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Friday 15 March 2024 --> Minority and Migrant Crime since 1999
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By Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2024

"Additional essays via H. Millard"
        (posted Friday 15 Marchy 2024

    (BLACK-ON-WHITE) South Charleston murder suspect charged in shooting
🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire victim name KANAWHA COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – A grand jury has indicted a man charged with murder in Kanawha County who was arrested out of state.

According to Kanawha County court records, 24-year-old Tavian was charged with first-degree murder and using or displaying a firearm during the commission of a felony. He is scheduled to appear in court for arraignment at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, March 26.

Man wanted in Tennessee arrested for murder in South Charleston The charges against Jones stem from the fatal shooting of Anthony Souvanlasy of Charleston.

SCPD said in December that Souvanlasy was shot in the head around 5 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 7, on First Avenue. A bicycle was found at the crime scene, police said. On Friday, December 8, police released surveillance camera photos of two people wanted in connection with the shooting.

South Charleston murder suspect extradited from Tennessee Authorities say that as part of the investigation, they obtained an arrest warrant for Jones on December 9, 2023 for first-degree murder.

Jones was arrested by the US Marshal Service on December 14, 2023. According to Greene County Sheriff Wesley Holt, Jones was subsequently taken to the Greene County Detention Center. On December 29, he was extradited back to West Virginia.

Obituary for white victim Anthony Souvanlasy - Anthony Souvanlasy
December 25, 1985 - December 7, 2023


    Medical assistant seen smiling moments before NBA G Leaguer, prostitute girlfriend allegedly murdered her, haunting video shows
black suspect victim name Chilling new video captured the final moments of a smiling Washington medical assistant’s life before she was allegedly murdered by a former pro basketball player and his prostitute girlfriend.

Marayna Rodgers, 23, is seen on Dec. 6 happily following one of her accused killers into and back out of a Las Vegas liquor store, surveillance footage obtained by 8 New Now shows.

Rodgers, who moonlighted as a prostitute, was wearing a denim jacket and white pants for what she thought was going to be a double date set up by 19-year-old Sakari Harnden, where the pair would sell sex, according to police.

Instead, Harnden’s boyfriend Chance Comanche — who was waiting in the car — allegedly wrapped a cord around Rodgers’ neck and strangled her.

The 27-year-old — who played for the Stockton Kings, the NBA G League affiliate of the Sacramento Kings — and Harnden were seen hours later on another security camera at a local grocery store.

Instead, Harnden’s boyfriend Chance Comanche — who was waiting in the car — allegedly wrapped a cord around Rodgers’ neck and strangled her.

The 27-year-old — who played for the Stockton Kings, the NBA G League affiliate of the Sacramento Kings — and Harnden were seen hours later on another security camera at a local grocery store.

The couple allegedly decided to kill the medical assistant after Harnden and Rodgers, who both worked as prostitutes in the Vegas area, argued over a Rolex on Dec. 1, during which Rodgers threatened to “smoke” Harnden if she didn’t give her the watch.

Rodgers had traveled to Sin City from Lakewood, Wash., with a friend earlier that day with the “intent to engage in prostitution.”

Harnden and Rodgers got into a second fight on Dec. 4, after she allegedly implicated Rodgers’ boyfriend in a double murder in California, which led to the man’s arrest.

[more evil details at link above....]
Posted by The Bobster

    Murder in Myrtle Beach leads detectives to presumed skeletal remains of missing woman in DeKalb; 1 BLACK murder suspect arrested
black suspect North Myrtle Beach Police charged Bornold Eberhart, of Decatur, with murder in the homicide of Kirstin Laymon. She was reported missing in 2023 in Duluth.

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — A man is accused of murdering a missing Georgia woman in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. And now, police believe her remains may have been found at a location in DeKalb County.

In general, North Myrtle Beach is part of the Grand Strand along the South Carolina coast. The tourist destination is filled with shops, restaurants, beaches and oceanfront resorts. Many people come to kick back, unwind, and enjoy the family-friendly beaches and, of course, the fresh seafood along the Atlantic Ocean.

The oceanfront city is about 380 miles from Duluth, Georgia. It's where local police were contacted regarding Kristin Laymon's disappearance, who was told that she hadn't been heard from since Sept. 22, 2023.

Then, on Nov. 8, the Duluth Police Department contacted North Myrtle Beach Police regarding Laymon's disappearance. It was believed Laymon was staying at a local resort in the beachfront city.

NMBPD detectives were able to confirm Laymon did travel to their city, and she was also with a man named Bornold Eberhart .

As detectives continued to investigate their whereabouts, they confirmed that Laymon and Eberhart got into some type of argument in the early morning hours of September 23, 2023. Detectives said they were able to confirm that Laymon was last seen entering an elevator at 2:12 a.m. at the resort.

That would be the last time Laymon was seen alive.

The police department said in a news release that they have reason to believe she was murdered that same morning of the interaction but did not elaborate on how they believe she was killed.

    (Black) Man charged with attempted murder of Ramsey County deputy
black suspect A day after police announced his arrest, a man accused of shooting at a Ramsey County deputy is now criminally charged.

20-year-old Trevion Figgs is facing one count each of attempted second-degree murder, first-degree assault and drive-by shooting. Prosecutors say the case against a teenager who was also arrested is still under review.

The charges stem from an attempted traffic stop on March 1. According to St. Paul police, officers saw a vehicle driving recklessly and tried to stop it but it fled. A deputy saw the vehicle a short time later and tried to stop it, but during that attempt, a passenger in the vehicle fired at least one gunshot at the deputy.

Fortunately, the deputy wasn’t seriously hurt, and police announced on Wednesday that the suspects had been arrested.

Figgs is accused of firing the shots while a 17-year-old drove the suspect vehicle.

Charging documents filed Thursday state that an anonymous tipster told investigators that Figgs’ mother admitted her son was the person who shot at the deputy.

When officers searched Figgs’ home on Wednesday and arrested him, they also found an AR-style rifle stock, a handgun and loose ammunition, court documents reveal. They add that the teen’s aunt told police that the teen had been staying with her for a few days and admitted to her that he stole a car from his stepfather and was involved in a shooting.

Figgs and the teen, however, both denied being out or related to the shooting or declined to discuss each other. Yet Figgs allegedly told police that he could be their highest-paid criminal information and “solve six crimes” if they cut him a deal.

The documents also state that he’s already charged with attempted murder from a shooting last June in which he allegedly fired 27 shots at a group of people, and he also has a prior conviction for having a ghost gun.

    NYC’s population shrank by 78K last year, census estimates show​
Posted by The Bobster

Half of attacks against MTA staff on NYC subways involved perps with mental illness, lengthy rap sheets: records​
Posted by The Bobster

NYC straphanger shoots ‘aggressive’ rider in head after wrestling gun away from him during fight: cops​
Posted by The Bobster

Long Island school bus driver charged with sexually abusing child​
Posted by The Bobster

    Roosevelt (FDR) the real war-monger, instigated by k1kes, FDR then did everything he could to go to war vs. Germany, esp. Germany

Posted by Apollonian

Can't get any more simple and basic than this exposition as to what's happening
Posted by Apollonian

Well, now da nigga prosecutor of the Israel-first orange-man is beset on another front, the federal funds spent during covid emergency, etc.
Posted by Apollonian

    FOX's "the Five" show talking-heads comment on the legal circumstances and tribulations of the Israel-first orange man
Posted by Apollonian

FOX News/Watters comments on the possible Aaron Rogers placement with RFK Jr. for VP, suckers, including Roger's comments on Sandy Hoax
Posted by Apollonian

Peter Schiff: Biden Ignores Fiscal Time Bomb​
Posted by Apollonian

Jill Biden's "Work Husband" Is In DEEP Doo-Doo After These Allegations Are Confirmed​
Posted by Apollonian

How Jewish Is the War Against Russia? Let’s be honest about who is promoting it
Five years ago, I wrote an article entitled “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s wars.” It turned out to be the most popular piece that I have ever written and I was rewarded for it by immediately being fired by the so-called American Conservative magazine, where I had been a regular and highly popular contributor for fourteen years. I opened the article with a brief description of an encounter with a supporter whom I had met shortly before at an antiwar conference. The elderly gentleman asked “Why doesn’t anyone ever speak honestly about the six-hundred-pound gorilla in the room? Nobody has mentioned Israel in this conference and we all know it’s American Jews with all their money and power who are supporting every war in the Middle East for Netanyahu? Shouldn’t we start calling them out and not letting them get away with it?”

In my article I named many of the individual Jews and Jewish groups that had been leading the charge to invade Iraq and also deal with Iran along the way. They used fake intelligence and out-and-out lies to make their case and never addressed the central issue of how those two countries actually threatened the United States or its vital interests. And when they succeeded in committing the US to the fiasco in Iraq, as far as I can determine only one honest Jew who had participated in the process, Philip Zelikow, in a moment of candor, admitted that the Iraq War, in his opinion, was fought for Israel. Posted by Apollonian

Jake Tapper drops the truth on Adam Schiff for attacking Robert Hur over Biden's memory problems: 'Actually broken the law'​
Posted by Apollonian

Republican Warns Of Biden Order Allowing Illegal Immigrants, Felons To Vote​
Posted by Apollonian

Is Israel Mad?​
Has Israel gone mad? Or has it always been mad? What is the country thinking? The collective nouns seem reasonable in light of the widespread support in that country for the Israeli government’s appalling military assault on the people of the Gaza Strip for the last five months.
How can Israel — and its outside supporters — cheer on the bombings (compliments of coerced Americans), the ground attacks, the mass starvation, the terror, and the rest of the crimes that we witness every day? The death toll is pushing 31,000, most of them infants, children, women, and old men, not fighters.
So many more have been disabled for life. Gazans — including newborns — lack food, good water, medical services and equipment, and drugs, including anesthesia. The humanitarian aid is a small fraction of what they need. So many have been driven from their homes, to which they’ll never return because the buildings have been destroyed.

And there’s no end in sight! Will it take the murder of the last Gazan for it to stop? For clear-eyed observers watching helplessly from afar, it is heartbreaking. We cannot even stop the Biden administration from sending bombs, bullets, and spare parts to Israel — without which this could not go on. Posted by Apollonian

HUGE – Judicial Watch: CIA Involved in January 6 Response – Deployed Bomb Techs, Dog Teams, Texts Reveal​
Posted by Apollonian

Judge Cannon Takes Wrecking Ball to Trump Classified Docs Case Citing Robert Hur’s Report​
Posted by Apollonian

Big Pharma and Its Bloomberg News, Annenberg Center and Harvard University Shills Adjust the Covid Vax Coverup and Advance the Displacement of Reality>
Posted by Apollonian

    Woman shot in head in north St. Louis - an ALL black area
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Former Wells Fargo VP faces charges of sexual harassment, obscenity, and 'insulting the modesty' of a 72-year-old woman after officials say he drunkenly peed on her during a flight​
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

MSN - 50 die in witchcraft rituals after drinking "mysterious liquid"​
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Birmingham trucker murder suspect: Trump made me ‘kill a white lady’​
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Jewish Solicitor General', 4 Jewish lawyers at DoJ trickery.
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

The case against creepy Joe was overwhelming, yet he got a pass, pretending he's senile and couldn't remember anything
Posted by Apollonian

Stupid nigga Don Lemon lately gets back on to CNN after he failed w. Elon Musk
Posted by Apollonian

Commentary by FOX News on the Hur testimony as to why no charges against creepy Joe when the creep was horribly guilty, now corrupt son, Hunter, refusing to show-up again for more testimony
Posted by Apollonian

Drone Technology Used to Smuggle Contraband into Prisons​ “Contraband drone deliveries are quickly becoming the bane of prison officials’ existence,” said U.S. Attorney Chad Meacham.​

Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Can't find swastikas? Invent new ones.
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Commentary by FOX News on the Hur testimony as to why no charges against creepy Joe when the creep was horribly guilty, now corrupt son, Hunter, refusing to show-up again for more testimony
Posted by Apollonian

NYC’s population shrank by 78K last year, census estimates show​
Posted by The Bobster

New Jersey father arrested for barging into classroom to confront teen: ‘Apologize to my daughter’​
Posted by Posted by The Bobster

Suspected TNB: Suspected serial killer Keith Gibson gets 7 life sentences in Delaware, still facing charges in Philadelphia​
Posted by The Bobster

Yesterday's 'news' - Wednesday 13 March 2024 -->
ARCHIVE for New Nation News Frontpage for 13 March 2024

    Kansas to pay $1M in suit over 7-year-old who was tortured, fed to pigs by BLACK DEVIL
black suspect Kansas will pay $1 million to settle a lawsuit over a 7-year-old boy's murder in 2015 alleging that the state's child welfare agency should have removed him from an abusive home before he was starved and tortured and his body was fed to pigs.

Gov. Laura Kelly and top leaders of the Kansas Legislature approved the settlement during a brief public meeting Tuesday after conferring with state Attorney General Kris Kobach's top deputy in private for 30 minutes. The lawsuit was filed in 2017 in Wyandotte County in the Kansas City area by the boy's mother, maternal grandmother and adult sister, and a district court trial was scheduled for April 2025.

The boy, Adrian Jones, was living with his father, Michael Jones, and his stepmother, Heather Jones, in Kansas City, Kansas, when he died. Both are serving 25 years-to-life prison sentences for his murder, and authorities said the boy was beaten and locked naked in a shower stall for months as a closed-circuit surveillance camera recorded his deteriorating condition.

    NYPD hunts for crazed negro man who tossed flaming container at group on subway platform
black suspect
Police are hunting for a crazed man who tossed a flaming container at a group of straphangers on a Manhattan subway platform last month.

Footage released by cops Wednesday showed a man holding two blazing cans filled with flammable liquid at a turnstile inside the West 28th Street subway station around 7:40 p.m. on Feb. 5.

The suspect was holding two cans of lit flammable liquids.

The suspect then hurled one of the lit containers at a group on a southbound 1 train platform, police said.

The container didn’t hit anyone and there were no reported injuries. The suspect fled the station on foot, the NYPD said.

Police are looking for a man who is about 35 year old, 6-feet tall with a slender build and brown eyes, police said.

He was last seen in a gray hoodie and a jacket, pants and sandals that are all in black.

The attempted arson is part of a recent crime wave in the Big Apple’s transit system to start 2024, prompting Gov. Kathy Hochul to deploy more than 700 members of the National Guard and state police to conduct controversial bag checks.

    WANTED: 4th (BLACK) teen suspect in Philadelphia mass shooting identified
black suspect Authorities in Philadelphia identified the fourth suspect in connection to a mass shooting at a bus stop that injured eight teenagers.

The U.S. Marshals Service on Wednesday said they are hunting for 17-year-old Asir Boone. He is wanted for attempted murder.

Boone, who authorities said is armed and dangerous, was described as a Black male. He is 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighs 140 pounds, has black hair and brown eyes.

A $5,000 reward for information leading to Boone's arrest is being offered.

The three other suspects have been arrested and charged.

Jermahd Carter, 19, was taken into custody outside a family member's home on Tuesday afternoon, according to authorities. He is facing attempted murder, gun violations, and other related charges.

Earlier on Tuesday, authorities announced the arrests of Ahnile Buggs, 18, and Jamaal Tucker, 18. They are each facing charges that include attempted murder, aggravated murder, firearms charges, reckless endangerment, as well as other related charges.

    SIX BLACK DEFENDANTS - IN COURT FOR KIDNAPPING AND MURDER.... New details in the kidnapping and murder of Mahogany Jackson shared in court
black suspect black suspect black suspect black suspect Six defendants in the kidnapping and murder of Mahogany Jackson appeared in Jefferson County Court today for a preliminary hearing.

Based on testimony and evidence presented in the hearing, Judge William Bell, found probable cause for the defendants to be bound over for grand jury consideration, but some of the defendants' charges were reduced.

Brandon Pope, Jeremiah McDowell, Francis Harris, Teja Lewis, Giovonnie Clapp, and Ariana Robinson were the six defendants present in in court.

During the hearing, the prosecution presented graphic screenshots from videos taken while Jackson was held against her will, before she was murdered. The photos depicted Jackson being slapped, punched, stripped nude, and forced to perform sexual acts while held at gun point.

Jefferson county district attorney, Danny Carr, discussed the nature of the videos.

"Sheer brutality, you know the barbaric nature of it, you can't substitute that by just still photos," said Carr.

    A-merica, a-MER-i-ka, Biden shreads his grace on thee?

HOPEFULLY, massive invasion of Diverse, new 'Guest Citizens' will take up the slack
of well-educated, patriotic, productive american-born residents of our Democratic Urbanscape....


Chinese military leaders do not want a war with NUCLEAR USA non-human Artificial Intelligence
by providing Mexican economic growth sector with at-cost ingredients of deadly addictive drugs
they have decimated the recruitment base for american military forces... [Sun Tzu - Chinese general and strategist]

How China is flooding America with fentanyl on purpose to undermine our society

China and Mexican cartels are ‘collaborating’ to poison American

Members of the US congress are calling the influx of chinese fentanyl an act of asymmetric war against the United States.

The Bidens have gotten millions of dollars from China
the Chinese government has many embedded agents in America
WITHOUT any token clerical questioning by border welcome wagon hostesses

    Desperate Demon-rats hoping creepy Joe, the brainless, brain-dead, senile old criminal, pervert,
pathological liar, would look relatively coherent and relatively competent, were disappointed, everything considered
--creepy scum just looked like drugged-up old p.o.s., in fact, that's all.

Posted by Apollonian

Conferate Flag newsbox.st

Posted by Apollonian

White Victims of Dark Crime - black negress beasts attacks white girl
Teen girl has head repeatedly bashed into concrete in gruesome, caught-on-camera brawl

White Missouri teenager was left in critical condition after her head repeatedly was bashed into the concrete road during a massive, off-campus high school brawl that was caught on camera.

The fight involving the teenage girl, whose identity has not been released, broke out around 2:30 p.m. Friday, at an intersection just north of Hazelwood High School, St. Louis police spokeswoman Vera Clay told Fox 2 Now.

Devastating footage of the melee posted online shows two teenage girls start hitting each other on a residential road when one pushes the other to the ground and punches her.

The attacker then straddles her victim and repeatedly smashes her head into the concrete road, as onlookers can be heard yelling, “Damn.” Soon, the victim can be seen lying motionless on the ground while others continue to fight around her. When the camera eventually pans back around, the victim — seen wearing a white hoodie and blue jeans — appears to twitch. Posted by The Bobster

HISPANIC Phoenix man sentenced to prison for leading illegal alien hispano-parasite invader smuggling network in Arizona​
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Flau’jae Johnson’s brother jumps on court, pulled away by security during LSU-South Carolina fight
Posted by The Bobster/b>

White Victims s Dark Crime
Escaped BLACK BEAST prisoners left bloody trail after hijacking WHITE Virginia couple’s yacht in Caribbean, likely tossed bodies overboard: cops

🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire victim name Three escaped BLACK prisoners hijacked an American couple’s yacht and left a bloody trail after likely tossing the victims’ bodies overboard in the Caribbean, police revealed Monday.

Local authorities said Ralph Hendry, 66, and his wife, Kathy Brandel, 71, both of Virginia, are presumed dead after they were last seen on Feb. 18 and the boat was found anchored and deserted days later.

The trio of suspects, Ron Mitchell, 30, Trevon Robertson, 19, and Abita Stanislaus, 25, were arrested in St. Vincent hours after the boat was searched on Wednesday. The three men escaped from police custody on Feb. 18.ç Posted by The Bobster

Another historian verifies above info on the satanic plan to destroy Germany and German people
Posted by Apollonian

XTwitter News, XTwitter Wars
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

"Joe Biden — An Unrelenting Stream of Immigration: Nonstop, Nonstop"

[Clearly communicated from his dark heart.... with no 'senile gaffs']

Links posted by Arheel's Uncle

TREASONIST BENEDICT BIDEN has done what no foreign government has been able to do -
eliminated the borders of the USA - and inviting the INVASION OF PARASITICAL SCUM

    What happens when u order a Pres. through the mail (the mail-in ballots, suckers)

Link posted by Apollonian

    Tucker Carlson gives his impression/evaluation of creepy Joe's SOTU speech,
in which the brain-dead, senile old vegetable yelled at everyone pretending he's fit and healthy to be President, even though not fit to stand trial for CRIMINALLY mis-handling secret documents which he stole and improperly possessed.

Link posted by Apollonian

    HUMILIATION: Dementia Joe’s SOTU Address Receives Worst Polling in Past Quarter Century
mud suspect While the left salivated over Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address, the polling numbers tell a different story.

Even the far-left Washington Post has acknowledged that the figures do not match up to the hype.

In a report on Friday, the paper admitted that while the left vociferously praised Biden’s divisive, rambling and angry speech, it is “not so clear the American public saw the home run that they did.”

The report noted:

Democrats would like to believe that President Biden changed the 2024 game with his State of the Union address Thursday night, demonstrating verve and combativeness amid concerns about his age and mental acuity.

The speech, which involved Biden repeatedly falsely claiming success over issues on which he has dismally failed, was best summarized by Tucker Carlson over on the X pålatform.

“Joe Biden is actually a cruel and vicious demagogue,” he explained. “A man who has no problem at all denouncing his fellow Americans and putting his political opponents in prison as he has done. “That was possibly the darkest, most un-American speech ever given by an American president,” he continued. “In fact, it wasn’t a speech, it was a rant, entirely lacking in decency or generosity to his fellow Americans.”

Donald Trump also weighed in on Biden’s efforts, describing the 81-year-old as a “psycho.”

“Biden’s speech last night is getting “panned” all over the World. Only the Radical Left lunatics are trying to make the best of it,” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

“It took him 41 minutes to talk, briefly, about Immigration and the Border, on the topic of which he was very weak. No talk of weaponization against his very calm and nice opponent. Angry as hell, this guy is a PSYCHO!”

Link posted by Apollonian


ATLANTA (AP) — President Joe Biden said Saturday that he regretted using the term “illegal” during his State of the Union address to describe the suspected killer of Laken (NOT 'LINCOLN') Riley, as his all-but-certain 2024 GOP rival, Donald Trump, blasted the Democrat's immigration policies and blamed them for her death at a rally attended by the Georgia nursing student’s family and friends.

Biden expressed remorse after facing frustration from some WOKE-marxist-speech-police in his party for the use of the impolite term to describe UNDOCUMENTED WELCOME GUESTS - people who arrived or are living in the U.S. that have not yet been given the welcoming 'guest citizenship' along with their $10,000 gift card.

Laken Riley’s blood is on Joe Biden’s hands as migrant crime rises

  Foxe's Book of Martyrs - was NOT the Author's title for the book by John Foxe
and it has been revised several times since it was first published in 1563 in England
(full title: Actes and Monuments of these Latter and Perillous Days, Touching Matters of the Church)
Who was "Lincoln Whats-her-name"?

Who was Laken Riley?


  Who was Laken Riley?
Martyr demonic killer of Martyr BLOOD ON HIS HANDS BIDEN killer of Martyr On February 22, 2024, Laken Riley, an American 22-year-old nursing student at Augusta University, was kidnapped and murdered while she was jogging at the University of Georgia (UGA) in Athens, Georgia. Her body was found near a lake of a wooded area at UGA; her death was caused by blunt force trauma. The police described Riley's killing as a "crime of opportunity".

José Antonio Ibarra, a 26-year-old from Venezuela who entered the US illegally, was arrested by UGA police and has been charged with felony murder, false imprisonment, and kidnapping. There is no date set for the trial.

  Who was Ashli Babbitt?
Martyr demonic killer of Martyr On January 6, 2021, Unarmed American Citizen Ashli Babbitt was fatally shot during an attack on the United States Capitol. She was part of a crowd of supporters of then U.S. president Donald Trump who breached the United States Capitol building seeking to overturn his defeat in the 2020 presidential election.

Babbitt attempted to climb through a shattered window beside a barricaded door into the Speaker's Lobby, and was shot in the left shoulder by a black United States Capitol Police (USCP) officer Michael Byrd. After a USCP emergency response team administered aid, Babbitt was transported to Washington Hospital Center, where she died. The USCP deemed the shooting was "lawful and within Department policy" and "potentially saved Members (of Congress) and staff from serious injury and possible death".

    (BLACK) Man found guilty of murder in 2019 killing of his grandfather
mud suspect ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A man accused of murdering his grandfather, a local boxing icon, has been convicted.

It happened Friday as a jury found Lucien Harris guilty of second-degree murder and other charges in the death of his grandfather, Lou Harris, in 2019.

"He was amazing. An amazing person and coach, and he did a lot for the community. He was like a pillar,” Steve Harris, Lou's son, said.

"My dad was an iconic trainer. He was known all over the world. He took me and my brother to National Championships."

But they lost their father in 2019.

"It's always hard like that. You're always thinking about it it's never going to go away,” Steve said. "So, I'm used to it. I always have my dad right here with me. Right here in my heart."

Investigators say Lucien Harris possibly shot his grandfather after being told to move out. This week, after years of waiting, Lucien Harris was in court. Facing charges of second-degree murder with a firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and tampering with physical evidence.

    MS-13 spanic alien terrorist Gangbangers openly sell fake IDs, green cards to migrants on NYC streets as officials warn of danger​
Posted by The Bobster

Homeless Hispanic parolee breaks into sleeping California woman’s home, masturbates next to her bed
black suspect A homeless man on parole allegedly broke into a California woman’s home while she was sleeping and masturbated next to her.

Anthony Romero, a career criminal, allegedly barged into the victim’s 2nd Street home in Santa Monica around 2 a.m. on Feb. 29.

When the woman, who was not identified, woke up, Romero, 28, was allegedly masturbating next to her bed and touching her face, Police Lt. Erika Aklufi said, according to Santa Monica Lookout.

The horrified woman told Romero to leave and he fled before police arrived.

Officers obtained surveillance footage to identify Romero, who they found the next day around 9:30 a.m. on Santa Monica Boulevard, according to the Santa Monica Lookout. Posted by The Bobster

‘Vibrant’ widow, 96, killed in murder-for-hire plot while preparing her birthday cookies; suspects arrested: police
spanic SUSPECT spanic  SUSPECT spanic  SUSPECT victim name A 96-year-old woman killed as she prepared to make cookies in 2022 was the target of an elaborate murder-for-hire plot after four suspects were angry she was taking too long to die on her own, police said.

Violet Alberts was found dead in her bed in her Montecito, Calif. home on May 27, 2022, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Paul Brown revealed during a press conference on Thursday.

Alberts’ caretaker found her body, noting the “vibrant” member of the community had ingredients laid out on her kitchen table to make cookies for her upcoming birthday.

Investigators discovered MartinDelCampo and Rostomyan took a “scouting trip” three days before Alberts was murdered.

“This pivotal discovery shed light on the premeditated nature of this crime, underscoring the perpetrators’ calculated efforts to survey Alberts’ home and to plan their vicious and reprehensible actions,” Brown noted.

However, the fraudster grew tired of waiting for Alberts to die to inherit her estate and masterminded a plot to kill the widow, according to Brown.
Posted by The Bobster

Delays, violent crime: Report card on NYC subway reveals a system in crisis​
Posted by The Bobster

White Victims of Dark Crime: Antonio Brown snubs court order to pay celeb jeweler for $1M diamond finger ‘covers’ he never returned
black suspect black suspect Notorious former NFL superstar Antonio Brown is giving the finger to a judge who threw the book at him for refusing to give a pair of $1 million finger “covers” back to a celebrity jeweler.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Kerry Bensinger recently ordered Brown, now a rising rap artist, to pay Shuki International $1,095,000 after the embattled ex-All Pro receiver failed to answer a lawsuit alleging he borrowed the jeweler’s diamond-encrusted finger covers and other pieces of jewelry in 2022 — but never returned or paid for them.

Jean Louis Shuki told The Post that Brown blew off voice messages he’s left since last month’s ruling, and instead only fired back texts indicating the court order won’t sway him.
Posted by The Bobster

    XTwitter News, XTwitter Wars
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

December 21, 2017
BLACK Ex-Con Gets 25 Years To Life For Kidnap, Rape Of Pregnant Disabled Woman In Oakland
OAKLAND (CBS SF) -- An unrepentant ex-convict was sentenced Thursday to 25 years to life in state prison for kidnapping and raping a woman who suffers from a cognitive disability in Oakland earlier this year.

Before he was sentenced, Hassan Lee Bratcher, 39, complained that, "There are so many lies in this case it's ridiculous" and accused the victim of committing perjury when she testified against him.

But Alameda County Superior Court Judge Rhonda Burgess said Bratcher, who has previous convictions for false imprisonment and illegal gun and drug offenses, has a history of "violent and predatory conduct over many years and has displayed a complete disregard for the rule of law."

Burgess said in one sense he chose the victim at random but in another sense he chose her specifically "because of her vulnerability," since the 33-year-old woman suffers from a developmental disability and was 8 months pregnant so her ability to flee him was severely hampered.

Prosecutors said Bratcher was driving a van around Oakland at about 8 a.m. on March 5, which was a Sunday, when he came across the woman as she was walking to church.

Bratcher called out to the woman from his car and they had a short conversation during which he was kind to her and pretended to know her in order to lure her into his van, prosecutors said.

The woman was tired and was having difficulty walking so Bratcher told her he would give her a ride the rest of the way to her church, according to prosecutors.

However, once they arrived at the church Bratcher became hostile, wouldn't allow the woman to get out of his van and drove her away from the church, prosecutors said.

Bratcher then took the woman to different locations in Oakland over the next four hours and raped her multiple times inside his van, according to prosecutors. Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Tracking neo-Nazis: How a NY veteran, Kris Goldsmith, infiltrated extremist groups across the U.S.
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

BLACK; 1 child dead, 2 people injured in shooting at Athens trailer park, ATLANTA, GA.
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Police: Video shows BLACK woman encourage child to snatch purse from Newnan Juicy Crab​
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Boston Chinatown restaurant served as front for global money laundering scheme, DOJ saysb>
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

YOGI BEAR cartoon quip
black suspect Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Here are details on our annual "spring forward."
Daylight "Savings" Time - Confuse your natural biological clock...
Giving the impression that the Dark Powers that Be - Be in charge of Heavenly Bodies...
[you are sleepy, confused, more likely to follow suggestions from the National News Service]

Bible   “Therefore the prudent shall keep silence in that time; for it is an evil time.”

Yesterday's 'news' - Friday 8 March 2024 -->

    Tucker Carlson's review of Satan's demonic puppet president's State of the corrupted corpse of America

    Congressional Repubs continue investigating--have established that creepy Joe & family GOT 30 MILLION, suckers
--so where'd he get it fm, and for what did he have to do to get it, suckers?
Repubs want to get the spec. prosecutor's report on senility of the vegetable who walks and mumbles.

Link posted by Apollonian

    Rand Paul: This is the 'dirty, little secret' of inflation

    [🔥Suspected TNB]
(Good Samaritan stabbed while defending woman harassed by two assailants at Bronx subway station
Posted by The Bobster

5 black worthless low-life scum urban predators arrested – including black victim’s cousin
– in brutal NYC laundromat murder caught on video where thieves stole $30K necklace
[Moral of the story: don't wear a $30k gold necklace to your local laundry?]
Posted by The Bobster

8-year-old boy caught with gun in backpack at NYC school, one day after pointing weapon at fellow student
Posted by The Bobster

Brazen crew steals $5K stash in broad-daylight heist from NYC Chanel store: cops
Posted by The Bobster

NYC teenager killed in targeted shooting in the Bronx​
Posted by The Bobster

Government workers, NEGRESS ex-NYPD cop part of identity-stealing scheme to bilk $1M after ghost gun factory probed: prosecutors

black suspect A probe into an East Village ghost gun factory uncovered a massive black suspect black suspect black suspect black suspect A probe into an East Village ghost gun factory uncovered a massive scheme involving 10 government workers, including a disgraced ex-NYPD officer, who conspired to steal more than $1 million by taking advantage of New York City’s needy, prosecutors alleged Thursday.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office slapped 18 people with a series of charges from four indictments that included conspiracy to manufacture ghost guns, conspiracy to rip off the state’s pandemic benefits program and residential burglary that all stemmed from a probe that got underway in 2022.

District Attorney Alvin Bragg said in a statement the fraud scheme was largely conducted by city workers, including several from the Department of Homeless Services, who “abused their position of public trust for personal gain.”
Posted by The Bobster

Dangerous urban biological flotsame and jetsam: Homeless negro creep hurled hot water on women in series of random NYC attacks on busy streets: cops
A homeless serial attacker was busted Thursday after he hurled cups of hot water at three different women in unprovoked attacks a day earlier in busy sections of Manhattan, cops said.
black suspect black suspect black suspect
Larry Martin, 42, was picked up in connection to the terrifying spree that spanned about 45 minutes as New Yorkers commuted to their workplaces in Midtown on Wednesday morning.

The creep first chucked the scalding liquid toward a 49-year-old woman’s face at the corner of Sixth Avenue and West 56th Street around 7:45 a.m., causing scalds, cops said.
Posted by The Bobster

[Editor note:] These dangerous creatures need to be locked up in some facility for the not civilized.

[Limited time offer: EXPERIENCE WORLD FAMOUS NEW YORK CITY; THE "BIG APPLE" or largest hell-hole in North America
before a future administration puts a BIG FENCE AROUND IT for the protection of thrill-seeking American Citizens and naive foreign travelers]

National Guard stationed in NYC subway as officials bring back bag checks​
Posted by The Bobster

2 niggers arrested after bystander shot at SEPTA train station at Broad Street and Hunting Park Avenue
Posted by The Bobster

    What do you call it when there is a national emergency
and the president takes over as a military dictator?
[Oh, right, MARTIAL LAW!!!]

Martial law in the United States

From seizing control of the internet to declaring martial law, President BIDEN may legally do all kinds of extraordinary things.




Is America Becoming a Banana Republic?

We now are ready to admit to the 'conspiracy theory' that
among other demonic deceptions....
1. The "DEMONIC POWERS THAT BE" - created the phoney "9/11 TERRORIST ON THE TWIN TOWERS"
which is the only thing that BS-BIDEN wants to fund to help start a nuclear war with Russia...
and all other unhappy deadly events including WWI & WWII, mass abortion, child trans sex mutilaiton

[Note:] following video hints that MUSK and TRUMP may be joining forces to resist the dark forces..

Does Musk suspect something treacherous fm Demon-rats & creepy Joe?
Posted by Apollonian

Yesterday's 'news' - Thursday 7 March 2024 -->

    United States DEBT CLOCK

Visit USADebtClock.com to learn more!

Gold Price Hits Another All-Time High as Powell Confirms 2024 Rate Cuts, Real Yields Fall
06 Mar 2024, 15:54:24
The GOLD PRICE set a new all-time Dollar record in London spot-market trade on Wednesday, matching yesterday's new London benchmark peak at 3pm after finally topping early December's peak of $2143 by $2 per Troy ounce as Federal Reserve chief Jerome Powell confirmed to Congress that the central bank ... Read on

    (BLACK) Angry Florida negress allegedly breaks into ex-boyfriend's home, tosses pickled pork on couch, throws Sprite
mud suspect mud suspect A Florida woman lands in jail after breaking into her ex-boyfriend's house, spilling pickled pork on the couch.

Aukievah Reddick also threw a Sprite bottle at her ex during the altercation. (Credit: Lee County Sheriff's Office)

'Outraged ex-girlfriend’ breaks into Florida home, dumps pickled pork inside before slinging soda bottle: LCSO

more headlines regarding Aukievah Reddick

    US Army intelligence analyst charged with selling classified military information to China
A US Army analyst has been arrested and charged with selling sensitive military secrets to a contact in China.

Sgt Korbein Schultz was arrested on Thursday at Fort Campbell in Kentucky following an inquiry by the FBI and US Army counterintelligence.

According to the charges, he was paid $42,000 (£33,000) in exchange for dozens of sensitive security records.

Officials say the criminal conspiracy began in June 2022 and continued up until his arrest.

Sgt Schultz is charged with conspiracy to obtain and disclose national defence information, exporting technical data related to defence articles without a licence, conspiracy to export defence articles without a licence, and bribery of a public official.

    (BLACK) South Africans: Nigress mother, her 'boyfriend', 2 others charged with trafficking
her 6 year old little girl

mud suspect victim The mother of missing six-year-old Joslin Smith is among four people who appeared in the Vredenburg magistrate’s court on Thursday.

The case, which drew a large crowd outside the court building, was postponed to Wednesday next week for further investigations. The accused remain in custody.

Racquel Chantel Smith, known as Kelly, aged 33, her boyfriend Jacquin “Boeta” Appollis, 31, Phumza Sigaqa and Steveno van Rhyn are charged with trafficking in people for the purpose of exploitation and kidnapping.

[Editor note: we pray that the little 6 year old (possibly mixed race) girl will not be prostituted nor eaten]


Yesterday's 'news' - Wednesday 6 March 2024 -->

    Jury convicts 41-year-old of 2021 murder at apartment on northeast side
mud suspect INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A 41-year-old Indianapolis man was found guilty Wednesday of the 2021 murder of a man at the Carriage House East apartments, the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office reports.

Indianapolis police found Michael McDowell, 65, dead with a single gunshot wound to the head while responding to a report of a person shot about 4:50 p.m. July 3, 2021, in the 10100 block of Pineneedle Court. The apartment complex is near the intersection of East 42nd Street and North Mitthoeffer Road.

A jury found Daniel “Cory” Rhodes guilty of murder. A count of unlawful possession of a firearm was dismissed, online court records show. However, Rhodes was found to be a habitual offender and will receive an enhanced sentence. His sentencing was set for 11 a.m. April 12 in Marion Superior Court 30.

Witnesses told investigators that Rhodes and McDowell were visiting an apartment, and Rhodes was acting paranoid and was under the influence. Investigators obtained and executed a search warrant for Rhodes’s residence and recovered the rifle used in the shooting with Rhodes’s DNA on the weapon. The special weapons and tactics team of Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department apprehended Rhodes and he was taken to the homicide office, the prosecutor’s office said in a news release issued Wednesday.

Rhodes admitted to detective that he’d approach McDowell as he sat on the couch inside the apartment and shot him in the head, the release says. Rhodes also told detectives that he believed he was being set up for a robbery and thought McDowell had a gun.

    Six more Negroes apprehended in fraud scheme tied to former Ken Nugent Law Firm employee
mud suspect MACON, Ga. (WGXA) -- A further six arrests have been made in an investigation into a large-scale fraud scheme allegedly spearheaded by a former employee of the Ken Nugent Law Firm.

37-year-old Jennifer Denton and others reportedly involved in the scheme are said to have fraudulently obtained checks from the company Elite Pre-Settlement LLC by filing false settlement claims.

WGXA reported 16 arrested in November and, now, a further six arrests have been reported by the Bibb County Sheriff's Office.

31-year-old Isis Anderson, 40-year-old Leviticus Blash, 26-year-old Jayvean Cummings, 31-year-old Latisha McCrary, 23-year-old Devontae Shivers, and 66-year-old Calvin West have all been arrested and charged in connection with the conspiracy.

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office says that this investigation is still ongoing and even more arrests are expected.

    Manhunt ensues in Bibb County following a tense standoff; three children found safe
mud suspect MACON, Ga. (WGXA) -- Bibb County Deputies are looking for a man who reportedly barricaded himself inside a home with a gun, trapping three children inside.

According to the Bibb County Sheriff's Office, Darion Hudson led deputies into the standoff at a home on Comer Terrace before escaping. The three children were found safe inside the home.

Hudson is now wanted on charges of aggravated assault - family violence, cruelty to children - family violence, and false imprisonment as well as active warrants out of Dekalb County.

    (BLACK) 19-year-old arrested in connection with February murder in Macon, investigation ongoing
mud suspect MACON, Ga. (WGXA) -- Another arrest has been made in connection to the February murder of a 25-year-old man.

19-year old Shamar Stewart was arrested at his home on Forest Hill Road after warrants were served at the address in connection to the February 10th murder of Cortavius Ates.

Stewart has been charged with aggravated assault, participation in criminal street gang activity, and murder. His arrest follows the arrests of Kendarrious Cone and Marion Curry.

He is being held without bond.

    (BLACK) Florida murder suspect arrested in Baldwin County in cousin's death
mud suspect MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. (WGXA)- A man charged in his cousin's Florida murder has been arrested in Milledgeville, according West Palm Beach Police.

Police say Gary Everett, 46, is charged with murder in the October 2023 shooting death of his cousin in Palm Beach County.

Investigators say Victor Howard, 37, of Lake Park was discovered shot after a 911 caller reported seeing someone drag a body from a car during the early morning hours of Oct. 10, 2023.

Howard was barely clinging to life when police found him and died later at the hospital.

Police say Everett flagged down a Riviera Beach police officer about an hour after Howard was discovered shot, claiming someone had shot his cousin in the Gramercy Park area.

But West Palm Beach Police said Tuesday Everett's story was an attempt to take suspicion away from himself. Officers said their investigation determined Everett shot and killed Howard with a single shot to the head.

Police said they found a large amount of money had been taken from Howard-- and that Everett failed to explain how his cousin had been shot nor why he had Howard's blood all over him.

    High-risk BLACK sex offender slashed NYC straphanger with box cutter in homophobic attack: cops
black suspect A high-risk sex offender was busted this week for allegedly slashing another man with a box cutter after hurling homophobic comments at him aboard a Manhattan train, authorities said.

Milton Hamlin, 46 – who has 10 prior arrests – was nabbed Tuesday in connection to the 11 p.m. Friday attack on a 27-year-old man riding with a male partner on an uptown A train pulling into the 34th Street – Penn Station hub, police said.

Hamlin lunged at the victim’s face with the sharp weapon after lashing out at him because of his (perverted) sexuality, cops said.
Posted by The Bobster

    SEPTA Police to target "every criminal code on the books" after violent incidents involving buses​
Posted by The Bobster

8 Northeast High School students shot in Philadelphia near SEPTA bus stop; 3 shooters wanted: police​
Posted by The Bobster

WHITE Man, 61, bloodied during subway assault while 34-year-old attacked with metal object in latest MTA violence​
Posted by The Bobster

Hispanic illegal criminal (Mud) Migrant arrested for beating man with rock during attempted robbery in Brooklyn: sources​
Cops nabbed Jason Sanchez, 26, after responding to a robbery-in-progress in Greenpoint around 2:35 p.m., according to the NYPD. Sanchez, who sources said is a Guatemalan migrant, allegedly hit the victim in the head with a rock and then tried to swipe his wallet.
The victim suffered cuts to the face... Posted by The Bobster

NASTY BLACK NEGRESS Sahara Dula, tried to assassinate a NYC police officer
black suspect by running into him with her DEADLY LEXUS - was high on marijuana when she intentionally struck the officer on Park Avenue near East 71st Street — and later brazenly fessed up that it wasn’t an accident.

“I told the cop I wanted to go straight, and he wouldn’t move, so I hit him. I did it on purpose,’’ Dula told investigators, according to court papers. F–k these cops! He wouldn’t move!’’ she screamed a few minutes after the incident, the documents claim — with a law-enforcement source saying Dula allegedly added, “F–k these cops, it’s a lesson to him, and hopefully he doesn’t want to be a cop anymore.”
Posted by The Bobster

BLACK NIGRESS PSYCHOPATH MANIAC VICIOUSLY ATTACKS Asian man playing cello in subway for small change - demonic attacker arrested again for allegedly stealing pricey baseball cap​
black suspect Posted by The Bobster

[🔥Suspected TNB]
--> 88-year-old man fatally shot inside car in West Philadelphia ID'd: police​
Posted by The Bobster

[🔥Suspected TNB]
"Bleeding Heart" liberal Commie joo DA Larry Krasner moved to tears discussing deadly shooting at SEPTA bus stop in Ogontz Posted by The Bobster

Man shot, killed on SEPTA bus in South Philadelphia: police​
Posted by The Bobster

[🔥Suspected TNB]
Man hospitalized after shooting on edge of Temple University's campus in North Philadelphia: police​
Posted by The Bobster

    United States DEBT CLOCK

Visit USADebtClock.com to learn more!

Gold Price Hits Another All-Time High as Powell Confirms 2024 Rate Cuts, Real Yields Fall
06 Mar 2024, 15:54:24
The GOLD PRICE set a new all-time Dollar record in London spot-market trade on Wednesday, matching yesterday's new London benchmark peak at 3pm after finally topping early December's peak of $2143 by $2 per Troy ounce as Federal Reserve chief Jerome Powell confirmed to Congress that the central bank ... Read on

Yesterday's 'news' - Tuesday 5 March 2024 -->

    What's the actual situation of creepy Joe and corrupt son, Hunter?--creepy Joe w. off-shore accounts=

Link posted by Apollonian

[NNN editor note: This WOG presenter of above video, Josh Strife, with a british-hindu accent
is STEALING Jesse Waters video content and presenting it as something HE has created...]
WoG plagerist

"PART 1 - The first 248 years from the 1776 Revolution
to the great betrayal and collapse in 2024 under 'Boss' nán jì 男妓 BIDEN"

"The Rise and Fall of the United States of America is a sweeping look at the rise of the greatest nation in the world and some of its formidable achievements. It also is an introspective analysis of the symptoms of decline and a warning about the path it is taking—allowing an influx of immigrants who are bent on challenging the laws, dismantling the culture, and conquering our country. It's time to reflect on what made this country great and heed the warning to what could be its downfall.""

  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement aka ICE - Breaking News
invasion invasion invasion invasion invasion

ERO Boston removes convicted Brazilian extortionist charged locally for assault, battery, strangulation

ERO San Francisco arrests Mexican citizen wanted for child rape

ERO Washington, D.C. apprehends 8 noncitizen sex offenders during national ICE operation

HSI Baltimore investigation lands Maryland man 40 months in federal prison for series of fraud schemes

ERO Miami, Martin County Florida Sheriff arrest rape suspect

ERO Phoenix removes Mexican national with extensive criminal history for the 7th time

[now only ten million more ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIEN PARASITES AND TERRORISTS left lurking in the American Homeland]

    [🔥Suspected TNB]
Teenager dead, 4 other people wounded in shooting at Philadelphia bus stop: police​
Posted by The Bobster

[🔥Suspected TNB]
Boy, 15, charged in the murder of father of four Lyft driver who served for US forces in Afghanistan​
Posted by The Bobster

(Mud) Royal Caribbean cruise ship worker allegedly admits filming young passengers — even hiding under beds​
Posted by The Bobster

    DIVORCED COMMUNIST A$$HOLE WHO HATES WHITE PEOPLE. Ignores Obama's communist roots.
Just another house negro fed by the shysters.

Never addresses blacks and drugs, stolen guns, stolen cars or everyday black criminality.
My conclusion? Educated but still a willfully ignorant nigger.
IGNORES the huge African American Mafia involvement with cartels in drug sales and drug/arms trafficking. Yet he
Jones founded Advocates for Opioid Recovery together with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and
former Rep.Patrick J. Kennedy.[66]

Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Oxford Police Arrest BLACK In Armed Robbery, Shooting At Links Apartments​
black suspect Posted by Arheel's Uncle

BLACK Man Arrested, Charged With Human Trafficking After Riding School Bus To Rankin County High School​
black suspect Posted by Arheel's Uncle

What do you think? Post a comment.
You don't want to know, LOL.
black suspect Posted by Arheel's Uncle

BLACK Teen charged with 9 counts of attempted murder in Minneapolis mass shooting last year​ The suspect now charged in the Aug. 20, 2023, shooting is Jaden Trejaun Butcher, who was arrested following his release from the hospital last week after being injured in another shooting.​
black suspect Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Yesterday's 'news' - Monday 4 March 2024 --> >

  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement aka ICE - Breaking News
invasion invasion invasion invasion invasion

HOMELAND SECURITY Baltimore investigation lands HISPANIC ALIEN Maryland man 40 months in federal prison for series of fraud schemes

DEPORTATION SQUAD ERO Miami, Martin County Florida Sheriff arrest rape suspect
MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) and the Martin County Florida Sheriff’s Office arrested
Juan Jose-Sebastian, 26, a citizen and national of Guatemala March 2, after determining he was wanted in Washington County, Oregon, on rape and sexual abuse charges.

DEPORTATION SQUAD ERO Phoenix removes Mexican national with extensive criminal history for the 7th timeHOMELAN

Yesterday's 'news' - Day DD month 2024 -->

  Say u're resident of California, and this is how u're treated by the satanist-globalist governor, seeing to invasion of ur land, neighborhood, suckers
invasion invasion invasion invasion invasion

Link Posted by Apollonian

Black ‘Madman’ illegal migrant accused of serially assaults (White) female docs, nurses in the Bronx is on the lam

🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire victim name An unhinged madman with a long rap sheet is allegedly targeting female doctors and nurses in The Bronx — with at least four attacks over the past five years, The Post has learned.

Edward Johnson, 57, an illegal immigrant believed to be from the Caribbean who came to the United States over a decade ago, has been arrested 23 times on charges that include gun possession, according to sources and records. He has another 42 arrests that have been sealed since he arrived in the US.

He skipped out on supervised release and is on the lam, authorities said — and has a dangerous habit of attacking female healthcare workers who try to treat him.

“Every time he goes to the hospital, he beats up a nurse or a doctor,” said an NYPD source.

He has logged four such assaults at three Bronx hospitals since 2019, sources said, and a repeat victim is Colleen Leahy, an emergency room doctor at St. Barnabas. She told cops she was attacked by him in July 2022 and again last September.

“I’m afraid every day at work — every day,” said Leahy, 28, who has lost 20 pounds since the September beating because of the anxiety she feels over his impending return.

And her mom is terrified, too.

“I’m afraid my daughter will become the next Laken Riley,” said Eileen Leahy, referring to the Georgia nursing student who allegedly was murdered by an illegal immigrant from Venezuela, six months after authorities released him following a child-endangered arrest in Queens.

The hospital attacks date back to December 2019, when Johnson was arrested on assault charges for punching a 45-year-old female doctor in the mouth and a 61-year-old female nurse in the chest at Albert Einstein Hospital in Morris Park.

His last arrest was Jan. 13 at Jacobi Medical Center in Pelham Gardens, for allegedly socking a 26-year-old nurse in the eye after she tried to take his blood pressure, police sources said. The unidentified nurse suffered a bruised, swollen eye, and Johnson was slapped with assault charges.

After he skipped authorities by not complying with his supervised release, a warrant for his arrest was issued last month. Patrice O’Shaughnessy, a spokeswoman for Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark, said the case is currently being presented to a grand jury to secure an indictment against Johnson.

His last arrest was Jan. 13 at Jacobi Medical Center in Pelham Gardens, for allegedly socking a 26-year-old nurse in the eye after she tried to take his blood pressure, police sources said. The unidentified nurse suffered a bruised, swollen eye, and Johnson was slapped with assault charges.

After he skipped authorities by not complying with his supervised release, a warrant for his arrest was issued last month. Patrice O’Shaughnessy, a spokeswoman for Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark, said the case is currently being presented to a grand jury to secure an indictment against Johnson.

Johnson first allegedly attacked Leahy at St. Barnabas on July 16, 2022 while the ER doctor – only two months on the job — was trying to care for him. He punched her in the right eye, severely bruising it, according to authorities.

He refused to give his name to cops, but he was ultimately charged with second-degree assault and injuring a healthcare worker. He spent eight months behind bars – but the details of his release remain unclear.

Leahy said an assistant district attorney working for Clark called her in April 2023 and explained the office wouldn’t take the case to trial because it doesn’t want to “hurt [Johnson’s] immigration status” and believes his eight months served as a detainee was enough.

However, O’Shaughnessy insisted Johnson’s immigration status didn’t play a role in the decision.

She said he copped a plea deal to the lesser charge of attempted assault — which meant no additional jail time — only after Leahy declined to pursue the case further in court. She also said Leahy was also granted an order of protection against Johnson that remains in effect.

Yet on Sept. 18, 2023, Johnson returned to St. Barnabas and allegedly kicked Leahy in the head while she and a male co-worker tried to inject a needle in his arm, authorities said. Leahy also claimed he assaulted another female nurse at the hospital hours earlier.

No arrest was made, but Leahy filed a police report two days later documenting her attack, which she said left her with headaches, according to NYPD sources.

“It’s infuriating that he keeps doing this to healthcare workers — especially women — and then is let go,” Leahy said. “They had him in custody multiple times, so why is he being let go to attack other people, other healthcare workers?”

    BLACK Philly’s LGBTQ director, hubby are alleged victims of ‘excessive force’ by cop in video: ‘Very concerning’​
mud suspect mud suspect mud suspect mud suspect Philadelphia’s LGBTQ director and her husband were the alleged victims of “excessive force’’ by a cop during a weekend car stop in the City of Brotherly Love — with the controversial encounter caught on video.

“That’s my "husband! That’s my husband!” shouts Celena Morrison, the 51-year-old executive director of Mayor Cherelle Parker’s Office of LGBT Affairs, at an unidentified trooper as he stands over her "spouse", Darius McLean, 35, lying on the ground, according to the footage.

“I work for the mayor! I work for the mayor!” she yells.

The trooper retorts, “Shut the f–k up’’ to Morrison, who has been touted as the first openly transgender person to head a city department.

At one point, McLean claims that he is being abused because he is black, prompting a flat denial from the cop.

The trooper retorts, “Shut the f–k up’’ to Morrison, who has been touted as the first openly transgender person to head a city department.

At one point, McLean claims that he is being abused because he is black, prompting a flat denial from the cop.

The trooper retorts, “Shut the f–k up’’ to Morrison, who has been touted as the first openly transgender person to head a city department.

At one point, McLean claims that he is being abused because he is black, prompting a flat denial from the cop.

They said the Infiniti operator “interfered with the trooper’s attempt to arrest’’ the Dodge driver so was arrested, too.

The Inquirer identified busted duo as Morrison and McLean — adding that the charges were ultimately not pursued by the district attorney’s office “pending additional review.’’ Posted by The Bobster

Metro Philadelphia Black Power Players 2024

Recent college grad in ICU, friend killed after crash with ‘extremely intoxicated’ Hispanic female hit-and-run driver​
Posted by The Bobster

BLACK Former NBA prospect, ‘Semi-Pro’ actor sentenced to 90 years in prison for multiple sexual assaults​
Posted by The Bobster

Charges dropped against migrant accused in the death of Florida deputy who had heart attack after struggle​
Posted by The Bobster

Comic predicts woke Seattle club that canceled him will not ‘stay in business that long’​
Posted by The Bobster

    ### Watching the ASIAN-Chinese COUP in America ###
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

'll call INTERPOL too.
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

BLACK Second suspect in Gulfport nightclub slaying arrested on murder charge Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Texas police arrest black suspect in abduction of 12-year-old girl who was found safe after 8 days​
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

BLACK Man pleads guilty to murdering Madeira store owner, multiple armed robberies​
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

black Cameron Demarcus Wooten ID’d As Suspect In Murder Of UofMemphis Student Casey Tinker​
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

City Jury Sentences Killer-Rapist to Death Plus 500 Years​
Posted by Arheel's Uncle

    Here's the right and proper spirit to take against the horrific war of 1860s
that brought dictatorship and tyranny of the union over the formerly sovereign states, suckers, key to the problems of this very day, morons

Posted by Apollonian

Brain-dead vegetable of a stumbling traitor-criminal Pres. just robotically does what he's told regarding the border invasion, getting instructions fm the traitor globalist-satanists, suckers
Posted by Apollonian

Criminal, psychotic "liberals" in Congress want to spend more, even though Jew S A is over 34 TRILLION in debt, int. payments now greatest, largest item in the yearly gov. budget, suckers
Posted by Apollonian

Trump comments on creepy Joe's criminal, traitorous "immigration" policies, actions
Posted by Apollonian

Illegal invaders can be dealt with quite simply and immediately--creepy Joe and Demon-rats are gross lying scum and traitors, suckers
Posted by Apollonian

Flacks discuss the arguments now to be considered by judge regarding fitness of niggas to prosecute the orange man, suckas
Posted by Apollonian

Flacks discuss the topic of immunity fm suit, even for "criminal" acts for Pres. in actions taken during term in office
Posted by Apollonian

Former Demon-rat, now disgusted and turned to Republicans, Cong.-man recounts the testimony and implications for corrupt son of corrupt Pres., Hunter
Posted by Apollonian

DeSantis releases the grand-jury transcripts for original indictment of Epstein
Posted by Apollonian

This is ur ZOG (government) at work, suckers, what they're trying to do, u brainless morons
Posted by Apollonian

Yesterday's 'news' - Saturday 2 March 2024 -->

    (BLACK) Hammond man found guilty of murder
mud suspect FRANKLINTON, La. — A jury in Washington Parish found a Hammond man guilty of second-degree murder.

Travon Washington, 21, was found guilty of killing Xykie Barker while robbing his house in August 2021.

Washington's co-defendant Deanna Johnson decided to plead guilty rather than face trial and was sentenced to 50 years.

Police say Washington and Johnson lured Barker out of his home and fired 20 shots at him.

SO said they stole guns, keys and a gaming system that belonged to Barker. The sheriff's office says Washington crashed the car a mile away from the home.

Washington is now facing life in prison and his sentencing is scheduled for April 18.

and misusing government powers to SILENCE and SUPPRESS all opposition.
Will there be an honest democratic election in 2024?

Posted by Apollonian

  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement aka ICE - Breaking News
invasion invasion invasion invasion invasion

DEPORTATIONS!: ICE conducts single adult, family unit removal flights March 1
Those included removal flights to Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru and South Korea.
If a noncitizen arrives and has no legal basis to remain in the United States they will be processed and removed quickly, consistent with U.S. law.

Since May 12, 2023 to Feb 28, 2024, DHS has removed or returned over 583,000 individuals,
the vast majority of whom crossed the Southwest Border, including more than 92,000 individual family members.

"The majority of all individuals encountered at the southwest border over the past three years have been removed, returned, or expelled.
Total removals and returns since mid-May exceed removals and returns in every full fiscal year since 2013."

ERO Boston removes fugitive wanted for rape conviction in Brazil ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIEN BOSTON — Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Boston removed a Brazilian fugitive from the United States Jan. 26. Francisco Xavier Martins, 43, convicted of rape in Brazil, unlawfully entered the United States in May 2018 to avoid serving his prison sentence. Brazilian authorities have been seeking his custody since March 2019, and deportation officers from ERO Boston arrested him Dec. 5, 2023, in Malden.

ERO Baltimore reaches landmark agreement with Montgomery County on immigration detainers

How many ILLEGAL ALIENS are estimated to be in the U.S.?

7.2M illegals entered the US under Biden admin, an amount greater than population of 36 states

OVER SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL CRIMINALS(and 'gotaway' terrorist sleepers)

    Two severed heads discovered in same NY park where kids found man’s arm — as cops probe if MS-13 was involved​
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Judge who let alleged NYC subway cello attacker with 8 priors walk is ex-public defender endorsed by slew of liberals​
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[🔥Suspected TNB]
Straphanger stabbed in the stomach on NYC train, blocks from Yankee Stadium: cops​
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Porsche-driving LI squatters dupe judge by forging dead homeowner’s name on lease: court docs​
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One dead, three shot in overnight NYC violence​
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NYPD employee forced out of job after reporting boss for sitting on her desk visibly aroused: lawsuit
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2 people shot and killed "execution style" in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park identified: Police​
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    Canadian Head Of Pathogens Collaborated With Chicom Military At Winnipeg Biolab & Trudeau Covered It Up​
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In Huge Win For DeSantis, University of Florida Fires All ‘Diversity, Equity & Inclusion’ Staff​
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MAGA Winning Streak: SCOTUS Delays J6 Case, Judge Cannon Delays Docs Case, Georgia DA Derails RICO Case, Ronna Out at RNC, Mitch Leaving​
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Bud Light Trans Boycott Hammers World’s Biggest Brewer as Sales Continue to Plummet​
[Mr.] Mulvaney said [he] faced transphobia and abuse following the partnership and felt abandoned by AB InBev.
Go woke, go broke… Posted by Apollonian EXCLUSIVE: A Third of U.K. Met Office Temperature Stations May Be Wrong by Up to 5°C, FOI Reveals​
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Top Cardiologist Reports 47-Fold Increase in Serious Myocarditis Post Covid Vaccinations as He Calls on GMC to Investigate.​
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Third-Party Candidates Will Swing The Election​
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    President Bill Clinton talking about immigration, 1995, State of the Union
XTwitter News, XTwitter Wars
Mudshark stories posted in NewNationNews
Trump Rally today in Greensboro NC!
Two interesting stories: Brigadier General Edward Lansdale, OSS operative, In 1950, President Elpidio Quirino personally requested that Lansdale be transferred to the Joint United States Military Assistance Group, Philippines, to assist the intelligence services of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in combating the Communist Hukbalahap.
Lansdale was an early practitioner of psychological warfare. Adopting a tactic previously used in the Philippines by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II, Lansdale spread rumors that Aswangs, blood-sucking demons in Philippine folklore, were loose in the jungle. His men then captured an enemy soldier and drained the blood from his body, leaving the corpse where it could be seen and making the Hukbalahap flee the region. [5]

Wild Bill Donovan's "Simple Sabotage Field Manual" pdf file, 20 pages.


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(BLACK) Former William Penn guards gets 1-2 years for sex with student​ Groomed victim for eight years, prosecutor said​
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Well-funded “anti-racist” activists, with backing from billionaire Jews and government institutions, prevent racially-aware White people from engaging in online commerce.
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She should have bought/used Amazon Holy Water from the Jordan River, Jerusalem. Guaranteed to be Holy Water by the local Rabbis. Of course, as usual for Amazon, you'll find a couple dozen different brands of Jordan River's Holy Water.
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​ Top Diversity Ownership Brick Suppliers on Thomas—Company Summaries
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MSN News: Youth grooming gang jailed for raping girl, 13​
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Yesterday's 'news' - Friday 1 March 2024 -->

    2 (BLACK) people sentenced for 2022 murder of black african migrant from SOMALIA working as a cab driver
mud suspect victim name INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — James Riley and Alysianna Martin were sentenced Friday morning for the 2022 murder of Indianapolis cab driver Abdukadir Filanwaa.

Riley pleaded guilty to murder and kidnapping and received a sentence of 62 years in the Indiana Department of Correction. Martin pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and was sentenced to 30 years in the Indiana Department of Correction.

Related: Reacting to the arrests in the death of cab driver Abdukadir Filanwaa

These sentences follow multiple murder convictions this week. Deshae Anderson was convicted of murder for the 2021 stabbing death of Jimario Williams. Tavon Macklin and John Ziegler were convicted for their roles in a fatal robbery that resulted in the death of Justin White.

“The convictions this week would not have been possible without the dedication of our trial teams, victim advocates, law enforcement and community members who have come forward with vital information,” Mears said. “Each of these cases uniquely illustrate the power of collaboration and cooperation, when it comes to achieving justice for victims and their families.”

    Jury convicts (BLACK) Wichita woman of murdering young mother who broke up Old Town fight
mud suspect A Sedgwick County jury has found a Wichita woman guilty of murdering a 19-year-old mother who broke up a fight last spring in a parking lot in the city’s Old Town entertainment district.

La’Niha S. Banks, 19, was convicted of eight criminal counts Friday afternoon in the May 20, 2023, shooting death of La’Tionna Johnson of Wichita.

Jurors deliberated for around 2 1/2 hours before finding her guilty of first-degree felony murder, attempted first-degree premeditated murder, two counts of criminal discharge of a firearm at an occupied vehicle and four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office spokesman Dan Dillon and court records.

Banks is scheduled for sentencing on April 26 by Sedgwick County District Judge Jeffrey Goering.

She faces life in prison for Johnson’s murder plus additional time on the other counts.

    (BLACK) Tampa man guilty in 2021 murder of nursing student, jury says
mud suspect victim name Weeks after police found Savannah Mathis’ Nissan Altima peppered with bullets and crashed into a wall in Tampa’s West Riverfront neighborhood, they arrested Vakarvery Scott on a murder charge.

Mathis, 21, had been driving her sister Nena around the neighborhood so she could check on her ex-boyfriend. The sisters circled the block three times outside a home Scott was visiting. As they left the neighborhood, Scott opened fire on them. A few days later, Mathis, who was a nursing student, died surrounded by family at Tampa General Hospital.

More than two years after the shooting, Scott’s lawyers argued this week during trial that his paranoia got the better of him. After all, he had been the victim in a similar drive-by shooting just a year prior to the incident, they told a 12-person jury.

But jurors found it didn’t excuse Scott’s actions on that December night in 2021.

Scott, now 22, was found guilty of first-degree murder after the jury deliberated for about 10 hours on Friday. He will be sentenced at a later time, a courts spokesperson said Friday evening.

A combination of DNA samples, ballistics and surveillance footage placed Scott at the crime scene. Elizabeth Muller, assistant state attorney for Hillsborough County, said it would be enough to convict Scott.

Investigators found a 9mm Shadow Systems handgun and matching shell casings. Fingerprints left on the gun were a match for Scott. Surveillance footage shows Scott tossing the weapon under a car before fleeing, according to court records.

Video also shows Scott discharging a firearm and getting into the rear seat of a silver Toyota Corolla before driving off, according to court records. In an interview with police, Scott identified himself as the shooter in the video footage.

He fired 12 shots at the sisters, prosecutors sa

    Georgia sets execution date for a (BLACK) man who killed ex-girlfriend 30 years ago
mud suspect ATLANTA (AP) — A man who killed his former girlfriend three decades ago is set to be put to death in March in what would be Georgia’s first execution in more than four years.

A judge on Thursday signed the order for the execution of Willie James Pye, who was convicted of murder and other crimes in the November 1993 killing of Alicia Lynn Yarbrough. The execution is scheduled for March 20 at 7 p.m., after the judge set an execution window between noon that day and noon on March 27.

Pye, 59, would be the first person executed in Georgia since January 2020. Georgia executions are carried out at the state prison in Jackson by injection of the sedative pentobarbital.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, executions were effectively halted for a certain group of people on Georgia’s death row by an agreement between their attorneys and the state. Pye’s lawyer cited that agreement when asking a court Wednesday to prohibit the state from seeking an execution warrant against him for the time being.

Pye and Yarbrough had dated on and off, but at the time of her death Yarbrough was living with another man, according to court filings. Pye, Chester Adams and a 15-year-old boy had planned to rob that man and bought a handgun before heading to a party in Griffin, prosecutors have said.

The trio left the party around midnight and went to the house where Yarbrough lived, finding her alone with her baby. They forced their way into the house, stole a ring and necklace from Yarbrough and took her with them when they left, leaving the baby alone, prosecutors have said

They drove to a motel, where they took turns raping Yarbrough and then left the motel with her in the teenager’s car, prosecutors have said. They turned onto a dirt road and Pye ordered Yarbrough out of the car, made her lie face down and shot her three times, according to court filings.

Yarbrough’s body was found on Nov. 17, 1993, a few hours after she was killed. Pye, Adams and the teenager were quickly arrested. Pye and Adams denied knowing anything about Yarbrough’s death, but the teenager confessed and implicated the other two.

British government watchdog says UK's Rwanda deportation plan could cost nearly 500 million pounds
mud suspect LONDON -- The British government’s contentious plan to send some asylum-seekers on a one-way trip to Rwanda could cost nearly half a billion pounds, or about $630 million, plus hundreds of thousands for each deported person, a report said Friday.

The National Audit Office report — issued at the behest of parliamentary committees that complained of being in the dark about costs of the plan — provided the most comprehensive cost estimate so far.

The Conservative government had earlier only revealed a 290 million pound ($366 million) commitment, so the new figures opened the plan to wider scrutiny from critics.

“These figures reveal the extortionate bill the taxpayer will have to pay the Rwandan government for an unworkable and inhumane scheme that will not deter people seeking protection on our shores," said Enver Solomon, chief executive of the Refugee Council.

No asylum-seeker has been sent to Rwanda under the plan, which has been blocked by the courts, though the U.K. government has already paid 220 million pounds ($278 million) to the government in Kigali under the Economic Transformation and Integration Fund to support the country's growth.

The plan is aimed at deterring unauthorized migrants from making dangerous English Channel crossings in unsafe boats. Under the plan, asylum-seekers would be sent to Rwanda, where their claims would be processed and where they would stay if approved.

Human rights groups have attacked the plan as cruel and unworkable.

  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement aka ICE - Breaking News
invasion invasion invasion invasion invasion

California man charged with maritime smuggling crimes in attempt that killed 3 following HSI San Diego, partner investigation

ERO Boston arrests 3 Portuguese nationals charged in death of Rhode Island infant

10 year prison sentence for illegal reentry conviction announced by Office of US Attorney for Massachusetts, ERO Boston

    [Black rape, assault] Woman, 20, fights off would-be rapist in latest subway terror after creep punches her in face: cops​
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Man, 60, killed in targeted attack inside NYC apartment as family grieves: ‘He was a good one’​
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BLACK Thief busted in brutal subway cello attack released without bail — despite even DA Bragg’s office wanting her behind bars​
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Furniture store owner who ran two illegal migrant shelters busted for starting third pop-up hostel in abandoned library: NYPD​
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[🔥Suspected TNB]
2 people shot and killed "execution style" in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park​
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Migrant stabbed in the stomach, neck during a fight at NYC shelter — suspected attacker in custody: sources​
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NYC subway violence surge comes after police patrols plummeted to levels not seen since de Blasio administration​
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Queens business owner who illegally housed migrants ran similar shelter with 45 beds inside Bronx building​
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[🔥Suspected TNB]
MTA conductor slashed in neck on A train in Brooklyn subway attack​
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Biden surrogate says it’s ‘racist’ to suggest migrant crime is rising​
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[🔥Suspected TNB]
Man killed after triple shooting inside Philadelphia bar​
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    Transcript of Hunter's testimony reveal he lied outrageously and selectively, suckers--think of it, globalist-satanists and his dad, the brain-dead vegetable are all dependent on this psychotic, criminal crack-head
Posted by Apollonian

Commentary fm FOX News/Ingraham on the lawfare assault against orange-man--not going so good, lately--also on Fani
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Brain-dead scummy criminal, pathological liar, creepy pervert, dear Joe, is now definitively caught taking moolah fm a rival, if not outright enemy state, suckers--so how do u like them apples, eh?
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(Shyster for Trump lays out his case against Fani, why she should be dis-qualified, if not worse, for all her criminal, traitorous activities
Posted by Apollonian

Well golly, but the evidence against Fani seems overwhelming, but hey, we don't wanna be racisssss, do we?
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Commentary fm FOX News and co. on present status of Fani's follies
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Well, whadaya know?--GMO mosquitos are carrying the Dengue fever in outbreak in Brazil, suckers--globalist-satanists at work for us, eh?
Report: How GMO Mosquitos Are Causing The Dengue Fever Outbreak in Brazil​ Posted by Apollonian

Hunter Finally Admits Joe Biden Is "The Big Guy"​
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Israel Is an Illegal State. Dr. Ralph Wilde at the ICJ​
The Hamas attack of 7 October 2023 was planned at least 3 years before by the US, UK and Israel Posted by Apollonian

(CAUGHT RED-HANDED: Fulton County Fani Willis’s Deputy DA Received $131,000 From Former Biden Aide​
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    "Teens" break into Wisconsin luxury dealership and drive off with 9 cars worth $583,000, police say​
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"Just the other day, all of a sudden, the fella went FERAL on his mudshark."

The murder of Laken Riley by an illegal alien has awakened a sleeping giant
Thousands gathered for her vigil today in Georgia =======================================
No one wants to talk about blacks or browns, for fear of being labeled "racist", but their every day collective history of violence tells the truth about blacks and browns. No one would know about how prolific in numbers the BSK, black serial killers, really are. No one would ever know how violent blacks really are
if their local mainstream media was their only source of crime news. Posted by Arheel's Uncle

Columbus police: 21 gang members behind bars, more arrests possible​
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Legislative briefs: ‘Carlee Russell law’ targeting false reporting passes committees​
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2 Alabama men convicted of defrauding professional athlete of $500,000​
Anthony Lamon Frazier​
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Selma Police Evidence Tech found dead
Has the keys to crime scene evidence, knows what evidence is damning.

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18 Members and Associates of Selma Street Gang Charged in Mobile Federal Court with Narcotics and Firearm Offenses - MLK Gang​
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(BLACK) Raymond arrested, charged with White Hall murder
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U.S. Marshals arrest six suspects in Selma sting operation
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Traffic stop leads to bust of multi-state stolen vehicle ring

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Chicago Teen Charged With Multiple Felony Counts of Armed Robbery in 12th District Crime Spree​
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Pooh Shiesty
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Chicago Teens, Ages 16 and 13, Charged With Armed Robbery [stolen gun] and Aggravated Battery on MLK Jr Drive
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MS-13 TERROR-ITORY, East Hollywood's El Zarape Restaurant Hit by Suspected Gang-Linked Vandalism and Theft, Owner Faces Double Tragedy
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Naked Brawl Unfolds at Venice Beach, LAPD Investigates Viral Melee Featuring Spiked Clubs
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