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    (UNKNOWN Black rapper) May finally face justice despite Self-Defense Claim in 2018 Killing
black suspect Four years ago, DaBaby signed a deal with Interscope Records that would change his life. Just 11 weeks prior, he had taken one.

At the time, the rapper was a few years shy of global fame, whether for a steady stream of chart-topping songs and Grammy nominations, various brawls, or widespread condemnation last summer after making homophobic remarks and comments about people with HIV/AIDS.

But in 2018, DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, was just another buzzy, cocky North Carolina artist who relied on a local fan base to pass around his YouTube videos and SoundCloud links in the hopes of landing a major record label.

Jaylin Craig was one such listener. Being an early admirer of Kirk cost the 19-year-old his life, according to his family, after a chance encounter at a Charlotte-area Walmart ended with Kirk shooting and killing Craig on Nov. 5, 2018.

  Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (24 April 2022)
The Bobster

Philly Fire Chief Adam Thiel Gets Emotional After 4 People, Including 3 Children, Killed In House Fire: โ€˜Philadelphia Has Fire Problemโ€™โ€‹
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) โ€” Philadelphia fire commissioner Adam Thiel was emotional Sunday afternoon as he provided an update following a house fire that left four people dead, including three children, in Kensington.

โ€œPhiladelphia has a fire problem and we need your help because fire is everyoneโ€™s fight,โ€ Thiel said.

DARK CRIME: Suspects walk free after arrests by NYPDโ€™s new anti-gun teamsโ€‹
Four men allegedly busted with weapons โ€” including some that were loaded โ€” by the NYPDโ€™s new anti-gun unit were allowed to walk free within hours of their arrest, thanks to lax judges and bail reform, The Post has learned.

The NYPD said the new Neighborhood Safety Teams made 25 gun arrests in their first three weeks since launching in March, but The Post was only able to obtain court records or information for 12 of the cases.

69-year-old Asian woman randomly punched in the stomach in Chelsea: cops
wounded victim

New York City: Subway assaults jump by over 50 percent to highest total in 11 monthsโ€‹


Cops nab HISPANIC serial NYC package thief with 69 prior arrestsโ€‹
A serial package thief with 69 arrests on his rap sheet who has been plaguing the Upper East Side is back behind bars for allegedly pilfering another delivery, police said.

Jeffrey Lopez, 50, was arrested Friday for stealing a package from 165 East 90th St. โ€” barely three months after being booked on five counts of the exact same charge, the NYPD said.

The Bronx man allegedly used a plastic credit card to manipulate building locks to get inside so he could walk off with parcels, said NYPD Lt. Jessica McRorie.

White victims of unchecked massive immigration -
2 stabbed, 2 others shot in night of mayhem across New York Cityโ€‹


Former rugby star Pedrie Wannenburg killed in Texas crash by (most likely MUSLIM) SAUDI ARABIAN teen fleeing traffic stopโ€‹
SUSPECT-NAME A South African rugby star died during a car wreck in Texas on Friday when a teenager fleeing a traffic stop slammed into his car, local authorities said.

Pedrie Wannenburg, 41, was inside his car with his wife Evette and their daughter Isabelle and son Francois at the time of the collision, which took place when cops tried to stop the 16-year-old driver outside of Houston, according to the Harris County Sheriffโ€™s Office.

Wannenburgโ€™s 8-year-old son was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition. His wife and 10-year-old daughter were not injured.

The driver struck three vehicles, and a fourth that could not stop in time also collided with the scene, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said. In total six people were hospitalized, according to the local fire department.

Suspect Ali Alabadi was slapped with multiple vehicular charges by the Harris County Sheriffโ€™s Office.


National Guard member who disappeared in Texas river is identified
invasion invasion invasion invasion A Texas National Guard soldier who disappeared while trying to save criminal alien alleged 'migrants' struggling to breach the once American Southen Border cross the Rio Grande was identified Sunday as a 22-year-old man who joined the service three years ago.

Bishop Evans of Arlington was identified by the Texas Military Department as a field artilleryman assigned to a regiment in New Braunfels, outside San Antonio.

Evans was serving on Operation Lone Star in Eagle Pass, about 140 miles southwest of San Antonio, when he jumped in the river Friday in what the department called a โ€œselflessโ€ effort to save two criminal "migrant" invaders who appeared to be drowning.

    Lindsey Graham Issues INSANE Public Call To Assassinate Putin,
NeoCons DESPERATELY Want World War 3 - March 4, 2022 - Tim Pool

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    [Above images from Patriotic Alternative in UK]

    Lothrop Stoddard
Lothrop Stoddard

๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 23 April 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

    (Black) American National Sentenced to Death in China for RAPE and MURDER of his CHINESE student 'girlfriend'
SUSPECT-NAME victim name American English language teacher at Ningbo University of Technology, China is sentenced to death for fatal knife attack on his 23-year-old student girlfriend when she tried to end their relationship

The victim, Chen Shijun, was a 23-year-old junior at the school of engineering Shadeed Abdulmateen, originally from Los Angeles, was sentenced to death on Thursday for international homicide in China

The court found Abdulmateen guilty of โ€˜premeditated revenge killingโ€™
The defendant was charged with the brutal rape and murder of Chen, an engineering junior on June 14, 2021 Abdulmateen, a teacher at Ningbo University of Technology, met Chen, in 2019, but heโ€™d lied about being divorced

After โ€˜repeatedlyโ€™ trying to break up with him in May 2021, the pair agreed to meet at a bus stop in Ningbo around 8pm

s Roughly two hours later, he stabbed Chen in her neck and face and she was pronounced dead at the scene Abdulmateen reportedly, admitted to the crime during police interrogation and told investigators the location of the murder weapon, making the trial a formality

(Black) American National Sentenced to Death in China for RAPE and MURDER
SUSPECT-NAME victim name victim name On the night of June 14, 2021, Chen Shijun, a 23-year-old female college student from the same university, was raped and stabbed to death in a grove of trees alongside the Shiji Avenue, Yinzhou District, Ningbo. In the early hours of June 15, police arrested a suspect Shadeed Abdul Mateen, an African American English teacher at Ningbo University of Technology who said the reason for the killing was a โ€œrelationship disputeโ€.

From Chinese State-Owned Media
โ€œAfter the trial, it was found that at the beginning of 2019, the defendant Shadid Abdu Metin met the victim Chen Moumou (female, 21 years old), falsely claimed that he was divorced and single, and gradually established a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with Chen Moumou. Since mid-to-late May 2021, Chen Moumou has proposed to break up many times, and Shadid Abdul Meiting disagreed and made verbal threats to Chen Moumou. At about 20:00 on June 14, 2021, after prior contact, Shadid Abdumeiting, carrying a folding knife, clothes, etc., arrived at the sidewalk near the Qingshuiqiao intersection bus stop on the south side of Tongtu Road, Ningbo City, to meet and talk with Chen Moumou. At about 21:48, Shadid Abdul Meiting stabbed and cut Chen Moumouโ€™s neck several times with the folding knife he carried. After Chen Moumou lost his ability to resist, he continued to stab Chen Moumouโ€™s face several times, resulting in Chen Moumou dying on the spot due to hemorrhage.

The Ningbo Intermediate Peopleโ€™s Court held that the defendant Shadid Abdul Meiting deliberately and illegally deprived others of his life, and his actions constituted the crime of intentional homicide. Shadid Abdul Meiting premeditated revenge for murder, stabbing and cutting Chen Moumouโ€™s face and neck multiple times, causing Chen Moumouโ€™s death. The motives are despicable, the criminal intent is resolute, the means are cruel, the circumstances of the crime are particularly bad, and the consequences are particularly serious. punish.โ€- China News Network

Shadeed Abdul Mateen is an African American English teacher at Ningbo University of Technology, this trial has stirred up a wave of racist sentiment against black people in China, most likely resulting in this verdict. While the PRC executes the most people by far, probably around 10,000 a year for around 35 executable offenses, several high-profile Chinese murderers have been acquitted or had their executions stayed. This leniency was never going to happen for Mr. Mateen due to his race, which in this case outweighed his nationality. The US State Department has been cooperating with the investigation.

A (negro) American "English teacher" who killed his Chinese student (and girlfriend) is now given death penalty.

[NNN forum post by Arheel's Uncle:]
Forum poster
Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    "Damn Shame: (unknown black) Rapper Archie Eversole was Reportedly Shot in Face While Sleeping by (black) Brother! Alexander Kraus
black suspect According to the latest update by @tmz_tv, Archie Eversole, was shot in the jaw while he was asleep, shortly before he died from his wounds. In the police report obtained by the news site, Archie reportedly told cops someone had kicked open his bedroom door and he was awakened by a gunshot to his face on March 25, but he couldnโ€™t see who shot him.

The docs say police asked if the shooter was still in the home, and he nodded his head yes. Cops then tried to ask him if he possibly knew who he was shot by but Archie wouldnโ€™t answer, and then he started to fade in and out of consciousness.

    8-year-old Las Vegas boyโ€™s death ruled a homicide
black suspect LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - The Clark County Coronerโ€™s Office officially ruled an 8-year-oldโ€™s death a homicide after his parents claimed he tried to kill himself.

(mixed-race?) Isaiah Gritz, 8, died March 20, 2021 from drowning and blunt force injuries from abuse and neglect, the Clark County Coronerโ€™s Office said. His death was ruled a homicide.

Leon Gritz, 28, and Christine Gritz, 29, were arrested in March 2021 in connection with his death.

About 2:03 a.m. on March 20, 2021, Leon called 9-1-1 and told the operator his son, Isaiah, had put his face underwater โ€œattempting to kill himself.โ€ He was removed from the tub, taken to two area hospitals and examined.

Isaiahโ€™s body was covered in numerous bruises, lacerations and wounds, the report said. His mother, Christine, called the boy a โ€œviolent childโ€ with a history of suicidal tendencies and failed therapy. Christine said Isaiah was previously seeing a therapist for this emotional trauma brought on by school bullying, but when the pandemic hit, all in-person sessions ceased. After that, his mother said Isaiah would slam his head against surfaces and cause other bodily wounds.

But medical examiners discovered a โ€œsubstantial head woundโ€ hidden beneath a doo-rag and gauze, leading them to believe the boyโ€™s death was not a result of suicide, but a gunshot wound.

Christine said she was a neglectful mother in reference to Isaiahโ€™s injuries, but admitted to no wrong-doing or physical abuse. When asked why she didnโ€™t seek treatment for the boyโ€™s injuries, she told police she feared being arrested. Leon, however, said Christine was the sole abuser and neglected to report her because he thought she would lie to police and implicate him.

โ€œLeon admitted to being afraid of his wife and how he failed as a father to protect his son from Christie,โ€ the report read.

Both parents are set to appear in court May 12, according to court records, and both face charges of murder and child abuse.
Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    UPDATE: Judge increases bond for man accused of shooting Atlanta police officer
black suspect ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - Judge Alexandra Manning increased Christian Eppingerโ€™s bond to $2 million during a hearing on Thursday.

Manning was criticized after his initial bond was set for $65,000. Many people felt that was not high enough for someone accused of shooting a police officer multiple times.


Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis announced she has asked the countyโ€™s chief superior court judge to make changes to how bond is granted in violent crime cases following Mondayโ€™s order granting bond to an accused cop shooter.


โ€œIt is something that has upset my law enforcement partners and also me as the district attorney,โ€ Willis told reporters at a news conference.

Willis, for the first time, showed a video of the moment investigators say 22-year-old Christian Eppinger shot Officer David Rodgers six times as he tried to arrest him on a warrant for armed robbery.

โ€œHe really attempted to assassinate him,โ€ Willis said. โ€œJust by the grace of God, this officer lived.โ€

    Third (black) Columbiana Centre shooting suspect arrested
black suspect In arrest order, Jewayne Price, 22, Marquise Robinson, 20, and Amari Smith, 21.(Lexington County Detention Center)
COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - The third suspect in the Columbiana Centre mall shooting, Amari Sincere-Jamal Smith, 21, has been arrested. The Columbia Police Department says he turned himself in to law enforcement.

    Bartow County Black man charged with rape, incest after impregnating preteen 12-year-old girl relative
SUSPECT-NAME ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - An Adairsville man has been arrested after a monthslong investigation uncovered he had impregnated a 12-year-old girl.

An investigation was launched after the girl was discovered to be pregnant during a doctorโ€™s visit for what she thought was an unknown illness.

DNA testing would later confirm that Courtney Spears, 32, was the father of the (illegitimate) child at which point detectives secured warrants for his arrest. Spears was transported to Bartow County Jail where he was charged with two counts of Child Molestation, Rape and Incest.

    ILLEGAL VOTING Charges against (black) Black Lives Matter blacktivist Pamela Moses


4 HISPANIC men arrested in Las Vegas gas theft investigation
LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Las Vegas Metropolitan Police have arrested a group of men in connection with fuel thefts around the Las Vegas valley.

Luis Gomez Modero, 41, Javier Gomez, 35, and Raidel Amodor Blanco, 27, were booked into Clark County Detention Center after an investigation into fuel thefts in the area.

The three men face felony charges of theft, conspiracy to commit theft and disregard for safety of persons and property.

In another case, detectives identified Jose Hernandez, 48, who was modifying several vehicles to store fuel on his property.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said suspects in these types of crimes go to gas stations and use fraudulent credit cards and manipulate fuel pumps to dispense thousands of gallons of stolen fuel into modified vehicles and trailers. The stolen fuel is usually then resold locally or transported out of state.

Police urge citizens who observe vehicles fueling for an excessive amount of time or see a vehicle that has been modified to carry additional fuel, to call 311 and advise gas station employees.

Anyone with information on these kinds of incidents can call the Financial Crimes Section at 702-828-3483.


  Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (23 April 2022)
The Bobster

SUSPECT-NAME DARK CRIME: Horrific video shows 4 (feral fatherless nigro) teens pummel, rob delivery man in NYC
Four teens pummeled and robbed a food delivery worker in an Upper Manhattan lobby, video released early Friday shows.

The 22-year-old delivery man walked into the lobby of the building on Dongan Place near Broadway in Inwood around 7:30 p.m. April 14, cops said.

There, the crew cornered him against a wall and repeatedly punched and kicked him โ€“ before one of them grabbed $300 from his pockets, according to the footage and police.

One of the suspects is shown holding a metal cane, which he points at the victim before fleeing.

Another suspect can be seen pointing a handgun at the victim as he made his way toward the door.

DARK CRIME: Dramatic video shows apparent Bronx robbery victim fatally shooting man trying to steal from him
A possible robbery victim fatally shot the man allegedly trying to steal from him in The Bronx early Friday โ€” a shocking encounter captured on video obtained by The Post.

Jonathan Maldonado, 34, was shot in the torso near the corner of East Gun Hill Road and Webster Avenue in Norwood around 1:30 a.m., police said.

Surveillance footage shows Maldonado at first holding what appears to be a knife and circling in the middle of the intersection, trying to get away from the alleged shooter, identified as "Supreme" Williams, 36.

Williams then allegedly pulls a gun and chases down the 34-year-old, shooting him in the back as he tries to flee, according to the surveillance video and the NYPD.

ILLEGAL MEXICAN CRIMINAL ALIEN KILLER was in country illegally at time of WF Orsolya Gaal slay: sourcesโ€‹

Possible kin of ILLEGAL KILLER MEXICAN remove belongings from his homeโ€‹
Possible relatives of Queens slay suspect David Bonola carted luggage and belongings out of his Richmond Hill home Friday morning, video shows.

Four people, including a woman and two men, were seen bringing out three suitcases, two backpacks, a floral arrangement and a plastic bag stuffed with belongings out of Bonolaโ€™s Queens home around 9:30 a.m.

When the group was asked if they were related to Bonola โ€” who was arrested Wednesday for allegedly butchering Forest Hills mom Orsolya Gaal and then stuffing her corpse in a duffel bag โ€” one of the men grunted, โ€œNoโ€ and declined further comment.

The group then loaded the belongings into a waiting taxi and took off.

NYC crime spikes in Manhattanโ€™s (minority-majority) East and West villagesโ€‹


A plane full of ALLEGED migrants was unloaded and dispersed to various locations in the New York City area Friday night under cover of darkness, the latest in a series of clandestine flights authorized by the White House.

The flights resumed earlier this month after a Post exposรฉ led to their suspension last year.

On Friday, the Post watched as a group of migrants disembarked from an iAero Airways flight from Jacksonville, Fla. that landed at Westchester County Airport at 9:48 p.m.

The passengers were placed on two white charter buses from J&F Tours. The Post followed one of the buses as it drove to destinations in the Bronx and Yonkers.

At the first stop in Yonkers, one of the migrants entered what looked like a sprawling dorm complex near the grounds of Sisters of Charity, a Catholic aid center.


Yes, Biden Is Catholic. That's the Problem

Is Joe Biden a "Good Catholic?"

Joe Biden, a proud Catholic, also has a very Jewish family



    NON-WHITE Suspected DC gunman posted online during shooting: report
mud suspect Raymond Spencer, the person suspected of pulling the trigger in a series of sniper-style shootings on Friday afternoon in Washington, D.C., killed himself in his apartment, the Metropolitan Police Department announced late in the evening.

What is the race or ethnic background of DC sniper Raymond Spencer?

DC Shooter Raymond Spencer is identified as of Filipino heritage and a Nation of Islam follower
Raymond Spencer apparently shot 4 people and one child but no one has been reported to have been killed.

He killed himself in his apartment when the police were looking for him and they found a poster of Yakub in his apartment room. If you don't know who Yakub. He's the black man that created the white race according to the Nation of Islam.

Yes that is actually what they believe in and still assist that its true today. Other then that not much is known about this shooting but Raymond Spencer reportedly posted on pol. It doesn't look like it was on the news as much but no one was killed so it probably wouldn;t generate much buzz nation wide then.

    Ohio Senate candidate JD Vance claims the FBI got 'an illegal wiretap' on Trump

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    [Above images from Patriotic Alternative in UK]

    Lothrop Stoddard
Lothrop Stoddard

๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 22 April 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: BLACK Man gets 10 years in prison for first-degree murder of 14-year-old girl - (link fixed)
๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name BEDFORD, Texas (Gray News) - A BLACK Texas man pleaded guilty Thursday to the first-degree murder of a 14-year-old WHITE girl and was sentenced to ONLY 10 years in prison.

According to the Bedford Police Department, Jordin Roache, 21, reached a plea deal for the 2017 murder of Kaytlynn Cargill. Roache has been incarcerated since his arrest in 2017.

Cargill was reported missing from her apartment complex on June 19, 2017. The next day, police identified Roache, who was 16 at the time, as a possible suspect after witnesses said they saw Cargill with him the day she disappeared.

The following day, Cargillโ€™s body was found in a landfill. During investigation, detectives said they found several pieces of evidence that lead to Roacheโ€™s arrest, including Cargillโ€™s DNA and blood in the apartment he was living in at the time.

Bedford police said the case experienced several delays caused by various factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roache was sentenced Thursday to 10 years in prison. Following his sentencing, he was transferred to the Texas Department of Corrections.

Bedford Police Chief Jeff Williams said in a statement that Roacheโ€™s sentencing was a long time coming.

โ€œWeโ€™re grateful for the hard work and countless hours put in by Bedford police officers, detectives and forensic investigators, along with the prosecutors from the Tarrant County District Attorneyโ€™s Office,โ€ Williams said. โ€œThe Cargill family remains in our thoughts as we reach the conclusion of this tragic case.โ€

'You Robbed Me of Seeing Her Bright Future': Parents Confront Man Who Killed Daughter, 14, with Hammer
A Texas man received a 10-year-prison sentence after pleading guilty to murdering a 14-year-old girl in 2017 when he was 16 years old, PEOPLE confirms.

A statement from the Bedford Police Department states that Jordin Roache, now 21, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the 2017 death of Kaytlynn Cargill, who vanished while walking her dog before her body was found two days later in a landfill.

According to an arrest warrant obtained by PEOPLE in 2017, Cargill was beaten to death with a hammer by Roache inside his apartment, after she went to buy marijuana from him.

Roache has been incarcerated since his arrest and will get credit for time served, NBC-DFW reports.

White Texas 14-Year-Old Found in Landfill Was Allegedly Killed by BLACK With a Hammer After Trying to Buy Marijuana: Police
Police in Bedford, Texas believe that 14-year-old Kaytlynn Cargill was murdered by a 16-year-old acquaintancewith a hammer after she was involved in a drug deal.

According to the arrest warrant obtained by PEOPLE, a teen boy โ€” whose name was redacted on the report โ€” has been charged with murder in connection with her death. He is being held on $250,000 bond. The warrant states that the teen was arrested at Fort Worth-area high school.

Cargill vanished on June 19 while walking her dog near her home on Bedfordโ€™s Oak Creek Lane. Her body was found two days later, on June 21, in the Republic Services landfill in nearby Arlington, Texas.

In August, her death was ruled the result of โ€œhomicidal violence,โ€ according to the medical examiner.


Note: this white girl most likely became an acquaintance with the killer black drug dealer at the high school which was FORCED TO RACIALLY INTEGRATE BY FEDERAL SOLDIERS - racially integrated public schools are part of a racist black supremacist conspiracy to ethnically cleanse America of the once majority Caucasian creators of the once great White castle on a hill.
Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

invasion invasion invasion invasion victim name Bonola moved to the United States from Mexico more than two decades ago; ICE has lodged a detainer with Queens Central Booking

EXCLUSIVE โ€“ David Bonola, the handyman arrested in the grisly murder of Queens mother Orsolya Gaal, had been living in the United States in violation of immigration law when he was arrested, law enforcement sources confirmed to Fox News Digital on Friday.

Bonola moved to the United States from Mexico 21 years ago, police officials said Thursday. They would not comment regarding the 44-year-old's immigration status at the time. But two law enforcement sources with knowledge of the matter told Fox News Digital that Bonola was in the country in violation of immigration law.

"ICE focuses its civil immigration enforcement priorities on the apprehension and removal of noncitizens who pose a threat to our national security, public safety, and border security," an Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson said in a statement. ICE has lodged a detainer with Queens Central Booking.

    Spanic Handyman STABBED her 58 TIMES

(White) Mom dumped in son's hockey bag had throat slashed, asked MEXICAN-surnamed 'handyman' ex-boyfriend suspect to leave multiple times
victim name The New York City mother of two whose body was found inside a duffel bag had asked her alleged killer to leave her house "multiple times" before she was stabbed to death, according to prosecutors.

The suspect, handyman David Bonola, was arrested early Thursday, days after he allegedly stabbed Orsolya Gaal over 50 times, slashed her throat and dumped her body in her son's hockey bag, the NYPD said.

Bonola, 44, and Gaal 51, had been having an off-and-on affair for two years, according to police. Bonola allegedly killed Gaal in her Queens home early Saturday while her 13-year-old son was upstairs, officials said.

"Because she knew him, she let him into the house. He then engaged her in a verbal dispute and unfortunately she had to ask him to leave multiple times," assistant district attorney Josh Garland said. Prosecutors said Bonola allegedly dragged Gaal's body through "a quiet residential neighborhood," leaving a trail of blood leading back to her home.

Defendant reportedly had affair with her before frenzied knife attack

Who is David Bonola? Suspected of murdered Queens mother

Murder of Orsolya Gaal: 5 quick facts you 'need to know'
1. ...
2. Orsolya Gaalโ€™s husband says her alleged killer texted him from her cell phone: โ€œYour whole family is nextโ€
3. Orsolya Gaal is originally from Hungary and studied at Budapest Business School according to her Facebook page
4. Police followed a trail of blood from where Gaalโ€™s body was found back to her home and then viewed surveillance footage showing her body being dragged down the street in a duffel bag
5. ...


Biden presidential puppet of far-left Socialist Sodomite Regime opened the soft-underbelly of the once 'Leader of the Free World' to THOUSANDS of MEXICAN-surnamed invaders like 'Bonela' who would love to find a blonde white woman to have a sexual affair with.
Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

  National Guard soldier goes missing in Texas river trying to rescue worthless ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIEN INAVADER
An Army National Guard soldier went missing in Texas on Friday after jumping into the Rio Grande to help a migrant struggling in the water, officials said.

The serviceman was serving on Operation Lone Star in Eagle Pass, about 140 miles southwest of San Antonio, on the border with the Mexican state of Coahuila.

Personnel for the Texas Military Department, Texas Department of Public Safety and Border Patrol all joined in searching for the serviceman, the National Guard said.

It wasn't immediately clear what happened to the migrant who had been in the water.

The National Guard Soldier "never came upโ€ after diving in, Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber told NBC affiliate WOAI.

Israeli flag   The Jewish Forward reports

Cleveland rabbi arrested for soliciting an investigator who posed as an underage boy online
A Cleveland-area rabbi was arrested and suspended from his congregation after allegedly engaging in explicit online conversations and attempting to meet with an undercover investigator posing as a 15-year-old boy.

Rabbi Stephen Weiss, who has served as senior rabbi at Bโ€™nai Jeshurun Congregation in Pepper Pike, Ohio, since 2001, was arrested Monday evening by law enforcement officers with the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. The 60-year-old had traveled to a pre-arranged location to allegedly engage in sexual activity with the purported child, after communicating on a social networking app.

According to court records, the vehicle he was driving was searched and law enforcement officers found a box of condoms, two bottles of lubricant and erectile dysfunction medication. Weiss was charged with attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, soliciting sexual services and possessing criminal tools, according to the prosecutorโ€™s office.

The arrest comes amid a spate of rabbinic misconduct allegations in Ohio and a broad reckoning around sexual harassment and abuse across major American Jewish institutions.
...alarming incidents of sexual harassment at several of its summer camps...

[NNN forum post by Arheel's Uncle] 
Forum poster

queer faggot sodomite catholic priests vs orthodox rabbis

On the Social Affects of Roman Catholic Clerical Faggotry.

British Columbiaโ€™s Satanic Sodomite Pedophile Infested Supreme Court Kidnaps Daughter For โ€œGender Transitionโ€

PEDOPHILIA: The โ€œJewishโ€ Talmudโ€™s Dirty Secret

80 percent of priests in the Vatican are gay: new book

First openly gay Orthodox rabbi ordained in Jerusalem

Western Complicity in the Rape of Boys in the Islamic World.

โ€œIt Is Permissible for the Mujahid to Enjoy Young Boys in the Absence of Womenโ€

Clerics are raping young boys in Pakistan Islamic schools ...


SUSPECT-NAME ST. LOUIS โ€” A jury convicted a man of sexual abuse of a child Thursday. Deonte Taylor, 39, was a teacher's aid at Lusher Elementary School when he abused a 7-year-old student in his office in November 2015. Taylor knowingly exposed the boy to the risk of infection with HIV.

Sentencing was scheduled for June 2. Witnesses included the victim, his mother, medical staff, detectives and a DNA analyst who found Taylor's "DNA" on the boy's body and clothing.

A witness for the defense tried to support an argument that the victim lied about the assault. St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell said his office is asking the court to sentence Taylor to the maximum number of years in prison.

Taylor was convicted of three counts of statutory sodomy against a child younger than 12 years; each count can get a sentence of 10-30 years or lifeโ€” those must be served consecutively. He was also convicted of knowingly exposing a child to risk of infection with HIVโ€” that's another 5-15 years.

Taylor is still charged with hiring a hitman to kill the abuse victim, his mother and his grandmother. While Taylor was in jail, he approached John White. White said Taylor and a man named Michael Johnson offered him $20,000 to commit the three killings.

When asked why White agreed to accept the job, the father of 10 said he had no intention of going through with it. โ€œI could see how serious he was. And if he didnโ€™t get me to do it, he was going to get somebody else. And maybe that next person wouldโ€™ve done it. So I think I did the right thing,โ€ White to 5 On Your Side in 2021.

White met with Johnson in a north city parking lot and says he received a few hundred dollars as a down payment for the murder. โ€œHe was just saying 'I appreciate you doing this because Deonte needs to be home and I need my baby home with me.' He handed me $500 and said I had to get back to church because 'Iโ€™m the choir director,'โ€ said White.

The I-Team confirmed Johnson was the Choir Director of a St. Louis area church at the time. Lusher Elementary School is in the Hazelwood School District.

The Florissant Police Department investigated the sexual assault. The investigation took several years, a mistake the department admitted. Taylor was teaching at Walnut Grove Elementary in the Ferguson-Florissant School District in 2018 when he was arrested in the case.

    BLACK RAPE-APE raped a 16-year-old girl in a driveway after school bus drop-off in Broward
SUSPECT-NAME Between where a 16-year-old Lauderhill girl got off the school bus and her home, police say she was forced to survive a box cutter put to her throat before being raped in a driveway last week. Police say the โ€œcalm demeanor and the manner in which he preyed upon the victimโ€ suggest the suspect has done this before.

That suspect, 39-year-old Jermaine Henderson, a 5-foot-6, 220-pound Miramar resident, has been in Broward County Jail since Tuesday. Heโ€™s charged with two counts of sexual assault with a weapon, sexual battery on a victim over 12 years old. No bond has been granted. Henderson bonded out after a 2019 misdemeanor arrest then forfeited that bond by not showing up for his arraignment. Henderson also had two civil writs of arrest for being in arrears on child support according to his online jail records.

The arrest warrant says the 16-year-old girl looked at a photo array and โ€œpointed at the photo depicting Henderson while repeating โ€™Thatโ€™s him,โ€™ โ€ multiple times.

Crocs, a box cutter and a pickup truck

The arrest warrant says the 16-year-old got off the school bus near the corner of Northwest 38th Avenue and Sixth Street and headed home around 4 p.m. on April 11. Surveillance video from a nearby home released by Lauderhill police shows the girl walking down the street as a white pickup truck pulls into a driveway in front of her. A man stops the girl and talks to her.

The warrant says the victim described the man as heavy-set with hazel eyes, a beard, brush cut hair, around 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-7, wearing an orange construction shirt, work boots and khaki pants. She said he told her she got โ€œfrom point A to point B pretty fastโ€ and asked her if she was on the track team. He then asked if he could check out the multi-colored Crocs she was wearing. She put one up on the truckโ€™s tailgate. He grabbed her ankle, she said, and put a box cutter to it. He told her to follow his orders and she wouldnโ€™t get hurt. He then put the box cutter to her throat and walked her to the open front passenger side door. After opening the rear passenger side door to conceal them from casual passers-by, she said, the man raped her.

Preservation and investigation

The bleeding girl subsequently went to HCA Westside Hospital for treatment, met with Plantation and Lauderhill police officers, described the truck, then to the Sexual Assault Treatment Center for examination and a rape kit. Two days later, the warrant says, detectives went door-to-door in the neighborhood after walking through it with the 16-year-old, who remembered details such as where she crossed the street after getting off the bus and why she crossed where she did. On April 14, a resident emailed police that her surveillance video picked up something.

After police viewed the surveillance video, a license plate reader search found a 2008 white Ford F-250 pickup truck with paper license tag DDI2994 later changed to a regular tag 28BMDQ. It was owned by a Plantation man who also appeared on a Plantation police department report from April 12. The truckโ€™s owner had gone with a friend to USA Tires International to complain about work done on the truck and the disagreement got heated enough for Plantation police to be called. The friend actually had been the one to bring the truck in for work.

The friend, the warrant said, was Jermaine Henderson.

Nigro RAPE Suspect, Jermaine Henderson, Jailed But Police Suspect More Victims Out There

Police arrest man accused of luring then raping 16-year-old in Lauderhill; other victims likely

[NNN forum post by mkultra] 
Forum poster

    Gee, if you can't trust your AFRICAN-merican POLICE OFFICERS...

HUNDREDS of frame-ups by Chicago Police crew PROTECTION RACKET FLUSHED - mostly poor black public housing tenants victims of racket run by CORRUPT BLACK COP BOSS
suspect suspect Cook County prosecutors on Friday reversed course and agreed that 44 convictions related to convicted ex-Chicago police Sgt. Ronald Watts should be thrown out.

Prosecutors initially filed paperwork opposing the effort to dismiss those cases, many of which involved officers who โ€œhad not previously been impugned in Wattsโ€™ nefarious conduct,โ€ Assistant Stateโ€™s Attorney Catherine Malloy said in court Friday.

But upon further review, prosecutors decided that simply the potential of possible interference by Watts โ€œraises concerns about the integrity of these cases,โ€ Malloy said.

Judge Erica Reddick formally vacated the convictions Friday, meaning that all 100 convictions for the 88 Watts accusers involved in last yearโ€™s expansive joint exoneration effort have been dismissed. Three other Watts-related cases that were not part of last yearโ€™s effort also were vacated Friday when prosecutors said they would not oppose their dismissal.

As of Friday, Cook County Stateโ€™s Attorney Kim Foxxโ€™s office has agreed to throw out 212 convictions related to Watts, according to a statement from the office. Watts and his team of tactical officers have been accused of orchestrating a decade of terror at the now-razed Ida B. Wells public housing complex on the black South Side, systematically forcing residents and drug dealers alike to pay a โ€œprotectionโ€ tax and putting bogus cases on those who refused to do so.

    Black woman has been 'committed' (to an insane asylum) in 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2018

(Black) Woodbury woman ruled competent to stand trial on charges of killing daughter, injuring son
black suspect A judge declared a Woodbury woman with a history of mental illness competent to stand trial on charges of fatally attacking her 5-year-old daughter and injuring her 6-year-old son in the street outside their home nearly 11 months ago. Sadiyo I. Mohamed, 32, was ordered civilly committed in October for six months, meaning the second-degree murder and second-degree assault case against her in Washington County District Court was put on hold.

After her commitment, Judge Douglas Meslow on Thursday declared Mohamed competent and scheduled the next hearing in the case for July 13. Ahead of her civil commitment last fall, Dr. Colt Blunt determined Mohamed was incompetent to proceed with the charges that she killed Kawthar Abdi and injured her son in May 2021. Blunt told the court that Mohamed refused to participate in an examination and would not leave her jail cell for a court hearing concerning her mental state.

Court records show that Mohamed has struggled with mental illness since at least 2013, when she was civilly committed for a year for treatment. She was similarly committed in 2016, 2017 and 2018, and last discharged in September 2018. Mohamed told police on the day of the attacks that she has bipolar disorder and had been off her meds for a couple of months, according to a criminal complaint. She also said she has been "paranoid and hallucinating for the last couple of days," the complaint read.

She went on to say that she believed her children were playing games with her, and "she said she wasn't sure if her kids were the devil or a demon, which made her question if she should hurt them or not," according to the charges. Police responded about 12:45 a.m. May 26 to numerous 911 calls from the 400 block of Lake View Alcove and saw Mohamed chasing her screaming son down the street. Officers found Kawthar on her back in the street. She was bleeding from a head wound and was unresponsive, according to the charges.

Emergency medical personnel took the children to Regions Hospital. The girl had a fractured skull and other serious injuries, and the boy had a possible broken arm and a large bump above his right eye, the charges read. Kawthar died three weeks later.

    (Black) 4-year-old dies after drinking whiskey; black grandmammy, mom jailed
black suspect BATON ROUGE, La. (CBSDFW.COM/AP) โ€” A 4-year-old girl in Louisiana is dead after her grandmother allegedly forced her to drink a bottle of whiskey while her mother watched.

Sgt. L'Jean McKneely, a Baton Rouge police spokesperson, told news outlets the little girl's grandmother, Roxanne Record, 53, and mother, Kadjah Record, 29, were arrested April 22, each on a charge of first-degree murder. It was unknown if either had an attorney who could speak on their behalf.

Officers were sent to a Baton Rouge home around 11:00 a.m. on April 21 after reports of an unresponsive child. The child, 4-year-old China Record, was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

According to an arrest warrant obtained by CBS television affiliate WAFB the adult women were upset because the little girl may have drunk from a bottle of whiskey in the house, so the grandmother allegedly forced the toddler to drink the rest of the liquor that was in the bottle while the mother watched. It is believed the bottle was more than half full.

The little girl had a blood-alcohol level of .680%, more than eight times the limit for an adult,

  Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (22 April 2022)
The Bobster

BLACK Yeadon Council Votes To Begin Search For New BLACK Police Chief Hours After WHITE Anthony Paparo Files Suit Against Borough for black supremacist anti-white affirmative actionโ€‹
Paparo claims he was fired because heโ€™s white and the borough is predominantly Black.

Levar Turner Turns Himself In For Murder In Shooting Of Philly Copโ€™s Son Hyram Hill, 2nd Suspect At Large
black suspect PHILADELPHIA (CBS) โ€” A 23-year-old man wanted in the murder of Hyram Hill, the son of a Philadelphia police officer, has turned himself in. Levar Turner has been charged with murder, robbery and other offenses, authorities said Friday afternoon.

Surveillance video was released earlier this week from Jan. 24 near Broad Street and Allegheny Avenue, where Hyram Hill, the son of an active duty Philadelphia police officer, was killed in a brazen shooting.

Hillโ€™s mother, Edwenna Ferguson, canโ€™t bring herself to watch this newly-released surveillance video of her sonโ€™s killers, but sheโ€™s hoping others will, so someone out there can help her get justice for her son.

โ€œForever is a long time to miss somebody,โ€ Ferguson said. โ€œI get shook up every time I think of that. Forever is a long time to miss somebody.โ€

  Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (22 April 2022)
The Bobster

BLACK Masturbating creep torments woman on NYC subway: copsโ€‹
A masturbating man tormented a woman on a Lower Manhattan subway Thursday morning, cops said.

The disgusting chain of events unfolded when the creep approached the 22-year-old victim as she was sitting on a bench on the southbound R line platform at the Cortlandt Street subway station at about 7 a.m., cops said.

The attacker first touched the womanโ€™s thigh and started to masturbate before following her onto the train and ejaculating on the subway car floor, cops said.
The perv then got off at the Court Street stop.

  ["Conspiracy Corner"]
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There are ten references to 'conspiracy' in the King James Bible

Here are some recent internet news and commentary links posted by Apollonian
Apollonian who is a blogger and Guest Columnist on the New Nation News Forum who has described himself
as a "combat-scholar/theologian, part-time exorcist & Christian patriot"
Warning: Language

Here's some info on the power of Disney "woke" queers and corporate tyrants FULL Tucker Carlson Tonight 4/22/22
[Fox Breaking News April 22, 2022]

Nancy Pelosi, the Wall Street queen, is heavily invested in China; this is why she wonโ€™t investigate covid originsโ€‹
[Natural News]

REVEALED: Over 50,000 Americans 65 and over died within two weeks of vaccineโ€‹
[21st Century Wire]

FOX commentary on the mask mandate which was overturned by Fed judge, Fauci outraged such judge dares to overrule medical feds
[FOX news video] Is the CDC above the law?

The Gov. DeSantis answers criticism of Disney queers and satanistsThe Gov. DeSantis answers criticism of Disney queers and satanists
[Fox News Tucker Carlson]

โ€˜Theyโ€™re Playing Hardballโ€™: Feds Subpoenaed Hunter Biden Paternity Docs, Including Tax Recordsโ€‹
[Infowars: Alex Jones]

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    Lothrop Stoddard
Lothrop Stoddard

๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 21` April 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******


BLACK-ON-WHITE: PACK of black females in Boston allegedly brutally beat down a light skinned woman over her 'black' hairstyle
victim BOSTON โ€” Five young teenage girls are facing charges in the brutal beating of a young woman in Downtown Crossing.

According to a police report, the juveniles pounced on the victim after making a comment about her hairstyle. The attackers reportedly called the victim โ€œwhite [expletive] with braidsโ€ and told her she could not wear her hair in the style because she was โ€œnot Black.โ€

Witnesses told investigators that as many as 20 teens, some as young as 12 years old, swarmed the victim, who is 19 years old. The juveniles are charged with pulling her hair, punching her and kicking her repeatedly near Washington and Winter Streets just before 7 p.m. Monday night.

โ€œThere were at least 15 monkey 'girls' chasing after the woman on the bike, and they started pounding on her,โ€ said witness Christopher Jackson. โ€œThey got her down on the ground, and they were holding her down.โ€ Jackson, who works at a nearby flower stand, described the attack as unprovoked and brutal.

โ€œHer face was all red and scratched. She got up, and she looked like she didnโ€™t know where she was,โ€ recalled Jackson. Jackson said that the teens also attacked two witnesses who intervened. Police allege the girls also assaulted responding officers and hurled โ€œracially motivated insultsโ€ at them.

Black youths in Boston allegedly beat white woman over her 'black' hairstyle*

5 NEGROID minors arrested for brutal attack on woman in Boston's Downtown Crossingโ€‹

TNew video shows juveniles brutally attacking woman in Boston

Five nappy-haired aspiring single mammies arrested Monday night for jealously pack attacked cause a NON-negroid female had fine, straight hair as is genetic with most European DNA.


[NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
Forum member




Young black woman chased and run over three times on a lawn by 'road-raged' black man
black suspect The traumatic injuries of a 23-year-old woman???? who ran three times during a road rage attack have been revealed.

Morgan Scott suffered more than 60 percent deep injuries to her??? body after getting down??? (urban slang???) from the driver in the wake of the accident.

Vincent Jean, a New Jersey woman????, was trying to take a photo of her??? license plate before leaving the scene of the accident.

โ€œAt that point, the suspect drove her??? car straight to the victim and she??? started running on the lawn to avoid being hit,โ€ Union County Prosecutor William Daniel said.

The video shows??? a witness shouting "Jean" to stop him??? when Ms Scott screamed and drove??? to the yard. Jeanne was later arrested by police.

The ordeal was captured on camera by the security system of the residentsโ€™ front door. Officers arrived on the scene and found the 23-year-old young man???? lying on the lawn.

Mrs. Scott was transported to University Hospital and suffered three fractured bones in her??? neck, according to a GoFundMe page.

According to the donation page, she?? suffered severe fractures of the bone, liver, broken ribs and back. Ms??? Scottโ€™s medical insurance says she??? cannot pay her??? expenses through the company because her??? injuries were not the result of an accident.

The goal is to raise $ 100,000 to cover her??? medical bills. Approximately $ 11,000 has been donated since April 16, 2022.

Jean was charged with attempted first-degree murder and third-degree assault by auto. Jean is currently awaiting trial at the Union County Jail. It is not clear whether Jean hired a lawyer to represent him???. Scott is still in the hospital.

GoFundMe for victim of apparent road rage incident raises thousands

One of the first CONFUSING headlines in this story was
"SHOCKING: Jewish Woman in Critical Condition After Being Deliberately Run Over by Car (Video)"
[However have not found a confirming news story that the black woman was Jewish].

[NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
Forum member

  Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (21 April 2022)
The Bobster

Black mandingo Suspect busted in attempted broad-daylight NYC sex assault, cops sayโ€‹
A creep who allegedly tried to sexually assault a woman in broad daylight at Grand Army Plaza was busted Thursday โ€” and police have also connected him to a separate attack hours earlier, authorities said.

SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME Louis Colbert, 25, of Hempstead, was nabbed in connection to the sick attack on the 29-year-old woman at around 12:15 p.m. Sunday, cops said.

The perv allegedly trailed the victim as she walked out of the Grand Army Plaza subway station and masturbated in front of her.

He then forced her onto a bench โ€” where he tried to sexually assault her, police said.

Colbert then bolted into Prospect Park through the Grand Army Plaza entrance, according to cops.

Police said that earlier that morning, at around 6:30 a.m., Colbert inappropriately touched a 35-year-old woman in the laundry room of her building on Chester Street in Brownsville.

He has one prior arrest, for exposing himself in 2018, police said.

Should be deported to Monkey Island
Monkey Island


3-Year-Old Yaseem Jenkins Dies After Surviving 2019 Shooting Where Authorities Say Father Used Him As Human Shieldโ€‹
black suspect victim name PHILADELPHIA (CBS) โ€” Three-year-old Yaseem Munir Jenkins, who survived a shooting in 2019, died on Tuesday, SOROS District Attorney Larry Krasnersaid Thursday afternoon. Krasner says his office is awaiting the medical examinerโ€™s report on the cause of death.

โ€œWe have reason to believe the cause of death is his original injury from the shooting,โ€ Krasner said.

Jenkinsโ€™ was just 11-months-old at the time of the shooting, which left him in critical condition. Authorities say his father, Nafes Monroe, used him as a human shield while trying to buy drugs with counterfeit cash in North Philadelphia.

Monroe was arrested and charged with recklessly endangering another person and endangering the welfare of a child.

The alleged shooter, 29-year-old Francisco Ortiz, is charged with attempted murder. Krasner says his office is prepared for separate trials for Ortiz and if Jenkinsโ€™ death is deemed a result of his injuries sustained in the shooting additional charges including murder could be filed.

Ortiz is also connected to the 2019 deadly shooting of 2-year-old Nikolette Rivera. Police say the gun used to kill Rivera was given to the suspects in that case by Ortiz.

Father used baby as human shield during drug deal shooting, Philadelphia DA says

Now-Former Admissions Director At Delaware Private School Charged With Dealing Child Pornography
WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) โ€” A now-former employee of a Delaware private school has been charged with five counts of dealing in child pornography. Tower Hill School, in Wilmington, says William Ushler was immediately barred from campus and fired when they learned of the charges.

  Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (22 April 2022)
The Bobster

(Psycho demon-possessed BLACK nightmare) sent to mental facility over Michelle Goโ€™s fatal subway shoveโ€‹
black suspect black suspect victim name The homeless man accused of fatally shoving Michelle Go into an oncoming train at the Times Square subway station was sent to a mental institution Monday following confirmation that heโ€™s unfit to stand trial.

Martial Simon, 61, was turned over to the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene after prosecutors agreed with the assessment on his mental status made by Bellevue psychiatrists last month.

Simon, who admitted to the fatal Jan. 9 push, will remain at a psychiatric facility until heโ€™s found mentally fit, the Manhattan District Attorneyโ€™s Office confirmed.

The homeless man had been held at Bellevue Hospital since his arrest. Prosecutors have accused Simon of randomly pushing Go off the platform as she was waiting to board an R train.

Historically, Bellevue was popularly associated with its treatment of mentally ill patients
such that "Bellevue" became a local pejorative slang term for a psychiatric hospital.

Corrupt (black female) ex-NYC judge Sylvia Ash sentenced to 15 months for obstructing justiceโ€‹
black suspect chicken thief A corrupt former Brooklyn judge was sentenced to 15 months in prison Wednesday after being convicted of obstruction of justice charges โ€“ a case that โ€œstruck at the heart of the criminal justice system,โ€ a federal jurist said.

The disgraced Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice, Sylvia Ash, was convicted of conspiracy to obstruct justice and other counts at trial last year for attempting to throw off federal investigators who were probing embezzlement at the Municipal Credit Union.

(apparently white) POLISH NYC man arrested for alleged hate-fueled Hellโ€™s Kitchen stabbing of TURK?
A man was busted late Wednesday for allegedly stabbing a man in a hate-fueled Hellโ€™s Kitchen attack, cops said.

Konrad Pielak, 29 โ€“ who lives in the neighborhood โ€“ approached the 24-year-old man at West 44th Street and Ninth Avenue around 12:15 a.m. Friday and said, โ€œI hate Turkish people,โ€according to police. Then he stabbed the victim in the torso with an unknown sharp object, police said.

The victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition. Pielak took off, but cops caught up to him at 10:40 p.m. Wednesday, authorities said.

A Midtown North NYPD officer spotted Pielak, recognized him, and took him into custody, police said.

Retired BLACK boxer, Mike Tyson, repeatedly punches WHITE male airplane passenger in crazy videoโ€‹
suspect Mike Tyson appeared to attack a White passenger on a Wednesday night flight, according to footage released Thursday by TMZ.

Tyson, who had boarded a Florida-bound plane from San Francisco, is said to have engaged with his fellow passenger prior to the incident, a witness told the gossip site, with the former heavyweight even posing for a selfie.

The passenger is also seen chatting animatedly behind Tysonโ€™s seat as another passenger films the exchange. Things took a turn for the worse, however, when Tyson apparently grew agitated with the passenger, who had failed to leave him alone, with the former heavyweight champ then delivering a series of blows from over his seat.

  Tierney's REAL News (4/21/22)

[Quote Peggy Tierney]
They talked about who "paid" for the ballot harvesters and mentioned an 'international' NGO that was founded by Saul Alinsky in the 1940s and once again mentioned 'old Chicago money' behind it. So, it wasn't just Zuckerberg. Obama's mentors?

I think she might be referring to this group:

She also says that Stacey Abrams' "Souls to the Polls" gave money to churches in Atlanta who collected ballots! They also go into more detail about what Governor Kemp did to them in Georgia to block the investigation into voter fraud.
In this video, a US Postal worker visited the same drop box 4 times with stacks of ballots! So, as we suspected, the US Post Office was in on the steal!

[UN-Quote Peggy Tierney]

    Dear Google, please update your cache of this newslink from 2004
Thanks very much.
New Nation News Archives Administrator.

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    [Above images from Patriotic Alternative in UK]

    Lothrop Stoddard
Lothrop Stoddard

๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ dd April 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

    (Black) Family Dollar worker faces murder charge after fatally shooting would-be shoplifter in back
black suspect An employee at a Family Dollar store in Texas opened fire on a would-be shoplifter, striking him multiple times and killing him, cops said Tuesday.

Antonio Batres, 21, is now facing a murder charge for shooting the 49-year-old man in the back after a โ€œphysical altercationโ€ at the Houston Family Dollar on Sunday at about 4:30 p.m., according to Houston police.

The "victim: was attempting to steal goods from the discount store when he was confronted by a group of employees, including Batres, cops said in a statement. Batres and the alleged thief then got entangled in a fight and a melee ensued.

โ€œFurther investigation determined the victim had his back toward Batres, who then pulled out a pistol and shot the victim several times,โ€ the release stated. The wounded man was taken to a hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. He has not been identified.

Batres was booked on Tuesday and was being held in Harris County Jail with a bond set at $75,000, jail records show. He is due back in court on Monday.

    (Black) arrested for MURDER following fatal Easter weekend shootingโ€‹
black suspect An arrest has been made following a fatal Easter weekend shooting in the Upstate. The Greenville County Sheriff's Office has announced the arrest of 28 year old, Elex Tyrell Gregory in connection with the shooting death of 23 year old, Ja'Tyius Daquon Grady.

The incident happened Saturday night at the Spring Grove Apartments in Taylors. Investigators say, Gregory shot and killed Grady following a dispute. The two men knew each other, but the exact nature of the dispute is still unclear.

Gregory was taken into custody Monday night in Anderson County. He faces charges of Murder and Possession Of A Weapon During A Violent Crime".

[NNN forum thread posted by mkultra] 
Forum member

    (Cowardly Colored) "King Edwards" (makes his druggy momma proud) pleads guilty in 2017 fatal beating of SOMALI migrant cabby, gets 19 to 38 years tax-payer paid free room and board
black suspect black suspect The defense attorney for King Edwards told the court that his client has no criminal record, is remorseful and that he fully cooperated with law enforcement in their prosecution of the men responsible for the beating death of <---victim a Somali cab driver in Beltzhoover in 2017. Edwards even went so far as to testify for six hours against one of his co-defendants at trial in 2019. For all those circumstances, defense attorney Chris Capozzi argued Tuesday, his client should get a break on sentencing.

He asked the court to sentence Edwards, who pleaded guilty to third-degree murder, robbery and conspiracy, to a standard range prison term of six yearsโ€™ incarceration. But Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Elliot Howsie told Edwards that heโ€™d already gotten a benefit by being allowed to plead to the lesser homicide charge, especially given that one co-defendant, Daniel Russell, was found guilty of second-degree murder, which carries a mandatory penalty of life without parole. โ€œThe break you got is that youโ€™re not looking at a life sentence,โ€ Howsie said. โ€œActions create consequences, and you have to be accountable.โ€

He ordered Edwards to serve a total of 19 to 38 years in state prison to be followed by five years of probation. The maximum possible penalty for third-degree murder is 20 to 40 years. Edwards, who testified at Russellโ€™s trial in 2019, was one of four men charged in the Feb. 21, 2017, attack of Ramadhan Mohamed. Mohamed, a 31-year-old Somali refugee, was working as a Z-trip cab driver when Russell ordered a ride about 2 a.m. to pick him up on "Climax Street" in Beltzhoover.

Russell, along with Christen Glenn and Hosea Moore were at Edwardsโ€™ home nearby. They planned to rob the driver dispatched to the call, Edwards testified then. When the driver arrived, Edwards and Russell got in the back seat to distract him. Then Moore opened the driverโ€™s side door and punched Mohamed in the face. Moore and Glenn then dragged him out of the car, and the four of them punched and kicked Mohamed.

Although the beating stopped at one point, and Mohamed was left sitting up in the grass, Russell returned a short time later and resumed kicking him. Eventually, Mohamed was so badly injured that he stopped moving and was left moaning on the ground. The men moved him, and ultimately, Edwardsโ€™ mother called an ambulance. Mohamed died three days later of blunt force trauma.

Kimberly Edwards testified briefly on her sonโ€™s behalf. She told the court that she struggled with drugs throughout her sonโ€™s youth. โ€œI wasnโ€™t the best mom, and I know that,โ€ she said. โ€œIf I could go back, I would change who I was in his life.โ€ When given the chance to speak at Tuesdayโ€™s hearing, King Edwards apologized to Mohamedโ€™s family.

โ€œThereโ€™s really no explaining it,โ€ he said. โ€œForgiveness is the only thing Iโ€™m really looking forward to.โ€ โ€œMr. Edwards, have you forgiven yourself for what occurred?โ€ Capozzi asked. โ€œNot yet,โ€ the defendant replied.

But Howsie appeared to be unmoved by Edwardsโ€™ statement. โ€œThe thing I struggle with the most: He lost his life over something you and your friends wouldnโ€™t do, trying to make a living to care for his family,โ€ Howsie said. โ€œIt was just easier to take his money than go earn your own.โ€ Howsie then read Edwardsโ€™ Facebook posts from the day after the attack in which he bragged about beating someone up the previous night. Edwards claimed they were written about another fight that evening.

โ€œNot only was it intentional, but you were bragging about it,โ€ Howsie countered. โ€œYou got to understand the environment where I live,โ€ Edwards said. Howsie told Edwards that he grew up in Wilkinsburg, and the he did understand.

The judge told Edwards to envision his neighborhood where everyone got up in the morning and went to work. โ€œThink about how that neighborhood would look,โ€ the judge said. โ€œIt would be way different. โ€œItโ€™s offensive. This man lost his life working and trying to provide for his family.โ€

Deputy District Attorney Ilan Zur told Howsie that Mohamedโ€™s death is the most brutal homicide heโ€™s handled during his time as a prosecutor. Zur also read from a letter submitted to the court by Mohamedโ€™s family, who lives in Wisconsin. โ€œRamadhan came to the United States as a refugee seeking safety and a better life,โ€ they wrote.

They called him a sweet and humble man who was a good provider for his children. They asked for the maximum sentence for Edwards. โ€œOur family is forever and truly broken,โ€ they wrote. โ€œHow much compassion did they have at the decision to murder Ramadhan?โ€ Glenn, 24, is scheduled for trial in September. Moore, 25, is expected to plead guilty to robbery and conspiracy, but there is no agreement as to sentencing.

or did the 'Baby daddy' SPIKE the BABY BOTTLE with BOOZE?

(Black) Georgia Mother and Father Face Multiple Murder Charges After 4-Week-Old Baby Dies with โ€˜Four Times the Legal Limitโ€™ of Alcohol in System
black suspect A mother and father in Georgia were arrested in connection with the death of their 4-week-old infant late last week.

Sydnei Moran Dunn, 24, and Marquis Simon Colvin, 25, both stand accused of one count of malice murder, one of the Peach Stateโ€™s iterations of murder in the first degree, after authorities say their newborn baby died from extreme alcohol poisoning on April 14, 2022. A large number of additional charges have been filed against the couple as well.

According to a press release from the Paulding County Sheriffโ€™s Office, an investigation began during the late afternoon hours the day before the childโ€™s death. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution attributes the sheriffโ€™s release to spokesperson Sergeant Ashley Henson.

The sheriffโ€™s office says it was initially contacted by staff at Childrenโ€™s Healthcare of Atlanta in reference to an unresponsive infant brought by its parents to the hospital on April 13, 2022. Dunn and Colvin allegedly relayed a story to staff about the childโ€™s condition that โ€œdid not make sense and sounded as if they needed to be looked into by law enforcement.โ€

Detectives arrived and met with medical professionals to ascertain what they could about the childโ€™s condition, the news release says. At some point, law enforcement apparently determined or learned that the child was suffering from having consumed too much alcohol.

Then it was on to the parents. Dunn allegedly told investigators that she drank a lot the day before she noticed something was wrong with her baby and that the child must have come down with second-hand alcohol poisoning from breastfeeding. That story eventually fell apart, the sheriffโ€™s office says. โ€œShe then indicated that the childโ€™s father put alcohol in the babyโ€™s bottle,โ€ according to the release. โ€œOnce the child was unresponsive, she explained that is when they took the baby to the hospital.โ€

[NNN forum thread posted by mkultra:] 
Forum member

    FEDERAL HATEFUL THOUGHT CRIME for certain groups of victims

Black African-american not gentle but gentile suspect charged with HATEFUL ATTITUDE
while attempting to murder several ORTHODOX-looking Jewish men

black suspect black suspect TRENTON, NJ โ€” A Manchester man is now facing federal hate crimes charges in a spree of attacks on Orthodox Jewish men in Lakewood and Jackson earlier this month that sent two men to the hospital and sent fear through the community, federal prosecutors announced Wednesday.

Dion Marsh, 27, has been charged with four counts of violating the federal Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act and one count of carjacking, U.S. Attorney Philip R. Sellinger said.

Sellinger said the hate crimes violations charges were filed because Marsh is charged with willfully causing bodily injury to four victims, and attempting to cause them injury with a dangerous weapon, because they were Jewish. He is charged with attempting to kill three of those victims, including one he stabbed the victim in the chest.

Marsh, who remains in the Ocean County Jail in connection with the attempted murder and terrorism charges filed by the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office, will have an appearance in federal court; the date of that appearance has not been determined, Sellinger's office said.

The charges stem from the series of attacks on April 8,

    (Black) Nursing home employee arrested after assault on a resident, police say
black suspect DARBY, Pa. - An employee of St. Francis Country House is facing charges after they were accused of assaulting an elderly resident earlier this week. On Monday at around 5 p.m., Darby Borough police say they were dispatched to the nursing home on Lansdowne Ave.

Upon arrival, officers say they met with an employee of the nursing home who told them that a nurse witnessed a nursing assistant, later identified as Ednise Dulcio, strike a resident. Police say the incident was caught on video, and that Dulcio can be seen striking a 92-year-old resident with an open hand while the resident was sitting in their wheelchair.

After speaking with the witness, police say they learned that Dulcio struck the resident prior to the incident that was captured on video. Authorities say Dulcio was arrested in her home on Tuesday around 3:30 p.m. after further investigation. She is facing charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, abusive care of a dependent person, and related charges.

[NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
Forum poster

    Feds link BLACK man to eight Bay Area bank robberies, some on the same day
black suspect chicken thief SAN FRANCISCO โ€” Using tattoos, similar clothing, and a similar modus operandi, federal authorities have linked one man to eight bank robberies in January and February, court records show.

Willie Thomas III, 33, was charged with bank robbery, a federal offense, in a criminal complaint that accuses him of robbing eight San Francisco banks, some of which were hit on the same day. All told, authorities say that nearly $25,000 was taken from the banks in total.

The robber targeted Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, Bank of the West, and U.S. Bank branches in San Francisco. In some of the incidents, the robber threatened to harm or kill tellers, using written notes, authorities said.

Thomas was linked to the robberies by a tattoo and scar on his hands, seen in surveillance footage of some robberies, as well as distinctive clothing. Authorities allege Thomas reused clothing for multiple robberies, including colorful, distinctive pants and shirts. In one robbery, he allegedly dressed up like a woman, with a wig and purse.

    these little black kids gettng away with a $3 bag of stolen chips
will be back a few years later with a stolen gun to shoot the Indian migrant store clerk dead

ANTI-WHITE, ANTI-AUTHORITY, ANTI-LAW-AND-ORDER female democrat NY governor & media

chicken thief chicken thief SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) โ€” A widely seen video of an 8-year-old Black child sobbing as he's being led into a Syracuse police car over a bag of chips was called โ€œheart wrenchingโ€ Wednesday by New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, who said more needs to be done to build trust with communities of color.

The video taken Sunday shows a white officer holding the clearly distraught youth from behind by his elbows, leading him from a sidewalk to the back seat of a police vehicle. Another officer says the situation is about โ€œstealing stuff.โ€ The man recording the video argues with police to let the child go.

The video has been widely shared on social media, with many people condemning the officers for treating the criminal black child roughly.

VIDEO: Syracuse Police take down of black 8-year-old aspiring smash-and-grab gangster

    Black Blood on Bidens Hands for GAS PRICE CRISIS

NFL quarterback Dwayne Haskins had run out of gas before he was struck and killed on I-595, wife says
biden victim name


suspect name suspect name A Florida man seen on video attempting a broad daylight kidnapping of a child earlier this week has been arrested, and detectives say the suspect may have previously targeted other children.

Vinh Nguyen, 37, was arrested Tuesday, a day after surveillance cameras in the Azalea Park neighborhood of Orlando showed him approach a child, touch their shoulders and face, and attempt to lure the child into his SUV, the Orange County Sheriffโ€™s Office said.

The sheriffโ€™s office released video of deputies escorting Nguyen into a patrol car. He is facing charges of false imprisonment, luring of a child and battery.

Detectives are concerned the suspect may be linked to other incidents, the sheriffโ€™s office said. Last year, a parent reportedly called authorities after Nguyen allegedly approached a 13-year-old and offered to give the child a ride to school, FOX35 Orlando reported.

  Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (20 April 2022)
The Bobster

Crazy, stinky negro vagrant with knife on NYC subway tracked down by fellow rider, arrested - (link fixed)
Hasuan Fernandez An unhinged subway vagrant accused of menacing other riders with a large knife on a Manhattan subway Tuesday afternoon was later arrested thanks to a quick-thinking straphanger who flagged down police.

Hasuan Fernandez, 48, was allegedly acting erratically and threatening commuters with a 10-inch blade aboard a downtown 1 train that had just left the Chambers Street station in Tribeca at about 3:30 p.m., according to police and Ronny Jaramillo โ€” the man who helped land the suspect in custody.

โ€œThe guy was in the train โ€” he was not in my train [car] โ€” but he started attacking people; he started punching the walls,โ€ Jaramillo, 36, recalled in an interview with The Post. Two men tried to stop Fernandez, Jaramillo said, but after the suspect โ€œpulled out a knife,โ€ everybody fled to Jaramilloโ€™s car.

The suspect then followed the terrified riders into the adjacent car, according to the witness. โ€œEverybody tried to be as far away from him as possible,โ€ said Jaramillo. โ€œHe was waving the knife at everybody.โ€

Fernandez eventually exited the train at the Franklin Street station with Jaramillo on his trail. Jaramillo, a Park Slope restaurateur who is opening a Mexican eatery in Tribeca, said he was able to track the suspect by his distinctive red backpack.

ROMAN CATHOLIC Diocese Of Camden Agrees To $87.5 Million Deal To Settle HOMO Sex Abuse Suitsโ€‹
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) โ€” A New Jersey Catholic diocese has agreed to pay $87.5 million to settle claims involving clergy sex abuse with some 300 'alleged' victims in one of the largest cash settlements involving the Catholic church in the United States.

The agreement between the Diocese of Camden, which encompasses six counties in southern New Jersey on the outskirts of Philadelphia, and plaintiffs was filed with U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Camden on Tuesday.

DISGUSTING DEPRAVED DETAILS about what the roughly 300 victims have alleged happened to them were not included in the proposed settlement, according to an attorney for some 70 of the victims.

Fed Prosecutors Plan To Retry (Black) City Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson & Wife After Mistrial Declared In Bribery Caseโ€‹
SUSPECT-NAME chicken thief PHILADELPHIA (CBS) โ€” Philadelphia city councilmember Kenyatta Johnson returned to work Wednesday after a mistrial was declared in the federal bribery case against Johnson and his wife, Dawn Chavous.

On Tuesday, the two walked out of the federal courthouse after the jury was deadlocked. Prosecutors claim Johnson accepted bribes disguised through a consulting contract with his wife.

    QUEER FAGGOT Democratic Party Deviants Are Sexualizing Americaโ€™s Children
The LGBTQ community and the manner in which it has acted so militantly against Americaโ€™s founding principles and the core morality of Christianity, in all areas of American society, has always been something gross and repugnant to me, as they sought privilege and government validation forced upon all society, over the simple equal rights under the law that everybody already has, as biological men and women.

My perspective is holistic and aimed at the movement that still persists today, that forced Americans to recognize โ€œsame-sex marriageโ€ as legal, as the unhinged lunatics took over the asylum called โ€œthe U.S. Supreme Courtโ€. Yes, I full well realize there are probably many homosexuals who are pretty much decent people for the most part, but there is a massive portion of this movement that advances the evilest things imaginable through their Queer Theories that target the youngest, most vulnerable of society, as they seek to indoctrinate Kindergarten and elementary age children to believe that being homosexual or transgendered is normal and groom them to be turned queer themselves.

    Florida lawmakers vote to end Queer-faggot-Sodomite-supporting Disney Corpโ€™s tax privilege, self-governing status

Floridaโ€™s Republican-led Senate approved a bill on Wednesday that would eliminate the Walt Disney Companyโ€™s special tax district that has allowed the company to self-govern its land.

The Florida House is also expected to vote in favor of the legislation after Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Tuesday that lawmakers will be โ€œconsidering termination of all special districts that were announced in Florida prior to 1968 โ€” and that includes the Reedy Creek Improvement District.โ€

The special tax district allows Disney wide-ranging autonomy, including over local police and fire departments on the land where its theme park sits in Orlando. It currently saves the company tens of millions of dollars a year in exemptions from various regulations, taxes and fees, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a person familiar with the companyโ€™s finances.

    Minneapolis residents' lawsuit demanding reversal of defund police policy expedited by Supreme Court
Minneapolis North Side residents say Mayor Jacob Frey, City Council failing to hire enough police officers as required under the cityโ€™s charter based on population

    Mentally impaired Biden โ€˜committedโ€™ to freeing inmates with marijuana convictions, Psaki says
The more doped-up slaves to weed are on the street
the less a senile demented crime family boss on the skids will seem retarded and dysfunctional.


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    [Above images from Patriotic Alternative in UK]

    Lothrop Stoddard
Lothrop Stoddard

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  Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (19 April 2022)
The Bobster

DARK CRIME: NYC fiends wait before bashing man on head with metal bar, video shows


(BLACK) Man wanted in rape of 4-year-old twins attacks officers, escapes custody: cops
Police: Fugitive Isaiah Metz, accused of raping 4-year-old twins in Pennsylvania, escapes arrest in NYCNEW YORK - The NYPD wants your help finding a suspect in a heinous crime in Pennsylvania.

According to authorities, police are searching 22-year-old Isaiah Metz. Metz is accused of raping 4-year-old twin girls in Goldsboro, Pennsylvania. Metz is currently on parole for allegedly assaulting a police officer in Pennsylvania. He also faces numerous child pornography charges, according to court records.

Authorities got a tip that Metz was at the Antonio Oliveri homeless shelter on West 30th Street near Eighth Avenue. A member of the NYPD warrants squad and a state trooper with the Department of Investigation - went to check out the tip early Tuesday morning.

A fight broke out when the officers tried to take Metz into custody, with Metz biting the state trooper and hitting the other officer in the head, before managing to get away.

Metz also goes by Decklyn McBride. He's described as approximately 5'8" tall, approximately 165 pounds, last seen wearing black/red pajama pants and a BLACK hooded sweatshirt.

Jacqueline Avantโ€™s BLACK killer Aariel Maynor sentenced to 3 life terms in prison
SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME victim name The killer who shot Jacqueline Avant, the late wife of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Clarence Avant and a well-known local philanthropist, in her Beverly Hills home during a burglary was sentenced Tuesday to three life terms in prison with a minimum of 150 years.

In March, Aariel Maynor, 30, pleaded guilty to the Dec. 1 killing and other related charges. He also admitted to shooting at a security guard, who was not harmed, on the property. Clarence Avant, 90, was also unharmed.

When Beverly Hills police officers responded to the estate, they found Jacqueline Avant with a gunshot wound. She was taken to a hospital where she died.

On Tuesday, Maynor, a previously convicted felon, appeared in court in a wheelchair, according to images.

A short time after the killing, he was arrested in Los Angeles after allegedly shooting himself in the foot during another home burglary in the Hollywood Hills, authorities said. He was found with an AR-15 rifle at the scene of the second burglary, police said.

Investigators said they found evidence that connected Maynor to both crimes and that he bragged about the killing to a friend on a jailhouse phone call.

BLACK Valley Forge Middle School Custodian Charged With Sexually Abusing 2 Teenage Students
SUSPECT-NAME A Pennsylvania middle school janitor is accused of sexually assaulting at least two students after gaining their trust by giving them candy and other gifts.

Rushon Drayton, 23, of Paoli, Pennsylvania, is charged with unlawful contact with a minor, solicitation to commit statutory sexual assault, corruption of minors, interference with custody of children, indecent assault and institutional sexual assault.

Drayton worked as a janitor at Valley Forge Middle School in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Investigators said Drayton began giving candy and other gifts to at least two 14-year-old girls at the school.

โ€œI was like friends with someone who, he would like give candy to a lot and he bought like Chick-Fil-A for,โ€ a student, who we are not identifying, told NBC10.

Investigators said some of the gifts and chats Drayton had with the girls became sexual in nature.

โ€œHe was engaging in this grooming behavior and I canโ€™t believe that other adults werenโ€™t aware of what was going on because it took place on school grounds,โ€ Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan said.

Investigators said the mother of one girl looked at her daughterโ€™s phone and saw Draytonโ€™s messages. She then notified police who launched an investigation on April 10.

Surveillance Video Shows Victim Running Away As Suspect Fires Several Shots At Him In North Philadelphia


New Surveillance Video Of Suspects Wanted In Murder Of Philadelphia Police Officerโ€™s Son


Philly's Homicide Count Hit 353 last year... - Philadelphia Has Gone To Hell In A Handbasket/b>


BLACK Philadelphia City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson Under Investigation
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) โ€” A mistrial has been declared in Philadelphia City Councilmember Kenyatta Johnsonโ€™s federal bribery case. The jury remained deadlocked Tuesday after four days of deliberations and could not reach a verdict. All Tuesday the jury had been asking both sides to see different exhibits. During the trial, the prosecution alone presented over 300 exhibits.

  Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (19 April 2022)
The Bobster

(BLACK) Perv attempts broad-daylight sex assault on woman leaving Brooklyn subway station: copsโ€‹
SUSPECT-NAME A perv tried to sexually assault a woman in broad daylight at Grand Army Plaza after following her out of the nearby train station, police said.

The creep trailed behind the 29-year-old woman as she left the Grand Army Plaza 2 and 3 subway station around 12:15 p.m. Sunday, cops said.

The suspect then masturbated in front of the victim and forced her onto a bench โ€“ where he tried to sexually assault her, police said.

(BLACK) Carolina Panthers linebacker Damien Wilson allegedly threatened to kill (WHITE) ex-girlfriendโ€‹
SUSPECT-NAME Carolina Panthers linebacker Damien Wilson is facing charges after his ex-girlfriend claimed he threatened to kill her with a tire iron and destroyed her laptop, police said.

Wilson, a 28-year-old footballer signed by the Panthers last month, was arrested in Frisco, Texas, last week for assault with bodily injury of a family member, police told the Dallas Morning News.

Wilsonโ€™s ex-girlfriend, Ryan Sokolosky, told the newspaper he showed up at her apartment drunk and enraged after she broke up with him.
Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS


Florida LGBTQ deviant activistโ€™s "roommate" (and/or 'bedmate') charged with strangling, dumping the Hispano-faggot lover in landfillโ€‹
๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire SUSPECT-NAME faggots faggots ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire The roommate of a prominent Florida LGBTQ activist has been charged with strangling him to death before dumping his corpse in a landfill.

Steven Yinger, 37, was indicted by a grand jury Friday in the death of Jorge Diaz-Johnston, the brother of former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, Leon County prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said Monday that Yinger was living with Diaz-Johnston at the time of his disappearance in January. The two men knew each other from a stint in alcohol rehab according to Local News 10.

The "ESTRANGED" yet grieving Sodomite "Husband" Don Johnston was not "GAY" over now dead adulterous fornicating 'hubby' (or is/was it 'wifey')?????

  Tierney's REAL News (4/19/22)
[Quote Peggy Tierney]
Hi all,
Ding Dong! The federal transportation mask mandate is Dead! Let's see if Biden tries to appeal it.
Oh, and there's breaking news on Arizona election fraud. That's today's REAL news.
[UN-Quote Peggy Tierney]

  ["Conspiracy Corner"]
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There are ten references to 'conspiracy' in the King James Bible

Here are some recent internet news and commentary links posted by Apollonian
Apollonian who is a blogger and Guest Columnist on the New Nation News Forum who has described himself
as a "combat-scholar/theologian, part-time exorcist & Christian patriot"
Warning: Language*

AG Barr appoints Durham as Spec. Counsel investigating Russia probe origins, Jews-media ignores

Here's absolutely amazing (philosophically-inspired) vid by FOX/Bongino on "objective truth" now attacked by "globalists," Democrats

Unfortunates, who unwisely took the poison Covid vaxx continue to drop dead, including especially "athletes"

Is it possible?--Jew, Elon Musk, presented as saviour of "free speech"--Jews-media, morons screaming they can't have that (real freedom to express)

Is Elon Muskrat jewish?

Celebs You Thought Were Jewish โ€” But Aren't - The Forward

    Discussing the "sheeple"....

Who popularized the term "sheeple"? - Rush Limbaugh?

"The earliest use of the term was reportedly by E. C. Segar, the creator of the Popeye comic strip."

    *Queers, Faggots, Suckers, Morons, Democrats, Globalists, filth, Shit-for-brains, Dumbasses,
Fools, Scum, Satanic, Jewwy, Dipshits, Niggas, โ€œthe peopleโ€, Demon-rats, RINOs,
Get a clue, TRAITORS, Chumps, Scummy pukes, INSANITY, idiots, lunatics.....

    Synonyms for 'Lost Sheep'
lost sheep,  ame damnee,  backslider,  fallen angel,  recidivist,  apostate,  defaulter,  transgressor,  confused soul,  cursed soul,  demons,  doomed soul,  dreaming soul,  helpless soul,  host of hell,  imprisoned soul,  misplaced soul,  adrift someone,  bewildered man,  condemned individual,  condemned man,  condemned person

    And such were some of you...

1 Corinthians 6:11

โ€œAnd such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified,
but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.โ€

King James Version (KJV)

1 Corinthians 6:11 Context

8 Nay, ye do wrong, and defraud, and that your brethren.
9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God?

Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified,
but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

12 All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient:
all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.
13 Meats for the belly, and the belly for meats: but God shall destroy both it and them.
Now the body is not for fornication, but for the Lord; and the Lord for the body.
14 And God hath both raised up the Lord, and will also raise up us by his own power.

โ–ฒ View Chapter

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    [Above images from Patriotic Alternative in UK]

    Lothrop Stoddard
Lothrop Stoddard

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  Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (18 April 2022)
The Bobster

Rapper-turned-Brooklyn Dem candidate spews anti-cop hate, wants to defund NYPDโ€‹
[Editor comment] Wigger wants to be a true-life Niggerโ€ฆ Next thing will be he wants him a trophy white โ€˜hoโ€™. ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆง

Nine shot at South Carolina restaurant in stateโ€™s second mass attack in two daysโ€‹


Woke Ariz. diversity activists falsely accuse black DJ of wearing blackfaceโ€‹

Murder Rate Skyrockets in Chester, PA where 73.99% of the population is African American
Chester Double Shooting Leaves Man Dead, Another Injured: Policeโ€‹


Gun Violence: 6 Separate Shootings In Philadelphia Leaves 1 Person Dead, 10 Others Injured On Easter Sunday, Police Sayโ€‹


US Rocked By 3 Mass Shootings During Easter Weekend; 2 Deadโ€‹


(MUST BE BLACK) Ex-WNBA All-Star Shoni Schimmel charged with strangling former partnerโ€‹


Gun Violence: 4 Separate Shootings In Philadelphia Leaves 1 Person Dead, 5 Others Injured On Easter Sunday, Police Sayโ€‹


NYC subway crime surging, with robberies up 72% and assaults 28%โ€‹


  Tierney's REAL News Network
[Quote Peggy Tierney]

Hi all,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend with family & friends celebrating what really matters. Here's today's REAL news.

NBC basically finally admitted that the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump.

NBC is shaping the narrative that Trump could โ€œstealโ€ the election in 2024 just like Biden stole it in 2020. Are they nervous that 2020 will actually be decertified? I think so. Trying to get ahead of it now.

Either way, thereโ€™s NO doubt that the Democrats and RINOs will attempt to steal the White House again in 2024, then say Trump is โ€œundermining democracyโ€ if there are any efforts to contest the results. Itโ€™s so OBVIOUS. They ALWAYS tell us what's ahead.

โ€œThere might well be another attempted coup in 2024, and January 6th supplied the blueprint for pulling it off. After watching 2020 unfold, some elected officials and election experts fear the Electoral Count Act could be exploited in ways that might give Trump or someone else a victory in 2024, whether they win enough votes or not. No laws even need be broken.โ€

[UN-Quote Peggy Tierney]

  There are ten references to 'conspiracy' in the King James Bible

Apollonian Here are some recent internet news and commentary links posted by Apollonian
who is a blogger and Guest Columnist on the New Nation News Forum who has described himself
as a "combat-scholar/theologian, part-time exorcist & Christian patriot"

Catching up on some recent posts by Apollonian......

Here is a sample of some of the topics he is following....

NEW posts for 23 Sep 2021 - posted by Guest Columnist Apollonian

Fox video: There was an unexpected 40% increase in 'all cause deaths' in 2021

Alex Jones: Infowars: Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks (R) explains how the game is played in Washington.

From: RT-Russia: US congressman reveals seats on committees are โ€˜literallyโ€™ bought

Alex Jones: Infowars:Ukraine can fight Russia โ€˜for 10 yearsโ€™ โ€“ Zelensky

Alex Jones: Infowars:EU Exhumes 18 Year Old Embezzlement Charges to Derail Le Pen Presidential Bid

Alex Jones: Infowars:The Plan To Destroy America Was Built Around Electing a Brain-Dead Sock Puppet Hiding In Basement With Mask & Diapers โ€” And Now Everyone Knows It

Jewish Telegraphic Agency:Canada set to outlaw Holocaust denial

starkrealities: Brian McGlinchey: Weaponized Dollar May Explode in America's Face

Editor note: you may have to register for the NNN forum to follow all of his exclusive 'controversial' (not very censored) content.


๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 17 April 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

Front Page for 17 April 2022 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

  Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (16 April 2022)
The Bobster

NYC subway crime surging, with robberies up 72% and assaults 28%โ€‹


Masked crooks swipe cash, CDB oil from NYC smoke shop, cops sayโ€‹


Philadelphia Gun Violence: 3 Dead, 13 Others Injured In 11 Separate Shootings, Police Sayโ€‹


Subway shooting suspect Frank James claimed he was fired because of race; employer said he was shoddy machinistโ€‹


NYC landlord says TV chef Madison Cowan hasnโ€™t paid rent in 28 months
SUSPECT-NAME Celebrity chef Madison Cowan is in a real pickle with his Brooklyn landlord.

The British-born former champ of the Food Networkโ€™s โ€œChoppedโ€ and โ€œIron Chefโ€ contests owes 28 months in back rent to the tune of $73,700 on a one-bedroom Boerum Hill apartment he and his family have occupied since October 2019, his landlord Gus Sheha claims.

Sheha told The Post Cowan โ€“ whose website notes heโ€™s catered posh events for former President Bill Clinton, actress Scarlett Johansson and other A-listers โ€” hasnโ€™t paid a cent of his rent since January 2020. The monthly rent ranged from $2,700 to $2,750 over the length of his now-expired two-year lease.

BANG-BANG-BANGLADELSHI Queens principal booted for fraud will get nice paycheck for 7 yearsโ€‹
SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME A Queens principal accused of using fraudulent schemes to boost his schoolโ€™s graduation rate can never again work with city students โ€” but will get a $1.8 million desk job, The Post has learned.

Khurshid Abdul-Mutakabbir, who was removed as principal of Maspeth High School last July, wonโ€™t return to any city school as a principal, according to a settlement of misconduct charges. But he can stay on the Department of Education payroll for another seven years.

Under Abdul-Mutakabbir, Maspeth HS created fake classes, awarded credits to failing students, and fixed grades to push kids out the door, the Special Commissioner of Investigation for city schools found, confirming exposรจs by The Post.

Instead of trying to terminate Abdul-Mutakabbir, as city investigators recommended, the DOE settled the charges on Jan. 25 by fining him $12,000 โ€“ and barring him from working as a principal.

But under the sweetheart deal โ€“ which DOE officials kept hidden for months โ€“ the disgraced educator, now age 47, will sit in an office until he โ€œirrevocablyโ€ retires on Nov. 30, 2029.

He will pocket his current $187,043 annual salary, and get all union-negotiated pay raises for principals. He will also enjoy paid vacations and holidays, plus full health and retirement benefits, which will cost at least $78,558 a year in addition. The total cost will come to more than $1.8 million.

SEPTA Police Searching For Suspect Who Allegedly Pushed Man Onto Tracks Along Market-Frankford Line


Creep seen smirking after grabbing womanโ€™s butt in NYC subway station: copsโ€‹
SUSPECT-NAME A creep was captured on video smirking after grabbing a womanโ€™s buttocks as she was waiting for the subway in Greenwich Village, cops said Friday.

The incident happened just before 5 p.m. March 31 while the 26-year-old woman was standing on the platform for a northbound D line at the West Fourth Street and Sixth Avenue station in Manhattan, cops said.

Footage shows the suspect moving close to the woman from behind and then appearing to grab her rear before strolling away smiling.

Biden administration resumes after-dark migrant flights to airport outside NYCโ€‹


Chilling police video shows home intruder holding gun to womanโ€™s head after alleged sexual assault


4 BLACK Women Wanted For Stealing $11,000 Worth Of Merchandise From Ulta In Exton: Policeโ€‹


Gun Violence In Philadelphia Claims 5 Lives, Injures 16 Others In 24 Hour Span From Thursday To Friday: Policeโ€‹


$5 Million In Funding Allocated To Help Pennsylvania Religious Organizations Combat Hate Crimeโ€‹


  Tierney's REAL News (4/16/22)k
[Quote Peggy Tierney]

Folks, you need to understand how important Elon's battle for Twitter is. Many people say "Why should I care what's going on with Twitter?"

Because Twitter is OWNED and OPERATED by the totalitarian Globalists (hiding behind hedge funds) who want to take away our freedoms. It is the most important media tool of the military industrial complex, the GREAT RESET Davos crowd and the coup plotters. What's happening at Twitter WILL happen at other media outlets. It's important you understand the implications.

Twitter's board rejected Elon's generous offer because they don't want outsiders to look under the hood. They don't care about their shareholders. It's about CONTROL.

EC: "The biggest consequence of Elonโ€™s attempt to buy Twitter will be further shattering the illusion that we live in a representative democracy with free speech.

His move will force the shadow government to reveal itself, exposing how the sausage is made."

ALL false media narratives incubate and flow from the Twitter platform. It's like America's STATE RUN propaganda machine. Everything you see on CNN or Facebook - all started on, is manipulated and shaped by, or was suppressed by, Twitter.

The release of COVID, George Floyd and massive cheat-by-mail resulted in a color revolution in America and the stolen election - resulting in massive censorship around the world, infringement of our human rights, the removal of President Trump AND free speech. They use massive BOT farms on Twitter to fuel propaganda and drive it into our homes & minds. BRAINWASHING.

It is a noble battle and one we must win!

    A LONG TIME AGO I started a NEW NATION NEWS account on Twitter.
It was HIJACKED by criminal 'anonymous' hacker trolls.
I complained to 'Twitter Management' and received no help in restoring my account.
I got the impression that 'Twitter customer service' was 'in cahoots' with the CRIMINAL IDENTITY THEFT HACKERS. White Banner White Banner White Banner

๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 15 April 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

    Two BLACK 'migrants' from the AFRICAN country of GHANA charged with MURDER of little 5 year old - (link fixed)
African Natives-of-Ghana BRENTWOOD, N.Y. -- The death of 5-year-old King Owusu, who was found unresponsive and unable to move on Long Island last year, has been deemed a murder. The boy's mother and her boyfriend are the suspects.

The unthinkable occurred inside an apartment on Leroy Avenue in Brentwood. "This poor kid suffered. This was a terrible, terrible case. This was a shocking case of abuse," Suffolk County Police Det. Lt. Kevin Beyrer said.

The 5-year-old died in Suffolk County on April 1, 2021. The medical examiner found blunt force trauma throughout his body. One year later, his mother Valerie Owusu and her boyfriend Emmanuel Addae were arrested and charged with second degree murder. They are held without bail.

"We hold people that commit evil acts and bring them to justice," Suffolk Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison said. A younger sibling who was unharmed is in custody of Child Protective Services. The suspects were arrested at Suffolk Family Court, where they were called for a hearing.

The couple has been on the move. They had just visited the Republic of Ghana and moved to Orange, New Jersey from Lefrak City, Queens. The abuse was discovered at the Brentwood apartment of Addae's parents, where the 911 call was made. An ambulance brought the boy from Brentwood to South Shore University Hospital, but internal injuries were so grave that doctors were unable to save the child's life.

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Chilling police video shows 'nearly naked negro-named' home intruder "Demetrius" holding gun to (apparently white) womanโ€™s head after 'alleged' (bestial) sex assault
BLACK SUSPECT Horrifying police bodycam video captured the moment a nearly naked nword held a woman hostage at gunpoint after allegedly breaking into her San Diego home, masturbating inside a bathroom and sexually assaulting her. Demetrius Trussell, a 40-year-old parolee, allegedly broke into four other homes before bursting into the 53-year-old womanโ€™s residence on Viacha Drive, where she barricaded herself with her father on Saturday, the Times of San Diego reported.

The woman called 911 about the terrifying home invasion at about 2:20 a.m. She reported that the armed intruder broke into her home as she slept, ran down the stairs and masturbated in a bathroom, according to audio of the call that police released along with the chilling footage.

One of the cops who responded to the address made โ€œverbal contactโ€ with the womanโ€™s father before a loud bang and screams are heard when the man broke into a room where she was hiding. โ€œLet me see your (expletive) hands! Let me see your hands!โ€ an officer shouts as he starts to walk upstairs, pointing a flashlight at the suspect.

He and his partner then point their guns up the staircase as the man pulls the victim into what appears to be a bathroom โ€” holding a gun to her head for several minutes. โ€œGun! Gun!โ€ the officers scream.

โ€œThis is a hostage situation. We have a "Mexican standoff",โ€ the man is heard saying in an audio clip, a reference to an armed confrontation between multiple parties that no one can win. Why is this a hostage situation?โ€ a cop asks. โ€œโ€™Cause I donโ€™t have no way out, so I gotta take a hostage with me,โ€ the man answers.

โ€œNo, no you donโ€™t,โ€ the officer says. The man then says cops are โ€œgoing to have to send a SWAT team.โ€ โ€œAnd then what?โ€ an officer asks.

โ€œI want you to back out โ€ฆ before I shoot her,โ€ the hostage-taker says. โ€œIโ€™m going to shoot her in the kneecap.โ€ The woman screams, โ€œNo! No! Please, God. Please, God, no!โ€

Seconds later, the man fires his gun. The woman says it went off accidentally and that she was not hurt. Meanwhile, an officer is seen climbing a rear balcony and leading the elderly father to safety while another cop heads onto a neighborโ€™s rooftop, where he had a clear view of the intruder.

After the gun went off inside the house, the officer fired multiple rounds at the suspect, who dropped to the floor and surrendered, police said. Neither the hostages nor the suspect were injured in the gunfire, officials said.

Trussell was charged with 18 felonies, including hot prowl burglary, kidnapping, false imprisonment with a hostage, negligent discharge of a firearm, possession of a stolen vehicle, indecent exposure, assault with the intent to commit a sex crime, sexual battery and assault with a deadly weapon, police Lt. Jud Campbell told the Times of San Diego. โ€œThe suspect exposed himself and sexually battered the homeowner multiple times,โ€ police said.

On Wednesday, prosecutors alleged that Trussell committed five residential burglaries and tried to break into two other homes before terrorizing the woman and her father. During the crime spree, he allegedly drove a white minivan that had been reported stolen in a carjacking, according to the newspaper.

Deputy District Attorney Meghan Buckner said Trussell was on parole at the time of the attack, the San Diego Tribune reported. He was convicted of robbery in North Carolina in 2009 and of a โ€œhot prowlโ€ residential burglary in San Diego in 2018, according to the paper. A prosecutor said Trussell was being held in an advanced observation unit, which monitors inmates who may pose a danger to themselves or others.

Additional Information for Demetrius Trussell - Ethnicity:Black, Not Hispanic
Party:Florida Democratic Party


    Evil-eyed BRAZILIAN-surnamed HISPANIC Ex-Professor Charged With Murdering Newborn Son Heโ€™d Just Adopted - (link fixed)
A now-former North Carolina professor has been charged with murder after fatally abusing his adopted newborn son, authorities said.

Van Erick Custodio, 42, was charged with first-degree murder on Thursday in connection to the death of NON-HISPANIC, caucasian (with a Swedish relative) 6-week-old Lucas Birchim, the Gastonia Police Department said. Custodio was previously hit with child abuse charges, but those charges were upgraded after Birchim died at a local hospital on Wednesday. The baby had sustained several injuries, including a fractured skull and a broken rib.

Custodio is being held on a $500,000 bond at Gaston County Jail. On his personal website, Custodio describes himself as a โ€œUX Consultant looking to tackle the next projectโ€ while working as an assistant professor in computer students at Belmont Abbey College. The school confirmed that he was hired in 2019 but was recently placed on family leave before he was ultimately suspended on Wednesday. A University of North Carolina-Charlotte spokesperson also confirmed that Custodio was hired on a โ€œlimited, temporary contract to teach one class this semester in an adjunct capacity.โ€



invasion invasion invasion invasion invasion


Biden administration resumes after-dark CRIMINAL ALIEN INVADER SHOCK TROOP flights to airport outside NYC
invasion invasion invasion invasion invasion

๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 14 April 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

    Am I my brother's keeper?โ€

(Black) Brother charged in 'We Ready' rapper Archie Eversole's death
black suspect DECATUR, Ga. -- The brother of (unknown) rapper Arthur โ€œArchieโ€ Eversole, known for the โ€œWe Readyโ€ anthem used by Atlantaโ€™s pro soccer team, has been charged in the musicianโ€™s fatal shooting, police said Thursday.

Eversole was found with a gunshot wound at a Chevron gas station just east of Atlanta on March 25 and died at a hospital April 3, DeKalb County police said in a statement.

Eversole's brother, Alexander Kraus, was charged with murder after being apprehended at a home near the gas station where they say the shooting occurred, DeKalb County police Lt. Shane Smith said in an email. It wasn't known Thursday whether Kraus has a lawyer who could be reached for comment on his behalf.

Eversole was best known for his 2002 hit that was adopted by fans of the Atlanta United soccer club, which plays it before the start of every home game.

The team said in a statement Thursday that it was โ€œheartbrokenโ€ about Eversole's death.

    (Black-on-White) Store owner to be returned to California in girl's shooting
SUSPECT-NAME victim victim LAS VEGAS -- A Southern California shoe store owner accused of shooting and wounding a 9-year-old girl when he opened fire at shoplifters agreed Thursday to be returned from Nevada to face charges in the case.

Police have said that Marqel Cockrell, 20, fled from the California desert city of Victorville in his car just after the girl, identified by family members as Ava Chruniak, was mistakenly hit by bullets on Tuesday as she waited to have her picture taken with a mall Easter bunny.

Cockrell, 20, stood in court and told a Las Vegas judge that he understood that California authorities had 30 days to extradite him. He was not represented by an attorney because Nevada does not provide lawyers for extradition cases.

Cockrell co-owns the shoe store Sole Addicts at the Mall of Victor Valley and was chasing two shoplifters about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday when he fired shots that โ€œinstead hit the 9-year-old female victim,โ€ Victorville police said in a statement.

The girl suffered three gunshot wounds, including two in an arm, her grandmother, Moraga-Saldarelli said. One of the bullets fractured an arm bone.

She was released from the hospital on Thursday but will require another operation to repair nerve damage, KCBS-TV reported.

โ€œI will never forgive him. What he did to me is not OK," Ava told the station from her bed at home. โ€œNo one should have a gun in the mall."

Police have said that Cockrell drove from the mall before responding officers arrived after receiving reports of gunfire and that he was arrested in Nevada's Clark County, about a three-hour drive from Victorville.

Store owner to be returned to California in girl's shooting

(White) Girl shot by (black) store owner while she waits for Easter bunny at mall, police say

Police: California shop owner fires at shoplifters, mistakenly hits girl getting picture with mall Easter Bunny

9-year-old girl shot in Victor Valley mall shooting released from hospital

Note: Chruniak is a Polish name


๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 14 April 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

    Subway shooting suspect Frank R. Jamesโ€™ YouTube tirades about race, guns and Eric Adams exposedโ€‹
โ€œThese white motherfโ€”ers, this is what they do,โ€ he said. โ€œUltimately at the end of the day, they kill and commit genocide against each other. What do you think they gonna do to your black ass?โ€

He wasn't tracked down like a 'runaway slave' and cornered by heroic black lesbian transit policepersons...
No, he was getting bored after melting into the black and brown morass of New York Cities minority-majority
and wanted to claim his "FIVE MINUTEST OF NEGRO FAME" before being replaced by some TikTok of a cat farting...

Suspect was arrested without incident and will be charged for shooting

New York police have identified the suspect in the subway station shooting that injured 29 people
as Frank R. James, a 62-year-old black male.


Subway Shooting Survivor Says He Was Shot While Helping Pregnant Woman

What we know about Frank James, suspect in the Brooklyn subway shooting

Brooklyn subway shooting: Law enforcement investigating Frank James' social media posts: source
Police tell Fox News that some of James' posts were critical of new BLACK New York City Mayor Eric Adams

Who Is Frank James, The Alleged NYC Subway Shooter?


    (Black) Actor Cuba Gooding Jr pleads guilty to forcible touching
SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME NEW YORK -- Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. pleaded guilty Wednesday to one count of forcible touching in a protracted criminal case accusing the Oscar-winning โ€œJerry Maguireโ€ star of violating three different women at various Manhattan night spots in 2018 and 2019.

The single guilty plea came nearly three years after Gooding's arrest in the case that saw several delays as his lawyers sought to get the charges reduced or dismissed. It had been scheduled to go to trial at least twice, with an April 2020 trial date scuttled as coronavirus cases surged in New York and the state shut down most court matters.

Gooding, 54, was arrested in June 2019 after a 29-year-old woman told police he squeezed her breast without her consent at Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge near Times Square.

A few months later, he was charged in two additional cases as more women came forward to accuse him of abuse. The new charges alleged he pinched a serverโ€™s buttocks after making a sexually suggestive remark to her at TAO Downtown and forcibly touched a woman inappropriately at the LAVO New York nightclub, both in 2018.

Gooding pleaded guilty to the LAVO nightclub allegation.

Cuba Gooding and his (white) wife Sara divorce after 20 years

From: 2017
Black actor Cuba Gooding Jr. sparks outrage and disgust after lifting up the dress of (white) co-star - (Drudge)
the pair, who portray husband and wife on the FX anthology series, appeared to be in a playful mood as the event continued. Gooding Jr.โ€™s erratic behavior has raised eyebrows before. He gave an expletive-filled speech at the Footwear News Achievement Awards in December

โ€˜Drunkโ€™ Cuba Gooding Jr. goes on expletive-filled rant - (language)
interracial dating does not have 'happy endings'

    (Black) Miami Mother Arrested After Deaths of 2 Children, 3 and 5, Who Were Allegedly Tied Up in Home
black suspect The Little Haiti neighborhood in Miami is mourning the loss of a 3-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl after they were found dead inside their home.

The children's mother, Odette Lysse Joassaint, was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder, according to local news outlet WPBF 25 News.

"One is Jeffrey, and one's Laura," the children's father, Frantzy Belval โ€“ who is estranged from Joassaint โ€“ told CBS Miami. Joassaint, 41, reportedly called 911 multiple times before authorities arrived at her apartment.

"They were calling but she wasn't saying much," Miami-Dade Public Information Officer Michael Vega told CBS Miami. "The one thing she did say to officers: 'They're inside. Go get them. I don't want them.' "

When Miami police went inside the apartment, they "found a female who appeared to be irate or going through a crisis," Officer Vega told Local 10. Police then allegedly found Jeffrey and Laura on a bed with their arms, legs, and necks tied. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

"You're a mother, what do you feel? There's a devil inside of your head," family friend Darlene Petion said.

    (Black) Suspect in killing of a woman and a girl at a Broward townhouse still at large, cops say
black suspect BSO said detectives donโ€™t have a last known address for Andre Anglin, but they know heโ€™s often in Margate. Online Broward County court records say Anglin was living in the 6700 block of Sierra Club Drive in Lauderhill when he got traffic tickets in July and October of last year. One case entry says Anglin stands 5-foot-10.

Anglin received probation after a domestic violence incident in 2009. An Andre Anglin had a domestic violence restraining order taken out against him in Februrary 2018. That remained in place until the woman didnโ€™t show up for a hearing on April 4, 2018. She showed up April 5, 2018, and got the restraining order reinstated until April 17, 2018.BSO said detectives donโ€™t have a last known address for Andre Anglin, but they know heโ€™s often in Margate. Online Broward County court records say Anglin was living in the 6700 block of Sierra Club Drive in Lauderhill when he got traffic tickets in July and October of last year. One case entry says Anglin stands 5-foot-10.

On Wednesday, the call summoning BSO deputies and North Lauderdale Fire Rescue to the 7900 block of Tam Oโ€™Shanter Boulevard, in the Willow Woods Townhomes, came around 9:10 a.m. The bodies were about 15 yards apart, one in a parking space and the other on the grass behind a patio.

    (Black) โ€˜Superflyโ€™ Actor Is a โ€˜Serial Rapistโ€™ Who Lied About Knowing Drake as โ€˜Trap,โ€™ Prosecutor Says
SUSPECT-NAME Superfly actor and rapper Kaalan Rashad Walker once โ€œmanipulatedโ€ a 16-year-old girl into filming an impromptu sex tape at his apartment building while her mother, who thought her daughter was posing for headshots, waited outside, a prosecutor told jurors Wednesday in closing arguments at Walkerโ€™s serial rape trial in Los Angeles.

Walker was 22 years old at the time and purportedly told the girl he could introduce her to famed rapper Drake if she simply followed his lead, Deputy District Attorney Cynthia Wallace said, adding that Walker dubiously name-dropped Drake with most of the 10 young and naรฏve Jane Does whose allegations underpin his felony charges.

โ€œThereโ€™s no evidence he had any connection to Drake. It was just a thing that he used to lure the girls in. It was a trap, a ruse, his way of getting these girls,โ€ Wallace tells Rolling Stone.

  MUSLIM JIHAD TERRORIST "Briton" was 1 of 3 'Blasphemous Beatles' hostage- takers
๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) โ€” It matters not whether El Shafee Elsheikh was the "Beatle" dubbed โ€œGeorgeโ€ or the "Beatle" nicknamed โ€œRingo,โ€ prosecutors told a jury Wednesday. What matters is that he was one of three "British" men in the Islamic State group who orchestrated a hostage-taking scheme that left four Americans dead.

โ€œThe "Beatles" were the lifeblood of the hostage conspiracy,โ€ First Assistant U.S. Attorney Raj Parekh told jurors Wednesday during closing arguments at Elsheikh's terrorism trial in Alexandria.

Elsheikh is charged with hostage-taking resulting in death and other crimes, in what prosecutors say was a conspiracy that resulted in the capture of roughly two dozen Westerners between 2012 and 2015. It was during that time period that the terrorist group controlled large swaths of Iraq and Syria and was at the height of its power.

Four Americans โ€” journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff and aid workers Peter Kassig and Kayla Mueller โ€” were among the hostages. Foley, Sotloff and Kassig were killed by decapitation; gruesome videos broadcast their executions to the world. Mueller was forced into slavery and raped repeatedly by the Islamic Stateโ€™s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, before she was killed.

Prosecutors say Elsheikh was one of three captors dubbed โ€œthe Beatlesโ€ by the hostages because of their distinct British accents. Islamophile Washington Post Calls Dead ISIS Leader โ€˜Austere Religious Scholarโ€™ in Shocking Headline




  Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (13 April 2022)
The Bobster

Crime headlines from major Afro-demographic cities: Two stabbed during fight on Harlem subway platform, cops sayโ€‹


Feds busted 9 people in violent sex trafficking ring in Queensโ€‹


Two stabbed during fight on Harlem subway platform, cops sayโ€‹ - (link fixed)


Person of interest sought in Olympianโ€™s mom killed by stray bulletโ€‹


Teen busted for role in shooting of Bronx Dunkinโ€™ Donuts customer: copsโ€‹


What does Brian Benjaminโ€™s indictment mean for Hochul, NY Democrats?โ€‹


Closing Arguments Wrap Up In Federal Bribery Trial Of Philadelphia City Councilmember Kenyatta Johnsonโ€‹

  Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (13 April 2022)
The Bobster

New York Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin arrested in campaign finance schemeโ€‹
SUSPECT-NAME New York Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin was arrested Tuesday in connection to an alleged campaign finance scam, according to a report.

Benjamin, Gov. Kathy Hochulโ€™s No. 2, surrendered to federal authorities Tuesday morning to face a federal bribery conspiracy indictment over his alleged participation in a scheme to funnel fraudulent donations, the New York Times reported.

Benjamin was questioned earlier this year by the feds amid a reported probe into whether he was involved in an alleged plot to illegally funnel contributions to his failed campaign for city comptroller.

What does Brian Benjaminโ€™s indictment mean for Hochul, NY Democrats?โ€‹


(Negro) Frank Deshields Wanted In Deadly Stabbing Of Man In New Castleโ€‹
SUSPECT-NAME NEW CASTLE, Del. (CBS) โ€“ Police are searching for a man wanted in connection with the stabbing death of another man in Delaware. State police say they found the victim on Sunday at the Super Lodge on West Avenue in New Castle.

Police say 52-year-old Frank Deshields of New Castle is wanted in the murder.

He is five-foot-nine-inches tall and weighs about 200 pounds.

Call police if you have any information about the case.

Philadelphia Man Rafiq Thompson Surrenders To Police, Charged With Murdering Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend At Gas Station Near KOP Mallโ€‹
SUSPECT-NAME KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. (CBS) โ€” The suspect in a murder in King of Prussia surrendered to police. Police say 38-year-old Rafiq Thompson of Philadelphia turned himself in Wednesday morning.

Thompson has been charged with shooting and killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Tamara Cornelius, while she was pumping gas last week near the King of Prussia Mall.

Briarcliffe Fire Company Expected To Voluntarily Disband After Racist Comments, Delaware County Black Caucus Announcesโ€‹


  Tierney's REAL News Network
[Quote Peggy Tierney]

UPDATE: The man accused of donning a gas mask, detonating smoke grenades and opening fire inside a New York City subway train and station in Brooklyn has been IDed as Frank James, 62, and he was well-known to the FBI. He lost his credit card at the scene. Right. He had financial problems and PTSD. Another patsy. He was arrested after he called 911 himself and had been wandering around on the subway for 29 hours!

Frank James published numerous racist rants on Facebook and YouTube and the FBI did nothing. Over the past three years James has made more than 450 YouTube videos ranting about racism, police brutality, homelessness in New York, climate change and the invasion of Ukraine.

James posted calls for violence and was an avowed BLM black supremacist - posting anti-white rants to his YouTube channel like: "White people are sickโ€ฆWhite motherf****** better not talk to me about no motherf***** stealing." James was a fan of Don Lemon of CNN.

Guys like this make perfect patsies for the FBI. REMEMBER - it was just revealed that 20 FBI assets were on the ground and behind J6

The 62-year-old is connected to addresses in Philadelphia and Wisconsin and New Mexico. IMHO, this is another false flag engineered by the FBI for the gun grabbers - just like Pulse & Parkland.

Chris Wray and the lying liars who lie at the FBI are out saying America's real problem is white supremacy. This has nothing to do with white supremacy. Stop buying their BS.

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting to hear which FBI operatives and informants planted pipe bombs at the US Capitol 15 months ago and led the January 6th "insurrection" for the coup plotters to frame President Trump!

Right on cue, Joe Biden (AKA Corn Pop) is out trying to use this shooting as an excuse to take away guns from law abiding citizens like you and me so we can be left starving and defenseless.

Laughingly, Biden was pooped on by a bird during a speech in Iowa, but the White House refused to admit it happened - instead claiming that it was really a flying corn kernel.

The bird knows!

They are teaching young children in school that castration is "gender affirming" and that sodomy is "natural" and that abortion is "healthcare" and that daily masturbation is a great "stress reliever."

๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 12 April 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

Sorry loyal New Nation News readers.
Wasted most of Monday doing 2021 income tax.
Hope to 'catch up' on 'New Nation Newsworthy' news :)

    Pennsylvania man arrested, charged after slapping Biden 'I Did That' stickers on gas pumps

  Tierney's REAL News Network
[Quote Peggy Tierney]

Hi all,

There are so many breaking stories on election fraud & more that it's hard to condense the news into a 10 minute read. Let me know what you think.

Also, please ask your friends and family to subscribe to my newsletter. It's free, easy and one way that you can spread REAL news! Thanks! Peg

"They're RIOTING in AFRICA..."

White Banner White Banner

White Banner White Banner
    [Above images from Patriotic Alternative in UK]

    Lothrop Stoddard
Lothrop Stoddard

๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 11 April 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: F-ing BLACK muslim found guilty of murdering WHITE UK lawmaker David Amess
๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name A "fanatical Islamist" inspired by Islamic State was found guilty on Monday of murdering veteran British lawmaker David Amess by knifing him to death in a frenzied attack in a church where he was meeting voters.

Ali Harbi Ali, 26, a British citizen and son of a former media adviser to a prime minister of Somalia, repeatedly stabbed Amess in an attack last October for what he said was revenge for the lawmaker's support for airstrikes on Syria.

This court artist sketch shows Ali Harbi Ali in the dock at the Old Bailey on March 21, accused of stabbing to death Conservative MP for Southend West David Amess.

Prosecutors said he was a "committed, fanatical, radicalized Islamist terrorist."

"This was a horrific act of terrorism motivated by religious and ideological beliefs," said Nick Price, head of the Crown Prosecution Service's Counter Terrorism Division. "Ali chose to commit this abhorrent crime for his own selfish and hateful reasons."

Ali was found guilty of murder and preparation of terrorism at London's Old Bailey court after the jury took less than half an hour to reach a verdict.

The killing of 69-year-old Amess, a married father of five children and a member of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party, sent shock waves through Westminster and led to calls for better security for members of parliament (MPs), coming just five years after another lawmaker was murdered.

British lawmakers regularly hold "surgeries," or one-to-one meetings, with voters in their constituencies, a tradition considered a bedrock of democracy. But with little or no security and an emphasis on access for all, surgeries can make lawmakers vulnerable.

Ali told detectives he had spent years planning to kill a lawmaker and had previously carried out reconnaissance at the Houses of Parliament, and of two other MPs, including cabinet minister Michael Gove.

Stabbed at meeting in church

On October 15, he made an appointment to meet Amess at the Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea, northeast of London, on the pretext that he had recently moved to the area.

At their meeting in an office at the back of the church, he tried to engage Amess in conversation, before producing a 12-inch-long knife and stabbing him 21 times.

"I want him dead. I want every Parliament minister who signed up for the bombing of Syria, who agreed to the Iraqi war, to die," he told a man who had also been due to meet Amess.

He had hoped police would shoot him dead at the scene, but gave himself up after his crying sister begged him to as they spoke on the phone, and as unarmed officers arrived.





    (Black) NJ man gets 375 years for killing spree of woman, 2 children over Facebook post
black suspect victim name A New Jersey man has been sentenced to 375 years in jail in the 2016 killing of three people, including two children, and attempted murder of three more after authorities say he became enraged over a Facebook post.

Jeremy Arrington,31, was convicted last month in Essex County of three counts of murder and attempted murder as well as burglary, criminal restraint and weapons charges. Jurors deliberated for less than two hours before handing down their decision.

On Friday, Judge Ronald Wigler imposed three consecutive life terms in the killings and consecutive sentences on other counts. Arrington wonโ€™t be eligible for parole before serving 281 years of his sentence.

Wigler told the defendant that he had committed "perhaps the most horrific, heinous, cruel, and depraved murders this county has ever seen."

Prosecutors said Arrington entered a Newark home in November 2016, tied up the people inside and tortured them. He stabbed them with kitchen knives, killing 8-year-old Aerial Little Whitehurst and 11-year-old Al-Jahon Whitehurst, then shot and killed 23-year-old college student Syasia McBurroughs, who was visiting the family.

The murdered children's mother, a 29-year-old woman and her 13-year-old brother and 13-year-old sister were wounded.

Authorities said Arrington was apparently angry that one of the victims had reposted a Facebook alert from police naming him as a suspect sin an earlier shooting and sexual assault.

While Arrington didnโ€™t take the stand at his trial, he read a short statement at his sentencing hearing on Friday, apologizing to the families. He described his actions as "craziness and uncalled for" and said he would switch places with the victims if he could, NJ.com reported.

Note: suspect has pronounced 'pointy skull' called a 'sagittal crest' in male gorrilas
black suspect

  Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (11 April 2022)
The Bobster

NYers buy Medicaid for illegal migrants in Gov. Hochul, Demsโ€™ $220B budget


White female California teacher arrested for allegedly lewdly molesting 7 studentsโ€‹
Authorities havenโ€™t revealed the age or gender of any of the victims, but the charter school caters to students in grades 5 to 12.


Northeast Philadelphia Community Rallies Around Raheem Bell, Man Dragged From Vehicle, Shot During Carjackingโ€‹


Man found fatally stabbed in front of his Bronx apartment in broad daylight
blood on sidewalk

Genesis 9:6 - Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.


(Black) Boyfriend accused of stuffing womanโ€™s body in Queens car trunk arrested
black suspect victim name The man who allegedly killed his upstate, New York girlfriend and left her body stuffed in the trunk of a car parked in Queens has been arrested in Florida, a source said on Sunday.

Kareem Flake was busted in the Sunshine State and a police source said he was being held at a correctional facility in Osceola since Friday. The NYPD has been looking to arrest Flake for the 2020 murder of Destini Smothers.

Smothers, from Troy, New York, was 26-years-old had two young children with Flake. She went missing in November 2020.

The momโ€™s body was discovered in March 2021 when Department of Sanitation workers towing a sedan in South Ozone Park popped the trunk and discovered her decomposing body inside. Smothers died of a blunt impact to her head, with a skull fracture and brain injury, according to the city medical examinerโ€™s office.

Flake was arrested in Kissimmee, Florida for domestic battery against a different woman and is being held at Osceola jail.


  Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 11 April 2022

Re-run of same old globalist puke Macron vs. nationalist/populist Le Pen

Economic/investment analyst explains inflation is going to be far worse than now--quite soon too

Scientists Confirm Pfizer & Moderna COVID Gene Therapies Triggering AIDS-Like Syndromeโ€‹

Dr. Peter McCullough: COVID Jab Death Count โ€˜Is Worse Than a Warโ€™โ€‹

Jack Posobiec Temporarily Banned on Twitter for Calling Disney (perverted pedophile) โ€œGroomersโ€โ€‹

  Fiona Hill advised George W. Bush not to support Ukraine's NATO ambitions to avoid provoking Russia, but he ignored her
suspect suspect suspect suspect suspect suspect suspect

In February 2008, roughly 14 years before Russia launched an unprovoked war in Ukraine, Fiona Hill met with President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney in the Oval Office and advised them against supporting the NATO aspirations of Ukraine and Georgia.

Bush ultimately ignored this advice, publicly championing adding both former Soviet republics to the alliance in a move that was met with opposition by key NATO allies and that enraged Russia leaders.

Hill was the national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia for the National Intelligence Council at the time, and warned Bush that backing the NATO bids of Kyiv and Tbilisi could be problematic and viewed as a provocation by Russian President Vladimir Putin, she told New York Times Magazine in a new interview, offering previously unreported details.

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The female victim looks white but has a surname from THE CONGO - ????
Black-on-White???? Colored Teen wearing leather do-rag arraigned on murder charge for shooting death of Bronx girl that looks whiteโ€‹
BLACK SUSPECT victim name A teenager accused of killing a 16-year old bystander and wounding two other teens outside a Bronx high school was arraigned on a murder charge Saturday night.

Suspect Jeremiah Ryan, accused of shooting 16-year-old Angellyh Yambo, was ordered held without bail until at least his next court appearance on Monday.

Ryan, who was arrested earlier Saturday, appeared in a black hoodie and black sweatpants in the Bronx courthouse.

As he entered the courtroom, he briefly turned around to look at both his parents who were sitting in the audience.

The prosecution requested that Ryan be remanded without cash bail due to the severity of the charges โ€” which could mean a life sentence if heโ€™s convicted.

` Prosecutors also noted the evidence cops obtained as reason not to release the teen โ€” including footage of the shooting, six 9mm shell casings found at the scene, a gun that was seen tossed out of Ryanโ€™s building, and the clothing and sneakers he was allegedly wearing at the time of the shooting.


[NNN forum thread also posted by mkultra:] 
Forum poster

Note: an NNN reporter commented on this case:
"This girl is white Mexican, not sure about her last name YAMBO, but her photo & dress with Tiara is a classic Mexican tradition, photo is from her 15 yo Quinceanera party, they love PINK dresses, but other Jewel Colors dresses have risen in popularity"

Well, she does/did look White - even if she is Hispanic - (Spain is in Europe)
and she certainly does not look like a native of the African CONGO!!!

African African African

YAMBO Surname - Most prevalent in DR CONGO - Highest density in DR CONGO


(Low-life cowardly parasite Negro) Purse snatcher punches 67-year-old woman down stairs: copsโ€‹
SUSPECT-NAME A purse snatcher punched a 67-year-old woman in the head and knocked her down the stairs of a Manhattan subway station, police said on Saturday.

The brute attacked the woman at about 6:49 a.m. Tuesday at the 42nd Street-Port Authority Bus Terminal station, the NYPD said. She sustained minor injuries from the fall, cops said.

The robber made off with the womanโ€™s cellphone, about $150 in cash and credit cards that had been stuffed into the purse, according to police.


BLACK Charged With Attempted Murder, Carjacking After Crime Spree In Lakewood Township, New Jersey, Officials Sayโ€‹
SUSPECT-NAME LAKEWOOD, N.J. - A Manchester Township man is facing charges after being accused of stealing a car and striking a pedestrian in Lakewood on Friday.

According to the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office and Lakewood Township Police, 27-year-old Dion Marsh was charged with attempted murder, carjacking and related charges.

Authorities say officers responded to the area of Martin Luther King Drive and Pine Street for a report of a carjacking around 1:15 p.m. on Friday.

According to investigators, officers learned a male approached a 2016 Toyota Camry, assaulted the driver and fled in the vehicle.

Officials say officers with Lakewood Township Police received a report of a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle near Central Avenue and Carlton Avenue.

  MUSLIM (Jihad) "Migrants" Desecrate More Than 2,000 Churches Just in Greece
"As a deeply religious society, these attacks on churches are shocking to the Greek people and calls to question whether these illegal immigrants seeking a new life in Europe are willing to integrate and conform to the norms and values of their new countries." โ€” Greek City Times, May 16, 2020.

While the report most likely has the 1453 sack of Constantinople (today Istanbul) in mind โ€” when countless Greek churches, including Hagia Sophia, were desecrated, destroyed, or turned into mosques โ€” that pattern is a century older.

Before Christmas, in the North Rhine-Westphalia region, where more than a million Muslim migrants reside, some 50 public statues of Jesus and other Christian figures were beheaded and crucifixes broken.

According to a new report published by Greece's Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, there were 2,339 incidents of church desecrations in the country between 2015 and 2020, when tiny Greece, seen as Europe's eastern gateway, was flooded with migrants from the Islamic world. Greek City Times wrote regarding the report:

"There appears to be a correlation between the increase in illegal migration and the incidents of attacks on Greek Orthodox religious churches and religious spaces during the five year period which occurred during the peak of the migration crisis."

In the most recent year recorded, 2020, there were 385 incidents against Christian churches and buildings, including "vandalism, burglary, theft, sacrilege, necromancy, robbery, placement of explosive devices and other desecrations."

Over the years, a few of these desecrations made it to English-language media.

In April 2021, Muslim migrants entered into and utterly desecrated a small church. Proud of their handiwork, they videotaped portions of the incident and uploaded it on TikTok. It shows a topless migrant dancing to rap music as he walks towards and inside the church. The next clip shows the aftermath: devastation inside the church, with smashed icons and the altar overthrown.

In 2020, Muslim migrants ransacked and transformed a church into their personal toilet. This public restroom was once the St. Catherine Church in Moria, a small town on the island of Lesvos, which was flooded with migrants who arrived via Turkey. "The smell inside is unbearable," said a local. "[T]he metropolitan of Mytilene is aware of the situation in the area, nevertheless, he does not wish to deal with it for his own reasons."

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Angry, entitled Muslim illegal migrant wannabes riot and set fire to an asylum center in the northern Italian city of Turin.
The mayhem broke out at migrant repatriation center (CPR) in Turin when illegal migrants housed in the facility began protesting against what they perceive to be โ€œinhumane conditions,โ€ Italian broadcaster TGCOM24 reports. (What no room service?) - (2019)


TWO MUSLIM โ€˜FAKEโ€™ Department of Homeland Security agents โ€“ one โ€˜with ties to Pakistani intelligence and multiple Iranian visasโ€™ โ€“ spent 18 months โ€˜infiltrating and buying gifts for Jill Bidenโ€™s Secret Service detailโ€™



  Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 10 April 2022

Analysis of the shuffling, brain-dead, old P.O.S. who's figure-head for globalists pushing their war against the stupid goons and morons of Jew S A

Liberal scummy filth (they're actually TRAITORS who should be dealt with accordingly) get their just deserts fm the courts

The Total War to Cancel Russia
Vast swathes of NATOstan have been corralled into behaving like a Russophobic lynch mob. No dissent is tolerated.

By now itโ€™s abundantly clear that the neo-Orwellian โ€œTwo Minute Hateโ€ Russophobic campaign launched by the Empire of Lies after the start of Operation Z is actually โ€œ24/7 Hateโ€.

Vast swathes of NATOstan have been corralled into behaving like a Russophobic lynch mob. No dissent is tolerated. The full psyops has de facto upgraded the Empire of Lies to the status of Empire of Hate in a Total War โ€“ hybrid and otherwise โ€“ to cancel Russia.

Hate, after all, packs way more punch than mere lies, which are now veering into abject ridiculousness, as in U.S. โ€œintelligenceโ€ resorting to โ€“ what else โ€“ lies to fight the info war against Russia.

If the propaganda overdrive has been lethally effective amidst the zombified Western masses โ€“ call it a โ€œwinโ€ in the P.R. war โ€“ in the front where it really matters, inside Russia, itโ€™s a major fail.

Public opinion support for both Operation Z and President Putin is unprecedented. After videos of torture of Russian POWs that caused widespread revulsion, Russian civil society is even bracing for a โ€œLong Warโ€ lasting months, not weeks, as long as the targets of the Russian High Command โ€“ actually a military secret โ€“ are met.

The stated aims are โ€œdemilitarizationโ€ and โ€œdenazificationโ€ of a future neutral Ukraine โ€“ but geopolitically reach way beyond: the aim is to turn the post-1945 European collective security arrangement upside down, forcing NATO to understand and come to terms with the concept of โ€œindivisible securityโ€. This is an extremely complex process that will reach the next decade.

The NATOstan sphere simply cannot admit in public a series of facts that a military analyst of the caliber of Andrei Martyanov has been explaining for years. And that adds to their collective pain.

Russia can take on NATO and smash it to bits in 48 hours. It may employ advanced strategic deterrence systems unmatched across the West. Its southern axis โ€“ from the Caucasus and West Asia to Central Asia โ€“ is fully stabilized. And if the going gets really tough, Mr. Zircon can deliver his hypersonic nuclear business card with the other side not even knowing what hit it.

EUS Officials Admit Theyโ€™re Literally Just Lying to the Public About Russiaโ€‹

Russia States Obvious: Ukies Blew Up the Train Station

In case any of u fools think Demon-rats are NOT gross totalitarian, globalist traitors, tyrants, and fascists--they vote to investigate vaxx refusers

Carlson: Dem Opposition to Parental Rights โ€˜Not Really About Trying to Groom Little Kids โ€” Overall, It Is Even Worse than Thatโ€™โ€‹

Pssssssssst, hey sh*t-for-brains scum: there's Pres. election in France, and so far, populist Le Pen leads globalist Macron

Members Of Congress Are Now Using Words Like โ€œFamineโ€ And โ€œStarvationโ€ To Describe What Is Comingโ€‹

71 Chinese inmates on death row had their hearts or lungs removed during executions before being declared dead, new study saysโ€‹

Brian Kilmeade on BLMโ€™s secret multi-million dollar mansion exposed

  Some recent posts by "mkultra" 10 April 2022

NAACP looks into alleged racist incident at McDonaldโ€™s

Tranny (Transvestite 'wasman') demands in prison
A killer who transitioned from male to female while in prison has demanded guards hold her hand while outside her cell because she identifies as an infant.

A Sheboon Wore A Wig And Mask To Her Ex's Home. Then She Opened Fire On His New Girlfriend And Child.โ€‹
black suspect An Illinois woman was jealous of her exโ€™s relationship with a new girlfriend. So, she bought a gun, wore a disguise and opened fire on the womanโ€™s car.

Now, she will spend years in prison. Recently, a judge in Illinois sentenced Maquesha Ramey to 65 years in prison for the shooting death of Rachel Likes, according to KWQC. Ramey will have to serve the entirety of her sentence.

She was previously convicted of first-degree murder for the killing. Ramey had previously been dating Michael Hubbard, but they were separated. Hubbard was then dating Likes in January 2021 when Likes was killed in Galesburg, Illinois. Prosecutor Jeremy Karlin told the jury that Ramey repeatedly searched Hubbardโ€™s name on Facebook days before the shooting, according to The Galesburg Register-Mail.

Ramsey went to Mississippi, where she bought a gun. She then returned to Illinois with the intention to commit murder, according to the Register-Mail. Ramey disguised herself in a hoodie, mask and wig and drove to Hubbardโ€™s house, where she saw Likes parked. She then shot at Likesโ€™ car nine times, hitting the victim three times, according to reports. The fatal shot was to the head. Likesโ€™ son was in the backseat of the car at the time of the shooting.

โ€œI agree it probably wasnโ€™t her plan to kill Rachel Likes, but she did,โ€ Karlin said, according to The Register-Mail. The plan was likely to kill Hubbard, officials said. Ramey testified that Hubbard wrestled with her over the gun when it went off, the newspaper reported. But prosecutors said the shots were deliberate.

The defense tried to argue that the police investigation was incomplete and targeted Ramey early on, according to the Register-Mail. The jury didnโ€™t buy it. At sentencing, Ramey admitted to her crime.

BLACK Louisiana (hunter-gatherer) teen accused of committing 10 robberies over 3-month period
suspect A Louisiana man is accused of committing 10 armed holdups during a three-month span in an area within a half-mile of his apartment complex, authorities said.

Kentrell Warnsley, 18, of Metairie was arrested March 3 and charged with 10 counts of armed robbery, one count of motor vehicle theft, one count of illegal possession of stolen firearms, one count of resisting arrest and one count of hit-and-run driving, according to Jefferson Parish Sheriffโ€™s Office online booking records.


  • The ACLU's Communist origins - RedState
  • The ACLU's untold Stalinist heritage | The Daily Caller
  • ACLU - Conservapedia
  • The Truth about the American Civil Liberties Union - The ...
  • The ACLU Never Forgets Its Pro-Communist Roots - Townhall

  • List of sick sh*t the (((ACLU))) shamelessly supports.
    The (((ACLU))) supports:
    Gay marriage 30 and benefits for gay โ€œfamiliesโ€
    Adoptions by gays, 32 gays as foster parents, โ€œparentalโ€ rights for gay โ€œparents,โ€ and gay parent family training
    Gay clubs on school campuses, 36 gay campus publications and articles on campus, and forcing straight students to attend gay sensitivity training
    Gays in the military
    Pro-gay state license plates

    The ACLU opposes: Marriage between only a man and a woman
    A school competition asking โ€œstudents to explain why preserving marriage between men and women is vital to society and why unborn children merit respect and protection.โ€

    The ACLU supports: Bigamy and polygamy
    Pedophilia and legalizing sex between children and adults
    Transgender rights

    [quote mkultra]+ "Of curse they are on the wrong side of everything.
    So how is destroying marriage between men and women supposed to improve society?
    All just more Judaic sorceries/spells."

    ACLU 2021 Budget- Net $586,814,101.00 (!)

    American Communist Legal Union, is what it is. Yesterday, I posted the 28 minute expose video of the Eastern European & Soviet Jewish hand in the decline and fall of California into the ruinous state it's in today. USSR Jews fled to USA in 1919-20. USA lost the Cold War, and now we could say Biden's Soviet Administration is in power.

    No one can point to just the ACLU, without including the ADL and NAACP. They all work together.

    ACLU (Roger Baldwin, head of ACLU This includes a statement from former HUAC counsel Richard Arens, and a summary of the 1961 Senate Fact-Finding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities of the State of California. In that 1961 record you'll learn more about the communist radical revolutionaries and on those who tried to expose them, like Myron Fagan.

    ACLU wanted to hide the communists who were behind easily influenced blacks. They knew blacks are not smart.

    The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU} was formed in 1920 by a group of radicals, socialists and communists whose purpose was to defend their fellow radicals. The founders were not Jewish. Twenty years later it banned Communists from positions of leadership and from its staff. Over the years, Jews became very influential in this organization.

    ACLU loses its biggest donor: $19 million a year The American Civil Liberties Union has lost a quarter of its yearly donations after a major donor cut off $19 million in annual donations because of economic difficulties.

    David Gelbaum, a wealthy California conservationist, said he was indefinitely stopping the donations that had made him the New York-based group's largest anonymous donor.

    "For a number of years, your organization has received very substantial charitable contributions from me," Gelbaum said in a statement. "My investments in alternative, clean energy companies have placed me in a highly illiquid position as a result of the general credit crisis in the American and world financial systems."

    Gelbaum also announced he was halting some $12 million in yearly gifts to the Sierra Club Foundation and about $50 million a year that he's been giving to an organization serving veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Gelbaum has given a total of $389 million to the groups from 2005 to 2009.

    Gelbaum Surname - MOST PREVALENT IN: United States - HIGHEST DENSITY IN: Israel


    or prevent them from being promoted to Grand Queer Generalisimo


    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 09 April 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

        (Black) Man arrested after allegedly stealing car in Atlanta, driving off with 9-year-old boy still inside, police say
    suspect cat with implanted electrodes in brain (CNN)A man allegedly carjacked a woman's car in Atlanta with her 9-year-old son still inside on Monday morning, the Atlanta Police Department said in a statement.

    Officers spoke with Jerrica Moore, who said she'd parked near Ralph David Abernathy Blvd and got out of her car, leaving her keys and son inside. After leaving her car, a man "jumped into her vehicle and sped away from the location with her child still in the car," the department said in a statement. Police were able to locate the vehicle with the 9-year-old boy inside using iPhone's tracking abilities in real time, police said. Once officers caught up to the stolen vehicle, they were able to arrest the suspect "without incident."

    "Not all heroes wear capes. We thank all the officers and agencies involved in apprehending this suspect and getting this child to safety. We are happy to report the child and his mother have been reunited," the APD said in a statement.

    The suspect, identified as Darius "White", was charged with kidnapping, cruelty towards children and theft by taking, according to Fulton County Court records.

    CNN has reached out to the Atlanta Circuit Public Defender's Office, who is representing White, for comment but has not heard back.

    Police said White was taken to the Grady detention center, "where he will undergo further evaluation." On Wednesday, a Fulton County judge set White's bond at $20,000 total for the three charges against him, court records show. It's not clear when White is expected to appear in court.

    "Smile, you're on candid camera" - "You're smartphone is a SPY-phone"

    Almost everyone has a GPS tracking device in their pocket or purse or implanted in their brain or butt.

    When you leave your car keys and child in your car
    don't forget to put your "FREE BABY ON BOARD" sign in the back window....

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (09 April 2022)
    The Bobster

    White victims of unchecked massive immigration

    Famed โ€˜Antiques Roadshowโ€™ expert claims ASIAN FEMALE buyer scammed his auction houseโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME A celebrity antiques expert known for sizing up treasures on โ€œAntique Roadshowโ€ claims he was duped by a woman who scammed his auction house out of more than $100,000 โ€” and is suing to recover the cash.

    Leigh Keno, who along with his twin brother, Leslie, has long been a fixture on the PBS TV program, says the buyer seemed legit as she purchased $5,000 to $10,000 worth of items at a time, and always paid the bill.

    โ€œThe checks didnโ€™t bounce,โ€ he said.

    The buyer, whose name appears to be Chihyu Lu but goes by Grace Lu, then went shopping for a laundry list of Asian furniture and decorative items including a bronze โ€œlibationโ€ cup with beast handle, watercolor painting of a cat and a dragon-carved display cabinet, Keno said.

    She tallied up $178,450 worth of goods, which Keno said he let her take with a promise to pay later.

    Lu took about 40 pieces in July 2020, paying $45,000 but then refusing to hand over the balance of $133,450, according to a lawsuit filed by the auction house against Lu in Manhattan state Supreme Court in 2021.

    Crime headlines from major Afro-demographic cities
    (minority-majority) NYC traffic deaths up 35 percent so far this yearโ€‹


    (white) model Courtney Clenney stabs (black Nigerian) sexfriend to death before her vulgar social media post


    (black) Philadelphia Man Wanted For Allegedly Killing Ex-Girlfriend At Gas Station Near King Of Prussia Mallโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. (CBS) โ€” A Philadelphia man is wanted for allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend on Friday night while she was pumping gas in Upper Merion Township near the King of Prussia Mall, officials announced on Saturday. Rafiq Thompson, 38, has been charged with first-degree murder, person not to possess a firearm, and other related offenses in connection to the killing of 31-year-old Tamara Cornelius.

    Officials say the shooting took place at around 10:30 p.m. on Friday at the Exxon Station at 113 North Gulph Road. Police arrived on the scene after shots were reportedly fired.

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (09 April 2022)
    The Bobster

    NJ first-graders to learn about gender PERVERSION, DEPRAVITY & ABOMINATION in new Satanic sex-ed lessonsโ€‹

    What does the KJV Bible say about home schooling VS. satanic public schools?

    BLACK Long Island man arrested in fatal shooting of black female Northwell Health employeeโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME A Long Island man was arrested Friday and charged with the fatal shooting of a Northwell Health employee last week, police said.

    (Negro-named) Quay-Sean Renard Hines, 30, was charged with second-degree murder in the death of 33-year-old Amelia Laguerre, according to the Nassau County Police Department.

    Laguerre was shot in a publicly-accessible parking garage underneath a medical office complex in New Hyde Park, hospital and law enforcement officials said.

      Tierney's REAL News Network
    [Quote Peggy Tierney]

    Update on 2000 Mules - the documentary by Dinesh & TrueTheVote - proving widespread election fraud

    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire New video showing the bloody aftermath of a domestic disturbance in Miami, which ended with one man being stabbed to death and a woman covered in blood.

    In the footage, obtained by TMZ, you see the woman in sweatpants and a bra handcuffed and soaked in blood as she sits on the floor of a luxury apartment talking to cops.

    Cops responded Sunday to a call about a domestic violence incident involving a stabbing and when they got there they say they found a 27-year-old man with an apparent knife wound who was rushed to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

    Police say the man, Christian Tobechukwu Obumseli, and the woman in the video were involved in a physical confrontation that turned deadly.

    In the video, the woman's blood-soaked bra and sweats are identical to what Courtney was wearing earlier that same day when she posted a video of herself on Instagram Live.

    You might recognize Courtney ... she was featured in the music video for G-Eazy's 2015 track, "Me, Myself and I."

    Folks who knew Christian say he lived in the building with his girlfriend.

    As for why Courtney wasn't arrested ... we're told she was taken to the police department for questioning and reportedly threatened to kill herself. She was then placed on a psychiatric hold.

    Courtney, who has more than 2 million IG followers, is prominently featured on Christian's IG page.
    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

        (Black) Inmate asks judges to halt firing squad or electrocution

    black suspect COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) โ€” A South Carolina inmate set to die either by a firing squad or in the electric chair later this month is asking the state Supreme Court to halt his execution until judges can determine if either method is cruel and unusual punishment.

    Richard Bernard Moore is set to die April 29 unless a court steps in. He has until next Friday to choose between the South Carolina's electric chair, which has been used twice in the past 30 years, or being shot by three volunteers who are prison workers in rules the state finalized last month.

    State law also allows lethal injection, but South Carolina has not been able to obtain the drugs to kill an inmate in the past several years, prompting the General Assembly in 2021 to pass a law including the firing squad so executions could being again. South Carolina has not put an inmate to death in nearly 11 years. Moore, 57, has spent more than two decades on death row after he was convicted in 2001 of killing convenience store clerk James Mahoney in Spartanburg.

        Police release video of (Black) suspect in shooting that left man dead in Englewood
    black suspect CHICAGO (CBS) -- Police on Friday released surveillance vide of a man they say shot and killed another man in Englewood last month.

    The shooting happened at 2:49 p.m. Monday, March 7, in the 6600 block of South Morgan Street.

    CHICAGO (CBS) -- Police on Friday released surveillance vide of a man they say shot and killed another man in Englewood last month.

    The shooting happened at 2:49 p.m. Monday, March 7, in the 6600 block of South Morgan Street. Surveillance video shows the suspect walking up to the corner of 66th and Morgan streets and going into a convenience store. He later exits the store, walks one block, and comes back to talk to t the victim before shooting and killing him, police said.

    The victim was identified in published reports as Elijah Suggs.

      TTierney's REAL News (4/8/22)
    [Quote Peggy Tierney]"

    Hi all,

    Today's newsletter contains my view of the Koch Libertarians and their efforts to destroy conservatism for the left. Must read. Enjoy. Peg

    I watched the new movie RIGGED about Zuckerberg's money being used to fund the stolen election and it's good. It's only 40 minutes and worth your time. It's a good introduction to Dinesh's upcoming movie called 2000 MULES - about HOW they stole the election - which will be out in a few weeks. You can order it here. Only $4.99.


        White Banner

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 07 April 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

        (Black nword) Creep gropes woman on NYC train, stopped by good Samaritan
    SUSPECT-NAME A creep groped a woman on a Manhattan train โ€” and only stopped when a good Samaritan intervened, authorities said Thursday.

    The 26-year-old victim was standing on the southbound Q train platform at the 34th Street-Herald Square station around 5 p.m. Sunday when a stranger approached her and tried to strike up a conversation, but she ignored him, cops said.

    As the woman boarded the train, the man followed her and sat down next to her before fondling her breasts, inner thighs and calves, police said. The victim told the perv not to touch her, and another passenger came to her assistance.

    [NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
    Forum poster

    Should be deported to Monkey Island
    Monkey Island

      3 MEXICAN-surnamed Hispanic shoplifters beat, try to pepper-spray security at Macyโ€™s, California police say
    Three women chose violence when a Macyโ€™s security officer asked them to return stolen goods before leaving the Palo Alto store, California police said.

    Alexis Quiroz, 22, Salena Quiroz, 21, and Leah Perez, 22, all of Sacramento, face charges including robbery and conspiracy, Palo Alto police said in a news release.

    Alexis Quiroz also faces a charge of being a felon in possession of pepper spray, police said. A Macyโ€™s loss-prevention officer had spotted the three women leaving the store with clothing they had not paid for at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 5, the release said.

    When the officer confronted them outside, Alexis Quiroz tried to pepper-spray him while her companions punched him in the face and head, police reported.


      Cops nab HISPANIC intruder who allegedly snuck into womanโ€™s NYC apartment
    Cops have busted a man who allegedly snuck into a sleeping womanโ€™s Queens apartment and ogled her, police said Thursday. Emmanuel Rosario, 32, was arrested Wednesday after a tip helped track him down, cops said.

    The sick crime unfolded around 4 p.m. March 29 in Fresh Meadows โ€” when the 49-year-old victim woke up to find Rosario standing over her holding her cellphone, police said.


      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (07 April 2022)
    The Bobster

    Cops ID suspect in fatal stabbing at Chinatown gambling den
    The man suspected of fatally stabbing a rival at a Chinatown gambling den was identified by police on Wednesday night.

    SUSPECT-NAME Shin Bin Weng, 55 was named a suspect in the death of Qi Rui Weng, 58, who died Monday after he was stabbed with a large kitchen knife following a feud inside the social club on Division Street near Orchard Street, according to the NYPD.

    Police said the two are not related. The suspect had fetched two knives from a neighboring kitchen supply store before returning to the gambling den through a door that connects the two buildings, sources have said.

    DARK CRIME: Juvenile Slaps SEPTA Bus Driver Who Told Passenger Masks Are Required, Police Say


    DARK CRIME: Police Searching For 3 Suspects Accused Of Attacking 17-Year-Old Girl On Broad Street Line In North Philly


    DARK CRIME: 4 crooks hold men at gunpoint, steal $200K from NYC apartment: cops


    Girl, 13, busted in violent Bronx mugging of 76-year-old woman: cops


    Big (rotten) Apple shoplifting skyrockets 81% compared to last yearโ€‹


    Major crimes continue to soar in (minority-majority) NYC despite return to โ€˜broken windowsโ€™ policingโ€‹


      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (07 April 2022)
    The Bobster

    Negro ex-rapper Kidd Creole found guilty of manslaughter in 2017 stabbing death of homeless manโ€‹
    black suspect (unshaven, geriatric) ex-Rapper Kidd Creole was found guilty of manslaughter Wednesday in the 2017 stabbing death of a homeless man during an argument in Manhattan.

    The 61-year-old hip-hop pioneer, whose real name is Nathaniel Glover, put his head down and closed his eyes as the verdict was read in Manhattan Supreme Court โ€” just about three hours after the jury began deliberating.

    HISPANIC: MS-13 Diablita โ€˜licked the blood off her lipsโ€™ during LI massacre
    SUSPECT-NAME Long Islandโ€™s โ€œLittle Devilโ€ smiled as MS-13 gang members hacked four men to death with machetes โ€” and even โ€œlicked the blood off her lipsโ€ during the massacre, prosecutors said Wednesday in closing arguments at her murder trial.

    Leniz โ€œDiablitaโ€ Escobar, 22, lured the men to their deaths in a local park after convincing the notoriously vicious gang that the victims โ€œhad mocked themโ€ by using MS-13 symbols, prosecutor Justina Geraci said in federal court in Central Islip.

    โ€œYou heard [MS-13 gang member] David Gaitan-Riveraโ€™s testimony,โ€ Geraci told the jury of the 2017 slayings. โ€œHe told you how one of the victims had reached for [Escobar] before he was killed and his blood had gotten all over her shirt.

    DARK CRIME: Philadelphia Police Searching For 2 Suspects In Connection To Stenton Shooting


    Pennsylvania State Police Settle HISPANIC (statistically more criminal, illegal alien) Profiling, Immigration Lawsuit


    Prosecution Rests Case In Federal Bribery Trial Of (CORRUPT BLACK) Philadelphia Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson, Wife Dawn Chavousโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME PHILADELPHIA (CBS) โ€” The prosecution rested its case in the federal bribery trial of Philadelphia Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson and his wife Dawn Chavous. Now, itโ€™s the defenseโ€™s turn.

    Police Searching For (BLACK) Saad Najeed Dwight, Accused Of Fatally Shooting TRANSVESTITE 'wasman'Woman In Chesterโ€‹
    CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) โ€” A manhunt is underway for a killer in Delaware County. Police are asking for the publicโ€™s help.

    SUSPECT-NAME Loved ones say the victim was the life of the party. "She" knew how to light up a room.

    On Wednesday, CBS3 sat down with friends and family who are completely devastated by what they call a senseless homicide. They did not want to go on camera for fear the gunman is still at large.

    They shared a lot about who the victim was and say they want justice to be served.

    Chester police say last Friday around 3:30 a.m. Jamii Parker, a transVESTITE "woman"[wasMAN] who "identified" as Miia, was shot while in a vehicle parked on the 1900 block of Chestnut Street.

    The motive behind this deadly shooting is still unknown, but police have identified a suspect, 38-year-old Saad Najeed Dwight.


        There might have been "HATE" THOUGHT CRIME charges if blacks could commit 'hate' crimes - but we know that is RIDICULOUS!!! :)

    BLACK-ON-WHITE ASSASINATION ATTEMPT: Feds re-arrest BLACK Louisville suspect sprung from jail by Black Supremacist
    (blm) fund after attempt on mayoral candidate's life

    black suspect wounded victim An attempted murder suspect, initially sprung from jail through a BLM supported bail fund after allegedly targeting a Democratic mayoral candidate in Louisville, Kentucky, was taken into federal custody on Thursday.

    Quintez Brown, a 22-year-old [black supremacist] blacktivist and former newspaper intern and columnist, is accused of entering the campaign headquarters of (jewish-surnamed) DEMOCRAT mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg in Louisville on Valentineโ€™s Day and opening fire in an attempt on the candidateโ€™s life. No one was injured, but bullets grazed Greenbergโ€™s sweater. Police arrested Brown 10 minutes later, allegedly finding a 9mm magazine in his pants pocket.

        VA sheriff's officers vindicated in scuffle with 2 ARROGANT far-left-wing SOROS-SCUM-BACKED DA but he punishes them anyway

        Rewarding evil, condemns good. Senate confirms BLACK FEMALE Ketanji "AUNT JEMIMA" Jackson to Post-American Supreme Court

    suspect suspect suspect [NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
    Forum poster

      Tierney's REAL News Network
    [Quote Peggy Tierney]"

    Hi all,

    Here's an update on Arizona election fraud, Durham, the crisis at the border and Hunter's "Laptop from Hell." Enjoy. Peg

    Ukraine. Across its eastern border is Russia and to its west-Europe.
    For centuries, it has been at the center of a tug-of-war between powers seeking to control its rich lands and access to the Black Sea.
    2014's Maidan Massacre triggered a bloody uprising that ousted president Viktor Yanukovych and painted Russia as the perpetrator by Western media.
    But was it? "Ukraine on Fire" by Igor Lopatonok..

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    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 06 April 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

        93-Year-Old German Woman Jailed Again for Denying Holocaust

    BERLIN (AP) โ€” A Berlin court has sentenced a 93-year-old German woman to 12 months in prison for denying that Jews were systematically murdered during the Holocaust.

    The Berlin regional court on Friday rejected an appeal by notorious neo-Nazi Ursula Haverbeck against two convictions for Holocaust denial in 2017 and 2020. Judges ruled that the sentence could not be suspended because Haverbeck had shown no remorse or signs of changing her views during the appeal hearings.

    Haverbeck has repeatedly asserted that the Auschwitz death camp was just a work camp. In fact, historians say at least 1.1 million Jews were murdered there by the Nazis.

    Haverbeck has already paid several fines and served at least 30 months for similar crimes.

    The ruling can be appealed.

    [NNN forum thread posted by Apollonian:] 
    Forum poster

        BLMโ€™s LA mansion sold for 250 times the price of similar homes in the area

    The $6 million Los Angeles mansion purchased by the countryโ€™s top Black Lives Matter group sold for more than 250 times the price of similar properties in its Studio City neighborhood, and went for $2.7 million more than property records show.

    The stylish โ€œfarmhouseโ€ was built in 1936 and boasts visits from Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart.

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 05 April 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

        Negro NECROPHILIA

    (Black) Conn. Man Accused of Brutally Murdering N.Y. Nurse & Having Sex With Her Corpse on Tinder Date
    black suspect victim name NEW YORK โ€“ Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz announced today that Danueal Drayton, 31, has been indicted by a Queens County grand jury and following his extradition to New York, was arraigned today in Queens Supreme Court. The defendant is charged with murder, sexual misconduct, grand larceny and other crimes for the shocking strangulation death of a 29-year-old woman killed after a date with the defendant in July 2018.

    District Attorney Katz said, โ€œThis family deserves justice. This was a brutal crime that makes every person using a dating app fearful. The victim was duped into going out on a date with the defendant, who played a charmer online but was in fact an alleged sexual predator. The defendant is accused of brutally beating and then killing this innocent woman in her own home. After this heinous act of violence, the defendant fled the state to escape prosecution. Now back in our custody, this defendant will be held to account for his alleged actions.โ€

    Drayton, formerly of New Haven, Conn., was arraigned today before Queens Supreme Court Justice Kenneth C. Holder on an 18-count indictment. The defendant is charged with murder in the second degree, grand larceny in the fourth degree, petit larceny, sexual misconduct, identity theft in the second and third degree, unlawful possession of personal identification information in the third degree and criminal possession of stolen property in the fourth degree. Justice Holder set the defendantโ€™s return date for May 23, 2022. Drayton faces up to 25 years-to-life in prison, if convicted.

    According to the charges, Samantha Stewart met the defendant on the dating app Tinder. The two had a date and on July 16, 2018, the pair went to her 145th Road home in Springfield Gardens, Queens. Sometime that day, the defendant allegedly beat and strangled the 29-year-old nurse and then engaged in sexual conduct with the dead body.

    [NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
    Forum poster

        BLACK-ON-WHITE: Second Black Arrested In Sacramento Mass Shooting Is Brother Of First Suspect
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECTS ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name SACRAMENTO, CA โ€” A second man was arrested Tuesday in connection with the mass shooting in Sacramento that killed six people and wounded 12, and police said he is the brother of the first suspect. Smiley Martin, 27, was wounded in the gunfire and hospitalized for treatment, police said in a news release Tuesday. He was identified as a person of interest and watched by police at the hospital while he received treatment.

    Martin was taken into custody Tuesday and will be booked at the Sacramento County Main Jail on charges of unlawful gun possession and having a machine gun once his medical care is completed, and he's deemed healthy enough for incarceration, police said.

    Smiley Martin is the brother of Dandrae Martin, 26, who was arrested Monday and booked on assault and gun charges. Police identified Martin as a related suspect, but Anne Marie Schubert, the district attorney for Sacramento County, said police were looking for multiple shooters, and that he was not arrested for any related homicide.

    "The investigation is highly complex involving many witnesses, videos of numerous types and significant physical evidence," Schubert said Monday.

    Law enforcement expected to make more arrests in the case, and Schubert stressed that prosecutors can't comment on specifics due to ethical obligations.

    "We will be reviewing the evidence provided to our office and making a determination of what, if any, charges are appropriate," Schubert said. "If charges are filed, the complaint will be released to the public."

    A manhunt was underway for at least two shooters who opened fire around 2 a.m. Sunday outside a nightclub in the 1000 block of K Street in the city's entertainment district. Of the 12 wounded, at least four were critically hurt.

    The Sacramento County Coroner's Office on Monday identified the women shot and killed as Johntaya Alexander, 21; Melinda Davis, 57; and Yamile Martinez-Andrade, 21. The men were identified as Sergio Harris, 38; Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi, 32; and DeVazia Turner, 29.

    Police said they did not know if a recorded fracas was connected to the shooting. Graphic witness videosposted on social media showed rapid gunfire for at least 45 seconds as people screamed and ran for cover.

    Sacramento mass shooting: third BLACK person arrested
    The Sacramento Police Department said Tuesday that Daviyonne Dawson, 31, was taken into custody Monday night on charges of being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm. He is not charged with crimes directly related to the shootings.

    Sacramento shooting suspect got out of prison early despite district attorney's opposition
    Smiley Martin, 27, was convicted in 2018 and was serving a 10-year sentence for a domestic violence and assault when he was released. He was arrested Tuesday morning at a Sacramento hospital on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm and possession of a stolen handgun that was converted to be a fully automatic weapon.


        UNKNOWN BLACK RAPPER Handcuffed After Judge Says He Violated Protective Orders in case where another black rapper with a stupid stage name was shot in her 'feets'
    black suspect victim victim Tory Lanez was handcuffed and remanded into custody in a Los Angeles courtroom Tuesday. A judge found he violated pre-trial protective orders in his felony assault case involving allegations he shot Megan Thee Stallion in her feet during a drunken dispute nearly two years ago.

    The โ€œSay Itโ€ rapper had a bondsman with him in the courthouse and was expected to gain a speedy release by posting his new bail of $350,000. Judge David Herriford set the new higher bail after hearing nearly an hour of argument and finding that Lanez had violated court orders prohibiting him from contacting or harassing Megan or sharing any discovery in the case.

    Lanez, who has pleaded not guilty, appeared in court wearing a black tuxedo jacket over a black turtleneck. He was accompanied by his father and several friends.

      NM State Police investigating HISPANIC-on-HISPANIC homicide in El Prado, New Mexico
    TAOS, N.M. (KRQE) โ€“ New Mexico State Police was requested to investigate a homicide in El Prado, New Mexico. Police say around 7:45 p.m. on March 31, NMSP officers were called to Straight Arrow Road in El Prado where Cleofas Dominguez-Armendariz, 55, had been shot and killed by Manuel G. Gamez-Lozoya, 38.

    Investigators learned there had been a dispute between the two men. According to NMSP on the evening of the incident Cleofas drove to Manuelโ€™s residence and during the encounter, Manuel shot Cleofas several times. Police say it appears that as Cleofas lay wounded on the ground, Manuel fired another shot striking Cleofas at close range. Both men were from El Prado




    victim Enrique Tarrio, the NONWHITE Proud Boys leader who was indicted last month in one of the major Jan. 6 prosecutions, pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to conspiracy and other felony charges.

    Tarrio entered the plea at a virtual hearing that came nearly a month after he was arrested and charged with conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding.

    Prosecutors FALSELY allege that Tarrio led members in his far-right group in a scheme aimed at preventing Congress from certifying President Bidenโ€™s STOLEN 'victory' in the 2020 election, even though Tarrio was not physically present at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

      Tierney's REAL News (4/5/22)
    [Quote Peggy Tierney]"

    Hi all,

    Today's REAL newsletter is up. A new Durham filing is out, a new movie on election fraud is ready and TTV video ties ballot traffickers to Stacey Abrams' office. HUGE.

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    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ 04 April 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ        *******

        Police arrest (BLACK) suspect in downtown Sacramento shooting that killed 6 (blacks?)
    black suspect Sacramento police have arrested a suspected gunman in the shooting that killed six people in a popular nightlife area over the weekend. Dandrae Martin, 26, was identified as a "related suspect" in the shooting, which broke out on K Street in downtown Sacramento early Sunday morning just after a fight took place, the Sacramento Police Department said. Martin was arrested on assault and illegal firearm possession charges, police said.

    More than 100 shell casings were recovered from the scene, according to police. Investigators believe multiple gunmen are responsible for the shooting and are sifting through hundreds of pieces of evidence, Sacramento Police Chief Kathy Lester said during a press conference Sunday afternoon.

    Video posted on Twitter on Sunday showed people running through the street as the apparent sound of rapid gunfire could be heard in the background.

    The victims were identified by the Sacramento County Coronerโ€™s office on Monday as Johntaya Alexander, 21; Melinda Davis, 57; Sergio Harris, 38; Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi, 32; Yamile Martinez-Andrade, 21; and Devazia Turner, 29.

    At least a dozen people were injured in the shooting, Lester said. The conditions of the injured victims were not immediately known, police said.

    PICTURED: 'Gunman', 26, suspected of carrying out Sacramento shooting that killed six as final victims are named as homeless woman, 57, who slept on nearby street and much-loved only child, 32

  • Final two victims were named as WHITE homeless woman Melinda Davis, 57, who slept near scene of massacre
  • Also killed was longed-for only (black) son Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi, 31
  • Other female victims named as (black) Johntaya Alexander, 21 and WHITE HISPANIC Yamile Martinez-Andrade, 21
  • Two other men killed were and cousins (black) Sergio Harris, 38; and (black) Devazia Turner, 29
  • Twelve others were injured and witness video reveals at least 76 shots were fired over the span of 54 seconds
  • The crime scene spanned two city blocks, with markers indicating more than 250 shots were fired

  • [NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
    Forum poster

        Pycho Portland man (of 'unknown race' with DREADful hair) living in group home for people with mental illness charged in three 'random' killings
    black suspect victim name An alleged schizophrenic serial killer living in an Oregon group home for mentally ill adults was arrested in connection with a spate of deadly random attacks. Joseph Kelly Banks, 49, allegedly perpetrated a slaying at the start of the first three months of 2022, officials said. Joseph Kelly Banks is accused of killing Jeff Ramirez, Mark Johnson and Isaiah Dewayne Hurst in separate murders. He is also accused of two other non-fatal shootings and an additional attack during that time frame, according to The Oregonian.

    Banksโ€™ purported murder victims were three men that were found shot to death in or near their cars in Portland on the first or second days of January, February and March, the paper said. He was also accused of shooting a man and a woman in a park and wounding a third person in February, according to the report.

    The crimes were linked together through forensics and security footage, and all of the victims appeared to be strangers, police reportedly said. A grand jury charged him with 15 counts related to the spree on Monday, including three counts of second-degree murder with a firearm, the paper said. He was arraigned on Tuesday.

    Banks had been committed to a psychiatric facility for at least a decade after being found not guilty on weapons charges due to insanity in 2007, according to the report. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and antisocial personality disorder at the time and doctors warned he posed a danger to others, the article said.

    Banks was reportedly released to a halfway house under federal supervision about a year ago after psychiatrists said he could be stabilized on a โ€œregimen of psychotropic medication.โ€

    Portland man living in group home for people with mental illness charged in three random killings

        (Black) Mississippi Trio Charged in Rape and Murder of Black female 18-Year-Old Found Dumped on Side of Road
    black suspect victim name Three people have been charged with capital murder in Mississippi for the roles they allegedly played in the kidnapping, sexual assault, and fatal shooting of 18-year-old Amya Carey.

    At a press conference held Friday, the Jackson Police Department announced the arrests of Dewitt Anderson, 34, Cedric Banks, 37, and Kaymia Blackmon, 19.

    Jackson Police Department Deputy Chief Deric Hearn told reporters Carey's remains were found on Feb. 15 โ€” dumped on a city street. Carey died from multiple gunshot wounds. Her remains were identified two weeks ago.

    According to Hearn, relatives said that Carey had left home on Feb. 15 to pick up Blackmon, her friend. Blackmon, he said, was with Anderson, her boyfriend.

    That evening, Blackmon, Anderson, and Banks โ€” Anderson's brother โ€” tried to have sex with the teen, but she refused, Hearn said.

        (Black) Highland Park man admits killing ex-girlfriend with wrestling move
    black suspect ELIZABETH โ€“ A Highland Park man admitted Monday to losing control of his emotions and killing his ex-girlfriend with a wrestling move by putting his forearm across her throat until she stopped breathing.

    Tyler Rios pleaded guilty before Superior Court Judge John M. Deitch in Union County to aggravated manslaughter, a first-degree crime, in the killing of his former girlfriend Yasemin Uyar in 2021. He also pleaded guilty to desecration of human remains, a second-degree crime.

    Rios faces 25 years in prison on the aggravated manslaughter charge and five more years on the desecration of human remains charge when he is sentenced in June, Union County Assistant Prosecutor Robert Grady said about the plea agreement.

      Hispanic Gas theft ring in Florida stole at least $60K of fuel from stations to resell at half-price, sheriff says
    Six men accused of stealing thousands of dollars of gasoline from Florida gas stations have been arrested, officials said Monday.

    Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister said "Operation Empty Tank" concluded last week when Luis Alcade-Hernandez, Albert Aleman-Gonzalez, Nestor Flores-Rodriguez, Javier Penate-Berbe, Jesus Andres Perez-Cueto and Danys Vazquez-Sosa were arrested. A seventh man, Willian Penate-Arencibia, (Cuban) who is alleged to be their ringleader, is still at large, Chronister said.

    Operation Empty Tank began in February when, over two days, two Circle K gas stations discovered they had $25,000 in fuel shortages, the sheriffโ€™s office said in a statement.

    "After reviewing surveillance cameras, each gas station observed the same strange behavior, where a group of seven trucks would continually cycle through a single gas pump for more than 12 hours at each station," the statement said.

    Detectives discovered that someone was breaking into gas pumps and installing homemade devices that disabled the mechanism that calculates the cost per gallon.

    "For pennies per gallon, or in some cases no money at all, seven suspects were able to dispense thousands of dollars in gasoline," the sheriff's statement said.

    Investigators determined that gas was being stolen from stations all over the Tampa Bay area.


      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (06 April 2022)
    The Bobster

    HISPANIC Off-duty NYPD cop 'GARCIA' busted for drunk driving in Brooklyn: policeโ€‹


    Manhattan crossing guard pegged with bottle by NEGRO SADISTIC SOCIOPATHIC repeat offenderโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME A crossing guard was pegged with a bottle in Lower Manhattan on Monday morning by a repeat offender with more than 70 busts who told cops he enjoyed chucking bottles at unsuspecting victims, police sources said.

    Tyreik Martin, 30, 'allegedly' attacked the 37-year-old female guard around 7:40 a.m. at Bayard and Bowery streets while she was on duty, police and sources confirmed.

    Cops caught up to him about 45 minutes later nearby and he allegedly admitted to them that he likes to hit people in the face with bottles, sources said.

    NASTY UNCIVILIZED VIOLENT PARASITIC PREDATOR NEGROS Smash-and-grab caught on video nets crooks $50K in jewelry, cops sayโ€‹


    BLACK PRO-FAGGOT Mayor Adams promotes LGBTQ NY in opposition to Floridaโ€™s โ€˜Donโ€™t Say Gayโ€™ lawโ€‹


    Police Searching For 3 Gunmen Who Fired More Than 60 Shots At West Philadelphia Playgroundโ€‹


    4 Negro-named Men Convicted Of Murder More Than 10 Years After Killing (black) Kevin Drinks In Case Of Mistaken Identity In North Philly

    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) โ€” Justice was finally served in a case of mistaken identity. Police never gave up, and the Philadelphia District Attorneyโ€™s Office said Monday that four men are now convicted murderers, more than 10 years after it happened.

    The victimโ€™s emotional widow and her family had worn buttons for a decade showing a photo of their loved one who had been killed. On Monday, the family said they no longer need to wear them.

    Police eventually connected these four now-convicted suspects to the shooting. The men are Chad Rannels, Michael Blackston, Semaj Armstead and Rashawn Combs.

    70-year-old Sikh man punched in possible Queens hate crime: copsโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME An elderly Sikh man was punched in an unprovoked Queens attack that cops are eyeing as a hate crime, authorities said.

    The 70-year-old victim โ€” identified by WABC as Nirmal Singh โ€” was walking around 7 a.m. Sunday at 95th Avenue and Lefferts Boulevard in Richmond Hill when the assailant socked him in the nose, causing pain and bleeding, cops said.

    The attacker did not say a word and fled after the assault, cops said. Singh was taken to an area hospital for an evaluation, police said. the suspect attacked him from behind. He had only been in the country for two weeks on a visitor visa, the outlet reported. --------------------------------- New York City is a MINORITY-MAJORITY democrat stronghold - odds are the suspect was holy 'minority'...

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (06 April 2022)
    The Bobster

    Woman slashed in face at Bronx subway station by VICIOUS NEGRO SLASHERโ€‹

    Hispanic Man, 28, fatally shot in Brooklyn apartment: copsโ€‹
    So far this year, as of Sunday, 96 homicides had been reported across New York city, a slight dip from 105 during that period in 2021.


    Trio violently robs woman, 76, in Bronx building lobby: videoโ€‹
    A trio violently mugged a 76-year-old woman in a Bronx building over the weekend, disturbing new video shows.

    The senior was entering the lobby at Roberts and Hobart avenues in Pelham Bay around 12:30 a.m. Sunday when the three suspects approached and one of them pulled her hair, police said. The victim is shown trying to close the door on the muggers, but to no avail.

    Hateful Graffiti Spray-Painted On Trees Outside Cemetery At Haddonfield Friends Meetingโ€‹
    HADDONFIELD, N.J. (CBS) โ€“ The search continues for vandals who left behind "hateful graffiti" in Camden County. Swastikas were spray-painted on two trees outside a cemetery at Haddonfield Friends Meeting. ['Friends' would be Quackers... right? quack, quack, quack...] quack, quack, quack

    Pack of feral DARKIE or DARKY (schvartze) 'Teens' arrested for alleged role in gang attack on Hasidic man in Brooklynโ€‹

    Jews must never use the term 'shvartza' - Jewish Journal

    Urban Dictionary: Shvartze


    NYPD asks for publicโ€™s help identifying NWORD subway creepsโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME The NYPD is asking the public to help to identify two Subway creeps โ€“ including a pervert who masturbated in front of a 13-year-old girl on the 1 train last month.

    Cops are also looking for a man who forcibly grabbed a 26-year-old womanโ€™s breasts Friday afternoon on the southbound N train as it was heading toward the Kings Highway station in Brooklyn, cops said.

    The lewd 1 train incident happened on March 7 at about 4 p.m., the NYPD said. The suspect exposed himself to the teen girl while the train was headed northbound in the vicinity of 137th Street and City College subway stations in Manhattan, cops said.

    Should be deported to Monkey Island
    Monkey Island


    How a chink crew laundered millions in cartel cash across New York City
    The sight of the state trooperโ€™s flashing lights was enough to send Shaui Sun into a panic as the Queens man sped down a Georgia highway in a rented SUV.

    Sun and his passenger, Darren Hing Li, were nearly 800 miles from their homes in New York City โ€” and hauling more than a quarter-million dollars in drug cash.

    The cop pulled over the pairโ€™s GMC Terrain and ordered them to step out, noticing that they were anxious about coming face to face with law enforcement.

    โ€œMr. Sun seemed very nervous talking with me. He was unable to stand still and I could see his carotid artery pulsing rapidly in his neck,โ€ the trooper later wrote in a police report.

    The officer searched the menโ€™s SUV and discovered a suitcase and backpack stuffed with 33 bundles of $20 bills, two stacks of $100 bills and a money-counting machine.

    The cop seized the cash โ€” $350,000 in all โ€” during the August 2018 stop. Authorities then cut the men loose โ€” an orchestrated move to apparently cast a wider net for more suspects, according to police and federal officials.

    The run-in helped federal agents eventually uncover a sprawling, multimillion-dollar money-laundering scheme operated by a crew of Asian men in New York City.

        Deep State Controlled Demolition of America โ€“ Alex Newmanโ€‹
    "Deep State": new book fm John Birch Society, Book Review

    Award winning journalist Alex Newman says the big problems in America are all caused by the Deep State. Newman wrote a popular book called โ€œDeep State.โ€ In it, Newman identified the players, tactics and plans that they are executing today in the United States and the rest of the world. Neman explains, โ€œI think this is what we are witnessing right now.

    We are seeing the controlled demolition of American power, of American prestige, economic might, military might and credibility. We are also seeing the implosion of cohesion in the United States. You can see division, riots, hatred, and itโ€™s all for the purpose of ushering in this new system.

    Part of the reason they are working on this so quickly is they are deathly afraid of the United States at this point because of what happened in 2016. They thought they had plenty of election fraud to get their minion Hillary Clinton elected.

    Boomโ€“it blew up in their face. They said, oh my goodness, if the American people retake control of their government, we are all going to jail. They had to accelerate this process, and I think that is what we are looking at, and there is massive amounts of evidence that support this.โ€

    [NNN forum thread posted by Apollonian:] 
    Forum poster

        Hunter Biden grand jury witness was asked about deal with Chinese firm โ€“ and โ€˜the big guyโ€™

        Secret Service paying over $30K per month for Malibu mansion to protect Hunter Biden

      Tierney's REAL News Network
    [Quote Peggy Tierney]"

    TRUMP: "Our biggest danger is not from outside coming in; our biggest danger is from the sick and radical politicians that are knowingly or unknowingly wanting to destroy our country... It's a bigger danger than Russia and China. But no matter how big or powerful these corrupt radicals may be, you must never forget this nation does not belong to them; this nation belongs to you, the people that built it."

    TRUMP: "Whatever happened to the American Dream. They want to destroy our country and destroy the American Dream! You could take the worst five presidents and put them together and they could not have done the damage that Joe Biden has in 15 months!"

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 04 April 2022

    Ghislaine Maxwell Denied New Trial, Sex Trafficking Conviction Remainsโ€‹

    Jโ€™Accuse! The Gene-based โ€œVaccinesโ€ Are Killing People. Governments Worldwide Are Lying to You the People, to the Populations They Purportedly Serveโ€‹

    โ€œWe are Human Guinea Pigsโ€: Alarming Casualty Rates for mRNA Vaccines Warrant Urgent Actionโ€‹

    German Retailers To Increase Food Prices By 20-50% On Monday

    Julian Assangeโ€™s Lawyer Reveals New Information On What Is Happening to Him in Prison And Itโ€™s Shockingโ€‹

    10 Things You Should Know About Prohibitionโ€‹ Ninety-five years after its inception, learn 10 fascinating facts about Americaโ€™s nearly 14-year โ€œnoble experimentโ€ in alcohol prohibition.

    EWhy the Feds Intentionally Poisoned Americans During Prohibition, Killing Thousandsโ€”and Why Youโ€™ve Never Heard about Itโ€‹

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' 04 April 2022

    20 Facts About The Emerging Global Food Shortage That Should Chill You To The Coreโ€‹

    Sen. Ron Johnson: MSM Implicated in Coverup of Biden Family Crimesโ€‹

    โ€˜Global Fascismโ€™: Dr. Malone Breaks Down The World Economic Forumโ€™s Globalist Agendaโ€‹

    Pollsters Humiliated As 2 Pro-Putin Parties Win Avalanche Victories In European Electionsโ€‹

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