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Wednesday 31 January 2024 --> Minority and Migrant Crime since 1999
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Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard © 2024

"Additional essays via H. Millard"
   (posted Wednesday 31 January 2024)

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invasion invasion invasion invasion

    [BLACK on white Hispanic] Jury recommends that (BLACK) Bessman Okafor be sentenced to death for killing Alex Zaldivar
mud suspect victim name victim name ORLANDO, Fla. — A jury on Wednesday afternoon recommended that a judge sentence Bessman Okafor to death for the 2012 killing of 19-year-old Alex Zaldivar.

That was the second time a jury had recommended the death penalty for Okafor -- a jury had originally sentenced him to death in 2015, but a change in how the state handles the death penalty led to a resentencing trial; a second attempt ended in a mistrial last year.

Zaldivar was supposed to testify against Okafor in a home invasion case.

Prosecutors said Okafor masterminded Zalvidar’s execution-style killing, and the attempted killing of two others to prevent them from testifying against him.

Original story with photographs by the British News "Daily Mail" A teenager has been killed and two of his friends seriously wounded after two men broke into their home, lined them up and shot them in their heads execution style, their family said.

The death of Alex Zaldivar, 19, and injuries to Remington Campos, 23, and his sister Brienna Campos, 20, came just one day before they were to testify against two men in an earlier invasion.

The families of the victims believe one of the two suspects accused of the first break-in, Bessman Charles Obinna Okafor, returned to the home to kill the witnesses while he was out on bond.

'They were trying to execute them all because they were going to testify the very next day,' Zaldivar's father, Rafael, told the Orlando Sentinel. 'They came here and executed him like a dog.

The friends' home in Ocoee, Florida was targeted for the second time on September 10 at 5.15 a.m.

Police believe two or three suspects kicked down the locked front door and started pulling the friends from their beds and lining them up in the living room.

    (BLACK) Machete-wielding NYC madman who slashed cop spared attempted murder indictment: sources
mud suspect A grand jury chose not to indict a disturbed Brooklyn man for attempted murder after he attacked three cops with a machete, according to law enforcement sources and union officials.

Jean Blain, 40, is now being held in a psych ward as investigators probe his role in an earlier attack that left a man fearing for his life, sources and the union said.

Blain, who goes by the aliases of “Insane Blain” and “Peter,” according to sources – was cuffed Jan. 22 following the violent caught-on-video confrontation with three cops inside his East Flatbush apartment on New York Avenue near Beverley Road, authorities said.

But during an appearance in Brooklyn Criminal Court this week, the grand jury cut Blain a break because of his mental health issues, sources said.

Blain – who was initially ordered held without bail – could still, however, be indicted from assault and weapons charges, the sources said.

Heart-pounding bodycam footage obtained by The Post Tuesday captures Blain growing increasingly agitated as a sergeant and two officers – who responded to an “emotionally disturbed person” call – plead with him to be “cooperative.”

The tension boils over when Blain stands on his bed, wielding the long blade.

“Know what? F–k that!” he seethes, swinging the weapon at a cop as another officer warns, “S–t! Look out!”

A 40-year-old sergeant was slashed across the side of the head, police said.

    (BLACK) Fugitive accused of ditching murdered girlfriend in Boston airport arrested in Kenya
mud suspect The man accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death before dumping her body at a Boston airport before hopping on a flight out of the country was arrested at a nightclub in Kenya, Massachusettes state police announced Tuesday.

Kevin Kangethe, 41, was busted by the country’s authorities Monday — three months after cops found the slashed body of Margaret “Maggie” Mbitu abandoned in a garage at Logan airport.

Mbitu’s family reported her missing on Oct. 30, two days before officials made the gruesome discovery in the Central Parking lot.

The 31-year-old nurse was found with massive slash wounds to her face and neck, as well as other puncture wounds to her sides, with officers noting she showed “obvious signs of death.”

The car, registered to Kangethe, was covered in blood, police noted. Cops quickly determined Kangethe was a suspect, but he had already left the country for Kenya.

    (BLACK) Man wanted for murder in Polk County arrested after search
mud suspect Kwavaughn Buckley was charged with first-degree murder and armed burglary with assault or battery.

WINTER PARK, Fla. — Following a days-long search, deputies say they arrested a man Tuesday afternoon in Winter Haven who was wanted for killing another man.

Kwavaughn Buckley, 23, is facing charges of first-degree murder and armed burglary with assault or battery.

On Thursday evening, Buckley broke into the home of 36-year-old Jeremiah Aguirre on Lauderdale Court in Poinciana, according to the Polk County Sheriff's Office.

Buckley reportedly shot Aguirre twice, with one of the bullets hitting his abdomen and killed him. Deputies say Buckley appeared to have killed Aguirre due to jealousy over a woman.

Aguirre's body was found by his family a couple of days later at his home, authorities said.

“I want to acknowledge not only the great work by our Homicide detectives, but also the Winter Park Police Department in capturing our murder suspect," Sheriff Grady Judd said in a statement. "They also recovered a firearm that we are working to confirm as the possible murder weapon. With this arrest, a very dangerous man is now locked up.”

The 23-year-old was booked into Orange County Jail and will be transferred to the Polk County Jail at a later time.

    Migrant who stabbed fellow asylum-seeker to death at NYC tent shelter asked security guard to let him ‘finish the job’: prosecutors​
Posted by The Bobster

Phony Uber driver charged with ripping off NYC bar patrons in cellphone scheme​
Posted by The Bobster

Cops allegedly beaten by rowdy migrant mob near Times Square — with suspects later freed without bail: horrifying video​
Posted by The Bobster

(Heart-pounding bodycam footage shows machete-wielding madman attacking NYPD cop​
Posted by The Bobster

Former Trump official critically wounded by gunman in deadly DC carjacking spree​
Posted by The Bobster

Former Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo arrested in Indiana on gun, drug charges​
Posted by The Bobster

Philadelphia woman charged for threatening to kill passengers on Frontier Airlines flight, exposing herself​
Posted by The Bobster

    Looks like creepy Joe wants relationship w. Taylor Swift--for the votes, suckers--after all, Trump has Snoop Dog, ho ho ho
Posted by Apollonian

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott invokes secession, earns praise from California GOP lawmaker​
Posted by Apollonian

Who cares about the John Birch Society now?​
We should, says the historian who will explain its still-relevant story online​

Posted by Apollonian

Hungarian prime minister’s adviser slams EU threats on issue of Ukraine aid as 'blackmail'​
Posted by Apollonian

Americans are buying older 'dumb' cars without computers and sensors since they're much cheaper to insure - as it's revealed premiums rose 20% last year, largest hike since 1976​
Posted by Apollonian

Scientists Call for Global Moratorium on mRNA Vaccines, Immediate Removal From Childhood Schedule​
Posted by Apollonian

The Anti-Democratic Movement Targeted Ralph Nader First. We Should Have Paid More Attention​
Posted by Apollonian

RFK Jr. here explains the situation, including the border situation.
The P.O.S. lies (like all of them) when he fails to speak about the REAL truth, that being the overall power is the criminals behind and around the US Federal Reserve, suckers (like the CFR, Trilaterals, etc.), a LITERAL counterfeiting scam (u poor ignorant scum), issuing forth practically INFINITE currency, not real money, but which US people are required to observe in accord w. "legal-tender" laws, but u stupid-sh*ts do NOTHING about it; rather thanking the scum (who hate ur guts) for such nearly INFINITE funds which causes "inflation," and pays for all this invasion, the election of the corrupt local DAs, like Fani Willis, etc. See Mises.org for expo; use their site search-engine for particular terms, like "fiat-currency," and "central-banking." Posted by Apollonian

Remember, dear Hunter and daddio work for globalist-satanists behind US Federal Reserve counterfeiting scam--have nearly endless funds to pay for everything, suckers, including campaign contributions, shysters--EVERYTHING, u dumb, brainless scum
Posted by Apollonian

Posted by Arheel's Uncle

SPLC to Congress: Myth of 'white genocide' driving white nationalist ... The SPLC's Lecia Brooks testified today before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (Committee on Oversight and Reform) about the need for federal action to confront the deadly white nationalist...
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

NIGGERISM LOL, Alex Jones fan, he's Italian.
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Ongoing MMA war of the coloreds
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

AZTLAN -- James O'Keefe shows you they're all Mexicans doing organized trafficking of illegals, paid by DHS through FEMA. FEMA just got a yuge budget payment from US gov't last December...
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Yesterday's 'news' - Tuesday 30 January 2024 -->

    Speeding NYC driver with suspended license caused chain-reaction crash that killed 14-year-old boy: cops​
Posted by The Bobster

NYC migrant pickpocketing teams are the newest headache for NYPD as trio busted for string of West Village bar thefts​
Posted by The Bobster

‘Squad’ Rep. Cori Bush under federal investigation over private security spending — after marrying one of her bodyguards: report​
Posted by The Bobster

NYC Councilman and Central Park 5 member Yusef Salaam faces calls to resign as safety committee leader after ‘lying’ about NYPD traffic stop​
Posted by The Bobster

Yesterday's 'news' - Monday 29 January 2024 -->

    Murder of pastor caught on video by his children; wife sues neighbor for wrongful death
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire victim name LAS VEGAS, Nev. (KVVU/Gray News) - The final moments of a North Las Vegas pastor’s life captured on video are now being revealed in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Police say Joe Junio is accused of shooting and killing 46-year-old Nick Davi on Dec. 29, 2023. Junio is charged with murder, attempted murder, and child abuse.

Officials say Junio lives next door to Davi and his family.

According to court documents, the shooting happened on Lookout Lodge Lane inside the gated Court of Aliante, a community of townhomes.

Junio reportedly confronted the pastor and his family in front of their home after he made complaints about her to their homeowner’s association. The lawsuit alleges the HOA then told Junio about those complaints.

Though the lawsuit does not name the HOA, it says quote: “The homeowner’s association knew or should have known that Defendant would likely perform violent actions against deceased and Plaintiff as a result of on-going association dispute.”

Court documents also revealed a screenshot from a video taken by one of the pastor’s children who were inside the family’s car as their father was shot and killed in front of them. The children are ages 12 and 15.

The mother, Sarah Davi, was also shot by Junio and survived.

KVVU reports Sarah Davi has filed a lawsuit seeking an unspecified amount, sharing with the world what happened in the moments her husband’s life was taken allegedly by an angry neighbor.

“Your mind just can’t process that,” fellow pastor of Grace Point Church Ty Neal told KVVU. Neal shared that the family was terrorized for weeks by their neighbor to the point that had left their home and were staying elsewhere.

The lawsuit also claims Junio did not have a license or permit to carry a firearm, and that she borrowed it from someone. The Davi family intends to track that person down and sue them as well.

A GoFundMe for the family has reached $89,000 of its $100,000 goal. You can learn more about the Davi Family GoFundMe here.

Link posted by Arheel's Uncle

    ARMED AND DANGEROUS BLACK MAN: Shot a man in the back multiple times on philly subway
mud suspect PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) Police are asking for the public's help with identifying a man that they say shot another man multiple times at the 52nd Street Station earlier Sunday.

Police say a confrontation between two men appeared to have happened on a westbound train at around 9:45 a.m.

After one of the men got off the train, the other man fired his weapon multiple times, striking the man in back, police say.

Police then found the man, who was shot in the back, outside of the SEPTA station on the street and took him to the hospital.

The man who was shot is said to be 51 years old and is in stable but critical condition, according to police.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call SEPTA Transit Police at (215) 580-8111.

Link posted by The Bobster

    Latest NNN forum posts by Apollonian 17539
Posted by Apollonian

Yesterday's 'news' - Sunday 28 January 2024 -->

    CENTER FOR IMMIGRATION (INVASION!) STUDIES   *    The Cost of Illegal Immigration to Taxpayers

    (BLACK) Chicago man gets 30 years in prison for carjacking mother and daughter
mud suspect Martavious Robinson, 21, appeared in court Monday afternoon where he was sentenced by Judge Michael Reidy, according to the DuPage County State's Attorney's Office. Following a two-day trial and four hours of deliberations, Robinson was found guilty by a jury on June 28 of one count of aggravated vehicular hijacking, prosecutors said.

On November 30, 2019, a woman and her daughter, who had come home for Thanksgiving, were sitting in their vehicle after pulling into a garage on Prairie Avenue in Downers Grove. Robinson, who was a juvenile at the time, approached the women while armed with a gun and ordered them out of the vehicle before driving away in their car, prosecutors said.

Investigators later learned that Robinson was one of three men who were involved in a pair of armed carjackings two weeks later. Prosecutors said Robinson along with Emanuel Embry, 24, and Daysean Washington-Davis, 23, both of Chicago, took part in an armed carjacking in Warrenville on Dec. 13 before carjacking a pregnant woman's vehicle from her Downers Grove driveway later that same day.

Link posted by Arheel's Uncle

    3 American troops killed, 25 injured in attack on Jordan base near Syria border

Why does the United States have soldiers in Jordan?

Has the U.S. Congress declared WAR as the Constitution procribes?
The Constitution grants Congress the sole power to declare war. Congress has declared war on 11 occasions, including its first declaration of war with Great Britain in 1812. Congress approved its last formal declaration of war during World War II. Since that time it has agreed to resolutions authorizing the use of military force and continues to shape U.S. military policy through appropriations and oversight.

    Did Joe Biden Just Refer To President Trump As The “Sitting President”?

Link posted by Ensis

Yesterday's 'news' - Saturday 27 January 2024 -->

  Convoy claiming to be ‘God’s army’ heading to Texas to protest border crisis: ‘Biblical, monumental moment’
invasion invasion invasion invasion A group whose members have described themselves as “God’s army” is heading to the southern border to protest record numbers of migrants illegally crossing over from Mexico.

Organizers with “Take Our Border Back” say they want to stand up to “globalists” who they believe are conspiring to let migrants illegally flood the country.

“This is a biblical, monumental moment that’s been put together by God,” one organizer said during a planning call, according to Vice News.

“We are besieged on all sides by dark forces of evil,” said another.

The group is planning a convoy, set to leave Virginia Beach on Monday for Texas, followed by three rallies on Feb. 3 at sites near Eagle Pass, Texas; Yuma, Arizona; and San Ysidro, California.

A Jan. 12 news release called on any active and retired law enforcement and military, veterans, elected officials, truckers and other “LAW ABIDING, freedom-loving Americans” to join the movement. Their goal, the group claims, is to “shed light on the obvious dangers posed by wide open Southern borders.”


    UN funding migrant surge with US tax dollars, expert reveals

Link posted by Apollonian

    (BLACK) Man Suspected of Killing 8 in Illinois Mass Shootings Dead from Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound After Manhunt
mud suspect Romeo Nance, 23, is believed to have died by suicide Monday after allegedly killing eight people in Joliet, Ill.

Romeo Nance, 23, is accused of killing eight people in separate shootings that occurred in Joliet, Ill., outside of Chicago Police believe he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound Monday night during a confrontation with authorities in Texas Five of the fatal victims were found Monday morning in one residence while two others were found dead in a separate home on the same street

A man suspected of killing eight people in a series of mass shootings in Illinois on Monday is believed to have died by suicide during a confrontation with Texas law enforcement, authorities said.

Police believe the gunman, identified as Romeo Nance, 23, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound Monday night near Natalia, Texas, where members of the U.S. Marshals Service had found him after a brief manhunt, according to a press release shared by the Joliet Police Department.

    Two blacks charged with homicide in Lancaster city shooting earlier this month: police
mud suspect A 20-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman are charged in the fatal shooting of a Lancaster teen in Lancaster city in early January, according to police.

Tajhon Veal and Joy Cleveland, both of Lancaster, were arrested Friday and charged with criminal homicide and criminal conspiracy to commit homicide in the shooting death of Elliott Corbin, 19, police said. Veal also was charged with carrying a firearm without a license.

Veal and Cleveland are being held in Lancaster County Prison after being denied bail. Their preliminary hearing is scheduled for Feb. 2.

Veal also pled guilty to carrying a firearm without a license in October, according to court records. At the time of the homicide, he was serving 5 years probation.

Veal’s attorney listed in court records couldn’t be reached Saturday.

On Jan. 6 around 5:30 p.m., Lancaster city police responded to the 400 block of South Prince Street for a report of shots fired. There they found Corbin with a gunshot wound. He was transported to Lancaster General Hospital where he died of his injuries.

A few nights later, dozens of people gathered at South Prince and Hazel streets with balloons and candles to remember Corbin.

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Satanic Indiana nigger learns sentence for killing, DECAPITATING, mutilating Clarksville White female Sunday school teacher in 2021
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire victim name LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A grisly court case in southern Indiana came to an end on Friday.

Brian Williams was given the maximum penalty, and sentenced to 55 years in prison for murder.

His dad was emotional, taking the stand to ask for leniency for his son.

"At this point, I feel like I failed my son," he said. "I just need him to get some help."

Police said they found 67-year-old Melody Gambetty decapitated in her Clarksville apartment while responding to a fire in July 2021. Investigators said they believe Williams killed her during a botched robbery or home invasion. The prosecutor spoke on behalf of her friends and family, explaining they could not face him after what he did. "Because of the nature of the facts of this case, what they did to her, I think it was difficult for them to attend court hearings and relive what she went through," Clark County prosecutor Jeremy Mull said. "So, from the beginning they asked that I handle this, to get him convicted and sent to prison."

Brian Williams, gets up to leave Friday after being sentenced to 55 years in prison for killing Melody Gambetty.

Pastor remembers Melody Gambetty, (white female) victim in Clarksville homicide by black murderer CLARKSVILLE, Ind.
— Pastor Steve Burks is choosing to remember Melody Gambetty for the way she lived, not for how she died.

"It's surreal, it's almost hard to grasp that she is not here now," Burks said.

Burks is the pastor at First Assembly of God in New Albany, the church Gambetty attended. Gambetty donated time and money to the church's homeless ministry, and attended adult Sunday school classes.

"She was one of those women when you meet her, you just have an instant connection and that is what was so amazing about her," he said.

Gambetty's friends, neighbors and loved ones describe her as a woman of faith. Burks last saw Gambetty Sunday, saying their last interaction was almost eerie in retrospect — his sermon was on the subject of grace that empowers you to forgive.

Tuesday, Gambetty was found decapitated in her apartment on Kensington Drive after police responded to reports of a fire. The crime scene shocked veteran police officers.


    (BLACK) San Pedro man arrested for attempted murder
mud suspect A San Pedro man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder connected to an alleged shooting in Moreno Valley last week.

The shooting happened back on Jan. 22 in the 22000 block of Scarlet Sage, where deputies arrived to find one man suffering from a gunshot wound, according to a statement from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was said to remain in stable condition, deputies said, noting that the suspect had already fled by the time they had arrived.

After investigation, Moreno Valley Investigative Bureau deputies were called to the 900 block of W. Channel Street on Thursday afternoon to serve a search warrant, along with assistance from the Riverside County Fugitive Warrant Enforcement team, in relation to the shooting, which happened on Jan. 22, according to a statement from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

While serving the warrant, they located 36-year-old San Pedro man Christian Chavezz and recovered "items related to the shooting," RSO said. Chavez was taken into custody without further incident.

Chavez was booked and is currently being held in lieu of $1 million bail. They did not provide any further details.

Yesterday's 'news' - Friday 26 January 2024 -->

    (BLACK) Wanted man has ties to PA, may be using dating app to hid
mud suspect CHARLOTTE, NC. (WTAJ) — U.S. Marshals are searching for a man accused of murdering his wife, saying he has ties to Pennsylvania and may be using a dating app to hide.

Donald Ray Hodges, 50, who is also known as Tyrone Evans and Unique Hodges, is wanted in North Carolina after allegedly murdering his wife in May 2022.

Marshals are asking for the public’s help to find Hodges. He reportedly has ties to Pennsylvania and may be using dating apps to meet up with men and women in an attempt to have shelter to hide from authorities.

On May 4, 2022, the Conover Police Department, North Carolina, responded to a shooting in Conover and found Brenda Bender with gunshot wounds. Bender was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said they came into contact with Hodges in a Charlotte hotel that morning, hours before Bender was discovered. He appeared to be under the influence of hallucinogenic narcotics and was vandalizing the lobby area of a hotel. He was transported to a local hospital but left before receiving any treatment.

    (BLACK) Accused gunman testifies in alleged murder-for-hire plot
mud suspect Mario Gordon, who is facing multiple charges for his role in an alleged February 2021 contract killing, took the stand Thursday.

CINCINNATI — A man charged for his alleged participation in a murder-for-higher plot took the stand Thursday to testify against his co-defendant, who is accused of being the mastermind behind multiple killings in the winter of 2021.

Hamilton County deputies walked 34-year-old Mario Gordon down from the jail and into Judge Jody Luebbers' courtroom on the third day of the trial. Incarcerated while awaiting his own trial, Gordon was wearing handcuffs and a black and white jumpsuit.

    (BLACK) HEADLINE =================================
mud suspect HERE is the text of the news story=================

Link posted by Poster Name

Yesterday's 'news' - Thursday 25 January 2024 -->

    (BLACK) Suspect backs out of plea deal in deadly 2020 Hartsville bar shooting
mud suspect Darius Dickey, 23, was expected to plead guilty to a deadly shooting in January 2020 at Mac's Lounge in Hartsville, however, shortly after the announcement he decided to back out of the plea deal, according to the Fourth Circuit Solicitor's Office.

A jury was seated for the trial earlier Monday afternoon at the Darlington County Courthouse.

The prosecution requested the jury be re-drawn due to questions as to why the defense didn't select two jurors involving age and bias. The judge granted the prosecution's motion and requested that a new jury be selected and seated.

Six people were shot in the incident. Bryan Robinson, 29, Decapio Collins, 21, and Garrett Bakhsh, 18, died in the shooting.

Officials said Dickey and Davijon McCall were shooting at each other at the bar the night of the incident. McCall is also charged with three counts of murder and will be tried separately.

    Police searching for (BLACK) teen murder suspect who escaped from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
mud suspect PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A teenage male inmate charged with murder escaped from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia on Wednesday.

Philadelphia police said 17-year-old Shane Pryor fled from CHOP's ER parking lot at 34th and Spruce Streets, around 11:56 a.m.

"When staff pulled up in the driveway of Children's Hospital, we now know through video evidence, as the male was exiting that car, he was able to escape from staff and run from this area on foot," Frank Vanore, the Deputy Commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department, said.

Pryor is described as a Black male, of light complexion, about 5 feet 7 inches tall, and weighing 180 pounds. He was last seen wearing a blue sweater, blue sweatpants and no shoes. He was last seen heading toward University Avenue and Civic Center Boulevard.

Pryor's mother is begging her son to turn himself in to authorities.

Pryor is considered dangerous.

Link posted by The Bobster

  Texas Gov. Abbott declares Texas has "the right of self-defense," issues invasion declaration at the borde
invasion invasion invasion invasion

Posted by Apollonian

    (BLACK) ‘NY’s most wanted’ fugitive in robbery of Brooklyn ‘bling’ bishop during livestream is gunned down by US Marshals in NJ
mud suspect A career criminal suspected of robbing flashy Brooklyn bishop Lamor Whitehead during a livestreamed service in 2022 was shot dead by US Marshals in New Jersey on Wednesday, law enforcement sources told The Post.

Shamar Leggette — who was third on the list of New York’s most wanted fugitives — was killed during a confrontation with Marshals who were attempting to arrest him for the armed robbery, the sources said.

Leggette, 41, fired at officers as he exited the MHO Inn and Suites in Monmouth Junction, where they were waiting to take him into custody, NBC New York reported.

A woman he was with inside the hotel surrendered to authorities before Leggette came out shooting, according to the station.

Leggette, who has served two stints in state prison, was identified as a suspect in the brazen church robbery last year after his two accomplices were arrested.

Flashy negro NYC bishop Lamor Whitehead accused in $5M suit of locking congregation out of Brooklyn church

Link posted by The Bobster

Yesterday's 'news' - Wednesday 24 January 2024 -->

    (BLACK) NC man found guilty in 2020 murder case, sentenced to life in prison
mud suspect Lance Gordon was found guilty of the first-degree murder of Angela Lee, according to Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman. Gordon will serve life in prison.

A jury on Wednesday reached a guilty verdict against a man charged with the 2020 murder of a 47-year-old woman, according to Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman.

Lance Gordon, who decided to represent himself in trial, will serve life in prison, Freeman said. He is sentenced for the first-degree murder of Angela Lee.

    (BLACK) killer gets 65-year sentence for fatal shootings at Starts Right Here alternative school
mud suspect (White) William Holmes faced the (black) man who shot him and demanded to know: Why?

"You chose the place to do something where you said you loved me. You hurt me, and I had to sit there and watch you kill two boys that I loved too," Holmes, better known as Will Keeps, told Preston Walls at Walls' murder sentencing Thursday. "How did you choose the place that you loved to do something like that?"

Walls was sentenced to 65 years in prison for the Jan. 23, 2023, shootings at the Starts Right Here education program in Des Moines. Rashad Carr, 16, and Gionni Dameron, 18, were killed, while William Holmes, the program's (white) founder, was seriously injured.

Prosecutors charged Walls with first-degree murder and argued in his trial that the shooting was motivated by rival gang affiliations. The jury convicted Walls instead of second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and assault causing serious injury, and a juror afterward told the Register the jurors had believed Walls' story that he acted because he was afraid for his life, although they did not find the shootings legally justified.

A subsequent trial for Bravon Tukes, accused of serving as Walls' getaway driver and helping plan the killings, resulted in acquittal.

    Trial begins for (BLACK) man accused in Cincinnati murder-for-hire plot
mud suspect CINCINNATI — The trial has begun for a series of alleged murder-for-hire plots from the winter of 2021. Carl Godfrey is facing multiple charges for the shooting deaths of four people.

During opening statements, prosecutors said the driving force behind Godfrey ordering people to commit murder was money and attention. They painted a picture of two people who used to be friends, but one got greedy and wanted the other person dead. However, prosecutors say it didn't end there.

"Mr Godfrey thought of himself as a hitman, he even nicknamed himself 'John Wick' after a popular movie series where the main character is a hitman of the criminal underworld," said Allison Oswall, assistant Hamilton County prosecuting attorney.


Yesterday's 'news' - Tuesday 23 January 2024 -->

ARCHIVE for New Nation News Frontpage for 22 January 2024

    (BLACK) 2020 murder suspect faces new murder charge; DPD
mud suspect DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A Dothan man in jail on murder charges is now faced with another murder charge.

On October 1, 2021, the Dothan Police Department responded to a firearm assault in the 700 block of Monroe Street, according to DPD.

Reports show the victim, Imari Glanton, 22, was pronounced dead at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds.

On Tuesday, January 23, investigators charged Ty’Shauwn Markise Bryant, 24, of Dothan, with the murder of Glanton, according to Dothan Police.

Authorities say Bryant was already being held in the Houston County Jail after being charged with the murder of 50-year-old Christina Moore that occurred on South Lena Street in Dothan. Moore was shot and killed while she slept in her home on September 6, 2020.

Bryant went on the run after Moore’s murder until he was captured by the U.S. Marshals on November 30, 2021, in Newnan, Georgia, reports show.

Bryant is still awaiting trial for Moore’s 2020 murder.

    Fight breaks out at Douglas County courthouse after hearing for (BLACK) suspects accused in shooting that killed Omaha teen
mud suspect OMAHA, Neb. — A fight broke out Friday morning at the Douglas County courthouse after a hearing in the homicide of a 16-year-old.

Tensions were high after an Omaha police homicide detective detailed the murder of Lamarantae Swift.

On Oct. 1, investigators said 19-year-old William Brown, 18-year-old Javaris Hesseltine and 17-year-old William Willis stole a Kia Optima from another location.

They drove to a birthday party near 24th and Decatur streets and began firing, investigators said. That's where Swift was shot in the torso, along with five others standing outside, authorities said.

The homicide detective said fingerprint evidence, surveillance video and cell phone data link the three suspects to the crime but can't confirm who fired the shots.

    State Troopers conducting search on Amos Miller’s farm in Lancaster County

Organic Amish farm raided, food seized/stolen after farmer pushed back against Fed overreach​
An Amish farmer who sells a range of organic food from his Pennsylvania farm was recently raided by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. The department has been going after the farmer, Amos Miller, because he has failed to comply with federal farming regulations.

Last Thursday, the Pennsylvania State Police could be seen serving a search warrant at the all-natural farm, which is situated in the village of Bird-in-Hand. A state police spokesperson said they were there to help with scene security and that the search was part of a DOA investigation.

Dozens of items were seized as part of the search, including everything from ice cream and chocolate milk to eggnog and sour cream.

Authorities claim that they were investigating whether Miller’s farm was the source of a few cases of foodborne illness in the area and that Miller “never licensed his retail operation.” The farmer has been involved in litigation with the government about the safety and inspection of his food for several years.

Big Gov't Raids Small Amish Farmer Who Refuses To Participate In The Industrial Meat/Milk Complex

Link posted by Ensis

    (BLACK) Ex-Rocket Kevin Porter Jr. admits to beating Kylee Gondrezick in NYC hotel, will avoid jail
mud suspect Former Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. admitted Tuesday to attacking his ex-girlfriend during a fight in their New York City hotel room — as he copped a plea deal that’ll help him avoid jail time.

Porter, 23, ended his months-long holdout with Manhattan prosecutors when he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and harassment charges — stemming from his melee with former WNBA player Kylee Gondrezick on Sept. 11, 2023.

The ex-NBA star, who was ditched by Rockets following the domestic violence allegations, must complete a 26-week counseling program and abide by a limited restraining order, Assistant District Attorney Mirah Curzer revealed during the Manhattan Criminal Court hearing.

If Porter successfully completes the program and stays out of trouble for a year, he can withdraw his plea to the assault charge and cop only to harassment, which is a violation, prosecutors said.
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Creep urinating on car slashes neck of NYC church caretaker who confronted him​
Posted by The Bobster

NYPD sergeant slashed by machete-wielding madman, two other cops injured arresting suspect
Posted by The Bobster

Serial toll evader with $20K in unpaid tolls caught using license plate-concealing gadget on GW Bridge
Posted by The Bobster

Man dead, 14-year-old, 11-year-old injured in 2 separate Wilmington shootings: police​
Posted by The Bobster

Suspect dead in Texas after 8 people are killed at 3 locations in Joliet, Illinois​
mud suspect JOLIET, Ill. (CBS) -- Eight people were found shot and killed in three different locations over two days in Joliet, and the suspect in the slayings was also found dead by a suspected suicide 1,200 miles away Monday night, police said.

The apparent self-inflicted gunshot death of 23-year-old Romeo Nance in Texas followed a manhunt by multiple law enforcement agencies.
Posted by The Bobster

Philadelphia ranked No. 3 on Orkin's top 50 worst bed bug cities​
Posted by The Bobster

    Another survey of "elites"--actually the leaders of the "liberals"--how they want fascist dictatorship AGAINST "the (ordinary) people" who've sat and just taken it fm these psychopaths for sooooo long.
Posted by Apollonian

Now it's the hulking brain-affected Fetterman who stole the Pa. Senate election who comes out for "common sense" border security, suckers
Posted by Apollonian

Glenn Beck does a little "documentary" on the illegal invasion of Jew S A--got the gov. of Tx on the take, suckers, letting it all happen--this gov. (Abbot) is BIG Israel-supporter--that's his cover in this scandal, suckers
Posted by Apollonian

Here's a little info/commentary on Mark Cuban, one who pushes DEI (diversity, "equity," and "inclusion"), owns NBA nigger-ball team, debates w. Musk who's being harassed by creepy Joe admin and bureaucracy
Posted by Apollonian

Another survey of "elites"--actually the leaders of the "liberals"--how they want fascist dictatorship AGAINST "the (ordinary) people" who've sat and just taken it fm these psychopaths for sooooo long.
Posted by Apollonian

Now it's the hulking brain-affected Fetterman who stole the Pa. Senate election who comes out for "common sense" border security, suckers
Posted by Apollonian

Typical trouble w. scum bureaucrats
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Yesterday's 'news' - Monday 22 January 2024 -->>
ARCHIVE for New Nation News Frontpage for 22 January 2024

    Mom whose daughter was allegedly killed by migrant MS-13 member sues DHS for $100M
mud suspect victim name A heartbroken mother whose daughter was allegedly raped and murdered by a teenage MS-13 gang member from El Salvador has filed a lawsuit against the federal government for playing “Russian roulette with our lives,” accusing agents of failing to stop the suspect at the border.

å Tammy Nobles, the mother of 20-year-old Kayla Hamilton, argues in her $100 million lawsuit that both the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services failed her daughter by allowing the unidentified migrant into the country without confirming his identity.

Nobles and another grieving mother testified on Thursday in front of the House panel conducting an impeachment inquiry into Alejandro Mayorkas, who they accuse of not enforcing federal immigration laws.
Her daughter was raped and strangled to death inside her Frederick, Maryland trailer on July 27, 2022, police said.

She had been living with the suspect, who allegedly sublet the trailer from another undocumented migrant.

Authorities were finally able to nab him in January 2023 after comparing his DNA to evidence from the crime scene.

He was charged with first-degree murder, as well as rape and robbery, and is currently being held without bail before his trial slated for June 28.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement later confirmed the suspect, a 17-year-old El Salvador native, was listed as a member of Mara Salvatrucha, known as MS-13.

Link posted by The Bobster


    (ICE Nabs Illegal Alien Wanted For Murder Who Snuck Into The Country
invasion invasion invasion invasion Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested an illegal alien who snuck into the country and is wanted for murder in Colombia, the agency said Monday.

Authorities arrested the Colombian national Dec. 27 after he was sentenced to 22 years in prison in 2011, ICE said, adding that it learned of his fugitive status Jan. 10. Local law enforcement in New Jersey previously arrested the illegal alien for simple assault and making terroristic threats, but it’s unclear why ICE didn’t take him into custody at the time as the agency didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

The individual failed to return to from a three-day furlough in 2018 to serve the completion of his sentence in Colombia before he fled the country, according to ICE.

“This is clearly a case of an individual with a very dangerous criminal history who poses a threat to the community,” ICE Enforcement Removal Operations Newark Field Office Director John Tsoukaris said in a statement Monday.

Yesterday's 'news' - Sunday 21 January 2024 -->

    (BLACK-on-white) DA seeks death penalty for ex-boyfriend accused of filming 'heinous, atrocious' rape of unconscious 18-year-old before murdering her
mud suspect A BLACK Oklahoma man could face the death penalty for allegedly raping and murdering a white 18-year-old star athlete and student. The district attorney described the crimes as "especially heinous, atrocious and cruel."

As Blaze News previously reported, 18-year-old Madeline Bills was found dead in her bedroom by her family on April 22, 2023. The bedroom was a converted pool house that was separate from the main home.

An autopsy found that Madeline had died from being strangled.

Bills considered moving back into the main house because she was terrified of her ex-boyfriend.

Moore Police Department Lt. Wes Yost told KWTV-DT, "She was so scared of him that she talked to friends about going into the main residence and not staying in the pool house."

Investigators said surveillance cameras caught her ex-boyfriend traveling approximately two miles away from Bill's home the night before she was murdered.

A neighbor's surveillance camera spotted an "unknown" suspect climbing the fence and entering the Bills' property around 4:38 a.m., according to the detective's affidavit.

Detectives said the suspect left Bills’ backyard roughly 90 seconds after he initially entered the property.

Video shows the likely vehicle of the ex-boyfriend – 20-year-old Chace Cook – driving in front of the Bills' residence at approximately 6:34 a.m., police said.

The suspect allegedly climbed the fence at 6:42 a.m. and went toward the pool house. At 7:17 a.m., the suspect was reportedly seen on video leaving the backyard by climbing back over the fence.

Law enforcement questioned Cook at the More Police Department on April 25, and collected a DNA sample.

Police executed a search warrant on Cook's vehicle, and officers found clothing and his cell phone.

A detective wrote, "Upon review of the content, it was discovered Cook’s cell phone was in the area of the victim's residence during the time the surveillance video shows the unknown person climbing over the fence."

Investigators found a video on Cook's cell phone that appeared to show him "having sex with the victim, who appears to be unconscious," according to the affidavit.

Police arrested Cook in May 2023. He was charged with the rape and murder of Madeline Bills.


    (BLACK) Jam Master Jay murder trial to start Monday in Brooklyn with jury selection
mud suspect More than two decades after assassins burst into Jam Master Jay’s Queens music studio and shot him in the head, two of the Run-DMC founder’s alleged killers will finally stand trial for murder.

Jury selection starts Monday for the Brooklyn Federal Court trial of Karl Jordan Jr. and Ronald “Tinard” Washington — a day after what would have been the hip hop DJ’s 59th birthday. Opening arguments are slated for Jan. 29.

The mystery of Jason Mizell’s 2002 murder frustrated his family and the New York hip hop community — with some wondering if the killing involved Mizell’s closest friends.

On Oct. 30, 2002, Mizell was shot point-blank in the head with a .40-caliber gun and another man was shot in the leg by two gunmen who were buzzed into his second-floor Merrick Blvd. music studio in Queens.

    (BLACK) Adrian Lewis sentenced to life for murdering his wife; still no body
mud suspect NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Adrian Lewis was sentenced to life in prison on Jan. 19 after he was convicted in September for murdering his wife of 17 years, despite the body still not being found.

Lewis was convicted of first-degree murder on Sept. 28 for his wife Shanita Eure-Lewis’ death after she disappeared on July 17, 2022. They had two sons, and the judge ruled Lewis will not be allowed to have any contact with them until they turn 18. Lewis also can’t have any uninvited contact with his sons after they are adults, and he can’t contact friends or family who testified in court.

Each person who took the stand left with tears streaming down their face as they remembered someone who they’ll never see smile again.

One of those people was Shanita’s sister Deidra Eure.

She said while the decision offers justice for the family, they still have no closure.

    Here's more details in this juicy case which colors the whole Demon-rat legal efforts against Israel-first Trump
Posted by Apollonian

Did u know?--do u remember?--feds found a pipe-bomb on J6 during the "insurrection," suckers--but the cops wanted to finish their lunches first, BEFORE they got to the serious business of investigating the pipe-bomb, etc., found only a few ft. fm the VP's SUV
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Baldwin in hot (legal) water--faces tough trial up-coming for involuntary manslaughter in New Mexico, suckers
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CRISIS: Denver Hospital Caught Injecting LIVE Ebola Vaccine In Workers Now Overwhelmed by Illegals, Has Racked Up $136M In Unpaid Care In 2023 Alone — REPORT​
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‘We Owned The News’: WSJ Editor-in-Chief Laments Death of Public Trust in Mainstream Media​
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Yesterday's 'news' - Saturday 20 January 2024 -->

    (BLACK-on-WHITE murders) Woman arrested in 2017 Longboat Key double-murder case. Here are 4 things to know.
mud suspect victim name A woman has been arrested in connection to the 2017 Zota Beach Resort murders, where a resort manager and security guard were killed during an armed robbery.

Longboat Key police officers reported that Latoya Hanna – who is the sister of the original suspect, Darryl Hanna – was arrested in Port St. Lucie and will be extradited to Manatee County. Longboat Key police were not able to be reached to clarify Latoya's Hanna involvement in the case.

Previous coverage: Family of Zota murder victim files wrongful death lawsuit

In 2017, Darryl Hanna fatally shot manager Tim Hurley, 59, and security guard Kevin Carter, 51, and took $900 from the front desk, according to a police report. He was arrested and charged with armed robbery and two murder counts. The murder was the first on Longboat Key in 17 years, according to a previous report from the Herald-Tribune

One month after Darryl Hanna’s arrest, he experienced a "stroke-like" incident that put him in a vegetative state. In June 2020, a motion from the defense for dismissal and discharge was approved due to the comatose state he was in.

What happened on the morning of the murders?

Family of Zota murder victim files wrongful death lawsuit - Aug 2, 2018
LONGBOAT KEY — Two days before the one-year anniversary of the Zota Beach Resort double murder, the family of slain hotel manager Tim Hurley, flanked by attorneys, announced the filing of a negligence and wrongful death civil lawsuit against the resort and the security firm that hired his killer.

    (BLACK) NYC career criminal ordered held on $70K bail in two random subway stabbings
mud suspect mud suspect A New York City career criminal was ordered held on $70,000 bail Friday after he allegedly just randomly stabbed two people in separate subway crimes.

Mark Ford, 27, appeared in a Manhattan court, where Judge Lewis set the bail.

Ford’s lawyer, Zwi Wasserstein, requested the amount be lowered to a “more reasonable” amount.

“This is a serious allegation,” Wasserstein acknowledged to the judge. But “I believe the amount requested by the people is typically one for more serious charges.”

Lewis disagreed, saying that with Ford’s criminal history, he would be “following the [prosecutors’] recommendations.”

Ford, who is well-known to police, is charged with committing two separate and unprovoked attacks on strangers riding the New York City subway station Jan. 17.

The Bronx resident stabbed a 42-year-old man in the shoulder around 6 a.m. while on the D train in Manhattan at 59th Street-Columbus Circle, cops say.

Link posted by The Bobster

    (BLACK) Former WMU student once lauded for overcoming adversity found guilty of murder
mud suspect KALAMAZOO, MI — After two jury trials in a matter of 11 months, a former Western Michigan University student has been found guilty of second-degree murder.

Maliek Rasheid-Rodney Hargrave, 26, was found guilty of shooting and killing Kalamazoo resident Jason Whetstone, 18, Kalamazoo County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Jeff Williams confirmed late Friday, Jan. 19.

OBITUARY - Jason Demarion Whetstone

WMU social work student who pledged to stop violence faces murder charge - October 7th 2021
KALAMAZOO, Mich. — A Western Michigan University student who pledged to be a mentor to help young people stay away from violence is now charged with murder.

Maliek Hargrave, 24, was charged Tuesday with open murder and a felony weapons charge in the Saturday shooting of Jason Whetstone, 18, of Portage, outside a home on the 100 block of East Maple Street Saturday around 1:30 a.m.

Witnesses told Hargrave to put the gun away moments before police said he pulled the trigger and fatally shot Whetstone in front of his girlfriend, according to probable cause documents filed in Kalamazoo County District Court.

    2 (BLACK) men under ATF investigation charged in Minneapolis murder
mud suspect Two men have now been charged in connection to a fatal shooting last month in north Minneapolis.

Prosecutors charged 32-year-old Dandre Franklin, of Crystal, and 34-year-old Lavester Tramaine Breham, of Sauk Village, Ill., with second-degree murder Friday for the killing of 37-year-old Mikiyel Patton.

Minneapolis police say officers found Patton in the front passenger seat of a Honda CR-V that was parked along North Newton Avenue near Oak Park Avenue at around 6:35 p.m. on Dec. 19, 2023. Patton was suffering from five gunshot wounds to his head and neck area and died at the scene, according to court documents.

As police investigated, they learned that the CR-V they found Patton in was associated with an active Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF) investigation, and Franklin and Breham were the subject of that investigation, according to a criminal complaint.

Charging documents don’t list a potential motive for the killing but state that investigators were able to review surveillance video from the area where Patton was found and a home in Brooklyn Park where Franklin and Breham were known to stay. That video showed them cleaning the CR-V about two hours before the murder, and cellphone data placed them at the scene of the murder at around the time Patton was killed.

Afterward, cellphone data showed they went to a home in Prior Lake where Franklin’s girlfriend lived, and then returned a BMW that Franklin had been driving to a dealership, the documents add.

DNA testing was done on the CR-V, and some discharged cartridge casings were found in the vehicle, and the results linked back to Franklin and Breham, court documents state.

  NYC neighborhood turned into giant toilet as migrants litter park with poop, leave cups of urine on ‘doorsteps’
invasion invasion invasion invasion invasion

Link posted by The Bobster

    (BLACK-on-White) Nigger YouTuber arrested for pouring buckets of EXCREMENTAL poo over people’s heads
mud suspect A YouTube wannabe has ended up in police custody and has confessed to his crimes after his foul play went too far.

It’s not unusual to see content creators do some weird stuff online, as they compete for attention on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Like that time a streamer was accused of cooking crack in a car park (even though she wasn’t).

Sometimes their antics go too far, however, with one example being Johnny Somali, who was recently found guilty of being a nuisance in Japan and now faces banishment from the country.

That’s nothing, though, compared to the actions of a Brussels-based YouTuber who was apprehended for pouring buckets filled with faeces, oil, and food onto the heads of unsuspecting victims.

The YouTuber, nicknamed YaNike, has recorded several videos where he pours buckets of filth over people on city trains in Brussels.

The videos are all called *Surprise du chef*, and in the latest one YaNike is seen mixing a bucket with different liquids including *caca de chien*, which translates to ‘dog poo’, before pouring it over an unsuspecting person on a train.

The Brussels Public Transport Organisation (STIB) filed charges against YaNike and he was later arrested.

YaNike was indicted for assault and battery, and damaging property, according to Politico, and a spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office said:

‘Videos of these events were posted on social networks, with the aim of getting as many likes as possible.’

YaNike wins a "Black Star" from Satan - for outstanding filthy depravity

Link posted by Arheel's Uncle

    COVID mRNA Vaccine-Induced Turbo Cancer Tsunami Is Underway – And It’s Driven by Young People​
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Only dictators ban the free press - yet Nikki Haley gags DailyMail.com simply for reporting a story she doesn't like. So DAVID MARCUS demands: Is she running to be president of America... or a tinpot communist state?​
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Trump lawyers obtain documents through FOIA revealing Special Counsel concealed collaboration with Biden administration​
Trump’s lawyers asked the judge to require Smith to produce any “additional evidence of bias and political animus"​ Posted by Apollonian

Evidence Bidens funneled money into insurance policies, ‘offshore bank accounts’ to avoid taxes, Key Oversight Member​
Posted by Apollonian

Max Igan on the cover-up of the Christchurch massacre​
Posted by Apollonian

The West’s Lunatic Woke Agenda​
Spills Over into Bystander Serbia​

Posted by Apollonian

The Indoctrination Of Our Children Into Satanism And The LGBT Agenda By
Disney And 'Hellywood' Reaches Abhorrent New Depths As They Launch Slew Of New Movies Demonizing God​ Posted by Apollonian

P.O.S. ADMITS border isn't secure, says he "needs more money"--why?--so he can process MORE invaders into the country, the traitorous scum.
Posted by Apollonian

Fani--dumb nigga--(a) dumb, as she uses gov. money for wrong, corrupt purposes, (b) then lies about it, (c) then, additionally, goes and cries "racisssssm"--is this TYPICAL nigga "behavior" or what?
Posted by Apollonian

Evermore, it looks like Fani is typical dumb*ss nigga moron, corrupt, lying, cry-baby, screaming
racisssssm (monkeys can't resist their training and programming). Sooooo, stupid, DESPERATE globalist-satanists now are caught and seen trying to sic a nigga on Trump, and the nigga just uses things and circumstances for her own corrupt purposes, and globalist-satanists look like the scummy filth they really are, even for all their money which they just counterfeit up w. their machine, the US Federal Reserve, suckers. Wonder why Jew S A is soooo indebted?--look at what the US fed is used for suckers. Note Fani is now just a distraction fm the REAL problem, the US fed counterfeiting scam, suckers. Posted by Apollonian

Fani, here, picked apart by a shyster who simply observes simple, basic legal ethics--real
question is HOW could the globalist-satanists have been sooooo dumb to put their case in hands of such dumb, incompetent nigga? Answer: 'cause they're DESPERATE, suckers--that's only possible reason. Trump only spoke truth when he said election was stolen, and globalists (and Demon-rats) knew it. So they infiltrated the J6 protest demonstrations to try to frame Trump, and this idiotic stunt w. the nigga was result. Now folks KNOW everything Trump said about the election-steal is true. Bad moves by these satanic, conspiratorial globalist scum, but then it's what would happen and exactly what one might expect in such situation. Posted by Apollonian

Yesterday's 'news' - Friday 19 January 2024 -->

    (BLACK) Man charged with murder in death of Louisville mother of 3
mud suspect LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Louisville Metro Police Department has made an arrest after a woman was shot and killed in the Smoketown neighborhood last year.

LMPD said it arrested 33-year-old Maurice Byars on Friday, charging him with murder and robbery, both in the first degree.

Amanda Miller, 37, was shot on May 29, 2023, along Finzer and Preston streets, but her body was found a few blocks away in the parking lot of the CVS on East Broadway.

Miller, a mother of 3, was taken to UofL Hospital, where she died during surgery.

Following Miller's death, police named Byars, who was her boyfriend, as the main suspect.

LMPD said they received an anonymous tip regarding Byars' whereabouts, which led to him being taken into custody on Friday.

    (BLACK BEAST) 'Suspect' rapes 10-year-old girl in NYC after meeting her online: cops
mud suspect A suspected rapist attacked a 10-year-old girl in East Harlem after connecting with her online earlier this month, cops said.

Cops are now hunting for alleged perv, who met his pre-teen victim through an unspecified “online application,” police said

The two met up at Third Avenue and East 122nd Street around 9 p.m. Jan. 6, where he allegedly raped the young victim, authorities said.

He fled on foot and had not been caught by Wednesday.

Photos released by the NYPD show the bearded suspect wearing a dark-colored Nautica hoodie, gray sweatpants and black cap inside what appears to be a bodega.

Link posted by The Bobster

    Unhinged (BLACK) hospital greeter, 27, slapped with several charges — including attempted murder — in Queens stabbing spree
mud suspect The suspect in the stabbing spree across Queens has been slapped with attempted murder and assault charges for the five violent attacks.

Jermain Rigueur — who reportedly laughed in one victim’s face after slashing them — was charged late Wednesday with three counts of attempted murder, four counts of assault, one count of attempted assault, and criminal possession of a weapon, the NYPD said.

Rigueur, a 27-year-old greeter at Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn, was nabbed Wednesday night after a frantic NYPD manhunt.

The string of random attacks began on Jan. 8 when a 61-year-old grandfather was knifed in the back as he walked to the laundromat that evening.

After the alleged perp stabbed him from behind, he turned and smiled at him as he walked away, the victim told The Post.

Then this week, 34-year-old Shaneka Anderson was stabbed as she walked home just after midnight Tuesday from her job with TSA at LaGuardia Airport.

Link posted by The Bobster

    (BLACK) Des Moines school shooter gets 65 years in prison
mud suspect A judge sentenced an Iowa man to 65 years in prison Thursday for killing two students at a Des Moines alternative school and injuring the program's founder.

Polk County District Judge Larry McLellan sentenced Preston Walls, 19, to consecutive terms for his September conviction on charges of second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and assault causing serious injury.


A jury convicted Walls after he acknowledged killing Rashad Carr, 16, and Gionni Dameron, 18, on Jan. 23, 2023, at the Starts Right Here "alternative school" on the edge of downtown Des Moines. Will Keeps, the school's founder, also was shot but survived. He quickly reopened the program, which is operated through a contract with Des Moines public schools.

Walls said he feared for his life after earlier encounters with Carr and Dameron.

    (BLACK) Custodian arrested for allegedly abusing classroom turtle
mud suspect SEABROOK, S.C. (WSAV) – Ms. Chompers, a 12-year-old classroom turtle, is on the mend after a custodian was seen on camera allegedly abusing her.

As first reported by The Island Packet, night shift custodian Armard Breeland was arrested on Dec. 20 for the alleged abuse, facing a charge of felony ill-treatment of animals.

According to a report from the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, an SRO at Whale Branch Early College High School was called to the science classroom on Dec. 20 about an animal cruelty incident.

The science teacher, Dr. Matthew Plantinga, told the SRO he’s been having “suspicious issues” with the pH levels of the turtle tank in his classroom.

Apparently, his most recent test of the pH levels indicated a level 3, which is “1,000 times more acidic than the bottom range for the turtle.”

It wasn’t the first issue Plantinga had with the tank.

According to the sheriff’s office report, the teacher had to do an emergency clean-out of the turtle tank on Dec. 11 after testing the pH level and it also revealed 3. Plantinga thought perhaps a student was messing with the tank.

Another day, the tank was cloudy, the report said, and several students said the tank smelled sour and the live plants in it were slightly dead.

That’s when the school set up video surveillance in the classroom.

The next day, Dec. 20, the teacher said he reviewed the footage and saw Breeland pouring what looked to be sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide into the tank.

“Breeland used a wooden mop tick to repeatedly stab the turtle, then again sprayed/poured what looked to be a custodial chemical directly on the turtle,” the sheriff’s office report stated.

After reviewing the footage, the SRO reported seeing Ms. Chompers scratching at the side of the tank, attempting to escape as Breeland continued to stab her with the mop stick.

Link posted by Arheel's Uncle Name

Yesterday's 'news' - Wednesday 17 January 2024 -->

    Set to begin this week, blackmurder trial of 2 men charged in 2019 Schenectady killing delayed because of conflict
mud suspect victim name SCHENECTADY — Five years after Roscoe Foster was killed during a marijuana-related robbery attempt inside his vehicle on a city street, his family still hopes those accused of the slaying will soon be tried and convicted of the crime.

“I am hopeful for justice after all this time, but even with justice, the damage is done,” said Foster’s girlfriend Amanda Patterson. “He’s watching over us for sure, so even with the upcoming trial, that’s all that matters to me.”

Her hopes of being in court with Foster’s relatives to see that finally happen were dashed when it was revealed on Tuesday, a day before jury selection was scheduled to get under way, that a new judge would be assigned to preside over the trial of defendants Clifford Charles Jr., 21, and Leffon Adams, 32.

The two Schenectady men are slated to be tried together in the fatal shooting of the 38-year-old father of five. Foster was shot about 1 a.m. Jan. 25, 2019, at the corner of Becker and Linden streets in the Central State Street neighborhood.

Schenectady Police: Arrest warrant in 2019 Roscoe Foster murder; Suspect a teenager at time of shooting By Steven Cook Aug 4, 2022

    (Black) arrested for murder of Deerfield Beach man
mud suspect DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — Broward County Sheriff's Department detectives have solved the case of a man killed in Deerfield Beach in mid-December.

Around 1:30 p.m. on Dec. 18, deputies with the Broward County Sheriff's Office (BSO) and Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue (BCFR) paramedics responded to a call about a man who was reportedly not breathing and possibly dead. Authorities arrived at an apartment complex in Deerfield Beach and found the body of Joseph Monteiro, 71, in a bedroom with a knife nearby. Officials then called in homicide and crime scene detectives to further investigate.

With the assistance of crime scene and surveillance evidence, BSO detectives identified Michael Sampson, 37, as the suspect for Monteiro's fatal stabbing, according to BSO.

Sampson was arrested on an unrelated felony warrant on Dec. 23. His charges include illegal use of a credit card, possession of Fentanyl, felony warrant for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and battery on a person over 65. Sampson has been held in BSO Main Jail without bond. As of Jan. 12, a premeditated murder charge was added to the list.

mud suspect mud suspect victim name ‘Suitcase killer’ Heather Mack is sentenced to 26 years in US prison for Bali murder
Mack was 18 when she conspired with her boyfriend Tommy Schaefer to murder her socialite mother Sheila von Wiese-Mack at the luxury five-star St Regis resort in Bali in 2014

The woman who earned the unsavoury nickname the “suitcase killer” after murdering her mother at a luxury Bali resort and stuffing her body in a suitcase has now been sentenced to 26 years in prison.

Heather Mack, a 28-year-old from Illinois, pleaded guilty back in June to conspiring to murder her socialite mother Sheila von Wiese-Mack at the five-star St. Regis resort in Bali back in 2014.

Mack reached a plea deal with prosecutors in federal court in Illinois, pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to kill a US national so that she and her then-boyfriend Tommy Schaefer could gain access to a $1.5m trust fund.

Under the terms of the agreement, prosecutors recommended that she faced a maximum sentence of 28 years in US prison, with consideration given to the seven years that she had already served in an Indonesian jail. However, the charge carried a maximum penalty of life in prison and the judge hinted that he could ignore prosecutors’ request.

Under the deal, Mack was unable to file any appeals in her case.

On Wedneday, US District Judge Matthew Kennelly handed down the sentence, ordering Mack to spend 26 years in federal prison.

    DEMONIC ASIAN (ANTI)CHRISTIAN CULT - "Soldiers of Christ" beat, starved Korean woman to death
Asian suspect ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - A mother and son accused of being involved in the starvation, beating and killing of a woman in Gwinnett County last year pleaded not guilty in court on Wednesday.

Mihee Lee, 54, and 15-year-old Junyeong Lee face charges of murder, false imprisonment, concealing the death of another, tampering with evidence and violating Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. They are two of seven people who were arrested in September and October after police found the woman’s body in the trunk of a car outside a spa in unincorporated Duluth.

Law enforcement believes the group, which reportedly called itself “Soldiers of Christ,” recruited the woman from South Korea to join the religious organization. They then allegedly kept her inside a basement in unincorporated Lawrenceville, beating and starving her for weeks. The body weighed about 70 pounds when it was discovered, according to police.

The other defendants include:

Juoonhyum Lee, 22
Joonho Lee, 26
Hyunji Lee, 25
Gawom Lee, 26
Eric Hyun, 26
Mihee Lee is the mother of three other suspects — Juoonhyum Lee, Joonho Lee and Junyeong Lee.

Yesterday's 'news' - Tuesday 16 January 2024 -->

    (BLACK-on-ELDERLY-WHITE-GRANDMA) 18-year-old formally charged with murder of 77-year-old white woman on southwest side
mud suspect victim name INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An 18-year-old man has been formally charged with the murder of a 77-year-old woman at a home on the southwest side of Indianapolis on Friday.

The Marion County Coroner’s Office on Tuesday identified the woman as Mary Sims.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers were dispatched to the 2900 block of Landola Lane around 5:30 p.m. Friday on a report of a disturbance.

That is in a mobile home community near Lynhurst Drive and Troy Avenue.

When they arrived, police found Sims unresponsive with “undisclosed trauma” inside the home. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

IMPD soon detained and arrested 18-year-old Zakii Dawson for his role in the shooting. Police said that Dawson and Sims knew each other, but did not give any information on their relationship.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday announced they formally charged Dawson with murder. Online jail records also show him facing a charge of conspiracy to commit murder.

Dawson was being held at the Marion County jail without bond. A court date hasn’t been set yet. Granddaughter Of Murdered Victim Needs Help Hello, my name is Serge. I'm on here asking for help for a friend of mine who really needs it right now. Mrs. Mary Sims ( 09-04-1946 - 01-12-2024 ) was a 77 year old Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother that was viciously murdered Friday evening, January 12th, 2024, in her own home, by someone who was considered to be a friend of the family.

I will NOT say his name as he doesn't deserve to be called by it. I will not talk about him. But you can find the information online.


    Two (BLACK) accused in murder-for-hire killing of woman at Dunkin’ drive-thru in Montgomery County have pretrial hearing
mud suspect victim name NORRISTOWN — Evidence of a man’s arrest and alleged involvement in an April 7, 2023, homicide in Philadelphia should be heard by a Montgomery County jury when he stands trial on charges he was part of a murder-for-hire plot that ended with the fatal shooting of a woman four days later as she sat in her vehicle at a Dunkin’ drive-thru in Cheltenham Township, prosecutors argued to a judge.

“It’s necessary and essential evidence for us to prove identity in this case,” county District Attorney Kevin R. Steele argued during a pretrial hearing for Zakkee S. Alhakim, 34, who faces charges of first- and third-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder in connection with the 7:39 a.m. April 11, 2023, fatal shooting of Rachel Elizabeth King in the Melrose Shopping Center on West Cheltenham Avenue in Cheltenham.

King, 35, of Cheltenham, a teacher at the Grover Cleveland Mastery Charter School in Philadelphia for 10 years, was shot multiple times as she sat in her vehicle in the drive-thru lane of the Dunkin’ store where she had stopped in the shopping center while on her way to take her 11-year-old son, Jalen, to a violin practice. King’s son was seated in the rear of the vehicle and was not injured during the attack.

Steele previously characterized the killing of King as a “murder-for-hire” and identified Alhakim, of Philadelphia, as the triggerman.

.... Julie Jean, 35, of the 7600 block of Washington Lane, Elkins Park, also faces homicide charges in connection with King’s fatal shooting. Prosecutors alleged Jean was the mastermind of the plot to kill King.

Rachel King murder: Teacher was fatally shot in Dunkin’ drive-thru by a hitman hired by romantic rival, DA says

    (BLACK) Man pleads guilty to murder charges filed for fatal 2021 shooting, crash
mud suspect victim name A man has entered a guilty plea for his role in a 2021 shooting and crash that left a bystander dead.

On Tuesday morning, court records show 35-year-old Christopher London Walker pleaded guilty to one count of second-degree intentional murder as well as an amended charge of third-degree murder – by perpetrating an eminently dangerous act and evincing depraved mind.

Previously, Walker had been charged with two counts of second-degree murder – one for aiding and abetting and the other for attempting to commit – and illegal firearm possession.

His sentencing hearing has been scheduled for March 18.

Walker was one of two men to be charged for the incident that left 18-year-old Autumn Merrick dead in October of 2021. Merrick was killed while riding a scooter on the sidewalk near the intersection of Fifth Street and Sixth Avenue North.

Walker was the driver of a Range Rover that crashed into a light pole and then caught fire. The man in the front passenger seat, Marvel Galvaston Williams, was also charged for the incident.

Williams, who was 33 when he was charged, was sentenced on March 6, 2023, to more than 24 years in prison, seven years more than what prosecutors had asked for. He received credit for 516 days already served.

Autumn Rose Merrick obituary

Family IDs woman, 18, on scooter who was fatally hit by vehicle in rolling gun battle in downtown Minneapolis

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    The Beast As Saint. The real story of Martin Luther King Jr.

Link posted by Arheel's Uncle

    (BLACK-on-White) Accused Brooklyn Mirage kidnapper misses court date — because he was already locked up
mud suspect The Bronx man accused of kidnapping a WHITE doctor outside a Brooklyn nightclub and forcing him to go on a wild shopping spree missed a court date in the bizarre case this month — because he was locked up on new theft charges, records show.

Anthony Benjamin, 42, was arrested in November for stealing a cell phone in Manhattan, then using its Apple Pay account to buy a phone charger — landing him in Rikers Island and making him a no-show at his Jan. 5 hearing in Connecticut.

“He’s currently being held … in New York City,” his attorney, Benjamin Aponte, said in Stamford Superior Court that day, according to The Hour. “There’s another criminal matter. I don’t know if there’s a new case or an old one.”

In fact, the case was new — and stemmed from Benjamin’s alleged theft of a wallet, driver’s license and iPhone from a victim in Midtown West, according to court documents.

Authorities said Benjamin allegedly approached his victim at about 5 a.m. on Nov. 1, near the corner of Ninth Avenue and West 40th Street, and slyly lifted his wallet, credit cards, driver’s license and iPhone.

A few hours later, the victim got an alert saying someone had used his iPhone’s Apple Pay to buy a cell charger at the Mr. Good Guy Smokeshop on Broadway in Washington Heights, the criminal complaint said.

Link posted by The Bobster

    (BLACK) Convicted Colorado murderer sentenced again to life in prison for killing witness to original murder
mud suspect victim name A Colorado man was given his second life sentence in connection the 2020 murder of a woman who witnessed a separate murder.

Steven Young, 48, was already serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for the 2020 murder of 41-year-old John Cyprian when he was recently given the same sentence again for killing 33-year-old Charly Lewis, a woman who witnessed that original killing, six days later.

was convicted of killing Lewis in August and convicted of killing Cyprian and sentenced in that case in 2021.

"I am grateful to the jury for reaching this verdict, which I hope will provide some measure of comfort to Charly Lewis's family," Adams County Assistant District Attorney Maggie Conboy said in a statement in August. "I also want to thank the prosecutors and investigators who worked long and hard on this case to get justice for Charly."

Cyprian was walking along 16th Avenue near Akron Street with Lewis on June 1, 2020, when Young -- 45 at the time -- was driving an SUV and stopped it near the two people and got out. According to the Adams County District Attorney's Office, he then charged at Cyprian with a gun.

    (BLACK) Suspected serial killer appears in court over 1998 murder in Broward
mud suspect A suspected serial killer was arrested by Broward Sheriff's deputies on Thursday before he appeared in court over the 1998 murder of a woman in Broward.

For more than 20 years, the woman was known only as Jane Doe, but in May, BSO identified the victim as Eileen Truppner, a mother of two who'd left her native Puerto Rico and moved to South Florida. Her cause of death was determined to be strangulation.

The BSO said Lucious Boyd -- a convicted murderer, rapist and suspected serial killer -- remains on death row for the murder of Dawnia Dacosta, 21, who was murdered approximately two weeks prior to Truppner.

On Nov. 29, a Broward County grand jury indicted Boyd for Truppner's murder. He now faces additional first-degree murder and sexual battery charges.

    People with ‘Complete Paralysis, Epilepsy, Severe Intellectual Disability, Psychiatric Disability’ to Lead Air Travel Operations in Pursuit of Woke DEI Quotas​
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Heart Failure Drives Alarming Surge in ‘Excess Deaths,’ Making Last Year the Most Deadly Non-Pandemic Year Since 1945, Oxford University Study Reveals.​
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Cowardice Of Late-Night Hosts Becomes Painfully Clear: Watchdog Finds What Majority Of Their Political Jokes Are Really About​
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FAA Seeking to Hire People With 'Severe Intellectual' and 'Psychiatric' Disabilities for 'Diversity'​
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BOMBSHELL: San Antonio Police Working for NGOs Off-Duty in Official Uniforms to Facilitate Human Smuggling [VIDEO]​
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Speculation now, as fm FOX News, WHO actually is running the creepy Joe admin?--we KNOW it obviously is NOT brain-dead creepy Joe himself, ho ho
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FOX News/Judge Jeanine comments upon the Fani situation, suckers
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Poll: Nearly Half of Americans Agree Illegal Immigrants Are 'Poisoning The Blood of Our Country'​
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Creepy Joe's approval ratings just keep descending, morons, now down to 33%, disapproval 58%--and there's little prospect for improvement, suckers, inflation getting worse, like everything else. But of course, the REAL pt. is in the vote-rigging and -stealing.
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$600,000 + to shyster lover-boy, w. whom she took cruises, etc., in the news now, suckers
Posted by Apollonian American citizen who’s been tortured in a Ukrainian prison since July, for the crime of criticizing Zelensky.
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    Family of man stabbed to death at MARTA Five Points station seeks justice in his murder
mud suspect ATLANTA — The Harris family is a tight-knit group.

But now, there is a void after Marcus Harris, who they called “little deacon,” was killed at the Five Points MARTA station around 8 a.m. on the northbound platform.

“Marcus was an angel. He loved everybody. He never fought. He never raised his voice. He was always there for you," said Maria Harris, Marcus' mom.

Harris’ family said he was a devoted father of two as well as a loving son, cousin and brother. It’s hard for them to understand why his life was brutally taken on Monday.

That same day, authorities arrested 46-year-old Jason Harris and charged him with murder and aggravated assault. He was booked into the Fulton County Jail.

    (BLACK) Man charged with murder in connection to missing black 22-year-old woman last seen on Sept. 23
mud suspect victim name HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A suspect has been arrested and charged in connection to a 22-year-old woman's disappearance back in September 2023, documents read.

Yoland J. Washington, 51, has been charged with murder and is in custody at the Dallas County Jail.

Charges have been filed against Washington for the presumed death of Deaundra Ford, whose body officials have not located.

On Sept. 22, 2023, surveillance video captured Ford leaving her workplace at Diva's Bikini Bar and Grill with an unidentified man in a white Ford Transit van.

The following day, Ford's family reported the woman missing as they were unable to contact her. Ford's grandmother spoke to ABC13 and said it was unlike Ford to leave without notice because she had a 4-year-old son.

    (BLACK) Enterprise man charged with attempted murder after shooting a woman; EPD
mud suspect ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) – An Enterprise man is behind bars and is accused of shooting a woman Friday night in Enterprise.

Police say on Friday night they responded to a residence in the 900 block of Daleville Avenue in Enterprise to a shooting. When officers arrived they found a woman with a gunshot wound to the torso, she was taken to a local hospital to be treated for her injuries.

Officers say Cedric Carlton, 55 of Enterprise was still at the scene when they arrived and was later taken into custody.

Carlton is charged with attempted murder and is being held in the Coffee County Jail with no bond set in his case as of Saturday night.

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    (BLACK-on-WHITE FEMALE) NEGRO Man sentenced for murder of WHITE witness to previous murder he committed
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire victim name DENVER — A man convicted of killing a woman who had witnessed another murder he committed was sentenced Friday to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Steven Young, 48, was found guilty in August of first-degree murder for the 2020 killing of 32-year-old Charly Lewis in Denver.

Her body was found in an alley behind 1065 Federal Blvd. on June 7, 2020. She had been shot to death. It's believed that Young killed Lewis in part because she had witnessed Young murder John Cyprian six days earlier in Aurora. Young was convicted of killing John Cyprian in April 2021.

Young was arrested the day after Lewis' body was found.

Young received the mandatory sentence under Colorado law for his crime Friday. He was already serving a life sentence for the murder of Cyprian.

BLACK Colorado Man Charged with Murder of WHITE Woman Found Dead in Alleyway Who Witnessed His Other Alleged Killing

White Woman killed in Denver alley witnessed a homicide, police say
According to the arrest affidavit, surveillance video and HALO footage captured Young and Lewis walking together in the area in the hours before her body was found. DPD looked over "shot spotter" data reports and found that a single gunshot was fired in the area where her body was found at 4:23 a.m. About two minutes later, Young is seen on video leaving the alley without Lewis, the affidavit says.


    (BLACK-on-Hispanic) 19-year-old arrested for San Jose's first murder of year
mud suspect victim name SAN JOSE, Calif. - San Jose police detectives on Friday said it took just over 24 hours to catch the suspect wanted for allegedly committing the first murder of the year.

Fremont resident Mikel McNack, 19, was arrested Thursday night in Sacramento. Officers then brought him back to the South Bay and booked him into the main Santa Clara County jail.

"It’s pretty remarkable that after only 30 hours, a suspect related to this event is in custody. And hopefully, this can bring a little bit of closure to the families in this event," said police spokesman Sgt. Jorge Garibay.

McNack is accused of killing 25-year-old San Jose resident Erik Joseph Duran. Investigators said around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, both men were in the area of North First Street and Descanso Drive in North San Jose. Detectives say McNack intentionally ran over Duran while driving this gray, 2017 Infinity QX-30, then sped off.

"Preliminary investigation of the victim also determined that the victim was also shot," said Garibay.

Investigators don’t have a motive for the killing and won’t say how or if the two men knew each other or why they were in North San Jose.

Victim in San Jose’s first homicide of 2024 identified, 1 arrested

Funeral Services & Cost for Erik Joseph Duran

Surname Duran most prevalent in Mexico, highest density in Bolivia

"Duran Duran"
Duran Duran (/djʊˌræn djʊˈræn/) are an English band formed in Birmingham in 1978 by singer Stephen Duffy, keyboardist Nick Rhodes and guitarist/bassist John Taylor. With the addition of bassist Simon Colley and drummer Roger Taylor the following year, the band went through numerous personnel changes before May 1980, when they settled on their most famous line-up by adding guitarist Andy Taylor and lead vocalist Simon Le Bon.

Emerging as members of the New Romantic scene, Duran Duran were innovators of the music video and a leading band in the MTV-driven Second British Invasion of the US in the 1980s.

    NYC migrant accused of fatally stabbing fellow asylum-seeker caught on camera for first time​
mud suspect The suspected stabber accused of killing a fellow migrant over a woman at Randall’s Island’s tent city was captured on camera for the first time Friday when he appeared in Manhattan court.

Moises Coronado, 27, was seen wearing a beige prison jumpsuit with a medical mask covering his face as he saw a judge for the fatal Jan. 6 stabbing of Dafren Canizalez, 25.

Coronado, who used a Spanish interpreter throughout the brief proceeding, allegedly stabbed Canizalez to death with a kitchen knife inside a cafeteria tent at the migrant camp, prosecutors have said.

Two other suspects — Ferneys Horta, 33, and Anthony Navas, 27 — allegedly chased down Canizalez inside the cafeteria until he was trapped against the door — and he was stabbed in the upper chest area, according to a criminal complaint.
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NYC subway safe? Fare-beating arrests skyrocket 132%, gun seizures up 29%​
Link posted by The Bobster

2 arrested for 2022 mass shooting in Philadelphia's Kensington section​
Link posted by The Bobster

    Ingraham/FOX News discusses border deal being made w. Demon-rats--does not look too good, more like the usual betrayal for the continuing invasion
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The ruling-party candidate strongly opposed by China wins Taiwan's presidential election​
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Ingraham/FOX News covers the on-going border-crisis--how RINOs are co-operating w. creepy Joe and Demon-rats, and how Tx. governor trying to doing something about the horrible problems
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Texas state decides to take chunk of control over THOUSANDS of illegal invaders who've now camped out in Eagle Pass (Tx)
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What accounts for strange doings/sayings of Coulter?--she's shill for Jews, a typical "Judeo-Christian" (which is huge oxymoron, suckers)
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Senile old brain-dead, pathological liar, criminal pervert wasn't even aware his nigga Sec. Def. was AWOL
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More discussion/commentary by FOX News and US Senator on the climate-change scam/fraud/hoax
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FOX News discusses the Hunter, precious son of creepy Joe, situation--what are the strategies?
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FOX News discussion of latest developments on the illegal invaders, also dear, precious, corrupt son, Hunter
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Why Are There So Many Suicides in Americastan?
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Yesterday's 'news' - Friday 12 January 2024 -->

    (BLACK) ‘8 Mile’ Rapper Supa Emcee Arrested For Wife’s Murder, Police Say
mud suspect Authorities arrested Michigan-born rapper Supa Emcee in relation to the murder of his wife, Kelly Ann Mays, 49, according to Click on Detroit. victim name

Mays was found stabbed to death in an apartment complex in Westland, Michigan, at approximately 6pm on Jan. 7, authorities said, according to Click On Detroit. Law enforcement officials said Jimmie Lee Brown, known by his moniker Supa Emcee, turned himself in to the Westland Police Department shortly after Mays’ body was discovered, according to Click On Detroit. Brown is accused of stabbing Mays, Click on Detroit reported.

Brown and Mays are believed to have been in a relationship for 13 years, according to TMZ. The alleged altercation reportedly unfolded in their apartment in Detroit.

Brown was charged with first-degree murder Jan. 10 and currently remains in police custody, Click on Detroit reported. The rapper, famous for his role in “8 Mile” starring Eminem, was reportedly working to rebuild his life and career, after suffering a traumatic brain injury. He was reportedly involved in a near-fatal crash in 2020.

Westland mom who advocated for domestic violence survivors killed by partner

    Suspect busted for fatal stabbing of NYC autistic man in apparent mixup over backpack : cops
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Elon Musk is right about Alaska Airlines blowout — Boeing’s DEI push could literally kill people

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Ryan Rollins waived by Wizards after being accused of robbing Target seven times
mud suspect BLACK BASKETBALLER Guard Ryan Rollins, who the Washington Wizards released on Monday, is being accused of shoplifting from a Target store on multiple occasions, according to court documents.

The documents, filed in Alexandria General District Court and first viewed by The Athletic, assert that Rollins allegedly committed the crimes seven times between Sept. 9-Nov. 9.

He was charged with seven counts of petit larceny.

The former Wizards point guard — who had a base salary of $1.7 million this year, according to Spotrac — is alleged to have taken small household items that include groceries, body wash and candles.

The items he is alleged to have stolen are all valued at less than $1,000, which classifies it as a Class 1 misdemeanor in the state of Virginia.
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How one college spends more than $30M on 241 DEI staffers … and the damage it does to kids
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Health officials warn of possible measles exposure in Montgomery County
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Arrest made in connection to 2022 mass shooting in Philadelphia's Kensington section: police
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    (BLACK-on-White-female) Man who pled guilty to murdering woman, leaving body in used car lot to be sentenced Thursday
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire Constance Sue Reddix Constance Sue Reddix BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio — A man accused of killing a Middletown woman and leaving her body in a used car lot is expected to be sentenced Thursday.

Earlier in the case, we were told Darnell Dollar, 33, could face up to life in prison if convicted. Dollar pled guilty to the murder and kidnapping of Constance Sue Reddix, 61.

Reddix was found dead inside of a a vehicle in March of 2023 at a used car lot in Middletown, near South Verity and Hanover.

Her family says she met Dollar at a homeless shelter, but it's still unclear what led up to her death.

Dollar is accused of beating her, dragging her to the car lot and locking her in a scrapped truck.

Dollar is expected to appear at the Butler County Courthouse Thursday afternoon.

‘This monster took my mother away from me’: Man accused of Middletown woman’s murder

‘She was one-of-a-kind’: Family and friends remember woman found beaten to death

White Woman found dead in vehicle at Middletown used car lot; BLACK man charged with murder Nov 22, 2023 - BLACK Man accused of murdering WHITE woman, leaving body in Middletown used car lot pleads guilty

BLACK Middletown man accused of placing dead WHITE woman in car gets $1M bond


Yesterday's 'news' - Wednesday 10 January 2024 -->

    (BLACK) Food Network star Darnell ‘SuperChef’ Ferguson arrested on burglary, strangulation charges
mud suspect Darnell “SuperChef” Ferguson has been arrested for burglary, strangulation and terroristic threatening, Page Six can confirm.

The Food Network star is also facing misdemeanor charges of assault, menacing, criminal mischief and theft-receipt of a stolen credit or debit card.

He was taken into custody in Louisville, Ky., Tuesday afternoon.

Metro Corrections booking records show Ferguson, 36, was processed at the jail at 3:55 p.m. local time.

The details surrounding his arrest are unclear, but records obtained by Page Six show a family court granted an emergency protection request against him on Jan. 2.

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    (BLACK) 16-year-old wanted in December Murder in Richmond County
mud suspect AUGUSTA (WJBF) – The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is requesting the public’s help in locating a Murder suspect.

They say 16-year-old Sanquan J. Berry aka Fatts/Phats is wanted for allegedly shooting and killing Jeremiah Griffin on December 11th, 2023 at the Smart Grocery on Wrightsboro Road.

The 32-year-old victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Berry is charged with Murder and Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Crime.

He’s considered ARMED & DANGEROUS.

If you know of his whereabouts or anything about the crime in question, contact the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

    Dear, precious son, Hunter, talked to creepy, criminal, pathological liar, dad, just before he refused to testify--is that what daddio told him to do?
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The "woke" (satanic) mind-war against Western civilization--the weak will/must fall by proverbial "way-side," suckers
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There's natural-law limit to how stupid people can be, suckers--too much stupidity MUST result in DEATH, morons--"weak will fall by the wayside," scum
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Ho ho ho, 5 House Repubs "conspire" to shut-down gov. if brain-dead creepy Joe and Demon-rat traitorous scum don't shut-down border, suckers
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Rather large, un-spoken dirty secret: globalist-satanists, Demon-rats, and creepy Joe DESTROYING USA by idiot "green energy," refusing oil investment
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Add yet ANOTHER charge for creepy Joe's impeachment/removal--he encouraged corrupt son, Hunter, to defy Cong. subpoena, suckers
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What did Hunter do to get all that money fm the various sources?--we saw how creepy Joe got the Ukrainian prosecutor fired
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Ho ho ho--black guy in Ga., big Trump supporter, wears T-shirt, says, "Niggas 4 Trump..." condemns nigga DA pushed by kike, Soros
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Ho ho ho, SUDDENLY, corrupt son of creepy Joe, Hunter, appears in Cong., in front of Cong.-man Comer's committee, but he's not willing to be deposed
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Does something stink to high heaven in Georgia?
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    (Ho ho ho, SUDDENLY, corrupt son of creepy Joe, Hunter, appears in Cong.,
in front of Cong.-man Comer's committee, but he's not willing to be deposed

Hearing ERUPTS over Hunter Biden's surprise appearance

Link posted by Apollonian

Yesterday's 'news' - Tuesday 9 January 2024 -->

    (BLACK) COP-KILLER: Mother of black suspook that killed Oakland Asian Police Officer released - (she was arrested as accessory to her negro cop-killer son)
mud suspect mud suspect victim name OAKLAND, CA — The mother of the man accused of fatally shooting Oakland police Officer Tuan Le last month was released from jail Monday, days after she was booked on suspicion of an accessory charge in the widening investigation into the officer’s death.

Felicia Williams, 48, was no longer in Santa Rita Jail as of Monday evening, jail records show.

She was arrested Thursday on suspicion of felony accessory after the fact. Law enforcement sources told this news organization she allegedly tried to help her son leave the state and attempted to destroy evidence related to the case.

But on Monday, she was released from custody after prosecutors declined to file charges in time to keep her in custody under state law. She faced no formal charges as of Monday evening and has no date to appear in court, records show. Messages sent by this news organization to the DA’s office were not immediately answered Monday afternoon and evening.

Williams is the mother of Mark Demetrious Sanders, who remains held in the jail without bail amid accusations that he shot and killed Le, according to court records and law enforcement sources.

Williams’ release marks a twist in the broadening investigation into Le’s death on Dec. 29, which has already led to the arrests of four other people on charges ranging from burglary to murder.

Le was working as an undercover officer when he was fatally shot in the head around 4:30 a.m. on Dec. 29, while responding to a burglary call at a marijuana grow house on the 400 block of Embarcadero, along the city’s waterfront. Sanders and a second man, Allen Starr Brown, were charged with murder and a slew of other felonies in Le’s death.

A third suspect, Sebron Russell, has been charged with burglarizing the dispensary multiple times that morning, and a fourth suspect, Marquise Cooper, was arrested Wednesday evening in Southern California on suspicion of burglary, authorities said.

Multiple ßarrests made after fatal shooting of (Asian) California police officer during burglary of cannabis dispensary

Oakland police officer shot and killed in line of duty

Memorial for Oakland Police Officer Tuan Le set for Wednesday in Castro Valley

BLACK Suspects in Officer Tuan Le murder arraigned in Oakland; DA seeks special circumstances
We now know the names of the 3 suspects charged in the murder of OPD Officer Tuan Le.
Mark Sanders (grey shirt), Allen Brown (black and white) Sebron Russell (black hoodie)

    (BLACK AFRICAN FROM DARKEST AFRICA) DARK FOREIGN suspect arrested for allegedly killing estranged wife in Giant parking lot: police
mud suspect A foreign negro man has been accused of killing his estranged wife outside of a Giant supermarket store on Saturday, police said.

Walkersville residentÍ Frederick Owusu Sakyi, 33, was arrested by deputies from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday night. The department said in a Facebook post that the shooting took place earlier that evening.

"At approximately 11:11 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 6, Frederick County Sheriff's Office deputies were dispatched to the Urbana Giant located at 3530 Sugarloaf Parkway for a shooting," authorities explained in a post on Facebook.

Deputies found the deceased victim, who was later determined to be Sakyi's estranged wife, in the parking lot. Police said that the couple was going through the process of a divorce.

THE SURNAME "SAKYI" is most prevalent in the black AFRICAN hellhole of GHANA


    (BLACK) Chattanooga man charged with attempted murder in December assault
mud suspect CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Chattanooga police arrested a man for an aggravated assault from December on Tunnel Boulevard.

On December 30, officers arrived at the scene just before 7 a.m. They found two victims and one witness, who reported seeing Corey France, 24, knocking on doors and waving a gun around. They also told police they saw France fire multiple rounds at a 45-year-old man.

At that time, police searched but could not find France. CPD said they then obtained an arrest warrant for him.

Then, on January 4, CPD and the U.S. Marshal’s Service found France on Ocoee Street. They arrested him and took him to the Hamilton County Jail.

    (BLACK) Driver sentenced to 12½ years for aiding murder of 15-year-old "NATIVE AMERICAN"
mud suspect victim name A Brooklyn Park man has been sentenced to more than a dozen years in prison for his role in a shooting that killed a teenager last year.

Twenty-year-old Shawn Kellin Goodloe was sentenced Monday to 12½ years (150 months) in prison, with credit for 348 days already served.

He pleaded guilty to a charge of aiding an offender last month as part of a plea deal in which prosecutors agreed to drop murder charges against him. Based on that agreement, he was sentenced to the top end of the sentencing range.

It all stems from the killing of 15-year-old Dwayne Scott Dzubay-Percy on Jan. 13, 2023.

Minneapolis police found Dzubay-Percy dead behind the wheel of a Kia Soul that had crashed in the 4000 block of Dupont Avenue North at around 6:30 p.m. The crash happened moments after a ShotSpotter activation detected 14 gunshots, according to court documents.

Witnesses and surveillance video helped investigators determine that the Kia was being chased by a silver van shortly before the gunshots and crash. Goodloe later admitted to driving that van but wasn’t accused of firing the shots that killed Dzubay-Percy.

Prosecutors have charged Fabian Scott with being the gunman.

Dwayne Scott Dzubay-Percy "Dweezy" - Obituary"

Dwayne Scott Dzubay-Percy, “Dweezy”, age 15, of Minneapolis Journeyed to the Spirit World on Friday, January 13, 2023.

He was a member of Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe and was a former grass dancer.

Funeral services for Dwayne Dzubay-Percy “Dweezy” will be held on Monday, January 30th at 10:00 A.M. at The Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center, 2300 S. 15th Avenue, in Minneapolis.

All night wakes will be held beginning on Friday, January 27th at 6:00 P.M. and will continue until service time on Monday, January 30 at The Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center in Minneapolis.

Yesterday's 'news' - Sunday 7 January 2024 -->

    Here's What Really Happened on January 6th

listen to this by Higgins--J6 "riot" was master-minded by FBI and globalist-satanists behind it all
Link posted by Apollonian

Elise Stefanik echos Trump’s comments calling Jan. 6 rioters in prison ‘hostages’: Full interview

Donald Trump Vs. Joe Biden Rap Battle!

    (BLACK suspect) Covington Police seek man suspected of murdering mother of his children
mud suspect COVINGTON, Ky. (WKRC) - Covington Police are looking for Mario Payne, who is accused of fatally shooting the mother of two of his children Saturday.

Kierra Lane died from numerous gunshot wounds on West 34th Street, according to police.

Payne, 38, is wanted for murder and possession of a handgun by a convicted felon.

He is believed to be driving a white Toyota Corolla with the license plate "7484JW."

Payne is 5'11" and 183 pounds. He was last known to live on Altamont Rd. in West Covington.

He is considered armed and dangerous, say police.

    (BLACK suspect) Alton murder case unfolds as Missouri man faces charges
mud suspect EDWARDSVILLE — A Missouri man faces first-degree murder charges for allegedly shooting a man 15 times and leaving his bullet-riddled body in a wooded area of Alton, where it was discovered about mid-day Wednesday by a municipal worker.

Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Haine and Alton Police Department Chief Jarrett Ford announced Friday in a press release that Antonio M. Baker, 44, of Ferguson, Mo., was charged Friday in the death of 34-year-old Andre T. Hawkins of Maryland Heights, Mo.

Alton Police took Baker into custody Thursday night in Missouri, less than 48 hours after the discovery of the victim’s body. A municipal worker discovered the body of Hawkins shortly after noon Wednesday in a wooded area along Lincoln Avenue. Hawkins suffered numerous gunshots.

Yesterday's 'news' - Saturday 6 January 2024 -->

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: White female first grade teacher SHOT by 6-year-old NIGLET - speaks out, 1 year later
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire mud suspect In the year since she was shot by a student in her Virginia classroom, former Richneck Elementary School teacher Abby Zwerner said she continues to struggle physically and mentally.

"I went through something very traumatic. I'm trying to still deal with it the best that I can," Zwerner told Hampton, Virginia, ABC affiliate WVEC in an interview that aired Friday. "I still have good days, still have bad days. You never know what you're going to feel when you wake up."

Zwerner was in the middle of teaching her first grade class on Jan. 6, 2023, when police say her then-6-year-old student intentionally shot her. The bullet went through her hand and then into her chest, and she was initially hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

During a sit-down interview with WVEC in her attorney's office, Toscano Law Group, Zwerner, 26, said she has undergone five surgeries in the year since the shooting.

"It's just very slow progression, very slow, you know, growth and getting the functions of the hand again, which I will not get back the way it fully was," Zwerner said.

She said she also has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression and has nightmares stemming from the incident.

"One of the big moments for me that stays in my head, more so than some other moments, is the look on the student's face when he pulled out the firearm. It's a haunting look," Zwerner said.

Zwerner said she does not think she will be able to teach again due to the "anxiety, the PTSD and the fear."

"I was in my career that I went to college for, that I worked hard to get, and I loved it. And the thought never crossed my mind that I was going to be shot by a 6-year-old in my classroom," she said. "I feel like it's just been taken from me, it's been stripped of me."

Abby Zwerner reflects on classroom shooting 1 year later

Abby Zwerner FULL INTERVIEW with 13News Now, one year after Richneck school shooting


mud suspect Jee, what a neato flag! - are they only available through Amazon?
Not sure if they are copyrighted.... maybe you can get Granny to knit you one!

January 6th was a False Flag Operation to impeach Trump a 2nd Time confirmed.
The Insurrection wasn’t committed by Trump Supporters. It was committed by the Biden-Democrat demonic front.

more Biden flags...

will be sending them to 'concentration camp' for political reeducation if they are lucky...
three more martyrs that falsely believed that they lived in a DEMOCRACY or a REPUBLIC and not a big-brother Bideneque 'brave new world'

    (BLACK) Suspect considered armed, dangerous in custody
mud suspect SAGINAW, Mich. (WNEM) – Michigan State Police (MSP) announced a suspect who is considered armed and dangerous is now in custody.

On Friday, Jan. 5, MSP said Saginaw Major Case Unit detectives were asking for public assistance in locating 19-year-old Antonio Dakarai Braylock, who is a suspect in a Jan. 4 murder in the city of Saginaw.

MSP said a murder and felony firearm warrant has been issued for Braylock’s arrest. He is believed to be armed and dangerous.

    (BLACK MURDER SUSPECT) Knoxville Police release name of woman found dead in Western Heights apartment
mud suspect KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Knoxville Police Department has released the name of a woman who was found dead in a Western Heights apartment Friday afternoon.

The victim was identified as Andrea Moore, 39 of Knoxville.

On Saturday, a court document revealed more information about what a witness and officers say happened surrounding her death.

According to a general sessions docket, officers responded to the apartment on the 1400 block of W. Oldham Avenue just after 4 p.m. on Friday because of a stabbing call. A witness who lived in the apartment said Moore and the suspect, identified as Reginald Depriest, 26, had stayed with her the previous night.

The witness told police that she had left the apartment about 30-45 minutes before the 911 call was made and when she returned, she found the Moore dead and blood throughout the apartment, the docket states. She added that Moore and Depriest had been in a heated argument early that morning and throughout the day.

Detectives also found security camera footage showing someone matching the description of Depriest leaving the rear of the apartment building during the time frame of the Moore’s death.

Depriest, 26, was charged with first-degree murder Friday afternoon after officers responded to the apartment where a woman was found unresponsive and pronounced dead at the scene, according to Knoxville Police.

    (BLACK) Kearney murder suspect arrested in Arizona
mud suspect KEARNEY, Nebraska — A man wanted in connection to a Kearney murder has been arrested in Arizona.

Romeo Chambers was located and arrested on Friday in Phoenix, according to the Kearney Police Department.

The department said it was notified by Phoenix Police after Chambers was arrested for trespassing at an apartment in Phoenix. Chambers remains in police custody at the Maricopa County Jail in Arizona, awaiting extradition to Buffalo County.

Court records list Chambers as 26 years old, with an Omaha address.

Chambers is a suspect in the death of Jared M. Shinpaugh, 31, of Lexington, who was shot during an attempted robbery in the 800 block of West 23rd Street in Kearney on Jan. 16, 2022.

Officers responded to the scene that night and found three people suffering from gunshot wounds, police said.

Yesterday's 'news' - Thursday 4 January 2024 -->

    (BLACK-on-white) Albany murder victim became surrounded by ‘terrible, evil people’
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire victim name ALBANY — Family snapshots of Sky Lemmons-Dixon show a young woman whose bright smile could grace the cover of a magazine. She loved animals, was a leader in her high school and was known as a great cook, according to those who knew her well.

But in her 23rd and final year of her life, the picture darkened: She was a victim of horrific domestic abuse; a terrified witness against her tormenter; and — just last week — the victim in a fatal Christmas morning shooting in her State Street apartment.

“Her heart was in the right place. We all wished things had turned out differently,” a person close to the victim told the Times Union on Wednesday. “She was loved… so much.”

The person described Lemmons-Dixon, who died Monday night at Albany Medical Center Hospital, as a “fantastic cook” who was “really just a huge kind of fundamental part of the lives of everyone she knew.”

Lemmons-Dixon’s upbringing had been turbulent: Her mother, a psychiatrist, died when her daughter was just 11, and as a teenager she struggled with emotional issues. After attending school in New York City, she began attending the Charlton School in Burnt Hills, a nonprofit mental health care center and high school for young women.

Lemmons-Dixon loved working with the school’s horses.

“Sky was an incredibly bright young woman who excelled in our equine therapy program and came from a caring family,” Charlton School Executive Director Alex Capo said in an emailed statement.

“She was a leader on campus among her peers,” Capo said. “Her family was actively involved in our campus life throughout her time with us and had a wonderful time celebrating her accomplishments at graduation in 2019. Our thoughts are with Sky’s family during this difficult time and while we will remain connected to them for many years to come, we are allowing them the space they need for now.”

After graduation, Lemmons-Dixon worked at a rescue facility for animals that had been abused and used for fighting, the person close to Lemmons-Dixon said. She attended some community college and remained in the Capital Region.

“In the end, Albany was just… the wrong place for her to be in,” the person said. “She ended up attracting the attention of terrible, evil people.”

Lemmons-Dixon became involved in 2022 with Houston Ketter III, who subjected her to horrific abuse over the course of the handful of months they were in a relationship. Just a week before the shooting on State Street, Ketter was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison for his abuse of Lemmons-Dixon as well as a second woman who was set on fire by Ketter.


Yesterday's 'news' - Wednesday 3 January 2024 --> -->

    (BLACK) Convicted felon leaps over bench, attacks WHITE-FEMALE Las Vegas judge in chaotic video after probation denied: CALLED HER 'BITCH, BITCH...'
Tajon Saxon SHOCK VIDEO: Las Vegas judge attacked in court during sentencing for three-time felon accused of attempted battery with substantial bodily harm

A feral nigger leaped over the bench in a Las Vegas courtroom and attacked the judge at his sentencing hearing on Wednesday after she denied him probation, wild footage shows.

Deobra Redden, 30, a three-time felon, was being sentenced by Judge Mary Kay Holthus in Clark County District Court after he was convicted of attempted battery with substantial bodily harm, KLAS reported.

Around 11 a.m., Redden’s attorney asked Holthus to sentence his client to probation — but Holthus had something different in mind for the repeat offender.

“I think it’s time he got a taste of something else because I just can’t with that history,” she said.

Suddenly, Redden sprints up to the bench, springs himself over with outstretched arms and tackles the judge to the ground, video obtained by the outlet shows.



    (BLACK-on-WHITE priest) Nebraska judge allows black-demon murder of white-priest case to proceed against negro suspect in killing of small-town priest
mud suspect victim name BLAIR, Neb. – A Nebraska judge agreed Wednesday that the fact that the suspect was found lying on top of a badly wounded priest covered in blood stains last month inside the home where the priest lived next door to his small-town church suggests that Kierre Williams was responsible for the killing.

Washington County Judge Edward Matney ruled there was probable cause for the murder case against Williams, 43, to move forward. He will continue being held without bond until he is due back in court early next month to enter a plea to the murder and weapons charges he faces. His attorney has declined to discuss the case.

Prosecutors have said there doesn't appear to be any connection between Williams and the Rev. Stephen Gutgsell, who was fatally stabbed on Dec. 10 inside the rectory for St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in tiny Fort Calhoun. The one-story home was still wrapped in crime scene tape Wednesday nearly a month after the attack.


    (BLACK) Man sentenced to life in prison for murdering wife in 2022
mud suspect A man was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison without any possibility for parole two months after being found guilty of multiple charges for the death of his wife.

As previously reported in November by 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS, 47-year-old James Nyonteh was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder, one charge of second-degree murder, one count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and aggravating factors related to the second-degree murder and criminal sexual conduct charges.

Nyonteh was charged in the death of his wife, 35-year-old Peachu Yates. Champlin police said that she was found by officers lying in the front yard, unresponsive and bleeding from apparent cuts on the night of Mar. 28, 2022.

Court charging documents say that a girl was standing next to Yates in the yard screaming, “he killed her,” at the scene.

Nyonteh was later arrested in Fargo, North Dakota.

    (BLACK) Woman charged in 2022 murder; court docs say her toddlers witnessed shooting
LinseySharaeRose INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Indianapolis woman was arrested in late December for a November 2022 shooting death that happened in sight of her two children, according to court documents.

Linsey Sharae Rose, 23, is facing a charge of murder in the death of 23-year-old Maxine Congress` on Nov. 1, 2022.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers found Congress suffering a gunshot wound on Nov. 1, 2022, in the area of East 40th Street and North Emerson Avenue. Congress was taken to a hospital for treatment, where she later died.

During their investigation, detectives learned that the original shooting happened in the 3900 block of Hawthorne Lane, about a three-minute drive east of where she was found.

On Nov. 2, 2022, a SWAT team served a search warrant for Rose and her boyfriend at the apartment she’d been staying at with her friend. When they spoke with detectives, court documents say, Rose said repeatedly that “she was the person (they) were looking for.”

Rose also said “several times that she fired two shots into the white Cruze” that Congress was found in.

Roe explained to detectives that she, a group of people, and her two toddlers went to her boyfriend’s father’s home on the east side for a cookout.

While at the cookout, Rose and a friend that she and her children were living with on the west side left the home. Rose’s boyfriend had left his phone in the car, and Rose answered a call that came in from an ex-girlfriend of his.

During the call, the two women began to argue. After their phone call ended, Rose then called her boyfriend and argued with him.

At some point, court documents say, Rose’s boyfriend left the home to fight his ex’s current boyfriend at a park. After the boyfriend didn’t show up, Rose and a group of others picked him up from the park.

The group planned to return to the west side, but Rose told investigators that her boyfriend received a text message from his ex-girlfriend that included a picture of his father’s house. The text said, “you are leaving your dad all alone at (redacted address).”

The group returned to the father’s house, and found the ex-girlfriend sitting in a white Chevrolet car with Congress. Rose told officers that once they parked in front of the Chevrolet, she and her boyfriend got out of the car and started yelling at the two others.

She then told detectives that while outside the car, she saw “a barrel of a gun being pointed from the rear driver side window.” She then fired once at the car, hitting the driver’s side window. As the car tried to back up, court documents say Rose fired another shot into the rear passenger side door.

Court documents say that Rose’s children were sitting in the back seat at the time of the shooting.

The group left the scene and drove back toward the west side, learning shortly after leaving that Congress had been shot. When the group returned to the west side, they split up.

    Prosecutors accuse (BLACK) Rays shortstop Wander Franco of commercial sexual exploitation, money laundering
Wander Franco Dominican prosecutors have accused Wander Franco of commercial sexual exploitation and money laundering following allegations that the Tampa Bay Rays shortstop had a relationship with a minor whose mother also faces the same charges

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic -- Dominican prosecutors on Wednesday accused Wander Franco of commercial sexual exploitation and money laundering following allegations that the Tampa Bay Rays shortstop had a relationship with a minor whose mother also faces the same charges.

Prosecutors requested that a judge hold Franco on an $86,000 bond, bar him from leaving the Dominican Republic and place him under house arrest. They noted that the money laundering charges stems from allegations that Franco made payments to the minor’s mother.

Prosecutors also asked that the judge prohibit the minor’s mother from leaving the country and place her under house arrest.

    (BLACK) Fort Washington man charged in murder of missing friend, disposing his boy, police say
Parrish Goode PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, Md. (7News) — A 23-year-old Fort Washington man was charged in the murder of "his friend" who had been reported missing by family in April, according to the Prince George’s County Police Department (PGPD).

PGPD said on April 15, 2023, officers responded to a home in the 12000 block of Nevin Lane in Fort Washington for the report of a missing person. The family of 20-year-old Damion Myers told officers that they hadn't seen or heard from Myers since April 14. The family told officers he was last seen leaving home, seeking a ride from a friend, Parrish Goode.

At that time, police opened a missing persons investigation for Myers.

During their investigation, police uncovered evidence " indicating Myers had been fatally shot inside of Goode’s car."

    Fall River police seeking (BLACK) man charged with Fall River murder
Tajon Saxon Authorities have fingered four Fall River men for the murder of another Fall River man last May.

A Bristol County grand jury, following a long-term investigation, has indicted Tajon Saxon and Quanif Johnson, both 26, for the May 13, 2023, murder of Diamonte Odom in Fall River. They also indicted Dioni Tavarez-Leonirio, 25, and Devin Alves, 18, on charges connected to the murder.

That May night, at around 10:45, Fall River Police received multiple 911 calls reporting gunshots around 275 County St., a multi-family dwelling in a residential area. There, police found Odom, who had been shot in the face. He was rushed to Rhode Island Hospital but was pronounced dead hours later.

Three of the indicted men are in custody, but Saxon remains on the run and “is the subject of an intensive manhunt at this time,” Bristol District Attorney Thomas Quinn III said Wednesday. Saxon is wanted not only for Odom’s murder but also as an accessory to the May 2021 double-homicide of Jovaughn Mills and Miguel Sanjurjo in Fall River.

    (BLACK) Woman accused of murdering BLACK professional bull rider released on bail after year in jail
mud suspect SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — The 23-year-old woman accused of killing the professional bull rider known as Ouncie Mitchell was released on bail Thursday after spending the last year in jail.

LaShawn Denise Bagley was released with the stipulation that she has no contact with the victim’s family. LaShawn is charged with murder and nine counts of felony discharge of a firearm in connection to the shooting death of Demetrius Allen, also known as Ouncie Mitchell.

'She was justified': Judge dismisses murder charge against woman who killed pro bull rider Posted - Jan. 3, 2024 at 4:11 p.m.

Cowboy killer girlfriend, 21, lost father to illness months before the domestic abuse killing and wrote of how her dad's death left her 'falling apart'

Yesterday's 'news' - Tuesday 2 January 2024 --> -->

    (BLACK) Detroit man, 28, charged in killing of Jewish synagogue leader Samantha Woll
mud suspect victim name A suspect has been charged in the killing of Detroit synagogue leader Samantha Woll, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced Wednesday.

Michael Jackson-Bolanos, 28, of Detroit, was charged with felony murder during a first-degree home invasion and is believed to have acted alone in the Oct. 21 slaying.

Worthy said the suspect did not know Woll. He allegedly entered her Lafayette Park home and stabbed her to death multiple times using a "straight edge cutting instrument," Worthy said. That same day, he also allegedly lied to detectives about stealing and attempting to steal from cars from the area of Woll's home.


    (BLACK) Man convicted of murdering 17-year-old ordered to serve 23-year prison sentence
Augustus Sirleaf HansMadave A man who pleaded guilty to murdering a 17-year-old Albertville boy who was going to buy a pair of shoes in a Plymouth parking lot will spend years in prison.

Augustus Sirleaf, 20, is one of two people charged for the death of 17-year-old Yaseen Thomas Johnson.

On Tuesday, a judge sentenced Sirleaf to spend 276 months (23 years) in prison for Johnson’s death.

Court documents say Johnson and a friend met up with Sirleaf and Hans Madave to buy a pair of shoes on the 9700 block of 37th Place North just before 6 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 14, 2022. A witness told police the two men got in the car, where Johnson took a look at the shoes. Johnson decided he liked them and paid. However, Sirleaf told Johnson to give him the shoes back.

Johnson resisted, and Sirleaf then shot him, according to documents.

In January of 2023, police said Madave turned himself in, and was charged with the same crimes.

2nd BLACK suspect charged with murder in Plymouth shooting - January 17, 2023



    (BLACK affirmative action negress) Critics cheer resignation of 'antisemitic plagiarist' Harvard president Claudine Gay
mud suspect Harvard University President Claudine Gay resigned Tuesday after facing intense scrutiny for equivocal testimony she gave at a congressional hearing on campus antisemitism as well as widening allegations of plagiarism in her academic work.

    US Now Saying They’re Just Going to Seize Russia’s $300 Billion​
Posted by Apollonian

US Foreign Policy Is a Scam Built on Corruption​
Posted by Apollonian

(Israeli Politician: We Should 'Take Advantage of the Holocaust' to Ethnically Cleanse and Occupy Gaza​
Posted by Apollonian

Israeli occupation announces death of 29 soldiers due to friendly fire in Gaza​
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Here, below, is PDF document, 32 pages long, detailing the items of election steal in 2020, suckers
Posted by Apollonian

Chinese teenager found alive in Utah woods after ‘cyber-kidnapping scam’​
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Queens bar brawl stabbing leaves man dead, friend clinging to life in NYC’s first murder of 2024​
Posted by the Bobster

2 NYC men charged with staging ‘at least 8’ bogus armed robberies all over the country for immigration perks
Posted by The Bobster

One-third of adults in new poll say Biden’s election was illegitimate​
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Here again, we get just more lying fm the Jews-media, including esp. FOX News--Demon-rats want Trump OFF
the ballot as it's the marching orders fm the globalist-satanists (CFR, Bilderberg, Trilaterals, WEF, suckers)--but FOX who pretend they're FOR Trump and "conservatives" sticks w. fellow Jews and globalists, covering for them. Don't forget, Jews-media runs a charade, "good-cop vs. bad-cop," FOX playing the "rightists" "Judeo-Christian" morons on the right/conservative side, AGAINST the atheist-leftist Jews & Demon-rats covered by the rest of the Jews-media. Posted by Apollonian

(Fyi, Newport, Rhode Island was Jewish family DeWolf owned, a very large black slave breeding selling business.
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Yesterday's 'news' - Monday 1 January 2024 -->

    (BLACK) 18-year-old woman killed in New Year’s Eve shooting in Roselawn
mud suspect CINCINNATI (WXIX) - One 18-year-old is dead and another is under arrest in a shooting on New Year’s Eve in Roselawn, Cincinnati police announced Monday.

Officers responded to a report of a person shot in the 7800 block of Dawn Road about 6:30 p.m. Sunday, according to a police news release.

They found Hannah Leath-Smith suffering from a gunshot wound inside an apartment. Cincinnati Fire Department personnel pronounced her dead at the scene, the release states.

The Cincinnati Police Department’s Homicide Unit, with the assistance of District Four officers, arrested and charged Jakari Thompson with murder. He’s also charged with having weapons under disability.

    (BLACK) Boy charged with fellow 10-year-old’s murder after taking gun from felon father’s car: cops
victim name A 10-year-old Sacramento boy shot and killed another 10-year-old with a stolen gun he found in his felon father’s car while retrieving a pack of cigarettes from the vehicle, authorities said.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputies charged the youngster with murder and his father, Arkete Davis, 53, with multiple felonies including gun charges and child endangerment.

Davis was also hit with an accessory after the fact felony for allegedly trying to dispose of the gun in a trash can after the shooting.

Around 4:30 p.m. on Dec. 30, deputies responded to a call that a boy had been shot at an apartment complex in the Foothill Farms neighborhood. Upon arrival, they found an unresponsive juvenile in the middle of the parking lot “bleeding from his head and neck.

California boy used stolen gun found in dad's car to kill fellow 10-year-old, authorities say

    (BLACK) Former Jets star Muhammad Wilkerson arrested in New Jersey for DUI, possession of loaded gun
mud suspect Former Jets defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson was arrested and charged for operating a vehicle while under the influence and unlawful possession of a loaded handgun in New Jersey on Dec. 22, according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

Wilkerson, 34, reportedly was pulled over in Morris County at 6:41 a.m., when police searched his vehicle and found an open bottle of Don Julio tequila and an FN 509 Tactical Handgun with 11 hollow point bullets inside of it.

Police stated in the documents that Wilkerson’s vehicle had an odor of alcohol and he failed field sobriety tests.

The former Pro Bowl pass rusher told police he was coming from a club in New York City at the time he was pulled over, according to the court documents.

Link posted by The Bobster

    American-Israeli Anthropologist Suggests that “We Are All Being Palestinized”​
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Pfizer Vaccine Confirmed to Cause Neurodegenerative Diseases: Study​
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Death rates from rare heart condition surging among young Americans​
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Republicans slam DOJ for dropping campaign finance charges against major Democratic donor Sam
icans slam DOJ for dropping campaign finance charges against major Democratic donor Sam Bankman-Fried: 'So we won't know which politicians he bribed?'​ Posted by Apollonian

Palestinians in Gaza worried about Israel stealing organs from bodies​
Posted by Apollonian

Israel's mass murder of Palestinians in Gaza began seven decades ago​
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Whistleblower Docs Expose Key Tactics Of The Censorship Industrial Complex: Matt Taibbi​
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The Continuing Plot To Silence Trump's 2024 Comeback​
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Tiny country runs world’s largest illegal Skin & Organ Trafficking bank​
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A Huge Teachers’ Union Battle Underway in Florida, Thank DeSantis​
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Judge Blocks Iowa Law Keeping Sexually Explicit Books Out Of Schools​
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The Plot to Kill Martin Luther King: Survived Shooting, Was Murdered in Hospital​
Martin Luther King was murdered in a conspiracy that was instigated by then FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Review of William Pepper's Book​ Posted by Apollonian

Yesterday's 'news' - Sunday 31 December 2023 -->
ARCHIVE for New Nation News Frontpage for 31 December 2023


Did this nigger RAPE the 2-year-old White child? 🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire --> victim name Trevaughn Lee Glenn Stribling-Jackson, a 24-year-old man from Pennsylvania, has been charged with one count each of criminal homicide, aggravated assault, concealment of the whereabouts of a child, and abuse of a corpse in the death of his WHITE girlfriend's WHITE 2-year-old son, Keaton Morrison.

The little boy's mother, Caleigh Gladfelter, has also been arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of her son for not reporting prior alleged abuse by Stribling-Jackson.

Stribling-Jackson is currently being held at Venango County Jail, and his preliminary hearing is set for January 3rd

EVIL NIGGER-APE DEVIL burned groin of WHITE girlfriend’s WHITE toddler before beating him to death, then stuffed him in bag and hid body under ‘makeshift’ table in basement

BLACK MALE WHITE TODDLER - Man Fatally Abused His Girlfriend's 2-Year-Old, Hid Body in Basement: Cops
Link posted by Arheel's Uncle


    BIDEN'S FASCIST FCC just ambushed Elon Musk’s Starlink service
Using tax-payers' funds for business purposes is fascism, suckers--will soon be outright communist, removing all pretence of individual (private) ownership or rights--and this only happens with the corruption of the society and people in it, the poor fools.

Link posted by Appolonian

    Debunking Out-of-Africa Theory in Under 15 Minutes

Link posted by Arheel's Uncle

    Trump Breaks Out Mocking Impression Of Biden - lost on stage after 'speak' | 2023 Rewind


    Andy Ngo reports: (BLACK) Illinois NAACP president suspended for calling illegal migrants rapists and 'savages'

IL NAACP president called to resign after comments calling migrants “savages,” rapists, burglars These [f-ing illegal alien so-called 'migrants' have been treated like they was white relatives from the ghettos of Nazi europe.... and been given lots of FREE STUFF that has not been given to needy BLACKS that was BORN HERE!!!!]

We Dont Want You Here - Immigrants Disappointed In United States Living Conditions

    Teen tourists stabbed by deranged stranger at Grand Central who shouted ‘I want all the white people dead’ on Christmas: police
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LOL! Girlfriend of slain Brooklyn activist Ryan Carson shares memories, grief on X
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Double trouble: Two charged with peddling 43 guns and fentanyl pills in NYC
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Dead NYC teacher’s husband collected $120K of his pension after his death : suit
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Posted by The Bobster

Maine Dem who booted Trump from ballot met with Biden, called Electoral College ‘white supremacy’
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Nigeria massacre sees over 100 Christians dead: ‘Killed for sport’
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Woman, 1-year-old boy killed, 6 others hurt in shootings in Allentown, Pa.
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Niggers And Cars Don't Mix
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Posted by The Bobster

Yesterday's 'news' - Saturday 30 December 2023 -->

    (BLACK) Teens charged with murder, tied to gang related fatal shooting
mud suspect Two more juveniles are facing charges as adults in connection with an alleged gang crime spree that included a September fatal shooting in the west Las Vegas Valley.

Shelton Beasley and Aren Hicks, both 15, were transferred to the Clark County Detention Center this week and have been charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit robbery, attempted robbery and discharging a gun into an occupied structure, court records show. The teens are linked to a larger case involving six alleged members of the Block Boy Gang, who were indicted in October, officials confirmed Friday.

Beasley and Hicks have been tied to the Sept. 9 fatal shooting of 33-year-old Andre Bryant, near Buffalo Drive and Spring Mountain Road, according to court transcripts. Two other juveniles — 17-year-old Jacorey Magdaleno and 18-year-old Jonathan Smith — were previously indicted in connection with Bryant’s killing.

Prosecutors have said that the four teens lured Bryant, who was a “marijuana dealer,” to an isolated location in a residential area. The teens opened fire on Bryant, and the gunfire also struck a house in the area with two young children inside.

Police who were called to the scene found Bryant sitting in a black SUV, suffering from gunshot wounds. Witnesses told police that four juveniles in dark clothing were seen shooting at the vehicle, according to Hicks’ arrest report.

    San Pablo dispute over stolen items turns into murder when victim dies
mud suspect SAN PABLO — Authorities have filed murder charges against a woman after an argument over stolen packages in San Pablo escalated into a vehicular assault and ultimately a homicide case when the victim died from her injuries.

Contra Costa County prosecutors filed murder charges on Friday against a 39-year-old woman, Dene Blakely.

The charges arose from a verbal altercation between Blakely and an unidentified 60-year-old female victim who became involved in a verbal altercation regarding stolen packages, investigators said.

Blakely saw the victim walking in a neighborhood and believed that she recognized the victim as an individual who had stolen one or more packages from Blakely’s residence, according to authorities.

The altercation escalated into a traffic collision involving a vehicle that struck the victim, leaving the 60-year-old woman suffering from major and life-threatening injuries. Police claim Blakely drove the vehicle that collided with the pedestrian victim.

    (BLACK) South Charleston murder suspect extradited from Tennessee
mud suspect SOUTH CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – A man accused of murder in Kanawha County and arrested out-of-state has been extradited back to West Virginia.

South Charleston Police Captain Andrew Gordon confirmed Tavian Jones, 24, was extradited back to West Virginia on Friday, Dec. 29, 2023. He was arrested in Greene County, Tennessee, by the US Marshal Service on Thursday, Dec. 14.

Jones had been wanted in connection to the fatal shooting of Anthony Souvanlasy of Charleston.

The SCPD said earlier this month that Souvanlasy was shot in the head around 5 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 7, on First Avenue. Police said that a bicycle was found at the scene. On Friday, Dec. 8, police released security camera photographs of two people wanted in connection to the shooting.

Authorities say through the investigation, they obtained a felony warrant for Jones on Dec. 9, 2023, for felony first-degree murder.

According to Greene County Sheriff Wesley Holt, Jones was then taken the Greene County Detention Center. He was booked into the South Central Regional Jail in West Virginia on Friday.

    Chipotle worker beaten by 2 furious uncivilized (BLACK) customers upset over extra chicken charge: police
mud suspect mud suspect An enraged North Carolina man and woman are being sought for viciously attacking a Chipotle worker after learning that their order of extra chicken would cost more, police say.

Jamel Williams, 36, and Kayla Pyle, 34, reportedly placed an order inside a Charlotte, North Carolina, Chipotle on Dec. 10 but when a 20-year-old worker there said that Pyle’s request for "extra protein" would cost more, a heated argument kicked off, according to local authorities.

The unidentified worker was allegedly so upset with the interaction that she decided to end her shift early from the Indian Land eatery and go home at around 9 p.m., according to the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office. It is unclear what was said between the arguing parties.

As the worker headed for the door on one side of the dining room, Williams, who at 6-feet 3 inches tall and 300 pounds is much bigger than the worker, entered from the other side and approached the victim, police said.

"He pushed her to the floor and began hitting her, pulling her hair, and jerking her around," the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Pyle then joined in and struck the victim, police said.

Video footage posted online shows the attack unfolding with the Chipotle worker falling to the ground and curling up to protect herself.

Customers can be heard yelling at the attackers to stop and at one point, the suspect identified as Williams, who is wearing red pants, can be seen launching a massive uppercut at the worker.

    "QUEER BEER": Beer drinking in America falls to the lowest level in a generation
mud suspect It wasn't just Bud Light.

The past year saw the lowest level of beer consumed in the U.S. in a generation, according to industry group Beer Marketer's Insights, as consumers shifted away from traditional favorites to other forms of alcohol — and in a growing number of cases, avoiding alcoholic beverages altogether.

BACKLASH reaction to bud lite advertisement by TRANS deviant

Everything to Know About the Bud Light Controversy

What Bud Light’s Tepid Response to Anti-Trans Backlash Against Dylan Mulvaney Says About Brand Commitment to LGBTQ+ Issues

“Transheuser Busch” Transgender advert for Bud Light sparks massive backlash and beer shortages in US
Anheuser Busch has seen $15.7bn wiped off its market cap

  Texas border town fire department hemorrhaging $21,000 a day dealing with migrant-related calls

"Refugees and Enablers

Link posted by Arheel's Uncle

Yesterday's 'news' - Friday 29 December 2023 -->

    (BLACK-on-WHITE) Negro football players were dangerously street racing now facing $25M lawsuit for 2021 fatal crash that killed white sex-friend of black bozo
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire victim name WASHINGTON - The mother of a woman killed in a car crash driven by a former Washington Commanders player has filed a $25 million wrongful death lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed by Kathleen Peters, the mother of Olivia Peters, who was killed in a crash on December 23, 2021.

Washington Commanders safety Deshazor Everett was traveling north on Gum Spring Road near Ticonderoga Road in a 2010 Nissan GT-R with his fiance Peters when the vehicle left the right side of the roadway, struck several trees and rolled over.

Peters was taken to a hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

Ex-Commanders player Deshazor Everett facing $25M lawsuit for 2021 fatal crash


    Accused BLACK Grand Central stabber slashed fellow inmate with ceramic blade in unprovoked attack: police sources​
Posted by The Bobster

Shopper assaulted, robbed of $7K in electronics by 3 BLACK thieves in Atlantic Terminal Mall garage​
Posted by The Bobster

Brute (named 'Mohammed'), 22, arrested for allegedly raping woman, 49, during violent Brooklyn robbery claims he was visiting ‘prostitution spot’​
Posted by The Bobster

SUSPECTED TNB: Teen gunman gives NYC dog owner ‘five seconds to run’ before stealing French bulldog on Christmas: cops​​
Posted by The Bobster

Disturbing video shows black Amazon worker as she’s attacked by white women in luxury Texas building while dropping off package​
Posted by The Bobster

Posted by Apollonian

No less than 6 million have moved fm blue to red, suckers
Posted by Apollonian

Deep state (CFR, Trilateralists, WEF, Bilderbergers), who control EVERYTHING in Jew S A, through their control of
the US Federal Reserve Bank counterfeiting scam, are now openly, brazenly intimidating all their opponents, suckers. This "swatting" is deliberate and u'll note, ONLY done to the Republicans, suckers Posted by Apollonian

Hunter, corrupt, criminal son of the criminal pres., creepy Joe, had NO EXECUTIVE immunity, suckers, asserting
he won't testify in accord w. Cong. subpoena Posted by Apollonian

Ho ho ho ho--this is rich, Wisc. state regents firt U chancellor for his making porno, ho ho ho ho--certainly isn't=
as destructive as supporting trans-genders, etc. Posted by Apollonian

Here Cong.-man explains the absolutely HORRIFIC invasion we're suffering--that NO AMOUNT OF MONEY spent
by Cong. can possibly solve the problem deliberately contrived by traitor globalist-satanists. Posted by Apollonian

Ho ho ho--this is absolutely priceless, dink RINO, neo-con scum, descendent of Indian Sikhs, Haley, is caught
pathetically flat-footed w. question at a question-answer session during campaigning in New Hampshire, suckers--listen to this--amazing--tells u what u need to know and CONFIRM about Jews-media too. As the vid ends, the talking head, McEnany, laments, breathlessly, do u realize so many think holohoax was myth?--answers her own question then by saying, "go to the holohoax museum in Wash.," ho hooo ho hoh o ho--like saying, do u think Ford cars suck?--go to a Ford car dealership and ask them, ho ho ho ho ho ho. Posted by Apollonian

Jewwy FOX News morons introduce shyster-professor, Jonathan Turley, as subject of int.-view, but never get to
him as interjected guest monopolizes the entire vid, even though what she says is quite true and well-taken on this evermore GROSS, overt attempt of fascist globalist-satanists to arbitrarily REMOVE Trump fm any chance of being Pres. U stupid puke, called, "the people," need to face the sad facts that only real next step is ASSASSINATION of Trump, stupid morons--present-day Jew S A is like mid-1930s Spain, civil war going on, ready to flare up to outright military combat. No wonder globalist-satanists have so carefully placed their people in military command slots and places, like that fat, p.o.s. Milley, and nigger Sec. Def. Posted by Apollonian

Here's some commentary on the globalist-satanist activity against Trump, w. side-comment on the corrupt,
conspiratorial FBI agent, Strzok Posted by Apollonian

Typical moronic hypocrisy of "liberal" scum so easily manipulated by globalist-satanists
Posted by Apollonian

Commentary on latest ballot removal of Trump by corrupt state of Maine Sec. state
Posted by Apollonian

Yesterday's 'news' - Thursday 28 December 2023 -->

    (BLACK) Accused Grand Central stabber slashed fellow inmate with ceramic blade in unprovoked attack: police sources
mud suspect The unhinged man accused of stabbing two teen tourists at Grand Central Terminal allegedly slashed a fellow inmate in an unprovoked attack at Rikers Island Thursday morning, law enforcement sources told The Post.

Steven Hutcherson, 36 — who is being held on attempted murder charges in the random Christmas Day stabbing — allegedly suddenly got up from his cot in a dorm at the Eric M. Taylor Center and pounced on the 43-year-old man lying just feet away from him at around 8 a.m., the sources said.

He used a 1.5-inch ceramic blade to slash the other inmate, leaving gashes across the left side of his face and head, according to the sources.

A correction officer intervened quickly, pepper-spraying Hutcherson and rushing the victim to the jail infirmary and eventually to Elmhurst Hospital to be treated for the slash wounds, sources said.

BLACK Accused Grand Central stabber said to ‘kill all white women’ during bizarre NYC fire escape rant caught on video

    28-year-old (BLACK) man arrested, charged with AMBUSH attempted murder of 3
mud suspect A 28-year-old man was arrested and charged today for allegedly shooting at three people, critically injuring one, on Christmas Eve.

Deondre T. Jones has been charged with three counts of attempted murder acting in concert with an unknown person.

Officers responded about 3:15 a.m. Sunday to a report of shots fired in the area of Tillman Road and Hanna Street.

Upon arrival, officers located a crashed vehicle near Hanna and Tillman with two men suffering apparent gunshot wounds. Three Rivers Ambulance Authority medics took both to a hospital, where hospital staff said the passenger was in stable condition and the driver was suffering life-threatening injuries.

One victim was in critical condition after being shot in the head, and another had gunshot wounds to the groin, a probable cause affidavit said. Court records refer to a third victim who was not shot but was in the vehicle’s passenger seat when shots were fired.

    BLACK man admits to murdering his black girlfrined
mud suspect ST. LOUIS — St. Louis police are looking for a man and a woman who have not been seen since Wednesday.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said 31-year-old Trenton Ivy and 29-year-old Marquisha Williams were both reported missing on Wednesday.

    Anti-corruption authorities to investigate BIDENESQE behavior of Zambia's foreign minister over cash-counting video
mud suspect LUSAKA, Zambia -- Anti-corruption authorities in Zambia said they will investigate after a video posted on social media allegedly showed the foreign minister receiving piles of cash from a Chinese businessman.

Foreign Minister Stanley Kakubo resigned but denied wrongdoing and said he had stepped down because he didn't want to cause a distraction for the government. He did not deny he was in the video but said there had been “malicious claims over a business transaction between my private family business and our business partner.”

It's the second time Kakubo has been accused of receiving bribes. He was photographed with a bag last year at a cement factory and accused of receiving gifts from another Chinese national.


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