatal NYC shooting of innocent bystander, dog at bodega SUSPECT-NAME A man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly gunning down an innocent bystander and her dog inside a Brooklyn bodega last month, police said. Namel Colon, 36, was busted by police at a Chinese restaurant in Queens after more than seven weeks on the run since allegedly gunning down Jennifer Ynoa, 36, and her 1-year-old pit bull Blue inside Salim Smoke Shop in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Jan. 2, police and sources said. Colon, of Manhattan, was hauled to the 79th Precinct where he was charged with murder and criminal possesion of a weapon, police said. Ynoa, a mother of four who lived two blocks away from the store, was out on her nightly walk with her dog when she was killed, her live-in boyfriend Carlton Busch, 46, had told The Post.

Shoplifter 'Malik' Bramble apprehended with loaded gun at Macyโ€™s in NYCโ€‹

PRO-FAGGOT 'Closet' Pols to boycott as Staten Island St. Patโ€™s Parade again bans LGBTQ groupsโ€‹

NYC school weapons recoveries have skyrocketed by 80 percent this academic yearโ€‹

FERAL FATHERLESS Teens killed three (black) Detroit family members, including 5-year-old boy: police
black demon black demon Two teenage boys were arrested Monday in connection to the cold-blooded killing of three Detroit family members, including a 5-year-old boy who was reportedly shot execution-style. The victims were discovered dead on Sunday by a relative who stopped by their home after not hearing from the family for weeks, police said.

The boy, identified by family as Caleb Harris, was shot twice in his face, his grandmother, Shalesa Floyd, told Click on Detroit.

โ€œTo do this โ€” itโ€™s like a monster would do this,โ€ the grandmother told the outlet. The childโ€™s mother, Lashon Marshall, and her boyfriend, Aaron Benson, were also fatally shot, Fox 2 reported.

Detroit Police Chief James White said at a Tuesday press briefing that investigators received a number of tips from the community that led to the arrests of two "boys," 16 and 17. โ€œWe are confident that we have those responsible in custody,โ€ White said.

Police Searching For 3 BLACK WORTHLESS sociopathic parasites In Connection To Attempted Carjacking In West Philadelphiaโ€‹

(under the leadership of newly promoted BLACK TRANS OF COLOR - SIX STAR GENERAL Ja'quaelah Ebony Abdullah)

US says Russia has deployed 190,000 troops around Ukraine

Joe Biden Never Served In The Military โ€“ But On Live TV He Just Implied That He Did

Comrade General Biden War is Peace

  Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 23 Feb 2022

The Ukraine Crisis: Facts Versus Lies
An American Christian Perspective - by Thomas Ertl - THE UNZ REVIEW
  โ€œAmerica, let Russia finish its recovery. Let her new destiny run its course. A destiny that will once again bring her to a place as one of the great Christian nations of the world.โ€
The only reason the US State Department is in Ukraine is in order to destabilize Russia. The Empireโ€™s plan is to isolate Russia by the numerous color revolutions it organizes in the nations that border Russia. The most recent example is what just happened this January in Kazakhstan. The culprits in this recent Kazakhstan color revolution are always the same: CIA, English MI6, and Israelโ€™s Mossad.
[and to help 'Big Bucks' Brandon Biden cover up for the ILLEGAL INFLUENCE MONEY his son Hunter bagged for him]
Questions are starting to be asked. Why does the United States military have over 750 bases in over 150 countries? Who gave the United States Department of State the right to rule the world? What is the real American interest in these foreign countries?

More good commentary fm FOX/Carlson on Ukraine situation

Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada says freedom is not unlimited and the Ottawa trucker convoy showed an 'ugly side of freedom'โ€‹

Russia-Ukraine crisis will put even more strain on the global food supply, driving up prices of wheat and corn around the worldโ€‹

Uncovered Document Reveals Soviet Union Was Promised No NATO Expansion at End of Cold Warโ€‹ The document bolsters Russiaโ€™s case that it was promised NATO wouldnโ€™t expand eastward after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact. NATO has grown from 16 members to 30 and has absorbed several former Soviet states, including some that border Russia.
The promise was never part of an official treaty, which is why Russian President Vladimir Putin is seeking written guarantees that Ukraine and Georgia wonโ€™t ever join the alliance.

Klaus Schwabโ€™s puppet โ€˜Young Global Leadersโ€™ revealed โ€” Trudeau in Canada, Buttigieg in U.S., Macron in France, and many moreโ€‹ That new kind of leader would offer exactly the kind of โ€œleadershipโ€ we see in Ottawa, Paris, London and Washington. Leaders who basically hate their own people and do not care one bit what they think because they donโ€™t answer to the people. They answer to their bosses at the World Economic Forum, folks like Bill Gates, George Soros and Klaus Schwab.

Canadian Communists and Socialists Unite to Declare Support for Emergency War Declaration Against Canadian Citizens, Parliament Approves Emergency Act 185 to 151

Australian Police Under Investigation for Using Sonic Weaponry Against Protestersโ€‹

๐Ÿ‘† *******        22 February 2022        *******

    "USING PREVIOUS 'freedom of speech' SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS AS "PROOF" - Animal Farm Judge & Jury of brainwashed sub-primates finds 3 White men 'guilty' of having 'bad thoughts' because 'all dead black criminals are victims of bad white mens'


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    "George Floyd" was not a "MARTYR" black victim of racist establishment white racism.

    George Floyd was a worthless career criminal ex-porno actor that abused a pregnant woman and was addicted to fatal drugs - he committed SUICIDE by his deadly drug addiction.

    The whole show was manufactured by communist agents in power in the Minnesota government as part of a plot to unleash BLACKLIVESMATTER as an INSURECTION TO OVERTHROW THE CONSTITUTION BASED REPUBLIC OF THE USA


    The Truth about George Floyd, ANTIFA, CAIR & Keith Ellison's Minnesota
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire black suspect BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire

        NIGERIAN Jonathan Akubu Charged With Murder In Connection To Multiple Philadelphia Carjackings, Officials Say
    SUSPECT-NAME African DREXEL HILL, PA โ€” A Delaware County man is charged with numerous crimes, including murder and carjacking, in connection with several recent carjackings in Philadelphia, police said.

    Jonathan Akubu, 28, of Drexel Hill, has been charged with murder, aggravated assault, robbery, carjacking, firearm violations, theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property, recklessly endangering another person, and unauthorized use of an automobile, according to Philadelphia Police.

    Police described Akubu as part of a carjacking ring. The charges stem from three incidents that occurred earlier in February that authorities allege Akubu was part of.

    Police said the first incident was at 12:12 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 4 on the 7600 block of Elmwood Avenue. In that incident, a 45-year-old woman parked her Toyota RAV4, and as she went to enter her home three suspects attempted to grab her bag from her, police said........

    Akubu Surname - Most prevalent in NIGERIA

    Forum poster

    Exclusive: Some Vehicles Carjacked In Philadelphia Exported As Far Away As Africa, Sources Say
    [NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
    Forum poster

        (Black basketball-booty (NIKE) TOP NEGRO EXECUTIVE) who killed another negro teen in 1965 trying to buff up his public image as role model for black teen gangsters
    black suspect Prosecutors reportedly tried Miller as an adult, but he was released after serving four-and-a-half years.

    He was soon sent back behind bars after trying to earn money for Nation of Islam via armed robbery, extortion and selling drugs.

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (22 Feb 2022)
    The Bobster

    โ€˜Replaying in my mindโ€™: NYC subway victim recalls harrowing ax attackโ€‹

    Nearly one-third of NYC bus riders are THIEVES: arenโ€™t paying the fareโ€‹

    Queens violence leaves two men dead, another woundedโ€‹

    Black Thief caught on video stealing car with 11-year-old inside in East Harlem SUSPECT-NAME New footage shows a thief wanted for stealing a manโ€™s car in East Harlem climbing into the vehicle to go on a terrifying, 20-minute joyride with the ownerโ€™s 11-year-old son inside.

    The surveillance video, released by cops early Tuesday, shows the suspect opening the door to the orange 2017 Nissan Rogue, getting behind the wheel and driving off โ€” shortly after a pedestrian passed in front of the SUV.

    The boy was sitting in the front passenger seat of the Rogue โ€” which his dad left running as he popped into a City Fresh Market on Third Avenue near East 121st Street around 8 p.m. Sunday โ€” when the unidentified suspect got inside, cops said. โ€œIโ€™m a friend of your dadโ€™s,โ€ the suspect allegedly told the boy. โ€œDonโ€™t worry.โ€

    Tom DiNapoliโ€™s outrageous abuse of retirement fund to push radical race agendaโ€‹ State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli is now proudly using his power as sole trustee of the stateโ€™s Common Retirement Fund to push โ€œdiversity, equity and inclusionโ€ on corporate America โ€” potentially compromising taxpayer-funded and -guaranteed savings to impose the DEI agenda, which is far more radical than the labelโ€™s words.

    โ€œCorporate America must foster and protect racial and gender equity in the workplace, in company policies and in how it interacts with customers,โ€ DiNapoli blathered last week, never noting that โ€œequityโ€ is far different from โ€œequality.โ€ This isnโ€™t about affirmative action, but outright quotas, speech codes and training in โ€œwhite supremacy culture.โ€

    Three white men FRAMED for ALLEGED 'MURDER' of black criminal Ahmaud Arbery found guilty of "THOUGT CRIMES" based on prior 'freedom of speech' socialist media posts

    Exclusive: Some Vehicles Carjacked In Philadelphia Exported As Far Away As Africa, Sources Sayโ€‹

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (22 Feb 2022) PART 2
    The Bobster

    At least seven straphangers targeted during violent weekend on the subwayโ€‹

    Boy in NJ mall fight says cops were โ€˜racistโ€™ to only handcuff black teenโ€‹

    AFRO-AMERICAN SPORTS: Juwan Howard close-up video reveals what sparked brawl: โ€˜Donโ€™t fโ€“king touch meโ€™โ€‹

    Progressive female (commie) SUNY Binghamton professor rebuked for black-female-trans SUPREMACIST CRAP SUSPECT-NAME SUNY Binghamton officials have rebuked a professor who said white students should clam up in class and let others lead academic discussions. A syllabus for Ana Maria Candelaโ€™s sociology class alerted students that she would be calling on non-white coeds first.

    Candela wrote that โ€œif you are white, male, or someone privileged by the racial and gender structures of our society to have your voice easily voiced and heard, we will often ask you to hold off on your questions or comments to give others priority and will come back to you a bit later or at another time.โ€

    Student Sean Harrigan shone a light on the pigment-specific pedagogy after he filed a Title IX discrimination complaint to the school. Harrigan told The Post Monday that Binghamton officials scrambled to revise the syllabus and later insisted that they opposed the practice. โ€œHow am I supposed to get a full participation grade if Iโ€™m not called on because of the way I was born?โ€ Harrigan, an economics major, said Monday.

    A school spokesperson said that they cleansed Candelaโ€™s syllabus of the offending phrases.

      Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 22 Feb 2022

    Watch โ€” Canadian MP: โ€˜Honk Honkโ€™ Is โ€˜Acronym for Heil Hitlerโ€™โ€‹
    Madam Speaker, I have heard the words of my colleague on the other side of the floor, so I have a few questions. As a Jewish member of Parliament and a descendant of survivors of the Holocaust as well, I, like many Canadians, was shocked to see Nazi and Confederate flags. I was dismayed and angry and hurt, horribly hurt. So how many Nazi flags does it take? How many donors from the Capitol riots โ€” itโ€™s 1,100 and counting who have donated to these illegal blockades โ€” [does it take?]. How many guns need to be seized? How much vitriol do we have to see of โ€œhonk honkโ€ โ€” which is an acronym for โ€œHeil Hitlerโ€ โ€” do we need to see by these protesters on social media?

    Citing Colleyville, 96 Jewish federations and JCRCs urge Senate confirmation of Deborah Lipstadt as antisemitism monitorโ€‹

    New study from Germany confirms higher vax coverage --> higher excess mortality - by Steve Kirsch -
    Steve Kirsch's newsletter - New study from Germany confirms higher vax coverage --> higher excess mortalityโ€‹
    The Harvard study showed vaccination makes things worse as far as cases goes. This new study from German shows that the more you vaccinate the more people get killed. Not a surprise to me.โ€‹

    Australian Police Commit WAR CRIME By Using Directed Energy Weapons Against Peaceful Freedom Protestersโ€‹

    Top 10 ways American schools have been RUINED by the Leftists and the Scamdemicโ€‹

    Yet another paper shows all-cause mortality risk>benefit for the COVID vaccinesโ€‹
    You heard it here first, but it's always nice to have independent confirmation of what I've been saying that the vaccines are nonsensical and mandating a nonsensical vaccine is even worse.โ€‹

    CANADA HAS FALLEN: The once-free nation is now under UN occupation and globalist control, with no mechanism remaining for peaceful return to democracyโ€‹

    Watch: Rogan Speechless As Guest Breaks Down Klaus Schwabโ€™s Great Reset, Infiltration of World Governmentsโ€‹

      Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 22 Feb 2022 - part 2

    The Unicultural Edge by STEVE SAILER
    A formerly secret 2013 Pentagon report, The Strategic Consequences of Chinese Racism: A Strategic Asymmetry for the United States, argues โ€œChina is a racist superpower.โ€ It makes for eye-opening reading on how both the Chinese people and the American deep state think.
    Still, the Chinese are not subtle about their sense of racial and cultural superiority: Other peoples and groups are seen to be inferior, with a sliding scale of inferiority. The major Chinese distinction is between degrees of barbarians, the โ€œblack devils,โ€ the savage inferiors beyond hope of interaction and the โ€œwhite devilsโ€ or tame barbarians with whom the Chinese can interactโ€ฆ. Lamentably, modern Chinese views on race are no better than they were in the past.
    In fact, the Chinese donโ€™t understand that diversity is our strength. To the Chinese: The United States used to be a strong society that the Chinese respected when it was unicultural, defined by the centrality of AngloProtestant culture at the core of American national identity aligned with the political ideology of liberalism, the rule of law, and free market capitalism. The Chinese see multiculturalism as a sickness that has overtaken the United States, and a component of U.S. decline.

    The Aryan Ideal: from Ben Franklin to National Socialism - by Thomas Dalton on the Unz Review
    [RESPONSE TO ABOVE ARTICLE: by Apollonian]
    Dalton, Unz, Nat. Vanguard All Collude For Anti-Christ Lies, Prop. (Apollonian, 22 Feb 22)

    Here's Rittenhouse, not really saying too much (for legal reasons, obviously), but indicating he's going to sue people for defamation, like the nigga, Whoopie, and Turk, "Cenk" (of "Young Turks") who insist he's "murderer" even after jury acquitted
    Kyle Rittenhouse reveals who he plans to sue

    EWashington Post hammered for painting Freedom Convoy as 'explicitly racist,' arguing 'freedom is a key component of white supremacy'โ€‹

    HUGE: Alberta Premier Jason Kenney Files Legal Challenge to Trudeauโ€™s Unjustified Use of the Emergencies Actโ€‹


      Tierny REAL News Network Updates - (22 FEB 2022)

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        21 February 2022        *******

        (Black) Myron Pope, Vice President of Student Life at the University of Alabama, resigns following prostitution arrest
    SUSPECT-NAME TUSCALOOSA, Ala. () โ€” Myron 'Pimp' Pope, vice president of Student Life at the University of Alabama, has resigned following his arrest on prostitution charges. According to the Tuscaloosa Police Department, Pope was arrested Thursday by the West Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force and charged with soliciting prostitution. He was subsequently released from the Tuscaloosa County Jail after posting $1,000 bond.

    In his position, Pope oversaw fraternity and sorority life at UA, parent and family program, the Student Government Association and the Student Life Leadership team. On Friday, UA President Stuart Bell announced that Pope had resigned. Pope had been in charge of Student (sex?) Life since April 2020.

    โ€œI have difficult news to share today,โ€ Bell wrote in a press release. โ€œVice President of Student Life Myron Pope has resigned from the University following his arrest. We understand this news will be difficult for our community. I will appoint an interim Vice President of Student Life and that person, along with the many professionals in the division, will remain available to all of us. Please continue to take care of yourselves and one another.โ€

    Pope first attended UA as a student in 1988, where he was a walk-on member of the Crimson Tide football team and was a part of the the 1992 national championship team. According to his 'resume' , he received his bachelorโ€™s degree in history from the university in 1993. He later received a masterโ€™s degree in higher education administration from UA in 1997.

    Before heading Student Life at UA, Pope was an assistant professor at the University of Oklahoma in the adult and higher education program, as well as associate director of the Center for Student 'Affairs' Research.

        (Black) Man charged with 59 counts of arson, resisting arrest, after trying to burn down Memphis hospital
    suspect MEMPHIS, Tenn. โ€” The Memphis Police Department told ABC 24 they arrested 35-year-old Devonta Willis after he tried to burn down a Memphis hospital. According to a police report, Willis came into the hospital for suicidal thoughts and said that he had an overdose.

    The staff then put him in a locked room due to him being diagnosed with bipolar schizophrenia. Willis then became irate over the wait time and was breaking property. Police said Willis grabbed two oxygen tanks and broke the back windows to the room. Officers arrived on the scene and spoke to him.

    After several minutes of talking, Willis became upset and used a cigarette lighter to set the sheets and mattress on fire. According to a police affidavit, as the room was on fire, Willis opened up the valves on two oxygen tanks in an attempt to increase the fire, stating that he was going to blow up the hospital.

    Willis also turned on the oxygen machine on the wall. When the smoke was forming, hospital staff and patients had to evacuate the emergency room.

    Officers were forced to wheel hospital beds out of the area in fear of patient injury. Police said scene officers called for cars since Willis was armed with broken glass and two oxygen tanks, and claimed he would kill people.

    Several officers arrived on the scene and tased Willis, sending him to the ground. Willis began to resist arrest by refusing to put his arms behind his back, moving his body and kicking. He still had a lighter in his hand and officers dry-stunned him to no effect. Officers then tased Willis a second time, and he was taken into custody.

        Three (Black) thieves rob Brooklyn apartment, shoot resident
    suspect Three thieves busted into a Brooklyn apartment before one of them shot the 39-year-old resident in a horrifying home-invasion robbery on Saturday afternoon, police said. The victim, a 39-year-old man, answered a knock at his door in Sheepshead Bay at about 2 p.m. by a woman who claimed he did not pay his monthly dues for an unknown expense, according to cops.

    When the resident opened the door of his Voorhies Avenue apartment, two gun-wielding men forced their way inside and demanded some of his belongings, police said. A fight broke out and one of the robbers shot the victim in the leg, authorities said.

    The two male suspects then bound the residentโ€™s wrists with zip ties and looted his apartment. Police said the crooks snatched a Rolex watch, iPhone 12 and credit cards. They fled, along with the woman, and remained at large early Monday.

    [NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
    Forum poster

        Norman police arrest FILTHY FAGGOT who allegedly attacked boyfriend with rolling pin
    NORMAN, Okla. (KOKH) โ€” A man attacked his HOMO-SEXUAL boyfriend with a rolling pin, Norman police say. Jacob Showalter, 25, was arrested on February 7 after police say he attacked his boyfriend with a rolling pin.

    When Norman police arrived at the residence in the 3800 block of Tayport St., they say Showalter was sitting in the garage with the rolling pin not far from his side. Police report that the boyfriend of Showalter suffered from injuries, but survived the attack. Watch the bodycam footage of the incident (at link above)

      Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 20 Feb 2022

    "Here's a little info on Jew(ish) author, Peter Schweizer's, latest book exposing some criminal and traitor politicians, like Pelosi"
    NOT SHOCKING! The CCP BOUGHT Pelosi!? MORE BOMBSHELLS w/ Peter Schweizer: Red Handed 2/2 | Huckabee

    Nosey Capitol Police working for Demon-rats keeping eye on Repubs for what they know about Jan. 6 false-flag by anti-fa and globalist criminals
    'What's she hiding?' Congressman catches Pelosi's police "snooping around" Congressional office.

    โ€œInnate Immune Suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccinationsโ€.โ€‹ This medical research is difficult reading, but the messages about the dangers of COVID vaccines are critically important, especially about cancers.โ€‹

    โ€œEveryone is at Risk for Blood Clots!โ€ โ€“ CDC and Pfizer Issue Urgent Warnings on Blood Clots Even in โ€œThe Healthiest Athletesโ€โ€‹

    PCR: WaPo Is CIA's "Propaganda Service For The Military/Security/Pharma Complex"โ€‹

    Ottawa Police Chief: Protesters Will Be Hunted Down and Punished Even If They โ€˜Retreat And Go Homeโ€™โ€‹

        Hispanic Maryland man GAMEZ busted with loaded gun outside NYC police precinct
    mud suspect

        RACIST RACIAL PREFERENCE to ASIANS: New York Gov. Hochul gives $10M to Asian American groups

    DISGUSTING TRANSvestite DEVIANT California trans child molester 'Hannah' Tubbs gloats over light sentence in jailhouse phone calls

    PRO-TRUMP "TRUTH SOCIAL" 'Social Media' APP released to public via 'IPHONE App Store'

    (not available for Android spy phones yet)


    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        20 February 2022        *******

    Front Page for 20 Feb 2022 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

        Taking a public bus while being a "74-year-old White man"

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Black Las Vegas woman, 28, who admitted to shoving an elderly WHITE man off a bus to his death in 2019, is sentenced to eight to 20 years in prison as part of a plea deal
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name A Las Vegas woman who admitted to pushing an elderly man off a bus to his death in 2019 was sentenced to prison on Friday as part of a plea deal. Cadesha Bishop, 28, was sentenced to eight to 20 years in jail after the incident that claimed the life of 74-year-old Serge Fournier.

    Bus surveillance video from March 21, 2019, shows Bishop arguing with Fournier after the elderly man asked her to be nicer to other passengers. Bishop can then be seen pushing Fournier when he turned his back to exit the bus, causing him to fall onto the sidewalk below. Fournier was taken to a hospital but died a month later.

    His death was ruled a homicide resulting from blunt force trauma to the torso, according to the Clark County Coroner-Medical Examiner's Office. Bishop was initially charged with murder and released on a $100,000 bond on May 16, 2019.

    Her bail was revoked in 2021 after she was charged with grand larceny, with prosecutors arguing she stole a 2020 Chevrolet Impala from a rental car company. Bishop claimed she lent the rental car to someone and they failed to return it.

    Court records also show that Bishop was convicted twice, in 2014 and 2015, of misdemeanor domestic battery charges. The prosecution downgraded the murder charge to abuse of an elderly person resulting in death, and Bishop pleaded guilty on December 27.

    She will be eligible for parole in eight years. Bishop's exact sentence length is expected to be based on her behavior. Her alleged mental health history could also play a part in the parole board's decision.

    Senior community raises funds for partner of man pushed off busr

    Serge Fournier Funeral and Memorial Campaign - (gofundme)
    While riding the bus home after running errands, Serge Fournier was pushed violently from behind by a young women who was told to "be nicer to people" after reportedly being rude to fellow passengers. Serge fell on his head and died from his injuries on April 23. He was 74 years old. He leaves behind his daughter and long time partner of 24 years Miss Esther, who he cherished.

    [Link courtesy of DAILY KENN:] 
    DailyKenn.com โ€” The focus is a broad scope of information of interest to the conservative movement.
    "Disliking individuals or people groups due to immutable characteristics such as race or gender is deemed both immoral and illogical and, consequently, is not a part of our original content."


        (Black) Florida woman charged with murder after allegedly stabbing husband 140 times
    black suspect CNN โ€” A Florida woman has been charged with first-degree murder after police say she allegedly stabbed her husband more than 140 times. Joan Burke, 61, who is being held without bond, appeared before a Palm Beach County judge on Sunday via video conference, according to court documents obtained by CNN affiliate WPTV.

    In an incident report, officers with Palm Springs Police said they responded to Burkeโ€™s home on the evening of February 11 after receiving a call from a man who identified himself as the son of the suspect. The caller said he had arrived home from work and discovered the body of his stepfather, Melvin Weller, 62, lying on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood. When asked by the 911 dispatcher if anyone else was at home at the time, the caller โ€œpaused for several seconds and then said his mother Joan Burke was there,โ€ the report stated.

    When officers arrived, they found the victim in a large pool of blood that covered more than half the kitchen floor, according to the report. Investigators also found a mop, a broom and other cleaning tools next to the body. Police said the victim, who appeared to be deceased, had multiple stab wounds and lacerations on his body. Officers noticed blood splatters and smears on the walls, cabinets, and counters of the kitchen. A couple of knives and a meat cleaver were found in the kitchen sink, police said.

    During a sweep of the home, officers discovered Burke lying in a bed in the master bedroom, conscious and alert but remaining silent, according to the report. She was transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation. An autopsy revealed the victim suffered more than 140 stab wounds and a skull fracture caused by a blow to the head with a meat cleaver, the report said.

    In a search warrant executed on the suspectโ€™s home, police were able to recover a garbage bag containing a blood-stained nightgown belonging to the suspect and a cellphone which investigators think belonged to the victim, according to the report. Police said Burke was also found to have lacerations on her hands. A motive for this incident is still unknown. The victimโ€™s family said he was physically disabled at the time of his death.

    suspect Lawyers for Baltimoreโ€™s top prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, filed a motion seeking to have the federal indictment alleging she improperly received COVID relief funds and lied on mortgage applications to purchase two vacation homes in Florida thrown out, arguing prosecutors were racially and politically motivated to ruin the career of a "young, progressive, Black, female elected official."

        TOURIST ALERT NEW YORK CITY: There were at least 5 NYC subway stabbings this weekend
    black suspect wounded victim wounded victim wounded victim wounded victim wounded victim

      Hispanic CHILD RAPIST caught after passing out drunk in McDonaldโ€™s drive-thru, deputies say
    A wanted Florida man was caught Friday after he passed out drunk in the drive-thru line at a McDonaldโ€™s and caused a backup of cars, authorities said. Luis Salinas, 35, had a warrant out for his arrest in connection to the sexual battery of a child, the Highlands County Sheriffโ€™s Office said in a Facebook post.


      Recent news-link posts from Arheel's Uncle - (20 Feb 2022)
    Arheel's Uncle

    BLACK: Portland shooting at site of Amir Locke protest leaves 1 dead, 5 injured, [includes no-knock search warrant]
    1 dead, 5 hurt following confrontation between armed homeowner and armed protesters in Rose City Park neighborhoodโ€‹

    Portland Man Shoots Protesters Before Being Shot Himself: Police

    One dead, five injured in shooting in Portland, Ore., near site of protests against police violence/
    The Portland Police Bureau said that one woman was dead when officers arrived at the scene, just after 8 p.m. local time. The wounded victims, two men and three women, were transported to hospitals. Authorities have not released information about their conditions and have not identified a suspect or those shot.

    Argument between homeowner, protesters sparked Portland shooting, police say

    Police: Fatal NE Portland shooting sparked by confrontation between armed homeowner, protesters

    black suspect As the fight continued, 27-year-old Patrick K. Kimmons fired 5 shots, injuring both the people involved in the fight. Those injured subjects later were transported privately to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

    At 3:08 a.m., as Kimmons began running toward officers and other people who were in the area with his revolver, officers fired 12 rounds at him. After the shooting, the officers administered emergency medical aid to Kimmons and then he was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced deceased. A gun was recovered near Kimmons.

    BLACK Man wounded by Patrick Kimmons taken back into federal custody on firearms charge
    black suspect A federal judge Friday ordered Dante Emanuel Hall, one of the men who Patrick Kimmons wounded in a downtown parking lot on Sept. 30 before Kimmons was fatally shot by police, be taken back into custody pending trial on a felon in possession of a firearm charge.

    U.S. Magistrate Judge Youlee Yim Youโ€™s decision came about two weeks after another magistrate judge, John V. Acosta, had released Hall so he could visit with the surgeon who had operated him the night he was shot to assess whether he needed further surgery.

    Hall, 31, suffered a wound to the left leg that fractured his femur and underwent surgery shortly after the Sept. 30 shooting. In early November, he was arrested and booked into custody on the federal firearms charge after his release from Legacy Emanuel Medical Center.

    Hall had placed a Walther 9mm handgun on the wheel of a car's tire in the downtown parking lot at Southwest Third Avenue and Harvey Milk Street before he was shot, according to investigators. Hall returned in a wheelchair to U.S. District Court in Portland Friday.

    Police investigate overnight shootings in Southeast Portland - Jan. 10, 2019

    BLACK: Ex-NYPD Cigar Smoking Narcotics detective says she was framed by cop casting Santeria spells
    suspect A Brooklyn man argues in new court papers that a former NYPD detective who arrested him on drug charges canโ€™t be believed โ€” because of her โ€œfantasticalโ€ social media posts claiming she was framed and poisoned by a cop casting Santeria spells.

    William Kleinfeldt makes the claims in a recent filing in his Brooklyn Federal Court excessive force and false arrest lawsuit, stemming from a 2015 bust.

    Kleinfeldt, 31, details in his Feb. 7 filing โ€œfantastical and inconsistentโ€ comments ex-Detective Ylka Morales made on Facebook about why she lost her job after 25-years at the NYPD.

    BLACK: MPD officer charged in deadly crash was suspended earlier this year (black victims)


    #1 FOX13 Investigates: MPD officer charged in deadly crash was suspended earlier this yearโ€‹
    black suspect MEMPHIS, Tenn. โ€” FOX13 uncovered new information about Antonio Marshall, the Memphis Police Officer charged with two counts of reckless vehicular homicide when he was off duty driving his car 114 miles per hour.

    Marshall slammed into another car killing two cousins last Friday on Walnut Grove. According to personal records FOX13 obtained through an open records request, Marshall was suspended for three days in February of this year for violating three department policy rules during a shot fired call in September 2020.

    One of those policy violations included engaging in an unauthorized pursuit of a vehicle leaving an apartment as Marshall and another officer was investigating shots fired call.

    FOX13 asked the father of one of the victims about the police investigation into one of their own. They ruled Marshallโ€™s car plowed into another car, tearing it in half and killing Travis Parham. Off-duty MPD officer was traveling 114 mph seconds before fatal crash, police say

    BLACK: Tree trimmers robbed at gunpoint in Memphis
    Several tree trimming crews robbed since ice storm Tree trimmer robbed at gunpoint while on the job in Memphis MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A tree trimmer was robbed at gunpoint while working in a residential area off White Station Road Monday.

    Memphis police say he was working on Angela Lane when a white Infiniti pulled up. Two Black males armed with a handgun approached the victim and told him to run away from the scene. Two chainsaws valued at $1,000 each were stolen. One of the suspects was dressed in all red and was about 5โ€ฒ10, according to police.

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (19 Feb 2022)
    The Bobster

    Inside NYCโ€™s skyrocketing anti-Asian violence: How hate speech led to hate crimes

    Elderly woman socked in back of the head in Manhattan - BY A COWARDLY BLACK NOT FIT FOR HUMAN SOCIETY

    Colored Victim in fatal subway gang attack plans suit against transit authorityโ€‹
    The group of COLORED MINORITY FATHERLESS FERAL anti-social gang members allegedly started choking and kicking Noel Soto before throwing him on the train tracks - to be RUN OVER - DEAD.

    Bernie Madoffโ€™s sister and her husband dead in suspected murder-suicide: copsโ€‹

    "It takes an AFRICAN VILLAGE": Philadelphia Police Searching For Missing 10-Year-Old Girlโ€‹

    NYPD asks for publicโ€™s help in identifying NEGRO MASTERBATOR subway creep

    Two people slashed on NYC subway as transit violence continuesโ€‹



    A Black female student at a California high school admitted to putting racist graffiti above water fountains, according to an official with the school district.

    "While identification of the person involved in this incident has been addressed, we also will remain focused on supporting the healing of students and staff who have been impacted by this troubling act of vandalism," Sacramento City Unified School District Superintendent Jorge Aguilar said Thursday in a statement, which the district provided to Fox News Digital.

    The Sacramento City Unified School Districtโ€™s race and equity monitor Mark T. Harris told CBS 13 that a Black student admitted to writing the words "White" and "Colored" over two water fountains at McClatchy High. The school district did not release the female studentโ€™s name.

    [link to New Nation News - HATE CRIMES AND HATE HOAXES

      Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 20 Feb 2022

    Washington Post calls Canadian truckers racists, says freedom is 'white supremacist'โ€‹

    Here's some commentary on globalist bragging they've "penetrated" the Canadian gov.
    Klaus Schwab Admits the WEF "PENETRATED" Canada's Government w/ Justin Trudeau

    Outraged Citizens Flood Ottawa Police Phone Lines With Complaint Calls About Horrific Treatment of Protesters โ€“ OPD Responds by Threatening Callers with Criminal Chargesโ€‹

    Here's a little summarization and analysis of events regarding the latest hitlery scandal
    Gutfeld roasts CNN amid Durham probe

    Ode to AOC's personality-cult by FOX/Carlson
    Tucker roasts book that compares AOC to Jesus

    Videos: Australian โ€˜Freedom Convoyโ€™ Marches to Parliament Buildingโ€‹

    Are Cartel Journalist Killings A Model For America?โ€‹

    Outraged Citizens Flood Ottawa Police Phone Lines With Complaint Calls About Horrific Treatment of Protesters โ€“ OPD Responds by Threatening Callers with Criminal Chargesโ€‹

    UK revives Cold War-era unit to fight โ€˜disinformationโ€™โ€‹

    Canada wants to make financial aspects of Emergencies Act permanentโ€‹

    Shock Report: Microwave Energy Weapons Deployed Against Canberra Freedom Convoyโ€‹

      Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 20 Feb 2022 - part 2

    โ€œInnate Immune Suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccinationsโ€.โ€‹ This medical research is difficult reading, but the messages about the dangers of COVID vaccines are critically important, especially about cancers.โ€‹

    โ€œEveryone is at Risk for Blood Clots!โ€ โ€“ CDC and Pfizer Issue Urgent Warnings on Blood Clots Even in โ€œThe Healthiest Athletesโ€โ€‹

    PCR: WaPo Is CIA's "Propaganda Service For The Military/Security/Pharma Complex"โ€‹

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        19 February 2022        *******

        BLACK-ON-WHITE: Black homo-demon charged with brutal stabbing murder of WHITE 4-year-old Cash Gernon found incompetent to stand trial
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name victim name The man charged with the brutal stabbing murder of 4-year-old Cash Gernon was found incompetent to stand trial after he was assessed by both the prosecution and his defense team. Dallas Police claimed that Darriynn Brown kidnapped the boy from his bed and stabbed him to death in May 2021. The boy's body was found in the middle of a street eight blocks away by a jogger the morning after he died.

    Police released home surveillance video showing someone looking like Brown grabbing Cash and walking off with him. The video showed that the same man later returned for Cash's twin brother Carter, but he was scared off. Brown's defense team claimed that he was in a trance-like state during the murder and that he suffered from hallucinations.

    A medical expert hired by the prosecution also came to the conclusion that Brown was mentally incapable of standing trial. On Friday, Brown was officially declared incompetent to stand trial. "He can finally get the help that he needs so he can assist us in his representation," said Brown's defense attorney Heath Harris.

    Brown will be likely be transferred to Vernon Psychiatric Hospital according to Harris. "Maybe someday we can get to the facts of this case, which we believe are going to show he has a mental defect that potentially led to this tragedy," Harris added. "He may be entitled to an insanity defense."

    The boy and his brother were in the care of a woman who was reportedly dating their father at the time of his murder. Their father had been on a work trip for months when his boy was murdered. The twins' mother accused the father of running off with the boys and said she had been searching for them for months.

    Brown may never be found competent to stand trial for the murder of Cash. Even if he is found competent to stand trial in the future, his defense may argue that he was insane at the time of the murder. If that's the case, the prosecution will have to prove that Brown knew what he was doing was wrong at the time that he did it.


    Father of Cash Gernonโ€™s guardian says boy was HOMOraped, stabbed by black homo-demon Darriynn Brown
    Brown returned to the house 2 hours later to abduct Cash's twin brother, Carter, but he was spooked and fled without the boy.

    Cash Gernonโ€™s biological mother has been looking for him and his twin brother, police said.

    The Strange New Turn in the Case of 4-Year-Old Cash Gernon
    DALLASโ€”After the kidnapping and killing of 4-year-old Cash Gernon in Dallas last week, neighbor Jose Alvarado checked his security cameras for any footage that might help investigators. What he found sent a chill up his spine.

    The video is from 10 weeks before little Cash was left dead of stab wounds on the ground. But it shows the teenager charged with abducting him, Darriynn Brown, skulking down the street, opening Alvaradoโ€™s backyard gate and peering in before quickly walking away.

    โ€œItโ€™s really scary,โ€ Alvarado told The Daily Beast. โ€œI have two kids, one girl and one boy, and they play basketball in the backyard.โ€

    Alvaradoโ€™s house shares a back alley with the home of Monica Sherrod, 35, who was taking care of Cash and his twin, Carter. She has said she was dating the twinsโ€™ father, Trevor Gernon, a 31-year-old construction worker, until he reportedly left town in March when a court ordered him to report to rehab.

    That left Sherrod to care for the boys for the next two monthsโ€”unbeknownst to their mother, Melinda Seagroves, who lives in Houston.

    Cash Gernon Funeral

    Cash Gernon - Find a Grave

    [NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 

    BLACK Man charged with brutal stabbing murder of 4-year-old Cash Gernon found incompetent to stand trial

    Forum poster


    suspect AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Around 9:30 pm on Feb 18th, Rahem Laquan Devoe turned himself in to deputies with out incident. Devoe is currently in the Aiken County Detention Center where he is being headed on charges of Domestic Violence 1st Degree and Kidnapping, according to authorities. According to an incident report released Thursday by the Aiken County Sheriffโ€™s Office, it all unfolded after the mother went to a Circle K at 5412 Jefferson Davis Highway to get some candy.

    The report from deputies details the clash between a mom and a man that led up to the theft of her car with her 6-year-old son inside it. After she and her son son got back into her car and drove to the other side of the store, she realized Devoe was in the back seat.

    Devoe then began to choke her and tell her he was going to kill her, according to the report from deputies. She was able to get out of the vehicle, but Devoe began hitting her while chasing her away from the vehicle, deputies wrote.

    She said Devoe then was able to talk her son into getting into the vehicle, and Devoe jumped into the vehicle and drove off. The mother said Devoe had a black handgun with him during the altercation and was threatening her with it.

    The incident sparked a missing-person alert for the boy, but someone brought him back to the Circle K. The car was also found Tuesday night not far from where it was taken.

        BLACK AFRICAN CRIMINAL MIGRANTS FROM GHANA scam a 78-year-old victime out of a half-million on a 'dating app'
    black suspect chicken thief The Federal Trade Commission has revealed data showing romance scams reached an all-time high in 2021, jumping about 80% from 2020, ABC News reports. $1.3 billion was lost by victims of the scams in the past five years alone, according to the FTC.

    In one of the most recent cases, a man and woman โ€” Ghanian nationals Linda Mbimadong and Richard Broni โ€” were sentenced on Friday in Alexandria, Va., after helping scam a 78-year-old out of more than $500,000 on the dating app iFlirts. The Washington Post reports the two were sentenced to 36 months and 19 months in prison, respectively.

    In a news release issued last May, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia stated the unidentified man was scammed out of $580,000 and the two were charged at the time with wire and mail fraud.

        (Black) FDNY firefighter busted with assault weapon, โ€˜ghost gunโ€™ parts in sting
    black suspect black suspect A veteran FDNY firefighter was arrested after allegedly buying an assault weapon, ammunition and โ€œghost gunโ€ parts in Philadelphia, then bringing them into NYC, The Post has learned. Aaron B. Martin, 49, who works for FDNYโ€™s elite Rescue 4 in Queens, was hit with multiple charges, including felony possession of an assault weapon, records show.

    Stemming from a crackdown on illegal guns flowing into the city, Martinโ€™s Feb. 13 arrest was part of a multi-agency firearms trafficking investigation involving the Queens District Attorneyโ€™s office and the State Police. A surveillance team tailed Martin to the โ€œOaks Extravaganzaโ€ gun show at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center on Feb. 13, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Queens District Attorneyโ€™s office.

    They watched as Martin allegedly paid cash for two โ€œPolymer80 firearm receiversโ€ โ€” parts that can be used to make โ€œghost guns,โ€ which donโ€™t have serial numbers and canโ€™t be traced.

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (19 Feb 2022)
    The Bobster

    TWO BLACK FEMALE LOW-LIFE Tennessee sheboon thieves โ€˜prayโ€™ with elderly WHITE woman in church as they steal her wallet: police
    Video footage of the incident shows the female suspects approaching the 78-year-old victim sitting in a pew and engaging her in conversation.

    One suspect โ€œrequested the victim pray with her,โ€ public information officer Scott Beaubien wrote in the videoโ€™s description.

    โ€œWhile they were praying, the second female rummaged through the victimโ€™s purse and stole her wallet,โ€ Beaubien said. โ€œThe suspects attempted to use the victimโ€™s credit cards at Samโ€™s and Krogerโ€™s shortly thereafter.โ€ [NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
    Forum poster

    French model agent pal of Jeffrey Epstein found hanged in prison cellโ€‹

    BLACK Brian Flores gets job as Steelers linebackers coach amid NFL lawsuitโ€‹
    Flores, who was fired by Miami following the season, is suing all 32 NFL teams for discriminatory hiring practices after being passed up for head coaching jobs this offseason,

    BLACK AFRICAN (from Senegal) punches 4-year-old, kicks cop in afternoon Times Square attack
    An unhinged man with a history of attacking strangers randomly slugged a 4-year-old boy in the head in Times Square โ€” then promptly got lit up like the lights on Broadway by two women, with the childโ€™s mother also stepping in to help restrain him until officers arrived, law enforcement sources and prosecutors said.

    Babacar Mbaye, 34, was arrested Thursday after the unprovoked broad-daylight attack at 46th Street and Seventh Avenue at the Crossroads of the World, the NYPD said.

    The brute allegedly hit the child at around 3:20 p.m. as the area bustled with pedestrians enjoying an unseasonably warm afternoon.

    He was then tackled by the childโ€™s mom and another woman, according to the NYPD, law enforcement and security footage obtained by The Post.

    The video showed the two heroic women racing in front of the TKTS bleachers to take down the creep. One of them tackled the suspect just inches away from Seventh Avenue traffic while the other swung an object that appeared to be a bottle or rolled-up umbrella at him, according to the footage.

    Round em up - ship em out!   -----   SEND THEM ALL BACK!

    Mom of 4-year-old NYC sucker-punch victim turned into โ€˜mama bearโ€™ to tackle attackerโ€‹

    Willingboro Township Police Arrest Nig, Wig In Coonnection To Deadly Shooting Of 19-Year-Old Adam Janson
    SUSPECT-NAME WILLINGBORO TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) โ€” Willingboro Township Police have arrested two people in connection with the deadly shooting of a teenager. Knowah Crowderparham, 21, has been charged with murder in the death of 19-year-old Adam Janson.

    Jansonโ€™s body was found in the Kennedy Plaza parking lot earlier in February. Investigators also arrested and charged Alexa Hess, saying she drove the getaway car.
    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    Race-baiting fraud lawyer calls for cops that pinned black NJ teen in mall to be firedโ€‹

    HNYC subway slashings spike 35% this year: NYPD dataโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME Slashings and stabbings in the subway system are off the rails. The slicings soared 29% last year (182) from 2020 (141), and the bloodshed continues with 27 incidents so far this year, up 35% from the 20 in the same period last year.

    In one recent attack, cops are looking for the unhinged man who slashed straphanger Kevin Young behind the ear, face and hand after Young accidentally bumped into him around 5:45 a.m. Feb. 12 at the Union Square station platform on East 14th Street โ€œSubway crime is out of control,โ€ fumed Young, 36, to The Post. The Manhattan man was on his way to work to start his 6 a.m. shift at Trader Joeโ€™s in Union Square โ€” when he tried to step off a southbound Q train as his assailant forcefully boarded. โ€œHeโ€™s trying to get on the train and Iโ€™m trying to get out and after a shoving match he goes for his blade,โ€ Young recalled. โ€œI tried to defend myself as much as possible. As soon as I held him down, he got his blade and went to work.โ€

      Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 17 Feb 2022

    Democrat Facebook Exec And Biden Supporter CAUGHT In Undercover Operation Running Pedophile Ringโ€‹

    Media Vapors: How Special Counsel John Durham Has Triggered a Media Meltdownโ€‹

    Russiagate disclosures incriminate National Security Advisorโ€‹

    โ€˜Red-Handedโ€™: 20 Republicans Who Sold Out to Chinaโ€‹

    Spygate: Hillary's Alleged Plot Against Trump Has Earmarks of 'Seditious Conspiracy', Observers Sayโ€‹

    Thousands Of NYC Workers Fired Over Vaccine Mandateโ€‹

    38,983 Deaths and 3,530,362 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Database as Mass Funeral for Children Who Died After Pfizer Vaccine Held in Switzerlandโ€‹

      Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 19 Feb 2022 - part 2

    ETrudeauโ€™s Emergency Bid to Wage a War on His Political Opponents Is Based on Fraud and Wholesale Violations of Canadaโ€™s Constitutionโ€‹

    Dave Smith Fractures the Mainstream Narrative on Yemenโ€‹

    Revealed: Clintonworld takeover of Black Lives Matterโ€‹

    Vaccinated people around the world are showing AIDS-like symptomsโ€‹

    Canadian bank runs appear to be under way as the Trudeau regime declares WAR on bank assets of citizensโ€‹

    Spygate: Hillary's Alleged Plot Against Trump Has Earmarks of 'Seditious Conspiracy', Observers Sayโ€‹

    Leaked Emails Reveal Stunning Collusion By CDC & Big Tech To Control COV/Vax Narrative And SILENCE Dissentโ€‹

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        17 February 2022        *******

        BLACK-ON-WHITE: cowardly demonic Black soulless dead-eyed sociopath killed unarmed White female Uber driver - Hollywood 'EXECUTION STYLE' a single shot to the BACK OF HER HEAD
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name Calvin Anthony Crew of Penn Hills was arrested on homicide and related charges in the death of Uber driver Christina Spicuzza. Spicuzza, of Turtle Creek, was reported missing when she did not return home from an Uber shift. Her body was found on a hillside days later in Monroeville, a Pittsburgh suburb, police said.

    Crew, 22, is charged with criminal homicide, robbery, robbery of motor vehicle, firearms not to be carried without a license, person not to possess a firearm and tampering with physical evidence, according to the docket sheet in his case.

    Spicuzza, 38, was working for Uber February 10, 2022, when her family last heard from her, according to the criminal complaint filed in Crewโ€™s case. Her fiance reported her missing the next day, police said, and her body was found in a wooded area February 12. An autopsy conducted the following day determined she died from a gunshot wound to the back of her head. Her cause of death was listed as homicide.

    Police wrote in court documents that she was found lying facedown, wearing a face mask, and a 9-mm shell casing was found near her body. Her vehicle was found in Pitcairn earlier that day, police said.

    Crew has a criminal history dating back to his youth, and is facing firearms charges in a separate active criminal case, court records show. He was arrested in that case days before the homicide warrant was issued.

    Charges were filed by the Allegheny Police Department. Crew was arraigned at 2:45 a.m. Friday, February 18, before on-call Magisterial District Judge Robert Paul Dzvonick, who denied bail in his case.

    Criminal complaint details what led to arrest of Penn Hills man in death of Uber driver

    Christi Spicuzza, Uber Driver Killed: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
    Spicuzza Had 4 Children & She Was Engaged to a Man Who Says He Must Stay Strong for Their Children

    OBITUARY: CHRISTINA MARTO SPICUZZA - March 19, 1983 - February 11, 2022

    [NNN forum thread posted by Tonyp:]  White Pittsburgh Uber driver murdered by black
    Forum member


    SUSPECT-NAME FITCHBURG, Mass. (AP) โ€” A Massachusetts man who authorities say seriously injured a police officer when he struck him with a vehicle while fleeing earlier this week has been caught and now faces attempted murder and other charges, state police said Friday. Bryan Walker, 39, was arrested Friday in Fitchburg, two days after he allegedly struck the officer, a member of the Boylston Police Department and the Worcester County Drug Task Force, police said in a statement.

    The task force and other law enforcement agencies attempted to execute a search warrant at a different Fitchburg address on Wednesday as part of an ongoing investigation of Walker, the statement said. As officers approached, Walker exited the home, jumped in a vehicle and struck the officer as he drove away, police said.

    Investigators developed information that he was at another Fitchburg address and apprehended him there. The officer who was struck, whose name was not made public, was taken to the hospital and continues to undergo treatment.

        (Black) Private school administrator faces sexual assault charges
    SUSPECT-NAME ALAMOGORDO, N.M. โ€” An administrator at a private Christian school is facing allegations that he sexually assaulted a student. 34-year-old Trevor Lavalais, the director and acting principal at Legacy Christian Academy, was arrested last Friday on multiple criminal counts.

    Court records say Lavalais currently faces one count of criminal sexual penetration of a minor, under 13 years of age; three counts of criminal sexual contact with a minor, under 13 years of age; and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, under 18 years of age. The abuse is alleged to have happened on the tiny campus of Legacy Christian Academy, which has 18 students.

    Investigators say the charges came last week after a 12-year-old student told a councilor that Lavalais had recently engaged him in sexual activity that included watching pornography. โ€œA councilor of one of the kids disclosed to law enforcement, that councilor had learned something from one of the kids, primarily surrounding the principal showing pornography to the child,โ€ Scott Key, district attorney for New Mexicoโ€™s Twelfth Judicial District, said.

    It was later learned that Lavalais may have had three or four similar encounters with the alleged victim.

    [NNN forum post by Dartagnan: guest] 
    (Black) "Christian" School Admin. Gets Down W/Student Body Forum poster

        Chicago police nab worthless black man suspected in retail store ransacking spree
    black suspect chicken thief A suspected retail thief stole more than $20,000 in merchandise in several stores across Chicago, authorities said Friday. Jerome Williams, 19, was arrested Thursday nearly 200 miles away from the city in Galesburg, Illinois, the Chicago Police Department said.

    He is charged with five felony counts of retail theft over $300 and one count of continuing a financial crimes enterprise, police said. The alleged thefts occurred on Dec. 9 and Dec. 10 in the 800 block of North Michigan Avenue; Dec. 12 and Dec. 21 in the 1600 block of North Damen Avenue; and Dec. 21 in the 900 block of West North Avenue. Williams was scheduled to appear in court Friday.


    Interracial (black & white) fornicating subhuman couple arrested after 128 neglected or dead animals found in home
    SUSPECT-NAME StarvingDogs Florida man accused of throwing familyโ€™s puppy against wall, blinding it, police say Virginia cop accused of killing fiancรฉeโ€™s dog, blaming bogus bear attack Carl Icahn wants McDonaldโ€™s to stop buying pork from alleged pig abusers Hunters slaughter hundreds of fenced-in animals, sparking outrage A Nebraska couple have been arrested after 128 โ€œseverely neglectedโ€ or dead animals were uncovered in their filthy home, authorities said.

    Tramaine Thomas, 35, and Sierra Lang, 30, were taken into custody on felony and misdemeanor animal abuse charges on Monday, KETV reported. The Nebraska Humane Society carried out a search warrant at the coupleโ€™s Omaha home on Jan. 25 after receiving a tip from police that dozens of animals were living there in โ€œvarious stages of neglect.โ€

    Authorities said they found 88 neglected animals inside the home, as well as 40 dead animals in various stages of decomposition. A police officer had responded to the home a day earlier for a domestic incident and noticed the floors were covered in animal feces and urine, according to the criminal complaint.

    The cop spotted a litter of five to eight small puppies that were โ€œabout the size of potatoesโ€ on a pile of clothes. A number of dogs with โ€œmangeyโ€ appearances were also found.

    SIERRA L. LANG and TRAMAINE L. THOMAS arrested after living and dead animals found in their home
    "Subhumans is entirely correct! What on earth were these despicable monsters thinking, I know, thinking is giving them both way too much credit.
    Sure appears that the female never missed her meals but couldnโ€™t find the heart to feed the poor piggy, dogs & cats.
    How can anyone watch an animal starve to death?!
    And the neighbors didnโ€™t hear, smell, notice?! We are these innocent souls voices.
    It is our duty to speak for those who cannot.

    RIP PRECIOUS SOULS & PLEASE GET BETTER TO ALL THE OTHERS. And Judge, please do not let these pathetic human parasites get custody of any of them. "

    Images of starving and emaciated dead dogs (graphic)
    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

      Hispanic Tattooed Freak from South of the pre-Biden US-MEX border
    A man accused of murder was arrested by Corpus Christi police as he attempted to disarm an officer on Thursday. Around 6 p.m., Corpus Christi police, US Marshals and the Texas Department of Public Safety located and arrested 43-year-old Nicholas Alaniz at a home in the 2900 block of David Street., a news release stated.

    As officers attempted to arrest Alaniz, he resisted and attempted to disarm a CCPD officer, the release said. Police said Alaniz also had black tar heroin, needles and a loaded handgun with the serial number filed off. Alaniz was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of an old injury, the release stated.


      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (18 Feb 2022)
    The Bobster

    NYC boy, 15, hurt in broad-daylight drive-by shooting: cops

    Two stabbed during fight near Brooklyn high school

    Lin-Manuel Mirandaโ€™s dad blasts NY Dems for snubbing Latinos at convention

    Bronx man sentenced to 19 years in fatal NYC barbershop shooting
    - (link fixed)

    Bronx man sentenced to 19 years in fatal NYC barbershop shooting

    Judges question elite Manhattan private schoolโ€™s handling of race controversy

    NJ police under fire after cuffing black teen in mall fight as white teen watches

        AP PHOTOS: Huddling around fires, dancing at Ottawa protest
    Canadian Protest OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) โ€” Hugs under the falling snow, dancing in the street, people warming themselves around fires. That's what the last few hours of a truckers' protest outside Parliament looked like in the Canadian capital.

    For more than three weeks, semitrucks, cars and pickups sat idle along streets in downtown Ottawa, as hundreds of truckers and other protesters parked side by side and bumper to bumper to oppose vaccine mandates and other COVID restrictions. The demonstrations also created a political crisis for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

    The protesters set up camp in what authorities called an illegal occupation, and refused police orders to leave. The long honks of semitruck horns blared through the streets, despite a court injunction against it. Some protesters settled into the locked cabs of their trucks or set up tents, while others warmed themselves around small fires as snow fell. A few danced, to songs like the Beastie Boys anthem โ€œ(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)."

    Vatican pulls representatives from Taiwan, Hong Kong without explanation
    Catholic prelate dismisses concerns over Taiwan, Hong Kong shuffle

      Tierny REAL News Network Updates- (2/17/22) - Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....
    • As I predicted, the PCR test scheme was actually a global DNA harvesting operation - the CDC is finally admitting that. The inventor of the PCR test said it should NEVER be used to diagnose illness - because it is rampant for false positives!

      They likely sent the swabs of your DNA to Bill Gates & the GREAT RESET eugenicists and to the mad scientists in Communist China.

      In case they ever need to "harvest" your lungs or heart or kidneys or liver because you are a match for a wealthy Oligarch - like they do to the Uyghyrs in China - now they have your name in their big "donor" database! That's why I never allowed them to stick that thing up my nose!


    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        17 February 2022        *******

        BLACK-ON-WHITE/Hispanic: Family of mother murdered at Sheffield Village McDonaldโ€™s wonโ€™t rest until suspect is behind bars
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name SHEFFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio (WOIO) - It has been five and a half weeks since suspected killer James Kimbrough went on the run. Detectives in Sheffield Village believe he brutally murdered his ex-girlfriend, Milenna Lopez, the mother of four young children, including two with Kimbrough.

    Local police and the U.S. Marshals have been working to find Kimbrough since the Jan. 6 murder. An arrest warrant for him on a charge of aggravated murder was signed by a judge on Jan. 10.

    The victimโ€™s mother Jessica Mojica tells 19 News she wonโ€™t rest until the man who killed her daughter is powerless and behind bars. Mojica sat down with 19 News surrounded by photos of 24-year-old Milenna, โ€œI have this picture and when I donโ€™t see the kids theyโ€™re all in the living room and theyโ€™re just looking at her. Just to see them just stare at their momโ€™s picture is emotional.โ€

    For Mojica of Lorain and her entire family the pain runs deep. Her oldest daughter Milenna Lopez was ambushed, shot and killed on Jan. 6t, allegedly at the hands of ex-boyfriend James Kimbrough, in the parking lot of the Sheffield Village McDonaldโ€™s where she was the general manager. Milenna a tragic victim of domestic violence lived in fear for her life and for that of her family.

    After one of many domestic violence attacks allegedly by Kimbrough the young mother was injured and made a post to social media telling of her fear according to her mother, โ€œShe put a status on Facebook that said: Please God just let me make it to my momโ€™s wedding.โ€ Mojica who now cares for her daughterโ€™s four young children, ages six, five, two and one, along with two of her own, said the two oldest have expressed the hurt, pain and fear of losing their mother to domestic violence, โ€œThey said they want a punishment to the bad man. They say he (James Kimbrough) ruined their lives, and itโ€™s hard to hear a five and six year old say that.โ€

    Milenna had been granted a ninth protection order against Kimbrough in October after he beat her so badly she was hospitalized. Two arrest warrants ironically were issued for Kimbroughโ€™s arrest according to the Lorain City Prosecutor the day before the murder and the day after.

    In the incident where Milenna was hospitalized, she was holding her youngest child, a 10-month-old baby girl that was also injured during the violence. Court records obtained by 19 News show a protection order was granted for that child and the mother on Oct. 18, 2021, just two over two months before the Lorain womanโ€™s death.

    โ€œShe [Milenna] had bruises everywhere she wasnโ€™t the same person I seen two or three hours before. She sent me a text and said I need you here now. Her face was disfigured, her forehead had a knot on it, her face was swollen. He [Kimbrough] must have ripped her clothes because she was in her underwear. You could see marks on her. The baby had a black bruise on her forehead. Both were taken to the hospital,โ€ Mojica said. Milennaโ€™s family is now on a mission to share her story, hoping it will go viral, along with Kimbroughโ€™s photos.

    Her mother believes someone is likely helping him elude police. There are rumors he could be in Columbus where he was raised, or a southern state like Alabama where he has family, they also believe he could be hiding in Northeast Ohio in plain sight, โ€œIt makes me very angry but I have to get justice for my daughter and thatโ€™s what Iโ€™m going to do. I just want someone to do the right thing if they see him and call police.โ€

    Kimbrough had not only abused Milenna and her 10-month-old baby, heโ€™s accused of harming or assaulting her oldest child over a year ago, and threatening her oldest brother, her mother and other members of the family. Jessica Mojica said she knows an arrest wonโ€™t bring her daughter back, but at least the family can stop looking over their shoulder.

    But as sheโ€™s moved to tears thinking about Milenna, Mojica looks at her photo and said, โ€œI miss her smile, I miss her calling me and just telling me anything random. Her one year old baby has now learned to walk and itโ€™s emotional because she didnโ€™t live to see her babyโ€™s first steps. If you have information on James Kimbroughโ€™s whereabouts, he goes by the nickname โ€œFAM.โ€

    You can remain anonymous and receive a $5,000 reward. Tips can be called into the U.S. Marshals at 1-866-4WANTED, or contact Sheffield Village Police or 911. Kimbrough is considered armed and dangerous according to police and they ask that you donโ€™t approach him.

    Sheffield Village: Mother killed in McDonaldโ€™s shooting leaves behind four young children
    Lopez and Kimbrough were involved in a tumultuous relationship and that Lopez had at least two restraining orders in place against Kimbrough.

    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

        Citing 'change of heart,' BLACK man who admitted killing mom, ex-girlfriend wants to withdraw plea
    black suspect victim name A Buffalo man who admitted last year he killed his mother and his ex-girlfriend wants to withdraw his guilty plea. Charles L. Jones has had a "change of heart" since he pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder in Erie County Court last June, one of his attorneys told a judge Wednesday.

    When Jones admitted to the 2019 killings of Alethia Atwood Williams and Jacquetta L. Lee, he did so against his lawyers' advice and during a time of the Covid-19 pandemic, when there was limited dialogue between client and counsel, attorney Robert J. Cutting said. Jones, 26, has come to the conclusion that his attorneys were correct and that he made a "grave mistake," Cutting told Judge Sheila A. DiTullio.

    Jones' attorneys said they plan to file a motion to withdraw the plea. Oral arguments in the matter were scheduled for May 10. Jones pleaded guilty June 30 to two murder counts, the only charges he faced. He had not yet been sentenced in the case. "At the time, Mr. Jones was very remorseful," DiTullio said Wednesday about last June's plea.

    Jones, who appeared in court shackled and wearing orange prison garb, would face a possible sentence of 50 years to life in prison, based on his guilty plea. Twenty-five-year-old Jacquetta Lee's body was found in the bathroom of her apartment on Main Street near Heath Street on July 18, 2019. Authorities believed she was fatally stabbed about three days earlier. Her family had reported her missing.

    On Aug. 16, 2019, Buffalo police went to Jones' mother's apartment on Jefferson Avenue, near East Ferry Street, with a warrant for her son's arrest. After a three-hour standoff, Jones surrendered. Inside the apartment, they found his mother's body in a closet. The 52-year-old, who hadn't been seen in weeks, had been dead more than three weeks, according to investigators. Authorities determined she, too, was fatally stabbed.

    At the time of Jones' plea, his attorneys indicated they would seek a mitigated sentence based on circumstances of domestic violence, Assistant Erie County District Attorney Eugene Partridge told the judge Wednesday. The Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act, a law that went into effect in 2019, allows defendants to argue for a lesser sentence if the defendant at the time of the offense was a victim of domestic violence who was โ€œsubjected to substantial physical, sexual or psychological abuseโ€ and โ€œsuch abuse was a significant contributing factorโ€ to their behavior.

    After Jones' arrest, police and prosecutors said they were continuing to investigate the death of a child of Jones and Lee. In May 2017, when Royalty Ava Lee-Jones was about a month old, she was rushed to the hospital. She had no visible injuries, but had suffered brain damage. She spent most of the rest of her life in the hospital and died in February 2018 at 10 months old.

    The cause of the child's death wasn't clear. Police said at the time they believed Jones was alone with the infant just prior to her being rushed to the hospital. The investigation into the child's death remains open, a spokeswoman for the District Attorney's Office said in an email.

        (Black) Buffalo man could get 25 years to life if convicted of Keppel Street shooting
    black suspect BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) โ€” A Buffalo man has been indicted on one count of second-degree murder after a man was fatally shot this past November.

    Prosecutors say Steven Tyler, 30, shot Bashir Ingram, also 30, outside of a home on Keppel Street. Ingram was taken to a hospital, where he later died from his injuries.

    Tyler, who continues to be held without bail, will be back in court next month for a pre-trail conference. If heโ€™s convicted of murder, he could spend 25 years to life in prison.

        (Black) Buffalo man indicted on charges related to Christmas Eve killing of teen
    black suspect BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) โ€” A 19-year-old from Buffalo could spend 25 years to life in prison if heโ€™s convicted of killing a teenager. Calvin Clemons, 19, was indicted on charges of second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon. Heโ€™s been accused of killing 17-year-old Felix Aguirre on Christmas Eve in 2020.

    Prosecutors say the shooting happened early that morning while Aguirre was sitting in a parked vehicle on Liddell Street. He died at the scene. According to officials, an illegal weapon was used in this homicide.

    โ€œAll homicides are tragic, but this case is particularly heartbreaking. A teenage boy was murdered on Christmas Eve as his family was mourning the loss of his brother who was also killed in shooting a few months prior,โ€ Erie County District Attorney John Flynn says. โ€œI am committed to obtaining justice for this family by prosecuting this defendant for his crime while continuing to seek the person responsible for the murder of the victimโ€™s brother Luis Rivera. I encourage anyone with information that may help us solved this case to come forward.โ€

    Clemons, who is being held without bail, is also pending prosecution in relation to another homicide. He and an adolescent were accused of killing 20-year-old Lockport resident Trenten Sink during a robbery on C Street in Buffalo.

        Police search for BLACK suspect accused of murdering man, assaulting woman who shoveled his driveway
    black suspect DETROIT โ€” Police say a suspect lured a man and a woman to his home, asking them to shovel snow in exchange for drugs, before killing one and assaulting the other.

    A woman told police she and a male victim shoveled snow for Antoine Jamal Powers-McClain Sunday, and after they finished shoveling, the suspect gave them both cocaine, The Detroit News reported. The woman told investigators the suspect then brought the victims to his basement, where he threatened both with a rifle, The Detroit News reported.

    Police told WDIV Powers-McClain beat the male victim to death with a long gun, before stripping him naked and chaining him to a dog cage in the basement.

    Investigators said the female victim told them Powers-McClain also beat her, then drove her in his car until she was able to jump out and escape, WDIV reported.

    The female victim is in critical condition, WJBK reported.

    Police described Antoine Jamal Powers-McClain as 5 feet, 9 inches tall and weighs 170 pounds, WDIV reported. He has shoulder-length black hair.

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    Race of victim(s) not reported
    Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (17 Feb 2022)
    The Bobster

    DARK CRIME: Manhattan judge scolds prosecutors for no-bail bid in BLACK teenโ€™s gunpoint robbery caseโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME A Manhattan judge chided prosecutors on Wednesday for not initially asking that a teenager accused of taking part in a violent gunpoint robbery be held on monetary bail.

    Hunter Robinson, 16, was indicted on a robbery charge for the Jan. 6 incident in which he and four other teens allegedly jumped a 15-year-old boy, stealing his wallet, phone, coat and shoes before pistol-whipping him.

    At his hearing about the indictment Wednesday, Robinsonโ€™s public defender indicated that prosecutors would be making a bail application in the case โ€” but Acting Supreme Court Justice Stephen Antignani wasnโ€™t having it.

    HISPANIC Gunman stole $140K in jewelry from 2 men at NYC restaurant: cops
    SUSPECT-NAME A gunman stole $140,000 worth of jewelry from two men at an Upper Manhattan restaurant, authorities said Thursday. The victims, 32 and 33, were inside Cami Modern Kitchen and Bar on Broadway near West 184th Street in Hudson Heights just before 11:30 p.m. Wednesday when the suspect barged in, displayed a gun and demanded in Spanish, โ€œGive me all the jewelry,โ€ cops said.

    The two victims handed over the pricey bling โ€” including a Rolex, two diamond bangles, three gold chains and two gold rings, authorities said. After the robbery, the gunman ran out of the restaurant, firing two rounds as he headed north on Broadway, cops said.

    HISPANIC 16-year-old indicted for broad daylight murder of teen in Westchester Countyโ€‹
    A 16-year-old boy was arraigned Wednesday on a murder charge for the brazen broad daylight shooting of another teenager on a Westchester County street, authorities said.

    A grand jury indicted Tommy Rivera for the killing of Julian Oliveros, a 16-year-old who was shot multiple times in New Rochelle on the afternoon of Jan. 25, county District Attorney Mimi Rocah announced in a news release.

    NJ police under fire after cuffing black teen in mall fight as white teen watches

    Thursday Night Meeting To Determine Future Of Yeadon Police Chief Anthony Paparoโ€‹
    DELAWARE COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) โ€” A highly-anticipated meeting Thursday night in Yeadon will determine the future of the boroughโ€™s police department. Thatโ€™s where the police chief said his job is on the line because of the color of his skin.

    Itโ€™ll likely be heated once again, just like the last meeting about the future of Police Chief Anthony Paparo. Chief Paparo, and some council members for that matter, believes his job is on the line because heโ€™s not African American. Other council members said thatโ€™s just not true.

    They said they want him removed because of job performance.

    DARK CRIME: Suspect Ties Up FedEx Driver During Carjacking, Steals Packages: Philadelphia Police

        AT&T critical race theory training says white employees โ€˜the problemโ€™ - October 29, 2021
    AT&T offers employees training that calls racism a โ€œuniquely white traitโ€ โ€” and tells white employees that they โ€œare the problem,โ€ according to a report based on leaked documents.

    The telecommunications giantโ€™s โ€œListen. Understand. Actโ€ training is based on core principles of critical race theory, including โ€œsystemic racism,โ€ โ€œwhite privilegeโ€ and โ€œwhite fragility,โ€ according to City Journalโ€™s Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

    Employees are encouraged to study resources, including one that asks, โ€œWhite America, if you want to know whoโ€™s responsible for racism, look in the mirror,โ€ Rufo said.

    โ€œWhite people, you are the problem,โ€ the article reportedly tells employees of why the US is a โ€œracist society.โ€

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        Jewish written Netflix series claims America is controlled by Christian cabal - July 2, 2019

    โ€˜The Familyโ€™: The Evangelicals Trying to Turn America Into a Theocracy - Aug. 14, 2019

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        BLM-connected bail fund secures release of black blactivist accused of trying to murder jewish politician, supporters sing 'Oh Happy Day' BLACK SUSPECT victim name

    ANDY NGO says
    Quintez Brown, the black nationalist & #BLM activist who allegedly tried to assassinate a Louisville mayoral candidate, was recognized by the Obama Foundation & got to meet the former president. He was also championed by race hustlers

    Quintez Brown, the black nationalist who is the suspect in an assassination attempt, is a fan of #antifa account.
    Last year, several terrorists were convicted in federal court for their attempt to overturn a train. Their claim was posted on IGD.
    Bellingham, Washington woman convicted of โ€˜shuntโ€™ attack on BNSF Railroad

    Louisville mayoral candidate outraged by suspect's releaseโ€‹

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      Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 17 Feb 2022

    Hillary Clinton rips Trump, Fox News for 'fake scandal' after bombshell Durham report

    hitlery, caught red-handed, now pushes back against Israel-first Trump, says it's all his fault, blames FOX News

    Crafting Messages for Vaccine Compliance. โ€œGuilt, Anger, Embarrassment or Cowardice โ€” What Works Best?โ€

    Governors, premiers want trucker vaccine mandate droppedโ€‹

    Canadaโ€™s Justice Minister Says Trump Supporters Should Worry About Having Their Bank Accounts Frozenโ€‹

    Black Lives Matter Media Darling Who Allegedly Shot Politician Campaigned Against Gun Violenceโ€‹

    Video: Trump Promises โ€œJustice Is Coming For Hillary Clintonโ€โ€‹

    More Government Documents Prove COVID-19 Vaccines Are Causing AIDSโ€‹

    Triple Vaccinated Deaths Skyrocketed 495% in January!โ€‹

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        16 February 2022        *******

        BLACK-ON-WHITE: Four decades after Robin Brooksโ€™ slaying, trial starts in Phillip Lee Wilson rape-murder case
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name Forty-two years after Robin Brooks was raped and stabbed to death inside her Rancho Cordova apartment, a jury on Wednesday began to hear the damning evidence that led authorities to arrest Phillip Lee Wilson two years ago and charge him with murder. His blood was inside her apartment, Deputy District Attorney Timothy Carr told the Sacramento Superior Court jury in his opening statement. DNA from semen found with the slain 20-year-old doughnut shop worker matched Wilsonโ€™s, Carr said. And his prints were found at the crime scene.

    โ€œHe knew Ms. Brooks from the doughnut shop, he became obsessed with her,โ€ Carr said as the 72-year-old defendant sat in a wheelchair watching quietly as Carr displayed photos of the young womanโ€™s nude, lifeless body on a courtroom video screen. โ€œHe snuck into her apartment through a window while she was sleeping.

    โ€œHe bound her, he raped her, he killed her with a knife.โ€ Wilsonโ€™s lawyer, Assistant Public Defender Thomas Clinkenbeard, didnโ€™t dispute the evidence that led authorities to arrest Wilson decades after the crime. The DNA was Wilsonโ€™s, as was the blood, Clinkenbeard conceded. But not because heโ€™s a killer. โ€œThis is a case about a man who had a consensual sexual relationship with his neighbor 40 years go, leaving behind his DNA before she was killed by another person,โ€ Clinkenbeard said, suggesting instead that Brooks may have been killed by her sisterโ€™s volatile boyfriend at the time, a deceased former Sacramento man named Norbert Holston.

    โ€œYou will learn after the murder that this man admitted to law enforcement that he had broken into Robinโ€™s apartment,โ€ Clinkenbeard said. โ€œHe broke into her apartment. He admitted it. โ€œThe exact same window that law enforcement suspected the murderer climbed through.โ€ The dueling versions of who killed Brooks on April 24, 1980, come as District Attorney Anne Marie Schubertโ€™s office is trying to notch another courtroom victory using its expertise in DNA evidence.

    The trial is underway in the downtown courthouseโ€™s largest courtroom, the same one where prosecutors won a conviction of NorCal Rapist Roy Charles Waller in 2020 based on DNA he left behind years earlier, the same one where hearings were held for Golden State Killer Joseph James DeAngelo, who also was brought to justice by DNA evidence. The prosecution theory in the Brooks case is that Wilson, who lived in the same Rosemont apartment complex as Brooks, knew her from his visits to the Donut Time shop where she worked nights and became obsessed with her.

    Carr told jurors Brooks died from five stab wounds to her chest area, including a fatal one that pierced her heart, and that Wilson cut his hand in the attack, leaving behind his blood. He also said he planned to call another rape victim as a witness, a woman identified as โ€œSharon Doe,โ€ who was attacked inside her apartment not far from Brooksโ€™ three weeks before the slaying. That assailant was a masked man who attacked the victim while he was armed with a knife, Carr said.


        (Black) Man charged in murder of FVSU student expected in court Monday
    black suspect victim name CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) The man charged with murder in the death of Westlake High School graduate and Fort Valley State University student Anitra Gunn had his first appearance Monday.

    DeMarcus Little, 23, faces charges with malice murder. Little is accused of killing Gunn by strangling her with his hands according to the warrant. Judge did not grant bond. Little has a new attorney.

    Gunn's body was found in a wooded area in Crawford County. The Atlanta-native hadn't been seen since Valentine's Day.

    Meanwhile, memorial services for Gunn have been announced for Saturday, February 29 at 11 a.m. (CST) at Greater Peace Baptist Church in Opelika, Alabama.

        (Black) Aiken man charged with murder of VIETNAMESE in connection to 2021 McDonaldโ€™s shooting in Aiken
    - (link fixed) black suspect AIKEN, South Carolina (WJBF) โ€“ An Aiken man has been charged with murder in connection to the 2021 shooting at McDonaldโ€™s on York Street in Aiken, South Carolina.

    Aiken Public Safety investigators say Caleb Johnson, 18, is currently behind bars at the Aiken County Detention Center and has been charged with murder and possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime.

    According to authorities, the incident happened on December 3, 2021 around 7 P.M.

    ORIGINAL STORY ON WJBF: 16-year-old killed in shooting at Aiken McDonaldโ€™s
    Investigators say they responded to a shooting at the McDonalds on York Street, and when they arrived, they found the victim, Thaj Nance-Parker, 16, suffering from a gunshot wound.

    Authorities say Parker was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time after.

        Banned (black negress) airline passenger spits at cop, poops in patrol car after fleeing on motorized suitcase
    suspect A woman barred from boarding a flight to the Big Apple because she appeared drunk led police on a wild chase on her motorized suitcase โ€” before allegedly spitting at a cop and defecating in a patrol car.

    Chelsea Alston, 32, is seen on the bizarre pursuit in newly-released bodycam video at Orlando International Airport, where she planned to board a Southwest Airlines flight in April 2021, WKMG reported. But

    a gate agent told her she appeared too intoxicated and refused to allow her to take the flight, according to the outlet, which cited court records. โ€œI donโ€™t want no beef. Iโ€™m just trying to go home and enjoy myself,โ€ Alston reportedly said, claiming she had consumed just two drinks.

    Police officer Andrew Mamone responded and told her she was banned because of her glassy eyes, inability to stand straight and the odor of booze emanating from her. โ€œItโ€™s OK. You just need to go over to the terminal and sober up a little bit. Get another flight,โ€ he tells Alston, who proceeds to wave her middle finger at him and unleash a stream of profanities.

    โ€œFโ€” you! Suck my dโ€”!โ€ she shouts before taking off on her motorized luggage. โ€œWeโ€™re going to have a bike pursuing a suitcase in a minute,โ€ the officer says as he chases the getaway suitcase on his bicycle.

    โ€œOh man, that thing kind of goes fast,โ€ Mamone is heard saying during the chase โ€” as some bystanders can be heard giggling. The officer finally catches Alston and orders her to leave the secure area.

    โ€œFollow me, and weโ€™ll roll out together,โ€ Mamone tells the woman, who then appears to spit at him before he and another officer place her in handcuffs. But Alston would not go quietly, the video shows, and apparently spits at him again โ€” reportedly hitting him in the eye.

    โ€œStop spitting,โ€ he tells her. โ€œI only spit one time,โ€ Alston replies before she was dragged to a patrol car, in which she allegedly defecated and left about $1,200 in damage, WKMG reported, citing an arrest report. Alston was reportedly charged with battery of a police officer and released from the Orange County jail on a $13,500 bond.

    As reported by Michael Savage - with video





        (Unknown black) โ€˜Cheerโ€™ star Jerry Harris pleads guilty to child porn, sex charges
    SUSPECT-NAME CHICAGO (WGN) โ€” โ€œCheerโ€ star Jerry Harris pled guilty Thursday in a federal child pornography case, which alleges he solicited sex from minors at cheerleading competitions.

    A seven-count indictment was filed against him in December of 2020, alleging sexual misconduct across a trio of states.

    As part of a deal, Harris entered a guilty plea on one count of receipt of child pornography and another of traveling with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct.

    Prosecutors say if this case had gone to trial, their evidence would have shown that back in the summer of 2020, while Harris was living in his hometown of Naperville, he communicated with a minor โ€“ who he knew was under 18 โ€“ via Snapchat, repeatedly asking for photos of a sexual nature.

      Hispanic St. Paul man released from custody for burglary, broke into another home, raped a 14-year-old girl
    A St. Paul man, out of custody following burglary and theft charges, broke into another home on Valentineโ€™s Day and violently raped a 14-year-old girl, according to criminal charges. Miguel Huerta, 47, was charged Tuesday in Ramsey County District Court with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and first-degree burglary. According to Huertaโ€™s criminal history, police had him in custody at least twice in the last two months. He was released with conditions both times. Neither case involved allegations of physical violence.


        Droopy-eyed HISPANIC Suspect arrested after 3 killed in shooting at Texas sports bar
    LAREDO, Texas (KGNS/Gray News) - A man has been arrested for a shooting that left three people dead outside a sports bar in central Texas. Joe Manuel Martinez, 22 is now behind bars after being served with three counts of murder, KGNS reports. The incident happened on Sunday morning at around 2 a.m. The Laredo Police and Fire Department were called out to the 2300 block of Jacaman Road for a shooting. According to KGNS, three people were shot outside of the TKO Sports Bar after a fight broke out between several men. Paramedics arrived and found two men ages 21 and 25 dead at the scene. A third victim was a 21-year-old man who was taken to the hospital in critical condition; he was eventually pronounced dead as a result of his injuries. The identities are being withheld pending notification of next of kin. If you have any information regarding the case, you are asked to call Laredo Police at 956-795-2800 or Crime Stoppers at 727-TIPS.


      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (16 Feb 2022)
    The Bobster

    Dark Crime: Negro Man fatally shot on LIRR train in Ronkonkoma headed to NYC: officials
    Authorities provided no details on the identity of the suspect. R

    Brown vs. White: Federally enforced racial school mixing
    NYC graduation rates rise again, critics cite eased requirements
    Lowering standards to reduce the dramatic racial 'gap'.

    NYC admissions changes will boost black, Hispanic enrollment at top schools by 13 percentโ€‹

    DARK CRIME: Woman dumped at NYC hospital with butt injections identifiedโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME BLACK OBSESSION WITH 'BIG BOOTY BUTTS' steatopygous causes terrible mutilations with silicone
    "...characterized by a fleshy abdomen and massive thighs and buttocks"

    DARK CRIME: Memorial for NYC Korean victim of BLACK KILLER vandalizedโ€‹

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (16 Feb 2022)
    The Bobster

    Hillary Clinton mum amid โ€˜Russiagateโ€™ before big Democrat speech in NYCโ€‹

    The lefty press is giving Hillary Clinton a pass for Russiagateโ€‹

    Dark Crime: Trio pistol whips woman in NYC, smashes car with kids inside: copsโ€‹

        BLM-Linked Bail Fund To Free Louisville Activist Who Shot at Jewish Democrat

    BLACK SUSPECT victim name A local bail fund linked to Black Lives Matter Louisville plans to post bond for Quintez Brown, the anti-police blactivist charged with the attempted murder of mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg.

    On Monday, police charged Brown with attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment after he allegedly entered Greenberg's campaign office, pulled a gun, and began shooting. A district judge set Brown's bond at $100,000, which the Louisville Community Bail Fund plans to post. The group was cofounded by Black Lives Matter Louisville organizer Chanelle Helm and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars freeing heinous criminals arrested for murder, rape, domestic violence, and other violent crimes.

    According to police, Greenberg, who is Jewish, appears to have been targeted in the shooting. The mayoral hopeful's positions on public safety and policing are at odds with Brown. Greenberg, a Democrat, has centered his campaign around a plan to root out violent crimeโ€”which he called the "city's biggest challenge"โ€”by hiring more police officers. Brown, meanwhile, wrote columns for the Louisville Courier Journal that accused law enforcement and other "institutions in society" of "work[ing] together to maintain the status quo of the spectacular Black death."

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        California lawmakers want to reverse Prop 47; โ€˜make crime illegal againโ€™

        If youโ€™re American and oppose war with Russia, expect to be smeared as unpatriotic


      Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 16 Feb 2022

    Here's some interesting info about Jake the snake (Sullivan), present Nat. sec. advisor to creepy Joe, on the Trump framing, defaming, etc., master-minded by hitlery. Biden also knew all about this too, having been informed, along w. his buddy, Obola--what does it say about the 2020 election-steal fm Trump?

    ADL Admits It Doesnโ€™t Know What Itโ€™s Been Fighting by JARED TAYLOR โ€ข FEBRUARY 11, 2022
    "Yes, Unz Is Typical Lying, Subversive, Treacherous J*w, Easily, Often Demonstrated" - (Apollonian, 16 Feb 22)

    Tammy Bruce: Trudeau needs to admit this

    Trudeau is still not succeeding trying to villify the truckers

    Watters: Trudeau getting his chance to play dictator

    "FOX/Watters commentary on the Canada situation, Trudeau (commie china lover) having declared "emergency"--equivalent to martial law"

    Disagree with Government Policy? Homeland Security Says Youโ€™re a โ€˜Terroristโ€™ if You Speak Outโ€‹

    UK Government Data Proves the COVID-19 Injections Cause Damage to the Innate Immune System that Worsens by the Weekโ€‹

    Tucker: Trudeau has declared Canada a dictatorship

    FOX/Carlson commentary on Trudeau's "emergency" proclamation--martial law, in effect

    More Government Documents Prove COVID-19 Vaccines Are Causing AIDSโ€‹

    Triple Vaccinated Deaths Skyrocketed 495% in January!โ€‹

      "It was really great to be one of the LAST CITIZENS OF THE GREAT UNITIED STATES OF AMERICA"

    "Born in the heartland of North America - which has since become a virtual colony of BLACK MUSLIM SOMALILAND"

    VDARE: Patrick J. Buchanan: Stress Test for a Fading Superpower
    Because America entered both world wars of the 20th century last, while all the other great powers bled one another, and because we outlasted the Soviet Empire in the Cold War, America emerged, in the term of President George H.W. Bush, as "the last superpower."

    We had it all. We were the "indispensable nation." We saw further into the future. We could impose our "benevolent global hegemony" on all mankind. And so it was that we set out to create a "new world order," plunging into successive wars in Iraq, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq again, Syria, Libya, Yemen.

    So doing, we bled ourselves, distracted ourselves, exhausted ourselves and sundered ourselves, until half the country was echoing George McGovern's 1972 campaign slogan: "Come home, America."

    And as we went crusading for a new world order, Vladimir Putin's Russia gradually recovered from its crushing Cold War defeat, and China began to move out of America's shadow to become the most powerful rival modern America had ever faced.

    Now, U.S. hegemony is being everywhere challengedโ€”in Eastern Europe, the Near East, Southeast Asia, East Asia. And the challenges arise from autocrats united in their resolve to reduce the power and the presence of the United States in their part of the world.

    All of America's adversaries have something in common: They want us out of their neighborhood.

    After President Joe Biden's humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan, Ukraine is the site of the latest challenge, triggered by Russia's deployment of some 100,000 troops on Ukraine's borders.

    ....(MORE at link above)

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        15 February 2022        *******

        BLACK-ON-WHITE: Louisville activist arrested for attempted murder of jewish mayoral candidate pushed socialism, gun control
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name The suspect charged in Mondayโ€™s targeted shooting of Louisville, Kentucky, mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg has been identified as an activist for civil rights and gun control.

    Quintez Brown, 21, was charged with attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment, the Louisville Metro Police Department confirmed to Fox News Digital.

    Brown previously worked for the Louisville Courier Journal as an intern and an editorial columnist, according to the newspaper. In December, Brown shared a short campaign video on Twitter announcing that he was running to represent District 5 for Louisvilleโ€™s Metro Council in 2022. His writing advocates for the ideals of communism, socialism, liberation and has criticized "gun-loving" Republicans.

    As a freshman in college, Brown also reportedly was selected to meet former President Obama.


    Greenberg is a Democrat, and police have not provided details about the possible motive for the shooting.

    The Louisville Metro Police Department responded around 10:15 a.m. Monday after multiple shots were fired at Greenbergโ€™s campaign headquarters in Butchertown. Investigators say Greenberg was not struck and no one else was injured.

    Police said an article of clothing Greenberg was wearing was struck, and the candidate said his sweater was grazed by a bullet. Greenberg said the suspect had walked into the campaign office, pulled out a gun, "aimed directly at me and began shooting."

    "Today is not a day for politics, but itโ€™s not lost on me that the violence my staff and I experienced today is far too common in our city," Greenberg said, also thanking the Louisville Metro Police. "Too many Louisville families have experienced the trauma of gun violence. Too many aren't as blessed as me."

    The arrest report, obtained by Fox News, said a man later identified as Brown entered the building and fired a 9mm Glock handgun at Greenberg. He then fled the building. About 10 minutes later, officers located a man matching the suspect description less than a half-mile away. He was found carrying a loaded 9mm magazine in his pants pocket and was taken into custody, the arrest report says.

    Surveillance video reportedly captured the incident. Brown is a civil rights blactivist who reportedly participated in 2020 black supremacist racial riots (domestic terrorism). In his Twitter bio, he says, "We have one scientific and correct solution, Pan-Africanism: the total liberation and unification of Africa under scientific socialism."

    In a Feb. 1 post on Instagram, Brown, using the handle "tez4liberation," shared a post celebrating "Black Radical Month" and a list of names that included convicted cop killer Assata Shakur.

    Jewish Louisville mayor candidate: Gunman โ€˜aimed directly at meโ€™

    Louisville Activist Nabbed in Shooting of Jewish Mayoral Candidate

    Shots fired at Louisville Jewish mayoral candidate

    Jewish Louisville mayor candidate: Gunman โ€˜aimed directly at meโ€™

    Gunman fires shots at Jewish candidate for Louisville mayor

    Jewish Louisville mayor candidate: Gunman โ€˜aimed directly at meโ€™


      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (15 Feb 2022)
    The Bobster

    Dark Crime: Man threatens woman with sharp object, grabs wallet on NYC train: copsโ€‹

    Nigga will steal yo stuff: Serial thief with 167 busts nabbed for shoplifting at UES Rite Aidโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME Even if he is "HOMELESS" his 'bushman' hairdo looks like it hosts a myriad of parasites.
    A Queens man with 167 arrests on his record was busted yet again this week for shoplifting from a Rite Aid on the Upper East Side, The Post has learned. Jamel Pringle, 39, was nabbed around 8:15 a.m. Monday for stealing 48 items worth close to $430 from the drug store on Second Avenue near East 96th Street, police and Manhattan prosecutors said Tuesday.

    As with most of his prior arrests, he was charged with petit larceny โ€” a misdemeanor that is not bail-eligible under the stateโ€™s new criminal justice reform law. Police sources joked that the serial thief โ€œgets frequent flier milesโ€ cycling through the system each time heโ€™s freed on supervised release, thanks to the controversial bail reform laws.

    But on Tuesday, a Manhattan judge finally ordered Pringle held on bail โ€” at the request of prosecutors โ€” saying she didnโ€™t believe he would return to court otherwise. โ€œIt would take me all day to go through this rap sheet,โ€ Judge Rachel Pauley said at Pringleโ€™s arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court as she set his bail at $5,000 cash or $10,000 bond.

    "It takes a village" - Afro-american family values: 7-year-old brings gun to school in backpack, thanks to dad: policeโ€‹

    HISPANIC JOSE RIOS (illegal alien?) Alleged shoplifter busted in front of Post photographer covering earlier theft at same storeโ€‹
    A shoplifter scuffled with a security guard at a Manhattan Duane Reade Tuesday morning โ€” a brazen theft that unfolded right in front of The Post as it reported on an earlier armed heist at the same store.

    The caught-on-camera fracas took place shortly after 10 a.m. at the drug store at 410 Park Ave. South, where a NIGERIAN security guard Augustine Nwando said he noticed a shopper try to leave the store without paying for a bag full of items.

    Nwando shouted at the suspect to stop, leading to a scuffle that spilled out onto the sidewalk between East 27th and East 28th streets โ€” and immediately in front of a Post reporter and photographer.

    Moments later, retired NYPD sergeant David John, who happened to be in the neighborhood, walked up and helped Nwando and the photographer restrain the man โ€” until cops arrived and arrested him. 00:00 01:39

    PARANOID RACIST BLACK NEGRO MAYOR ERIC ADAMS OF NEW YORK CITY rips press, claims white journalists misrepresent himโ€‹

    DARK CRIME: PYCHO PARANOID BLACK (ON DRUGS?) Delaware County Man with afro-pigtails Charged With Killing Neighbor After Allegedly Firing Up To 30 Shots With AR-15

    EAST LANSDOWNE, Pa. (CBS) โ€” A Delaware County man is behind bars, charged with killing his neighbor. Police say he started firing with an AR-15, shooting into her home. East Lansdowne detectives were back out on Penn Boulevard Tuesday asking people to check their surveillance cameras.

    Theyโ€™re searching for angles they say shows a man named Yousuf Bahal firing an AR-15 as many as 30 times in the air. Bahal is accused of shooting and killing his next-door neighbor through the window of her first-floor apartment. The bullet holes remain.

    Detectives say 35-year-old Samantha Hill was likely checking on the commotion when she was struck. Neighbors, many of whom were also at their windows as police say Bahal was firing off his weapon, described what they saw around 2 a.m. Sunday.

    โ€œWe just kept hearing four rounds of what sounded like firecrackers or something and then we realized it had to be gunfire of some sort,โ€ Morgan Zartman said. โ€œFrom my vantage point, it was real dark over there, then when the cops showed up they lit everything up,โ€ Robert Jones said. โ€œThen all I heard him kept screaming is โ€˜I got a license to carry.โ€™ The cop goes โ€˜I donโ€™t care. Get on the ground.'โ€

    Arrest papers describe a bizarre series of statements. Bahal indicated he believed another neighbor was coming and going from his home, and that the same neighbor was using a straw to blow smoke through an air conditioner into his house.

    Those in this neighborhood were rattled by the details just coming to light. โ€œIโ€™m scared now because my two kids is in the day care so yes, Iโ€™m scared,โ€ a woman said.

    East Lansdowne man who fired AR-15 in front of his house charged with murdering neighbor

    Eyes turn to Hillary Clinton, not Trump in the Russiagate scandal By Post Editorial Board

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        14 February 2022        *******

        3 (Black) Suspects Arrested in Murder of Miami TSA Agent, Whose Toddler Was Also Injured in the Fatal Shooting
    black suspect victim name Three people were arrested in the murder of a 24-year-old Florida mother who was fatally shot in front of her 3-year-old daughter.

    Javon Carter, 29, Romiel Robinson, 35, and Jasmine Martinez, 33, are facing murder charges in connection with the death of Le'Shonte Jones, a Transportation Security Administration officer at Miami International Airport.

    Robinson and Carter are scheduled to be arraigned on Feb. 24. Martinez is awaiting extradition from Port St. Lucie.

    Jones was fatally shot outside the Coral Bay Cove Apartments after she got home from work around 3:15 p.m. on May 3, 2021, by a shooter wearing a black hoodie. She was just steps away from her front door when she was gunned down. Her daughter was injured in the attack and was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

    "The preliminary information indicates that the victim was with her toddler, when a subject in a dark colored Nissan shot at the victim and fled," according to a Miami Dade police news release.

    "My daughter was taken away from me for a very senseless act," Jones' mother, Darlene Dukes, said at a news conference last year, NBC Miami reported. "She didn't deserve to be taken away from me, her siblings, her friends, her cousins and especially from her daughter."

        Black-On-Asian Violence Claims Another Life in New York City
    black suspect CHINATOWN, New Yorkโ€”Nearly every other day, it seems an Asian-American is attacked or murdered by criminal elements within the African-American community. Countless CCTV and smartphone footage capture these savage acts. Early Sunday morning, 35-year-old Christina Yuna Lee became the latest victim.

    Christina Yuna Leeโ€”who was Korean-Americanโ€”was savagely stabbed to death and died painfully inside her own apartment around 4:30 a.m. Sunday, February 13, 2022.

    Security footage showed the suspect, now identified as 25-year-old Assamad Nash, following Lee as she got out of a cab and entered her Chrystie Street apartment building. Nash followed Lee up six flights of stairs and into her apartment, reports ABC7. [NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
    Forum poster

        Ugly, scary black rapper in the news....

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (14 Feb 2022)
    The Bobster

    EGYPTIAN Woman charged with murder of her MEXICAN aunt found in bathtub in Harlem: copsโ€‹
    A 30-year-old woman has been arrested in connection to the slaying of her 56-year-old aunt, who was found dead in a bathtub in East Harlem, authorities said Monday. Kristie Miro, 30, who lived in a third-floor apartment on East 100th Street near Third Avenue with her aunt Ana Nieves, was arrested Sunday and charged with murder, police said.

    Police were conducting a wellness check around 6:15 p.m. Friday when they found Nieves, 56, fully clothed in the bathtub of her apartment, cops said. โ€œThe victim had blood on her face and contusions,โ€ an NYPD spokesman said Saturday.

    Dark Crime: Jamal Holmes Charged With Attempted Murder After Sextuple Stabbing Inside Kensington Home
    SUSPECT-NAME PHILADELPHIA (CBS) โ€” A 30-year-old man faces numerous charges, including attempted murder, after Philadelphia police say he stabbed six of his family members as they slept in their Kensington home. Jamal Holmes, of North Front Street, was arrested shortly after the incident.

    MEXICAN-named Kristian Reyes Shot SWAT Officer Through Wall, Climbed Onto Roof Of Fairhill Home: Policeโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME PHILADELPHIA (CBS) โ€” Philadelphia police have identified the man they say shot at a Philadelphia SWAT officer who was helping serve a search warrant at a Fairhill home last week. That officer has since been released from the hospital, with law enforcement praising a bulletproof vest for saving his life. Kristian Reyes, 45, is charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, simple assault, and other offenses after the Feb. 11 incident on Lehigh Avenue. He is also facing multiple drug charges.

    AT&T Gets Woke: 'White People, You are the Problem'
    AT&T is getting woke....step two is to go broke...which is exactly what is going to happen if they keep up this nonsense. In Christopher Rufo's latest article for City Journal, he exposed the communication company for teaching ideas that โ€œracism is a uniquely white traitโ€ and that white people are โ€œthe problem.โ€ Rufo is a leading reporter on the CRT-takeover of American companies and education.

    Eyes turn to Hillary Clinton, not Trump in the Russiagate scandal
    SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME So there you have it.

    Russiagate, the collective delusion that Donald Trump was secretly a Russian agent aided and abetted by the Kremlin, the topic of uncountable inches of Washington Post and New York Times copy and the entire primetime lineup of MSNBC, was a dirty trick by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Not just part of it. All of it. One of the most diabolical, successful misinformation campaigns ever concocted.

    We already knew that the Steele dossier was garbage. Christopher Steele was paid indirectly by the Clinton campaign to dig up dirt, which he did by turning to other Clinton operatives, laundering every outlandish rumor about Trump he could find into an โ€œinvestigativeโ€ document.

    Swastika found inside โ€˜secureโ€™ area of US embassy in Bulgariaโ€‹
    Discovery made a day after International Holocaust Memorial Day; symbol could only have been painted by someone with access to American diplomatic missionโ€‹

    Police In Wilmington, Delaware Investigating Multiple Locations Vandalized With Swastikasโ€‹
    WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) โ€” Eyewitness News has confirmed that police in Wilmington, Delaware are investigating the vandalism of multiple locations that were spray-painted with swastikas. Police believe the vandalism took place on Friday night.

    The Columbus Inn, a billboard on Union Street, and Brandywine Counseling and Community Services are the places that were vandalized, according to police.

    Dark Crime: โ€˜Sympatheticโ€™ prosecutors from Manhattan DAโ€™s office lower bond to free alleged shooter
    SUSPECT-NAME An attempted murder suspect accused in an Upper West Side shooting was sprung from Rikers Island thanks to โ€œsympatheticโ€ prosecutors from the Manhattan District Attorneyโ€™s Office who helped get his bond lowered, The Post has learned.

    Darius Mungin, 20, had been locked up at the chaotic jail complex since October on charges he shot two people, including an 81-year-old apparent innocent bystander.

    But he was cut loose earlier this month after prosecutors agreed to lower his bond from $500,000 to $100,000 โ€” citing concerns for his safety following two gang assaults.

    โ€œThe DAโ€™s office seemed very sympathetic to Munginโ€™s situation and recognized the abuse and chaos he was suffering at Rikers,โ€ Munginโ€™s lawyer Brian Kennedy said, adding that his client is โ€œecstaticโ€ to be out of jail.

        Utah College Student Accused of Killing His Girlfriend in Motel Says They Made Suicide Pact, but He Survived
    Haoyu Wang allegedly injected a 19-year-old woman with fentanyl and heroine he bought on the deep web.
    Authorities in Utah have charged a Chinese national with murder, alleging he delivered a fatal dose of heroin to his girlfriend as part of an unfulfilled suicide pact.

    A statement from Salt Lake City Police confirms that Haoyu Wang, 26, was detained Friday inside a downtown motel room.

    Police made their way to the motel as part of an investigation into the welfare of an unnamed 19-year-old woman.

    "Officers received information from the University of Utah Police Department of a man who made threats to kill his girlfriend," reads the statement. "When law enforcement entered the motel room, they located ... Wang and a 19-year-old non-responsive woman."

    Police and paramedics tried to revive the woman, who was also a student at the university, but she was already dead.

    HaoYu Wang - Obelisk the Tormentor

        โ€˜This is just unfathomable,โ€™ Saginaw judge says in sending LESBIAN woman to prison for sexually abusing girl
    SAGINAW, MI โ€” For years, an Oakley woman ignored her husbandโ€™s sexual assault of two young girls. At some point, she joined in and began sexually abusing one of the girls herself.

    So unfathomable were the crimes that a Saginaw County judge elected not to follow a sentencing agreement, instead sending the woman to a lengthy term behind bars in hopes of deterring other would-be sexual abusers.

    โ€œFor this cause God gave them up unto vile affections:
    for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:โ€

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        13 February 2022        *******

    Front Page for 13 Feb 2022 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

        (Homeless, jobless, heartless BLACK agent of satan) fatally stabbed ASIAN Woman inside NYC apartment after stalking her
    black suspect A woman was stabbed to death inside her Chinatown apartment early Sunday after her alleged killer followed her home โ€” and her final moments were caught on chilling surveillance footage.

    Video obtained by The Post shows the suspect tailing the 35-year-old victim on the street as she enters her Chrystie Street apartment building, following close behind as she opens the front door and strolls into the hallway.

    Minutes later, a neighbor across the hallway of the victimโ€™s sixth-floor apartment at 111 Chrystie Street called 911 around 4:30 a.m. after hearing her screams during the brutal stabbing, law-enforcement sources said.

    โ€œWeโ€™ve got cameras on every floor and in the front here,โ€ the owner of the building said. โ€œShe got out of a cab right here and he followed her. He grabbed the front door just before it closed. He followed her all the way up, hanging back, staying one floor behind her all the way up to the sixth floor.

    โ€œThen, he waited until her door was just about closed and he went in.โ€ The victim, whose name is being withheld by The Post pending family notification, was found in her bathtub โ€œbleeding from multiple wounds to the body,โ€ according to a source and an NYPD spokesman.

    โ€œSo much blood,โ€ the buildingโ€™s owner said. โ€œMy wife said I should call someone to clean all the blood but Iโ€™m going to clean it up myself. Itโ€™s the least I can do for that poor girl.โ€ Cops who responded to the 911 call allegedly found the suspect, identified by sources as Assamad 'A-hole' Nash, 25, inside the apartment and covered in blood. Nash allegedly tried to flee the grisly scene via the fire escape before barricading himself inside โ€” prompting the NYPDโ€™s Emergency Service Unit to bust down the door, according to sources.

    [NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
    Forum poster

        (ORANGE-HAIRED BLACK TROLL) NYC police hunt shoplifting suspect who allegedly punched worker, threw her to the ground
    suspect suspect Police in New York City are searching for a man accused of attacking a Duane Reade employee who confronted him for allegedly stealing items out of a freezer at the Manhattan convenience store.

    NYPD Crime Stoppers shared images of the suspect wanted for a robbery that happened around 10:27 a.m. Friday inside the Duane Reade located on Broadway and West 111th Street in Morningside Heights.

    The New York City Police Department said the unknown man entered the store and removed items from a freezer. As he began to place them in his bag, he was approached by a 21-year-old female store employee, who asked him to place the items back, police said.

    The individual, described as a dark-skinned male approximately 40 years old, standing six feet tall and weighing about 200 pounds, proceeded to strike the victim in the face with a closed fist before grabbing her hair and throwing her to the ground, police said. The individual exited the store fleeing eastbound on Broadway. He was last seen wearing a red jacket, blue jeans and red boots.

    [NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
    Forum poster

        TBI, Murfreesboro police search for BLACK gunman in lounge deadly shooting
    black suspect MURFREESBORO, TN (WSMV) โ€“ Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has placed the man accused of shooting and killing one man and seriously injuring others outside a hookah bar in Murfreesboro early Saturday morning on its most-wanted list.

    Law enforcement is looking for 21-year-old Jamar Adam Marks. Police said Marks is wanted for first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, possession of a firearm during a dangerous felony, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

    The search comes after police said reports of shots fired outside a hookah bar on Middle Tennessee Blvd. around 2 a.m. A sergeant arrived at the scene to find a man, who was later identified as (black, dreadful, gang-signing, knife-holding) 35-year-old Brandon Anderson, of Murfreesboro, seriously injured. The sergeant tried to save Anderson, including issuing him a tourniquet. Police said EMS took Anderson to the hospital, where he died from his injuries.

    Murfreesboro Police Spokesman Larry Flowers said that Anderson was trying to break up a fight between the other men before the gunshots.

    "In the midst of him [Anderson] trying to break up the fight, gunshots erupted, and he was shot," Flowers told News4. "The two individuals were fighting as well as two other bystanders were shot in the process."

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (13 Feb 2022)
    The Bobster

    BLACK Queens man with lengthy rap sheet charged in random NYC subway attack on Thai model
    SUSPECT-NAME A Queens man has been busted for the horrifying November attack on an aspiring Thai model on a Herald Square subway platform, police said Saturday.

    Kevin Douglas, 40, was charged Thursday with second-degree robbery, third-degree robbery and second-degree assault, according to the NYPD. The address provided by police for Douglas was a Days Inn hotel near JFK International Airport.

    But Douglas has been in jail since the Nov. 22 subway attack, locked up for another crime later the same day as the assault, public records show. The negro mugger allegedly touched her "private parts" and fled with her purse, police said.

    Heโ€™s been arrested 44 times and faced charges for drugs, assault, criminal possession of a weapon, robbery and criminal tampering dating back to 1997, sources said. On one day alone โ€” May 13, 2019, he was arrested 16 times, according to sources. The reason for the flurry of arrests was not immediately known.

    Should be deported to Monkey Island
    Monkey Island

    WF Manhattan judge rejects no-bail bid, sends accused feral fatherless black sociopathic teen robber to jailโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME A no-nonsense judge flatly refused a Manhattan prosecutorโ€™s bid to treat an alleged teen robber with kid gloves โ€” sending the youth to jail instead of putting him back on the streets. Hunter Robinson, 16, was arraigned Saturday on robbery and grand larceny charges for a Jan. 6 incident in which he and four others โ€” including a pair of brothers accused of firing gunshots that hit an NYPD cop >โ€” allegedly stole a fellow studentโ€™s wallet, phone, coat and shoes, then whacked him in the face with a gun.

    The violent group lured the victim into a stairwell before one of them pointed a gun in his face and another brandished a gun and struck him in the face with it, according to the Manhattan District Attorneyโ€™s office.

    They allegedly snatched the kidโ€™s wallet, including his ID and credit cards, along with his electronics, phone, sweatshirt, shoes and a Canada Goose coat before running off together, leaving the victim โ€œfrightened, barefoot, coatless with no way to call for help on a cold afternoon in January,โ€ said Assistant District Attorney Mary DeCamp.

    The group Robinson was allegedly with at the time of the incident included Prince and Paris Francis, who are accused of firing shots last week which struck a veteran NYPD officer in the foot. Authorities said Paris Francis was caught on surveillance video in the area of the shooting wearing a Canada Goose coat.

    Groups tied to George Soros pump cash into NYCโ€™s John Jay College

    One BLACK suspect arraigned, second identified in shooting of NYC sanitation worker
    SUSPECT-NAME victim A Manhattan man was busted for allegedly shooting his ex-girlfriendโ€™s father at point-blank range and in broad daylight threatened the young woman with the gun โ€” but the weapon jammed, according to court papers.

    Andrew Tracey, 20, was arraigned on attempted murder charges and held on a $100,000 bond in the stunning, caught-on video altercation with the dad, a city sanitation worker, at 515 West 52nd St., which unfolded just after 11 a.m. Thursday.

    Moments before the shooting, an argument had broken out in front of the apartment where the sanitation workerโ€™s daughter lives, an NYPD spokeswoman told The Post.

    Tracey and his brother had allegedly showed up at the apartment, prompting the daughter to call her father, sources and prosecutors said.

    The girlfriend begged Tracey to put the gun away, but he instead threatened to โ€œlight it upโ€ and shoot out her windows โ€” until the gun malfunctioned, according to a criminal complaint.

    When the girlโ€™s father arrived, Tracey and another man, Elijah Tracey, (PICTURED) also 20, allegedly opened fire, hitting the 40-year-old dad in the leg.

    BLACK-RAPPER-CRAPPER Kodak Black shot outside Hollywood nightclub
    Kodak Black was one of three people shot and injured during a wild melee outside a bar in West Hollywood, early Saturday morning. The rapper, 24, along with two other victims aged 19 and 60, were taken to a local hospital and treated for non-life-threatening gunshot wounds, reports NBC News.

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        12 February 2022        *******

        "Returned to have sex with the corpse"

    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire black suspect black suspect victim name PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) โ€” On Friday, investigators announced a break in a 41-year-old cold case. Wayne Walker, 58, has been charged with the murder of 18-year-old Denise Marie Pierson, from Marcus Hook. Pierson went missing in April of 1981, and her body wasn't discovered for another three years.

    Walker faces first, second and third-degree murder charges. He's also charged with criminal homicide, kidnapping, and conspiracy. When Pierson's body was discovered in 1984, an autopsy concluded that she died from blunt force trauma to the head, Delaware County District Attorney's Office and Pennsylvania State Police said.

    According to the DA a second man, Peter Horne, was also a suspect in Pierson's murder, but he died in prison nearly a decade ago. Authorities are still investigating two more suspects. Investigators said that Pierson didn't return home after visiting a friend in Marcus Hook on April 14, 1981. In January 1984, a crisis center took a phone call from someone who said they killed Pierson.

    Call tracing efforts identified Horne's home address as the source of the call. Authorities found a pair of billy clubs at his house, along with other evidence. In Feb. 1984, Pierson's mother said that she and her daughter had often gone to the garage where Horne worked, and he quit working at the garage the day after Pierson disappeared.

    Her skeletal remains were found near railroad tracks at Seventh and Market streets in Marcus Hook on July 18, 1984, about 300 yards from Horne's home, the District Attorney's office said. Nearly 10 years after Pierson's body was found, investigators talked to the first of the two currently unnamed suspects, and he said that he believed Walker and the second unnamed suspect could have killed Pierson, according to prosecutors.

    The DA's office said that later in 1994, a man who shared a jail cell with Walker told investigators that Walker had admitted to carrying Pierson's body to the train tracks with Horne and the first of the unnamed suspects, and the three of them buried her body. Walker had also reportedly told his cellmate that Horne had struck Pierson before they went to bury her. During other interviews in 1994-95 cited by the DA's office, Walker said he had been at Horne's home on the day of the killing when the two of them, both unnamed suspects and Pierson played a game called "Spin the Stick."

    Walker told investigators that Horne struck Pierson with a stick, the second unnamed suspect gave Horne a clothesline to tie her up, Horne put the victim in bags, and the four of them took her to the Marcus Hook school parking lot. Walker also said that when they arrived, the second unnamed suspect hit Pierson with a railroad spike, and that Horne and the first suspect threatened Walker to never speak about the murder.

    The DA's office also said that Walker told investigators that he had later returned to where Pierson was buried by the railroad tracks to "have sex with the corpse." Horne was arrested for firearms violations in 1995 and in 1997 for stalking and was convicted. He died while in custody in 2013.

    Investigators interviewed Horne's wife the same year he died, and during [stet] htat interview, she admitted that she believed he killed Pierson. In 2018, investigators found that suspects had talked about Pierson's murder with "numerous acquaintances." Between then and now, after gathering weapons, case facts and a study of photos of the victim's remains, investigators discovered that Pierson's injuries were consistent with the weapons used.

    โ€œFor 40 long years, the family of Denise Pierson has sought answers in connection with the death of their loved one. We hope that todayโ€™s announcement brings a measure of healing and closure that theyโ€™ve been denied for too long,โ€ said District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer. โ€œAs with any cold case Homicide Investigation, the passage of time should not be looked at as a burden to the investigation, but rather an advantage,โ€ said Pennsylvania State Police Trooper First Class Andrew Martin.

    โ€œIt is often found that relationships change throughout the years. Witnesses who may have been reluctant to come forward in the past, are now more willing to assist. People previously confided in by suspects because they were trustworthy may not have the same loyalties 40 years later, and this is exactly what we have found with this investigation.โ€ Authorities are offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of other suspects. The Pennsylvania State Police ask you to call them with information at 215-452-5216.

    Charges Announced in the 1981 Murder of Denise Marie Pierson

    Find a Grave: Denise Marie Pierson

    More news headlines....

    [NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
    Forum poster

    Dangers of interracial 'games' * Women should not 'play games' in any situation where she is outnumbered 4 to 1 and at least one of those 4 is black

        BLACK-ON-WHITE: Trial begins for Robert Hayes, accused of killing 3 women in Daytona Beach 16 years ago
    The trial against an accused Daytona Beach serial killer, whom investigators believe killed three women 16 years ago, started Friday with prosecutors recounting DNA and ballistic evidence. Robert Hayes, 39, has been indicted on three counts of first-degree murder with a firearm in Volusia County. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty, and a conviction on any one of those counts would expose Hayes to a possible death sentence. Hayes is also charged with first-degree murder in the 2016 killing of a woman in Palm Beach County. Prosecutors there are also seeking the death penalty.

    [PRE-CHINEE-VIRUS headline last posted on New Nation News dated 21 November 2019]
    (black) Florida serial killings suspect Robert Hayes indicted in 3 deaths; survivor comes forward to police, attorney says
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire DELAND, Fla. โ€“ Robert Hayes was indicted in serial killings that began in Daytona Beach, Florida, nearly 14 years ago.

    State Attorney R.J. Larizza said Thursday that Hayes will be tried in a death penalty case in the killings of Laquetta Gunther, Julie Green and Iwana Patton who were all shot to death and left in the middle of Daytona Beach in late 2005 and early 2006. Hayes, 37, of West Palm Beach, is suspected in the killing of a woman in South Florida. He remains jailed there. Larizza said a survivor of a Hayes attack came forward and is talking to police. Hayes was a criminal justice student and a cheerleader at Bethune-Cookman University when three women were slain in Daytona Beach.
    DNA found on the South Florida victim, Rachel Bey, 32, killed three years ago, matched DNA recovered on two of the Daytona Beach victims, police said. Hayes was indicted by a grand jury in Palm Beach County on Oct. 3 on charges of first-degree murder and sexual battery with great force, according to court records. Hayes pleaded not guilty.

    Hayesโ€™ DNA was found on Gunther, 45, a prostitute shot in the head in Daytona Beach. Her body was discovered on Christmas Eve 2005 in a kneeling position between two buildings, investigators said.
    DNA from Hayes was also found on Green, 34, another Daytona Beach prostitute who was found dead in a ditch near a construction site Jan. 14, 2006. She was also shot in the head, according to police. Police said Green, a mother of four, had left her home to use a pay phone and never returned.
    On Feb. 24, 2006, Pattonโ€™s body was discovered in a desolate area. Patton, 35, worked as a nurseโ€™s aide.
    There are no charges in the case of Stacey Gage, 30, whose decomposed body was found on Jan. 2, 2008, but investigators said her death was similar to the deaths of Gunther, Green and Patton. -  (Black-on-white)

    • Robert Hayes: 5 Fast Facts

      Murder victims,  from  left: Rachel Bey, and Iwana Patton,

      Murder victims,  from  left, Laquetta Gunther, Stacey Gage and Julie Green.



    (Black) Adarus Black, suspect in Na'Kia Crawford killing, arrested in Georgia after tip from Ohio
    black suspect The suspect in the killing of Na'Kia Crawford, an 18-year-old who was shot in June 2020 at the intersection of Howard and North streets in Akron, has been arrested in Georgia.

    Adarus Black, 19, was arrested Tuesday by the Northern Ohio Fugitive Task Force along with the Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force and the Sandy Springs Police Departmentโ€™s SWAT Team. United States Marshal Pete Elliott and Akron Police Chief Stephen Mylett made the announcement Tuesday evening.

    Black was arrested within 24 hours of investigators receiving a tip from someone in Northeast Ohio on his location in Georgia, the U.S. Marshals Service said. The Crawford case gained national attention after some witnesses reported the man who shot her was white.

    Nationally known civil rights attorney Ben Crump had agreed to assist Crawfordโ€™s family, but later backed out. He has represented families in numerous high-profile cases, including the family of BLACK (suicide) George Floyd,

        (Black) Akron man pleads guilty in fatal shooting over game of dice - (link fixed)
    black suspect CANTON โ€“ An Akron man will spend 23 to 28 1/2 years in prison for fatally shooting a Canton man over a game of dice. Kolbi A. Ross, 25, pleaded guilty Friday to a reduced charge of manslaughter, a first-degree felony, and gun-related felonies for the 2020 shooting death of Corwin Spicer, 40, of Canton.

    "He was the oldest of eight, and you took away our king," Spicer's sister, Monica Upshaw, told Ross when given the chansce to speak during Friday's hearing in Stark County Common Pleas Court. Ross was originally indicted on aggravated murder and other charges for killing Spicer on Aug. 16, 2020. He reached a plea deal to avoid his scheduled trial.

    Judge Natalie Haupt accepted the plea agreement and sentenced Ross to the agreed-upon term of 23 to 28 1/2 years. Ross was represented by defense attorneys Jacob Will and Noah Munyer with special prosecutor Dan Kasaris representing the state.

    OBITUARY for Corwin L. Spicer - February 18, 1980 - August 16, 2020

        (Black aspiring cop-killers) brothers held without bail in shooting of black off-duty NYPD housing cop
    SUSPECT-NAME victim Two teen brothers with a raft of prior arrests were ordered held without bail Saturday in the shooting of an off-duty police officer who was attending a memorial service in West Harlem. Paris Francis, 17, and Prince Francis, 16, of Manhattanville, were in Manhattan Criminal Court to face the music following their Thursday arrests.

    Paris Francis is alleged to be the triggerman in the Feb. 5 shooting of veteran policer officer Robert Manley, prosecutors said.

    Manley, an off-duty NYPD housing cop, was shot in the foot about 4:30 p.m. after he attended a memorial service for a community member at the Manhattanville Houses in West Harlem.

    The Francis brothers were caught on video in the area of the shooting and the footage shows Paris, dressed in a black jacket with a Canada Goose logo on the left arm, with the gun, prosecutors said in court. The two face attempted murder, assault and weapons possession charges.

    SUSPECT-NAME dead victim Morris Jones was a Crips gang member known as โ€œPetey Gunโ€ who has been identified as the suspect in the February 11, 2022, shooting of his ex-girlfriend and five Phoenix police officers. Altogether, nine officers were injured in the incident.

    The first officer was โ€œambushedโ€after responding to a call about a woman who had been shot, Sergeant Andy Williams of the Phoenix Police Department said in a news conference.

    โ€œWhen the first officer arrived on scene, he approached the home to help. He was actually invited inside by the suspect โ€” an adult male,โ€ Williams said. โ€œAs [the officer] approached the doorway, the suspect ambushed him with a gun and shot him several times. That officer was able to get back and get away to safety.โ€

    Williams said an โ€œadult maleโ€ โ€” not the suspect โ€” came to the door while holding an infant. โ€œHe placed that infant on the ground in front of the door, walked toward officers โ€” he was detained,โ€ Williams said.

    When officers approached the baby, the suspect again opened fire from the home, striking four of the officers with gunshots, Williams said. Four other officers were injured โ€œindirectly with ricochet or shrapnel,โ€ and two officers returned fire, he added.

    Williams said the departmentโ€™s SWAT team attempted negotiations with the suspect until they eventually entered the home, where they found the suspect โ€œdeceased insideโ€ and an adult woman with critical injuries. According to ABC15, the victim, the woman โ€” believed to be Jonesโ€™ ex-girlfriend โ€” later died of her injuries. The outlet also said it was unclear whether Jonesโ€™ wounds were self-inflicted.

    Hereโ€™s what you need to know: 1. Jones, Who Once Told Police He Has โ€˜Always Liked & Had Guns,โ€™ Has a Lengthy Criminal History According to ABC15, Jones, 36 โ€” whose full name is Morris Richard Jones III โ€” has been in trouble with the law since age 18 and โ€œspent much of his adult life in the criminal court system.โ€

    2. Mother-in-Law: Jones Had Appointment Scheduled to Address Mental Illness ABC15 talked with Lakenual Jones, who told the station heโ€™s Morris Jonesโ€™ brother. Lakenual Jones said his brother might have been depressed.

    3. Williams Called the Mass Shooting a Reminder of the โ€˜Dangers Officers Face Every Dayโ€™ Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams said during a February 11 press briefing that the mass shooting of police officers is an example of the โ€œdangers our officers face every day.โ€

    4. One Officer Was Seriously Hurt According to Chief Williams, one of the officers was seriously hurt but is on the โ€œroad to recovery.โ€ The other officers are recovering from less serious wounds.

    5. The Infant Is Safe โ€œA baby is safe today because of our Phoenix police officers,โ€ Mayor Kate Gallego said at a news conference, according to ABC News.

    [NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
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    Race of the black agent-of-chaos-and-death NOT REPORTED
    ODDS ARE the majority of the wounded police officers are WHITE

      Hispanic Man arrested for strong arm robbery of Merced Dollar Tree
    MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) -- A man is in custody accused of robbing a Dollar Tree store in Merced and attacking the store manager. Officers arrested 36-year-old Albert Gonzales for strong-arm robbery Tuesday afternoon.

    They were called to the Dollar Tree store on Olive Avenue near Snelling Highway around 4 pm. Police say the store manager tried to stop Gonzales from stealing from the business. He attacked the manager before leaving with the merchandise.


      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (12 Feb 2022)
    The Bobster

    Overpaid dune coon MUSLIM FDNY captain busted in steroid, ecstasy seizure: State Police
    An FDNY captain on a list for promotion to chief was arrested on charges of receiving shipments of steroids and ecstasy mailed to his upstate home, The Post has learned. Muhammad S. Iftikhar, 43, assigned to Engine Co. 282 in Borough Park, Brooklyn, was collared Feb. 8 following the execution of a search warrant at his Goshen home by state Troopers, Homeland Security and US Postal Inspection Service investigators, officials said.

    Black man with FOOT FETISH steals womanโ€™s sneaker in bizarre subway theft: copsโ€‹

    UNKNOWN WF that has sex relationship to an UNKNOWN BM
    Adele talks engagement rumors, teases having a niglet with Rich Paulโ€‹

    SUSPECT-NAME smoke jumper - urban dictionary

    Purdue University would like nothing more than to LYNCH A WHITE POLICE OFFICER
    because he arrested a black criminal 'student' --- remember it is 'RACIST' for anyone to arrest a black criminal because blacks must be shown respect and always worshiped - (link fixed)

    Promiscuous Fornicating Female Teacher Charged After Alleged Inappropriate Sexual Contact With Student: Philadelphia Policeโ€‹

      Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 12 Feb 2022

    Biden's Immigration Services Removes 'Protecting Americans' from Mission, Inserts Outrageous Replacementโ€‹

    โ€˜This is Information Warfareโ€™: Dr. Malone Exposes โ€˜Top Owner of Spotify Also Top Owner of Modernaโ€™โ€‹

    CIA has a secret surveillance program called โ€˜Deep Diveโ€™ that has been collecting Americansโ€™ personal information for YEARS without congressional approval, Democratic Senators sayโ€‹

    Biden antisemitism envoy nominee faces GOP criticism at confirmation hearingโ€‹ Sens. Rubio and Johnson raise old tweet by Deborah Lipstadt calling out Republicans for bigotry;
    Holocaust scholar insists she speaks out against both sides of the aisleโ€‹

    Liz Cheney Exposed: RINO's Husband Has Horrifying Financial Connections to the Murderous CCPโ€‹

    Dear ADL: thereโ€™s no place for โ€œNo Place For Hateโ€ in our schoolsโ€‹

    Army Whistleblower: Mossad Set Up A Laptop Stand At The Mall Near An Army Base To Spy On American Troopsโ€‹

    Pentagonโ€™s Leaked Data Show Explosion of Vaccine-Related Injuries Among Military Service-Membersโ€‹

    The globalists have LOST โ€“ Humanity withdraws consent from the tyrants and lets the system crash and burnโ€‹

    Here's some info on Pelosi's latest legislative moves on "insider trading"
    smoke filled back room

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        11 February 2022        *******

    is treated humanly despite his satanic black soul
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victims In the year 2006, darrell brooks jr attempted having inappropriate relations, which he named โ€œconsensual sex with a 15-year-old teen girl who bears a child with him. He was sent to a period of trial for his minor abuse, but just 4 years later, he attempted to assassinate someone by choking. In the year 2011, he was apprehended for marijuana possession again and in the year 2012, he held fatal doses of THC compound.

    In the same year 2012, he also attempted to violate the initially assigned probation rule, attempted to run away from the authorities, and then 4 years later, he failed to attend the court hearing and obey his assigned sex offender laws.

    Darrell Brooks Ethnicity And Race
    He holds a mixed American-African ethnicity and he belongs to the black African racial group. He has been sentenced to many crimes throughout his life and released on bail several times. His hatred for the police department and the lack of morality for human beings. Since the year 1999, he has been charged with at least 12 crime offenses. More than just racist, Darrell Brook has his against the police department.

    Did CNN use "lightened" photos of Darrell Brooks?

    What Nationality Is Darrell Brooks Ethnicity? Here Is What We Know About The Suspect In The Parade Tragedy

    [Nasty negro] Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks pleads not guilty to killing six and injuring more than 60


        Store clerk Sri Satya Krishna Chitturi (from India) shot dead in holdup in Alabama
    Investigators are asking for your help locating a suspect in the shooting that was captured on surveillance at the store.

    The suspect is described as a black male, about 6โ€ฒ to 6โ€ฒ2 with a slender build. He was last seen, he was wearing black clothing, an Air Jordan backpack, with black and white Nike (negri basketballer) shoes.
    black suspect
    victim name black suspect black suspect Chitturi was a student who just came to the U.S. only one month ago, according to the fundraising campaign. He was married and was expecting a baby.

    Nearly $60,000 has been raised to send his body back to India.

        (Black) Suspect charged with accessory to murder after Blacksburg shooting
    black suspect height="100"> --> CORRECTION: Jalen Pierce was released on a $10,000 unsecured bond. BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - Jalen Mykal Pierce, 28 of Roanoke, has been charged with being an accessory after the fact to first-degree murder for his alleged involvement with the fatal shooting at Melody Hookah Lounge in Blacksburg Friday night.

    According to Blacksburg Police, Pierce was taken in front of the Roanoke City Magistrate and released on a $10,000 unsecured bond. Roanoke City Police, the ATF and other agencies aided Blacksburg Police in bringing the charge against Pierce

        (Black) Man convicted of murdering woman at Petersburg hotel
    black suspect PETERSBURG, Va. (WWBT) - A man has been found guilty of murdering a woman at a Petersburg hotel in May of last year. Following a two-day jury trial, Franklin Coleman was found guilty of the first-degree murder of Ravon Mays, use of a firearm in the commission of the murder, discharging a firearm in public and solicitation to commit tampering with evidence.

    The murder happened at the OYO Hotel on May 6, 2021. In a release from the Petersburg Commonwealthโ€™s Attorney, Coleman opted to be sentenced by the judge who presided over the trial. He is scheduled to be sentenced on June 23.

        (Black) Oak Lawn Medical Student Shoots Brother 6 Times: Police
    SUSPECT-NAME victim OAK LAWN, IL โ€” An Oak Lawn medical student is accused of shooting his brother six times while the two were having an argument in their home. Terrance Johnson, 29, appeared Thursday before Cook County Judge Donald Havis on a charge of attempted first-degree murder.

    Just after midnight on Tuesday, Feb. 8, Oak Lawn police answered a call of a person shot inside a home in the 9600 block of South Karlov Avenue. Officers arrived to find Johnson standing outside the house next to his car. Johnson's brother was found badly bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds behind a closet in the attached garage, the prosecutor said.

    The brothers' mother, who the prosecutor said witnessed the shooting, told police her sons were having an argument when Johnson became "unnecessarily angry." According to mother, Johnson went upstairs and came back down with a gun.

    Pushing his mother out of the way, the prosecutor said Johnson fired six shots at his brother, who was trying to protect himself by getting behind an armoire near the dining room. Wounded, the brother walked through the kitchen and then into the attached garage, leaving a blood trail, the prosecutor said.

        (Black) Richmond, VA man arrested in connection to firing gun at Fredericksburg couple last year
    suspect RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - A Richmond man has been arrested in connection to a group of individuals seen rummaging through several cars in a Fredericksburg neighborhood last year.

    Police say on May 15, 2021, at around 3:00 a.m. a couple noticed a group of individuals sifting through several vehicles outside of their home in the 1100 block of Nolan Street. As the couple approached the group, one of the individuals fired a handgun at them and then the group fled on foot.

    On Feb. 9, 2022, the Richmond City Jail served Hasan Stewart, 25, with the following warrants:

    Shooting with intent to maim, kill, etc. (two counts)
    Discharge of a firearm in a public space
    Brandishing a firearm (two counts)
    Vehicle tampering (six counts)

      Hispanic Houston-area cop Hernandez, accused of manipulating woman into sexual favors during traffic stop
    Distric Attorney Kim Ogg suspects that the Hispanic Officer may have taken advantage of the victim's "ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIEN" status - IF that was the case and would like to speak to any female illegal criminal aliens that may have been victims of this spic cop's depraved abuse.

        Severed finger found in HISPANIC driverโ€™s wallet during traffic stop
    victim name Police made a grim discovery during a Utah traffic stop this week: a severed finger stashed in a manโ€™s wallet. The rotting body part was found wrapped in cloth when cops pulled over Victor Naum Chavez-Zuniga, 27, in Orem on Thursday for having a busted headlight, KSL reported. โ€œThe finger had what appeared to be pus and blood on it,โ€ police said. โ€œThe joint was beginning to turn green, and the fingernail appeared to be decayed.โ€

    The digit also gave off a โ€œnoticeable foul smellโ€ when it was unwrapped, officers added. It wasnโ€™t immediately clear whom the finger belonged to. Officers had carried out the search of Chavez-Zunigaโ€™s vehicle and belongings after realizing he had several active warrants against him. He was arrested on one count of abuse or desecration of a dead human body and booked into the Utah County Jail.


      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (11 Feb 2022)
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    5-year-old Hispanic girl TERRIBLY TORTURED BY HER EVIL HISPANIC MADRE AND the mother's HISPANIC MALE SEX COHABITER - Little Mercedes Losoya was forced to put feces in mouth before death, cops say
    victim name A horribly tortured 5-year-old Texas girl who died earlier this week had been forced to put dog feces and urine-soaked socks in her mouth, police say.

    Mercedes Losoya was pronounced dead at San Antonioโ€™s Southwest General Hospital on Monday after cops said she suffered weeks of extreme physical abuse, Fox 29 reported.

    Her mother, Katrina Mendoza, 22, and her momโ€™s boyfriend, Jose Ruiz, 25, were both arrested and charged Thursday with injury to a child.

        QUEER FAGGOT SODOMITE โ€˜LGBT-Wolf in sheepโ€™s clothingโ€™ ex-sergeant charged in more alleged HOMO sex assaults of minors
    MENOMINEE, MI โ€” Former Menominee County Sheriffโ€™s Sgt. Brian Helfert was behind bars again after prosecutors here charged him with 18 new felonies relating to four new cases of HOMOsexual assault of minors.

    Those charges stemmed from alleged incidents that happened from 2003-18, the TV news outlet reported. Helfert โ€” arraigned Thursday, Feb. 10 โ€” was denied bail by 95-A District Court Judge Robert Jamo.

    The arraignment came less than two years after Helfert was sentenced to six months in jail for charges relating to a different case.

    The Upper Peninsula sergeant was accused of HOMOsexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy from 2016-19 when he met the teen as part of his job as the Menominee County juvenile crime investigator and school resource officer. Testimony from the victim revealed Helfert was assigned as a mentor to the teen. That led 41st Circuit Court Judge Christopher S. Ninomiya to call Helfert โ€œa wolf in sheepโ€™s clothingโ€ during his sentencing in December 2020.

    The sentence included five years of probation. He was fired by the sheriffโ€™s office in December 2019.

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        10 February 2022        *******

        (Black female sociopathic) Woman accused of shooting WHITE male server 'Anthony' in the face over missing burger
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire black suspect ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name Two women have been charged with attempted murder after a fast food server was shot in an argument about a missing burger. Bryanna Johnson and Breanta Johnson are charged with the shooting at a George Webb restaurant in Wauwatosa, a suburb of Milwaukee on 30 January. They are both sisters, according to CBS58.

    A restaurant employee told Milwaukee police that the two 20-year-olds were being โ€œimpatient and rudeโ€, and allegedly argued with severs over a missing burger, WISN reported. One of the two women returned shortly after being asked to leave the restaurant and according to court documents seen by Fox6 News Milwaukee the โ€œwomen were up by the registerโ€ when the shooting victim was punched.

    They were among a pack of four (almost certainly black women. โ€œThe other woman pulled out a handgun and fired one round at (the victim) striking him in the face while (the victim) was lying on the ground,โ€ the complaint added.

    It remains unclear who fired the handgun at the 26-year-old George Webb employee, who reportedly encountered serious injuries and was recovering in hospital following the altercation. A fundraiser for the shooting victim has meanwhile raised almost $35,000 (ยฃ25,825) on GoFundMe. He was identified only as โ€œAnthonyโ€, who was โ€œworking as a waiter on the overnight shift when some customers got upset, pushed him down, and shot him in the faceโ€, a message claims.

    โ€œThey then proceeded to (negro) stomp on him before leavingโ€, the statement added. Ms Johnson and Ms Johnson appeared in a Milwaukee County court Monday to hear the charges of attempted first-degree intentional homicide, and a bond of $100,000 (ยฃ73,737) each.

    They are due to appear in court again on 15 February.

    All in for Anthony - George Webb Shooting
    In the early morning hours of January 30, Anthony was working as a waiter on the overnight shift when some customers got upset, pushed him down, and shot him in the face. They then proceeded to stomp on him before leaving.

    Anthony was rushed to the hospital, where the staff worked hard to stabilize him and ultimately saved his life. Anthony is a hard worker, just doing what he can to support his 3 year old son. He doesn't have insurance and the recovery is sure to be long and expensive. Every dollar will go directly to Anthony to assist with a long and arduous recovery where he will have no income coming in.

    Every dollar and every prayer is appreciated.

    His photo is not being used at the moment for privacy purposes since the assailants are still at large.


        80-year-old White Woman!!!

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: White Chicago woman rescued from naked NEGRO kidnapper thanks to Wordle
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name A naked man crept into an 80-year-old Chicago womanโ€™s bed and held her hostage for 17 hours โ€” but she was finally rescued after her daughter called the cops because the woman hadnโ€™t texted her the dayโ€™s Wordle answers, WBBM-TV reported. Denyse Holt was asleep on Saturday when the mentally ill man broke into her home in the Windy Cityโ€™s Lincolnwood neighborhood, according to the outlet.

    The intruder โ€” identified as 32-year-old James H. Davis III, who was reportedly bloodied from a broken window โ€” slipped into Holtโ€™s bed while clutching a pair of scissors, the station said. โ€œI was in shock,โ€ said Holt, who tried to remain calm during the ordeal. โ€œI was trying to survive, thatโ€™s all. He said, โ€˜I wonโ€™t harm you or molest you.โ€™โ€

    He ordered her to take a shower with him in her nightgown but โ€œthen he said, โ€˜No, Iโ€™m not warm enough. We have to take a bath,โ€™โ€ she recounted. After the bath, she said, he dragged her around her house, disconnected the phones and took a couple of knives from the kitchen before taking her to a bathroom in the basement, which he blocked with a chair. To pa

    ss the time, Holt did exercises in total darkness. โ€œI didnโ€™t think I was going to live. I was doing marching and stretching as much as I could,โ€ she said.

    Eventually, Holtโ€™s daughter Meredith Holt-Caldwell, who lives in Seattle, noticed that her mother had not texted her about the word-logic puzzle, as she usually does. โ€œI didnโ€™t send my older daughter a Wordle in the morning โ€” and that was disconcerting to her,โ€ Holt said.

    James Davis III is facing felony charges including home invasion with a dangerous weapon, aggravated kidnapping while armed with a dangerous weapon, and aggravated assault against a peace officer. The family then called police, who responded to Holtโ€™s home about 9:40 p.m. Sunday. A SWAT team used a stun gun to overpower the man after an hours-long standoff, the outlet reported.

    โ€œI never thought in a million years this is what was happening, but it was,โ€ Holt-Caldwell told WBBM. Davis was charged with home invasion with a dangerous weapon, aggravated kidnapping while armed with a dangerous weapon and aggravated assault against a peace officer. โ€œIโ€™m very lucky,โ€ said Holt, who was physically unharmed.

    [NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
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        BLACK-ON-WHITE: His Name is George Briscella: 60-Year-Old White Philadelphian Killed By Three Black Male Carjackers
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name WHITE Philadelphia man, 60, killed during carjacking in driveway: โ€˜Total disregard for human lifeโ€™ - by sub-human savages

    The family of a Philadelphia man and Marine veteran who was shot dead during a carjacking outside his motherโ€™s house over the weekend say the killing shows a "total disregard for human life" as crime continues to surge in the city's streets.

    George Briscella, 60, was in the driveway at his motherโ€™s house on the 2100 block of Afton Street just after 8 p.m. Sunday when three men approached him and fired three shots from an AR-15-style rifle, Philadelphia police said Monday during a news conference.

    Briscellaโ€™s family and friends told FOX29 Philadelphia that the 60-year-old "had a giant heart" and was loved by the community of northeast Philadelphia.

    "Total disregard for human life, a great human life," Briscellaโ€™s eldest son, Tony, told the station of his fatherโ€™s murder. "This didn't need to happen in a city that we all grew up in and loved, and it continues to deteriorate."

    Briscella was hit once in his abdomen and the bullet exited through his lower back, Philadelphia Police Capt. Jason Smith said. Smith said that while a nearby doorbell camera didnโ€™t capture the shooting, the victim could be heard screaming on the camera's footage from the time of the incident

    His Name is George Briscella: 60-Year-Old White Philadelphian Killed By Three Black Male Carjackers - by Paul Kersey

    [NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
    Forum poster


        Midland Co. Jury sentences (Black) Arkansas man to 60 years
    black suspect A Midland County jury sentenced a 33-year-old Arkansas man to 60 years in prison for murder, tampering with evidence and tampering with a corpse, according to a news release from the Midland County District Attorneyโ€™s Office. On Tuesday, a jury also assessed Willie Otey Henderson 10 years in prison on each count of tampering.

    The trial began on Jan. 31. The evidence, according to the news release showed that on Oct. 19, 2018, showed Henderson and others went to his neighborโ€™s apartment and shot the victim in the abdomen causing him to be instantly paralyzed from the waist down. Henderson then stepped over the victim and ransacked the apartment. On his way out of the apartment, Henderson collected the victimโ€™s phones and keys and locked the door preventing the discovery of the victimโ€™s body until Sunday afternoon.

    While the victim was undiscovered, Henderson moved the victimโ€™s truck to another apartment complex two blocks away and while walking back to his apartment disposed of the victimโ€™s phones in a roadside ditch, according to the DAโ€™s Office. The victimโ€™s brothers discovered the body after the victim failed to show up to work and no one was able to get in touch with the victim. The police were notified, and the investigation revealed:

    Hendersonโ€™s DNA on the victimโ€™s phones where he removed the SIM cards, the victimโ€™s blood on Hendersonโ€™s shoe, shoe prints from the same pair of shoes beside the victimโ€™s body. โ€œDue to a prior conviction for sexual assault and aggravated assault out of Arkansas, Henderson faced an enhanced punishment range of 15 years up to 99 years or life in prison for murder, two years to 20 years in prison for tampering with evidence, and five years to 99 years or life in prison for tampering with a corpse,โ€ the news release said. โ€œHenderson served a 14-year sentence on the sexual assault and aggravated assault and was released in May of 2018; five months before committing the murder.โ€

    (BLACK) Arkansas man sentenced to 60 years in prison for 2018 murder n Arkansas man was sentenced by a jury to 60 years in prison on Tuesday in relation to a 2018 murder, according to the Midland County District Attorney's Office.

    Willie Otey Henderson, 33, was sentenced for murder, tampering with evidence and tampering with a corpse. According to the D.A.โ€™s office, on October 19, 2018, Henderson and others went to the apartment of his neighbor, Michael Joel Rubio, and shot him in the abdomen, causing him to be instantly paralyzed from the waist down. Henderson then ransacked the apartment, and on his way out took the victimโ€™s phones and keys and locked the door preventing the discovery of the body until Sunday afternoon.

    OBITUARY: Michael Joel Rubio of Midland, Texas | 1989 - 2018 | Obituary

        Police seek Negro of Interest in death of woman
    black suspect DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF) -- The suspect accused of shooting a 19-year-old woman early Tuesday morning is now in custody, according to the Dayton Police Department. 38-year-old Quintin Clemons was arrested Thursday morning in connection to the homicide of Destiny Davis.

    The Dayton Police Department says Clemons was arrested with assistance from members of the U.S. Marshals SOFAST (Southern Ohio Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team). Clemons is facing murder, felony assault, shooting over roadway and having weapons under disability charges, according to the Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office.

    The Dayton Police Department says Davis was shot just after 1 a.m. in the 100 block of Alder Street.

    Person of interest charged with murder in Dayton shooting
    โ€œIt was learned through interviews with witnesses that a male suspect, identified as Quintin Clemons, was known to the victim and had been positively identified as the shooter,โ€

        (Black) Bronx couple is arrested for 'running a sex trafficking operation involving at least eight women' in NYC
    SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME A married Bronx couple was arrested Wednesday for allegedly running a sex trafficking operation involving at least eight women. Kareem 'Napoleon' Mitchell, 38, and Sharice Mitchell, 51, were charged with sex trafficking, promoting prostitution and conspiracy. Kareem, who is a registered sex offender stemming from a 2008 federal conviction, is also charged with aggravated harassment.

    Prosecutors say Kareem ran a sex trafficking operation from November 2018 and lasting up until his arrest Wednesday, using Facebook and Instagram to recruit women to work for him and then subjecting them to verbal and physical abuse to force them into prostitution. His wife, Sharice, is accused of aiding in the operation by lying on her application to become a foster parent about living with Kareem - even though he was registered at the same address.

    Two of the eight women in the sex ring were reportedly placed in her care, but were over the age of 18. (In New York, individuals can remain in the foster system until the age of 21). Both defendants pleaded not guilty to the charges against them. Kareem is now being held without bail, while Sharice had bail set at $500,000.

    If convicted, Kareem faces up to 100 years in prison, and Sharice faces up to 75 years.

        HISPANIC Jose De Jesus Montoya Villa - Hispanic church killer - ID'd as Colorado killer
    wounded victim CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4) โ€“ Aurora police were involved in a shooting Wednesday night. Several law enforcement officers were seen in the area of Broncos Parkway and South Parker Road.

    Police officials say a suspect is responsible for a crime spree in Aurora. That suspect has since been identified as Jose De Jesus Montoya Villa who was wanted for a deadly shooting at a church last week.


      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (10 Feb 2022)
    The Bobster

    Teen stabbed on NYC train after ignoring manโ€™s question, cops sayโ€‹

    Black monkey-man suspook in SAVAGE anti-Asian NYC attack charged with murder after victim dies
    SUSPECT-NAME An ex-con who allegedly attacked an Asian man in Manhattan, viciously stomping on his head, was indicted on murder as a hate crime charges Thursday, more than a month after the victimโ€™s death.

    Jarrod Powell, 50, was arraigned in Manhattan Supreme Court on the upgraded charges for the stomach-churning assault of 61-year-old Yao Pan Ma on April 23, 2021, in East Harlem.

    Powell allegedly ran up to the 114-pound man from behind, hit and knocked him to the ground and then repeatedly kicked him in the head, face and neck, the Manhattan District Attorneyโ€™s Office said.

    Ma, a beloved father of two, was put in a coma and died from his wounds eight months later, on Dec. 31, 2021.

    Cops arrest attempted BLACK afro-merican subway rape suspect in NYC
    SUSPECT-NAME Cops busted a 23-year-old man they say tried to rape a young woman on a subway train in Lower Manhattan earlier this week, officials confirmed Thursday.

    The man, identified by police as Timothy Thomas, allegedly slid his hand into the 21-year-old womanโ€™s pants while they rode northbound E train as it approached the Canal Street Station around 10:20 a.m. Wednesday. The woman tried to get away, but Thomas grabbed a hold of her, shoved her into the corner of the train car and tried to rape her, police said.

    Dark Crime: Body Of Black woman Kim Ezell Found At Delaware Community College A Month After Man Killed Inside Her Philadelphia Apartment, Police Sayโ€‹
    Authorities said the investigation began Jan. 5 when officers went to the 1700 block of West Allegheny Avenue for a hospital case call. Thatโ€™s where they found 78-year-old Stanley Lawton with a gunshot wound to the right eye. He was pronounced dead a short time later. Police Arrest 31-Year-Old Walter Heard In Connection To Murder Of 77-Year-Old Man In North Philadelphiaโ€‹

    Briarcliffe Fire Company Shut Down After Alleged Racist Comments, Jokes About 8-Year-Old Homicide Victim, Sources Tell CBS3

    Sex offenses, assaults spike in NYC racially integrated schools as kids return to classrooms: NYPD statsโ€‹

    South Korean diplomat sucker-punched in unprovoked NYC attack

        Texas Man Indicted For First-Degree Murder After Shooting MOROCCAN MIGRANT Who Pulled Into His driveway at 3:30 a.m
    MARTINDALE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM/AP) โ€” A grand jury has indicted a 65-year-old Texas man for first-degree murder after he fatally shot a person who had pulled into his driveway.
    Terry Turner was indicted on February 9 for the October 2021 shooting death of Adil Dghoughi, a Moroccan immigrant who lived in Austin.

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (10 Feb 2022)
    The Bobster

    BLACK COMIC Dave Chappelle vows to pull investments from Yellow Springs, Ohio, if it doesnโ€™t nix affordable housing plan

    Chicago woman charged with felony for allegedly vandalizing memorial for slain cop

    White Chicago woman rescued from naked NEGRO kidnapper thanks to Wordleโ€‹

    DARK CRIME: New Castle County Police Make Arrests, Recover Pricey Items In String Of Residential Burglaries
    NEW CASTLE COUNTY, Del. (CBS) โ€“ A big break in the investigation into a string of residential burglaries in New Castle County. Police have made arrests and recovered some pricey items. A Louis Vuitton duffel bag, Gucci sunglasses, thousand-dollar watches and diamonds. The high-priced belongings were all on display at the New County Castle Police Department.

        Proposed Alabama bills would protect Confederate monuments and raise fines if they're removed
    (CNN)An Alabama legislative committee has advanced two bills designed to further protect Confederate monuments and criminalize people who attempt to remove them.

    State Sen. Gerald Allen introduced the bills Tuesday. Under one of the proposed bills, the fine for removing a monument would increase from a flat fee of $25,000 to $5,000 for each day a monument isn't restored.

    These bills come at a time when Americans continue to debate whether Confederate monuments should remain or be taken down across the country.

    About 73 Confederate monuments were removed or renamed in 2021 and there are now 723 left in the United States, according to a "Southern Poverty (anti-White) Scam Center report released last week. There are also an additional 741 roadways, 201 schools, 51 buildings, 38 parks and 22 holidays honoring the Confederacy. According to the SPLC, there are about 156 Confederate symbols throughout Alabama.

        China has a plan to colonize North America
    The following is the text of an alleged speech made by Communist Party General Wei Fengh. Above is a photo of Wei Fengh. Gullible American and Canadian politicians plus their equally gullible followers should realize that Chinaโ€™s assault on the U.S. population and its territory will probably be accompanied by a Mainland Chinese attack on Canada.

    The main reason for Chinaโ€™s plan to colonize North America is the lack of living space for Chinaโ€™s 1.3+ billion people. Why has China made such a plan? Chinaโ€™s high population is threatening the economics and life-span of Mainland China.

    Chinaโ€™s plan should sound familiar. Lebensraum (more land to live) was one of Adolph Hitlerโ€™s reasons for invading other countries. Below is the slightly shortened text of General Wei Fenghโ€™s speech for Lebensraum (more land to live) :

    โ€œThe first issue is living space. This is the biggest focus of the revitalization of the Chinese race. In my last speech, I said that the fight over basic living resources (including land and ocean) is the source of the vast majority of wars in history. This may change in the information age, but not fundamentally. Our per capita resources are much less than those of Germanyโ€™s back then. In addition, economic development in the last twenty-plus years had a negative impact, and climates are rapidly changing for the worse. Our resources are in very short supply. The environment is severely polluted, especially that of soil, water, and air. Not only our ability to sustain and develop our race, but even its survival is gravely threatened, to a degree much greater than faced (Nazi) Germany back then.โ€


    There's an unspoken reason that Blacks are attacking Asian people - By Andrea Widburg - (link fixed)

        Multiculturalism is a "Sickness"

    [NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
    Forum poster


      Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 10 Feb 2022

    Here's latest commentary fm FOX News/Carlson on the Canadian Trucker strike against the mandates tyranny of globalist genocidalists pushing the poison vaxxes, suckers

    Joe Biden Is Again, Trying To Take Guns Away From Law-Abiding Americansโ€‹

    Alert: DHS Targets Joe Rogan, Trump Supporters - 'Terrorism Threat to US Homeland'โ€‹

    Bidenโ€™s DHS Brands Free Speech โ€˜Terrorism Threatโ€™ to U.S. โ€” โ€˜Welcome to Your Communist Futureโ€™โ€‹ /b>

    'Laptop From Hell': Is Joe Biden Head Of An American Crime Family?โ€‹

    German Microbiologist: โ€œThey are Killing People with these COVID Vaccinesโ€ to Reduce the Worldโ€™s Populationโ€‹

    Former Pfizer QC Chemist Exposes Big Pharmaโ€™s Deadly Experiments on the Publicโ€‹

      Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 10 Feb 2022

    โ€˜They Will Not Silence Meโ€™: Doctor Who Discovered Omicron Was Pressured Not To Reveal Itโ€™s Mildโ€‹

    Doctor Who Discovered Omicron Variant Says She Was Pressured to Not Reveal it Was Mildโ€‹

    Guess what, suckers?--race can now be detected fm x-rays(!), w. 98% accuracy--it's MORE than just "skin-deep," morons

    Homeland Security issues bulletin classifying Americans who exercise their First Amendment rights as potential terrorist threatsโ€‹

    Miscarriages and cancer up 300%, neurological problems up 1,000% due to covid โ€œvaccinesโ€โ€‹

    Lawless DOJ Caught Opening Rep. Louie Gohmertโ€™s House Mail Before It Reaches His Office โ€” Gohmert Speaks Out on House Floor (VIDEO)โ€‹

    Distinguishing Race, Ethnicity, By Color, Like "White," Is Highly Problematic, "Tricky" (Apollonian, 9 Feb 22)

    Bidenโ€™s DHS Brands Free Speech โ€˜Terrorism Threatโ€™ to U.S. โ€” โ€˜Welcome to Your Communist Futureโ€™โ€‹

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        09 February 2022        *******

        BLACK-ON-WHITE: Man convicted of murder in deaths of Mansfield couple, unborn child
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name A Dayton man was found guilty of murder Thursday in the November 2019 shooting deaths of a Mansfield couple and their unborn child.

    Larry Dwayne Rodgers, 33, is scheduled to be sentenced Feb. 11 in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court after he was convicted on all charges and specifications, including four counts of aggravated murder; four counts of murder; four counts of kidnapping; four counts of felonious assault; and two counts of involuntary manslaughter, each with a three-year gun specification. He also was found guilty of one count of having weapons while under disability for a prior offense of violence.

    Kyla Hayton, 21, and her boyfriend Todd Burkhart, 28, were reported missing Nov. 16, 2019, from Mansfield. Relatives told Mansfield police they may have been trying to get a gun in Dayton for protection, a report stated.

    Burkhartโ€™s body was found Nov. 22, 2019, in a vacant West Stewart Street house in Dayton. Three days later, on Nov. 25, 2019, Haytonโ€™s body was found with the help of cadaver dogs in a different vacant house on West Stewart Street. Hayton was five months pregnant, expecting a boy, family members said.

    Montgomery County Coroner Dr. Kent Harshbarger said at the time that Burkhart and Hayton were each shot in the head. Although Hayton was hit by multiple gunshots, her unborn child was not hit by bullets but died because Hayton died, the coroner said.

    The involuntary manslaughter charges were because the shooting death of Hayton โ€œcause[d] the unlawful termination of anotherโ€™s pregnancy,โ€ prosecutors said.

    Rodgers was the sole person of interest in the case, Dayton police Lt. Jason Hall said after the deadly shootings.

    He was arrested the day Burkhartโ€™s body was found for having a weapon as a convicted felon.

    As part of the police investigation into the homicides, detectives searched a Groveland Avenue house where they found a handgun determined to have been used to kill both victims, the Montgomery County Prosecutorโ€™s Office said.

    However, Rodgers was not indicted in the deaths until March 2020. Multiple delays due to the coronavirus pandemic and motions filed in the case pushed the trial to this month.


        BLACK-ON-WHITE: 46 BLACK-ON-WHITE (PLUS A COUPLE OF ASIAN AND WHITE HISPANIC) HOMICIDES: January 2022โ€”Another Month In The Death Of White America
    BLACK SUSPECT January 2022 saw a record since we began this series: 46 black-on-white homicides! But thatโ€™s partly because we count homicides in the month we find out about them. A mere thirty-six actually happened in January. (But thatโ€™s still a record.) They include a police officer, an 18-month-old baby boy, and the usual toll of white women killed by their black significant others. [By Kenn Gividen on 02/07/2022]  [posted on VDARE]


        (Black afro-hair freak - tattooed neck) Suspect in murder of 8-year-old girl found in Florida home of viral Island Boys
    black suspect victim name A suspect in the deadly shooting of an 8-year-old Florida girl has been busted at the home of eccentric social media personalities the Island Boys, according to authorities. Andrew James Thomas, 20, was arrested for first-degree murder late Monday at the Coral Springs home of the distinctive tattooed duo who have a combined 8.5 million followers on TikTok, officials said.

    He was charged with three felonies, including the first-degree murder of little Ronziyah Atkins, 8, in a drive-by shooting in Belle Glade on Friday. One of Island Boys brothers, Alex Vanegas, was home when the SWAT team stormed their house โ€” and Thomas ran toward him with a handgun and extended magazine, TMZ said, citing the police report.

    The online rapper told cops that his childhood friend begged him to then hide the weapon, but he refused, the outlet said. Vanegas told WPBF 25 News he cried when he realized his childhood friend was being arrested for first-degree murder. The Island Boys have not been implicated in the investigation. Their manager, Dovi Bezner, told WPTV that Thomas had just been crashing on the rap duoโ€™s couch at the time.

        (Black) Mason man gets 25 years for shooting, killing a 15-year-old Dayton track star
    black suspect height="100"> --> victim A Mason man will spend the next 25 years in prison for the February 2020 shooting death of a 15-year-old Dayton track star.

    Jackeem Collins, 20, was sentenced Wednesday in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court after he pleaded guilty and was convicted Jan. 7 of one count of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of felonious assault.

    Collins randomly fired a handgun six times into a group of teenagers on Feb. 16, 2020, who gathered at the corner of Catalpa Drive and Sunnyview Avenue. The shots killed Quaโ€™Lek Shelton, an award winning hurdler and student at Paul Laurence Dunbar Early College High School, and wounded a 16-year-old boy, according to the Montgomery County Prosecutorโ€™s Office.

    Collins was in a vehicle when he fired the shots that struck the two teens, prosecutors said. Shelton died of his injuries two days later.

    Dayton police investigators determined Collins was the shooter. In addition to his 25-year sentence Collins was ordered to pay restitution and funeral expenses, the prosecutorโ€™s office said.

        (Black) 38-year-old man charged with fatally shooting man outside Utica gas station
    black suspect Utica, N.Y. โ€“ A 38-year-old Utica man was arrested for fatally shooting a 43-year-old man in the parking lot of a Utica gas station Sunday afternoon. Police identified the victim as Aaron Higgs, 43, of Utica. Around 1:55 p.m. police responded to Utica Fastrac, 1800 Genesee St., for reports of a man with a gunshot wound, according to a news release from Utica police.

    Police found Higgs in the front seat of a vehicle with a gunshot wound to the back of his head, they said. Higgs was pronounced dead on the scene, police said. On sunday night, police identified the suspect as Anthony Willis, 38, of Utica.

    Police were told that Willis was on Noyes Street, they said. Several officers responded to the area and arrested Willis, police said. Surveillance footage and eyewitnesses confirmed Willis was the suspect, police said. In the footage, Willis can be seen sitting in the backseat of the vehicle that Higgs was found dead in at the time of the shooting, police said.

    Police later discover that Willis was in possession of a large quantity of narcotics and $40,000 in cash, they said. The relationship between Willis and Higgs is currently under investigation, police said. There is no known motive for the shooting at this time, they said. A handgun was found at the scene, police said. Police are awaiting ballistics testing to determine whether the handgun was used in the fatal shooting, they said.

        (Black) Repeat voyeur pleads guilty to same charge in Miami Twp.
    SUSPECT-NAME A 38-year-old man with more than two dozen voyeurism convictions is serving another jail sentence for peeping in a womenโ€™s restroom at a Miami Twp. bowling alley. Harold Rimblert III, of Harrison Twp., pleaded guilty Friday in Miamisburg Municipal Court for voyeurism, a third-degree misdemeanor. He was sentenced to 60-days in the Montgomery County Jail and was given credit for 16 days already served. As of Monday, he has 40 more days left.

    Police were called around 2:45 p.m. Nov. 16 to Poelking Lanes South at 8871 Kingsridge Drive for a voyeurism complaint after he apparently followed a woman to the restroom and looked under the stall, according to Miami Twp. Police Department reports.

    Rimblert now has at least 29 voyeurism convictions between 2004 and 2022 in Dayton Municipal Court, Fairborn Municipal Court, Kettering Municipal Court, Miamisburg Municipal Court, Montgomery County Municipal Court and Vandalia Municipal Court, court records show.

    Voyeurism is the only sex-related crime in Ohio that does not have harsher sentences imposed for repeat offenses.

    Candidate for Deportation to Monkey Island
    Monkey Island

    THE UK Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals taken the tortured cats into their humane protective custody and sneaker brand Adidas has dropped his contract.
    SUSPECT-NAME victim victim More than 150,000 people have signed an online petition calling for Zouma to be prosecuted, while one of West Ham's sponsors, Vitality, has suspended its deal with the club.

    "We're grateful to everyone who expressed their concern for these cats. We were dealing with this issue before the video went viral online and are leading the investigation.

    West Ham manager David Moyes played France international Zouma in their match against Watford on Tuesday, despite the controversy, and the centre-back was booed by both sets of supporters during the game.

    Imported African FOOT-baller Zouma filmed KICKING and slapping his pet cat in horrific video

    Kurt Zouma Kicking Cat Video goes viral on Twitter and YouTube

    Video on Twitter and YouTube of footballer kicking his cat and West Ham player Kurt Zouma - (link fixed)

      Mexico now the 'dominant source' for fentanyl in US, mainly comes through southern border, report finds
    invasion invasion invasion invasion


      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (09 Feb 2022)
    The Bobster

    Final Suspect In Shooting Death Of Philadelphia Teen Samir Jefferson Arrested In Atlantaโ€‹

    Surveillance Video Captures 2 Women Steal $10,000 Worth Of Makeup From Exton Ultaโ€‹

    Queer Faggot Homo Bucks County High School Teacher Accused Of Recording Former Student As He Undressed
    SUSPECT-NAME DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) โ€” A local high school teacher and choir director is accused of hiding cameras inside a bedroom of his home to secretly record a former student as he undressed. Fifty-six-year-old Joseph Orht of Buckingham Township faces a number of charges.

    Dark Crime: Wild video shows broad-daylight street shooting in Crown Heights

    Black Man stabs, sexually assaults woman in Queens attack: cops
    SUSPECT-NAME A man stabbed a 40-year-old woman and then sexually assaulted her in a disturbing Queens attack, authorities said. The negro assailant approached the victim in the rear of a building on 153rd Street near Tuskegee Airmen Way in Jamaica at 10:10 p.m. Friday, stabbed her once in the chest and forced her to perform a sexual act, police said.

    Suspect in Canada trucker protest hit-and-run is militant Antifa punk rocker
    SUSPECT-NAME The suspect arrested over the car-ramming attack against โ€œFreedom Convoyโ€ anti-vaccine mandate protesters in Winnipeg is an Antifa member with a long history of far-left militant activism in Canada.

    David Alexander Zegarac, 42, of Headingley, Manitoba, allegedly sped off in his Jeep Patriot to try to escape after the incident last Friday, which injured four people and was caught on camera. Zegarac ran multiple lights and resisted arrest when he was finally caught around 40 minutes later, according to the Winnipeg police.

    Zegarac was well-known as the frontman and vocalist of several Antifa punk bands since the early 2000s, most notably Brat Attack. He was vocal about his veganism and radical anarchist politics. However, in 2015, record label Rebel Time records dropped the group because of multiple accusations of sexual assault and rape against Zegarac. One of his anonymous accusers said she was only 13 when he allegedly groomed her and raped her. Police said he does not have a criminal history in Manitoba, though he has also lived in British Columbia and Newfoundland.

    3 killed, 2 hurt in spate of (minority-majority) NYC shootings: cops/b>
    - (link fixed)

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (09 Feb 2022)
    The Bobster

    Dark Crime: Hellโ€™s Kitchen nightclub murder suspect captured in New Jersey

    Dark Crime: Family Held Hostage In Northeast Philadelphia While Man Forced To Withdraw Money From Banks, Police Say

    Vandals spray-paint swastikas on home, side of bus in Brooklynโ€‹

    NYC TOURIST ALERT!!! โ€˜No neighborhood is safe,โ€™ Crime up in nearly every NYC precinct: latest stats


      Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 09 Feb 2022

    Rep. Congressman describes intimidation done against him by Cap. Police - Tucker Video

    DHS Issues Terrorism Bulletin Over โ€œConspiracy Theoriesโ€ and โ€œMisleading Narrativesโ€โ€‹

    Yemen: Intensifying war worsens worldโ€™s worst civilian crisis - aljazeera

    Here's some more reporting fm FOX News on the border situation, collusion by Biden Admin w. the "cartels" for human smuggling, etc. - Watters video

    WATCH: Disgusting Footage of Ottawa Police Assaulting, Arresting Elderly Man for Honking Horn - (link fixed)

    FOX News commentary on Truckers' blockade for rolling back the mandates

    Excess deaths soaring in every country where covid โ€œvaccineโ€ uptake is high: data

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        08 February 2022        *******


    BLACK-ON-WHITE: (defiled White female) Alabama College Student Found Murdered by her BLACK "boyfriend"
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name An Alabama woman who was attending college with dreams of pursuing a career in graphics and design was found murdered in her apartment over the weekend, according to police. Madison Shea Pilkington, 25, of Hoover, was found dead Saturday inside her apartment at The Halston, the Hoover Police Department said in a statement Sunday.

    Pilkington's family became concerned when they learned she failed to show up at work Friday at Baumhower's Victory Grille in Vestavia Hills, AL.com reports. A family member went to check on her and found her unresponsive inside her apartment just after 4 a.m. on Saturday and called 911, according to the HPD.

    "Evidence collected in the case revealed that Pilkington died as a result of an assault," the HPD said. Pilkington died of blunt force trauma, AL.com reports.

    Authorities quickly identified (negro) Cortez Lenarde Warren, 32, of Hoover, Pilkington's "fornication-friend", as the suspect, the HPD said in an update Monday. He is believed to have been Pilkington's "fornication-friend" for less than a year, AL.com reports.

    On Saturday, police issued a BOLO for Warren and the white Nissan Altima he was driving, AL.com reports. Warren was spotted driving through Irondale and Birmingham and then onto Interstate 65 with officers from three different towns in pursuit.

    Warren allegedly led the pack of officers on a long car chase that ended when he pulled over on the highway, ABC 33/40 News reports. As an officer from Fultondale was pulling over, a passing motorist struck his SUV from behind, the outlet reports.

    The officer and the driver were taken to a local hospital. The officer was treated and released and the driver remained in the hospital, ABC 33/40 News reports. Police arrested Warren, who was held in the Hoover City Jail.

    On Monday, the HPD announced that detectives obtained the necessary warrants against Warren to proceed with the case. Warren is charged with murder, tampering with physical evidence, and unlawful possession of marijuana, say police.

    He is being held on three bonds totaling $262,000. Warren will be transferred to the Jefferson County Jail later on Monday.

    BLACK Boyfriend charged in blunt force trauma death of white 25-year-old girlfriend in Hoover

    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

        COLORED Couple charged in fatal beating of 12-year-old boy in Northwest Side apartment, police say
    black suspect SAN ANTONIO โ€“ A San Antonio couple beat a 12-year-old boy and made him do push-ups and hold 50-pound boxes for hours before he lost consciousness and died at a hospital, according to police. Derrick Coles, 32, and Kapri Cheatom, 27, were arrested overnight and each charged with injury to a child causing serious bodily injury, a first-degree felony, jail records show. Charges may be upgraded upon further investigation.

    Police said they responded to the coupleโ€™s apartment in the 7000 block of Wurzbach Road just after 7:30 p.m. on Sunday for a report of an injured child. Officers found Colesโ€™ son, identified as Danilo Coles, unresponsive, an arrest warrant affidavit states. The couple alleged that the boy fell in the shower.

    The boy was taken to University Hospital, where staff found โ€œseveral suspicious injuries on the victim,โ€ the affidavit states. He had no brain activity and was pronounced dead that night. The couple was taken in for questioning, and Derrick Coles said the boy recently moved in with them. The boy was previously staying with his mother in Chicago, where he was allegedly abused in the past, the affidavit states.

    Derrick Coles said the boy was โ€œdisrespectfulโ€ upon moving in, so he made him do push-ups and hold boxes that weighed about 50 pounds as a discipline. On Sunday, Derrick Coles said he โ€œbustedโ€ the boyโ€™s lip and made the boy do push-ups and hold boxes for three to four hours, the affidavit states.

    He said he made his son take a shower, where the boy fell and cut his eye, according to investigators. The man said he then made his son write three pages worth of lines of โ€œI will obey all people that live in the household.โ€ When Derrick Coles made the boy do more push-ups, the boy said he could not, police say.

    Derrick Coles and Cheatom then hit the boy with a belt, spanking him so hard that he had severe injuries to his buttocks, the affidavit states. Investigators said the boy had several whipping marks and internal stomach bleeding.

        Police arrest (Black) man accused of shooting 69-year-old Chesapeake man to death
    black suspect CHESAPEAKE, VA โ€” Police have arrested a 33-year-old man on charges he fatally shot a 69-year-old man Sunday in Chesapeakeโ€™s Indian River neighborhood. Chesapeake police responded to the 2000 block of Timber Lane for a report of an injured person at 10:06 p.m. At the scene, officers found Roger Hardy, of Chesapeake, who had been shot, police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Thomas L. Ireland, of Chesapeake, is accused in the shooting. Ireland is charged with first-degree murder, use of a firearm in commission of a felony, possession of a firearm by a felon and dwelling in a house with intent to commit murder, rape, robbery or arson. Heโ€™s being held at Chesapeake City Jail. Police havenโ€™t released further details about the shooting. An investigation is ongoing.

    Race of victim(s) with NOT-negro name(s) not reported

        (Black) Man who assaulted young women at Stone Oak Target may be involved in similar attacks at SA stores, affidavit says
    SUSPECT-NAME SAN ANTONIO โ€“ A man has been arrested in connection with the assaults of at least two young women at San Antonio-area Target stores, records show. Patrick Donovan McLaughlin, 23, was charged with two counts of assault-bodily injury in the attacks that took place on Aug. 17 and Sept. 12, according to records with the Bexar County Jail.

    In the first incident, a teenage girl was in the cosmetics department of the Target store located in the 18200 block of Blanco Road, near Loop 1604 in Stone Oak, when the suspect approached her. The suspect struck and grabbed the girlโ€™s buttocks and ran off, an arrest warrant affidavit states. The girl reported the incident to her mother and Target employees.

    A similar incident happened to a young woman at the same store on Sept. 12. In that incident, McLaughlin also grabbed her wallet and pulled down his beanie to hide his face as he ran away from her, police said.

    The woman chased after the suspect and yelled for help, but he was not located. Investigators were able to see video surveillance and images of the suspect, and Target employees said he may be involved in similar incidents at area stores.

    The affidavit states that Target stores in the San Antonio area were made aware of the suspect and the attacks. On Sept. 16, employees at the store in the 22800 block of U.S. Highway 281 N., near TPC Parkway, noticed the man and confronted him.

    He argued with the employees and left the store, but employees were able to take a picture of his vehicle and license plate. Records show he was booked into the Bexar County Jail on Thursday. He was also wanted on a separate charge of engaging in organized criminal activity.

        UNKNOWN, worthless black footballer, 3 others attacked man at Vegas club
    SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME victim New Orleans Saints running black Alvin Kamara is accused of punching and badly injuring a man in an attack also involving at least three men who were with Kamara last weekend at a Las Vegas Strip nightclub, according to a police arrest report made public Tuesday.

    The alleged victim told Las Vegas police he fell unconscious on the floor, where police said video showed him being punched, kicked and stomped on by three people who accompanied Kamara at the rooftop nightclub Draiโ€™s at the Cromwell hotel-casino.

    "At no point during this attack did (the man) hit, punch or push Kamara or any of his associates," the police report said.

    The identities of the three other alleged attackers were blacked out in the police report. No other arrests have been made. Officer Larry Hadfield, a Las Vegas police spokesman, called the investigation ongoing.

    Kamara punched the man approximately eight times, according to the police report, while the three men with Kamara stomped on the manโ€™s face, chest and legs a total of more than 20 times.

      Arizona AG says state can cite โ€˜invasionโ€™ to deport ILLEGAL ALLIEN INVADERS without 'open-borders Biden' feds
    invasion invasion invasion invasion Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich claims in a new legal opinion that Republican Gov. Doug Ducey can declare the Grand Canyon State to be under โ€œinvasionโ€ in order to begin deporting suspected illegal immigrants โ€” but Ducey appears reluctant to do so.

    The approach would theoretically allow Arizona to break with the Biden administration and start turning away people at the US-Mexico border, where officials made approximately 1.9 million arrests last year.

    โ€œThe federal governmentโ€™s failure to secure the border and protect Arizona from invasion is dangerous and unprecedented,โ€ Brnovich wrote. โ€œThankfully, the Founders foresaw that States might need to protect themselves from invasion and made clear in the Constitution that States retain the sovereign power to defend themselves within their own territory.โ€

      Following Fatal Argument, HISPANIC Man Hid Wife's Body in Storage Unit Then Dumped It in Ariz. Desert: Police
    An Arizona man has been arrested on suspicion that he hid his wife's body in a storage unit before dumping her remains in the desert.

    Eugene Zamora, 51, is facing charges of manslaughter, tampering with physical evidence and abandonment or concealment of a dead body in the 2021 death of his wife, Claudia Moreno. He was also charged with the misdemeanor of making a false report to law enforcement.

    According to a probable cause statement obtained by PEOPLE, Zamora allegedly told police that he was arguing with Moreno around 2 p.m. on Nov. 10 in their Tempe apartment when "he pushed the victim, causing her to fall backwards into the master bathroom and hit the back of her head on ledge of the bathtub, causing a laceration. Eugene checked on the victim and found that she had no pulse and was not breathing."

    Zamora then allegedly placed his wife into a plastic tub and "hid her in the master bathroom closet," the police statement reads.


      A murder warrant has been issued for Hispanic Luis Angel Montes, for murder of girlfriend
    Travis County Sheriffโ€™s Office announced Friday that a murder warrant has been issued for Luis Angel Montes, 35, for the death of his girlfriend Camerina Trujillo Perez, 38.


        FOREIGN Florida woman arrested after 2 neighbors stabbed with steak knife in feud over leaf blowing, police say
    mud suspect victim victim A Florida woman allegedly stabbed two neighbors with a steak knife after accusing them of blowing leaves onto her lawn, authorities said. Kyong Moulton, 66, told Palm Bay police that she came home on Sunday and found the leaves on her front lawn, believing that her neighbors from across the street left them there, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by FOX35 Orlando.

    Police said that Moulton then decided to use a leaf blower to blow the leaves back onto her neighborโ€™s lawn. The neighbor and his 87-year-old mother then confronted Moulton, and the three became embroiled in an argument. When the manโ€™s sister tried to help, Moulton allegedly slapped her in the face and a struggle ensued.

    During the fight, the affidavit says that Moulton stabbed the manโ€™s sister in the left leg with a steak knife. When the man tried to intervene, he said that he was stabbed in his left arm. The siblings also accused Moulton of pushing their 87-year-old mother to the ground.

    Moulton has denied stabbing anyone with a knife, according to the report. She was charged with two counts of aggravated battery and one count of battery on a person 65 years of age or older, according to online jail records.


    MAN RAPES DOG: โ€˜We donโ€™t take crimes against animals lightlyโ€™
    PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Police arrested and charged 30-year-old Andrew Bennett with one count of sexual crimes against an animal. โ€Kentucky State Police received a call on Butterpoint Road in the Jackson Community of Breathitt County in reference to an animal cruelty complaint,โ€ said Trooper Matt Gayheart.

    The call came in on Sunday, Gayheart said troopers who responded to the scene found video evidence of Bennett sexually assaulting a dog. โ€This investigation will be handled just like any other investigation that we conducted, even more, so we donโ€™t take crimes against animals lightly,โ€ he said. โ€œYou know, thatโ€™s a very serious crime and thatโ€™s something we want to do the best we can to stand up and give them a voice.โ€

    He said it is a case they do not see every day. โ€Itโ€™s kind of a learning curve, but we handle it just like anything else, and weโ€™ll go through and cross all the tโ€™s and dot all the iโ€™s,โ€ he said.

    Gayheart said the dog is in the care of Aspire Appalachia in Breathitt County. A Facebook post said the dog, named Hope, was taken for an examination and was treated for some health concerns. โ€It will be a rescue, so that dog will be up for adoption,โ€ he said. โ€œAs of right now we would like to get that dog rescued first.โ€

        Canada: Prime Minister-in-hiding 'Justina' Trudeau accused of fueling anger after claiming anti-vax protesters are โ€˜waving swastikasโ€™

      Tierny REAL News Network Updates - Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....
    • PRESIDENT TRUMP: If Americans have to wait 3 years with the current Administration, weโ€™ve got a problem. Theyโ€™ve destroyed our country in 1 year. They rig an election and theyโ€™re going to get 3 more years?

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        07 February 2022        *******

        BLACK-ON-WHITE: Black killer of his blonde white single baby-momma only shot himself when the police were closing in on him
    BLACK SUSPECT BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - SUNDAY UPDATE: Chief Robert Lee with Derby Police has identified 19-year-old, Haley Powell, as the victim of Fridayโ€™s murder-suicide at an apartment complex in the 1300 block of East Meadowlark in Derby.

    Chief Lee says the suspect in this case, 21-year-old Tiryn Young,shot (his evil self) as he was fleeing from officers, Friday. Powell was living at the apartment complex at the time and police believe Young lived there on occasion.

    Chief Lee says this is a tragic case of domestic violence. He says if anyone is currently dealing with domestic violence to call police, tell a friend and get help before itโ€™s too late.



    gunmemorial obituary for WF victim

    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

        (4 Black) shooting suspects sentenced for 2020 Murder
    black suspect AUGUSTA (WJBF) โ€“ Three people convicted in a 2020 murder have been sentenced. 16-year old Janiah Sullivan, 19-year old Ryan Stone, and 21-year old Carlos Mack will go to prison for the death 19-year old Deivante McFadden. A fourth person was also convicted โ€“ 22 year old Ebonee Jones. She has not yet been sentenced.

        (Black) Man charged in deadly South City shooting
    black suspect SOUTH ST. LOUIS CITY (KMOV.com) -- A 25-year-old man is charged in connection with a deadly shooting that happened in South City on January 11.

    The shooting happened before 9:30 p.m. in the 5300 block of South Compton. When officers arrived to the area, they found a 25-year-old Isaiah Danfort dead lying in the street.

    Two weeks after the fatal shooting, police arrested Quinton Roberts. He is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. More charges could be coming, police say.

    Isaiah Joseph Danfort, age 25 - gunmemorial obit

        (Black) Man charged in North City murder
    black suspect ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) โ€“ A 33-year-old man has been charged in a murder and police chase from February 2021 in north St. Louis. Michael Simmons was arrested and charged on Monday, almost a year after the initial crime. Simmons was charged with 2nd degree murder and armed criminal action.

    Eleven months ago, Leshaun Benson, 29, of South City was found shot dead in the 8700 block of N. Broadway around 10 a.m. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

    When officers tried stopping a car believed to be connected to the fatal shooting, the vehicle drove off and officers pursued it. A tire deflation device was successfully used to stop car in the area of Kingshighway and Page, where two suspects attempted to run off. The suspects were both taken into custody near Page and Cora. One of the suspects was then found to have a gunshot wound and lacerations.

    As a result of the chase, one officer was taken to the hospital with a knee injury. A second officer suffered minor injuries to his hands.

        (Black) Suspect in Goose Hollow homicide arrested
    black suspect PORTLAND, Ore. โ€” Update: On Friday, February 4th, 2022, U.S. Marshals arrested Josiah Nettles in Vancouver, Washington. He was wanted in connection to DeAndrae Stephens' death. Nettles was booked into Clark County Jail and charged with second-degree murder and unlawful possession of a firearm, police said.

    A man was found dead after a shooting early Tuesday morning in the Goose Hollow neighborhood of Southwest Portland, according to the Portland Police Bureau (PPB). At around 12:55 a.m., officers responded to a report of a shooting near Southwest Morrison Street and Southwest 20th Avenue. PPB said officers found a man dead when they arrived.

    Police have identified the man as DeAndrae D. Stephens, 30, of Portland. The Oregon State Medical Examiner's Officer determined his cause and manner of death to be homicide by gunshot wound.

    Police closed Southwest Morrison Street from West Burnside Street to Southwest 18th Avenue while homicide detectives investigated. BLACK Man arrested in PDX bar shooting has gun crime record

        (2 Blacks) 1 on the run, another nabbed in pool room shooting that killed Rocky Mount man, police say - (link fixed)
    black suspect ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. (WNCN) โ€” Rocky Mount police said Monday one man is on the run while another has been arrested in the early Sunday morning killing of a man in a pool room. The incident was reported by the ShotSpotter system around 4 a.m. in the 400 block of Madison Street, according to a news release from Rocky Mount police.

    Antoine Armstead, 33, was found lying in the street when police arrived. Armstead was inside a pool room at 419 Madison St. when he was shot, police said.

    Sunday afternoon, police said Armstead died at Vidant Medical Center. Rashon Knight, 26 is in custody and charged with first-degree murder. However, Masia Griffin, 23, is also facing a first-degree murder charge, but is on the run, according to police.

        (Black) Augusta man arrested for criminal charges including kidnapping
    suspect AUGUSTA, Georgia (WJBF) โ€“ An Augusta man is now behind bars after an incident that happened on Thursday, February 3rd.

    According to the Richmond County Sheriffโ€™s office, Ervin Collins, 30, has been arrested on charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment, and felony criminal attempt.

    According to the incident report, during an argument, the victim attempted to leave the residence, and Collins grabbed the victim forcing her to stay inside the residence against her will.

        (Black) Tyler pastor indicted on charge of theft against elderly
    black suspect black suspect chicken thief A Tyler pastor who has been accused of taking more than $30,000 from a couple by making withdrawals on their accounts has been indicted on a charge of theft against an elderly individual. Jerome Rocky Milton, 66, was indicted during the Dec. 9 grand jury session following his October arrest, according to records from the 114th District Court.

    Milton was booked Oct. 2 into Smith County Jail on charges of property theft between $2,500 and $30,000, two counts of credit or debit card abuse against the elderly and one count of property theft between $30,000 and $150,000 against an elderly person. He was released Oct. 22 on bonds totaling $320,000. Milton was arrested Dec. 22 on a charge of misappropriation of between $150,00 and $300,000 of fiduciary property, according to jail records. He was released the same day on a $100,000 bond.

    Documents released Monday by the Smith County District Attorneyโ€™s office showed an indictment on a single charge. An affidavit for his arrest showed Milton as the reverend for Open Door Bible Church in Tyler.

    According to the document, Milton was helping take care of an elderly couple at church and had the power of attorney and finances for them. The Tyler police investigation began when the elderly coupleโ€™s son heard two church members say Milton was misusing his parentsโ€™ bank cards and getting them to sign blank checks.

    According to the affidavit, the investigation showed multiple debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals from the elderly husbandโ€™s bank card. The detective said multiple checks were written from the coupleโ€™s account to Milton and his personal and church accounts. He repeatedly used the coupleโ€™s money to make personal payments on his own behalf, according to the affidavit.

    Bank records and receipts showed the elderly manโ€™s card was used to make a vehicle payment on Miltonโ€™s account with an auto repair shop. Records also showed Milton used the manโ€™s card to pay for a loan at a used car business, the affidavit stated.

        (Cowardly black) parasite sociopath steals purse in brazen NYC subway attack caught on camera
    [UNARMED female victim's skin color could be White]
    black suspect chicken thief Race and age of female victim not reported [NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
    Forum poster

    Candidate for Deportation to Monkey Island
    Monkey Island

        Authorities investigating string of crimes in Screven County; one (Black) facing charges
    - (link fixed) black suspect chicken thief SCREVEN COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) โ€” The Sylvania Police Department and the Screven County Sheriffโ€™s Office are investigating several break-ins and firearm thefts.

    The Sylvania Police Department responded to multiple calls where unlocked vehicles were broken into over the last few days. Authorities say two firearms were stolen out of two different cars in the St. Andrews/Abram Street area.

    On February 3, the suspects started breaking into businesses. Weโ€™re told the police department were riding through neighborhoods and officers were on foot, that night, investigating. Now, a Millen man is facing burglary charges. Tylik Sherron was arrested for entering vehicles, and at least one of several burglaries. On Friday, February 4, the Sylvania Police Department and the Screven County Sheriffโ€™s Office executed a search warrant at a location on Robbins Street where he was arrested.

    Olluas is from Mexico, and he presented a Mexican I.D. at the time of his arrest. Georgia authorities are working with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to determine whether he is in the United States legally.

    Simanskis family finds some solace in arrest of HISPANIC hit-and-run suspect
    The man believed to have driven the van that hit and killed WRAL employee Erin Simanskis last month was arrested in Georgia and is being held without bond in the Fulton County Jail.

    U.S. Marshals, Atlanta police and Raleigh police worked together to track and arrest Aldair Leon Olluas in the Atlanta area. He was being held on a "fugitive from justice" warrant and faces a hearing on Tuesday to determine how and when he will be returned to North Carolina.

    Simanskis, who was a researcher for 5 On Your Side and assignment editor for WRAL News, was on her way home from work Jan. 21 when she was involved in a fender bender on slick roads. She was outside her vehicle exchanging information with the other driver when a white van hit her and the [drunken mex wetback?] driver ran from the scene.

    Simanskis, a native Canadian who attained U.S. citizenship during her years of residence in Cary, is survived by her husband, Ed, daughter Emily and son Eric.


      Arrest made after altercation that left 49ers fan in coma; Hispanic suspect identified
    - (link fixed) INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KTLA) โ€“ Police in Inglewood have made an arrest in connection with an altercation that took place during Sundayโ€™s NFC Championship Game at SoFi Stadium that left a 49ers fan in a medically induced coma.

    The arrest was confirmed Friday by Inglewood Mayor James Butts during a morning news conference. Butts said that police on Thursday traced a vehicle seen in security video and left information for the registered owner that they were looking for someone involved in a potential assault.

    They were contacted later that day by Bryan Alexis Cifuentes, 33, of Los Angeles, Butts said. The arrest comes nearly a week after 40-year-old Daniel Luna was found unconscious in a SoFi Stadium parking lot and placed into a coma at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.


      (Alleged) 'muslim' exchanged spit and road rage with ASIAN NYC off-duty copl



      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (07 Feb 2022)
    The Bobster

    Negro-named Driver [Ackeem Chambers], in NYC crash that killed passenger, 18, is charged: cops

    Crime up 60 percent citywide in the past week, NYPD stats showโ€‹

    TNB: [Typical Negro Behavior]: DA Alvin Braggโ€™s Harlem neighbors say theyโ€™re terrified of local recent crime

    Yeadon, PA Police Chief Fears Being Fired After Mayor Claims Borough Council โ€˜Wanted A Black Chiefโ€™
    - (link fixed)

    [BLACK] Man Wanted For 3 Armed Robberies At Multiple Philadelphia SEPTA Stations Taken Into Police Custody, Officials Sayโ€‹

    Saintsโ€™ [BLACK] Alvin Kamara arrested for battery in Las Vegas after playing in Pro Bowl

    SEPTA Transit Police Searching For [BLACK] Suspect in 3 Armed Robberies At Multiple Stations

        Jury selection begins in "lynching' of 3 White men in Kangaroo Kourt political black supremacist SHOW TRIAL for false "hate crime=though crime" trial for SUICIDE by black criminal "arbery" 'black martyr' in illegal DOUBLE JEOPARDY 'trial'

        NY bail reform push faces blowback from crime victims in emotional protest

    NEW YORK CITY โ€“ New York's bail reform push is facing new calls for reform on its own, coming from crime victims who braved a cold, gray Monday morning rain to send prosecutors a pointed message. "There are thousands of all kinds of criminal elements walking free in our streets," said activist Madeline Brame. "I try not to get too upset, I try not to get too fired up, but I have no choice."

    Brame's son, U.S. Army Sgt. Hason Correa, survived deployment in Afghanistan only to be murdered in New York City in 2018. Police say a gang of four men and a woman pounced on him, stabbing him to death. He has since become a symbol of the fight against bail reform, since one of the suspects in his killing was sprung from jail awaiting trial.

    "Anyone who is a victim of any crime, from the senior citizen who gets mugged for their cellphone for $30, for the woman who comes home from work and steps into the elevator and gets raped, for the 93-year-old man who is walking down the street and gets punched in the face by someone who has 103 prior arrests, there is something wrong with this picture," Brame said.

    She and other crime victimsโ€™ families and criminal justice advocates rallied at Manhattan criminal court to protest New York's lax bail reform law, and to put pressure on progressive Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to abandon policies that critics have said are too lenient to criminals.

    "Victims' rights should not be a political issue," activist Jennifer Harrison, of the group Victims Rights NY, told the crowd. Harrison's boyfriend was stabbed to death. The New York City Police Department reported that overall crime was up 38% in January 2022 compared to January 2021, and the city has been shocked by the cold-blooded killing of two police officers, allegedly by a convicted felon on probation, as well as several other murders committed by suspects with criminal records or out on bail.

      Tierny REAL News Network Updates - Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....
    • Update on Durham Investigation This is a good update on Durham & his investigation into Crossfire Hurricane - the plot to take down President Trump. Please read it carefully so you can explain this to others. It's complicated but it's important we understand this. We are the news!

      January court filings prove that Durham is now investigating the corrupt FBI, the DOJ Inspector General and the fake Steele dossier's ties to Clinton & Elias. He has the files & the Sussmann trial (his 2nd indictment) will likely expose it all in May 2022.

      Some recent posts by Apollonian - Guest commentator - 07 Feb 2022

    Startling New Data From Germany Shows Cases of Serious Injury From The Vax Have Increased Over 2000%โ€‹

    Vaccine Researcher Admits โ€˜Big Mistake,โ€™ Says Spike Protein Is Dangerous โ€˜Toxinโ€™
    "The coronavirus spike protein from COVID-19 vaccination unexpectedly enters the bloodstream"

    The Mainstream Media continues to promote the lie that the 2020 Presidential Election was the most secure election ever. This was clearly not the case. Here are ten examples from the 2020 Presidential Election showing it was stolen.

    International Criminal Grand Jury Investigation: โ€˜Psychopathicโ€™ Globalists Used COVID to Commit โ€˜Crimes Against Humanityโ€™

    Watch Leftists Use N-Word As They Try To Cancel Joe Rogan For Using N-Word

    Soaring fertilizer prices to spark global famines unseen in modern history

    Lockdowns found to have NO EFFECT on public health, meaning all the so-called โ€œscienceโ€ was nothing but fraudโ€‹

    Pfizer admits in confidential document that COVID-19 vaccine causes Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease (same thing as Antibody Dependent Enhancement)

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        06 February 2022        *******

    Front Page for 06 February 2022 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

    The New Nation News bunker

        Keep our neighborhoods SAFE - keep our neighborhoods WHITE

    โ€œFor we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
    against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.โ€

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